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Hello ladies and gents. Thanks in advance for the feedback. I apologize

I worked on this world awhile back and now dusted it off a little. And I am finally putting it up for people to take a look and get some feedback.

Zephire is still DEFINITIVELY a work in progress. Please tell me what you like,. what you hate, anything. Also if you like something enough to steal it go for it! Just tell me what it was so I can use it too.

Thanks all

(This world is made with Pathfinder in mind so everything relates to that)

Over two thousand years ago the continent of Zephire came together under one government. The government, ran by wizards began with the noble goals of preserving both the welfare of knowledge and welfare of their people. The various churches were ignored under this regime. This is not to say they were maltreated they were just simply ignored. Their doctrines were overridden, their virtues disregarded. The church following were treated as almost substandard, as they were regarded as somewhat insane for trusting religion over science and magic. Interestingly enough there were no documented cases of mixed breeding. The races generally got along with each other but there was a certain xenophobia as it concerned breeding. This went well for over a thousand years until the Council of Ten (the governing council of the entire government, checked by no one) which represented all schools of scholarly knowledge. Each race selected a delegate. In addition the military, the wizardís institution and the churches combined got one seat. Needless to say the churches were angered about that fact. In time these disparate churches had more than a few issues with each other but after hundreds of years of this treatment they soon began to work together against what they say, at least a political sense, mutual enemies.
Roughly 500 years ago there was an outbreak among the various churches. They were fed up of the governmentís treatment. At first there were protests. Then some minor uprisings. Nothing that wasn't quickly dealt with and neutralized

500 years ago the government of Zephire began to weaken. Centuries of an extremely hands off approach to governing their people. The religions had as a group become fed up with their treatment. They in no way had the strength to overthrow or actively resist their control. That being said certain sects in the church did begin a kind of low level guerrilla warfare against the government. These efforts increased over a hundred years and sped up the process of weakening the government.

400 years ago the Sapon Institute captured Demi-God and began work on siphoning it's energy. After fifty years of work on the project they came forward to the Council of Ten and officially announced their project. In doing so they infuriated the churches. The church's delegate called a general assembly of all the churches, an occurrence that had happened only a handful of times prior. At the assembly the churches decided that this had to be stopped somehow and diplomacy was not a acceptable answer. After that point the level of guerrilla warfare increased dramatically, now church sanctioned. Also all of the churches were united in this campaign to end this experimentation on the Demi-God.

300 years ago the Sapon Institute brought the Council of Ten, various arcane masters and assorted military and political leaders. The churches boycotted the event. That day the Sapon Institute exploded. The population of the Isle of A Thousand Dragons went from 10,000 to 2,000 overnight. The entire western part was blown to dust. People all over the continent of Zephire saw the explosion. The huge amount of arcane and divine magic released in the explosion changed its survivors (See Isle Folk description). It also changed the geography of Zephire. The mainland around the Isle of Thousand Dragons developed a huge mountain range, The Erratums, around it. The dust clouds that the explosion caused the northern tundra to creep further south. The Barstoc River was created from a gigantic lake that was brought up with the mountains.

The religions used this groundswell of terror and despair to add to their ranks. All religions gained thousands upon thousands of new dedicated members. The religions also broke apart from each other. Each religion went there separate ways, for a time. After a while they can to a point were the only way to gain new followers was to go where others had already gone. As a result the already tense relationship broke. All of the religions went on the warpath, against whomever they first encountered. Enough alliances were made and broken to fill all the libraries in the now gone Sapon Institute. After over two hundred years of bloodshed there is a uneasy truce between the various countries. The countries no longer have official standing armies. But there are many companies of mercenaries wandering the lands.

About 100 years after the explosion the Isle Folk began to appear on the mainland. They were automatically mistrusted and mistreated by the churches and their followers. As a result being an Isle Person on the mainland was a life of mistrust and danger. Some mercenary outfits on the other hand actively courted Isle Folk for their size and skill in combat and as tacticians. As a result some Isle People can be found travelling the mainland

Religions(Churches really)

Each religion basically has a country. They are all theocracies to one extent or another.

