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My decision's been made: This is the OOC Thread. Please post your character information onto this thread.

Six people have been recruited by the Godmachines to kill the gramarist Norn in his fortress. Supposedly the betrayer of all eight Godmachines, Norn's death is so important that they must take action, they must have you destroy him yourselves. Some of you are their loyal servants- others they have paid with knowledge or power. The Godmachines seem united in this goal.


Deities and History:
A little over ten thousand years ago, a starship crashed upon this planet, which was a lifeless, barren rock. This spaceship contained eight creatures with technological prowess unmatched. Despite their knowledge, they could not repair their starship and were forced to settle this planet. There they made it into the beautiful, lifefilled place it is today, creating everything that makes it what it is. This took millennia, and to prevent their own deaths they created eight machines, and strapped themselves inside, becoming part of these machines. These eight creatures are our gods, and the most powerful inventions ever to be created. They taught the secrets of their disciplines to mortals, the magical science known as Gramarie. Each Godmachine is master of a different discipline.
There are many references to non-standard poles, like a central pole, east pole, and west pole. Mortals don’t really understand what these things mean, but they are very important to the Godmachines. The central poles and west/east poles go through the planet, much as the north and south pole do. They are geographic, not magnetic, and feature prominently in maps of the planet.
They are:
At the North Geographic Pole, Venilastali. The patron of Biollurgy, he created all life on this planet. Every few hundred years he will still create new species, and next year is his year to release the new ones again. He is stern and fatherly to his followers, but kind to most. He dreams of a world where all creatures live in peace, underneath the patterns of life. He is lawful good. Holy Symbol: A fruitful rod. Domains: Animal, Community, Competition, Courage, Family, Good, Healing, Law, Plant, Purification, Renewal, Scalykind, and Strength.

At the First Central Pole, Kunnelan. The patron of Arcanodynamics, he created the magic of this planet. He is obsessed with power above all else, and expects his followers to share his ambition. He thinks himself the most powerful of all the God Machines, and one day expects to establish his true dominance. He is Lawful Neutral. Holy Symbol: A circle within a square within a triangle within a circle. Domains: Balance, All Elemental Domains, Fate, Law, Knowledge, and Magic.

At the South Geographic Pole, Natorii. The patron of Yggdratecture, she designed the caverns, caves and tunnels of this planet as well as the mountains, rivers and valleys. Her words always have a thousand meanings, and each of them are true. She sponsors empires and overlords, hoping that one day they will conquer the world at last. She is lawful evil. Holy Symbol: Mask over a mirror. Domains: Cavern, Charm, Darkness, Domination, Evil, Law, Luck, Portal, Travel, Trickery, and Tyranny.

At the West Pole, Ustela: The patron of Eldrikinetics, she made clouds fly and waves breathe. She is obsessed with love and relationships. She wants nothing more than for people to be truly happy, and follow the whims and dreams of their heart. She is Neutral good. Holy Symbol: A winged heart. Domains: Balance, Celerity, Charm, Good, Liberation, Luck, Protection and Travel.

At the Second Central Pole, Atashii. The patron of Imachination, she created the dreaming world and the things in it. The world of dreams is beautiful and bizarre, as is she. Her ultimate dream is a world where mortals may create whatever they wish, their imaginations truly coming to life. She is Chaotic Neutral. Holy Symbol: A tearful eye. Domains: Balance, Chaos, Dream, Knowledge, Illusion, Madness, Mentalism, Protection, Spell, and Trickery.

At the East Pole, Kava: The patron of Kaleidomantics, he colored the things of the earth so they may be enjoyed. He dreams of drowning the world in a waves of color and pain, all things beneath the sweep of his shades. He is neutral evil. Holy Symbol: The rainbow. Domains: Balance, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Prismatic, and War.

At the North Magnetic Pole, Novelo. The patron of Heuristics, he designed the digital world for the gods and their servants to have access to. He constantly changes and upgrades it still. His chaotic good nature wishes for mortals to be able to express their goals and liberate themselves, using the tools at their disposal to change the worlds. Holy Symbol: A brain. Domains: Good, Knowledge, Liberation, Mentalism, Mind, Planning, Sun and Magic.

At the South Magnetic Pole, Vanatin: The patron of Alchemetry, he made the rocks and metals and put them in the earth. He longs to destroy the world he helped build, and wishes to return to his faraway home, deep beyond the stars. He is Chaotic Evil. Holy Symbol: A chunk of Sunmetal. Domains: Chaos, Death, Deathbound, Destruction, Evil, Hatred, Metal, Sun, Suffering, Undeath.

Note: Vanatin receives a variant of the Sun domain, where the +2 bonus is to rebuking/controlling undead. Also, PCs should probably not worship him.

Second Note: They all give the Craft, Creation, and Artifice domains.

Clerics and Other Divine Casters:
While other casters manifest powers by virtue of study, powerful blood, a strong mind, and other such attributes, Clerics and similar divine casters (although not druids who do not worship any gods) receive their magical power directly from their deity, energy wirelessly streamed from enormous generators in the Godmachines to a small but noticeable implant in the caster’s arm. If they don’t use magic to hide it, most people will notice this long but thin bump. Clerics of philosophies and alignments do not exist in this setting. The Godmachines make this implant very difficult to remove once inserted, and they can also use it to track and communicate with their followers. It also helps as an easy conduit with the virtual world.

