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2012-10-28, 06:58 AM
Yes, I know there are probably a whole bunch of OTHER Potter classes or D20 stuff but I'm in a Homebrewing mood and just came off a Fanfic binge so here we go.
Right now there likely isn't much formatting, simply Thought to Paper, I'll clean it up and fiddle/tweak and mybe even completely overhaul if necessary.

But anyway into the actual Homebrewing:

First off the Wizard Class.
Since there are a LOT of different Wizards that likely have differing dump Stats So simply saying "Yep, X Stat is the 1 True Stat" or "Different Stats for different spells/spell groups" which make either Canon disparities or MAD characters respectively I'm doing things a Bit differently.

There are going to be 3 Different types of Spells for this
1. Specific Stat spells. You need X Int or Y Cha or even both at the same time to learn this spell.
2. Favored Stat spells. You need X Favored Stat (Chosen at character creation, able to be changed at lvl5, 10, 15, 20 and maybe some other ways)
3. Semi-Favored Stat spells. You have to have either X Int OR X+Y (probably 2) Favored Stat to learn the spell.

This way you can have a Cha-boosting Int-dumping character alongside an Int-boosting Cha-dumping character without either of them being terribad (theoretically)

Learning Spells:
Wizards have unlimited Spells-Known but don't immediately learn Every spell on level-up. THey have to learn each and every spell.
How? By practicing.

Every spell has a requirement, a DC and a Check-Rate.
Learning the spell in class moves the Check-Rate down by 1 tier and gives 1 extra check after an hour of practice 1 time
Level: Not hard and fast but gives a +2 on the DC for every level under the requirement (and +2 for every level above). So Reducto having a lvl requirement of 5 could be learned by a lvl3 by adding 4 to the check DC.
Stat: Minimum ability statistic required. A hard limit, you MUST have this to learn the spell.
Spell: Needs a certain spell already known before being able to learn it. Eg the Messenger-Patronus is based on the Patronus
School-Expertise: You have to achieve the right rank in a school before taking this. Eg. Animate Small Object requires Charms3, Transfiguration5

Check-Rate: How soon you make the check to learn the spell.
5: Once every full 10 hours of study (reserved for unbelievably hard spells like Phoenix-Binding or the Unforgivables)
4: Once every 5 hours (eg. Patronus)
3: Once every 2 hours (eg. Protego)
2: Once every hour (eg. Wingardium Leviosa)
1: Every 10 minutes (eg. Lumos)
0: Auto-know after 10 minutes (Sparks)

DC: How hard it is to know.
D10 + Wizard level + Required Stat (highest if more than 1, Favored if it is the required one) +1 for every failed check before it

School Expertise: How well acquainted you are with a School of spells (Charms, Transfiguration etc.)
Transfiguration (some schools, especially the ones with smaller lists might have adjusted levels of Expertise ranks:
0: You know no spells. +2 to the DC to learn a spell with the Transfiguration subtype
1: You know 1-3 spells. +1 to the DC to learn a spell with the Transfiguration subtype
2: You know 4-6 spells. Gain a +5 bonus to learn a spell with the Transfiguration subtype. You may learn the Animagus Ritual
3: You know 7-9 spells. Gain a +2 bonus to learn a spell with the Transfiguration subtype. Combat-Transfiguration is treated as a normal spell for AoO purposes. A Concentration check is still needed to cast however
4: You know 10-14 spells. Gain a +5 bonus to learn a spell with the Transfiguration subtype. Combat-Transfiguration only forces a Concentration check as normal for a spell
5: You are a Transfiguration Master. 15+ spells known. All Transfigurations you attempt to learn gain a +5 bonus and you automatically roll a 10 when attempting to learn them. You never need to take a Concentration check for Combat-Transfiguration for any reason*

*Some effects exist that specifically ignore this ability or nullify it but they are specifically called out as doing so

Each Wizard has 1 school they are highly-gifted in at 1st level, this gives a +1/2level (min1, rounded down) bonus to learn a spell with the appropriate subtype. They may take a second school by becoming Deficient in a differing school

