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2012-11-05, 12:04 PM
I really want to multiclass as a mage in my current AD&D session, but I've only ever been interested in fire magic. I'm wondering if anybody out there has done a AD&D pyromancer build. If so, I'd appreciate some help!

So far I was thinking d4-d6 for hp with intelligence as the biggest stat requirement, but mostly I'm after fire spells that require higher level casting abilities. I'd also like any spells you guys come up with, descriptions of effects would be appreciated!

I also figured I'd just use the standard mage table for what level spells I can cast. Likewise with the experience tables. Any tips and critiques are always appreciated!

And for those reading this and wondering: Yes, I do like the word "appreciated".

2012-11-05, 12:09 PM
AD&D? As in 1e?

I can help you there. If you give me a moment to find my sourcebooks...

2012-11-05, 12:19 PM
Yes, as in the game that didn't even have a barbarian class. My DM, who's also my father, is very old school. He says that first was best, and I kinda believe him. But yeah, I'd really like any help you could give me! Not sure My DM won't throw a fit, but as long as its by the rules he won't say anything. He just like it "done right". Course that's coming from a guy who killed several pantheons of gods in the 1980's...

2012-11-05, 05:15 PM
I might not be too much helkp as I am almost 100% positive that what I am about to say is for 2nd ed.

but there is a pyromancer kit for the wizard out there somewhere.

not too different form a regular wizard other than all the whole all you get is fire spells and Divination spells with a couple 'universal' I guess spells like Teleport/without error and such

you gain the priest sphere elements in regards to fire only AND you get to cast burning hands so many times per day ( i think its starts out twice then goes up every 5th level)

the really big kicker is you get to at some point ( i think around 8th level) fire reistance (the good old only take 50% dmg fromf ire based attacks) and you reduce fire immunity ( for most things elementals are still immune since well, they ARE fire) down to fire resistance at around 15th ish.

while the whole ignoring fire resiatnce is perfect where it is at IMO ( becuase around 8th level is where you start coming inot contact with a lot of fire freidnly monsters) you really should have the ability to reduce fire immunity should coem online at 12th IMO.

2012-11-05, 05:25 PM
Thanks! And if anybody comes up with 1e fire spells that would be great. If there are any more suggestions or helpful tips please post them on this thread. And thank you for the help already given to me.

2012-11-05, 08:01 PM
I remember that, when I played 1e, my DM let me buy a spell that straight-up doubled fire damage. I do believe it was 5th level, required a flask of oil as a material component... and I can't remember anything else.

2012-11-06, 12:26 PM
I have something that you might like. I recently had a problem getting people to be certain types of wizards (ie., an evoker or an illusionist) because of the fact that it's completely not worth it later on when they're barred from some 9th level spells. So I made specializations within magic for my game world and amped up Evokers, Transmuters, Diviners etc as individual Subclasses. Just adjust it a little, or don't use it.

"Wizard School Specialization

To clarify: a wizard specializing in illusions is NOT an Illusionist. She is simply slightly better at illusions than her peers.

>+5% chance to learn spells from Specialty school.
>+1 to spellcraft checks to identify or counter spells from Specialty school.
>+1 to saving throws versus spells from Specialty school.
>Target is at -1 to save versus spells cast by the specialist wizard from her Specialty school.

>-5% chance to learn spells from Opposing schools.
>-1 to spellcraft checks to identify or counter spells from Opposing school.
>-1 to saving throws versus spells from Opposing school, if applicable.
>Target is at +1 to save versus spells cast by the specialist wizard from her Opposing school."

And I can't seem to find my Subclass wizard rules, but if you'd like, I can post them when I find/rewrite them.

Just make little tweaks to fire-related spellcasting for that one subclass, give them occasional bonuses, try to make balance by "nerfing" cold spells or something like that, and do not make any other class obsolete with it. OR think of something else and (if you don't mind) let us know what you come up with?

2012-11-06, 01:50 PM
Does your dad know about you asking about this?

Also, have you checked Dragonsfoot? They have a sizable amount of 1e stuff for you to look through, so I'm pretty sure they'll have something that will tickle your fancy.

2012-11-07, 11:27 AM
To answer: Yes my DM knows I'm trying to come up with a balanced promancer and said it's cool if I get some help. Mostly I just need fire spells, because there aren't that many fire spells, and some tips on resistances and weaknesses. He used to make spells all the time but lost his books over the years. Why were you asking?

Also, the thing about fire resistance increasing: please put down a level table like the thief has for % open lock. that'd be great. Unless you just recommend using one of those percentile tables as a surragate and converting the "chance to pick" to "chance to resist fire". Any tips at all would be great though. Oh, and like I mentioned before, I'd really like some fire/lava/incineration spells.

What school of magic is fire listed in? transmutation? Would limiting a mage to only be able to cast spells from that school be a good restriction for the power of resist fire and bonus fire damage? should bonus fire damage be an option, if so should it also be a % table? any tips at all would really help, and I again thank those who have helped!