The Digital Domain:
Shortly after the Godmachines began their work on the planet, they created two supplementary realms. The first was the dream world, created by Atashii with help from Novelo. The other was made by Novelo alone, the digital world. The Digital World does not truly physically exist- it is chunks of 1s and 0s recorded as magical and electrical impulses, deep within vast depths beneath the planet. However, through magic, creatures can translate themselves into the machine, create real world counterparts of the creatures stored within, and other such effects. Each god has their own domain within the machine, populated with creatures they created to be like themselves. There are also countless more domains, created by mages, psychics and priests with too much time on their hands, creatures within the machine itself, and powerful beasts of this world. While this realm may not truly exist, it is very important. In addition, the mind and knowledge of a creature is stored automatically in this domain upon death. From there, it can be implanted back into a body, which is what the resurrection/raise dead spells and the like do.
There are countless subdomains in the digital domain.
They are listed below.
The Digital Domain:
As previously mentioned, the digital domain is not a physical world, but a simulation of one by Novelo. However, the intelligent creatures that reside in this domain are as sentient as any Exotic Intelligence, and there is much debate over whether this world is real or not.
The Godmachines each made one domain in this world when it was first created. All other domains in the digital world are demiplanes, and there are a large number of these.
For all domains, assume normal gravity, normal time, alterable morphic, no elemental or energy traits, and both enhanced and diminished magic unless otherwise specified. The types of spells that are enhanced or diminished are listed at the end of the description, although how they are enhanced is left for visitors to learn.

The main domains are:

The Perfect Gardens of Venilastali: (LG Divinely Morphic Minorly Positive Dominant Plane)
This domain appears as a beautiful, perfect, enormous set of gardens. It used to be inhabited by a species known as the Guardinals, beautiful animal-like creatures that served Venilastali. However, they grew disillusioned by their god’s actions, especially when he tried to destroy the Orcs and Goblins before they had even been allowed to live. They finally told their creator they had enough, and left him. Venilastali was heartbroken, and created the Archons to replace them. Loyal, warlike and menacing, they serve their master perfectly, never questioning his judgment. They, however, do not appreciate the Perfect Gardens as their predecessors did, and their distrust of the Eladrin has resulted in a cold war between the two species. The Archons once banded together with the Eladrin to try and enrage the Blood War between the Demons and Devils, but their attempt turned out to do just the opposite. As such, the Archons are amassing their armies and magic, some say for an assault on the Sanctum of Salvation. If this event occurs, it will be a massive blow to the forces of good, and convince the neutrals that good creatures cannot work together as evil can. Spells that cause growth and enhance or create creatures are enhanced in this domain, and spells that destroy or blight the landscape are diminished.

Ustela’s Heaven: (NG Light Gravity Divinely Morphic Plane)
This domain is divided into two parts- An airy place made of clouds, home of the birdlike angels, celestial pegasi, and many other winged creatures, and a brilliant sea where more aquatic celestials reside, along with merfolk and similar creatures. Many Guardinals also live here after leaving Venilastali. While it seems perfect, the happy nature of this place is strongly enforced. The residents try to help those feeling the negative emotions, but despite Ustela’s wishes they sometimes use enchantments to change feelings instead of actually fixing the problems. Any evil creature that tries to enter heaven is forced out as well, and neutral creatures are strongly discouraged from entering. Heaven is of pleasure, where creatures can experience many of the things they could in the real world, only better. Some more prudish people would consider the some of the delights contained within to be crude, but the angels explain that they bring the good closer to joy. Spells that heal and bring happiness (especially through mind control) are enhanced in this domain, while spells that cause pain are diminished.

The Sanctum of Salvation: (CG Divinely Morphic Plane)
Home to the Eladrin, a chaotic, wild race of celestials, the Sanctum is a large domain, but doesn’t have exact edges like the others do. Instead, it bleeds off into the void of the rest of the digital world. The Eladrin are an impulsive race, and can more often be seen in other places than here. The Eladrin have their own mysterious goals beyond what Nexus has asked of them, and do not share their goals with their god. Eladrin and Archons have a strong rivalry. Once they tried to work together to destroy the devils and demons, but this plan turned out miserably. The Sanctum is considered a place where all good creatures can gain rest, protected from anyone who wishes to harm them. Because of this, the Eladrin have a massive army to defend their home. The Sanctum’s main feature is a beautiful garden, which they claim rivals that of Venilastali. The Godmachine has no comment on this claim. Spells that protect and cause non-lethal but damaging effects (except for fear effects) are enhanced on this domain, and spells that cause fear are diminished.

The Nexus: (NN Divinely Morphic Plane)
Created by Novelo, the Nexus is designed as a meeting place for all, a central hub and a place where those of the digital domain can meet nonviolently and on neutral ground. Almost no creatures actually live in the city, preferring to commute through portal. All of the Godmachines have a presence here. The center of the Nexus is where the Godmachines bring mortals who they wish to discuss things with as a group. This is where they gave you your assignment, in fact. Spells that help communication and speech are enhanced on this domain, and spells that do the opposite are diminished. The plane is unique in that anyone who visits gains the effect of the Tongues spell.

The Arcane Athenaeum: (LN Timeless Divinely Morphic Plane)
The main part of this domain is an enormous university and library, where Kunnelan studies and analyzes all information about the digital realm. This information comes directly to him as a gift from Novelo, and the god and his followers often sell or give away their findings to those who wish to learn from them. The easily flattered Kunnelan has agreements with many of the governments to report his important research. The heads of these governments then use this information how they wish. When Kunnelan isn’t studying digital information, he researches new spells, plots new plots, and controls the important factors in the running of his realm. The Athenaeum is inhabited mainly by constructs such as Modrons and Inevitables, but the insect-like Formidrons and mortal spellcasters and Gramarists also have a strong presence here. The university here is very religious, with prayers between Kunnelan between classes, and being a worshipper of the god is almost mandatory to enter the university. All magic is enhanced in this domain.

Atashii’s Second Dream (The Dream):(CN Subjective Directional Gravity Erratic Time Highly Morphic Wild Magic Plane)
The Dream is the only place where the digital world and the dream world overlap, and going through here is the quickest way to get to the Dream World without going to sleep. It is also the most dangerous. Inhabited by Slaadi, a race the goddess dreamed up her first night on the planet, it is also constantly changing due to the goddess’s conscious and subconscious whims. The only place that is completely stable is the Bastion of the Grey Dreamers, a flying fortress run by a group of unscrupulous individuals who move through the digital world as lucid dreamers move through dreams. The Grey Dreamers commit acts of good and evil with uncaring ease, though they all share a chaotic bent. Once you deal with all these elements, you may finally arrive at Dreamsgate and enter a random dream. One wonders if this entire trip could have been avoided by taking a simple nap.

