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So, I have a project going over in World-Building (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=256736). What new world would be complete without new feats? Since these are new feats, I figure I should get some critique on them in the general Homebrew Design. Keep in mind, these are meant for E6, so they give abilities that either fit the setting, or replace later abilities gained. There are more feats coming, but I figure there are enough that getting some PEACH now would be nice.

Desert King [General]
Requirements: Must be able to Turn or Rebuke Undead, Must be able to cast at least 2 spells from the Sand, Thirst, or Earth domain.
Benefit: Crellun recognizes your willingness to support the waste. He grants you a body that no longer needs to eat or drink. Also, you gain a touch attack which deals 1d8 dessication damage. You can use this attack 2/day in addition to being able to spend a Turn or Rebuke attempt to use this attack.

Flowcasting [General]
Requirements: Must be able to cast spells of at least 2nd level
Benefit: Choose one direction: North, East, South, or West. Once chosen, this direction cannot be changed. When you cast a spell in that direction, or at a target in that direction from you, your caster level is increased by 1 for that spell in addition to extending the range of the spell by 5ft./ character level. If you are uncertain of the direction of north, the DM rolls 1d4, with each number representing a direction, and then assigns a direction to each point in combat.

Adaptation [Racial]
Requirements: Must be an Astral Construct
Benefit: Choose one extra benefit from Menu A, you gain this ability in adition to the ones granted by your racial class. You can only benifit from this feat once.

Timekeeper [General]
Requirements: Must have at least heard of the Caverns of Paradox, Wis 12
Benefit: You have dedicated yourself to protecting time. As such, you are able to remember events that would have happened if time hadn't been changed, and you can also tell if its been tampered with. In addition, you can make a Wisdom check to remember a detail about a past event that you were in. DC 10 for obvious details, like the location of the memory(If it was known at the time), DC 15 for large, but inimportant details, such as the color of someone's shirt, and DC 20 for fine details, such as what a paper on a desk that you didn't read was about.

Mage of the Arcane Order Initiate [General]
Requirements: Must be able to cast 1st level arcane spells, must use a spellbook, Knowledge(Arcana) 4 ranks
Benefit: Choose one spell you know of a level you can cast. You can spontaneously convert any spell of the same level into that spell as a swift action. In addition, you are recognized as a Mage of the Arcane order. You have to pay 750gp as a membership fee, but you get access to the conclave in any city which has one, as well as access to their spell libraries. Upon becoming an initiate, you are given a Pearll Pin. This Pin must be worn in order to convert spells.

Mage of the Arcane Order Associate [General]
Requirements: Must be able to cast 2nd level arcane spells, Wizard of the Arcane Order Initiate
Benefit: A Wizard of the Arcane Order Associate gains access to the spellpool I, see pg 49 of Complete Arcane for more information about the spellpool.

Blue Blood Initiate [General]
Requirements: Must be able to cast 1st level arcane spells, must have a specialty school
Benefit: You can double the casting time of a spell in order to increase its Caster Level by 1. In addition, you are recognized as a Blue Blooded Spellcaster. You have to pay 750gp as a membership fee, but you get access to the conclave in any city which has one, as well as access to their spell libraries. Upon becoming an initiate, you are given a Saphire Eye Pin. This Pin must be worn in order to convert spells.

Blue Blood Associate [General]
Requirements: Blue Blood Initiate, Must be able to cast 2nd level spells
Benefit: You can sacrifice spell slots to gain +1 CL/ spell level to other spells of your choice that you have prepared. Doing so requires 1 hour of rituals, and the Saphire Eye Pin. In addition, up to one other Blue Blood Associate can join you in this ritual, and can sacrifice any number of spell slots. In addition, this ritual can act as a heighten effect, raising the selected spell's level by the same amount instead of raising the Caster Level.

Shield Wall [General] [Fighter]
Requirements: Must be proficient with Shields, Strength 12
Benefit: As a Move Action, you can allies within 5ft. of you partial cover, granting them a +2 bonus to AC and Reflex Saves.

Wildman [General]
Requirements: Track and Dex 14
Benefits: Your base speed increases by 10 while in wilderness environments such as forests, swamps, and praries. You lose this bonus while in caves, tunnels, cities, and towns.

