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2012-11-03, 01:06 AM
Hey everyone, so I am a huge Transformers fan, and after watching a multitude of the recent Transformers cartoon (Transformers: Prime) I got an idea to turn the Star Sabre and it's counterpart into DnD versions.

So without favour adeu, I give you the Star Sabre, and the Dark Star Sabre.

Name:Star Sabre

Weapon type:Fullblade

+3 Adamantine Fullblade

Special:Brilliant Energy,
Command phrases: Light our darkest hour, Til all are one.

Spell-like abilties:
True Strike 3/day
Critical Strike 1/day
Wraith Strike /1day


Name:Dark Star Sabre

Weapon Type:Fullblade

+3 Adamantine Fullblade

Special:Umbral Energy,
Command phrases: This is bad comedy, Peace through Tyranny.

Spell-like abilties:
True Strike 3/day
Critical Strike 1/day
Wraith Strike /1day

Also there is some lore behind the two weapons. Which is also included :3.

Lore: Star Sabre

The Star Sabre is a weapon forged by the disciples of Elishar and imbued with the power of the light of the stars. The weapon usually only surfaces in times of great need when it's power is needed to Light the Followers of light's Darkest Hour, it frequently clashes with it's counterpart the Dark Star Sabre, a weapon forged by the Minions of Darkness, who follow Toldoth. It is said someday a Chosen One, will arise from the ranks of the Followers of Light, and Light their Darkest Hour. And then all Will be One.

Lore: Dark Star Sabre.

The Dark Star Sabre is forged from the darkness of dead stars, by the disciples of Toldoth. This mighty blade was made to combat Elishar's followers, and their blade known as the Star Sabre, this weapon much like the Star Sabre only appears in times when the Minions of Darkness' power is rising. And during those times a Chosen One will arise from the ranks of the Minions of Darkness, and end the bad comedy of Light, and bring Peace through Tyranny.

I made these weapons mostly because thinking it'd be awesome :D. But also because I rather like the 3.0 Gods, Toldoth, and Elishar, and find their battles very reminiscent of the battles between Primus and Unicron from Transformers.

So I'd love some feed back thanks :D.

2012-11-03, 01:23 AM
I love the concept.

these are fully functional weapons out of transformers that work well within Dnd 3.5

Eric Scott
2012-11-03, 01:33 AM
... Potato...

2012-11-03, 03:31 AM
I'm not familiar with Umbral Energy (or critical strike, but that's easier to figure out).

Also, I trust you are aware that (at least in our own universe) most planets are made largely from dead star bits?

Finally, I'd suggest giving them two additional effects each, preferably something that triggers on hits or criticals, such as holy, prismatic burst, merciful, or shocking burst for Star Sabre, and unholy, icy burst, vicious, or bodyfeeder for Dark Star Sabre. These are minor artifacts; they should be quite powerful.