The Fiendish Republic of Infernus:(NE Governmentally Morphic Plane)
Once, Devils had their own domain with Natorii, and Demons had theirs with Vanatin. These two races warred mightily with each other. The Guardinals, Angels and Eladrin decided to ignore them, deciding to deal with their own problems. When the Guardinals abandoned Venilastali and he made the Archons, the new race decided to work with the Eladrin on a plot to make the domain of the devils and the domain of the demons collide, making one domain. They thought this would result in the demons and devils destroying each other, removing their vile influence from the world. When the collision occurred, it seemed like the plan was working. The demons and devils slaughtered each other for six years, but then a single group made of devils and demons called for reason and peace. Convinced by their words, they decided to work together to establish a new republic. Natorii and Vanatin did not like this change of events, but soon the Fiendish Republic of Infernus was formed. This nation is ruled by the president, who has a six-year term in commemoration of the six years of all-out war, and the Senate, which consists of both elected officials and the old powers of the two realms. There have been 665 presidents of Infernus so far, and the current, 666th, is Kenidrix Aris. Aris is a demon/devil hybrid, raised by his succubus mother. Despite her dislike of the demon race, Natorii seems to be very fond of the fiend, and when his term is over he will probably work for her. The capitol of Infernus is separate from the rest of the domain, and reachable only by portal. There is a brisk trade in souls in this city, especially in the Infernal Soul Exchange. The Presidential Palace is in the heart of the city, and so is the Infernal Senate. The Governmentally Morphic trait means that the heads of Government in this plane are able to change it, as well as Natorii and Vanatin. Spells that cause control and pain are enhanced in this domain, and spells that free or protect are diminished.

Kava’s Wastes:(NE Wild Magic Divinely Morphic Plane)
Kava wished only for a plane where he could be left alone, to work on his experiments and find the tenth color, the rumored secret shade beyond violet, black and white. As he saw the other Godmachines making their own creations, he decided to make his own- the Yugoloths. When he was finished creating them, he demanded that they aid him in his research. They refused. The Godmachine shrugged his shoulders and went back to work. The Yugoloths have lived in this domain ever since. In older times they were mercenaries in the war between the demons and the devils, but as the races are now at peace they no longer have this traditional career open for them. Some do assist their creator for coin and other wealth, aiding him in his experiments. Others sell their services to mortal spellcasters, although they often turn in the face of an opponent who knows their racial tendency to switch sides when offered more of a payment. But all of them simply do as they wish.
The Wastes looks like a desecrated, filthy landscape, although some of that is due to the fact it was used by the devils and demons to fight their war in the past ages. Some parts of the Wastes are cleaner and brighter, especially as you get closer to Kava’s glowing, colorful palace. The palace has the best defenses perhaps out of all the Godmachines, and nobody has ever successfully entered that the Godmachine did not wish in his inner domain.

In addition to these seven divine domains, there is one domain that is also large and important.

The Orb of Energy: (NN No Gravity Plane)
The Godmachines needed a source for their Gramarie, so they created an enormous, powerful orb of energy in this domain. Due to their power, they could turn this digital malestorm into a real source of power for their machines and creations. They were surprised when creatures began rising up from this orb, but so far these elementals have shown little direction or ambition. Different Regions of the Orb of Energy act as having the appropriate Elemental Dominant trait, as well as similar enhanced/diminished magic traits. The orb is mostly made of the four main elements- earth, air, water, and fire, but also shows patches of more exotic elements, like sound, force, positive energy, negative, etc.
There are two main ways to get into the digital domain. One is by visiting one of the Godmachines and being put in there in a digitizing contraption. There are rumors that other people have these scanners, but nobody knows for sure. If you use that way, when you die there you are safe in real life, but when you die in real life your soul may not automatically go there. The other way involves being magically scanned in, but that way temporarily destroys your physical body.

The Far Realms/Shining Void:
In the sky, far beyond where any mortal has traveled, there are other planets. Not just ones that orbit this sun, but ones far beyond that, past incomprehensible distances. This is where the ones who became the Godmachines came from, on a shining ship that crashed and burned. And it is the home for countless more creatures, most that people of this world find insane. Some find their way here, or can communicate with those of this world. They spread their maddening knowledge to the people of this world, a knowledge which can change them forever. Not much is known about the different species of alien or their methods of existence, but perhaps soon the veil parting the worlds will rise…

The Map
Stars are Godmachine locations. If there's no land there, then they have their own island. The tiny island near the edge of Kamata and Norsken is mostly very wild and unsettled. Both countries have considered controlling it, though. Novelo and Vanatin's islands drift with the poles.
Warning: I am not good at drawing maps. The Kavalii Islands are supposed to be more fragmented than that, too. Imagine them being more fragmented, in your head.

