View Full Version : [HB] brainstorming twf mechanics

2012-09-26, 09:39 AM
There are basically three main ways a character can fight, and the archetypal roles for each I've picked on are as follows:

THW: You deal more damage with a bigger stick.

S&B: You are harder to hit if you have a shield.

TWF: You're more likely to hit if you have more sticks to attack with.

Single Stick: Still looking for an idea on how this would have a niche. Suggestions?

(nb. established rules for this HB are that Power Attack and iterative attacks are both out)

The two ideas I have at the moment for TWF are:

Two attack rolls (one for each weapon) with a possible attack penalty (would need to calibrate the penalty to leave you with only a slight advantage over single stick).

Roll one attack, with a bonus to hit. The most obvious problem with this is deciding which weapon scored a hit if you succeed in the attack roll.

Any other mechanical options worth considering?

2012-09-27, 04:07 AM
For Single stick, I'd suggest two things. Because you only use one hand, you can present a narrower profile (defense / dodge bonus?). Also, you can use your off hand to grab the opponent and stab him with the weapon. (increased accuracy/damage whilst grabbing?)