Eg Spell Learning: Hermione Granger (lvl1 Wizard, 18Int, Transfiguration-Adept, Rank0 Transfiguration Expertise) is in her very first Transfiguration class and wants to learn Needle-To-Matchstick (DC10, CR3).
She has a +6 (+1 level, +1 Adept, +4Int) to her check but increases the DC by 2 because she does not know any Transfiguration spells.
So she must roll a 6 or higher giving a 50/50 chance of learning the spell on a D10.
Because she is in class she reduces the CR from 3 (once every 2 hours) to 2 (once every hour) and adds a second check at the end of the lesson (so in 1 hour she makes 2 checks to learn the spell)
First roll, from the Class-Time she had to learn it: 4. +6 is 10 so off by 2, meaning without the lack of Transfiguration experience she would have made the check barely. Because she failed she gains a +1 cumulative check to learn the spell, reducing the number she needs to roll down to a 5 (giving a 60% chance of learning the spell)
Second roll: 9 +7 is 16, Well over what she needed to roll.
So Hermione learned the spell during the class. And because she learned a spell she also gains Rank1 of Transfiguration Expertise, reducing her penalty to learning new spells by 1

Wizard classes is 2/year so a 4th year after Easter is level9 while a 3rd year heading home at the end is level8. This is just a general guideline, some Wizards progress at differing rates.

All spells have a subtype, this is their school (some may have more than 1 Subtype but they are the more powerful ones).
General: Basic stuff like Sparks or Basic Reparo (unlike the higher-forms which are Charms). This is the only Subtype that does not have a School and thus have a +0 School bonus
Charms: Most non-combat.utility spells go here, as well as debuffs
Transfiguration: Battlefield control. VERY dangerous to do in low-levels because it forces a Concentration check AND provokes a Ranged AoO from any Wizards or archers
DADA: your pretty basic damage-dealing school. Focuses on Humanoid targets
Creature-DADA: Non-Humanoid (generally Type or Subtype specific with some Specific-Species spells) spells. eg. the Patronus which wards off Dementors
Potions: Not actually a spell, being the only prepared-subtype. Potions are made in advance and are more of a Template Subtype, being added onto another subtype (eg. the Amortentia potion has Charms, General and Potion Subtypes). NOTE: Any spell with the Potion Subtype DO NOT count for Non-Potion School Expertise ranks. Eg the Polyjuice Potion (Transfiguration, Potion) does NOT count as a Transfiguration spell-known when determining Rank but DOES gain the bonus to the checks that come with having a high Expertise in that field

Spells are mostly self-contained, though some (like the Patronus) have several stages that can be selected.
These are noted in the spell description and can either be Combat-Cast (requiring a check) or learned the same way the base was learned (though they don't count for Ranks in Expertise).

Example Spell:
DC25, CR5
Requirements: DADA2, lvl14
Action: Standard
Maintenance: Swift, Wand-Use*
2 ISP Minimum**
Create a shield of pure light, providing daylight-levels of light in a radius of 10ft. Dementors may not come into this area, though whenever they try they take 3D6 damage and take 2 ISP from your shield
ISP lost in this way recover at a rate of 1 per 30 seconds. If Chocolate eaten recover 2/30 seconds
You may add to your Patronus, Investing more Spell-Points (max Favored Stat Mod per action) as a Standard Action

*While maintained you can't use the wand it is being cast through
** Invested Spell Points, basically a pool of energy you can put into your spells to activate them. Usually regained 3 rounds after the effect is over though specific spells may vary. When a /ISP invested modifier is included it means for that specific effect. So +1 Attack/ISP and +1AC/ISP in the same spell mean 2 ISP must be invested for +1 Attack AND AC, +2 Attack OR +2 AC

Flare Patronus: DC20, CR3. Expend your Shield as a Move Action (regaining any ISP) to create a flare of blinding light in a radius of 60ft +5ft/ISP in the shield +5ft/ISP invested into the Flare. ISP lost this way is regained in 3 rounds.
Any Dementor in the flare takes 3D6+FavMod damage and must leave the area as fast as they can, unable to return for 2 rounds (any Dementors not affected by the Flare may enter the affected area as normal)

Corporeal Patronus: DC35, CR3. When using Patronus you may instead invest 5 ISP (instead of the usual 2) to create a Corporeal Patronus. The Patronus gains a Land Speed of 40ft +5ft/2ISP over 5. When learning this spell you may choose what form the creature summoned takes, adding a Fly Speed reduces Land Speed by 10ft and gives it a Fly Speed with Average Maneuverability equal to it's Land Speed
This creature provides a +2 morale bonus (+1 /ISP invested) to anyone within 30ft and is treated as a normal Patronus except it has a Radius of 5ft rather than 10 and may move around using 1 Move Action a round on your initiative

ISP/level: Probably something like this