The Descriptions
Kavalli Islands
Not actually a country, these islands to the left of the map know no one ruler, and are mostly claimed by anyone powerful enough to claim them. Tropical and beautiful, they make a lovely home for anyone who wishes to be alone. It is there that the powerful Norn, who the campaign starts with you trying to kill, lives.
Leadership:The Kavalli Islands has no overarching leadership or rule, and in fact has little rule at all.
Laws:There are no laws in the Kavalli Islands other than what the ruler of an island tries to enforce.
This chilly land of mountains and forests is mostly inhabited by Dwarves, who produce fine carpentry and metalworking here. Cabinets that a noble would pay to sleep in, axes that can hew through diamond, and bows an elf would kill for are made here. The dwarves keep most of their products for themselves, rarely selling them to outsiders.
Leadership:The main clans of dwarf come together every thirteen years to settle disputes between them. Between these times, the ruler of each clan must try and keep order in their domain.
Laws: In Orve, theft is punishable by death. Those who steal are entombed inside the mountains, kept in the dark until they run out of oxygen. Murder is punished by burning, although duels and challenges are both allowed and acceptable. Enchantment magic is illegal to use except in self-defense. It is illegal to use Necromancy on Dwarven corpses, but other types of creature may be animated. In addition, you may become undead yourself, even if a Dwarf.
Another mountainous country, with little organization. Tribes of druids and animals roam the land, taking from it what they need. The common folk must obey whatever druidic circle is closest to them at the time.
Leadership: Whatever clan of druid rules the land dictates your life. If you rise up against them, it is likely you will be killed.
Laws: Each druidic circle does things differently. Some druids try to maintain the natural order, while others seek to control it. Some find the undead loathsome corruptions, while others see it as fine or even desireable. The main law is that of survival.
The most powerful empire on this continent, and formerly the most powerful in the world. They are elegant but hardy, and dislike outsiders. The ruler is a powerful cleric of Natorii and a gramarist as well, and as such the palace is known to have the most magnificent architecture ever crafted by a mortal. Most of the inhabitants are half-humans of some sort, as species mixing is encouraged to bring diversity.
Leadership: Chancellor Xania is the ruler of Dosima and one of the highest clerics of Natorii. Appointed by Natorii herself after the death of her predecessor twenty years ago, the half-elven Xania has helped her empire recover after the loss of Vin and their holdings in the Kavalli islands. Deciding to focus inwardly instead of outwardly, she is working on expansion inside the nation, through the use of Yggdratecture, the discipline she is a master of. Xania is unmarried, but has one daughter, whose father is unknown. Lady Ysobe is eighteen years old, and she doesn’t leave the palace much, her mother being very overprotective. When her mother dies she will not inherit control of Dosima, but Natorii has chosen a child of one of the previous Chancellors as the new Chancellor more than once, so she stands a better chance than most.
Laws: Dosima is an overbearing and xenophobic country, but does not directly harm outsiders. The undead are considered acceptable, if not normal here, and slavery is legal. Mental control and enchantment is allowed if the victims are from the lower class, but if they are powerful citizens, especially those in positions of government, it is very illegal.
A fruitful, if cold nation. The seasons here are very intense, but the people here manage just fine. Most of Kessin is farmland or orchards.
Leadership: King Anorila is the ruler of Kessin, though many say he will soon die and leave the throne to his son. Anorlia is not physically or mentally powerful, and has been controlled by the nobles of Kessin for the last twenty or so years. His son is a different story, being a paladin of some power who wishes to clean up the corruption he sees in the nobility.
Laws: Kessin is a country that has laws against the undead, but they are very rarely enforced. More than a few nobles are vampires or liches, trying to protect their own in this traditionally undead-hating country. Deaths and murders are not looked into very well, and while the country is not lawless, it certainly is not a place where law is strictly enforced.
Formerly a part of Dosima, this nation is struggling to find its own place. The people here are independent and stubborn, but intelligent. However, their leaders are not above dirty political tricks to get their way. Vin is one of the few nations in the world where people who understand or care about firearms exist.
Leadership: Elections in Vin have just finished, and the President-Elect is Sir Maxamillian Haughey. A former general in the Dosiman army, Maxamillian is a charming, brilliant orator who betrayed his original country to aid Vin in its revolution. However, he is known for talking much and doing little.
Laws: Personal freedom is valued in Vin above all else. Enchantment spells and slavery are illegal, but on the other hand anything you do to yourself and yourself alone is perfectly allowable. The people of Vin try strongly to be non-judgmental, even when they probably should judge others.
The Navari Coalition
The Navari Coalition is a group of countries, tribes, and city-states that have banded together against the other, more powerful countries on this continent. It is expected they will drop the Coalition part of their union soon, and just become one large county, Navari.
Leadership: The Coalition Council is made of representatives from all the political groups of the coalition, and works together to make decisions for the Coalition. In addition, each group has its own leadership.
Laws: There is no overarching set of laws for the Navari Coalition, except for the basics (no theft, murder, etc.) It really depends on where you are in the Coalition.
Hot, desertlike, dull.
Leadership: Many people have tried to conquer Kax. All have failed. Most people conquer bits, but then die in this harsh, burning desert.
Laws: Whatever you can get away with.
Known as the Isle of Delight. Rich, fruitful and blessed, the people here are prosperous and relaxed. They love their ruler, the benevolent Overlord Nabali. It is said there may be something sinister about their country, but Tamatians will have no such talk.
Leadership: Overlord Nabali rules Tamatia strongly and lovingly, and her people submit to her rule and love her in return. She and her team of elite servants control the land, spreading light and wisdom to all who will accept it. Nabali has no lovers and considers no one her equal.
Laws: Only those who love Nabali may live in her kingdom. Those who defy her words or try to become greater than her are brutally and mercifully executed. Only Nabali and her Vassals are allowed to control the minds of the populace. Necromancy is illegal as well.
A swamplike country, ruled by the Mage-Drake. The most powerful Black Dragon who ever lived, Cruthalel, is the current Mage-Drake. Ojashi’s humanoid population has few rights, and it is currently the country with the largest population of dragons.
Leadership: The Mage-Drake Cruthalel is the ruler of Ojashi, having taken the title from his predecessor in battle. Cruthalel is a necromancer, and his armies of the undead protect Ojashi from shenanigans. The other breeds of dragon each get a representative who works under Ojashi to run the country.
Laws: Ojashi has few laws for dragons, as they are considered powerful enough to do what they wish. Humanoids, on the other hand, have long and elaborate guidelines they must follow, the most devastating of which is that they are not allowed to practice magic without a permit, nor are they allowed to shapechange into dragons through any effect. Dragons are allowed to “make reasonable use” of humanoids, a law which is used to justify many, many actions.
The Eternal Empire- its ruler is an Elan, Empress Tashileta. She has ruled for the last ten thousand years, and she has no intentions of stepping down from the throne. Tashileta is a psychic of fantastic power, and some whisper she could even challenge one of the God-Machines. The people here undergo intense training and procedures as children in attempts to awaken psychic power.
Leadership: Empress Tashileta rules from the Crystal Throne, and is an Elan psychic beyond compare. She is one of the oldest living beings on the planet (after the Godmachines, of course) and also one of the most intelligent. She is also stupendously rich, and has a habit of giving expensive gifts to those she fancies. Tashileta has an enormous harem, filled with concubines who wish to join for many reasons, including the chance at becoming an Elan, attempts to bring their family prestige, or even the goal of becoming one of the Empress’s official consorts, who are some of the most powerful people in the realm. Tashileta’s two current consorts are General Kania and Lady Niyatan.
Laws: Kamatan law states that all parents must let their children be subjected to the Imperial experiments that often boost psychic power. Other than that, laws are very standard. Tashileta understands the wish for immortality, and so being undead is not illegal or hated, although it’s considered socially odd, as being an Elan is much preferred.
Inhabited by the Orcs and Goblins, who fled to this place when Venilastali tried to kill them before their creation. It is a very feudal and warlike land, and those there must be strong to survive. However, Norsken is beginning to take its first steps in developing firearms, an ability only Vin currently has.
Leadership: Due to their better intelligence then Orcs, Goblins generally do most of the administrative work in Norsken, while Orcs run the military. Hobgoblins do either, and Halflings generally involve themselves in politics. A council of seven rules Norsken and decides its future.
Laws: Worship of Venilastali is not illegal in Norsken, but it is strongly discouraged. Churches and shrines to the god are usually destroyed, although few actually try to make temples to him. Slavery is strongly illegal in Norsken, and people who own slaves in other countries are thrown in jail if they try to enter the nation. Enchantment spells are illegal, but the government believes that corpses do not have minds, and so necromancy is legal.