2012-11-07, 12:12 PM
I was asking because it is important to know whether or not everyone is on the same page.

I ask the same to anyone I'm thinking of helping when they say that they want something 'brewed.

I'll see if I can write up some stuff over the next couple of days...

2012-11-07, 01:03 PM
Alright! Just curious, and I'm going to continue to fill my DM in on any developments. And for anybody else reading this: fire/lava/incineration spells are still a need. Anybody's opinion on a cool spell would be fine, really just fishing for ideas here!

2012-11-07, 03:41 PM
Quick ideas to drop:

Fire shurikens: There's a neat-o spell in 3.5 that creates shuriken out of fire. Maybe a spell that let's you pull tongues of flame out of a fire, and then it lets you throw them (or give them to the Fighter) as if they were throwing-knives for the duration of the spell?

I would put it at 2nd level, just about.

As for lava... what level is stone-to-mud at again? I think you could put it at one level higher, throwing some fire damage onto it.

And, if you aren't worried about silly too much... MAGMA KRAKEN! would make an excellent 9th level spell (actually, it would be around 7-8th level; it grapples like a Fighter of half you level, and deals fire damage, which is a bit better than Mordenkainen's Sword (if I remember correctly.))

2012-11-07, 11:23 PM
Magma kraken? Silly? That's not silly, that's freakin epic! If anybody comes up with a spell even half that epic then please wright it on this thread!

Magma kraken. Totally awesome.

2012-11-07, 11:43 PM
Im justa ssuming that sicne your playing AD&D, that your Uncle has a LOT of old source books lying around that are problably 1st as well as 2nd edition.

AMechra pointed out the 3.5 fire shuriken, well teh original version of that spell comes form the Complete guide to nijas for 2nd.

I have an old OLD netbook (form like 20 or so years ago) that is chalk full of elemental related things Kits (or what you 3rd ed peeps consider PrCs) spells, monsters and a ton fo other such stuff. its a HUGE document but has something liek 1000+ spells.
I think ist just called the great elemental netbook or something that simple.

the CORE of the rules between 1st and 2nd were not that much different (especially compared to the 2nd to 3rd changes) so one is easily adapt 2nd to 1st and vice versa

and fire spells are easy just say something and then put fire before that whne you write it down.

I invented FIRE DEATH SPELL once back in the day.. even though that singular moment was decades ago, its still a favorite story of mine to tell newbies at my table.

2012-11-08, 08:13 AM
What were the specifics of the death fire spell? Like what was the level cast and dmg as well as effect?

2012-11-08, 04:14 PM
Well I have to give the backstory before I cna tell you about fire death spell..

You see this was way back in highschool ( ya know before thing like the wheel was inventeded, at least it seems that way...) and My friends and i were playing a mage heavy and deeply invovled campaign ( by mage heavy i meant we had 3 mages and 1 paladin in our party, Myself an elemental mage, a necromancer, and a dragon mage.

SO all of our characters knew each other and grew up together in this tiny hamlet. there was a child hood love interest that my character had for the longest time,, to cut a long story short all of our characters came back to the village after doing some prettty heroic things and My character was set to marry his love interest, (we all were 10th level by this time) Of course the wedding night my love interest and i did consumated the thing all proper-ish like.

the next morning the girl was having weird pains a that went form 'ouch' to OMG IMMA DIE NOW!!" to POW a baby comes out.. and not just any kind of baby but some kind fo half demonic thing ( she was secretly some type of demon. maybe an erinyes.. cannot rember exactly) and my mage just freaked out and started casting spells lightning bolt, vitriolic splash etc etc then as i was naming what spells my guys was casting OOCly i jumbled words and stuff together and yelled "FIREDEATH SPELL!!!"

So, I killed my character true love and the child. only to find out right then and there that pow ! she was a redeemed demon and I had made a terrible mistake QUE epic super quest to find her and make it al right, never got to finish that campaign, its literally the only one that i have left unfinished and actually would want to see it through to fruition, but enough of my rants.. lets get tot he meat of the spells

It was basically a combination of firestorm and banshee's wail.

Range: 120 yards Components: V,S
Duration: Instantaneous Casting Time: 9
Area of Effect: 2 10-foot cubes /level Saving Throw: special
When a FIRE DEATH SPELL spell is cast, the whole area is shot through with sheets of roaring flame. The raging flames harm any creatures in the area, except for the caster. Any creature within the area takes 2d8+1 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 40D8+20). A successful saves halves the damage, those who failed the initial save must save again vs petrification, polymorph or death or be instantly slain.

this is just going off the top of my head.. there might be some small differences between this and the real thnig, which is buried in my old D&D stuff.

2012-11-09, 09:57 AM
I played a pyromancer once in 1st Ed. He was just a regular mage who loved fire but the DM gave me leeway to make up spells with relative ease in exchange for being so limited in what spells i would take.

