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Grimsage Matt
2012-10-17, 10:52 PM
There is Good. There is Evil. There is Light. There is Darkness.

What most fail to realize is that these are not opposites. Good is merely the absence of evil. Evil is merely the Absence of good. In the end, having only one of these is next to impossible. And so there is no abosulte Good, no absoulte Evil, only Grey. Only... subjective truth.

Some however, refuse to accept this. They insist that everything must be a certian way, and then everything will be better. This however, is quite untrue.

Nature, often seems to be a realm of extremes. On one hand, it is a wonderful, happy place, where all the cares and sadness melt away. On the other hand, it is a realm of rot and decay, of sudden violence and death. However, the Ecologens have come to a truth. Nature does not care. It is merely a collection of various elements interacting with other elements. There is no good or evil behind it's actions. There is no cruel or fairness. There is predator and prey, action and reaction, random events and inter-related cause and effect.

Negative Energy often has a bad rap. Which is suprising seeing how it's just the flipside of positive energy. Both are vital for exestience to continue. For example, most living beings see and understand negative energy as "death" energy, and the reason they are harmed by it is because they use positive, or "life" enegry. This is wrong. Living beings begin exestince with the bulk of their "life force" being positive energy, but a sliver of negative energy reamins at the core. These don't cancel one another out, but rather the dominant one consumes the other and converts it to itself. The Balancers have lived near the recycling rifts, where positive energy is sucked into the negative energy plane and converted, and where negative energy is sucked into the positive plan and converted. Energy, both life and death, are nessecary parts of the whole.

One of the more paradoxical schools of thought are the Adjusters. They have been both boons to civilzation, and it's greatest scourge. The reason is simple. They know how to create Utopia in the physical world. However, many are driven insane by the truths they have to witness, the choices they have to do for the greater good. They steer the world on a narrow edge, making sure it learns the lessons nessecary, and making sure the wrong things don't get killed.... or saved.

The rest to come.

Grimsage Matt
2012-10-17, 10:53 PM
Reserved for the Ecologens

Grimsage Matt
2012-10-17, 10:54 PM
Reserved for the Balancers

Grimsage Matt
2012-10-17, 10:55 PM
Reserved for the Adjusters. As planed.