Humans: The first species to be created, and certainly the most populous, humans are one of the most successful species on the planet.
Dwarves: The favored children of Venilastali, most dwarves are xenophobic and mostly keep to themselves. They pride themselves on their craftsmanship, which they rarely even show to others. They loathe elves and orcs.
Elves: A haughty, longlived and intelligent race, elves are alien to most other species. They are known for being untactful, even cruel, and most consider other elves the only creatures worth interacting with. Dark Elves, a subspecies with dark black, blue or purple skin are much more friendly, although their ways are considered bizarre to outsiders.
Halflings: Designed as a slave race to the humans and dwarves, Halflings escaped their original masters and perused their own destiny. They value freedom most of all, and most hate Venilastali. They get along well with Orcs and Goblins.
Gnomes: An innovative and exuberant race, Gnomes are considered by some to combine the best features of the other races into a whole. Gnomes are very emotional and their research tradition and long life-spans make them excellent scientists. Their emotionality has a negative side, in that when a gnome gets angry, they get ANGRY.
Orcs: Along with goblins, Venilastali tried to destroy this race before they escaped his creation vats. He was not successful, and Orcs now live on their own continent, Norsken. Cursed to be violent, with impaired mental abilities, some Orcs are making designs on a creation that could change the brain-structure of the entire race.
Goblins: Goblins are a playful yet destructive race, and even more fecund than the humans. They primarily enjoy the company of halflings, though the sciences of gnomes fascinate them. Hobgoblins are the result of long-term breeding between Orcs and Goblins, and inherit the destructive power and violent tendencies of both races, and enjoy average mental capacities.
Dragons: Dragons are not as populous as they are in more standard D&D worlds, simply due to the fact that Venilastali requires a great deal of resources just to create one dragon. However, they hold significant power in Ojashi. There are only about 10,000 dragons of various types.
Dromites: This short insectoid species mostly lives underground, where their natural blindsense ability helps them navigate the fearful caverns.
Duergar: While Dark Elves are friendlier than normal elves, it is not the case for these “dark” or grey dwarves. Duergar take the xenophobia of their parent race to an extreme, and war against others who they encounter. Mostly they stay underground, where nobody can bother them.
Elan: A race of the chosen, Elan do not have one singular society, although they must prove themselves before receiving the psychic gift. The most famous Elan currently alive today is the ancient Tashileta, who was also one of the first humans.
Maenads: Some people say that there was a ninth God-Machine, master of a ninth discipline of Gramarie. This secret discipline and god is believed in by the Maenads, who also believe that they killed him. A seafaring race, the Maenads seem tranquil on the outside but inside hold strong emotions. Maenads mostly act as merchants, coming off their boats only to trade.
Xeph: Fleet of foot and mind, the Xeph are nomads of the desert of Kax. Some of the only people who live in this boring, tedious nation, they are excellent at eeking out from this heartless place what they need to survive.

I will be doing write-ups on any other races the players request, but these are the main ones in the PH and XPH.

