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2012-10-18, 05:24 PM
This is my attempt to list every magic Item listed in every WoTC book, ever.

Thing is, however, I need help, I've done a lot of work, but only covered about 6 books, while some are super easy, others are harder. If you would/are able to help it would be greatly appreciated. I'll post a list of books here, with which ones are done, which are not, and who's doing what.

An - Anauroch: The Empire of Shade
AEG - Arms and Equipment Guide
BB - Bastion of Broken Souls
BC - Book of Challenges: Dungeon Rooms, Puzzles, and Traps
BE - Book of Exalted Deeds
BFK - Barrow of the Forgotten King
BoVD - Book of Vile Darkness
CAd - Complete Adventurer
CAr - Complete Arcane
CC - Complete Champion
CD - Complete Divine
CiWEB - Cityscape Web Enhancement
CiP - City of Peril
CM - Complete Mage
Co - Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave
CoR - Champions of Ruin
CP - Complete Psionic
CS - Complete Scoundrel
CSW - City of Splendors: Waterdeep
CSQ - City of the Spider Queen
CV - Champions of Valor
CW - Complete Warrior
DCS - Dragonlance Campaign Setting
DD - Deities and Demigods
DE - Dragons of Eberron
DF - Defenders of the Faith: A Guidebook to Clerics and Paladins
DG - D&D Gazetteer
DH - Deep Horizon
DM - Dragon Magic
DMG - Dungeon Master's Guide v.3.5
DMG2 - Dungeon Master's Guide II
Dr - Draconomicon
Dra - Dragonmarked
DrF - Dragons of Faerūn
DrU - Drow of the Underdark
Du - Dungeonscape
EA - Enemies and Allies
ECS - Eberron Campaign Setting
EDP - Expedition to the Demonweb Pits
EE - Exemplars of Evil
EH - Explorer's Handbook
ElE - Elder Evils
ELH - Epic Level Handbook
ELQ - Eyes of the Lich Queen
ERG - Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk
EU - Expedition to Undermountain
FC1 - Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss
FC2 - Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
FE - Faiths of Eberron
FF - Fiend Folio
FLFD - Fantastic Locations:Fane of the Drow
FLFR - Fantastic Locations:Fields of Ruin
FLHP - Fantastic Locations:Hellspike Prison
Fo - Forge of Fury, The
FP - Faiths & Pantheons
Fr - Frostburn
FRCS - Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
FW - Forge of War, The
FY - Fortress of the Yuan-Ti
GC - Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Gh - Ghostwalk
GHR - Grand History of the Realms
HB - Heroes of Battle
HBG - Hero Builder's Guidebook
HH - Heroes of Horror
HN - Heart of Nightfang Spire
LD - Lords of Darkness
LE - Lost Empires of Faerūn
LF - Lord of the Iron Fortress
LG - Living Greyhawk Gazetteer
LM - Libris Mortis: The Book of the Dead
LoM - Lords of Madness
Mag - Magic of Faerūn
MH - Miniatures Handbook
MIC - Magic Item Compendium
MM - Monster Manual v.3.5
MM2 - Monster Manual II
MM3 - Monster Manual III
MM4 - Monster Manual IV
MM5 - Monster Manual V
MoE - Magic of Eberron
MoI - Magic of Incarnum
Mon - Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerūn
MP - Manual of the Planes
MW - Masters of the Wild: A Guidebook to Barbarians, Druids, and Rangers
Mys - Mysteries of the Moonsea
OA - Oriental Adventures
PE - Player's Guide to Eberron
PF - Power of Faerūn
PG - Player's Guide to Faerūn
PH - Player's Handbook v.3.5
PH2 - Player's Handbook II
PlH - Planar Handbook
Rac - Races of Faerūn
Rav - Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
RC - Rules Compendium
RD - Races of Destiny
RDr - Races of the Dragon
RE - Races of Eberron
RH - Red Hand of Doom
RoE - Races of Eberron
RS - Races of Stone
RT - Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
RW - Races of the Wild
Sa - Sandstorm
SaS - Song and Silence: A Guidebook to Bards and Rogues
SB - Stronghold Builder's Guidebook
SC - Sunless Citadel, The
SD - Speaker in Dreams, The
SF - Sword and Fist: A Guidebook to Monks and Fighters
SG - Sons of Gruumsh
Sh - Sharn: City of Towers
ShG - The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde
ShS - Shining South
SiS - Sinister Spire, The
SK - Serpent Kingdoms
SL - Shadows of the Last War
SM - Silver Marches
SoS - Secrets of Sarlona
SS - Savage Species
SSL - Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land
StS - Standing Stone, The
SW - Stormwrack
SX - Secrets of Xen'drik
TB - Tome and Blood: A Guidebook to Wizards and Sorcerers
ToB - Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords
ToM - Tome of Magic
UA - Unearthed Arcana
Una - Unapproachable East
Und - Underdark
VGD - Voyage of the Golden Dragon
WB - Whispers of the Vampire's Blade
XPH - Expanded Psionics Handbook

2012-10-18, 05:26 PM
Weapon Enhancements Part 1

Balanced|+2|AEG96|Creature one size smaller can use it in one hand
Binding|+1|AEG96|1/day make binding strike and affect target with dimensional anchor
Commanding|+2|AEG96|+2 enhancement to bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate checks while sheathed, +4 to intimidate while drawn. 1/day suggestion
Crazed|+1|AEG96|Rage affects for 3/rounds/day
Disarming|+2|AEG96|Bonuses to disarming
Fierce|+2|AEG96|Transfer Dexterity bonus into damage as free action 1/round
Force|+3|AEG96|+1d6 force damage
Fortunate|+1|AEG97|+1 luck bonus on all saves
Grasping|+2|AEG97|+2 circumstance bonus to trip and disarm, does not provoke aoo
Harmony|+1|AEG97|+4 to flanked targets
Heartfinder|+2|AEG97|+1d6 sneak attack
Proficient|+2|AEG97|grants proficiency of chosen weapon type
Radiant|+2|AEG97|Daylight at will
Seeking|+1|AEG98|ignore miss chance
Shrinking|+1|AEG98|Shrink item at will
Banishing|+3|BE113|Banish creatures with HD less than 25 with each hit.
Blessed|+1|BE113|Weapon is considered good and automatically confirms criticals against evil foes.
Enfeebling|+1|BE113|Deal Str damage on critical hit
Heavenly Burst|+2|BE113|On critical hit deal +3d6 damage and blind evil creatures
Paralyzing|+2|BE113|Evil creatures struck by weapon must save or be paralyzed
Righteous|+4|BE113|Constant Detect evil, +2 to hit and damage vs any creature with strong or stronger aura of evil.
Roaring|+3|BE113|Evil creatures struck must save or be shaken.
Bloodfeeding|+1|BoVD111|Gain blood points and trade for extra damage.
Cursespewing|+1|BoVD111|Delivers curse with every succesful hit.
Fleshgrinding|+2|BoVD111|Magically animates to grind into a living being
Marrowcrushing|+3|BoVD112|1 Con damage per hit.
Masterslaying|+1|BoVD112|Weapon attacks wielder on command from the wielder of the scabbard
Souldrinking|+4|BoVD112|Weapon deals a negative level on each hit, and gains HP on critical hit.
Strength Sapping|+2|BoVD112|Each hit makes target exhausted vs save.
Vile|+1|BoVD112|Deals +1 vile damage.
Assassination|+1|CiWeb|+1 sneak attack and never accidentally poison yourself while applying poison to this weapon.
Sizing|+1|CAd127|Standard action to change the size category of the weapon.
Deadly precision|+2|CAd127|+2d6 Sneak attack to user who already has class ability.

