View Full Version : Any help homebrewing a d20 Modern artifact would be appreciated.

2012-11-03, 11:30 PM
I am pretty bad at homebrews. I know that there is a thread for people to get help but this is pretty long and involved so I thought that it'd be better to start a thread of my own rather than tying up that one while other people are trying to get help of their own.

Basically, this is a collection of modern artifacts called the Regalia of the Superhero. The campaign is all about gathering the pieces of this artifact. One of the PC's gets a item (probably one or both of the gloves) and it leads to him getting entangled in the competition between several groups trying to collect the suit.

The Regalia was made in the Fifties and is based on a made up comic called Captain Thunder. There is a whole back story to how it got made and why.

My notion is that each piece starts out as a somewhat powerful FX item and gets more powerful as a person acquires each piece of the Regalia.

I don't know if it's better to go with a Legacy Item motif or what.

Game balance isn't too big an issue for the final collected Regalia. Once the Artifact is complete, the PC leader goes out to be a hero to the world though I do intend for the completed Regalia to be used in one huge fight with the Big Bad.

I have a general idea of each piece of the suit.

I'm using the same color palette as Superman but shifting the colors so that instead of a blue bodysuit with red accessories, trimmed in yellow; I'll be using a yellow bodysuit with blue accessories trimmed in red.

1. The bodysuit is yellow with blue trunks and a stylized "T" on the chest made up of two red lightning bolts. It grants a defense bonus. That bonus increases as each item is added to the regalia and almost certainly includes damage reduction after two or three pieces.

2. The mask/cowl is blue and grants the user enhanced senses. It will start with bonuses to Spot, Search and Listen checks and as more items are gathered, the bonuses get bigger and start to include things like clairvoyance and clairaudience.

3. The cape is blue with the same stylized "T" that appears on the chest made up of two red lightning bolts. The cape allows the user to fly, probably clumsily and not very fast at first (Speed of 30, maybe) but the maneuverability and speed improve as each item is added to the Regalia. I think that the boots especially increase the speed. I was also thinking of a special ability with the cape and bodysuit combined so that anyone wrapped or draped in the cape is protected by the same defense bonus and damage reduction as the hero provided he is wearing both the cape and bodysuit. I think that I'd like to include increases for specific items being combined but that is the only one I've thought of so far.

4. The gloves are blue and have the power of energy attacks. The user makes a ranged touch attack and does 2d6 of force damage. About the same as a pistol though they obviously don't run out of ammo. I think that at first, a user needs both gloves to have any effect. Like you need to hold your hands near each other and the energy forms between your hands. As the user adds more items to the suit, the gloves do more damage and he can shoot a blast from each glove individually. As the suit nears completion, he can shift from Force damage to Fire, Frost, Shocking, Sonic etc. though maybe that should start sooner.

5. The belt is red and increased the user's Strength, Constitution and Dexterity. The bonus to these gets higher as he adds more items to the suit. He probably also gets a slam attack of increasing damage as he gathers more items.

6. Finally, the boots are blue and grant the user increased speed. At first they double the speed but I am thinking that they continue to double the speed as each item is gathered.

Anyway, that is the idea. I don't know how to do it without busting the game wide open. Maybe each item is a Legacy Item or something.

I know that the items aren't intelligent or limited to use by good characters because one of the biggest villains is a fellow collector who intends to become a supervillain.

Any help would be appreciated.