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2012-10-25, 06:39 PM
hello, it's been a long while since I visited these boards and this is the first time I have ever used the homebrew section, or posted a request like this. Simply because this year is the first year I have run a d&d campeign. Or more accuretly a pathfinder campeign.
My players are coming to their last big dungeon soon and I want to make it epic and scary. not much is scary to them anymore as they'll be around lv 15-16 when they get there and they're lv 11 currently. They have an epic dungeon to get through, a red aincent dragon to slay and a jabberwocky. so lv 15-16 is about right for this final dungeon.
So I figure the best way to instill fear into my players is to fill the final dungeon with weeping angels. Now I need these weeping angels to be special, because one of my players is an illusionist. A specialist preistieged class illusionist, one that can make 100% real illusions. So you can bet the first thing he'll do if presented with a bunch of weeping angels is illusion up something 100% real to distract them with.
I've not homebrewed up a monster before. And I want these babies to be scary, hard but beatable.
So any suggestions for builds? I want them simmilliar enough to the doctor who weeping angel's to install that familliar fear the angels give, but not nessisary limited to their capabilities.

2012-10-25, 10:20 PM
You can use my weeping angels as a basis if you like (or as is): http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6009139&postcount=1


2012-10-26, 05:01 AM
You can use my weeping angels as a basis if you like (or as is): http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=6009139&postcount=1


very nice. though I will have to change a few things, like the throw back in time ability. simply because I do not want to have my players time traveling. I have a feeling if I through them back in time they'd just aim to go further back in time to stop all the events of the campeign happening in the first place. Plus I think the illusionist can time travel by the time they get to these guys also... damn you pramble!!!

I'm thinking instead to have them age the players characters by one year for every successful hit instead. Which would probably make them very afraid because one of the characters decided to get herself knocked up. So that could be interesting. >:) as well as have their encounters beign in rooms warding by anti-magic feilds so Pramble can't cheat and summon up illusions to look at the angels....

2012-10-27, 11:51 AM
We ran into them recently in a campaign my wife and I are in. Instead of temporal displacement, they did negative levels. Coming out of reliefs, moving 30ft in a blink, and extinguishing light sources were a few elements our DM brought in. Let me tell you, in a crowd of Whovians, well done angels will keep your PCs on the edge of their seats.