Unnoticed [Racial]
Requirements: Must be Human
Benefits: Your race lives among so many others that you go unnoticed. You gain a +4 Bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks. Also, if you can cast spells, once per day, you can cast a spell of 1st level or lower as if modified by the Silent Spell metamagic feat, without changing the spell's level.

All In a Day's Work [Racial]
Requirements: Dwarf, must be able to cast divine spells
Benefits: Not only have you inherited the power of your ancestors who used to guard the deep, but you have also inherited their responsibilities. The Earth, however, rewards you, granting you the power to cast all [Earth] spells at +1 CL. In addition, once per day, you can cast one [Earth] spell as a Swift Action.

Blood Oath [Racial]
Requirements: Must be a Dwarf, Con 14, Base Will Save +3
Benefits: People take you seriously, and you always keep your word, especially when it matters. Your oaths have a bit of magic to them, when someone makes a deal with you, it is treated as Lesser Geas (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/geasLesser.htm), and they are subject to the effects of the spell.

Everybody Loves You [Racial]
Requirements: Charisma 13, Must be a Gnome
Benefits: Because of your race's good reputation, people are more willing to listen to you, and will be a little nicer. Whenever a non-gnome pays you for a job, you get a 10% bonus. In addition, you get a +2 on charisma-based skill checks(Excluding Use Magic Device) against non-gnomes. This feat doesn't apply in the Dark Ages.

History Repeats Itself [Racial]
Requirements: Must be an Elf, Knowledge(History) 6 ranks
Benefits: You base your descisions and movement on hundreds of years of history, someone else has already learned the lessons for you. Once per day per point of Charisma Modifer, you can reroll one skill check. In addition, you can suppliment a Knowledge(History) check for any other Knowlege check, but you still only get one attempt.

A Race of Crafters [Racial]
Requirements: Must be a Goblin, Craft(Any) 4 ranks
Benefits: Your race knows the best way to collect materials and to build things. Reduce the time it takes you to craft an item by 1 day/ HD, also, decrease the cost of materials by 25%.

Deceptive Palm [General]
Requirements: Improved Unarmed Attack, Dex 14
Benefits: As a full round action you can make a normal unarmed strike against your opponent. Your opponent is denied their Dexterity Modifier to their AC for that attack. This does not grant you the ability to sneak attack or sudden strike that opponenet.

Earth Dreamer [Racial]
Requirements: Must be able to cast 3rd level Divine spells, Must be a Dwarf
Benefits: You can spend 10 minutes communicating with the ground to ask it one question. The land can answer any question about any event transpiring within the last 30 days within 5 miles that was in direct contact with the ground. You may only ask the question once. This question must be a "Yes or No" question.

Natural Tracker [General]
Requirements: Wildman, Track
Benefits: You gain the Scent (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#scent) Special Ability.

Free Labor [General]
Requirements: Must be able to cast Animate Dead or able to create undead through some other means.
Benefits: Undead you create are meant for work. They have a permanent -3 penalty to attack and damage rolls, but they gain 4 skill points per HD if they were formerlly intelligent, and add four skills of your choice to their skill list. These must be skills that can normally be used untrained.

Swift-Death Specialist [General]
Requirements: Dex 15, Martial Weapon Proficiency, BAB +3
Benefits: Whenever you wield a single Light Weapon, you can attack as a swift action, but you can still only make one attack that turn.

Druid of the Underdark [General]
Requirements: Darkvision, Animal Companion Class Feature
Benefits: A Druid with this ability grants his Animal companion darkvision equal to their own. If the Animal Companion already has darkvision, it is extended by 30ft. In addition, the Druid's Animal Companion is willing to go underground without being pushed by the Handle Animal skill. The Animal Companion also gains the [Earth] subtype and gains a burrow speed of 10ft. which leaves behind a tunnel which lasts for 1 minute.

Druid of the Open Skies [General]
Requirements: Animal Companion Class Feature, Wis 14
Benefits: A Druid with this ability finds themselves more capable in the open. They gain a +2 bonus on Spot checks and if their Animal Companion has a fly speed, it increases by 10ft. In addition, the Druid casts [Air] spells at +1 CL.

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Any comments? I know there are a lot, but you don't have to look at all of them.