2012-10-18, 05:28 PM
Weapon Enhancements Part 2

2012-10-18, 05:41 PM
Specific Weapons

Acid Fang Dagger|19102|AEG98|+1 Acidic dagger, Speak with animals at will, 1/day charm animal.
Arrow of Disintergration|3307|AEG98|1 use disintergrate as the spell, CL 11th
Arrow of Eyes|1047|AEG98|+1 arrow acts like magical eye, concentrate to move arrow
Arrowdeath flail|33690|AEG99|+2/+1 Dire flail, grants delfect arrow feat, +2 deflection bonus when in total defense
Axe of Anger|18320|AEG99|+2 greataxe, 2 additional rounds of rage
Axe of Falls|50308|AEG99|+2 returning throwing Axe of distance, trip at range
Axe of Pairs|50306|AEG99|+2 handaxe, gain an additional off hand attack at -5
Axe of shards|19330|AEG99|+3 Dwarven Waraxe, 3 daggers that regrow from axe
Axe of Storms|98660|AEG99|Thundering/Shock orc double axe, +4 enhancement bonus applied to either head(or both) as you see fit each round
Axe of winds|65830|AEG99|+3 Battleaxe, immune to magical wind affects, 3/day gust of wind, 1/day wind wall.
Badgerclaw|32304|AEG99|+2 Light Pick, 3/day stone shape, 1/day meld into stone
Balor's sword of Flame|115870|AEG100|Large, +1 Vorpal Flaming Bastard sword, Detect good at will
Balor's sword of Lightning|115870|AEG100|Large, +1 brilliant energy shocking bastard sword, Detect Law at will
Balor's sword of Smiting|118670|AEG100|Large, +5 Unholy Bastard sword, 1/day add charisma damage to hit and +10 to damage
Balor's sword of Soul Stealing|219870|AEG100|Large, +3 Vorpal Bastard Sword, if decapitated victim is subject to a Soul bind affect
Battleaxe of the Bull|32310|AEG100|+2 Battleaxe, gain Imp Bull Rush feat, force creatures back if wielded with both hands
Blade of Deception|19820|AEG100|+3 Rapier, +2 enhancement to bluff for feinting combat, move in combat with provoking aoo's with succesful feint
Blade of the Duelist|16320|AEG100|+2 Rapier, +2 insight bonus to AC and +2 to disarm vs 1 enemy
Bladed Crossbow|32350|AEG100|+2 Heavy Crossbow, use as +2 melee weapon.
Bolt of Freedom|247|AEG101|+1 bolts, targets hit by bolts suffer grease affect.
Bolt of Voices|767|AEG101|+2 bolts, targets hit by bolts must succeed on concentration check to cast spells
Bonebreaker hammer|18312|AEG101|+2 Warhammer, sheds light as the spell. Deals 1d6 de damage on critical hit.
Bow of arcane might|8600|AEG101|+1 Mighty (+2) composite longbow, sacririce spell to deal extra damage
Bow of Force|32700|AEG102|+2 mighty (+3) composite longbow, arrows become force affects
Bow of mighty pulling|26375|AEG102|+3 composite shortbow, apply full strength modifier to attack damage
Bow of Radiance|40375|AEG102|+2 longbow, radiates light as the daylight spell, arrows shot affected by light spell
Bow of the Solars|100100|AEG102|Large, +2 mighty (+5) composite longbow, turns any arrow into a slaying arrow of the appropriate creature type fired at.
Bow of Songs|32330|AEG102|+2 shortbow, use bardic music to add cha to attack and damage rolls
Bow of the Steppes|18525|AEG102|+2 mighty (+2) composite shortbow, reduce penalties to shots fired while mounted by half
Bowstaff|18310|AEG103|+2 quarterstaff/+2 longbow
Breaking blade|18310|AEG103|+2 halberd, grants Imp. Sunder feat, deal double damage vs reach weapons.
Brutal axe|18310|AEG103|+1 Keen battleaxe, gain free trip attempt on a critical hit, apply 1.5 str to attempt.
Celestial Blade|18335|AEG103|Large, +3 bastard sword, shines light as a torch (20 ft)
Celestial Mace|50312|AEG103|+3 disruption heavy mace, shines light as a torch (20 ft)
Chain of entangling|32325|AEG103|+2 spiked chain, grapple at range and on succesful hit
Changeling spear|18301|AEG103|+2 halfspear, free action to change into shortspear, longspear or back
Chargebreaker|18305|AEG103|+1 keen longspear, triple damage vs charge
Claws of the leopard|38305|AEG103|+2 spiked gauntlet, lowlight vision, +10 climb speed, pounce during first round of combat.
Closing blade|58700|AEG103|+3/+2 two-bladed sword, attack while grappled as if the weapon was tiny.
Crossbow, Deathwand|10335|AEG103|+2 light crossbow, holds two wands, use wands while holding weapon
Crossbow, Dwarven Mauler|18700|AEG104|Large, +2 heavy crossbow, increased damage and extra damage vs goblinoids on critical hits.
Crossbow, Inevitable|18335|AEG104|+1 Light crossbow, gain +1 cumulative bonus to hit (+5 max) when missing a target
Crossbow of retrieving|13400|AEG104|+2 hand crossbow, inanimate objects struck by a bolt from this crossbow are affected by a mage hand spell
Crossbow of trailing flame|18550|AEG104|+1 flaming repeating crossbow, additional shots deal +1 fire damage in same round.
Cutlass of Surety|18310|AEG104|+2 shortsword, cannot be disarmed.
Dagger of Defense|58302|AEG104|+4 defending dagger, if held in off hand cannot be flanked except by rogues of 16th level or higher.
Dagger of Entry|18502|AEG104|+1 dagger, Knock, find traps & detect secret doors 1/day.
Dart of pinning|18300|AEG104|+2 dart, beings struck are paralyzed with failed Fort save.
Desert's Heart|71175|AEG104|+2 Flaming Falchion, Immunity to fire and double damage vs cold.
Disarming Flail|18395|AEG104|+2 Heavy Flail, gain Imp Disarm feat and +2 bonus to disarm (stacks with normal bonus).
Doorbreaker|8310|AEG105|+1 battleaxe, double damage vs objects made of wood or plant creatures.
Dragontooth|40720|AEG105|+2 shock rapier, fear aura out to 5ft.
Electric Lash|50301|AEG105|+2 Shock Whip, 3/day +2d6 electricity damage and arc to one additional target within 5ft.
Elven Leaf Arrow|1167|AEG105|+2 arrows, free action to deliver non lethal damage, if in woodland environment delivers charm monster affect.
Emerald Caltrops|166|AEG106|caltrops that deliver extra acid damage, 1 use item.
Equestrian's spear|26615|AEG106|+2 longspear, act as a heavy lance with a mounted rider who is proficient with one.
Erythnul's Slaughter|72308|AEG106|+2 Unholy morningstar, Clerics may prepare spells from the war domain as if they had access to it
Ethereal Bolt|797|AEG106|+1 bolts, affect ethereal creatures, 50% chance to shoot through 5ft of solid material, 20% miss chance.
Everburning chain|22725|AEG106|+2 flaming spiked chain, sweep attack everything within 10ft.
Fey Arrow|297|AEG106|+1 arrow, succesful hit grants faerie fire affect on target.
Fellstone|32308|AEG106|+3 Heavy Pick, +1 damage when you and target on ground, on succesful strike target must save or be dazed, -4 to hit if not touchgin the ground and can initiate a bull rush with out provoking an aoo.
Flail of Shadows|48155|AEG106|+2 shadowstrike heavy flail, dimension door as the spell.
Flameshroud Axe|51510|AEG107|+3 flaming battleaxe, Fire shield (chill version) 1/day as full round action.
Foe Reaper|32318|AEG107|+2 mighty cleaving scythe, during extra attacks granted via cleave or mighty cleaving the threat range is doubled.
Force Web|72320|AEG107|+4 net, made of pure force, can entangle ethereal creatures
Foretelling blade|18315|AEG107|+2 longsword, use an already rolled number in place of a roll 1/day
Frost Shard Dagger|1052|AEG107|+1 dagger, explodes in 5ft cold blast dealing 3d6 cold damage, 1 use.
Ghost Hands|18302|AEG107|+1 ghost touch gauntlets, immunity to Magic jar and ghost malevolence ability.
Glaive of Torment|74308|AEG107|+1 Wounding glaive, Adds benefits when wielded by a barbazu or a creature with the natural wounding ability.
Gnome Steam Bow|18530|AEG108|standard action to add int to attack roll, ignore penalty for low str, or double the range increment.
Gnome's Toolkit|10355|AEG108|+2 light crossbow, holds up to six potions/vials/keys and stores a set of masterwork thieves tools, magnifying glass, and a small mirror.
Grasping dagger|50302|AEG108|+3 Keen Punching dagger, free grapple check on succesful critical hit, can attack normally while grappled.
Gray Snare|74320|AEG108|+1 Net, 1/day turns into a gray ooze.
Gruumsh's Revenge|50305|AEG109|+3 Longspear, spend a turn undead to deal +1d6 per point of charisma vs elves.
Guardian Bow|50700|AEG109|+2 Mighty (+3) composite longbow, only threatens from the target of the bow.
Guerrilla Spear|32302|AEG109|+2 shortspear, deals +2d6 against an opponent who is flat footed.
Guisarme of long falls|18309|AEG109|+2 guirsarme, when used to trip, stuns opponents.
Halberd of Vaulting|2010|AEG109|+2 halberd, +30 to jump checks, deals double damage if make a jump check on charge.
Halflings Exit|247|AEG109|+2 sling bullets, succesful hit generates a fog cloud
Hammer of the Magesmith|45912|AEG109|+1 warhammer, reduces raw material cost by 5% and 1/day cast magic weapon.
Hammer of sacrifice|32312|AEG109|+2 Warhammer, sacrifice up to 5 hp to deal equivalent damage per hit.
Hand of Heironeous|50315|AEG110|+3 Longsword, expend a turn undead to deal +1d6/char modifier to undead.
Havoc Blade|98320|AEG110|+3 Keen Chaotic greataxe, confusion as the spell on a succesful critical hit.
Ice Talon|24320|AEG110|+2 Frost Greataxe, Endure Elements, ignore movement restrictions due to cold weather.
Incandescent Sword|72400|AEG110|+4 holy greatsword, sheds light in a 30ft radius when wielded by a CG creature.
Ioun Blade|6302|AEG111|+1 dagger, holds an ioun stone that works normally.
Javelin of Chain Lightning|3301|AEG111|Becomes a bolt of chain lightning when thrown, 1 use.
Javelin of Lightning, greater|1501|AEG111|Becomes a 10d6 lightning bolt when thrown, 1 use.
Javelin of obliteration|9301|AEG111|Becomes a Disintergrate ray as the spell CL 15, 1 use.
Javelin of Precision|50301|AEG111|+3 Javelin, ignores cover and penalty for throwing into melee.
Kama of Pure Aim|32302|AEG111|+2 Kama, ignore several miss chance affects with a Wisdom check DC 20
Khopesh of the, Loyal Minion|6320|AEG111|+1 Khopesh, melds and works in wildshape with a claw attack.
Knights sword|18335|AEG111|+2 Bastard Sword, double damage for mounted user when charging.
Kukri of Crippling|18308|AEG111|+2 Kukri, on succesful critical hit, targets speed is halved.
Lance of Bravery|30310|AEG111|+2 heavy lance, as long as it is held rider and mount are immune to fear.
Lance of jousting|32306|AEG112|+3 Light lance, has reach of 10ft in the hands of a small rider.
Lance of Mangling|18310|AEG112|+2 Heavy Lance, destroy targets shield on succesful critical hit.
Lance of Unending charge|50310|AEG112|+2 Mighty cleaving heavy lance, continue moving on charge for cleave attacks.
Larethian protector|50375|AEG112|+2 Longbow, expend turn undead to add +1d6 damage/cha modifier vs evil humanoids.
Living Net|18320|AEG112|+2 Net, attack up to 20ft away, make free trip attack when target is entangled.
Mace of Form|100312|AEG112|+2 Bane (shapechanger) Light mace, forces targets hit to revert to natural form, grants immunity to shapechanging spells
Mace of the Snail|30992|AEG112|+2 Havy Mace, 3/day slow as the spell, +2 AC bonus in total defense.
Mace of Unlife|69312|AEG112|+3 Heavy Mace, killing a creature raises it as a zombie
Mace of Voices|37712|AEG112|+2 Thundering Heavy Mace, +2 diplomacy and 1/day expend a turn undead to cast enthrall.
Mageblade|50315|AEG113|+2 Longsword of Spellstoring, sacrifice spell to lose non-proficiency penalties and bonus to damage.
Manticore Blade|20350|AEG113|+3 Greatsword, Launch spikes as ranged attacks.
Maul of Construction|51824|AEG113|Large, +2 Warhammer, stone shape & wall of stone 1/day.
Mirror Blade|38315|AEG113|+2 Longsword, sheds light (20ft), creatures within light save vs dazzled.
Moonsilver Shard|50|AEG114|dart, thrown dart becomes a magic missile with a range of 150ft.
Morningstar of Exhilaration|28308|AEG114|+2 Morningstar, reducing a foe below 0 hp's grants 6 temp HP, +1 morale bonus to hit & saving throws.
Nunchaku of Mastery|22302|AEG114|+2 Nunchaku, full round action to gain +20 to next attack.
Packmaster Flail|48708|AEG114|+2 bane (gnoll) light flail, while wielding +10 to diplomacy and intimidate vs gnolls, 1/day summons 1d3 fiendish gnolls.
Piercing tongue of the Kath Kadan|35610|AEG114|Huge, +3 Longspear, +1d8 fire damage.
Plague Spreader|104715|AEG114|+3 heavy flail, gives disease to those hit in combat.
Raking Blade|116700|AEG114|+4/+3 two bladed sword, gain rake attack at -5 if first main and off hand hit in a round.
Rankbreaker Glaive|32308|AEG114|+2 Glaive, gain cleave feat, +1d6 damage on charges.
Ranseur of Readiness|50310|AEG114|+2 Eager Ranseur, extra damage vs charging opponents.
Ricochet Sling|50310|AEG115|+2 sling, deny dex to opponent standing within 5ft of wall.
Ringsword|22315|AEG115|+3 longsword, gain use of a third ring slot on the sword.
Sap of stunning|32301|AEG115|+2 sap, deliver stunning attack to foes denied their dexterity to ac.
Sapling Club|32540|AEG115|+1 Club, 12/rounds/day turn club into treant.
Scimitar of colors|36515|AEG115|+3 scimitar, random affect as prismatic spray on each hit.
Scimitar of exertion|18315|AEG116|+2 scimitar, 1/day gain and lose Str over 10 rounds.
Scourge of the Pomarj|68690|AEG116|+2 bane(mounstrous humanoid)/+2 bane (goblinoids), the user can understand orc and goblin.
Self-Loading crossbow|12350|AEG116|+1 heavy crossbow, move action to reload.
Shadows Hand|30301|AEG116|+2 wounding shuriken, 1/day make a blinding attack as the spell blindness/deafness spell.
Shield blade|10630|AEG116|+2 shortsword, transforms into a large steel shield.
Siangham of focus|19303|AEG116|+3 Siangham, +2 enhancement to Reflex to deflect arrows, deliver stunning fist through weapon.
Sickle of Talons|26306|AEG116|+2 Keen Sickle, when the wielder transforms into a creature with a bite or claw attack they gain a +2 enhancement.
Skullshaker Hammer|18312|AEG116|+2 Warhammer, 3/day deal 1d6 temp wisdom damage.
Skybow|25975|AEG117|+2 longbow, functions as a bane weapon against all earth creatures, 1/day launch a seeker arrow.
Soldiers Rest|4808|AEG117|+1 Glaive, ignore effects of being fatigued.
Songblade|6400|AEG117|+1 rapier, +2 enhancement to perform checks, +1 bardic music/day.
Sorcerer's Hand|18335|AEG117|+2 light crossbow, if used as a focus as part of a ray spell grants +1 CL and +2 to attack.
Spear of Impaling|32305|AEG117|+2 longspear, grappale a foe after succesful critical hit.
Spear of the Hunt|28302|AEG117|+1 bane (animal) shortspear, grants Track feat while outdoors.
Spear of Skirmishing|32301|AEG117|+2 returning halfspear, if thrown grants wielder +10 to movement.
Spell shield Falchion|38708|AEG117|+2 Falchion, Total defense causes spells to reflect back as the Spell turning spell.
Spiders Nest Bullet|1057|AEG118|sling bullet, succesful hit causes a web as the spell to entangle the target & 2d4 small spiders.
Spinning blade|50315|AEG118|+2 returning throwing scimitar, Ranged disarm attempts.
Staff of Balance|26600|AEG118|+2 Quarterstaff, while being held with both hands provides +10 to balance and move up to full speed while balancing.
Staff of Discipline|50600|AEG118|+2 Lawful Quarterstaff, A monk can user flurry of blows with this weapon.
Staff of memory|32600|AEG118|+1 Quarterstaff, 1/day sacrifice a spell to cast a previously cast spell.
Standard of Ulek|23830|AEG119|+2 Mithral Dwarven Waraxe, allied dwarves within 10ft gain +1 morale bonus to attack.
Stirge Bolt|1007|AEG119|+3 bolts, 1 round after succesful hit deals 1d4 temporary con damage until removed.
Stone Spear|32302|AEG119|+2 Shortspear, doubel damage vs air creatures, triple vs air with a readied set vs charge.
Summoning arrow|257|AEG119|arrow, turns into an eagle for 5 rounds.
Sword of Avoidance|38315|AEG119|+3 Longsword, total defense grants an additional +4 luck bonus to AC and saves.
Sword of Countering|33905|AEG119|+1 Longsword, 3/day use Dispel magic as a counterspell with CL 13.
Sword of Crypts|42315|AEG119|+2 Holy Longsword, +1 turn undead, +2 turn undead damage.
Sword of the Diplomat|64310|AEG119|+3 defending shortsword, gain a permanent mage armor affect.
Sword of Escape|88310|AEG119|+2 shortsword, 10 rounds/day act as freedom of movement, attack foes grappling you.
Sword of Graceful strikes|72310|AEG120|+3 shortsword, use Dex for melee damage instead Str. no counter disarm on a failed attempt.
Sword of Judgement|43115|AEG120|+2 Lawful Longsword, 3/day zone of truth.
Sword of the Mammoth|18350|AEG120|+2 Greatsword, +6 temporary HP's.
Sword of Opportunity|18315|AEG120|+2 Longsword, +1 aoo/round.
Sword of Retribution|72335|AEG121|+3 bastard sword, if wounded the wielder gains +2 morale bonus to attack and damage for 1 round.
Sword of Sanctuary|19115|AEG121|+2 Longsword, 1/day sanctuary & obscuring mist.
Sword of the Solars|3920335|AEG121|Large, +5 dancing vorpal bastard sword, shines light (20ft).
Sword of Versatility|36700|AEG121|+2/+2 two bladed sword, move action to turn into 2 +1 longswords.
Sword of Zeal|72335|AEG121|+2 holy bastard sword, ignores outsiders DR, channel lay on hands to deal more damage.
Thirsting Blade|72315|AEG121|+4 longsword, on a succesful critical hit target takes +1d6 subdual damage and fatigued.
Tourney Lance|50310|AEG121|+2 Lawful Heavy Lance, take no penaltu when dealing subdual damage.
Trident of the Depths|8315|AEG121|+1 trident, gain swim speed 30, +1 attack and damage when underwater, +2 when in ocean water.
Truestrone Hammer|51120|AEG122|+2/+1 gnome hooked hammer, 3/day dispel illusions, 1/day stone shape.
Twin Blade|29829|AEG122|+3 Guisarme, 2/day spiritual weapon.
Vanishing blade|47120|AEG122|+3 rapier, 1/day move as dimension door after succesful hit.
Vigilant Halberd|72310|AEG122|+4 defending halberd, deals 2 points per level with a smite attack.
Viper Whip|38301|AEG122|+2 whip, 10/rounds/day head turns into tiny viper and delivers poison with each attack.
Warrenguard|40310|AEG123|+2 shortsword, +4 flank with another allie, +1 morale bonus to hit for each allie within 5 ft while udnerground.
Weaponeater|58300|AEG123|+3 club, deliver a rusting attack to weapons.
Whirling Axe|18320|AEG123|+2 Greataxe, 1/day make a whirlwind attack.
Whisperblade|48520|AEG123|+4 Greataxe, 3/day silence on succesful melee attack.
Blade of Dragondoom|34350|DR118|+3 greatsword, 3/day smite dragons.
Bow of the Mighty Dragon Hunter|36900|DR118|+25 Dragon bane Composite Longbow (+4 Str bonus), deals 1 str damage and x5 crits to dragons.
Longspear of Peircing|28305|DR119|+3 Longspear, 3/day can ignore natural armor.
Relic: Executioners Axe|98320|BE32|Holy Vorpal Greataxe, good creatures take -2 to hit and damage
Relic: Saint's Thighbone|32305|BE37|Holy Disruption light mace
Dart of the Phoenix|99400|BE113|+1 returning dart, user takes 1d4 temp str damage, Target must make Fort DC 20 or be slain else take 13d6 fire damage, creature reforms 2d6 rounds later with no damage.
Demondoom|51512|BE115|+2 holy demon bane Cold Iron warhammer, 1/day may attempt to deliver Power blind with an attack.
Hellpiercer|4007|BE115|+3 shocking burst arrow or +3 shocking burst bolt, is considerd silver for DR and contains couatl venom in the head of the bolt/arrow.
Nightblade of Arvandor|44315|BE115|+2 Longsword, Can shoot force stars with each iterative attack.
AngelKiller|110350|BoVD112|+3 Unholy Greatsword, if it injures a celestial they must make a fort save or die.
Blackguards Blade|9515|BoVD112|+2 longsword, adds +10 to smite good ability.
Chain of Barriers|29325|BoVD112|+1 spiked chain, transforms into wall of chains with command word.
Charnel Reaver|108330|BoVD113|+3 dwarven waraxe, utterly destroys anything it kills requiring advanced magic to raise the slain.
Harrowheart|15320|BoVD113|+2 rapier, deals x3 on a critical hit against a good creature.
Hell's heart Arrow|60|BoVD113|+1 arrow, pass through creatures of evil alignemnt
Sacrificial Knife|3305|BoVD113|+1 dagger, +3 knowledge religion when making a sacrifice.
Spectral Arrow|2560|BoVD113|+1 arrow, Brilliant energy arrow that deals 2 negative levels instead of damage.
Warpsword|78350|BoVD113|+2 greatsword delivers the warptouch disease with every hit.
Axe of Heavenly Fire|50340|CSW147|Large +3 holy greataxe, sheds light as the spell.
Bow of Hosark|102900|CSW147|+2 distance mighty composite longbow (+5 Str bonus), acts as an amulet of proof against detection and location when worn, 2/day add brilliant energy to an arrow.
Gurt’s Greataxe|22660|CSW147|Large +1 human bane thundering greataxe.
Lance of Burning Blackfire|18410|CSW148|+1 corrosive fl aming heavy lance
Muiral’s Decapitator|135400|CSW148|Large +3 adamantine vorpal greatsword
Quarterstaff of Alcedor|64600|CSW148|+3 spellstrike/+3 shattermantle quarterstaff
Spiked Gauntlet of Ulbaerag|50305|CSW148|+3 wounding spiked gauntlet
Viperfang|50302|CSW148|+2 corrosive assassin’s dagger of venom
Bolt of Arrest, Lesser|307|CiWeb|+1 bolt, makes target struck attempt Save or be affected by Hold Person(CL 2).
Bolt of Arrest, Greater|1407|CiWeb|+1 bolt, makes target struck attempt Save or be affected by Hold Person(CL 5) and affects all targets.
Blade of Deception|19820|CAd129|+3 rapier, +2 enhancement bonus to bluff checks on feints, and targets of feints cannot make AOO's.
Bow of Songs|32330|CAd129|+2 shortbow, expend bardic music use and gain Cha to attack and damage on 1 shot.
Bowstaff|10975|CAd129|+2 quaterstaff/+2 longbow
Claws of the Leopard|38305|CAd129|+2 Spiked Gauntlets, low light vision, +10 enhancement bonus to climb, and full attack on a charge(with claws).
Dagger of Defense|58302|CAd129|+4 defending Dagger, if held in off hand, cannot be flanked.
Guerrilla spear|32301|CAd129|+2 shortspear, +2d6 to targets denied Dexterity.
Songblade|6400|CAd130|+1 rapier, while holding weapon you gain a +2 enhancement bonus to Perform checks and a bard gains +1 use of bardic music/day.

