View Full Version : Gestalted Race/Class progression?

Grim Reader
2012-09-25, 05:49 PM
I've been thinking about homebrewing racial progressions for some races, to let everyone progress a kind of gestalted race/class progression. Loosely based on the Racial Paragon classes from Unearthened Arcana. But without the "+1 spellcasting" progression.

What do you think?

I wasn't in general thinking of doing a full chassis for a race, with hit dies, saves etc, but more of a level progression of specials.

Humans would be getting "+1 skill point per level" after 1st, the occasional bonus feat and class skill, as well as an occasional +2 to any ability score.

Half orcs would get a size increase to their hit die, to a maximum of d12, slightly more frequent +2 to str or con etc.