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For starters, none of this stuff is mine, instead belonging to CircleOfLife. He wrote it up for a game called Tarmuid's Task. I like them, and I'm tired of using Google Caches to get them every time I want them, thus this thread.

@CircleOfLife- if you wish to repost a copy of this thread with your name on it, or post a link in your homebrew signature, go right ahead. It's your stuff, I just want to keep it.

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Bind Sharrash, the Awakened Void [Epic Vestige]

Legend: Some say the void beyond reality was created to accommodate the first vestige banished there, while others speculate that the void has always existed, an empty reflection of true reality only filled when the gods first began to make use of it. Regardless, with each vestige banished to its reaches, the void grew exponentially, though such concepts as space and time and matter do not truly exist there; the void is at once truly infinite and entirely nonexistent, its entire expanse occupying nothing at all, not a particle's width or a heartbeat's flicker in time.

Every vestige banished becomes a part of the void itself, distinct aspects of a single thing beyond even deific comprehension. The most powerful or foolish binders can call upon the void itself, not so much making a pact as simply embracing a trickle of the infinite consciousness. Not even an overdeity could safely contain a pure stream of power from the void, but the binder's art prevents his mind and body from being obliterated by the touch, translating thought and ability into terms capable of being understood by a mortal mind, the result of which is Sharrash, a manifestation of the void itself.

Manifestation: Sharrash does not manifest before the binder; rather, as the seal is completed, the binder is pulled beyond the reaches of reality into the void itself, where Sharrash confronts him. The nature of the void results in this confrontation taking no time at all in the reality the binder comes from, but spans nearly a decade from the binder's perspective; some binders have been driven mad simply from being confronted by the infinite probing thoughts of Sharrash, their minds shattered before their bodies return to reality. Should the binder survive the confrontation with Sharrash, he returns to his own reality less than a second after completing the seal, filled with the powers of the void.

Sign: Sharrash does not impose a sign upon the binder, but while bound to Sharrash, you cannot suppress the signs of other vestiges through any means.

Influence: Sharrash does not impose an influence upon the binder, instead sapping the mind of the binder whenever its abilities are used.

Granted Abilities: Sharrash grants a binder the ability to call upon different aspects of the myriad vestiges that make up its being, to move without moving, and to banish foes to the eternal void.

Aspects of the Void: When you first bind Sharrash, choose a single ability granted by two vestiges of 8th level or lower. You may use these abilities as if you were bound to those vestiges normally, and gain the signs of both chosen vestiges. You may not select an ability from a vestige you are already bound to. You may change one of the granted powers (and sign, if you choose a new vestige) of this ability as a swift action; once changed, you cannot select a new ability for five rounds.

Striding the Void: Sharrash's essence allows you to slip in and out of reality, appearing elsewhere without seeming to have moved at all. Once per round, you may move up to your speed as a free action, simply vanishing from your current location and appearing at the new one. This is not teleportation but something else entirely, and as such is not affected by abilities that prevent or augment teleportation. Whenever you use this ability you take one point of Wisdom damage - nothing can prevent this damage, nor can any magic short of a miracle or wish spell heal it, though natural healing restores lost Wisdom at the normal rate.

Call of the Void: As a standard action, you may attempt to banish a creature within Close range to the void. If the affected creature fails a Will save, it is immediately pulled out of reality and into the void, becoming yet another vestige in the infinite form of Sharrash. If the banished creature is unique or otherwise exceptional to the game world, your DM may wish to create a new vestige from its abilities, as creatures banished by this ability are as much vestiges as the gods and mythical creatures that form the void normally. Once a given creature has resisted this ability, it is forevermore immune to its effects. Once used, this ability cannot be used again for five rounds. Whenever you use this ability you take one point of Wisdom damage - nothing can prevent this damage, nor can any magic short of a miracle or wish spell heal it, though natural healing restores lost Wisdom at the normal rate.

Bind Tempus, the Eternal Watcher [Epic Vestige]

Manifestation: A shimmering portal appears above Tempus's seal, the edges in a perpetual state of flux. A golden face flashes into the portal, growing closer and closer until only a single mechanized eye occupies the entire tear in the fabric of reality. The iris of the eye appears as a great clock, numerous dials spinning wildly, some forward, others back. The eye blinks once, then is gone, portal and all.

Sign: Your features flash from youth to great age and everything in between every few moments, as though your entire body is in a state of temporal flux.

Influence: Time may be eternal, but Tempus's patience is not. The Eternal Watcher requires that you act immediately upon any plans or take advantage of any openings promptly. You may not delay in combat, nor may you ready actions.

