View Full Version : [VtM] Changing Obeah/Valeren a bit

2012-11-17, 12:22 PM
I recently picked up the VtM Anniversary book and here is how the revised Obeah/Valeren Discipline tree looks like:

* Sense Vitality
** Anesthetic Touch
*** Corpore Sano / Burning Touch
**** Shepard's Watch / Armor of Caine's Fury
***** Mens Sana / Vengeance of Samiel
***** * Unburdening the Bestial Soul / Blissful Agony

I feel the Salubri get really shafted compared to other clans with a signature Discipline.
The warrior Salubri are supposed to be fierce slayers of all things infernal; but it seems to me plain old Celerity completely blows Valeren out of the water as a combat Discipline.
And as for the healer Salubri, they can't be actual HEALERS until the third dot and can't use their most notable ability (cleansing souls) until the sixth dot, meaning it's barred to player characters unless one allows for SIX dots in Generation.

So I'm planning to skip Sense Vitality because it's just amazingly useless (a plain old Medicine roll achieves the same result) and drop all the other levels down by one, meaning the first power is Anesthetic Touch, then the tree shifts into the healer/warrior paths.