What I did was reflavour spells. Instead of Slow you get Heat Exhaustion instead of Feeblemind Heat Stroke. Heat Haze rather than Obscurement, stuff like that.

Also i made new things like give him the spells to buff allies with flaming weapons and armour, the spells to melt the metal of his opponents. I had a wall of light, and a version of Agnazzar's scorcher. Went all Human Torch on that bad boy as well, turned him into a Man on Fire at higher levels.

Of course you could get all the druid spells like Chariot of Sustarre and Heat Metal, Fire Trap and Produce Flame, Fire Seeds and Fire Storm. Oriental Adventures in 1E had some goodies. Fire Eyes (heat vision!) Fire Wings (Flight and decent attacks) Drought (Destroys a whole ecosystem) Internal Fire (Save or die a fiery death)

A few spells in an old dragon magazine are perfect for this.
Flare: 1st level long distance signal
Enchanted Torch: 3rdContinual Light but on FIRE
Fire Mouth: 3rd Like a Fire Trap but with a bigger area of effect
Fabulous fireball: Controllable AoE and can turn corners 4th
Fire Phantom: Summons a Phantom Stalker flaming version of Invisible stalker
Flaming Weapon: Turns a sword into a Flame Tongue for a while 8th (too high i think)
Hellfire: 9th Permanent curse. HP permanently drops to one, in constant sweaty agony, exhausted. Takes a wish to undo.

Oh and speaking of Dragon there was the old Witch NPC class that had an epic spell called volcanic circle that did 8-80 damage and kept growing

Hope this helps

2012-11-15, 08:20 AM
Alright, thanks! Any more cool spells for a 1e pyromancer would be great! And thanks to the people who have already given me stuff!

2012-11-15, 11:31 AM
1st edition Oriental Adventures has a fair number of fire spells, like Fiery Eyes and Wings of Fire and Fire Shuriken. The Wu Jen class itself has some guidelines for a 'fire specialist' that you might be able to pillage for ideas.

2nd edition Al-Qadim also has a decent number of fire spells, and the differences between 2nd edition and 1st edition are small enough as to not matter much. Similarly, the wizard kits can specialize in fire, or in fire and another element, and might be mine-able for ideas.

Other than Phandal's Flame Ray and Agannazar's Scorcher (both from an issue of dragon, but A's Scorcher was reprinted a few times, IIRC), I don't remember too many fire-related spells from the Realms.

As for making up your own spells;

One that uses a flask of oil as a component and causes it to linger for X number of rounds, doing continuing damage until extinguished, or explode on impact to do full damage to it's splash radius (or both!), could make for a poor man's fireball at 1st or 2nd level.

One that causes a weapon to burst into flame and function like a flame brand for a time.

One that sets an area of ground on fire, so that everyone remaining in a burning square takes 1d6 or 2d6 fire damage at the end of each round. It burns out in rounds equal to your level. Perhaps maintainable via concentration, like wall of fire? Call it floor of fire? :)

Spells with fiery aspects that can affect creatures that might otherwise be immune to fire could include conjuring clouds of blinding / choking embers and smoke.

Or you could leverage your mastery of heat and flame to draw the heat out of a creature to create a fire attack! (The initial target suffers cold damage of 1d6/level, and generates a fire blast from the stolen heat that lashes out from the initial target to strike one other creature within 30 ft. of it with a 1d6/level fire blast! You get to damage two creatures with one attack, and have a legitimate reason why your 'fire mage' is doing cold damage to one of them.)

A higher level variation on this might drain all the heat from a fireball sized area (everybody therein takes cold damage, otherwise as fireball) and on the round *after* you draw in all this heat, you can then use the absorbed heat energy to plotz down a fireball-like effect (perhaps with a bonus if you launch this 'fireball' at creatures already damaged by the 'cold ball,' as the sudden temperature reversal makes them take +1 hp / die damage, or penalizes their saving throw by -4).

Variations on other funky 1st edition spells, like the ubiquitous 'create a bunch of floating spheres that do stuff in later rounds' spells from the realms, could work. Cast a spell to create a number of fiery snakes that fly around you, and can be launched 1 / round to attack a single target within 30 ft. or 60 ft. as a 2d6+6 fire damage attack. While they orbit you, you get a +1 to AC and saves vs. fire or cold for each snake remaining, and if you are hit by a fire or cold attack, you can sacrifice one or more snakes to block damage equal to the damage that snake would have done if it attacked someone.

The Realms setting was also replete with spells that conjured magical whips or swords (or, more rarely, other weapons, like the 'mace of odo'). One that creates a sword of fire that works kind of like spiritual hammer (but fire damage, natch) or a whip of fire that automatically attacks and binds and burns anyone that engages you in melee combat, could go along that theme.

