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2012-10-13, 02:17 AM
Gremlin Syndrome [Abyssal Heritor]
You felt the voices of your heritage try to get in. So you started to fix yourself. Make yourself stronger. Faster. Better. But, of course, you didn't know what you were doing...
Prerequisites: At least 1 Abyssal Heritor feat, must not be a Construct.
Benefit: You gain a +2 Armor bonus to AC, as you have shoved so much metal into your body that it forms a defensive shell. This counts as if you had the Composite Plating feature of a Warforged, and were the Warforged race, for the purpose of prerequisites; you still count as if you were your original race.
Any Warforged feat that you take counts as if it were an Abyssal Heritor feat for the purposes of the bonuses derived from your Abyssal Heritor feats, and the effects of abyssal heritor feats.
This feat removes the "1st Level Only" requirement that Warforged Body feats have.
Special: The metal under your skin is... itchy. And it clanks. You take a -2 to all Move Silently checks.

Wired Deep Within [Abyssal Heritor]
You couldn't stop; these aren't your hands anymore...
Prerequisites: Gremlin Syndrome
Benefit: You gain a slam attack, which deals 1d6 damage as a primary natural attack. You may attach any Warforged component that modifies a slam attack to this slam attack.
Special: Your hands are for different things now. You take a -2 penalty to all Sleight of Hand checks.

Unwelcome Peripheral Processing [Abyssal Heritor]
You aren't the only one in your head anymore...
Prerequisites: Gremlin Syndrome, Precognitive Visions
Benefit: The insight bonuses granted by Precognitive Visions stack with themselves, up to a maximum bonus of your Wisdom modifier. In addition, you may "invest" insight bonuses into your Abyssal Heritor feats, each invested insight bonus increasing the effective number of Abyssal Heritor feats that you have for the purposes of that feat by one.
Special: Your mind is a bit fuzzy, now that something else has moved in. You take a -2 penalty to all Concentration checks.

Unpredictable Scattered Mind [Abyssal Heritor]
You used to know other things. Now you don't. It's a mystery, isn't it?
Prerequisites: At least 4 other Abyssal Heritor feats.
Benefits: Once per encounter, as a full-round action, you may exchange any Abyssal Heritor feat that you have for any other Abyssal Heritor feat that you qualify for; you may not exchange a feat that other feats are using as a prerequisite, and you may not use this feat to exchange itself.
Special: Your memories aren't even your own; you take a -2 penalty to all Autohypnosis checks.

Blood War Traitor [Abyssal Heritor]
You are descended from beings of primal chaos; in your attempt to defend yourself from a slide into chaos, you bound yourself to a archdevil instead.
Prerequisites: Ordered Chaos, 4 Abyssal Heritor feats, 12th level.
Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Brand of the Nine Hells feat, declaring your allegiance to a Lord of the Nine; in addition, any feat that requires it as a prerequisite counts as an Abyssal Heritor feat for the purpose of the effects of any Abyssal Heritor feats that you have, though not for the effects of feats such as Unpredictable Scattered Mind.
Special: You are eternally indebted to your Archdevil liege; if you ever become Chaotic (the effects of Ordered Chaos notwithstanding), you lose the benefits of this feat, and do not get to chose a new one to replace it.

2012-10-16, 02:56 PM
Extremely entertaining conversion. I haven't been able to justify a way to get warforged features on other creature in my games. This seems like a wonderful way of working it in.

2012-10-16, 03:33 PM
Unpredictable Scattered Mind should probably not be able to replace itself. And is it just me, or is it a 1/encounter DCFS on yourself (in the intended manner)?

2012-10-16, 05:38 PM
It IS a 1/encounter DCFS that works the way it should!

And I'll add a note stopping it from applying to itself.

I'm glad you liked it! I should put a note in Gremlin Syndrome that let's you take Warforged Body feats, so that you could get into Warforged Juggernaut if you want to...