Granted Abilities: Tempus grants you the ability to project an aura of temporal flux, remove foes from the timeline, and teleport yourself through time itself.

Temporal Body: While bound to Tempus, you gain the mental ability modifiers of venerable age, but you take no penalties to your physical ability scores. If you were already of middle-age or older, you lose the bonuses and penalties of your current age category in favor of those granted by this ability.

Ravages of Time: You project an aura of twisted time that warps minds and bodies alike. All creatures within 60 feet of you gain either the bonuses or penalties of venerable age so long as they remain within this aura. Creatures normally immune to aging are entitled to a Will save to ignore the effects of this ability for so long as they remain within the aura. You may switch the effects of this aura as a standard action, or suppress and reactivate it as a free action. Once you suppress this aura, you may not reactivate it for five rounds.

Rifts in Time: As a swift action you may attempt to banish one creature per five effective binder levels within Close range from the timeline, however temporarily. Each chosen creature that fails a Will save is hurled forward in time up to one round per binder level, as if by the time hop psionic power, except that you choose the exact point that the creatures will return and there is no Wisdom check allowed to return early. You may not use this ability again while a creature is banished, and for five rounds thereafter.

Teleport Through Time: Once per day, you may replicate the effects of the teleport through time spell, except that you may travel only up to one day into the past or future, and there is no chance of mishap.

Bind Ytore, Lady of the Weave [Epic Vestige]

Manifestation: An enormous rotating ring of light appears above Ytore's seal, whirling through the entire spectrum of colors with each rotation, faster and faster until the entire thing blurs into blinding white radiance. Strands of pure arcana arc down from the ring, weaving together faster than the eye can follow, knitting a shell of pure magic that takes the shape of a human woman. As the last strand falls into place, the shell fades to nothingness, revealing Ytore standing before the binder with a faintly amused expression on her face. The Lady of the Weave presses a hand glowing with magic beyond mortal ken to the binder's forehead, then vanishes.

Sign: Your eyes are replaced by twin spheres of multi-hued arcana, reminiscent of the ring that calls Ytore to you. Your new eyes are recognizable as a source of incredible power to anyone with even the most basic training in the arcane arts; a detect magic spell or similar directed at you reveals that you radiate an Overpowering universal aura.

Influence: As a being of pure arcane power, Ytore despises anything that would disrupt spellcasting. You may not use effects that destroy magic (including antimagic field, dispel magic, and mordenkainen's disjunction, among others), nor may you ready actions to disrupt or counterspell casting.

Granted Abilities: Ytore's touch fills you with almost unlimited arcane potential, granting you spell-like abilities to rival all but the most potent of spellcasters, along with the ability to resist hostile magic.

Ytore's Resistance: All spells that include you as a target or in their area of effect allow spell resistance, even if the original did not, but only in regards to you. Any spell that fails to overcome any spell resistance you possess utterly fails to take effect, as if the caster failed a concentration check to cast the spell properly. A spell that already allows spell resistance but does not allow a save gains a Will saving throw to negate its effects, again only in regards to you.

Ytore's Gift: You may use limited wish as a spell-like ability at will, but only to duplicate the effects of spells. Effects created by this ability end after a maximum of one day, even if they would otherwise last longer. Once used, you may not use this ability again for five rounds. For every spell level below the maximum allowed by limited wish that you choose to replicate with its effects, the time before you may use this ability again is reduced by one round.

Invoke the Weave: Once per encounter, you may use wish as a spell-like ability, but only to duplicate the effects of spells. Effects created by this ability end after a maximum of one day, even if they would otherwise last longer.

Bind Magolthen, Fallen Aspect of Bahamut [Epic Vestige]

Manifestation: A chasm opens in the earth with a resounding crack, bisecting Magolthen's seal and creating a gorge large enough to require a bridge to cross. Sulfurous fumes rise from the gorge, heralding Magolthen's arrival. The fallen aspect flows out of the earth at the bottom of the gorge as a pool of quicksilver, solidifying a heartbeat later. Magolthen climbs the wall of the gorge to face the binder with speed faster than thought, the only sign of his passage the deep claw marks furrowed into the stone. The metalline dragon opens his mouth and breathes a jet of blue fire over the binder, who feels warmth but no discomfort. As the torrent of flame continues, Magolthen seems to melt away, flowing back into the earth. Only with the final drop of quicksilver gone does the barrage of flame cease, leaving the binder standing unscathed in an area scorched beyond all recognition.