Charging a weapon with an energy discharge could also work. 'Fire Dagger' could infuse a dagger with all the heat and fire that went into it's forging, causing it to 'unforge' itself as it strikes a foe, turning back into molten metal and inflicting 2d6 fire damage, as it melts apart. (1d6 fire damage to the holder, if he's using it in melee, making this more of something you use with a thrown dagger...) A staff version could cause the staff to burn at one end like a torch for 1 turn / level, although you can hit people with it for +1d6 fire damage (causing it to lose 1 turn of duration per hit, and any non-magical staff to be destroyed at the end of the effect. Magical staves survive the effect unharmed.).

2012-11-15, 02:18 PM
Would you like me to see if I can write up MAGMA KRAKEN!?

I'd be happy to try.

2012-11-15, 03:12 PM
I was wondering, does your DM allow spell combinations? Because if so, I have an awesome variant for Tsunami. With Lava!

2012-11-16, 09:44 AM
Any spells at all would be awesome! And I think a magma kraken would be sweet! As for spell combinations: go for it. I'm accepting any and all spells that anyone can come up with. If you think it's a ridiculous spell, post it anyways. And post any fire related spells you think of! Any heat related spells for that matter. And thanks again to anybody who has posted spells, everything you give me helps!

2012-11-19, 11:22 AM
Also, would repurposing the effect of a spells be good? Like turning Disintegrate into Incinerate? Or turning Lightning Bolt into Red Heat Lightning?

2012-11-19, 11:42 AM
I would not see why most DMs would take issue againts it. as long as the mechanicla effects of the spell were the same.

for me you could call disintegrate 'flower kitty cupcake babies' and as long as the spell did what it said it did in teh spells description i would not care at all..

but there are a (very very small i hope) minority who dislikes refluffing such and get all worked about it, best bet is to ask your DM if that such is ok.

2012-11-21, 12:00 PM
Also, could anybody give me like ten fire based non-alignment based familiars? Maybe fire snake and a flaming pseudo dragon? Maybe a diminutive Phoenix? But if you list one please list their HP and the bonus they give their master. Thanks everybody!

2012-11-21, 01:15 PM
Phoenix: +1 bonus spell memory at each level. As in you get to remember 1 more first level spell, 1 more second level spell and etc... You can't remember bonus spells from 9th level unless you have at least 1 spell memory in that cast level.

Fire Sprite: bonus damage equal to 2xlevel with all spells(stacks on top of itself if the spell already gives you bonus damage equal to your caster level)

Fire Wolf: bonus to smell and hear. Added bonus tracking ability.

Flame Snake: bonus to save equal to int. mod.( never less than 2) Bonus to speed = int. mod. X 2. Follows above standard(Never less than 2, which is 4")

Fire hawk: bonus to sight distance and hearing. Resist fire = int. mod.(never less than 2)

Mini fire-hydra: added/bonus health regeneration equal to int. mod. (Never less than 1 a turn)

Volcanic Psuedo-Dragon- bonus to cast time, and can dual cast. Bonus to cast time is equal to Int. Mod. minus the segment cost. So if Int. Mod is 3 and cost is 6 segments you can now cast it in 3 segments. Dual cast applies to the ability to cast to same spell from each hand if possible. Dual cast consumes double the material components.

Do these make sense? Too overpowered? Too underpowered? Take into account that I can't cast things like Wish, Enchant, Any Illusion, Conjuration, Divination or Abjuration. Also take into account that I'll have to get another Mage to help me cast this because I can't ever learn Conjurations. How do these look? And please still add your own touches to these or even create your own! Anything you give me helps! And don't worry about listing HP, I forgot that it's just half of your own...

2012-11-21, 03:21 PM
dual cast seems a bit OPed

I would nix the pheonix ability and intead make it give you a self resurrection that can oly ever occur once.

then I would just make that pheonix ability stanard as you are basically a specialist already, and specialist do get a bonus spell but it HAS to be of thei speciality

so your spells would go at first level 1st +1st fire spell.

2012-11-21, 05:40 PM
Would only allowing one handed spells be a good fix? And dual cast was a metamagic feat in forgotten realms. That's where I got the idea?

And I'd give the Phoenix an owner resurrect on a yearly basis. That way it's not just some one-shot item that I'd trade out for a new familiar as soon as it was expended. Sound good?

Any other familiars anybody can think of that are fire related would be cool! Just post them and I'll take a shot at it!

2012-11-26, 11:46 AM
I started playing this build the other day, just testing it out. I found that there aren't enough 1-2 level fire spells. I also thought of a few new spells:

Blackflame: Your flames burn blacker than the void they came from! the effect is 6+caster level in turns. all fire magic cast in this time period does cold damage instead of fire damage. cumbustibles still ignite as normal. 1st level spell. (buff)

Holy/Unholy Purge: Your flames do holy/unholy damage instead of fire damage.
6+caster level duration. cumbustibles ignite as if it was real flame. 1st level spell. (buff)

Flame Control: Allows you to control your flames. As would a telekineses spell allow you to control a boulder. no bonus to damage. (What would be a fair bonus "to hit"? what about spell level? Duration?