2012-10-18, 05:57 PM
Armor Enhancements Part 1

Acidic|+4|AEG92|Immunity to acid & deal 2d4 when grappled
Aquatic|+2|AEG92|Move freely in water without swim checks
Aquatic|+5|AEG92|Move freely in water without swim checks & water breathing
Arrow Catching|+1|AEG92|+1 Def to AC vs Ranged attacks, divert ranged attacks within 5ft to you
Bane Blind|+3|AEG92|Gain Imp. Invisibility to sight and scent vs specific creature type.
Buffering|+3|AEG92|Absorbs ability damage/level drain, allows fort saves vs death attacks
Command|+2|AEG93|+4 compentence bonus to Cha checks, allies within 30ft gain +2 morale to Will saves, -6 to hide
Dancing|+3|AEG93|Release shield as standard action, dances for 4 rounds. Treat AC bonus as cover bonus
Daylight|+2|AEG93|Daylight spell, for up to 30 minutes a day
Distracting|+2|AEG93|1/day hypnotic pattern, opponents in melee must save vs Daze affect every round
Fearsome|+2|AEG93|40ft Fear aura as the spell
Feathered|+2|AEG93|Fly as the spell for up to 50 minutes per day
Sacred|+2|AEG93|Increase effective turning check by +2
Wrapping|+1|AEG93|After succesful shield bash command shield to wrap target
Angelic|+2|BE112|Grants +1 AC bonus and +4 to saves vs Evil creatures.
Empyreal|+2|BE112|Transfer Enhancement bonus as a sacred bonus to saves.
Exalted|+3|BE112|Take half damage from unholy weapons (if good), constant protection from evil and immunity to Vile damage from weapons.
Sacred|+2|BE112|Increases users Turn check by +2.
Soulfire|+4|BE112|Immunity to Death spells, Magical death affects, energy drain, and any negative energy affects.
Twilight|+1|BE112|Reduces Armor Arcane spell failure by -10%
Darksoul protection|+1|BoVD111|take half damage from spells and affects that specifically target evil creatures.
Demonmight Ward|+2|BoVD111|+1 AC enhancement & to saves vs good creatures, +2 vs good outsiders.
Poison Spike|+1|BoVD111|Poisons spikes work just like spiked armor except they can be hidden in secret compartment.
Sentinel|+15,120|CiWeb|Linked to a mirror, the wielder can make whatever the peice of armor is looking at to appear in the mirror.
Beastskin|+2|CAd127|Expend additional uses of wildshape to have armor grow to fit new form.
Focused|+1|CAd127|(shield), +10 bonus to sense motive checks in feints and +1 AC when threatened by 1 creature.


2012-10-18, 05:59 PM
Armor Enhancements Part 2

2012-10-18, 06:01 PM
Specific Armor and Shields

Armor of Weapon Creation|42305|AEG93|+1 Half Plate, built in armor spikes and spiked gauntlets, create simple melee weapons from armor
Disarmor|10875|AEG94|+2 Scale Mail, 3/day initiate disarm when struck in combat with a +5 bonus
Gazebane|74050|AEG94|+1 chain shirt, 3/day ignore affects of a gaze attack
Plantbane|41240|AEG94|+1 leather armor, continual Diminish plants affect as spell, 1/day antiplant shell
Skin Paint|5000|AEG94|pot of paint with three uses, 1 use last 24 hours and grants +5 ac bonus.
Spider shield|40809|AEG94|+2 spiked small steel shield, spike is always poisoned and 1/day shield turns into a spider
Stonecunning|32130|AEG94|+1 full plate, Dwarves gain +4 bonus to stonecunning checks, stone shape & stone tell 1/day
Swarm Shield|6160|AEG94|+1 small shield, moving body of insects act as shield, 1/day summon swarm
Tessellated Armor|11560|AEG95|+2 full plate, medium armor, -4 ACP, 25% arcane spell failure, 1/day hypnotic pattern
Useful buckler|10265|AEG95|+1 buckler, turn into 5 tools at will
Vampiric Hunter|100000|AEG95|+3 Banded Mail, Daylight & protection from evil at will, 1/day sunburst & Holy Smite, +4 morale bonus to will saves vs Domination, Energy drain reduced by two vs vampires, grow +1 stakes at will
Variable shield|6560|AEG95|+1 small steel shield, standard action to change into any other shield
Armor of Dragonshape|23165|DR118|+3 Dragoncraft hide armor, Extraordinary Resistance 5 (dragon type), 1/day wildshape into small or medium dragon if user can wildshape
Armor of Mobility|16160|DR118|+2 Leather Armor, grants mobility feat
Bulwark of Antimagic|27580|DR118|+1 Tower Shield, 1/day antimagic field
Dragondodger Armor|15675|DR118|+3 Studded Leather, Evasion vs dragonbreath
Dragonrider Armor|26150|DR118|+1 Full Plate, Resistance 10 (dragonkind), +5 to Ride dragons and activates feather fall.
Asura Shield|27180|BE112|+2 bashing heavy spiked steel shield, deals +1d6 fire and +1d6 holy damage to evil creatures.
Devilhusk|33165|BE112|+5 hide armor, deal 3d8 + 1.5 str when grappling
Vassal Armor|38250|BE113|+3 Exalted Half Plate, reinforced by Ysgardian heartwire.
Armor of the Dread Emperor|14650|BoVD111|+1 Full Plate, can attach slaves to share damage.
Fleshshifter Armor|13160|BoVD111|+1 Leather Armor, Alter self at will.
Grim Defender|11350|BoVD111|+1 breastplate, can attempt to redirect damage received to another creature.
Razor Armor|5600|BoVD111|+2 scale armor, deals 2d6 slashing damage with grapple, launch shuriken 1/day.