Deitiy list/Pantheon

(This in no way eliminates other gods from use these are just the major players.)

(That being said I do deny any deitiy that has the Magic Domain)

1. Iomedae
Lawful Good
Goddess of valor, rulership, justice, honor
Domains-Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War
Favored Weapon-Longsword

2. Shelyn
Neutral Good
Goddess of beauty, art, love, music
Domains-Air, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection
Favored Weapon-Glaive

3. Cayden Cailean
Chaotic Good
God of freedom, ale, wine, bravery
Domains-Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, Trave
Favored Weapon-Rapier

4. Abadar
Lawful Neutral
God of cities, wealth, merchants, law
Domains-Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapon-Light Crossbow

5. Gozreh
Deity of nature, weather, the sea
Domains-Air, Animal, Plant, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon-Trident

6. Gorum
Chaotic Neutral
God of strength, battle, weapons
Domains-Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War
Favored Weapon-Greatsword

7. Zon-Kuthon
Lawful Evil
God of envy, pain, darkness, loss
Domains-Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law
Favored Weapon-Spiked Chain

8. Norgorber
Neutral Evil
God of greed, secrets, poison, murder
Domains-Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery
Favored Weapon-Short Sword

9. Rovagug
Chaotic Evil
God of wrath, disaster, destruction
Domains-Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War, Weather
Favored Weapon-Greataxe

Mercenary Companies
250 years ago-20 Isle People come to Zephire and land in the southern mainland which is controlled by the followers of Abadar. They fled to the Erratums and discover the remnants of the Eternal Suns. The Suns numbered 400. The Suns recruited the Isle Folk and journeyed to the Isle of a Thousand Dragons. En route they are ambushed by the Death Hawks. They were reduced to 7 Isle Folk and 50 Sun members. Tamath of the Isle Folk takes control of the group. They reach the IoaTD and at that point the Suns bring their families to the island. The human population after families is roughly 200. The group had been beaten to a pulp in their last campaign and had been driven out of there base camp in the eastern foothills of the mountains. They recognized the value of these smart, strong people as warriors who could get their company back into a position of respect and prosperity. They quickly recruited the party of Isle Folk and made the journey back to the Isle of a Thousand Dragons to recurit more. On the way they were ambushed by the top mercenary company of the time, the Death Hawks. The leader of the Eternal Suns was killed and the company reduced to fifty warriors. Tamath of the Isle Folk assumed command of the company and sucessfully got to the island. 220 years ago-Tamath passes control on to his general Jerill. 30 years later the Eternal Suns came back to Zephire 1500 strong. They eliminated the Death Hawks and disappeared into the Erratums. They sent a team of scouts to create networks of contacts to the western cities from whom they contract their services. They did not use the name the Eternal Suns anymore. They merely said that they were the company to defeat the Death Hawks. And so the name was born, The Victors.

The largest mercenary companies are in constant competition with each other. Out of all of the mercenary companies there are three that are considered the top companies. First are ironically named Righteous Lions from the Southeast who are known for their speed and cruelty. Their banners display images of a Dire Lion which they ride into battle with. The second are the Frost Riders, famous for their tracking abilities and their infamous wooly rhinoceros charges. The third are known only as the Victors. There has never been a faction that has hired them and lost their conflict in 200 years. They are located on Upward Sea in the Erratums (the Barstoc River flows from there). They are rumored to fly on gigantic birds and even more disturbingly no mainland force is aware of the identity of their leader. There became something of a tradition in Isle People culture to spend a year in the Victors. They would bring home profits and material goods that helped the island flourish and grow. Many of them stayed on with the company. Their reputaion on the mainland was astounding. Soon members of all races came to Erratums to search for and join the Victors. Few succeeded but the Victors grew to a standing force of 3000 Isle People, humans, elves, dwarfs and many other races. The force was spread out in small groups across the land with a main force of 1000 standing at any time at the home base of the Fortress of the Upward Sea. To identify its members each person in the Victors was given a weapon with a single emerald in the hilt. These weapons not only identified allies but also what they did for the Victors(see list of weapons and corresponding jobs at end of entry). They do not necessarily use these weapons but they allow easy identifcation.