Any other spells you guys could throw at me?

And i've been using the thief % to "pickpocket" tables in 1e for a fire resistance and bonus fire damage. Doesn't feel overpowered and the only table that really comes into play is the bonus fire damage. My spells are low enough in level that i might get +1 to damage if I hit heavy. Tell me what you guys think! Every bit helps!

2012-11-26, 12:03 PM
those are pretty good.

I fail to see how the 2 or so dozen of fire spells aren't 'enough' but eh.

I would definately move holy/unholy purge up to at least 3rd level. or 2nd level if you make the duration equal to your level.
being able to make all of yoru spells ignore any type of resistance and capable of dealing double damage on the vast majority of what you are going to fight is a bit more powerful than a 1st level spell.

Id make flame control 4th level, you said its bascially telekinses except that it works only against fire so that weakens it enough to drop a level. Im confused as to what you mean by bonus 'to hit'

Flame wave is an idea. its just a flame wall that rushes over people, dealing flame wall damage (admittedyl not that much) but can set them on fire (ala melf's minute meteors) and knocks them down if they fail their save. (the knocking down is what makes this spell good)

2012-11-26, 12:04 PM
The percent table doesn't seem like too bad an idea.

I can't remember, but what level is the actual telekinesis spell? You might want to make Control Flame around that level.

Actually, slightly different take on Control Flame: what if it let's you use Thief skill %s with your flames?

So you could have your flames climb stone walls as a Thief of X level, or have them pull keys off a person's belt-loop without burning them as if they were a Thief of X level?

Maybe even let you hide fires, using the % of hiding in the shadows of a Thief of X level.

It seems like that would be a 4th level spell, to me, as long as you made it rather limited (so maybe with the %s of a Thief of half your level? And have failed checks cause the fire to act normally (having it not go up that wall, letting it burn someone you don't want burned, etc.))

In other words, if you are going to "untie" a rope with fire, your friend better be ready to be burned.

Other ideas include stuff like a spell that let's you eat something by burning it, or drink potions by burning them (they take the exact same amount of time to burn as to be drunk. Whudda thunk?) In other words, you can toss some food that you think is poisoned into a fire, and then "eat" the now poison-free food. I'd put this one at about 3rd level.

So what level are you at the moment?

2012-11-26, 12:45 PM
I meant that you would be able to control things like Fireball and wall of fire completely. Forcing them to turn or change direction. I figured that I considerably greater amount of control would give a bonus to hit. Instead of just giving the person an instant hit because of their superb control of the flame itself. I was also thinking of limiting it to only your spell fire.(not as in Spellfire).

Also, I'm playing 1e with only the ability to take spells that involve fire/alteration. Their are a shortage of these spells from 1st-2nd level. I'm not using oriental 1e or the ability to take campaign spells. I'm already at a wall after taking fire missile(magic missile using flame damage) and Shield. I will be able to take up to seven 1st spell by the 17th level. There simply aren't that many 1st level fire spells. That's the reason I'd like more fire spells.

Also, does holy/unholy damage really bypass that much stuff? I'm mean, I usually carry holy water but didn't think it was useful against much but undead and demons...

2012-11-26, 12:52 PM
Maybe a 1st level buff that changes the bonus to fire damage to a bonus to-hit instead?

I still kinda like the idea of pickpocketing people with fire (come on, you could call it Burning Fingers!), but I came up with it, so what can I say?

2012-11-26, 01:02 PM
I'm a third level pyromancer. I've been using the 10% bonus to XP gain from my high intelligence. I have three spells taken:

Fire missile: magic missile with fire damage.

Fire shield: regular 1st level shield. But non-magic weapons have to make a save vs. being really hot and dropped. If they attack again with that weapon(assuming they made the saving throw) in a number of turns equal to my 1/2 caster level they save vs. melting.

Flaming web: regular web but with 1d4 in bonus damage a turn. It cannot be burnt away like regular web because it is already on fire.

My familiar is a rime fire hawk:

Rime-fire hawk: superior bonus to sight distance. Resist fire&cold equal int. mod. X2 + 1/2 level in pyromancy (never less than 2, which is +4)

I'm actually multiclassed with a monk who is 5th level.

2012-11-26, 01:08 PM
Also, I completed my aforementioned familiar list:

(1&2) Phoenix: +1 bonus spell memory at each level. You get to remember one more spell from a spell level you can cast. You also get 1 free yearly self-resurrection.

(3&4) Fire Sprite: bonus damage equal to 2xlevel with all spells(stacks on itself if the spell says you get to add your caster level in. Max of 3x caster level bonus)

(5&6) Fire Wolf: superior bonus to smell and hear. Added/bonus tracking ability. Same attack and damage tables as hell hound.