2012-10-18, 06:11 PM

Alignment command|20000|AEG124|As rings of Elemental command except vs one alignment.
Filchers friend|500|AEG124|+5 circumstance to pick pocket checks.
Force Armor|45000|AEG124|two rings, permanent mage armor, +1 enhancement to unarmed strikes & +1d4 damage.
Greater Counterspelling|16000|AEG125| dispel a spell if same spell is stored within ring.
Hive Mind|180000|AEG125|Telepathy within 1 mile with other wearers of same ring, gain hive mind benefits.
Lockpicking|7700|AEG125|+5 compentence bonus to open lock checks, 3/day knock as the spell.
Magic Fang|6000|AEG125|+1 enhancement to natural attacks as the spell.
Misdirection|7000|AEG125|Continous misdirection spell.
Thunderclaps|11200|AEG125|3/day shocking grasp, 1/day combine one use of shocking grasp with the shout spell.
Universal Elemental Resistance, minor|144000|AEG125|energy resistance 15 vs all energy types.
Ring of Dragon Friendship|28750|DR119|+5 enhancement to diplomacy to influence dragons, dragons will never voluntarily attack you, 1/month use sugestion on a dragon, lose benefits when user attacks a dragon.
Ring of Dragonshape|23000|DR119|1/day for 1 hour polymorph into a red/Golden dragon (dependent on alignment)
Ring of Adamantine Touch|120000|BE115|Users natural weapons and weapons are considered Adamantium.
Ring of Affliction|72000|BE115|Natural attacks and unarmed strikes deliver afflictions of the user choice.
Ring of Solar Wings|118000|BE115|Fly at 150 ft(good)
Ring of Vengeance|4500|BE115|When the user dies the ring deals 15d6 nonspecified damage to the creature that dealt the killing blow, once used turns to dust.
Master Ring|40600|BoVD113|Keyed to slave rings, allows wearer to deal 3d6 per round to wearers of the slave rings.
Ring of Weeping|3000|BoVD113|Wearer can grant penalty on touch attack.
Slave Ring|500|BoVD113|Slave ring to the Master ring.
Vile Weapon Ring|20000|BoVD113|Each attack made by the wearer deals +1 vile damage.
Vile Spell Ring|15000|BoVD113|1 point of damage per spell level is vile damage.
Ring of Light Armor|8000|CSW148|Ring of protection +1 & light fortification.
Ring of Medium Armor|32000|CSW148|Ring of protection +1 & medium fortification.
Ring of Heavy Fortification|72000|CSW148|Ring of protection +1 & heavy fortification..
Ring of Research|2500|CSW148|+2 to all knowledge checks (maybe more with some librarys)
Ring of Trobriand|2000|CSW149|Issue commands to a scaladar
Lords’ Rings|92250|CSW150|periapt of proof against poison, It allows the wearer to cast sending (to Piergeiron or Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun only) or teleport (to a fixed location only) at will.
Filchers Friend|2500|CAd130|+5 bonus to sleight of hand checks involving metal objects, and can attract small metal objects within 1 foot.
Lockpicking|4500|CAd130|+5 competence bonus to Open lock checks and Knock 1/day.

2012-10-18, 06:14 PM

Construct Control|68850|AEG125|Command unintelligent constructs, battle of wills with intelligent constructs to override commands.
Embassy|20000|AEG125|Rod that is keyed to specific plane, if it is the same as your home plane gain immunity to banishment and alignment specific spells.
Force|125000|AEG126|5/day use 3 abilities: Blast of force (10d6 100ft), Wall of force, or blade of force (turns rod into a +1 brilliant energy longsword for 10 rounds)
Ghost Rod|50000|AEG126|touch attack against incorporeal creatures deals 2d6 damage. 1/day Etheral jaunt as the spell @ CL 15.
Mimicry|30000|AEG126|Mimic any voice you have heard, +10 competence bonus to disguise self, Forgery and UMD, use ventriloquisim at will.
Paralysis|22000|AEG126|50 charges to use: 1 charge; hold person, Hold animal 2/day, Hold Monster 1/day. Strike delivers paralyzing poison.
Tentacle Rod, Lesser|21000|AEG126|Multiple (3) tentacles attack and grapple targets, more tentacles grappling increase the special affects applied to grappled creature.
Tentacle Rod, Greater|57000|AEG126|Multiple (6) tentacles attack and grapple targets, more tentacles grappling increase the special affects applied to grappled creature.
Tracking|37800|AEG127|two rods, determine exactly where the other rod is and who is holding it.
Trees|120000|AEG127|Acts as a cudgle with shillelagh cast on it, can animate up to two trees into treants per day.
Warning|58000|AEG127|breaks into 4 sections that can be planted into the ground at any circumfrance, the area within is warded with Alarm and detect scrying.
Rod of Dragon Mastery|120000|DR119|Rod of Rulership for Dragons
Celestial Bane Rod|56000|BoVD113|All celestials within 60ft take -4 to attacks, damage, saving throws and skill checks.
Harrow Rod|54000|BoVD113|3/day sprays 30ft cone of acid.
Rod of Possession|20000|BoVD114|A willing creature automatically becomes possessed by the nearest able creature.
Flesheater|18000|BoVD114|1/day command horde of tiny green devils to deal damage to a target.

2012-10-18, 06:18 PM

Artisan|69800|AEG127|Minor Creation(1), Major Creation(1), Fabricate(1), Mending(1)
Assassins staff|24000|AEG127|Obscuring mist(1), Pass without trace(1), Improved Invisibility(2), Poison(2, DC 16)
Cacophony|60000|AEG127|Shatter(1, DC 13), Sound Burst(1, DC 13), Hideous Laughter(1, DC 13), Sculpt sound(1, DC 14), Shout(1, DC 16)
Creation|45000|AEG128|Create food and water(1), Minor Creation(1), Major Creation(2)
Destruction|98500|AEG128|Shatter(1, DC 13), Disintergrate(1, DC 20), earthquake(2)
Fallen|24000|AEG128|Doom(1, DC 11), Shatter(1, DC 13), Contagion(2, DC 14), Summon Monster IV(Evil creatures only, 2)
Fellowship|80000|AEG128|calm Emotions(1, DC 11), Shield other(1), Status(1), Telepathic bond(1), Heroes Foeast(2)
Glory|80000|AEG128|Daylight(1), searing light(1, DC 14), Holy Smite(1, DC 16), Sunbeam(2, DC 20)
Goblin Lord|26625|AEG128|Protection from Law(1), Confusion(1, DC 16), Unholy Blight(1, DC 16)
Liberation|45000|AEG129|remove Fear(1), REmove Paralysis(1), Remove Curse(1), Freedom of movement(2), break enchantment(2)
Madness|110000|AEG129|Lesser Confusion(1, DC 11), Confusion(1, DC 16), Insanity(2, DC 20), Weird(2, DC 23)
Righteousness|34000|AEG129|Divine Favor(1), Prayer(1), Dispel Evil(1), Holy Sword(2)
Sacred Fire|60000|AEG129|Flame Strike(1, DC 16), Fire Storm(2, DC 20)
Spider|42600|AEG129|Spider Climb(1), web(1, DC 13), Summons swarm(spiders only, 1), Poison(1, DC 16), Insect Plague(2, DC 17)
Undying staff|27375|AEG129|Animate Dead(1), create undead(2)
Staff of Draconic Power|42000|DR119|Dragon breath(1), Dragonskin(1), Draconic Might(2)
Staff of the Dragonslayer|54000|DR119|Scale Weakening(1), supress breath weapon(1), Lower Spell resistance(1), Vulnerability(2)
Staff of Rapture|73800|BE115|Atonement(2), Divination(1), Elation(1), Sword of conscience (2), Vision of heaven (1) and acts as a +1 quarterstaff
Sunstaff|173300|BE115|Bless(1), Crown of Flame(2), Searing light(1), Sheild Other(1) and acts as a +3 brilliant energy quarterstaff
Staff of Corruption|192000|BoVD114|Befoul(2), Despoil(2), Morality undone(1 DC16), Shriveling (heigtened to 6th, DC 19), Wither Limb (heigtened to 6th, DC 19)
Staff of Darkness|24000|BoVD114|Damning Darkness(2), Darkbolt(1), Darkness(1), Deeper Darkness(2)
Staff of Pestilience|70000|BoVD114|Contagion(1), Insect plague(1), Pox(2)
Morgans Staff|57069|CSW149|+1 thundering/+1 shock quarterstaff, Baleful Polymorph(1), chain lightning(1), Thunderlance(1)
Staff of Banishment|47532|CSW149|Banishment(2), Dismissal(1), Repulsion(2), Slow(1).
Staff of Rejecting|12375|CSW149|Trobiands baleful teleport(2)

2012-10-18, 06:21 PM

Armband of Reduction|2000|AEG129|1/day for 2 hours reduce person.
Bracers of Exit|11200|AEG130|1/day negate a dimensional anchor spell
Crimsons dragonhide bracers(+1)|5000|DR120|Enhancement bonus to natural armor and Resistance 5 Fire.
Crimsons dragonhide bracers(+2)|11000|DR120|Enhancement bonus to natural armor and Resistance 5 Fire.
Crimsons dragonhide bracers(+3)|21000|DR120|Enhancement bonus to natural armor and Resistance 5 Fire.
Crimsons dragonhide bracers(+4)|35000|DR120|Enhancement bonus to natural armor and Resistance 5 Fire.
Crimsons dragonhide bracers(+5)|53000|DR120|Enhancement bonus to natural armor and Resistance 5 Fire.
Vambraces of Evil’s Warding|18000|BE116|Ranged attacks against the wearer suffer a -4 penalty.
Armbands of Might|4100|CAd132|+2 bonus on Strength checks and skills, +2 bonus to damage with power attack when taking a -2 penalty or more.

2012-10-18, 06:22 PM

Banner of Valor|61000|AEG129|Remove fear at will within 20ft, 3/day Cure light wounds, mass
Cloak of Shelter|12080|AEG131|on command can turn into a 4 person tent with alarm spell, 1/day turn into a secure shelter as the spell.
Pelt of Animal Senses|30080|AEG135|grants low light vision, scent, +2 to listen, animals react adversely to it.
Triton shell (without air)|3000|AEG138|Water proof backpack keeps things dry.
Triton shell (with air)|18000|AEG138|Same as without air but constant air supply allows small or smaller creature to survive in it.
Dragonhide Mantle|3800|DR118|Extraordinary Resistance 5 (dragon type), +2 intimidate vs Dragons
Mantle of the Silver Wyrm|27000|DR121|+2 enhancement to Cha and resistance to cold 10, 1/day Fly as the spell
Starmantle Cloak|132000|BE116|grants ummunity to non magical attacks, ref save for half damage with magical weapons and sheds light as a torch.
Laeral’s Robes|160500|CSW150|Act as a robe of eyes, a cloak of resistance +5, and a Heward’s handy haversack.
Lords’ Robe|3000|CSW150|Makes wearer 6 feet tall and of indeterminate gender.
Shawl of Bewitching|3500|CAd135|+1 CL with enchantment spells, +5 competence bonus to bluff when concealing the truth.

2012-10-18, 06:23 PM

Belt of Endurance|10000|AEG129|+2 enhancement to con, Great fortitude feat.
Belt of the dread Emperor|120000|BoVD114|Draw energy from thralled beings to power spells

2012-10-18, 06:25 PM

Blindfold of true darkness|9000|AEG130|blinsight 60ft.
Goggles of the Day|4000|AEG133|ignore bright light affects such as from flare, sunbeam or sunburst.
Mask of Lies|17000|AEG134|Change self at will as the spell, continous undetectable alignment and +5 bonus to bluff checks
Mask of the Feather queen|27120|AEG134|Levitate and charm animal(birds) at will, 1/day fly as the spell.
Mask of Lhestyn|14700|CSW150|It acts as both a hat of disguise and a medallion of thoughts.
Sewer Mask|30|CiWeb|+5 circumstance bonus on saves against some diseases, and nonmagical affects that cause the sickened or nausated affects.
Mask of Lies|17000|CAd134|Use Disguise self at will, continual undetectable alignment, +5 competence bonus to Bluff.
Monocle of Perusal|6500|CAd134|+5 competence bonus to Appraise checks, Identify 1/day.
Spellsight Spectacles|2500|CAd135|+5 competence bonus to spellcraft when deciphering scrolls and use magic devices for using scrolls.

2012-10-18, 06:27 PM

Boots of the Mountain king|48810|AEG130|Move freely in rocky/mountainous terrain, and stoneskin 2/day.
Boots of the sea|56500|AEG130|Water walk and Water breathing on self at will, +10 competence bonus to swim checks.
Boots, Steadfast|6000|AEG130|Immunity to trip and bullrush, when holding a melee always considered to be set against charges.
Boots of tracklessness|33500|AEG130|Continuous pass without trace, 3/day improved invisibility
Boots of woodland striding|23600|AEG130|move freely in forest/jungle terrain, detect snares and pits at will, tree stride 1/day.
Boots of Dragonstriding|10000|DR119|+5 enhancement climb/jump, 1/day jump.
Laeral’s Anklets|135000|CSW150|everbright(resistance to acid 5) anklets, +8 armor bonus to AC, passwall 2/day.
Slippers of Shadowwalking|23760|CSW150|Shadowwalk 1/day
Sandals of Harmonius Balance|14000|CAd135|+10 insight bonus and walk on vertical surfaces.

