View Full Version : Close Calls in RPGs

2012-11-04, 05:47 PM
I have couple stories to share about my gaming group, and I would like to hear yours too: What kind of close calls have your characters gotten into, and how did they get out?

At the start of my campaign, the players were trapped in a mine with some goblins, and they had to find a way out for the villagers trapped with them. They explored for a while, and did really well until the manage to get 20 goblins to attack them all at once.

One character was guarding the villagers, the other two were fighting the goblins several hundred feet away. The two fighting were a barbarian, and a time-bender (home-brew, not mine).

The time bender was dropped to negatives. The barbarian had 50 speed. We were speechless as the raging barbarian picked up the unconscious character, and using his insane strength and speed, ran back to the player guarding for a heal.

Our calculations showed the unconscious player to be at negative 9 when he received healing.

Forgot the best one! The same adventurers were fighting in a siege on a castle wall. The barbarian was fighting a bat-man-creature, mounted on a giant spider. Also, this was in the middle of pouring rain (Not just rule of cool, I rolled for weather).

The spider picked him up, and threw him off the wall, where a line of enemy spears were waiting for him. I gave him a reflex save, with DC 21 difficulty. He, a level three barbarian, made the save, and was helped back up by the fire mage.

After that, he proceeded to throw the spider and it's rider off the wall.