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Averis Vol
2012-11-17, 05:04 AM
So for my campaign I have a point in history set simply known as the great war by most where a collective of divines opened a massive gate to the elemental plane of air and called for allies to combat evil that had taken over the land. The high king Terlin Vold, a powerful cleric in his own right, rode to meet the newcomers to his plane in person; but what first came floating out of the gate so strong and proud was neither elemental or angel, but something else. Without further adieu I present you with.....


this thin bodied creature is the general shape and size of a human in almost every respect except for its hair, clothing and eyes that constantly flow and swirl as if a cool breeze were blowing even when it isn't. the windsoul are a race of angel's that are born of outsiders and air elementals. they take a childish view on the world, in and that they enjoy the freedom of flying through the air and seeing new things. they're slow to anger and quick to act in the favor of their cause and their eyes, that churn slowly as if they were filled with clouds, darken and roil with the force of a thunderstorm when the windsoul is angry (they may make a dc 20 bluff check to avoid this tell). being a creature of the elemental plane of air the windsoul people are very light and to any onlookers seem sickly thin, but thats just the by product of the incorporeal state they assume while residing on the plane of air combined with the very fabric of their spiritual essence, making them take on a wispy form.

windsoul make their homes in the clouds of their plane. They have no buildings yet they sleep in the clouds as if they were solid, much like silver dragons. Children are rare among the windsoul community as they can only come into being once an existing one dies. Children are seen as great gifts among the natives of the plane of air, and as suck are raised by the society as a collective, giving them a very wide range of experience's to learn from.

Windsoul prefer to take to the air to track their enemy before swooping in like a bird of pray and attack. If they can grapple they usually will and drag the enemy into the air and drop them like an eagle would do to an armadillo or turtle. though they are known for much more conventional tactics too, Windsoul like to make great use of their ability to fly, and as such prefer the outdoors to indoors.

Windsoul characters are in general those who were called from the Aeons Gate in the great war to aid the goodly humans of Vel' Varis. Many died trying to get back through the gates as it collapsed and some even managed to get through, but then there were those either too occupied in the fighting or too wounded to make their way to the portal that were left behind in the material plane. After the war the windsoul went their seperate ways; a few deciding to stay as guests of the king and the rest went to make a life. Some took up residence in villages acting as protectors and some decided to wander as nomads. But regardless of their path they slowly faded out of common knowledge and only the royal bloodlines remember them now.

Windsoul racial traits
. Medium: As Medium creatures, Windsoul have no special bonuses or penalties due to size.
. Windsouls base land speed is 30 feet, and they have a fly speed of 40 feet with good maneuverability (See Flight below)
. Lowlight vision: Windsoul can see in twice as far as humans in dim light conditions
. -2 str, +4 dex, +2 Cha: Windsoul are agile as the wind, but their air-like nature makes them weaker then most people of their size, and their force of personality can be beautiful as a calm wind or as ferocious as a roaring gale.
. Air affinity (Su): A windsoul can command the forces of air and wind like their elemental ancestors and as such can use these spell-like abilities, as soon as they gain the HD required, as a druid with a caster level equal to their Hit Die.
Once a Day:
1 HD: Gust Of Wind
5 HD: Sleet Storm
10 HD: Control Wind
15 HD: wind walk
20 HD: Whirlwind
. Flight (Ex): a windsoul, being born of an air elemental, can ride the wind currents. he flies at a speed of 40 ft. a round in light and moderate wind and an extra 10 Ft. per a round per catagory of the wind speed (see DMG Pg. 95 Table 3-24: wind effects)
. Aura of wind(Ex): Air whips and whirls around a windsoul constantly, and with this natural occurrence he may attempt to deflect projectiles away from himself as if he had the deflect arrows feat (Players handbook Pg. 93)
. Hunters Senses (Ex):A Windsouls eyes hold the appearance of a Predatory bird, and give him keen visions unknown to most, and as such Windsoul have a +2 bonus to search and spot.

That is the long and skinny of the race, now my question to the playground is: what LA/RHD would be appropriate for a race of this strength, and what would make them a more attractive option?

thanks in advance.