Sign: Your fingernails become quicksilver, flashing from nails to claws and back with every movement of your hand. Quicksilver tracery runs up your arms to your shoulders, not unlike a second network of metal veins.

Influence: Magolthen remains bitter about the events surrounding his life, such as it was. While under his influence, you may not willingly aid a dragon, and in fact respond to even the slightest provocation from a dragon with deadly force.

Granted Abilities: Magolthen's quicksilver running through your body enhances your reflexes and renders you nearly immune to conventional weaponry, while the touch of his flame grants immunity to fire and a breath weapon of your own.

Quicksilver Reflexes: While bound to Magolthen, you gain a +8 competence bonus to initiative checks and a +2 competence bonus to Reflex saves. Further, you may take 10 on initiative checks and Reflex saves.

Metalline Body: With the power of Magolthen flowing through your veins, metal inconveniences no longer seem to matter. You gain the effects of a continuous ironguard spell, allowing metal weapons of any variety to pass through your body without harm, and allowing you to pass through metal barriers as easily as if they were not there.

Magolthen's Flames: As a standard action, you may breathe a 60 ft. cone of blue fire, dealing 1d6 fire damage per binder level to all foes caught within. A successful Reflex save halves the damage dealt by this ability. Further, all creatures in the area of the flames must succeed on a Fortitude save or be turned into steel statues for 1d4 rounds (as the flesh to stone spell, except steel). Once used, this ability cannot be used again for 5 rounds.

As a constant secondary effect, you gain immunity to fire damage while bound to Magolthen.

Bind Prometheus, Hound of the Godslayer [Epic Vestige]

Manifestation: Prometheus appears mid-stride in a blast of brimstone some ways from his seal. He closes the distance with three great strides, skidding to a halt atop his seal. The great demonic hound crouches low, growling menacingly at the binder, a deep rumbling that speaks of dead gods and sundered planes. As the growling winds down, Prometheus's swirling orange heart floats to the surface of the hound's chest. The binder reaches out to touch the mass of malevolent energy the size of a small house, and as he does so, Prometheus's body is absorbed by the energy in a flash, which in turn flows into the binder in a great surge of power.

Sign: The stink of brimstone wafts from your every pore, turning stomachs and making your eyes water. The surface of anything you touch is covered in a thin layer of ash, and you leave smoking footprints wherever you step.

Influence: Prometheus's hate for the divine is greater than anything a mortal host is capable of feeling. You must resist any divine spells not cast by yourself to the best of your ability; you may not knowingly lower any spell resistance you possess to allow a divine spell to affect you, and you must attempt any saving throw offered by a divine spell, beneficial or not.

Granted Abilities: Prometheus is unique amongst vestiges in that he does not grant the binder he makes a pact with any abilities, but rather agrees to serve the binder, however unwillingly, for a short time.

Call Prometheus: Once per encounter, you may call Prometheus as a standard action. Prometheus appears in a blast of brimstone at a point of your choosing within Close range; this initial blast turns all spaces within 30 feet of Prometheus into difficult terrain, and deals 1d6 untyped damage per two effective binder levels. A successful Reflex save negates this damage and pushes affected creatures outside the edge of the area of destroyed terrain.

Once called, Prometheus serves for five rounds before disappearing, at which point he refuses to answer the binder's call again for the rest of the encounter. If Prometheus dies while called, the binder receives the same penalty as if he had expelled Prometheus via the Expel Vestige feat and cannot enter a new pact with Prometheus for one week.


Prometheus, Hound of the Godslayer:Size/Type: CE Gargantuan Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 32d10+288 (464 hp)
Initiative: +11 (+7 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed: 100 ft., burrow 50ft.
Armor Class: 50 (+7 Dex, -3 size, +36 natural)
Base Attack Bonus: +32
Attack: Claw +50 melee (4d10+16)
Full Attack: 2 claws +50 melee (4d10+16), bite +44 melee (4d12+8), tentacle +42 melee (3d8+8), tail slam +42 melee (4d12+8) -or- 8 tentacles +47 melee (3d8+12)
Space/Reach: 20ft./20ft.
Special Attacks: Brimstone surge, improved grab (claw), incinerate, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: Magical beast traits, fast healing 15, regeneration 15, senses of the godslayer, SR 36, DR 15/good and epic
Saves: To be calculated.
Abilities: Str 58, Dex 25, Con 36, Int 8, Wis 18, Cha 29
Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Improved Sunder, Weapon Focus (claw)
Epic Feats: Epic Weapon Focus (bite), Epic Weapon Focus (claw), Tenacious Magic (haste), Spell Stowaway (time stop)

Spell-Like Abilities: At will blasphemy, haste, blur, charm person, darkness, deeper darkness, desecrate, detect good, detect law, detect magic, fear, fireball, greater dispel magic, hold person, magic circle against good, major image, mind blank, produce flame, pyrotechnics, scrying, suggestion, symbol of death, telekinesis, greater teleport (self plus 1,000 pounds), unholy aura, unholy blight, unhallow, wall of fire; 1/day- fire storm, implosion, meteor swarm, time stop - Caster level 24th, save DC 19 + spell level.