(7&8) Flame Snake: bonus to all saves equal to int. mod.( never less than 2) Bonus to speed equal int. mod. X 2. Follows above standard( never less than 2, which is 4")

(9&10) Rime-fire hawk: superior bonus to sight distance. Resist fire&cold equal int. mod. X2 + level in pyromancy (never less than 2, which is +4)

(11&12) Mini magma-hydra: added/bonus health regeneration equal to int. mod. + 1/2 level in pyromancy (Never less than 1 a turn)

(13&14) Volcanic Psuedo-Dragon- bonus to cast time, and can dual cast. Bonus to cast time is equal to Int. Mod. Minus the segment cost. Dual cast has to be done with the same spell in each hand and cannot require two hands, it also consumes double the material. Int. mod. Minus segment cost acts thus: +3 int mod makes a normally 6 segment spell become a 3 segment spell. Cannot be less than 1 segment unless the spell is already less than one segment.

15 is from the specials tables

16-20 is none in area

2012-11-26, 02:58 PM
holy damage and holy water are not the same thing

Holy damage for lack of better term is true damage completely unmitigatable and unresistable

and it does double damage to undead as well as fiends.

flaming sphere and flame blade are 2nd levle fire spells yeha they are on the cleric list but your are a pyromancer.

look at the cleric/druid/bard spell lists and see if you like any of those fire spells.

2012-11-26, 06:17 PM
What about making act just like holy water but in flame form? Flame wave, I think that's a pretty good idea. I was gonna take Rock to Mud at one level higher and call it Rock to Magma. The after effect would be obsidian when it cools or is turned back to rock. I could make the wave cause an actual tidal wave based on how much magma I've made! Or just act as you suggested when not used on lava.

Also, you think that if I laid down a wall of flame in a circle and then cast "Pyrokineses" I could essentially create an impenetrable flaming vortex of death?likewise with the magma? Even creating a vortex of magma around one of the enemies and then turning to obsidian to create a prison that would remove them from play for awhile? What do you think of this creativity, given that it takes several spells in conjunction to do it? Possible but cheap?

2012-11-28, 09:26 AM
And to AMechra: are you still wanting to homebrew me a magma kraken? If not, I'd just like to know.

What about turning teleport into fireport but not restricting distance and only making it possible to fireport to a) a place you've been and b) a place with a fire going on that's big enough to step into. Also allowing you to know all the fire in a mile radius that's equal to your caster level, and allowing you to freely fireport to one of those? Sound good? Too OP?

2012-11-28, 12:10 PM
I'll get around to it when I have a chance to go and grab my books, so I can refamiliarize myself with how grappling works (might be in OA, I'd have to check...)

2012-11-28, 04:00 PM
Alright, there's no real rush or anything. It's not like I'll be casting 8-9th level spells anytime soon, especially since I'm restarting a character with my other group. I have want to restart a character with them so I can be a fighter/pyromancer instead of the snow elf paladin I'm currently playing with them. And if your wondering what happened to my monk/pyromancy? I only use him when my cousin is back from college. He's not gonna get played a lot.

I'll probably start at the party level(4-5th) with my new character and I'm gonna play a slightly homebrewed Dragonborn. I took the 3.5 -2 to dexterity away, as well as changing the breath weapon to a once daily that's equal to your current HP. Kept the low light vision and made the bloodied buff to a +1 to hit instead of +2 to hit and damage. I also gave him a +1 modifier to level. Other than that I didn't change anything. So I'll probably start as like a level 2 fighter level 2 pyromancer. A bit behind but worth the trade offs. And my level mod is lowered to a +1 because there are no weak races in the party. I'm not sure my DM won't just remove the mod altogether and tell me to progress normally.

I know it's off topic, but what do you think of the Dragonborn I just described? Too OP? Too underpowered? Just right? Just let me know!

2012-11-28, 04:15 PM
...Bloodied is 4e.

But I don't see any real problems with that...

2012-11-28, 07:59 PM
...Bloodied is 4e.

Woops! Sorry! And thanks! The 3.5 wiki says Dragonborn get a +2 to strength while at 50% health(rounded down). If that's the case a fighter's to hit goes on his strength effectively giving him a +2 to hit and damage. I think, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm kinda new to AD&D's systems, so forgive my newby ignorance. I said "bloodied" cause 4e was the edition I've played the most, and the only edition I've gotten to DM. Old habits and whatnot...

2012-11-29, 10:34 AM
I still kinda like the idea of pickpocketing people with fire (come on, you could call it Burning Fingers!), but I came up with it, so what can I say?

I just saw what you did there! And forget pickpocket! If I'm gonna cast Burning Fingers, then I'm doing it right!

Components: V,S
Cast time: 1 Segment
Level: 7
Range: Touch
Effect: A large, heavily armored gauntlet made of obsidian and wreathed in Flames covers you from the tip of your fingers to your elbow. You then Thrust your hand through your target, crushing their spine and casting Combustion while on the inside of their body. The corpse twists and quickly turns to a pile of molten calcium and ash. Save vs. Death. Not applicable to Half-Damage. Must touch.

