View Full Version : Goblin Tribes game (or Goblins: the Exodus) version 1.1

2012-11-07, 05:51 AM
Here's some planning for a newer version of the good ol' goblin tribes game. Version 1.0 refers to the rules that have been used in the first three Exodus games, and 1.1 is a newer, better goblin game, i.e. what we're trying to achieve in this thread.

I designed the original game, but I'm sure everyone who's played the game has ideas for improvement. So, everyone is welcome to share their ideas and we'll vote on all suggested improvements. That said, let's try to keep the game simple and fun as it's always been! (So, I reserve the right to veto anything that is simply too complicated to implement in a simple way. :smallcool:)

Assisting: Each goblin family assisting in a fight grants a +1 bonus PLUS any bonuses from perks and weapons.

NPC allies, mounts, pets and vehicles: Besides the tools, any ally/effect that grants a permanent bonus on fighting or the other skills should have some kind of a upkeep cost. Maybe a table for GMs to refer to would help?

Inventions: Some special tools and weapons are not available when the game begins, but if the goblin families use their resources (craft perhaps? or a separate "gather lore" action?) on inventing stuff, they gain access to new technology. (As far as I can recall, Grim Ranger introduced a similar idea in the second Exodus.)

It's up to the inventors to decide if they want to share their secret technology with other families. There should be a table that details all inventions, their stats, and how much "lore" or craft units it costs to invent them. Custom inventions would be a headache for GMs, so they're not recommended. Examples: Goblin bomb, fortifications, combat sled (all from the first Exodus), taming animals (second and third Exodus). Traps? Poison? Yes.

It should also possible to exchange technology with NPCs, and whenever non-hostile creatures are encountered, the GM should decide what technology they already have and what they're interested in.

Wounds: Killing a family of gobbos for 1 failure is pretty harsh. So I'm proposing the following rule: any event that would kill a gobbo family in the original version of the game instead makes that family wounded/fatigued/whatever. They take a -1 penalty on all resource and fighting rolls until they recover from the condition. If they take more damage before they recover, they die.

Experience: Keeping track of experience is a pain (the game has a lot of things to keep track of anyway. And gaining experience means you have to do things you're not good at. So I'm suggesting that each gobbo family automatically gains a new perk if they make it to round 6. (And maybe round 11, 16 and so on if the campaign is that long?)

Perks: If a family really wants to specialize in one skill, I think they should be able to gain another +1 (for a total of +2) when they gain a new perk (whether through experience points as in 1.0 or automatically after the first 5 scenarios as suggested for 1.1)

So, vote yea/nay if you like/don't like these suggested changes?