Brimstone Surge (Su): As a full-round action, Prometheus may charge up to four times his speed in a straight line without provoking attacks of opportunity, ignoring difficult terrain and any obstacles of Large size or smaller. Any creature whose space he passes over or adjacent to during this rush takes 26d6 fire damage. A successful Reflex save, DC 30, negates this damage.

Incinerate (Su): Whenever Prometheus strikes a foe with two or more tentacle attacks in the same round, that foe is subjected to the effects of a disintegrate spell (save DC 30, caster level 20th), except that the damage dealt is fire damage. No one creature can be affected by this ability more than once per round.

Regeneration: Prometheus takes normal damage from weapons that are both good aligned and epic, and from sacred damage and all divine spells.

Senses of the Godslayer (Ex and Su): Prometheus possesses the improved scent ability, as well as darkvision out to 600 feet and blindsight out to 300 feet. Prometheus may activate a supernatural true seeing effect at will as a swift action, with a duration of one round. Prometheus automatically succeeds on Listen checks to pinpoint movement within 1,000 feet.

VoidSouled Bloodline

Ask any scholar, and they'll tell you that the void beyond reality is a separate thing, unreachable and untouchable by mortal or even deific means, and so it is... usually. Every vestige bound by a binder is touched by the void however, and those binders are in turn touched by a remnant of the remnant held by the vestige. Over a lifetime of pact magic, a binder might absorb enough of the void to equal that of the lowliest vestige, but it is enough to be passed on down the line from parent to child, child to grandchild, and even further - the touch of the void never truly goes away after all.

Unlike most bloodlines, the Void-Souled is available only as a major bloodline, representing the timeless, undecaying power of the void.

Level |Major

1 | Bluff +2
2 | Minor Pact Magic
3 | Charisma +1
4 | Vestige Binding (1st)
5 | Skilled Pact Making +2
6 | Lesser Pact Magic
7 | Diplomacy +2
8 | Supernatural Resistance 5
9 | Wisdom +1
10 | Vestige Binding (2nd)
11 | Skilled Pact Making +4
12 | Greater Pact Magic
13 | Intimidate +2
14 | Supernatural Resistance 10
15 | Intelligence +1
16 | Vestige Binding (3rd)
17 | Skilled Pact Making +6
18 | Dark Pact Magic
19 | Diplomacy +2
20 | Supernatural Resistance 15

Special: Void-Souled do not need to draw seals to summon vestiges. Whenever they wish to commune with the denizens of the void, the Void-Souled simply wills it to happen, and the chosen vestige's seal appears upon their flesh in blood as their skin splits in a perfect rendition of the seal.

Pact Magic (Su): Void-Souled are inherently linked to the void, and thus to the vestiges within. At each of the indicated levels, the Void-Souled chooses a single pact augmentation; they gain the benefits of the chosen pact augmentations permanently, even if they are not bound to a vestige. These chosen pact augmentations are in addition to any the Void-Souled may be entitled to from levels in the Binder class.

Vestige Binding (Su): At 4th level, the Void-Souled gains the ability to bind a single vestige of 1st level. He is treated as a binder of his level when making the pact and using the abilities of the chosen vestige. At 10th level, the Void-Souled may bind a second vestige, this one of either 1st or 2nd level. At 16th level, the Void-Souled may bind a third vestige of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level. These bound vestiges are in addition to any the Void-Souled may be entitled to from levels in the Binder class.

Skilled Pact Making (Ex): At 5th level, the Void-Souled gains a +2 bonus to the binding check whenever he binds or expels a vestige. At 11th level this bonus increases to +4, and +6 at 17th level.

Supernatural Resistance (Ex): The Void-Souled's link to the void grants them a measure of resistance to magical effects. The Void-Souled subtracts 5 from the damage inflicted by any magical abilities used against them. At 14th level, this resistance increases to 10, and to 15 at 20th.