Languages are done a little differently. As usual, people who get common get common. Dwarves and Elves are as usual. Halflings, Orcs/Half-Orcs and Goblins/Hobgoblins get Norsk. Gnomes get one free language of their choice. In addition, everyone gets a language corresponding to the country they were born and raised in.
Language List:

Common: A pidgin form of the Celestial language and Dosiman, Common is spoken by almost all intelligent creatures today. The name of the language comes from both the fact that it is “common” and C(elestial)+(d)osiman.
Dosiman: Dosiman is like two very similar languages. High Dosiman is a very polite, diplomatic language used by the nobility and rich of Dosima and other countries. Low Dosiman is a simplified version of this language, used by the more common folk. Using the wrong level of Dosiman is considered a social faux pas. Dosiman is spoken in Dosima, Vin, and parts of the Navari Coalition, Kax, and Keft. Dosiman is derived from Infernal.
Dwarven: All Dwarves speak this language, derived from Terran. It is considered betraying dwarvenkind to teach this language to any outsiders, and any non-dwarf attempting to speak Dwarven to a Dwarf will be at best ridiculed and at worst killed.
Elven: This high, poetic language is the only thing that Elves can usually stand to hear. They enjoy the sounds of Dosiman and Celestial separately, but consider Common an insult to both languages. Elven is derived from Celestial.
Kes: The language of Kessin, derived from Elven. Kes is a short and dense language, and has many words that describe the quality of nature.
Tamat: Tamatia’s language is derived from Abysmal, but has a lovely quality that its parent language does not. Tamat is a very polite language, and perhaps takes the longest to express thoughts in out of all the languages.
Draconic: Draconic is derived from all four elemental languages, and has many dialects. It is very hard for non-dragons to pronounce, but Dragons appreciate the efforts of non-dragons to speak it.
Kamatan: Kamatan is an ancient language, and has many dilects. Derived from an unknown language, Kamatan is very easy to communicate telepathically in.
Norsk: A harsh and simple language spoken by the Goblins and Orcs, it is also used as a language by the halflings when they need a language they know nobody else will know. Norsk’s native counting system is dozenal, as both species have six fingers on each hand.

Celestial, Infernal, and Abysmal still exist, as do all elemental languages. If you have any questions or want to know if your racial language still exists, just ask me.

Setting Technology:
The Technology level in this setting is both very high and somewhat low. On one hand, Gramarie and the creations of the God-Machines enable fantastic devices to be created. On the other hand, people are still trying to figure things out. Consider the technology level like the beginning of the scientific revolution, but without understanding of gunpowder.
Skill Information in spoiler.
Some skills have more uses in this campaign. I have listed these extra uses here. First, the Knowledge Skills.

Arcana: In a world where there’s no real distinction between “this blimp works by channeling the souls of air elementals” and “this blimp works because it has this bizzare gas known as helium in it”, Magic is a science all its own. Knowledge Arcana can be used to think of magical theories and the basic of magical operations. It also deals with energy and matter, and therefore helps with Chemistry.
Architecture and Engineering: This skill helps people remember facts about Physics as well. A strong foundation in Physics is the key to learning about these topics. This is also the foundation of Gramarie as well!
Geography: This skill also encompasses Geology, because there’s not that much of a jump between “the river is here” and “the river is here and the land goes as such”, especially at high levels.
History: Political Science. Do I need to explain this one?
Local: Anthropology and a little bit of Psychology, although most of Psychology falls under Psionics.
Nature: Biology, of course! The genetics of animals and crops, how they grow, when and why. Also some geology as well.
Nobility and Royalty: Political Science 2- the sequel
Psionics: Psionics is the discipline of the mind, and so you learn about how it works. Psychology is learned by studying psionics.
Religion: As the godmachines came from the stars, it would make sense that you learn a little about Astronomy.
The Planes: In a semi-bizarre move, The Planes gives basic knowledge in logic, digital logic, and a discipline known as Planar or Digital Science, although in our world we would call it Computer Science. It also gives information on electronics, and that great unceasing joy that is maths

Now, All other skills.

Appraise gives you knowledge of the discipline of economics, and gives you practical mathematical information.
Heal gives you biological knowledge, but mostly about humanoids.
Every language known gives you a +1 bonus on checks considering linguistics. If by some ability you know all or almost all languages, you only get this bonus for those you know at 1st level and those you have spent skill points on.
Spellcraft and UMD give you knowledge of Arcana as a science, but to a lesser extent than Know: Arcana would.
Lucid Dreaming gives you some knowledge of Psychology from a bizarre sort of standpoint.

If you’d like to put it in your background and have the knowledge skills to back it, your character could have discovered some of the physical laws we still hold today in our universe. But keep in mind that the physical laws here are not the same, because magic is real.

Epic People:
Probably less than 1000 people in a population of 500 million have more than 21 levels. Out of those, most of them comprise the government of particularly powerful empires, are direct servants of the God-Machines, or prefer to keep to themselves. Epic items are hard but not impossible to find, most made by mages who grow fantastically wealthy while delaying their own power. Such items require epic coinage to purchase.

Epic Coinage:
In addition to the traditional coins, there is also the divine piece (dp). Each dp is minted by one of the god-machines for authenticity (more on them below) and is worth approximately 100,000 gold. Each dp is an enchanted diamond-colored rod about a foot long and weighing about eight ounces. Despite this, they are stronger than diamond. Divine pieces can be broken along incisions (each divine piece has nine, for ten sections) to make smaller (but still huge) portions of currency, or to be used as diamonds in spell casting. A simple mending spell can put fractional divine pieces back together for ease of transport.
The Empire of Kamata also issues an Empress Coin, made of solid adamantine and with the thumbprint of the Empress herself on each piece. They are magically enchanted to prevent both forgery and theft. An Empress Coin is worth aproximetly 15,000 gp.

