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2012-09-26, 01:07 AM
Alright, preceding this, I would like to say that I really thing that you need to severely limit the sizes of bonuses granted for skills.

The other (overarching) assumption I am making is that this would be used as the root for a system change in an e6 type game.

Alright, here we go!

-Your maximum rank in a skill is equal to your level, with the exception of a few "background" skill ranks, which mean that you can exceed this cap by 1. Prerequisites and such are modified to take this into account.

-BAB is no longer a separate thing. Instead, you have an Attack skill, an Offensive Combat Maneuvers skill, and a Defensive Combat Maneuvers skill (or something.)

-If you are trained in a skill, and using the proper tools for it, you may take 10 at any time, and, if you do so, you replace your attribute bonus to your skill with your skill ranks, if that would be higher (so if you have 4 ranks in Hide and a Dexterity of 12, you would get a result of 18 when you take 10, even though you normally get a +5 modifier.)

-When you take a skill, you pick a specific situation of a list where you get a small (let's say +2) skill bonus when you use that skill (for example: the OCM skill could have a "while grappling" option, while Hide could have a "In the undergrowth" option.)

-Each class gets X number of prepackaged skills at a rank equal to your level in that class, without you having to spend points on them (so the fighter automatically gets full ranks in all of the combat skill, rogues automatically get all the sneaky skills, excetera.)

-Class features would be added that would let you do stuff like roll a Hide check in the place of an Attack check, or that would let you apply the situational bonuses of one skill to a different one.


2012-09-26, 05:38 AM
Pathfinder already solves this, you gain a +3 bonus for any trained class skill and the amount of skillpoints given and max rank per level is reduced.

For CMB/CMD that's pathfinder too, based on BAB.

As for BAB, that's already off level and needs to have an advancement when it gets above +5 for the multi-attacks.

Hiding already grants you a bonus to attacking, as do all relevant skills in-turn.

2012-09-26, 12:20 PM
Pathfinder doesn't actually "solve" the problem I'm talking about.

It still has everything based off the same flawed sets of DCs, where they are massively different based on what you are rolling.

And by using a Hide check to attack, I'm talking literally rolling a Hide check to attack from cover. Or something in the same vein.

2012-09-26, 12:27 PM
So if I'm reading this right, a Rogue can have 20 points invested in combat skill, giving him a +20 to hit. And mid combat, he can take 10, giving him 10+20(ranks)+20(better than his strength/dex) = 50 as an automatic number for any attack roll?

Also, with no BAB, it seems that secondary attacks are gone for player characters. Is this intentional?

How do these skills work with the +skill items? Can I get a +30 combat skill item? If not, would I be able to use my +30 hide item with the option to attack with hide?

2012-09-26, 01:32 PM
Note the assumptions at the top of the post. Note them hard.

This is intended to work when you have access to really small bonuses, and when the scaling is limited, as in E6.

This idea would need a lot of tweaking to work at 20th level.