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2012-09-26, 10:23 PM
Hey guys!

I just finished watching Spoony's session of Pathfinder via OpenRPG. I downloaded it, thinking I would be Billy Joe Badass and run my own campaign.

However I can't find much helpful documentation and it doesn't appear to be user-friendly. I am a n00b apparently. Anyway, I go online to look up some things and I'm able to find 4 videos that deal with OpenRPG but then actual tutorials deal with Traipse.

Is Traipse something different than OpenRPG? I thought it was merely a different means to an end, giving linux users an easier way to install.

I went to the help section that OpenRPG provides and a lot of it is unfinished and the other parts were with the now defunct Geocities.

Tangledweb has tutorials, but the picture links are all dead.

I'm feeling discouraged by all this. Is there an idiot's guide to OpenRPG out there?