2012-10-18, 06:28 PM

Choker of Eloquence, Lesser|1500|AEG131|+5 competence bonus to diplomacy, bluff and perform (oratory)
Choker of Eloquence, Greater|6000|AEG131|+10 competence bonus to diplomacy, bluff and perform (oratory)
Dragonfly medallion|29760|AEG131|gain Imp Initiative feat, 1/day turns into a giant dragonfly
Medallion of Contact|5000|AEG134|1/day forge telepathic bond with a range of 1 mile for 1 minute
Medallion of the Lycanthrope|44200|AEG134|weapons act as if silvered, 1/day cast anitpathy against lycanthropes
Necklace of the Marauding beast (Raging bear)|11840|AEG134|+2 enhancement to Str, rage lasts 1 round longer
Necklace of the Marauding beast (Frenzied Shark)|12160|AEG134|+2 enhancement to Str, rage lasts 1 round longer and +4 to swim checks.
Necklace of the Marauding beast (Rampaging boar)|12440|AEG134|Improved Sunder feat, +1 enhancement bonus to Con and rage lasts 1 round longer.
Necklace of the Wild Beast (Bead of Calming)|500|AEG135|Must be able to cast animal friendship, cast calm animals, 1 use.
Necklace of the Wild Beast (Bead of Servitude)|1500|AEG135|Must be able to cast animal friendship, cast Dominate Animal, 1 use.
Necklace of the Wild Beast (Bead of the fang)|1500|AEG135|Must be able to cast animal friendship, cast Greater Magic Fang, 1 use.
Necklace of the Wild Beast (Bead of beckoning)|2000|AEG135|Must be able to cast animal friendship, cast Summon Natures Ally IV, 1 use.
Necklace of the Wild Beast (Bead of the great beast)|2500|AEG135|Must be able to cast animal friendship, cast Animal Growth, 1 use.
Necklace of the Wild Beast (Bead of awakening)|3750|AEG135|Must be able to cast animal friendship, cast Awaken, 1 use.
Oracle of Beads|19192|AEG135|Divination 1/day, +5 to scry checks.
Yondalla's Wagon wheel|92880|AEG138|turns into a caravan indefinitly (or until commanded), 1/day secure shelter.
Dragons Eye Amulet|85000|DR120|+10 enhancement to spot & search and blindsense 30ft
Wyrmfang Amulet|2500|DR121|Natural weapons count as Magic for DR.
Retributive Amulet|56000|BE116|+2 sacred bonus to AC, some melee attacks get divided between you and your attacker
Collar of Venom|50000|BoVD114|Grants all natural attacks 1d10 con poison as primary and seconday damage.(DC 14)
Collar of Virulent Poison|138000|BoVD114|As Collar of Venom but with a DC20 poison.
Fanatics Collar|30000|BoVD114|Allows wearer to let someone dominate them as the spell.
Symbol of Demogorgon|10000|BoVD117|+2 enhancement to Wis, and user can cast Rotting curse of Urfestra with no corruption cost
Amulet of Alcedor|318500|CSW149|Cast Hold Person at will, Held creatures are affected by vampiric touch.
Amulet of Fire Breath|10800|CSW149|Palarandusk’s fi re breath 3/day.
Amulet of the Watch|2160|CSW149|whispering wind 1/day.
Lords’ Amulet|35000|CSW150|amulet of proof against detection and location, also are keyed to portals around Waterdeep.
Amulet of Aberrant Empathy|1400|CAd132|Use Handle Animal in place of Diplomacy with Abberrations
Choker of Eloquence, Lesser|6000|CAd132|+5 competence bonus to Diplomacy, bluff, and Perform(Sing) checks.
Choker of Eloquence, Greater|24000|CAd132|+10 competence bonus to Diplomacy, bluff, and Perform(Sing) checks.
Colar of Obedience|1500|CAd132|Animals wearing this reduce the Handle Animal DC to handle, push, teach, train or rear by 5.
Medal of Gallantry|1100|CAd134|+2 bonus to Diplomacy, -2 penalty to Bluff, Sanctuary 3/day.
Pendant of Draconic Empathy|3300|CAd134|Use Handle Animal in place of Diplomacy with Dragons.
Scarf of Warmth|250|CAd135|+4 bonus against cold weather affects.

2012-10-18, 06:30 PM

Tunic of Steady spellcasting|2500|CAd136|+5 competence bonus on concentration checks

2012-10-18, 06:33 PM

Gloves of Brachiation|4000|AEG132|+10 circumstance bonus to jump above ground, move at full speed in tree canpoy.
Dragon Fang Gauntlets|28500|DR120|+4 enhancement to str, deal damage as spiked gauntlets 3/day damage items as with the imp. Sunder feat. If user has Imp.Unarmed strike feat, allows wielder to overcome Magic DR.
Gauntlets of Weaponry Arcane|2000|CSW149|magic weapon at will on a single melee weapon.

2012-10-18, 06:35 PM

Hat of Anonymity|34050|AEG133|continous nondetection as the spell, +10 bonus to hide.
Horned Helm|38000|AEG133|Gain horn attack with +2 enhancement bonus dealing 1d8 damage, double land speed
Phylactery of change|11200|AEG135|Polymorph self with indefinite duration. 1/day adopt a new form.
Goggles of Draconic Vision|46000|DR120|+10 spot, low light vision 60ft 1/day blindsense for 1 minute
Crown of Steady Rulership|4500|CAd132|+5 competence bonus on sense motive checks and spot checks vs Disguises.

2012-10-18, 06:50 PM
Tools Part 1

Candle of Icy Death|34800|AEG130|can be lit to reduce the ambient temp, nullifies any helaing affect from spells or natural healing.
Cinders of the Inferno|7650|AEG131|Dump into a medium sized fire to summon 1d4+1 small elementals an equal amount of rounds later.
Clasp of the Elder|6000|AEG131|Worn around a beard, nondwarf gains +1 competence bonus to diplomacy, dwarf gains +2 wisdom enhancement and +5 competence bonus to diplomacy and intimidate.
Coin of Eternal Rest|6000|AEG131|place inside a corpse mouth to prevent raise dead, ressurection and any attempts to turn it into an undead creature.
Dimensional Chalk Holder|22950|AEG131|Draw a circle in the air to create a Gate as the spell to travel through, 1d4+1 gates.
Droplets of the storm|7650|AEG132|When poored into a pool of water summons 1d4+1 small water elementals an equal amount of rounds later.
Dust of the Zephyr|7650|AEG132|When released into a breeze summons 1d4+1 small air elementals an equal amount of rounds later.
Dimensional Prism|17600|AEG132|grants see invisibility when looked through, when shattered forces creatures to material realm from transitive planes.
Eversoaking spongue|26400|AEG132|soaks 1,000 gallons of water per round, up to a maximum of 225,000 gallons.
Fan of furious flame|18750|AEG132|3/day cause natral fires to explode within a cone and deal damage.
Fruit Blossom Spike|5800|AEG132|Nailing it into a tree causes the tree to blossom fruit enough for 8 creatures for 2 days that act as maximized goodberries.
Idol of False vision|54500|AEG133|Large statue that auto detects scrying and similar spells and triggers a false vision up to 3/day.
Incense of the gorgon|6600|AEG133|turns into smoke that turns creatures to stone.
Insatiable Locust|29975|AEG133|Statue that animates into a locust that eats 10 tons of food /day for 7 days.
Ioun Stone of resistance +1|2000|AEG134|Provides a +1 enhancement bonus to saves
Ioun Stone of resistance +2|8000|AEG134|Provides a +2 enhancement bonus to saves
Ioun Stone of resistance +3|18000|AEG134|Provides a +3 enhancement bonus to saves
Ioun Stone of resistance +4|32000|AEG134|Provides a +4 enhancement bonus to saves
Ioun Stone of resistance +5|50000|AEG134|Provides a +5 enhancement bonus to saves
Lantern of Brightness|66520|AEG134|constant light, 2/day sunbeam as the spell.
Libram of Flesh|178500|AEG134|Gain benefits to creating golems even if not 14th level and other bonuses.
Magebane Manacles|132000|AEG134|covers wearer with antimagic field
Mirror of Secrets Revealed|95000|AEG134|Analyze dweomer 1/day and true seeing 2/day
Pitons, Burrowing|380|AEG135|dig into solid stone, +2 circumstance bonus to climb, 1 use.
Pixie Dust|2700|AEG135|Dust that can cover a 5ft square or blown as a weapon (5ft range), targets suffer change in size to tiny and charm person spell
Portable bridge|36000|AEG135|Miniature statue of a bridge can turn into a full size bridge 1/day, 5ft wide and up to 50ft across.
Perserving Jar|3000|AEG136|Anything organic placed in jar does not rot, can fit a tiny or smaller creature.
Restricting band|5400|AEG136|on command band of iron changes size to restrict whatever it is around.
Rope of Stone|11800|AEG136|Silk rope can turn into stone.
Saddle of Growth|48600|AEG136|Increases mount by 1 size category.
Saddle of the Pegasus|16875|AEG136|grants mount flying speed as the spell with maneuverability poor 3/day.
Saddle of Wheather protection|5400|AEG136|continous endure elements and stay dry unless fully submerged.
Saw of Prodigous cutting|2000|AEG136|ignores hardness of any wooden item and deals 4d6 damage, can be used against plant creatures.
Seeds of the Treant|15300|AEG136|1d4 seeds that grow into treants.
Shards of the Fissure|7650|AEG136|When planted into the ground summons 1d4+1 small earth elementals an equal amount of rounds later.
Singing Bowl|19440|AEG137|create aura of silence at will, shatter & blindness/deafness 1/day.
Sparring dummy of the Master|30000|AEG137|Train with to gain a free 10ft movement instead of a 5ft movement every round.
Stalwart Eye|10000|AEG137|see through tiny bird statues eyes on the same plane.
Steadfast Stone|32400|AEG137|cube turns into a wall of stone 2/day.
Stove of Everlasting flame|2400|AEG137|portable stove.
Stylus of the Masterful hand|3000|AEG137|+5 competence bonus to forgery checks, remembers up to 3 handwriting styles.
Testing Chalice|4000|AEG137|determine properties of any liquid.
Thurible of Divining|77000|AEG138|constant prayer spell with lit incense, 3/day detect magic, detect good, detect law; 1/day augury or locate object; 1/week, Divination or true seeing; 1/month commune.
Thurible of Retribution|77000|AEG138|constant prayer spell with lit incense, 3/day command, doom, inflict light wounds; 1/day spiritual weapon or searing light; 1/week, inflict critical wounds or Inflict Light Wounds, Mass; 1/month geas/quest.
Thurible of Warding|77000|AEG138|constant prayer spell with lit incense, 3/day entropic shield, endure elements, sanctuary; 1/day silence or dispel magic; 1/week, spell immunity or spell resistance, Mass; 1/month blade barrier.
Trumpeter's Gift|12200|AEG138|+5 competence bonus to performance, 1/day shout as the spell.
Weightless scabbard|1600|AEG138|fits to shape of weapon, makes weapon weightless while in scabbard.
Dracolich Phylactery|50000+|DR120|Phylactery for a dracolich
Golem Manual: Dragonbone |28000|DR120|Create dragonbone golems
Golem Manual: Drakestone |40000|DR121|Create drakestone golems
Golem Manual: IronWyrm |50000|DR121|Create Ironwyrm golems
Horn of Dragons|75000|DR121|1/month call an adult dragon for 1 hour
Idol of the Dragon (white)|15000|DR121|Cold Resistance 5 while carried, 1/week transform into a Wyrmling for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Brass)|21000|DR121|Fire Resistance 5 while carried, 1/week transform into a Wyrmling for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Black)|24000|DR121|Acid Resistance 5 while carried, 1/week transform into a Very young for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Copper)|32000|DR121|Acid Resistance 5 while carried, 1/week transform into a Very young for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Green)|42000|DR121|Acid Resistance 10 while carried, 1/week transform into a Young for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Bronze)|56000|DR121|Electricity Resistance 10 while carried, 1/week transform into a Young for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Blue)|73000|DR121|Electricity Resistance 10 while carried, 1/week transform into a Juvenile for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Silver)|93000|DR121|Cold Resistance 10 while carried, 1/week transform into a Juvenile for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Red)|116000|DR121|Fire Resistance 10 while carried, 1/week transform into a Young Adult for 1 hour.
Idol of the Dragon (Gold)|142000|DR121|Fire Resistance 10 while carried, 1/week transform into a young Adult for 1 hour.
Relic: Bleeding Statue|55000|BE36|Constant Hallow and Death ward for Good creatures, on special occasions drips blood granting 1d4+1 doses of grt. Restoration
Relic: Rack of the tortured Saint|180|BE37|1/day Guidance
Relic: Sacred Vessel|2000|BE37|Water placed within cup becomes holy water
Relic: Saints burial shroud|30000|BE37|Good creatures are healed of all disease instantly.
Relic: Saint's finfgerbone|2000|BE37|+1 resisitance bonus to saves
Relic: Weeping Image|65000|BE37|on certain occasions image weeps holy water and grants heal to good creatures who touch it.
Moonblood|1500|BE38|Paint that when applied to body confers +2 sacred bonus to AC.
Antimagic Shackles|132000|BE116|Adamantium shackles that create an antimagic field.
Incense of Consecration|300|BE116|Smokes creates a consecrate affect like the spell.
Shackles of Silence|12000|BE116|Shackles that Silence their wearer as the spell.
Thurible of Consecration|5000|BE116|When used in conjuction with Incense of Consecration increase its affects.
Trumpet of Doom|7185|BE116|Can shaken evil creatures within 100ft.
Trumpet of Healing|115440|BE116|Deliver a healing affect to all within 360 ft of horn, 1/day heal a creature as the spell
Feather Powder|70|BoVD41|Grenade that gives a penalty to attack, creatures with feathers receive double penalty.
Festering Bomb|50|BoVD41|Greande that delivers disease
Karras stone knife|250|BoVD41|Specially crafted stone grants bonus when sacrificing sentient being.
Violated Horn|3000|BoVD41|Breaking activates a word of recall to a ritual site (the one used to create the horn)
Weeping stone|100|BoVD41|Beings touching the stone are shaken for 1d6 rounds
Dark Altar Stone|150000|BoVD114|Can store the soul of a sacrificed being.
Flesh Ring of Scorn|8000|BoVD115|Allows an outsider to auto confirm crits on non-outsiders
Gem of Psychic Poison|28000|BoVD115|Poisons anyone who casts a mind affecting or divination spell on the wielder.
Heavens Thorn|4550|BoVD115|one use to stun a good outsider.
Hook of Dissolution|14400|BoVD115|3/day can dissolve a helpless creature.
Iron Maiden of Preservation|7000|BoVD115|Deals 1d6 per round and heals 1d6 round
Maggot Harvester|10000|BoVD115|Draw maggots from rotting corpses and then grants the dark speech feat to the wielder.
Necklace of Demons|28500|BoVD115|eight pearls that can be used (once) to summon demons for 10 rounds.
Oil of the Lamia|2000|BoVD115|Increases the DC of magic items
Pain extractor|64000|BoVD115|USed to extract Pain
Pipe of Grief|3000|BoVD115|Create a small cloud that grants a myriad of penalties
Piercing Needles of Pain|35000|BoVD115|Having the user pierce itself they can pass the feeling of intense pain onto others.
Quiver of Lies|12000|BoVD116|Quiver produces a bolt or arrow when the wearer tells a lie.
Rack of Irresistible Torture|3000|BoVD116|+10 bonus to intimidate when torturing.
Skull of Fear|70000|BoVD116|Grants wearer an aura of fear
Slime Pot|11200|BoVD116|Creates slime
Spiralburst Bottle|19000|BoVD116|Upon opening or breaking the bottle (like a grenade) it turns into a miniature portal to the Ethereal plane killing the creature being sucked into it.
Tongue Studs of Hell breath|35000|BoVD117|3/day 50ft line of hellfire, 3d6 unholy damage with no save.
Vasharan Offal Bag|3000|BoVD117|1/day Call a non flying giant cockroach to serve you.
Vasharan Worm pod|35000|BoVD117|Insert worm into your body and then spit worms at creatures infecting them.
Belabrantan Caparison of Warmth|3000|CSW149|Endure elements on steed.
Bit and Bridle of Griffonriding|5000|CSW149|+10 circumstance bonus on Ride checks.
Griffon Badge of Waterdeep|400|CSW149|A griffon badge allows the wearer to use feather fall, as the spell, once per day.
Griffon Lancesaddle|1860|CSW149|Exotic Saddle with 6 extradimensional spaces that can hold Lancess.
Lords’ Helm|8750|CSW150|ring of mind shielding, with the additional property that it alters the wearer’s voice to a deep, hollow baritone.
Spell-Lens|13500|CSW150|Placed on a wand it Empowers & Enlarges the spell but uses 3 charges.
Stamp of the Messenger|1000|CSW151|Magical creates own wax which animates into a flying object to fly to its recipient.
Teukiir Badge|12000|CSW151|1/day transport to the silversafehold(demiplane)
False Paper|15|CiWeb|Paper with an alchemical false second layer
Liquid Light|25|CiWeb|Can be thrown as a splash weapon giving a -8 penalty to hide checks.
Duo-Dimensional Jug|1000|CiWeb|Jug with a second extradimensional space to smuggle things.
Guardian's Lantern|7750|CiWeb|Lamp glows with light that reveals weapons and creatures (invisible or hidden)
Badge of Valor|1000|CAd132|+2 morale bonus vs fear affects, +4 vs being intimidated.
Flute of the Snake|15400|CAd132|3/day charm snakes, 1/day summons snakes for 7 rounds.
Harp of the Immortal Maestro|51000|CAd132|Masterwork Harp, Varying SLA's dependant on Perform ranks.
Headband of Conscious effort|4000|CAd133|1/day as an immediate action use concentration in place of a fortitude save.
Jumping Caltrops|150|CAd133|Caltrops attack creatures moving through them.
Lute of the Wandering Minstrel|29500|CAd133|Masterwork Lute, Varying SLA's dependant on Perform ranks.
Mandolin of the Inspiring Muse|42000|CAd134|Masterwork Mandolin, Varying SLA's dependant on Perform ranks.
Papyrus of Deception|2000|CAd134|When used as part of a forgery, grants +5 enhancement bonus to forgery checks in the creation of the item.
Possum Pouch|1800|CAd134|False stomach that melds with your own to smuggle items.
Rope of Stone|2800|CAd135|Rope turns as hard as stone.
Spool of endless rope|2000|CAd135|A spool of endless rope.
Strings of Spell storing|45000|CAd136|Strings for a string instrument, store spells and allows wielder to cast them.
Stylus of the Masterful Hand|3000|CAd136|+5 competence bonus to forgery, can recall up to 3 different styles of handwriting.
Trumpeters Gift|12700|CAd136|Mouth piece for a wind instrument, +5 competence bonus to Perform(wind instrument), Shout 1/day.

