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2012-11-23, 08:24 PM
For those of you who recognize that fanfic title, skip down.

For those of you who have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, here's an explanation.

Basically, I'm a Homestuck fan, and I read fanfiction. I came across a brilliant one a while back called "Land of Dragons and Dungeons (If you like Homestuck and Pathfinder, try looking it up-- it's great). It's basically a crossover between the Pathfinder ruleset and class systems and the base characters of a bunch of Homestuck characters-- so John's a Two-Handed fighter with a hammer, Gamzee's a barbarian who specializes in improvised weapons, Kanaya's a cleric... stuff like that. Plus, while the kids don't know it, they are all worshipped as gods all across the world-- or at least their Homestuck forms are-- The Heir of Breath, The Seer of Light, stuff like that.

Now I got to thinking-- this would be a REALLY cool setting. I'm not talking about playing as Homestuck characters, but instead playing in a world based on Homestuck. So, I decided to try and sketch one up. I'm working on it now, and basically, I have several goals.

1. Create gods for EVERY SINGLE kid from homestuck-- Trolls and all. 5 are already taken care of for me-- the 4 kids and Karkat-- and I know that I'll absolutely have to make some of them, because sadly not all of the characters are in the 'fic.

2. Somehow "Homestuck-ify" the races and culture a bit-- I already have the Kobolds (again the author's idea) as the consorts, and some Dwarf clans are essentially British (Jake-style), but that's as far as I've got.

3. Make some random cool stuff. Because why not?

4. Create new spells and mechanics Homestuck-style (I'm talking minor features, like a set of time-travel spells and creating some new archetypes, like the Holy Fire-Spitter (Rap Cleric of the Knight of Time).

Anyone got any ideas?

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[Reserved for Setting ideas/Race changes]

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[Reserved for Mechanics and Class Changes]

Magic Beat

Level 0 Spell (All casters except Alchemist)
This spell allows a mage to create a beat to drop sick rhymes to. There are several different beats creatable with this spell, though all require learning, a process similar to recording a new 0th level spell (This applies to sorcerers and bards as well-- they do not need to waste spells known on new beats).
Knight's Rhythm: This comes naturally to any worshipers of the Knight of Time-- it is a simple beat that provides no bonuses.
Breath Beats: A very.... simple beat. This is bare-bones stuff, used by worshipers of the Page of Breath in their simplistic slams-- it is automatically known by all Page of Breath worshipers who know this spell. It gives a +2 to all Sick Fires checks, but the effective result in a Rap Battle or when it comes to impressing someone is a -2 without the bonus.
Princes' Rhythm: A complicated beat that is harder to rap to, but is very impressive. This is automatically known by all worshipers of the Prince of Heart who know this spell. This gives a -2 to all Sick Fires checks, but the effective result in a Rap Battle or when it comes to impressing someone is a +2 without the negative.
Miracle Music: Used by the worshipers of the Bard of Rage and automatically known to all of them who know this spell, this is a complicated, ambling beat that changes at a whim-- it is almost never the same twice. This gives a -4 to all Sick Fires checks, but the effective result in a Rap Battle or when it comes to impressing someone is a +4 without the negative.
Tick-Tock beat: This beat is much like the Knight's Rhythm, but with some more background noise. It is used for religious texts in the Knight of Time's religion and gives a +2 to perform checks to read these. This rhythm exists in all other Slam or Rap-based religions, where it is known as the Pupa beat, Heart's Beat, or the Clown's Circus beat.
Battler's Beat: This beat gives a +1 to all perform checks for Bardic Performances in battle. It is religion-indescriminate, though all religions put their own spin on it.

New Spells (Time)

Level 1 (Magus, Wizard, Bard, Sorceror, Witch, Bonus Spell Time domain.)
Rewind (Equipment)
Return a piece of equipment to the condition it was in at any time in the last year (Including times when you or someone else was casting this spell). You must decide the time before you cast the spell. Affect lasts 1d6 rounds, + 2 rounds every spell level you have. This only returns physical condition, and does not effect dispelled magical affects. It does, however, restore poison or other coatings to the weapon.
Level 2
Rewind (Person)
Range (Touch)
This ability can restore a person to their condition as it was up to 2 rounds ago, +1/3 round per spell level (This affect only adds on when a full round is added). This does not restore spells of any kind or their equipment, just the person. Also, any spells on the person carry over. If used on an enemy, they may make a Will save to avoid being rewound. If used unexpectedly, the rewound person must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid being Nauseated.
This ability allows a caster to summon a time-clone. This time-clone functions as they would, but with several debuffs. This time-clone is a doomed time-clone, and as such any attacks against them get a +4, all critical threats against them auto-succeed, they critically fail on 1-2, they get a -4 to all saves and evasion does not function for them, they get a -4 to stealth checks, and if they live for more than 5 minutes the world pretty much starts TRYING to kill them-- random encounters will start happening rapidly. Any caster who sees their Time-clone die must make a DC 15 Will save or be Nauseated.
Level 3
Greater Rewind (Equipment)
Return a piece of equipment to the condition it was in at any time in the last ten years (Including times when you or someone else was casting this spell) The affect lasts 3d6 rounds, +4 for ever spell level you have. This returns any and all affects, magical or no, that were applied to the blade at this time.
Minor Time-Loop
Full-round to cast (See below)
Functions as Time-Split, but with several differences. The time-clone is not doomed. It may only stay for 1 round + 1/2 round per spell level. The caster must reserve this spell when he summons the clone, but may otherwise keep all his actions for that turn. The caster must within the next 24 hours go over to the spot where the clone was created and use this spell, at which point he will come back immediately.

Bard Stuff

New Perform Subtypes.
Sick Fires (Rap)(Intimidate, Bluff through Versatile Performance)

New Archtype (Idea)
Sick Firespitter

2012-11-25, 01:02 AM

The Chessboard creatures and all that fall under them would probably be the Upper-Lower plains accordingly. The players might get alliances with either carpacian faction.

Cherubs are strange. The two (three?) in the comic share the same body and might work best as a far-realm replacement, with the combination of two wholey different halfs making a inconceivable whole. In essance, a anti-Outer Glub.

Gamzee is the default "Evil" trollish god, but Rainbow-Drinking and his own religion are a extreme offshoot.

2012-12-02, 06:42 PM
Alright back to work! Can't let other stuff distract me.

In response to your statements, I do plan to make Carapaces, though whether it's a new race or an outsider army I've yet to decide.

Gamzee (or as he's called, The Bard of Rage) is in fact NOT the evil god, but instead a Chaotic god who switches between good (The Child), neutral (The Puppeteer), and Evil (The Monster). Or in other words, ThE cHiLd, the puppeteer, AND THE MONSTER.

Oddly enough, Karkat (Knight of Blood) is SEEN as the evil god, or at least one to be hated. Most of the Trolls are kind of seen as evil sometimes-- one of their primary groups of worshipers is the Drow.

I'm only going to be doing Nepeta, Equius, Tavros, Vriska, Eridan, and Feferi because those are the gods the author of the fic won't be doing, unless I get through everything and he's not done yet.

Oh, and I'll get to the Cherubs eventually-- it'll take a while before I'm that far along.