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Grimsage Matt
2012-10-21, 07:46 PM
"Deep in the dark,
Deep in the gloom,
Deep past god or demon,
Deep past Stone and flame,
Deep to where the earths
Hearth beats,
The Deep Trolls Sleep."

Trolls, a often barbaric race. But a few... A few a old and powerful scions of times long before even the gods emerged from the primordial muck. And the Deep Trolls, they remeber.

Personality; Deep trolls are reclusive. They don't like people, instead prefering to take their time with mecheines and Gramiric prinicples.

Physical Description: Imagine a human, close to 10 feet tall, with skin of granite, and eyes that smouldered like coals. Their hair resembles minerial veins, their teeth gemstones and their nails steel.

Relations: Most don't even know about them. Only ancient sages can even teel the diffrence between a Trollish mineral warrior and one of these, at least before they speak. Tjose who do know of them however, say that they CAN'T be trolls. They're a little to advanced.

Alignment: The Deep Trolls tend to be impartial, and so are most often neutral. They tend towards a odd mix of Law and Chaos though. They shift between caution and madcap expriments. Nickloa Tesla would have been a good one.

Lands:; Deep Trolls deep underground. They don't suffer from Sickstones effects, and are immune to the inhaled poisions that plauge the deep reaches.

Religion: Reason and Logic make up the bulk of their relgion.

Language:; They speak the lanuages of the depths. Terran, Ignan and Undercommon, they speak and know them well.

Adventurers: Live and learn. So long as they send back samples, they are regaurded as field scientists.

Deep Troll Racial stats (Will edit them in)
+2 Con, +4 Int, -4 Dex, -4 Cha. The Deep Trolls are tough as stone, and are far more intellgient then they appear. However, they are better suited to deal with science then people, and they are a bit stiff jointed.
Giant(Earth). Deep Trolls are trolls that have a anceint, unshakeable bond with the very earth.
Medium Size[B]
[B]Tinkering is in the Blood; Deep Trolls have a inborn instint for mechanical devices. As such, they gain the benifits of the Greater Tinker Bloodline (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=209323) without having to take levels in it.
Gramarist Training; A deep troll may pick one Gramarist Specialization. They gain the effects of the specialization, but do not gain the abillity to perpare princibles. If they take levels in Gramarist, this abillity is in addtion to the Specialization you have to pick.
Stony Hide; A deep trolls stone like hide is tough. They gain a natural armor bonus of 1/2 their HD. At 12th level, they gain DR1/Admentine per 4 HD.
Darkvision; Deep trolls posess Darkvision out to 60ft, as dwarf.
Favoured Class; Engineer and Gramarist.

My Second take on the Deep Trolls. This time around they are masters of Technology. Please peach.