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2012-11-08, 11:04 PM
So far this is what I got... Been reading 8 Bit Theatre and I wanted to make a 3.5 Fighter McWarrior for a while... So this class will be his students. There is tons to do soo don't get mad about it just yet :p :smalltongue:

Spectator 1: "Wait, how can he do that?"

Spectator 2: "Simple, he's to stupid to know that he can't do it!"

Fighter McWarrior is not so much a class but is more of an idea of the perfect Fighter.

Fighter McWarriors have learned from the master himself or from his dojo (Face it, Fighter is a lazy man sometimes). Once you graduate you lose your name and take on the alias of "Fighter".

Class Chassis
HP at first level: 12 + Con Score
HP at every other level: d12 + Con Mod; If you roll less than average, take average.
BAB: Full
Good Saves: Fort

Armor Prof: Heavy Only (1st level you gain a set of Full Plate). You take non prof penalties for not being in heavy armor, you stop taking these penalties if you are carrying your heavy load.

Weapon Prof: All Swords, MageSwords , SwordChucks, Simple weapons. First level you gain 1 Longsword.

GP at first level: 100, unless there is a Rogue in your party.... then you have 50 due to Thief's contract with your master... However Fighter didn't realize his pupils had to give Thief the money not just some random Rogues.... Yeah you gave 50 gold to your party Rogue as part of the Thief Tax.

Class Features

Fighter's Endurance: You gain the endurance feat and diehard feat. The number of hit points that you die at increases as you gain higher constitution.

At first level you die at - (10 + Con Mod). Additionally you don't need to breathe for 20 minutes (your brain uses very little oxygen) and during the time you are in negative HP you can still take your normal full round worth of actions (you are to stupid to know you are hurt).

At level 10 you die at - (10 + Con Score). Any healing performed on you is treated as maximized. Any healing that takes you over your max HP is treated as temporary HP.

At level 20 you are so hard to kill that any time you are brought to - (10 + Con Score) and die, you don't die but are merely knocked out (though it looks like you are dead) it takes a Hard DC spot or heal check to realize you are not dead. You gain regeneration (con score) until you are at 1 hp and at this point you wake up. To be actually killed your body must be completely destroyed (disintegrate spell seems to be the downfall of many fighters).

Fighter's Will: You have a best friend and no mater what... You won't let anything or anyone hurt your best friend. Choose one person in the party (can be an NPC) and no matter what spell or condition you are under... You won't allow that person to be hurt... If you are under an enchantment and told to do something that would cause your friend to be hurt... You break out of said enchantment.

Sword Chuck Apprentice: You just gained your first set of SwordChucks... Your enemies will rue this day as much as your own hit points. You use a sword chained to another sword to make extra attacks (two long swords chained together). As part of a standard action (also work as part of a full round attack) make an additional attack at your highest BAB adding your full str mod to the damage. When you roll a 1 you deal damage to yourself equal to the minimized weapon damage 1 + Str mod (non brutal longsword).

Sword Chuck Adept: Well you are getting better with them... You can now use two sword chucks at a time! You make another additional attack at your highest BAB with your second Swordchuck. If you roll a one on any of these attacks you deal damage equal to 1/2 your str mod.

Sword Chucks YO!: Master of the Swordchuck is mastery over the battlefield. You gain another attack at your highest BAB... Hey at least you no longer hit yourself.... After your first two swordchuck attacks you bring it all home with a spectacular spinning attack...

Note: When you gain Sword Chucks YO! you will have 4 attacks at your highest BAB then any attacks you have for high BAB. At level 20 you will have 4 attacks for +20 BAB, 1for 15, 1 for 10, 1 for 5... Why so any attacks? Because the 10 and the 5 I've found usually don't hit unless you crit.

Glorious Chainsaw Style: Impossible sword fighting style that shouldn't be err possible... May make any 1 full attack (with or without swordchucks) during any part of a move... or not move... Or before a move... Or while using Swordchucks and moving! Or at the end of a Medoken! It doesn't matter! You gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to your con mod. You also gain brutal 2 to all damage rolls. May only use this 1/encounter due to how small your intellect is.... Seriously why wouldn't you use Glorious Chainsaw Style more often? Silly Fighter...

Medoken: You may launch yourself up to Str Mod +1/2 level squares away... Then make a single attack... the target is surprised and looses it's dex mod and doesn't gain an attack of opportunity on you if it otherwise can't be surprised... You may do this 1/day ... You would do it more though but you are to stupid to understand how awesome that move is... You know since you have swords and swordchucks.

Block: Anything can be blocked, as long as it doesn't take you by surprise! You can literally block ANYTHING that you know is there. Gain blindfight warrior and blindfighting sentinel (described below). Hell you can block the earth when you fall from the sky (take no falling damage)! You gain a number of blocks equal to 1/2 level + con mod/encounter, you gain more as you level. This is an immediate interrupt that may be used as a free action. When you are targeted by anything you may use up a block, if you are part of an AoE then you block the entire AoE. Even when targeted by spells such as Mind Rape, you may block it. Hell if someone throws 50 specks of sand in your face... All of them will be blocked by your sword!

What is more dangerous than sand in the eyes? Nothing!

-Blinfight Warrior: To come soon

-Blindfight Sentinel: To come soon

Seriously though, I'm half dead from working to much and this was more just a joke than anything else. I will finish this some other time.


2012-11-12, 02:03 PM
Being nonproficient in armour means that you take a penalty equal to its ACP to some stuff...but being naked has no ACP, so such a penalty is meaningless.