This would be a great replacement for the spell: Death! It's 7th level, right? What do you think? My friends are too young to get the reference but I grew up watching Gundam with my dad.

2012-11-29, 02:06 PM
Sure, that looks like 7th level.

2012-11-29, 02:47 PM
As for picking pockets: no, I can't make since of fire doing that. It isn't like it's physical, fire is just a form of energy and gas. But I'll use the rogue tables for climbing. But not sneaking. It'd take too many negatives because it is fire. Which is kinda like justifying a rogue who's using a cast light spell on himself and then attempting to sneak. I cold probably use lock pick and say that the fire melts the insides of the lock out?

As for the Burning Fingers spell: thanks Amechra. That's probably going to be my all time favorite spell ever!:smallsmile:! And for all the help with this project you in particular have given me!

Any way you could justify Levitate as a pyromancy spell?
Time stop is just alteration, so I'll get to keep it. And regular Telekineses. But I'd still like to make them a bit more "fiery". Any help there?

2012-11-29, 05:02 PM

You summon a pillar of fire under you, and simply stand as it carries you up, your affinity for the flames making them not burn you (you are rocket man.)

Time Stop... you could burn the seconds. I dunno.

And you're welcome.

2012-11-30, 08:09 AM
I've heard about spellfire before, but I'm unsure how it works? Is it powerful enough to even worry about getting? And I found the spell called Internal Combustion elsewhere on the Internet and I might be using it too.

I once saw a spell called Lava Lance. I then thought of this: a large arrow made of lava that, when shot through a bow, has a chance to impale someone to a wall. What do ya think?

2012-12-03, 09:07 AM
I think I have a solution to the holy/unholy problem. What if the buff was for positive/negative damage? Or maybe just drop the whole buff altogether? What other spells do you guys have?

I thought that some AoE's are called for, so here are the following:

Name: Flame Burst
Level: 6
Cast time: 1 turn (10 segments)
Components: v,s,m
Area: radius of 10'+1'x caster level
Effects: a large flaming explosion centered on the caster that damages everything in its AoE. 1d8 for every level of the caster in fire damage. No save if your within 1/3 the radius in distance to the caster. Saves applicable otherwise. Component is turpentine- 1 tea spoon.

Name: Fire Storm
Level: 7-9?
Cast time: 1 turn but requires constant concentration so other spells that require more than one hand or a M component cannot be used.
Duration: subject to caster.
Components: v,s,m
Area: 100+2x caster level
Effect: a flaming vortex centered on the caster that forces all metal to save vs. melting and wood vs. burning at a negative equal to the caster's intelligence. People make a save vs. ash suffocation at the same negative. If they're wearing metal and said metal doesn't save they take double damage. The damage is (1d12+int. mod.) X caster level. You need a red gemstone worth at least 10,000gp as a focal point. (It is not destroyed in the casting, but it can still be stolen, destroyed etc... Unless you enchant it otherwise)

What do ya think? Went straight Dumbledore on the last one, but it is pretty cool.

2012-12-03, 11:42 AM
the holy/unholy thing is perfectly fine. just not at the level you originally had. like i suggessted bumping up 2 or three levels would be fine

Flame burst, has a MUCH too long cast time, and never allowing a save is a bit much, you need to add wording in that the caster is unaffected by the spell as well.

since your versrion of fire storm is similar to the already published one, excpetr that it acts a mass heat metal instead of dealing a crap ton of fire damage. It would be safe to bump it down to 6th level.

spellfire I can say is probly the one thig in 2nd ed that is actually close to being game breaking right out of the gate.

My idea for laval lance would be it does X damage (maybe something like 2d8 plus d8 for every 3 levels) then the next round solidifies into rock, there by trapping unofrutnate target untill a strength check or other frees it.

heres a neat spell I just thought of in the basics

Cinder bolt
Level 5
Compnents: V, S
Casting Time: 7
Range 100 feet+10 feet/level
Area: 1 target
Save: Yes/ halves
You make an attack roll( at a +4 bonus) if the attack is successful the target takes 1d6 fire damage per level. A successful dexterity check is required next round or the target is set aflame. Cinder Bolt Ignores fire resistance, but not fire immunity

2012-12-03, 12:17 PM
Here is as many spells as I could remember right now:

Name: Flame Burst
Level: 6
Cast time: 1 turn
Components: v,s,m
Area: radius of 10'+1'x caster level
Effects: a large flaming explosion centered on the caster that damages everything in its AoE. 1d8 for every level of the caster in fire damage. Saves applicable for half damage. Caster remains undamaged by spell. Component is turpentine- 1 tea spoon.

