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2012-11-23, 01:06 AM
Heya Playgrounders!

After reading a bunch of campaign journals here in the forums, I thought I'd share mine. I've been DMing a group since October 2011 on a semi-regular basis. They have since evolved from lowly L1 adventurers to L6-L7 veterans of many a dungeon.

The starting group consisted of:
Human gun-fu master (monk-type specializing with pistols)
Half-elf oracle of Golgari (specializing in undead summoning and control)
Human rogue
Human witch
EDIT: Forgot a gnome cavalier, minus a mount. This will be important later.

Once upon a time, there was an enormous mountain sitting in the middle of a forested land. Many a tale have been told about the mountain. Some say there was an ancient tiefling city buried somewhere by a massive earthquake. Others say, the city fell during a duel between a golden warrior and a rakshasa.

Scattered around the foot of the mountain are a dozen small villages and towns. Its inhabitants were hardy and independent folk, mistrustful of any outsiders. So, when one of the villages were struck by an avalanche that revealed an entrance to a dungeon, the elders of the villages selected their own representatives to explore (and plunder if possible) the dungeon before news of it brings adventurers from the outside world.

Thus, an adventuring party was born.

Hiking up the trail of the rockslide, the party found a huge statue of a humanoid seated on a throne, with an entrance into the mountain between its legs. Entering the dungeon, they found signs of excavation and several crushed corpses of kobolds. Deeper still, the unworked cave walls gave way to worked stone.

The party has arrived at the first room of the World's Largest Dungeon.