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2012-10-14, 11:15 PM
This is a world made by a halfling Paragon that has ascended to Demiurge. He has started creating his own race seeing that halflings have so much potential if only they learned like elfs to use a bow instead of throwing weapons. And so this is where my idea begins. I am thinking of just using the regular halfling from PHB and just changing throwing weapons to ranged weapons to emphasizes his point. All of the people in his world he is making for them and such are trisalt, one of which is rogue or ranger.

Has anyone ever done this before? If so any suggestions?

2012-10-15, 03:11 AM
You probably meant "demigod".

Sure, you can just switch halfling racial bonus to thrown weapons to bows, no problem at all with that.

2012-10-15, 08:09 AM
No I mean Demiurge, IHB.

Now let me see Classes I would be interested in for main part of them.

Dungeon delver
Highland stalker
Nightsong Enforcer/Infiltrator
Streetfighter (fluff)
Thief acrobat(fluff)
Wild plains outrider (maybe)
Mythic exemplar (maybe)
Paragnostic initate
Squire of legend
Avenging Executioner
Cloaked dancer(fluff)
Combat trapsmith
Master of mask

2012-10-19, 12:21 PM
Cavalier (Lawful, BAB+8, Handle animal 4, Knowledge nobility and royalty 4, ride 6, Sprinted charge, Weapon focus lance, mounted combat, ride by attack)

Dervish (BAB+5, Perform [dance] 3 ranks, Tumble 3 ranks, Combat expertise, dodge, mobility, weapon focus)

Halfling outrider ( BAB+5, Listen 3, Ride 6, Spot 3, Mounted combat, Mounted archery)

Invisible blade ( Bluff 8, sense motives 6, Far shot, Point blank shot, Weapon focus)

Master thrower (BAB+5, Sleight of hand 4, Point blank shot, precise shot, weapon focus)

Occult slayer ( BAB+5, Arcane 4, spellcraft 3, Improved initiative, weapon focus)

Order of the bow ( BAB+5, Craft bow 5, religion 2, point blank shot, precise shot, rapid shot, weapon focus)

Tactical solider (BAB+5, Cleave, combat reflexs, sense motives 2)

2012-10-29, 08:43 AM
So anyone have ideas for builds? I'm surprised no one has said anything so far. Most of the people who live here shall be skilled with the bow, but that does not mean all of them only use a bow. This world at its center has a mountain that over looks everything, and from their everything gets smaller and smaller. I am making this plane so that if anyone trys to invade they have to fight up hill at all times. Fly does not work in my plane, nor does any spell that lifts you off the ground, though earth magic is stronger here. So wall of stone for example is effected by 3 metamagic effects at once.