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2012-10-19, 09:29 AM
Hi guys,
I've been beating my head over the D20 modern future tech book trying to figure out how they calculate the bonus hit points for the mechs. Table 4-3 only lists the base hit points, and there's nothing in the structure/armor sections.

The reason why I'm trying to figure this out is because I'm working on a Zoids conversion for the game, so I am using the future tech book instead of the D20 future book because of the "walking tanks" rules (which fit the universe better).
Each Zoid has different capabilities, part of which are reflected in the HP.

It starts off by saying "consult table 4-3 to determine the mechs base HP"
Look at table 4-3, choose a huge frame... 40 HP
Then it says "apply the mechs bonus HP (based on it's size and other equipment)"
The equipment part is easy.... Structural enhancement (+50 HP)
...But that leaves the question open of where the bonus HP comes from...
Not to mention the "examples" they give reference the materials used (which is why I looked in the structure and armor sections)

I don't know if I missed something in the reading, but I can't seem to find anything that references how to calculate the bonus HP for each mech.

Also..... Has anyone else noticed that their examples use the rules from the D20 Future book? If the mechs being referenced are walking tanks with their own ability scores then there's no possible way for the mechs to add a STR bonus to the char.... Funny huh? :smalltongue:

2012-10-20, 03:57 AM
The Myrmidon, Scourge, and Manticore all simply have the base hit points for their size, as given on this table (http://www.d20resources.com/future.d20.srd/mecha/mecha.body.size.php).
The Tempest and Paragon have bonus hit points from the Structural Enhancement upgrade (http://www.d20resources.com/future.d20.srd/mecha/miscellanious.equipment/structural.enhancement.php). The Tempest has one for 50 hp and the Paragon two for 100 hp.

2012-10-21, 02:19 AM
Then it uses both books? What the deal with table 4-3 in the future tech book then? It also gives stats listings

I'm sure you know the D20 system better than me. The books that I have are mainly the D20 Modern stuff. But the 2 book I'm dealing with specifically are "D20 Future" and "D20 Future Tech"
The links you posted are in the D20 Future book, which I didn't want to use because I'm not dealing with posered suits in this, nor anything that atcually boosts or augments the abilities of the chars. The D20 Future Tech book revises the mecha rules and treats them as vehicles. That's what I was asking about, the health system for mecha in the D20 Future Tech book. I appologize for the confusion.

2012-10-21, 10:00 AM
Yes, it uses both books. d20 Future Tech is not a stand alone product - its an add-on for d20 Future.

By default, the mecha uses its pilots scores, and adds to them. The rules in d20 Future Tech simply give an alternative to that, by giving a static base that the stuff from d20 Future is then applied to. So it is just basiccly giving them a "generic pilot" to base their stats from then modifying it for every single individual.

You must use the stuff from d20 Future is you are using the stuff from d20 Future Tech. That is what was intended.

The Hit points of a mecha, using the walking tanks rules, are:
the base number from table 4-3 of d20 Future Tech
+ the number of bonus hit points granted to a mecha from its size in d20 Future
+ any additional bonus hit points, like from Structural Enhancement

Here's the only copy of the book/srd I could find *link removed*

d20 Future Tech doesn't have an SRD. Its not Open Content. That link shouldn't exist.

2012-10-28, 09:32 AM
I appreciate the response, and for clearing that up. Though the examples given in the Future Tech book are still confusing since they give hp scores to the contrary. I'll stick with your explanation though, much simpler :smallwink: