View Full Version : PF: Hunted Sorcerers - Swapping Wis for Cha for Marvel Mutant Madness!

2012-10-25, 02:26 PM
While having a discussion about sorcerer's vs wizards, it inevitably became an analysis of casters that use CHA as their primary spell casting ability. The fluff for why CHA was the primary representation of a caster's ability has always been generally hand-waved and ignored, mostly because we never felt it was that important.

I changed CHA over to WIS and felt that it was a better fit, based off of the ability descriptions for both stats as well as the description given for Sorcerer. I wonder if it would be a suitable Archetype, the idea being that similar to the mutants in Marvel's universe (the easiest comparison I could think of) they would need to learn self-control. The Sorcerer has to learn to control their abilities unless they hurt someone by accident (basic control assumed at level 1, but the potential for accidents in backstory is there) and as they become more experienced they learn how to control higher level spells.

What I'm stuck on:
I wish to use this idea for a campaign setting, with wizards and clerics being the primary casters whilst sorcerer's are hunted or killed. I'm considering what sort of organizations would be in place in a world like this, and what safety measures would be taken by those that are anti-sorcery and those that are pro. I've yet to decide who the BBEG is going to be, mostly because I think I will leave that up to the party's decisions once they are fairly developed in-game. It could be a freedom seeking Sorcerer, a stern and rigidly conservative Wizard, a monstrosity from beyond that cares very little about magical politics and is threatening to destroy everything anyway, or something else entirely.

I am also pondering ideas for players that wish to be sorcerer's, so that they can be playable without having the entire arcane world immediately attempting to kill them. I've yet to decide what the level and population cap will be that I'm putting on the caster NPC's, since it doesn't make sense at all for them to not have the sorcerer thing nipped in the bud if there's twenty or so 14th+ level wizards running around. I'm planning on running this as high as 10th level, however my group is unusually clever and lucky, and I've seen them take out encounters that were -far- above their range.

Current options I've thought of for sorcerer PC's who aren't killed:

Having their magic "permanently" removed by wizarding community (restored by Mysterious Patron)
Having a magic nullifer attached, either big and obvious as a warning or subtle that it passes off as stylish jewelry. Possibly both. Either way, only allows casting by allowance of a Commanding Officer (if military), prevents accidental magical discharge, prevents magic altogether whilst in any given area (town, nation, etc), or all three and then some.
Being trained by respected authorities such as the government or World Renowned Wizard Organization
Being trained by illegal authorities/organizations who fight for sorcerer's freedoms and rights
Running and hiding and trying to keep their magic or source of their magic a secret, possibly trying to pass off as bards, wizards, clerics, witches, or whatever.

Other relevant info:
-Firearms are between Emerging and Commonplace depending on where you go. A few powerful bandits will have them, most national militaries will have them in some form, and at least one organization (national or private) will be technologically advanced enough to have access to advanced firearms.

-Magic level is common but low-mid level. Bags of holding are common knowledge, but they're expensive luxuries for the upper-middle and above class. Casters are similar to our highly paid professional athletes, highly skilled and learned professionals like doctors/pilots/lawyers, and celebrities. They're known and can make life easier for people who can afford them, but they aren't all over the place and are probably in the bigger cities earning a living with wealthy Houses, businesses, or the ruling class itself. Obviously the higher in level the better their wage and the rarer their number.

- The Gods exist, but treat the world and their worshipers like a pet shop. They'll give the clerics what they ask for, make sure that nothing severely catastrophic is happening, but largely ignore things unless they are amused/bored/showing off. They have more important things to do, like napping, creating new realities, or dealing with problems of godlike scale that doesn't directly affect the Material Plane.