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2012-09-26, 11:56 PM
rweird's Wall of Text spell has inspired me.

The Pop-Up Barrage
School conjuration (creation) [force];
Level (All Divine/Arcane Casters) 5th
Casting Time 1 full round action, concentration to maintain.
Components V, S, F (a simple clockwork device, such as a music box or pocket watch)
Range 10 ft. radius for the first round, 20 ft. for the rest of the duration.
Target Centered on Self
Duration 1 round plus 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw Reflex partial; see entangle (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/spells/entangle.html#_entangle) spell
Spell Resistance ---

Suddenly they appeared! They came from nowhere and they kept coming. We tried attacking them, they broke, yes, but a dozen more appeared to replace it, it wouldn't stop! We were surrounded! I'll never be the same again... so much porn...

The sheer force of the spell causes all enemies and allies to become entangled in a barrage of random advertisements surround them. Ranging from funny pictures to perverted ads; clip art, blog entry's and pod casts, random popups with virus alerts and computer upgrades, reboots and blue screens.

These effectively entangles (as the spell (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/spells/entangle.html#_entangle), with the level raised to 5th) all those who attempt to move through them, with those moving through having to face the risk of touching them. Contact with them causes them to multiply into infinite and entangle the foe. Those who attack them cause the pop ups to be destroyed instantly within that attacked square for a split second before a dozen more replace it.

It provides DR X/--- (X equals half the user's caster level) to the caster and 50% cover to all those within range of the spell and effectively makes all ranged attacks impossible to target someone within the range of the spell.