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2012-10-17, 12:50 AM
For those unfamiliar with flaws they give some penalty but grant an extra feat. I never liked flaws because they're so mild and easy to work around that they're basically free feats. So I changed them to make whether or not you take a flaw a tough decision. Besides commenting on mine feel free to make up new flaws that are a tough decision and post them here. Especially RP flaws like compulsions to do something or total ineptitude at doing certain important adventurer actions.

Existing Flaws:

Feeble: You are unathletic and uncoordinated.
Effect: You take a -4 penalty on Strength-, Dexterity-, and Constitution-based ability checks and skill checks (including initative checks).
High Optimization Groups: No change.

Frail: You are thin and weak of frame.
Effect: Subtract 1 from the number of hit points you gain at each odd level, and 2 at each even level. This flaw can reduce the number of hit points you gain to 0 (but not below).
Special: You must have a Constitution of 4 or higher to take this flaw.
High Optimization Groups: Subtract 2 at every level instead.

Inattentive: Removed. Unfixable because it ranges from no effect at any penalty to almighty depending on the DM rulings and the campaign world.

Meager Fortitude: You are sickly and weak of stomach.
Effect: You take a -4 penalty on Fortitude saves.
High Optimization Groups: Increase the penalty to -6.

Murky-Eyed: Removed. Unfixable because most casters can simply select a different spell for each foe with concealment.

Noncombatant: Removed. Unfixable because many characters never melee.

Pathetic: You are weaker in an attribute than you should be.
Effect: Reduce one of your ability scores by 6.
Special: You cannot take this flaw if the total of your ability modifiers is 8 or higher. You may only apply this flaw to an ability that is originally 9 or higher.
High Optimization Groups: Reduce it by 10 instead and it must be originally 13 or higher.

Poor Reflexes: You often zig when you should have zagged.
Effect: You take a -4 penalty on Reflex saves.
High Optimization Groups: Increase the penalty to -6.

Shaky: You are relatively poor at ranged combat.
Effect: You take a -8 penalty on all ranged attack rolls.
High Optimization Groups: No change.

Slow: You move exceptionally slowly.
Effect: Your base land speed is halved (round down to the nearest 5-foot interval).
Special: You must have a base land speed of at least 20 feet to take this flaw.
High Optimization Groups: No change.

Unreactive: You are slow to react to danger.
Effect: You take a -6 penalty on initiative checks.
High Optimization Groups: No change.

Vulnerable: You are not good at defending yourself.
Effect: You take a -3 penalty to Armor Class.
High Optimization Groups: Increase the penalty to -5.

Weak Will: You are highly suggestible and easily duped.
Effect: You take a -4 penalty on Will saves.
High Optimization Groups: Increase the penalty to -6.
Note: If a flaw has a pre-requisite and you lose it (not counting any penalty the flaw gives), you lose the feat that the flaw grants.

Easy template for adding your own flaw:
Name: Description.
Special: (if any)
High Optimization Groups:

2012-10-17, 05:32 AM
Frail has a smaller penalty than taking Pathetic (Constitution). If forced to take one, the decision is a no-brainer.

Fix: Either -4 hp/HD, or a flat halve your total hp after rolls/Con modifier.

2012-10-17, 01:02 PM
It's expected that the person taking the flaw will optimize. Therefore almost nobody will take a pathetic constitution since every class needs constitution. Pathetic is expected for a dump stat which could be any of the other 5 ability scores. Because the dump stat must be at least 9 someone can't just apply the flaw to a 7 or 8 on a point buy dump stat or low roll to get no drawback from the flaw.

Anyway I cleaned up the original post a bit to encourage everybody to post some custom flaws and I'm adding a couple too:

Perpetually Lost: You are incapable of finding your way anywhere.
Effect: Any time you are alone and would go in a direction at dungeon junction or travelling in the wilderness for example, you go in a random direction instead. If you would suggest a direction that the party go you likewise propose a random direction instead. Not even proper directions or divination magic can overcome this flaw; you misinterpret it or immediately forget it.
High Optimization Groups: Even when in a group you become quite insistent that your direction is correct and fight for it until outvoted 2 to 1, incapacitated or etc.

Ooh Shiny Red Button!: You are unable to resist any dungeon gadget because they fascinate you so much.
Effect: Whenever you see a button you must push it, a lever you must pull it, a runic sigil you must activate it, etc. Once you have activated a trigger you are no longer compelled to activate it again. If a trap is made know to you, you are only held at bay temporarily until you find an excuse to activate it anyway ("maybe this will help!").
High Optimization Groups: No change.

2012-10-17, 01:17 PM
I like your two new ones. Adding them to my homebrew reference list and subbing. :)

2012-10-19, 02:28 AM
Aww, nobody wants to add some? Fine I'll do the work.

Phobia: You have a deep fear of something, perhaps from your past or from tall tales you once heard as a child.
Effect: Select an object of your phobia when you select this flaw. Whenever you encounter the object of your phobia you are frightened (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/conditionSummary.htm#frightened) (no save) until you are away from the perceived danger. "Away from the perceived danger" might mean farther than it can move or charge in a single turn, outside of its potential radius, etc. You might be afraid of a type of monsters (but not a specific race), obvious magic or spell like abilities, doors made of iron rather than wood and the rooms behind them, taverns, vermin, etc.
Special: If you would gain fear immunity from a class you instead do not gain that ability. Remove fear and the like help you against other fear effects but not your phobia. You may not select this flaw if your race is immune to fear. If you gain a fear immune template, select a new flaw. Your DM must approve your particular phobia.
High Optimization Groups: No change.

Addicted to Magic: Spells give you a euphoria that you come to depend on.
Effect: Each morning you begin at 1 point of withdrawal regardless of what it was the previous evening. You express a visible and audible pleasure every time you are affected by an ongoing spell and reduce your withdrawal by 1 point (minimum 0). When such a spell ends for whatever reason you must make a fortitude save DC 10 + your hit dice (including class levels) + 1 per previous save made that same day or increase your withdrawal by 1 point. For each point of withdrawal you face a -1 penalty to all d20 rolls, -1 AC and a 5% spell failure chance. You also display a visible level of discomfort with a high number of points. If you end the day with 4 or more points of withdrawal you do not sleep well, do not rest well enough to prepare spells (but you may then rest an additional 8 hours), and are fatigued. No magic may remove your withdrawal but it may remove your fatigue. Instantaneous spells do not affect your withdrawal level.
High Optimization Groups: Increase the base DC to 12.