Because we have a lot of people interested in Gramarie, Metal Prices. These are taken directly from the Draconomicon, except for Tin and Mercury which are semi-based on the current price of these metals compared to Gold, whch is probably a terrible way to calculate prices.
Tin|2 cp
Lead|5 cp
Iron|1 sp
Copper|5 sp
Mercury|5 sp
Silver|5 gp
Gold|50 gp
Adamantine|100 gp
Mithril|100 gp
Platinum|500 gp[/table]

Players/Characters Chart
Erik Vale|Anna
Re'ozul|Nek'il Hi'tiyad'ril

Link to IC Thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=14319893#post14319893

2012-12-03, 11:37 PM
Name: Laonna
Classes: Ozodrin (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153536) 20 /Cosmic Horror (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=11433208) 10 || Champion (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=258654) 9 / Warblade 1 / Abberant Armourlord (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83133) 5 / Epic Hero (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102456&highlight=epic+hero) 2 / Abberant Armourlord (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83133) 5 / Peerless Marksman (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461863&postcount=38) 5
Species: Wood Elf (Inherent (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=213704) Aberrant bloodline)
Gender: Female
Link to Character Sheet: Laonna (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=469681) or Laonna in fusion with Observer 876 (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=470938)
Background: Born in Dosmia, this elf was a promising student of gramarie determined to use the powers granted by the god machines to search the stars for their homeworld so that the races of this earth might be uplifted even more, she dreamed of a technological utopia and a great alliance of worlds. She spent years constructing and then using a magnificent telescope to search the sky for long range magical signatures, some sign of extraterrestrial life, along the way she discovered a number of scientific laws and principles governing the different properties of various spectrums of EMR and invented the radio telescope, a device now called a Laonnascope. Naturally this garnered her great respect and admiration within the scientific community.
When she found a blip in the dark void of space she was elated, she somewhat hastily prepared a rapid means of transit and in a great flurry of adulation and congratulation from her peers she set off, stepping through the magical portal she had created alone. Barely a second past before she stepped back through wide eyed and with the machine inexplicably crumbling and melting behind her. All memory of her previous work as a gramarist was gone, she knew nothing of the magnificent devices she had created and she couldn't even prepare the most simple of formula. Something was different she had changed...
Her friends could recognize she was the same person, she had the same laugh, the same mannerisms, but some of her attitudes and opinions had changed. This coupled with the complete loss of her understanding of gramarie led a number of them to believe she was a completely different person despite what their scrying told them. She drifted away from her friends and allies and moved to Vin where she had heard people might be more tolerant of her unusual circumstances and strange new powers even if it was as frightening to them as it was to her.
Intended Party Role/s: Ranged DPS with some versatility.
Cohorts/Allies (if any): Observer 876 (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=470093) (Warlock 6 / Psion 9 / Epic Hero (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102456&highlight=epic+hero) 2 / Herald of the Outer Spheres (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461771&postcount=28) 4 / Omnimind (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461858&postcount=37) 1 )

Maugan Ra
2012-12-04, 01:11 AM

[/Monty Burns]

And here's Sirius Arkhan (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=469591). The rest of his notes and cohorts are in a series of beautifully disorganized documents, which I need to sit down and shake until they look vaguely presentable.

2012-12-04, 04:17 AM
Name: Dara-threk
Alignment: LN
Classes: Dragonfire Adept 20/Dragon Overlord 10 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461685&postcount=19)||Totemist 20/Epic Hero 3 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102456)/Soulweaver 7 (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461906&postcount=42)
Species: Half-Dragon Azurin (Half-Dragon from Draconic Bloodlord (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102588))
Gender: Male
Link to Character Sheet: Link (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=477621)
Background: On sheet (under 'Other Notes')
Intended Party Role/s: Primarily using all of his breath weaponry (plus a metric crapton of different metabreath/breath channeling/DFA effects so it does stuff other than just damage), but with totemist stuff and general magic ability (in the form of invocations and a wide variety of spell-like abilities) as well
Cohorts/Allies (if any): None

2012-12-04, 10:44 AM
Name: Nek'il Hi'tiyad'ril
Alignment: NE (of the "mess with people" variety)
Classes: Gloom (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=8017974&postcount=129) 25/Monster of Legend (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=2723.0) 2/Agent of Death (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461632&postcount=13) 3||Indigo Trickster (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=199905) 20/Unreal (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461973&postcount=47) 10
Species: Gloom
Gender: Male
Link to character sheet (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=471195)
He was originally a human assassin, exiled to the Kavalli Islands from Dosima for attempted Clergycide. This was originally considered a belayed death sentence as he was not nearly strong enough to survive there.
At least that is what they thought. He stayed alive for half a year. His knowledge of traps, decoys and treachery keeping him alive, allowing him to manipulate them into ignoring him or even pitting them against each other. Yet, it could not go on forever, and so he found himself on the broken stones at the bottom of his island's cliffs. A beast had managed to corner him, had played the part of being confounded by his traps until he became careless. It had struck then, hunted him across the island to the very cliff he now lay at the bottom of.
He had slipped, months of hunting and surviving, and wet stone had ultimately become his undoing. As he lay there, broken and dieing, laughter bubbled up from inside him. What a pathetic ending for him, what a joke. Once he had been under the illusion that he had power, until he was caught and brought here. Here he had survived and preyed upon those that would otherwise prey on him, and he had once more fallen for the same illusion of superiority until a small thing had spelled his demise. One curtain of percieved reality ripped away from him over and over. So he laughed, laughed at the futility of the "real", the fact that it was all only worth what you percieved. His blood spreading over the stone, his laughter echoed against the cliff, and was heard.
For a brief moment, his dieing mind, focused on the illusions of life and the pain of his broken body, resonated with a being far greater than him. At that moment he ceased to be.

He stands in front of the cliffside. The stones at his feet strangely discolored. He can hear breathing far above, growling. The world shifts, the beast turns towards him, jaws snapping. An inaudible scream shifts the wind, a whimper carried by it. The body goes over the edge.

"All a joke."

Intended Party Roll: Recon and battlefield control (depending on factors). Can also do dps if necessary.
Cohorts Allies: None

2012-12-04, 11:10 AM
Name: Ghaunvyr
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Wizard 5/Incantatar 10||LA 6/Fighter 8/Cleric 1
Archmage 2/Epic Hero 3||Monk 2/Drow Paragon 3
Realms of Chaos' Veneficus Optima 9||Realms of Chaos' Godking 9
Species: Drow (Vampire Lord)
Gender: Male
Link to Character Sheet: Ghaunvyr (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=476482)
Background: On the master post (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=14322586&postcount=7)
Intended Party Role/s: usually melee initiator/offtank, but can work as a party face or a blaster/controller, maybe even utility caster (spells can do anything, really)
Cohorts/Allies (if any): Vierinil (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=476656), Danerin (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=477323), might not bring Vierinil to the fights, probably won't bring Naderin

2012-12-04, 11:11 AM
The Crystal Depths


The Crystal Depths form a large world located beneath an area so wide that it resides under many of the surface kingdoms. The Depths are divided in two sections, though knowledge of the second section is scarce, as it's too dangerous for most people to explore.