All of this does not mean that other mercenary companies are without Isle People. There are Isle People in many of the companies that operate in less devote areas.

First Assulters/Advance party members
Isle People-Great Falchion
Everyone else-Falchion

heavy shield




Siege Enginneers



Short Sword

Contractors(the guys who arrange the Victor's jobs)
Sword Canes

Isle Folk(new race)
Isle Folk

+2 Con
+2 Int
-2 Cha

The Isle Folk were the indentured servants of the Sapon Institute. They came from various races and backgrounds, as to their masterís preference. But even though they came from many places they all shared certain aspects. The servants were all exceptionally strong and sharp. To that end they were permanently enchanted for strength and intellect to be of better use to the Institute. The enchantments were in place for so long that they became bred down into servants. As a result Isle Folk are much stronger and smarter than their mainland cousins. They also passed down their charisma suppressions that the Wizards fed them to keep them from mobilizing.
Isle Folk had to survive brutal conditions and infusions of arcane magic but as a result are a bit aloof and subconscience of their appearence. They look much like their mainland cousins but with obvious differences, mainly their thick skin and otherworldly palor. Thus they are a bit shy and introverted with other races.
Spellcaster Hatred-Every Isle Folk remembers what happened to them at the hands of spellcasters. They hold a hatred that bordered on irrational. They automatically are distrustful, if not downright hostile to any creature seen or heard of using magic. If an Isle Folk is found using magic they are shunned and hunted. All Isle Folk are taught to kill any of their own using magic. As a result Isle Folk spellcaster, arcane or divine are exceedingly rare. Word has it the leader of the Victorís is a spellcaster creating even more mystique around them.

Speed 30ft

Powerful Build- After many years of enchantments the Isle Folk became used to increased strength and carrying oversized loads. An Isle Folk can wield a weapon one size larger with no penalites. This does not mean an Isle Folk can wield a smaller sized two handed weapon one handed.

Thick Skin- As a result of their conditions Isle People became thick skined to protect against the elements and creatures on their island. They recieve a +2 bonus to AC.

Survivors- +2 on Survival checks

Arcane Creation-as magic took a huge role in their creation Isle People gain a +2 on all Knowledge Arcana checks.

Spell Weakness-After so many generations of being controlled with magic Isle Folk are predisposed to being controlled. Isle Folk suffer a -4 penalty against all spells and spell like abilities (both arcane and divine)


Here's the big one

Playable class(at the beginning of the campaign)

Gunslinger(no guns)

Not even thinking about PrCs right now

And some notes about the classes

The churches have authority in Zephire. And they still are not okay with arcane magic. At all. All arcane casters have been hunted and publicly executed as examples of heresy. Wizards simply ceased to exist. With no place to learn the arcane arts they simply stopped appearing. Sorcerers and bards are extremely scares(in the open at least) and even more paranoid. Telling some one you can cast an arcane spell is the height of trust.

On the other side the divine class are far more common. Just because there are no standing armies doesn't mean you can throw a rock without hitting a paladin. Inquisitors are the hunters of the churches delivering the churches justice to arcanists, heretics, enemies of the church or whomever they are sent against.

Oracles are the peoples main spiritual conduit to their gods. They run the local churches and make most of the public appearances for the churches. 9.9 times out of 10 if you are seeing a spiritual church representative you are seeing an Oracle.

Clerics on the other hand are rare. There are maybe 20 left in the world. If a PC is a cleric they had better have a good reason for being outside the churches capital, and even the cloisters. Are you on a church sponsored pilgrimage? If so where are your guards? Have you turned on your church? Are you on the run?

Thanks all, I know that's a lot to read.