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2012-10-08, 04:29 PM
Since the Race sourcebook came out, I have been thinking about revisiting one race whose implementation I don't like: Half elves. To my eyes, they seem a bit mediocre, both fluff wise and mechanically. I thus thought that they could use a nechanical build that would emphasize their human heritage more, that is the mix of versatility and elven blood that should characterize them. I also wanted to leave outside the dubious racial cultural benefits, which do not, in my mind, make sense for a race that is defined by the fact that they don't have any.

So, without further ado, here we are:

Medium humanoid (human, elf) (0 RP)
Normal speed (0 RP)
Human heritage: +2 to one ability score (Half elves have the versatility of their human parents.) (0 RP)
Skilled: Half elves have one more skill point per level (Again the human versatility) (4 RP)
Linguist: Half elves can be found in most societies. Thus, their initial language selection can be from any non-secret language (1RP)
Low light vision: Half elves inherit the eyesight of the elves (1RP)
Dual minded: Half elves are characterized by the coexistence of two different mindsets. Thus, they are very adept at handling their inner stability and they are hard to beguile. They get +2 to their Will save (1 RP)
Static bonus feat: Either an exotic/martial weapon or Skill focus. Half elves combination of human inquisitiveness and elven patience makes them master complex skills extensively. (2 RP)
Skill training: Perception and Diplomacy are always class skills for the half-elf. Half elves have inherited their elven parents' capability for perceiving details, but it does not come as natural to them as for a full elf. Also, living in various communities where they are often outsiders has taught half-elves how to get along with most races. (1RP)

Total RP: 10

What do you think? Interesting? Boring? Under or over-powered?

2012-10-08, 06:54 PM
I like it A LOT more then the current half-elf, but you forgot the "Elven Blood" trait - counts as human and elf for purpose of spells, artifacts, feats, prc's, etc.

2012-10-09, 12:54 AM
Thanks Jane_Smith! The Elven Blood trait is shown in the subtype (human, elf). It is the only way it appears in the Races book.

2012-10-09, 01:06 AM
Hm, my only other concern is why the weapon proficiencys as bonus feat choices and the set skill focus (gather info)? Why not just keep it as "Any skill focus feat"? Or "Any weapon focus, skill focus, or spell focus feat"?

Oh, and are not most races 10 points? Why not toss in something else to bring them up to par? Give them the elves keen senses/+2 to perception checks for 1 RP?

2012-10-09, 07:32 AM
I see what you mean. I was concerned that giving them the human skill points and a generally useful feat would make them super-humans. But perhaps a minor elven trait would also make sense...

Any other thoughts?

2012-10-09, 08:03 AM
Not right now, but I am actually working on my own project to make all races 15 RP valued. If I think of anything while modifying half-elves I will show you.

This is my human so far;

~~~ Human Racial traits

Type: Humanoid (Human)

Size: Medium

Speed: Normal

Abilities: +2 to any one ability score.

Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill point each level.

Adaptation: Humans may select any three skills at 1st level. Once selected these skills can not be changed. Once per day after resting for 8 hours, a human may choose to gain a +2 racial bonus to one of the selected skills or a saving throw of their choice. This bonus lasts until the human rests and selects another one of their selected skills or a saving throw.

Bonus Feat: Humans gain a bonus feat at 1st level. They must meet the prerequisites of the feat selected.

Dedicated: Humans gain two favored class benefits for each level they take in their favored class.

~ Human Break Down (Rp Costs)
Type +0, Size +0, Speed +0, Abilities +0, Skilled +2, Adaptation +3, Bonus Feat +8, Dedicated +2.

Total RP: 15

Whatcha think? Not to sure about Adaptation, its not as strong as +2 to three separate skills passively, but it does give more variety (due to saving throws being selectable). I wasn't sure what to give it properly so I just went with the safe-seeming +3.

2012-10-09, 08:50 AM
I see what you are doing there. I like the idea behind Adaptation, but I don't see why the saving throw bonus. Perhaps the skill training thing would work better?

I added skill training to the half elves above. They are now at 10RP.

2012-10-09, 10:54 AM
Glad you asked - the saves are included for terrain, weather, etc benefits. Or adapting to a new plane where will saves will be commonly needed. +2 Fortitude to resist poisons in jungles, +2 will saves to not gain negative levels or the like in hell, etc. Its not just for combat benefits. I figure many people would keep survival as a backup skill with adaptation in case they find themselves lost/etc. Humans and orcs have a nasty habit of settling anywhere, after all. Reflex and will was mostly just added so fortitude saves did not feel lonely. :P

I like the skill training, but i am still kinda meh about the bonus feat selections. Though as a side note, whereas humans are specialists and master there roles easily with vigor, half-elves like to multitask (as represented by 2 favored classes). Instead of 2 selected class-skills from training, and gather info skill focus, why not just give them skill focus (any) like normal and 2 class skills of there choice at 1st level? It makes them less lie-dector niche.

2012-10-10, 12:56 AM
Yes after all, I think you are right, a general skill focus feat would be best. Editing the post above!