2012-10-18, 06:53 PM
Tools Part 2

2012-10-18, 07:09 PM

Potion of Animal Senses|380|AEG123|Lowlight vision, Scent +2 circumstance bonus to listen for 1 hour
Potion of watery breath|300|AEG123|breath gouts of water like a decanter of endless water.
Beetle Elixer|8300|AEG123|+2 natural armor and darkvision for 1 hour
Electric Eel Elixer|2050|AEG123|+1 natural armor, 1 touch attack dealing 1d8+1 electric damage, for 1 hour.
Porcupine Elixer|2300|AEG123|+1 natural armor, quills deal 1d6 damage with a grapple check, for 1 hour.
Rhino Elixer|17500|AEG124|+3 Natural armor, vision stops at 30ft, for 1 hour.
Blood Elixer (Black)|700|DR|Darkvision 120ft
Blood Elixer (Blue)|900|DR|Sound imitation (as the dragon ability)
Blood Elixer (Brass)|400|DR|Speak with animals
Blood Elixer (Bronze)|1000|DR|Water Breathing
Blood Elixer (Copper)|700|DR|Spider Climb
Blood Elixer (Gold)|1700|DR|Polymorph
Blood Elixer (Green)|1200|DR|Suggestion
Blood Elixer (Red)|1400|DR|Dragonbreath (fire)
Blood Elixer (Silver)|1400|DR|Cloudwalkin
Blood Elixer (White)|600|DR|Icewalking
Storm Tears|750|BE38|Heart's Ease
Elixir of the Dark speech|750|BoVD114|Allows imbiber to utilize the dark speech feat.
Vial of the Last Gasp|2200|CAd136|1d8 temporary HP's, +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, +4 bonus to a skill of the deceased, +1 CL for 10 minutes.

2012-10-18, 07:14 PM

Dracolich Brew|5000|DR120|Fort DC 25;2d6 Con/2d6 Con
Golden Ice|1200|BE35|Contact DC 14;1d6 Dex/2d6 Dex
Celestial Lightsblood|2500|BE35|Ingested DC 20;1d4Dex/1d4 Con
Jade Water|350|BE35|Injury DC 14;1d4 Wis/1d4 Int,1d4 Wis
Purified Cuoatl venom|3000|BE35|Injury DC 16;2d4 Str/4d4 Str
Unicorn Blood|500|BE35|Injury DC 17;1d3 Str/1d4 Str
Tiny Centipede Poison|40|BoVD44|Injury DC 11/1 Dex/1 Dex
Small Centipede Poison|90|BoVD44|Injury DC 11/1d2 Dex/1d2 Dex
Medium Centipede Poison|110|BoVD44|Injury DC 13/1d3 Dex/1d3 Dex
Large Centipede Poison|150|BoVD44|Injury DC 16/1d6 Dex/1d4 Dex
Huge Centipede Poison|210|BoVD44|Injury DC 18/1d6 Dex/1d6 Dex
Gargantuan Centipede Poison|950|BoVD44|Injury DC 26/1d8 Dex/1d8 Dex
Colossal Centipede Poison|2900|BoVD44|Injury DC 36/2d6 Dex/2d6 Dex
Tiny Scorpion Poison|90|BoVD44|Injury DC 11/1d2 str/1d2 str
Small Scorpion Poison|100|BoVD44|Injury DC 11/1d3 str/1d3 str
Medium Scorpion Poison|175|BoVD44|Injury DC 15/1d4 str/1d4 str
Large Scorpion Poison|200|BoVD44|Injury DC 18/1d6 str/1d6 str
Huge Scorpion Poison|1200|BoVD44|Injury DC 26/1d8 str/1d8 str
Gargantuan Scorpion Poison|3000|BoVD44|Injury DC 36/2d6 str/2d6 str
Colossal Scorpion Poison|9000|BoVD44|Injury DC 54/2d8 str/2d8 str
Tiny Spider Venom|90|BoVD44|Injury DC 11/1d2 str/1d2 str
Small Spider Venom|100|BoVD44|Injury DC 11/1d3 str/1d3 str
Medium Spider Venom|150|BoVD44|Injury DC 13/1d4 str/1d4 str
Large Spider Venom|175|BoVD44|Injury DC 16/1d6 str/1d6 str
Huge Spider Venom|1000|BoVD44|Injury DC 22/1d8 str/1d8 str
Gargantuan Spider Venom|2500|BoVD44|Injury DC 31/2d6 str/2d6 str
Colossal Spider Venom|3000|BoVD44|Injury DC 35/2d8 str/2d8 str
Bebilith Venom|900|BoVD44|Injury DC 20/1d6 con/2d6 con
Devilseye|1000|BoVD44|Injury DC 21/1 point of SR/1d3 point of SR
Lifebane|2000|BoVD44|Injury DC 20/1d6 con/1d6 con
Eyeblast|500|BoVD44|Injury DC 22/Blindness/Blindness
Balor Bite|1000|BoVD44|Contact DC 25/1d6 Str/1d6 Str
Vilestar|6000|BoVD44|Contact DC 24/2d6 str/2d6 str
Sasson juice|500|BoVD44|Contact DC 18/1d4 Dex/1d4 Dex
Sufferfume|1200|BoVD44|Inhaled DC 20/-1 all scores/-1 all scores
Urthanyk|2000|BoVD44|Inhaled DC 19/1d6 Str/1d6 Str
Mist of Nourn|7000|BoVD44|Inhaled DC 25/1d8 Con/1d8 Con
Ishentav|500|BoVD44|Inhaled DC 13/1d6 Str/1d6 Str
Burning Angel Wing fumes|2800|BoVD44|Inhaled DC 18/1d6 Cha/2d6 Cha
Basilisk Breath|2500|BoVD44|Inhaled DC 17/1d6 Con/1d6 con
Psychic: Darin-tasith|1400|BoVD116|Creature, 1d6 Int/1d6 Int
Psychic: Karadrach|1400|BoVD116|Creature, 1d6 Wis/1d6 Wis
Psychic: Estadrach|1800|BoVD116|Creature, 1d Cha/1d6 Cha
Psychic: Strada|1600|BoVD116|Creature or object, 1d Cha/1d6 Cha
Psychic: Ni****a|1400|BoVD116|Object, 1d6 Int/1d6 Int
Psychic: Va****a|1400|BoVD116|Object, 1d6 Wis/1d6 Wis
Psychic: Lan****a|2200|BoVD116|Object, 2d6 Cha/2d6 Cha
Psychic: Blue unlyn|1600|BoVD116|Area, 1d6 Int/1d6 Int
Psychic: Red unlyn|1600|BoVD116|Area, 1d6 Wis/1d6 Wis
Psychic: Amber unlyn|1600|BoVD116|Area, 1d6 cha/1d6 Cha
Psychic: violet unlyn|2000|BoVD116|Area, 1d6 Int/2d6 Int
Psychic: Black unlyn|2600|BoVD116|Area, 1d6 Wis, Int, Cha/1d6 Wis, Int, Cha
Sleep-Smoke|25|CSW152|10 ft globe, DC 15, unconsciousness 1 minutes, unconsciousness 1d3 minutes.