Name: Fire Storm
Level: 6
Cast time: 1 turn but requires constant concentration so other spells that require more than one hand or a M component cannot be used.
Duration: subject to caster.
Components: v,s,m
Area: 100+10 feet/level
Save: Save for half at a negative equal to caster's int. mod.
Effect: a flaming vortex centered on the caster that forces all metal to save vs. melting and wood vs. burning at a negative equal to the caster's intelligence. People make a save vs. ash suffocation at the same negative. If they're wearing metal and said metal doesn't save they take double damage. The damage is 1d12 per caster level up to 100d12 (I took out the intelligence modifier and put a cap on damage). You need a red gemstone worth at least 10,000gp as a focal point. (It is not destroyed in the casting, but it can still be stolen, destroyed etc... Unless you enchant it otherwise)

Cinder bolt
Level 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 7(segments?)
Range 100 feet+10 feet/level
Area: 1 target
Save: Yes/ halves
You make an attack roll( at a +4 bonus) if the attack is successful the target takes 1d6 fire damage per level. A successful dexterity check is required next round or the target is set aflame. Cinder Bolt Ignores fire resistance, but not fire immunity.

Name: Holy/Unholy Flames
Level: 4
components: V,S
Cast Time: instant (free action)
duration: 10+Caster Level
Effect:makes flames do holy/unholy damage opposed to flame damage. Materials still can combust as if normal flames.

Level: 2
components: V,S
Cast Time: instant (free action)
Duration: 10+caster level
effect: flames burn as if Ebon Flames. They do cold damage instead of fire but effect combustibles as if fire.

Name: Magma Lance
Level: 3
Components: V,S,M
Cast Time: 3 segments
Duration: until fired or dropped
effect: You produce a large arrow made of magma capable of nailing someone to a wall or other stable object capable of holding their weight. The magma cools after 1 turn and is turn into obsidian. the initial damage is 1d10. It must be shot through a bow or bow-like device. size of lance is subject to caster up to 5+caster level weight limit. Save vs. Petrification or be impaled. other stats work as if a normal arrow/javalin. requires a small piece of obsidian.

2012-12-03, 03:34 PM
How do those look? Pretty decent? Need work? And I forgot to list 2 other spells.

Name: Pyrokinesis
Level: 5
Components: V,S
Cast time: instant cast (free action)
Duration: 10+caster level
Effect: allows full control of flame-based spells. Can force flames to climb walls, melt locks, creates spirals and special effects, enlarge flames and change the direction of fired spells like Fireball. Gives a +5 to hit and, given enough space, can try for a second pass with fired spells, given they don't detonate or hit other things or are dispelled or counter-spelled.

Name:Levitate Rock
Level: 4-5?
Cast time: 1 turn
Components: V,S,M
Duration: 25+caster level
Effect: you enchant a rock, double duration if obsidian or volcanic in nature, to fly and the bottom half of the rock burns for 2d12 points of damage. The size of the rock is based on the caster level, each level allowing 1000ib more weight to be lifted. The speed is 18' a turn and is controlled by the caster. The weight of the rock is not counted after the enchantment and the amount it can carry is 500+ 100 for every caster level. These rates become exponential after the 20th level.

I wanted to be exponential to make flying castles plausible. You have to explain their existence somehow...

2012-12-04, 08:40 AM
Hahaha, I'm starting to really understand why wizards always carry their spells in books! It's hard to remember all of these!:smallbiggrin:!

Also, what about a Wall of Thorns that was a Wall of Fire-Briars? how would i set that up?

2012-12-05, 12:12 PM
How's this?

Name: Wall of Fire-Briar
Level: 4
Components: V, S, M
Cast Time: 1 turn
Duration: 5+caster level
Thickness: 1+1/2 caster level
Effect: Creates a wall of flaming briars that burns for 2d8 damage a turn. The Briars themselves are not flamable and are considered immune to flame. Take a strength check to move though them. Take damage every turn they remain within the briars. Components are a briar and volcanic rock.

What do you think?

2012-12-11, 11:52 AM
hey, would spells that healed and stopped status effects be okay? like cauterize and flaming heal or something?

2012-12-11, 04:40 PM
Id stay away from spells that healed as that is really not allowed in the 1st/2nd ed rules ( for arcane users that is)

But.. you could make a spell where its liek fire shield but it aborps fire/cold based attacks and give bonus HP to the target basically it would be improved fire sheidl and be 2 levels higher

status effects though could be allright

catueraize could stop ongoing wounds i.e from a sword of wounding and special attacks. maybe even remove diease and poison but as its an arcane spell it would be a bit higher so somehwhere around 5th level seems right.

2012-12-11, 11:11 PM
Sounds good to me. Like a flaming circular wall in a given area that absorbs damage and rewards temp. HP. Make it stationary to create a "control center" for the user to operate in?

And thanks for the comments guys! They are always appreciated!

2012-12-19, 11:16 AM
Hey guys, I've been thinking. Would a pyromancer use wands or staffs or both? If so, would they be fiery in nature? would you guys mind putting down some pyromancer artifacts or items?

2013-01-23, 11:14 AM
Well, this thread has been dead awhile. i'm posting back to let people know that i thoroughly enjoy playing my pyromancer and that any other suggestions/spells/items or anything else are always appreciated. thanks!:smallsmile: