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2012-11-26, 03:04 AM
So I have decided that my players will soon have cause to adventure in Dis, and I'd like to really play up the fluff while they're there. I plan on portraying it as a sort of sinister cosmopolis; normal city-like things continue to happen, but in a gruesome danse-macabre sort of way. Atrocities are, of course, prevalent in Hell, but they're not inflicted as punishment so much as just accepted as a necessary part of doing business.

For instance, someone walking down the street might see a butcher hanging up joints of Long Pig while his assistant carves more in the back... and the carcass is still alive and screaming, of course.

Horseless carriages trundle up and down the streets, but they have a tendency to eat anything that strays from the pavements.

Unfortunately, that's all the specific tableus I've come up with. I'd like enough casual oddities that I can throw in some fluff at least between each encounter, for an arc that I expect will take 3-4 game sessions. Anybody have any twisted ideas?

2012-12-09, 02:02 PM
I recently ran an adventure that took place partially on Dis.

Dis is usually thought of as being a maze-like, oppressive-feeling city where somebody is always watching you. Dispater is the most paranoid of the Lords of the Nine, and keeps the largest secret police force. Statues of him are common, and as you walk by, his eyes follow you.

More generally, I like to portray Devils as constantly bartering and haggling over the souls of the damned, invoking the byzantine laws of hell to extract debt payments from one another.

Casual oddities I've used:

A headless fallen angel playing an organ in a Devil Lord's palace (at this point I played Toccata and Fugue in D minor on my laptop as I continued describing the place)
A chain-gang of damned souls being led to their punishment
Another adventuring party of mortals
A random encounter with a non-devil monstrosity. I used a purple wurm, but that was the mucky third layer. Maybe you could use a red dragon or something.

2012-12-09, 07:24 PM
I like to think that there are a lot of Gargoyals and such in the layer: things that could be part of the enviroment constently watching is a bonus.