2012-10-18, 07:20 PM
Alchemical substances

Blend Cream|50|CAd118|+1 alchemical bonus to hide for 1 hour
Focusing Candle|100|CAd118|Burns for 1 hour, when near candle gain +1 circumstance bonus to Appraise, Decipher script, Forgery, and search checks.
Catstink|50|CAd118|Makes it hard for animals with scent to track you.
Fareye Oil|25|CAd118|+1 alchemical bonus to spot for 1 minute.
Flash Pellet|50|CAd118|Throw as a ranged attack with increment of 5 ft, creatures within 5ft must save or be blinded and dazzled for 1 round.
Freeglide|20|CAd118|+1 alchemical bonus to escape artist checks for 1 hour.
Hawks Ointment|50|CAd118|+1 bonus to search and spot for 2 minutes, afterwards -2 penalty to spot and search for 10 minutes.
Healers Balm|10|CAd118|+1 alchemical bonus to heal checks for 1 minute.
Keenear Powder|20|CAd118|+1 alchemical bonus to listen checks for 1 minute.
Lockslip grease|50|CAd119|+1 alchemical bonus to lockpick checks for 1 minute.
Natures Draught|50|CAd119|+1 alchemical bonus to handle animals for 12 hours.
Softfoot|50|CAd119|+1 alchemical bonus to move silently for 1 hour.
suregrip|20|CAd119|+1 alchemical bonus to climb for 1 minute.
Capsule Retainer|100|CAd121|Allows user to hold a capsule in the mouth
Alchemical Tooth|300|CAd121|As a capsule retainer but hidden as a tooth
Antitoxin capsule|15|CAd121|+1 alchemical bonus to fortitude against poisons saves for 1 minute
Ironman capsule|15|CAd121|Ignore the action restrictions when staggered for 1 round.
Leap Capsule|15|CAd121|+4 alchemical bonus to Jump checks for 1 round.
Stability capsule|15|CAd121|+4 alchemical bonus to jump checks for 1 round.
Strongarm capsule|125|CAd121|+1 alchemical bonus to strength checks and melee damage for 2 rounds, afterwhich you become fatigued.
Swiftstride capsule|15|CAd121|+5 alchemical bonus to landspeed for 2 rounds, afterwhich you become fatigued.
Weapon Capsule retainer|100|CAd121|
Triple Weapon Capsule retainer|450|CAd121|
Ghostblight|100|CAd122|Ignore miss chance with incorporeal creatures for 3 rounds.
Quickflame|25|CAd122|Deal +1d6 fire damage for 1 round.
Quickfrost|25|CAd122|Deal +1d6 cold damage for 1 round.
Quickspark|25|CAd122|Deal +1d6 electricity damage for 1 round.
Quicksilver|25|CAd122|Deals damage as if it silver for 3 rounds.

2012-10-18, 07:21 PM
Special Materials

Weapon Materials

Baatorian Greensteel|+2000|AEG13|+1 natural enhancement to damage to slashing or piercing weapon. 12 hardness and 30 HP/inch of thickness
Gehennan Morghuth-Iron|+4000|AEG14|-1 attack and damage penalty, delivers poison with slashing or piercing weapon. hardness 9 and 20 HP/inch thick
Solanian Truesteel|+1000|AEG14|+1 confirmation for critical hit. hardness 11 and 25 HP/inch thick
Dragonebone Bow|+100|DR117|As composite version with +20 range
DragonFang Weapon|+300|DR117|Masterwork weapon deals 1 point of energy damage.
Aurorum|+4000|BE38|Broken pieces of a weapon can be restored by touched edges together.
Frystaline|+2000|BE38|Weapon counts as good alingned for overcoming DR
Serren|+4000|BE38|Confers ghost touch property
Solarian Truesteel|+1000|BE38|+1 to confirm critical hits. hardness 11 and 25 HP/inch thick.

Armor Materials

Astral Driftmetal|+1000|AEG18|25% chance to be affective vs incorporeal attacks, can only be made into breastplate or heavier armor/shield. +5 weight, hardness 12 and 30 HP/inch of thickness
Blended Quartz (Light armor)|+2000|AEG18|Weigh twice as much as normal, spell failure reduced by 20%. hardness 8 and 15 HP/inch of thickness.
Blended Quartz (Medium armor)|+5000|AEG18|-
Blended Quartz (Heavy armor)|+10000|AEG18|-
Blended Quartz (Shield)|+2000/lb|AEG18|-
Bronzewood (Light armor)|+1000|AEG18|weigh 10% less than metal items, ACP does not affect the Hide skill. hardness 10 and 20 HP/inch of thickness.
Bronzewood (Medium armor)|+4000|AEG18|-
Bronzewood (Heavy armor)|+9000|AEG18|-
Bronzewood (other items)|+500/lb|AEG18|-
Chitin (Heavy armor)|+10000|AEG19|weigh's half as much as metal counterparts. hardness 5 and 10 HP/inch of thickness.
Chitin (Shield)|+2000|AEG19|-
Darkleaf, Elven (light armor)|+750|AEG19|Spell failure chance reduced by 5%, Max dex +1, and the armor is treated as one category lighter.
Darkleaf, Elven (medium armor)|+2250|AEG19|-
Darkleaf, Elven (heavy armor)|+3000|AEG19|-
Elukian Clay (light armor)|+1000|AEG19|No ACP to swim checks. hardness 10 and 30 HP/inch of thickness
Elukian Clay (medium armor)|+2000|AEG19|-
Elukian Clay (heavy armor)|+4000|AEG19|-
Elukian Clay (other items)|+200/lb|AEG19|-
Entropium (light armor/shield)|+750|AEG19|Armor is treated as one category heavier and gains weight dependant on category (2/5/10), +2 ACP for Str based skills and -2 ACP for Dex based skills, arcane spell failure is reduced by 10%, and Max Dex +2. hardness 15 and 40 HP/inch of thickness.
Entropium (medium armor)|+2000|AEG19|-
Entropium (heavy armor)|+8000|AEG19|-
Urdrukar (light armor)|+500/lb|AEG19|Double arcane spell failure, +2 DC vs Divination attempts per lb. Hardness 15 and 30 HP/inch of thickness
Urdrukar (medium armor)|+500/lb|AEG19|-
Urdrukar (heavy armor)|+500/lb|AEG19|-
Urdrukar (other items)|+500/lb|AEG19|-
Ysgardian Heartwire (light armor)|1500|AEG19|+2 AC vs Critical hits
Ysgardian Heartwire (medium armor)|1500|AEG19|-
Ysgardian Heartwire (heavy armor)|1500|AEG19|-
Dragoncraft Armor (light)|3000|DR117|Extraordinary Resistance 5 (dragon type), treated as one category lighter, AC penalty reduced by 2.
Dragoncraft Armor (Medium)|6000|DR117|-
Dragoncraft Armor (Heavy)|11000|DR117|-

2012-10-18, 07:25 PM
Optional Spell components

Good: Ambrosia|200|BE37|Increases affective caster level by +2
Good: Angel Radiance|20|BE37|Increases Banishement/Dismissal/Dispel Evil DC by +1. +1 to caster level check to overcome SR of creature.
Good: Blink Dog Tooth|30|BE37|50% chance to grant ghost touch ability to spell negating blur, displacement, entropy or phasing abilities.
Good: Celestial Blood|20|BE37|30% chance that spell will deal +2d6 to evil creature(s)
Good: Couatl Feather|10|BE37|35% chance of increasing caster level by +2
Good: Couatl Scale|16|BE37|30% chance of increasing DC by +1
Good: Lammasu Claw|30|BE37|25% chance of increasing spell damage by +10%
Good: Lillend Scale|15|BE37|If spell has will save 40% chance of increasing the DC by +1, if caster is bard this is 60%.
Good: Pegasus Feather|11|BE37|Enhances Detect good/evil
Good: Phoenix Feather|40|BE38|10% chance to retain spell after cast
Good: Unicorn Blood|500|BE38|If spell has Fort save 40% chance of increasing the DC by +1.
Good: Unicorn Horn (Sliver)|55|BE38|If spell has a touch attack 40% chance caster receives +1 sacred bonus to attack.
Evil: Agony "Liquid Pain"|200|BoVD45|+2 bonus to caster level
Evil: Demon Heart|18|BoVD45|If spell deals damage, 25% chance of dealin +10% damage.
Evil: Devils Heart|20|BoVD45|10% chance to remain preapred after casting
Evil: Humanoid Heart|1sp|BoVD45|25% chance to gain +2 caster level
Evil: Humanoids Brain|4cp|BoVD45|50% chance to have range doubled
Evil: Humanoids Childs eye|2cp|BoVD45|20% chance to have duration doubled
Evil: Humanoids finger|1cp|BoVD45|If spell requires touch attack 40% chance to gain +1 to hit
Evil: Metallic dragon heart|7|BoVD45|30% chance to increase DC by 1
Evil: Soul in larval form|250|BoVD45|Spells DC is increased by +2
Evil: Soul in Receptacle|200|BoVD45|Spells DC is increased by +2
Evil: Vial of humanoid blood|3cp|BoVD45|+10 profane bonus to overcome SR
Evil: Yugoloths brain|5|BoVD45|10% chance of no saving throw as well as affecting the caster

2012-10-18, 07:27 PM

Agony"Liquid Pain"|200|BoVD42|Stunned and partial action/Enhancement to Cha/feelings of intense pleasure
Baccaran|10|BoVD42|Str damage/Enhancement to Wis/penalty to saving throws vs illusions
Devilweed|6|BoVD42|Wisdom damage/Alchemical Str bonus/Shaken
Luhix|2000|BoVD42|1 point of ability damage to all stats/Alchemical bonus to all stats/intense pain
Mordayn Vapor "dreammist"|200|BoVD42|Exotic visions/Con and Wis damage/Strong urges to repeat use of drug
Mushroom powder|100|BoVD43|Alchemical bonus to Int and Cha/Str damage/Alchemical penalty to Wis, Str and Con
Redflower Leaves|300|BoVD43|none/move action to focus on target, receive bonus on hit/none
Sannish|15|BoVD43|Wis damage/Immunity to pain/penalty to initiative
Terran Brandy|500|BoVD43|Alchemical bonus to caster level/con damage/none
Vodare|40|BoVD43|Alchemical bonus to Intimidate/Alchemical penalty to Diplomacy/Mild Euphoria

2012-10-18, 07:28 PM
Ok, go ahead and post, if need be.

2012-10-18, 07:55 PM
This looks... Ambitious. I suppose I have a bit of time, I'll claim the Armor section of the Magic Item Compendium. What are you going to be doing with Augment Crystals?

EDIT: would you mind if I changed the Armor table to the following format?
Acidic|+1 Bonus|A/S|MIC6|Deals 2d4 Acid Damage to Grapplers and touched objects[/table]
Using price instead of Bonus to account for things with a flat price increase and target specifies whether it can be applied to a shield, to armor or to either.
Either way, we should probably figure out some sort of notation to separate things with a flat price increase from those which use the enhancement bonus while sorting, don't want the +1000s to be between the +1s and +2s.

2012-10-18, 08:27 PM
This looks... Ambitious. I suppose I have a bit of time, I'll claim the Armor section of the Magic Item Compendium. What are you going to be doing with Augment Crystals?

EDIT: would you mind if I changed the Armor table to the following format?
Acidic|+1 Bonus|A/S|MIC6|Deals 2d4 Acid Damage to Grapplers and touched objects[/table]
Using price instead of Bonus to account for things with a flat price increase and target specifies whether it can be applied to a shield, to armor or to either.
Either way, we should probably figure out some sort of notation to separate things with a flat price increase from those which use the enhancement bonus while sorting, don't want the +1000s to be between the +1s and +2s.

Yeah I was going to get to separating out bonuses and flat out price cost. separate table under the armor section.

And, not to be rude or anything, but doing the anything from the MIC is...well easy, I can just copy and paste it into the above tables. I was waiting to do it until I got some more stuff in here....

