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2012-10-28, 11:23 PM
Dreams of Shifting Form [Shifter]
You know your form, and so can change it at a whim.
Prerequisites: Shifter race, two Shifter feats
Benefits: Whenever you activate your Shifting racial ability, you can have it count as if it were you casting a Transmutation spell of a level equal to 1/2 the number of [Shifter] feats that you know.
Special: You count as if you were able to cast either Arcane or Divine spells for the purposes of prerequisites.

Welcome Change [Shifter]
Your body knows what it feels like to shift and roil, and you revel in it.
Prerequisites: Dreams of Shifting Form
Benefits: Whenever you are under the effects of a spell of the Transmutation school (which is not your Shifting racial ability), you are treated as if you are Shifting for the purposes of any feats that you might have.

Evolve Divinity [Shifter]
Your ever-shifting form counts as a prayer and exultation.
Prerequisites: Shifter race, Wisdom 13, Dreams of Shifting Form
Benefits: Whenever you use your Shifting racial feature, you may forgo the normal benefits; if you do so, you gain a +2 to your Charisma, lose your racial -2 to Charisma, and gain a single use of Turn Undead if good or Rebuke Undead if evil (if neutral, you may select which you want to be able to use, which must be done upon first taking this feat), which may be used as if you were a Cleric of a level equal to the number of [Shifter] feats that you have.
Special: This feat counts as being able to Turn or Rebuke Undead for the purposes of prerequisites.

Improved Evolve Divinity [Shifter]
Your shining form is as if you were descended from a shapechanging demon or angel...
Prerequisites: Evolve Divinity, Wisdom 15, 1 [Divine] feat
Benefits: If you can Turn Undead due to Evolve Divinity, you gain the Celestial template whenever you use Shifting; if you can Rebuke Undead, you instead gain the Fiendish Template.

Regardless, the +2 to Charisma from using Evolve Divinity increases to +4, and you may treat any [Divine] feats as if they were also [Shifter] feats for all purposes.

Evolution of the Base Form [Shifter]
Your body is amorphous, allowing you to shift certain things around at whim.
Prerequisites: Shifter race, 1st level only.
Benefit: Each time that you use your Shifting racial feature, you may choose to change which ability scores that your racial bonuses to ability scores apply to, as long as they remain within the same type.

For example, a Shifter may elect to change their racial adjustments to ability scores from +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Cha to +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Wis, or whatever other arrangement they wish; however, they could not choose to have a -2 to a physical ability score, or a +2 to a mental ability score.

This change lasts until you wish to change it again.

Great Tool-Body Understanding [Shifter]
Your body changes itself to be a more perfect tool.
Prerequisites: Evolution of the Base Form
Benefits: Your racial bonuses to skills are treated as if they were Masterwork tools for that skill; in addition, each time you benefit from Evolution of the Base Form's effect, you may change which skills benefit from your racial bonuses to skills.

You can only reassign them to skills that are associated to a physical ability score, as your body realigns itself to the functions needed.