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2012-10-25, 09:51 AM
Hey guys. So I'm having some trouble thinking of a way of escaping from 6 giants. Yes, I said 6. I had to skip a few sessions of gaming, so the DM thought this would be a great reason as to why my character isn't in game. Which makes sense, but now I have to think of a way to get away now that I'm coming back for one more session. My character is a lvl 9 healer, so violence isn't an option on my part. I hardly have any spells left over, and those that I do, aren't very helpful. I do however have one more character with me, my characters protector (who is an NPC), but between the two of us, we have nothing. The clothes on our backs, and those few magic items that help my healing ability. I do know that one of the giants, it happens to be the biggest one and the only one that speaks the same language as I do, has my protectors sword. We can't leave without that sword, the giants aren't feeding us very much, and we are pretty much exhausted, not to mention that my protector still has some pretty major wounds that the giants won't let me heal.

I've been trying to come up with ways of getting away, but the three i've come up with are: 1. Wait for the party to show up. 2. Hold their attention with a spell as my protector gets her sword, hope the dice are in my favor, cast fly on the two of us and try to fly away. 3. Go see the master they are taking me to and hope for some sort of rescue from someone.

The problem with 1 is that more than likely it will end up in a TPK because we have no fighting tactics, and I have no spells for healing. The problem with 2 is, I don't think we can out run them, especially when they throw stones and we are weak. And finally, the problem with 3 is that I know who their master is, and it happens to be a demon that wants me dead.

So, any suggestions would be welcome as to how I can get away, stay alive, and keep everyone else alive.

2012-10-25, 12:18 PM
Ummm, call yourself Noman, get them drunk, poke their eyes out, and hide under the sheep?

Seriously, the only thing that comes to mind is tricking them. Appeal to their greed. Ask to buy your freedom by showing them where a fantastic treasure is hidden. Then lead them to a place that is too small for them to follow you and your protector and make good your escape.

Lord Tyger
2012-10-25, 12:57 PM
Well giants are pretty fast, so just chasing them down isn't an option. They do tend to have fairly low touch ACs due to their size. I'd recommend trying to hit them quickly with a tanglefoot bag to reduce their movement speed, and then keep at a distance and whittle them down with ranged attacks. If you want to take them alive, try to separate them to make it easy to get in and stabilize them once you take one down.

(reads past thread title)

Oh, you want to escape from the giants. Where are you being held? If it's a cave, you can try and move into the back, and search for tunnels too small for the giants to pursue you- although then you have to deal with whatever's deeper in the cave. What social skills do you have? Intimidating the giants is probably out, all things considered, but you might be able to talk them into letting you go via bluff or diplomacy. Any craft skills? If you can mitigate your lack of equipment by rigging up some nonlethal traps, that could go a long way.

In general, any details about how you're being held would help. Prison cell? Chains? Constantly guarded?

2012-10-25, 01:27 PM
Find their goose and harp. They will be disaffected enough to help you escape.

2012-10-25, 01:33 PM
Oh sorry for the misleading title, I should have made it Escaping from Giants...

But we are currently on the plains, travelling to the mountians, constantly guarded, being made to walk. Otherwise we are unbound. When I try to use any kind of magic, I get interrupted in the middle of it by getting pushed over. As for where we will be held, I have no clue.

The only craft skill I have is Alchmey, whereas I have no clue what skills the NPC with me has. I HAVE been talking with one of the giants a little bit, hoping to sway him toward my side, but he wishes to live, and doesn't want to disobey his master, but I keep trying. I finally convinced him to let me heal my protector at least a little so she wouldn't die. So some progress is being made on that front.

As for what items I have... its not much. I have clothing, a hat of disguise, amulet of retributive healing, healing belt, earring of cha +2, cloak of resistance +2, and a ring that give me protection +1 and feather falling. Literally what I was wearing when I was knocked out. NPC has even less.

2012-10-25, 01:43 PM
Wait until the giants get into conflict with someone else, then heal them. This will likely earn some degree of trust, which can then be exploited repeatedly. Eventually, get them to agree to some sort of plan where you leave to do something they cannot do, then just ditch the lot of them.

Alternately, given the ring of feather falling, you can "accidentally" fall off a cliff of some sort.

Lord Tyger
2012-10-25, 03:42 PM
Ring of feather fall is actually a huge advantage in an escape attempt, because it lets you escape off of a cliff edge. Keep talking to the giants until you get to the mountains- offer to help them with your magic, if you have any besides healing (and that, if they get injured). Sell yourself as a valuable asset, and one they want to keep intact if at all possible. Then when you reach the mountains, pick the tallest ledge you pass by, and throw yourself off. Leave your protector behind to fight a rear-guard action to let you get away. That's his job, after all (and really, he's been doing a piss-poor job so far, what with letting you get captured by giants, he should welcome the chance to redeem himself).