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2012-11-02, 03:23 AM
I have been considering a home-brewed diety for players in a Pathfinder module. Ideally, each of the PC's would align themselves with the diety by giving them a gestalt level of Cloistered Cleric for free at 1st level. The diety would preside over secrets, knowledge, exploration and puzzles. This is to help some of the players branch out from their regular roles, given them some free by spells at first levels and give them a place in a secret organisation. Here's what I've got so far,

<diety name tbd>
aka the Lord of Mystery, the Sphinx
Portfolios- secrets, mysteries, travel & exploration
Domains- knowledges (all), travel, ?
Alignment - any neutral

I've been thinking the characters would start off as NPC classes (aristocrats, experts, adepts, act) and role-play their entry into the fold by uncovering some lost artefacts, finding a hidden or remote shrine, inventing something profound, etc. We'd fast forward a season while the Sphinx initiates them into his clergy, picking up a gestalt level in Cloistered cleric, picking up the knowledge domain and two others, and levelling up their knowledge skills (something my players wouldn't normally invest in). The god can then bring the party together to start on the module. I'm thinking Kingmaker because it involves so much exploration.

I would say the diety covets secrets above all else and uses his clerics to uncover (or steal them). The fewer the number of people who knew about it beforehand, the better. He wants his followers to be the first into unexplored regions and act as pioneers.

This is the background, but here's the twist - the diety is thoroughly crooked. He wants to possess all knowledge, patents and inventions. He wants to install his followers in influential positions and annex new territory in his name. The players may or may not work this out unit the very late game, if at all (and some of them would enjoy it coming out sooner)

any thoughts?