View Full Version : Open-Ended Magic Item Request

2012-09-29, 05:34 PM
Can someone help me come up with a custom magic item or point me in the direction of an existing one? The story behind it would be this:

A giant calcified lump of stuff washed up on the shore of a lake (ancient ruins on the lake floor). We don't know what it is or what it does; all we know is we're scared of how powerful it might be, so we rush it away before war starts. I'm considering having it seem harmless at first when they chip away all the rock, then have it start ticking or something (Power of Three for you Whovians :smallbiggrin:, but I don't want a clone)

2012-09-29, 05:57 PM
It's an ancient Apparatus of Kwalish, but much stronger. Mandibles capable of chewing through solid metal, wings or boosters for flying, eye rays...

Except when they start chipping at it, the eyes open. Maybe it moves a little. Just enough to let them know that there's something in there.