@everyone who wants to help.
Also, Everything needs to be in this format:

Acidic|+4|AEG92|Immunity to acid & deal 2d4 when grappled
Aquatic|+2|AEG92|Move freely in water without swim checks
Aquatic|+5|AEG92|Move freely in water without swim checks & water breathing

So emailing me a notepad of the a book would be awesome (yes by book)

2012-10-18, 08:51 PM
And, not to be rude or anything, but doing the anything from the MIC is...well easy, I can just copy and paste it into the above tables. I was waiting to do it until I got some more stuff in here....
Well, apart from the tables in the book listing things in a different order than you do. And not having dividers. And being sorted by cost when you sort alphabetically. Admittedly it's not a lot of work but then I never said I had a lot of time, now did I?:smalltongue:

2012-10-18, 10:51 PM
Agility|+500|MIC6|+1 on Reflex saves
Agility, greater|+8,000|MIC6|+5 on Reflex saves
Agility, improved|+4,000|MIC6|+3 on Reflex saves
Aporter|+20,000|MIC6|Transports you up to 800 ft. as dimension door
Averter|+13,000|MIC7|Enemies within 30 ft. can’t approach
Balance, greater|+18,750|MIC7|+15 competence bonus on Balance
Balance, improved|+11,250|MIC7|+10 competence bonus on Balance
Bane blind|+15,000|MIC7|Imperceptible to specified creature type
Blinking|+15,000|MIC9|1/day blink
Blueshine|+1,500|MIC9|Immune to acid damage and rust, +2 on Hide, metal armor only
Called|+2,000|MIC9|Call armor to you on command
Commander|+2,000|MIC9|+2 on Diplomacy, allies within 30 ft. gain +1 on Will saves and –5 on Hide
Buoyant|+4,000|MIC9|+2 on Swim, no armor check penalty on Swim checks
Daylight|+3,000|MIC9|Daylight for 30 minutes/day
Deepdweller|+12,000|MIC10|Breathe and function in deep water, see twice as far underwater
Easy travel|+1,500|MIC10|Carry medium load as light load, walk 10 hours a day with no Con check
Fearsome|+15,000|MIC11|3/day panics creatures within 20 ft. for 1 round
Gilled|+6,000|MIC11|Water-breathing wearer breathes and speaks freely in air
Healing|+8,000|MIC12|1/day healed of 2d8+5 damage
Healing, greater|+24,000|MIC12|2/day healed of 3d8+15 damage
Heartening|+2,000|MIC12|2/day gain 5 temporary hit points for 5 minutes
Landing|+4,000|MIC12|Ignore first 60 ft. of fall damage, always land on feet
Linked|+6,000|MIC12|3/day telepathic bond with other linked item wearers for 1 hour
Magic-eating|+10,000|MIC12|Heal 1 point per spell level if you save against a spell
Manifester|+6,000|MIC12|1/day draw 3 power points from shield
Menacing|+30,000|MIC13|3/day panics one creature within 30 ft. for 5 rounds
Mindarmor|+3,000|MIC13|3/day gain +5 on Will saves against mind-affecting spells and abilities
Quickness|+5,000|MIC13|+5 ft. to land speed
Speed|+6,000|MIC14|3/day haste for 1 round
Stamina|+500|MIC15|+1 on Fortitude saves
Stamina, greater|+8,000|MIC15|+5 on Fortitude saves
Stamina, improved|+4,000|MIC15|+3 on Fortitude saves
Woodwalk|+9,000|MIC15|3/day tree stride for 1 round
Acid resistance|+18,000|DMG217|Absorbs 10 points of acid damage per attack
Acid resistance, greater|+66,000|DMG218|Absorbs 30 points of acid damage per attack
Acid resistance, improved|+42,000|DMG218|Absorbs 20 points of acid damage per attack
Cold resistance|+18,000|DMG218|Absorbs 10 points of cold damage per attack
Cold resistance, greater|+66,000|DMG218|Absorbs 30 points of cold damage per attack
Cold resistance, improved|+42,000|DMG218|Absorbs 20 points of cold damage per attack
Electricity resistance|+18,000|DMG218|Absorbs 10 points of electricity damage per attack
Electricity resistance, greater|+66,000|DMG218|Absorbs 30 points of electricity damage per attack
Electricity resistance, improved|+42,000|DMG218|Absorbs 20 points of electricity damage per attack
Etherealness|+49,000|DMG218|1/day can become ethereal
Fire resistance|+18,000|DMG218|Absorbs 10 points of fire damage per attack
Fire resistance, greater|+66,000|DMG219|Absorbs 30 points of fire damage per attack
Fire resistance, improved|+42,000|DMG219|Absorbs 20 points of fire damage per attack
Glamered|+2,700|DMG219|Can change to look like normal clothing, on command
Shadow|+3,750|DMG219|+5 on Hide
Shadow, greater|+33,750|DMG219|+15 on Hide
Shadow, improved|+15,000|DMG219|+10 on Hide
Silent moves|+3,750|DMG219|+5 on Move Silently
Silent moves, greater|+33,750|DMG219|+15 on Move Silently
Silent moves, improved|+15,000|DMG219|+10 on Move Silently
Slick|+3,750|DMG219|+5 on Escape Artist
Slick, greater|+33,750|DMG219|+15 on Escape Artist
Slick, improved|+15,000|DMG219|+10 on Escape Artist
Sonic resistance|+18,000|DMG219|Absorbs 10 points of sonic damage per attack
Sonic resistance, greater|+66,000|DMG219|Absorbs 30 points of sonic damage per attack
Sonic resistance, improved|+42,000|DMG219|Absorbs 20 points of sonic damage per attack
Undead controlling|+49,000|DMG219|Control up to 26 HD of undead per day[/table]

Acidic|+1|MIC6|Deals 2d4 points of acid damage/round on contact
Anchoring|+1|MIC6|+5 bonus on checks to resist being moved
Anchoring, greater|+1|MIC6|+10 bonus on checks to resist being moved
Axeblock|+2|MIC7|Damage reduction 5/bludgeoning or piercing
Beastskin|+2|MIC7|Armor effective in wild shape
Blurring|+1|MIC9|3/day blur for 5 rounds
Blurring, greater|+2|MIC9|As blur spell for 10 minutes, at will
Death ward|+1|MIC10|1/day ignore death effect or negative energy effect
Displacement|+1|MIC10|1/day displacement for 5 rounds
Dragondodger|+1|MIC10|Evasion ability against breath weapons, light armor only
Ectoplasmic feedback|+1|MIC10|1d6 damage to incorporeal creatures
Ectoplasmic wall|+2|MIC10|1/day wall of ectoplasm
Energy defense|+1|MIC11|3/day 1d6+10 energy damage to attacker
Energy immunity|+2|MIC11|1/day gain immunity to energy damage of choice for 1 minute
Freedom|+5|MIC11|Continual freedom of movement
Ghost ward|+1|MIC11|Armor’s enhancement bonus applies against touch attacks
Hammerblock|+2|MIC11|Damage reduction 5/piercing or slashing
Mobility|+1|MIC13|Gain benefit of Mobility feat, light armor only
Nimbleness|+1|MIC13|Maximum Dex bonus 1 higher, armor check penalty 2 lessd
Radiant Resistance|+4|MIC13|10 against all energy attacks; radiates light
Ranged|+1|MIC13|Shield can be thrown as a weapon, returns to you; not tower shield
Retaliation|+2|MIC14|Deals damage when you are attacked
Roaring Reflects|+3|MIC15|nonmagic projectiles, +4 on initiative
Soulbound|+1|MIC14|Stores up to 2 points of essentia for enhancement bonuses
Soulbound, greater|+2|MIC14|Stores up to 4 points of essentia for enhancement bonuses
Spearblock|+2|MIC14|Damage reduction 5/bludgeoning or slashing
Styptic|+1|MIC15| Stabilized if dying, resistance to blood-draining attacks
Twilight|+1|MIC15|Arcane spell failure chance reduced by 10%
Time buttress|+5|MIC15|1/day ignore all attacks, spells, and powers for 1 round
Vanishing|+3|MIC15|2/day completely undetectable for up to 3 minutes
Variable|+1|MIC15|Changes size on command
Animated|+2|DMG218|Floats within 2 ft. of you on command
Arrow catching|+1|DMG218|Attracts, gives +1 bonus against projectiles and thrown weapons
Arrow deflection|+2|DMG218|Protects you as Deflect Arrows feat
Bashing|+1|DMG218|Deals bashing damage as a weapon of two size categories larger
Blinding|+1|DMG218|2/day blinds all but you
Fortification, heavy|+5|DMG219|Always negates critical hits, sneak attacks
Fortification, light|+1|DMG219|25% chance to negate criticals, sneak attacks
Fortification, moderate|+3|DMG219|75% chance to negate critical hits, sneak attacks
Ghost touch|+3|DMG219|Effective against, can be used by incorporeal creatures
Invulnerability|+3|DMG219|DR 5/magic
Reflecting|+5|DMG219|1/day reflect a spell as spell turning
Spell resistance (13)|+2|DMG219|Spell resistance 13
Spell resistance (15)|+3|DMG219|Spell resistance 15
Spell resistance (17)|+4|DMG219|Spell resistance 17
Spell resistance (19)|+5|DMG219|Spell resistance 19
Wild|+3|DMG219|Bonuses apply while in wild shape[/table]

Armor of the fallen leaves[Obad-Hai]|17,350|MIC16|+1 wild breastplate plus relic powers
Barricade buckler|4,165|MIC16|+1 buckler, 3/day turns into 5 ft. by 5 ft. vertical wall of force for 1 minute
Bearskin armor|14,350|MIC16|+1 breastplate, various bear-themed bonuses and effects
Breastplate of terror|13,200|MIC192|+1 adamantine breastplate, 1/day frighten foe
Dragonrider armor|18,300|MIC16|+1 dragonhide full plate, various dragon-themed bonuses and effects
Earthplate armor|41,650|MIC17|+1 full plate, 1/day stoneskin, tremorsense 5 ft., both up to 90 minutes
Electric eel hide|14,165|MIC17|+1 buoyant slick hide, 3/day various electricity damage effects for 5 rounds
Exoskeleton armor|21,350|MIC18|+1 breastplate, DR 5/bludgeoning
Foxhide armor|10,160|MIC18|+1 leather, various fox-themed bonuses and effects
Ghoul shell armor|10,160|MIC18|+1 leather, 3/day ghoul touch
Hawkfeather armor|12,175|MIC19|+1 studded leather, various hawk-themed bonuses and effects
Kyton armor|13,100|MIC19|+1 mithral shirt, chains on armor can be activated as weapons
Millennial chainmail[Corellon Larethian]|8,150|MIC20|+1 mithral chainmail plus relic powers
Mithralmist shirt|3,460|MIC20|+1 mithral shirt, 7/day concealment against attack for 1 minute
Overhead shield|24,170|MIC20|+1 heavy steel shield, 1/day 20-ft.-radius horizontal wall of force for 10 rounds
Owlfeather armor|8,160|MIC20|+1 leather, various owl-themed bonuses and effects
Serpent armor|12,160|MIC20|+1 leather, +1 on Reflex saving throws, gain benefit of Combat Reflexes feat
Shield of mercy|2,170|MIC21|+1 heavy steel shield, expend smite attempts to heal damage
Shield of the resolute[Moradin]|5,520|MIC21|+1 light fortification heavy mithral shield plus relic powers
Shield of the severed hand[Gruumsh]|4,657|MIC22|+2 heavy wooden shield plus relic powers
Shield of vigor|6,170|MIC196|+1 heavy steel shield, 1/day fast healing 5 for 3 rounds
Tigerskin armor|17,100|MIC22|+1 mithral shirt, various tiger-themed bonuses and effects
Vampire hide armor|36,175|MIC23|+1 studded leather, damage reduction 5/silver or magic
Wight armor|14,175|MIC23|+1 shadow studded leather, 3/day hide from undead, 60 ft. darkvision
Wight hide shield|9,159|MIC23|+1 light steel shield, shield bash with negative level effect
Wrapped tower|6,180|MIC24|+1 tower shield, 1/day paralyze enemy while using shield to gain total cover
Zombie hide armor|16,165|MIC24|+1 hide, damage reduction 5/slashing
Absorbing shield|50,170|DMG221|+1 heavy steel shield, once per two days can disintegrate an object it touches
Adamantine breastplate|10,200|DMG219|Gives DR 2/—
Banded mail of luck|18,900|DMG220|+3 banded mail, 1/week can require that an attack roll against you be rerolled
Breastplate of command|25,400|DMG220|+2 breastplate, +2 on Cha checks, +2 bonus to Leadership score
Caster’s shield|3,153|DMG221|+1 light wooden shield, can have a spell scribed on it (as a scroll)
Celestial armor|22,400|DMG220|+3 chainmail, lighter than normal, 1/day fly
Darkwood buckler|215|DMG221|Light wooden shield has no armor check penalty
Darkwood shield|257|DMG221|Heavy wooden shield has no armor check penalty
Demon armor|52,260|DMG220|+4 full plate, claw attacks with contagion effect
Dragonhide plate|3,300|DMG220|Identical to masterwork full plate, but can be worn by druids
Dwarven plate|16,500|DMG220|Adamantine full plate gives DR 3/—
Elven chain|4,150|DMG220|Mithral chainmail is considered light armor and has lower penalties
Lion’s shield|9,170|DMG221|+2 heavy steel shield, 3/day lion’s head can attack
Mithral full plate of speed|26,500|DMG220|+1 mithral full plate, 10 rounds/day haste effect
Mithral heavy shield|1,020|DMG221|Mithral heavy shield has 5% arcane spell failure and no armor check penalty
Mithral shirt|1,100|DMG220|Mithral chain shirt is lightweight
Plate armor of the deep|24,650|DMG220|+1 full plate, no Swim penalty, breathe underwater, speak with water-breathing creatures
Rhino hide|5,165|DMG220|+2 hide, deals extra 2d6 damage on successful charge attacks
Spined shield|5,580|DMG221|+1 heavy steel shield, 3/day fire a spine
Winged shield|17,257|DMG221|+3 heavy wooden shield, 1/day can fly at speed of 60 ft., carrying you

2012-10-18, 11:03 PM

Coolio, Thanks!

I'll get them added when I get some time.

Roland St. Jude
2012-10-20, 12:24 PM
Sheriff: Similar indices have been shut down by WotC, so we aren't going to host one here. While it'd be a very useful tool, it's not something we can allow.