The first section includes what merchants call The Crystal Roads. Due to the wide range that the depths cover, these roads are used as a quicker way to reach kingdoms avoiding terrain difficulties like mountainous grounds. Despite being part of the Crystal Depths, this place is relatively safe and the underground creatures tend not to reach it, even the intelligent races, as it's too close to the surface.

Little is known about the lower sections, which cover most of the Depths. But a famous city-state named Vargash is located at its boundaries, between the lower sections and the roads. Vargash's count connected the city-state to the roads 400 years ago, allowing rich trade with the surface realms and its inhabitants.
The background itself There are many legends talking about how dangerous it is below the upper sections in the Crystal Depths. There's mention of all kinds of weird monsters and strange creatures; sentient caves that were once the lairs of immensely powerful necromancers; adventurers who risked exploring these places – and were never heard of again... Only Ghaunvyr's (pronounced gon-ni-vyr) closest companions know that one of these legends tell a story about him.

Legend has it that several hundreds of years ago there was a drow – a race rarely seen in the surface in those times – who decided to venture through the Crystal Depths, even reaching the surface and knowing many cities, showing a surprising indifference to the sunlight. During this time, he also became a monk of the Zealots of the Written Word order. His name was Volaris, and he wasn't particularly evil like the other members of his race, though variations of the legend theorize about some shadowy events of his life that could hide cases of wrongdoing. He was a very capable wizard and fighter, who counted more on his agility and ability to think ahead than brute force. But this wasn't enough to save him from a terrible future.

Volaris (Ghaunvyr in his early days)

After becoming highly famous, the drow and his companions were recruited by a human noble to go to an illithid city in the middle sections of the Crystal Depths. This human noble wanted them to scout the place, for it was too close to the surface; and these illithid and their slaves were eventually going to the Crystal Roads and capturing merchant caravans, who were, besides robbed, killed or turned into other slaves.

Despite their high scouting capabilities, they were discovered by the illithid, and a fight ensued, battle which they lost and resulted in their capture. The story ends describing how horrible Volaris must have felt as his companions were enslaved or tortured in the illithid city, and teaching that even the most powerful groups of adventurers should stay away from the middle and lower sections of the Crystal Depths.

What the storytellers don't know, however, is that Volaris wasn't killed nor enslaved by the illithid. Instead, showing great resistance to their mental domination, and surviving many attempts of execution either by escaping before they took place or reacting in the last minute, the illithid decided such a defiant creature deserved less than death. They threw him in the hands of a drow vampire who lived close to the drow city of Gluth, very deep in the Crystal Depths, who would transform him in a slave in a way not even the most resilient minds could resist.

For more than a hundred years, Volaris lived in humiliation and domination, until he acquired enough power to defeat his slaver and take his place. He then went on to make more vampires and recruit other drows over many decades, as he explored his way up, until he was of considerable power, both in his own and his followers. He also adopted the name his followers gave him, Ghaunvyr, meaning in that time "accursed master" in the drow language. This was due to Ghaunvyr's "curse" of vampirism, though the other people who knew the meaning have been dead and forgotten for centuries; the name also no longer holds a specific meaning owing to the language's morphism. All humanoids turned vampire were so willingly, except for a deep dwarf, who after being turned quickly tried, unsuccessfully, to kill Ghaunvyr.

Having become so powerful and with so many drows and spawns behind him, never forgetting the pain caused by those illithid, Ghaunvyr once again reached for the illithid city. It had decayed in numbers, after such a long time, but it still was a mighty city, full of creatures of the darkest races, enslaved or not. A great battle ensued, but Ghaunvyr and his followers and spawns, with the help of a very powerful wizard who was freed from the illithid's domination during the fight, managed to kill every single aberration they could find remaining and took the city.

Ghaunvyr as the Count of Vargash

Over the next generations Ghaunvyr's power grew even more; and he attracted more followers, and even surface-dwelling people's curiosity - to the point in which the city became a small realm, the city-state of Vargash, having diplomatic relations with cities and kingdoms that reside both under the sun and under the surface. The Crystal Roads, now fully connecting the city-state to the surface world, became secure wherever Vargash's drows scouted and guarded, greatly enhancing trade. The powerful wizard who helped win the battle, Naderin, became a lord and the second in command in the city. And to this day, after five centuries, Ghaunvyr and his countess Vierinil, who he met while rebuilding the city, are still respected as great rulers and fanatically venerated by almost all drows living in Vargash.
Vargash, the Violet City


Vargash once belonged to a group of illithids and was taken by Ghaunvyr and his small army of drows 500 years ago. Its nickname, the violet city, comes from the purple magical lights that permeate the streets and buildings. The population is overwhelmingly composed by drows who venerate Ghaunvyr and would give their lives to him, but it also has a few thousand deep dwarves and other drows that abide to all the rules and respect the count, despite not being followers. A few members of other species constantly dwell in the embassies, including humans, dwarves and elves, but since the underground environment isn't pleasant to surface-dwelling creatures, there are no permanent residents who are surface humanoids.

The laws in the city are simple and centered around 3 rules: no stealing, no killing and no breaching of contract (unless allowed by the count or someone else in charge). Breaking any of these rules result in either being killed (when stealing or killing) or expelled and stripped of all possessions (in the case of breaching of contract). The harsh punishment for breaching contracts has been successful in diminishing trade dishonesty. These rules are valid for anyone entering the boundaries and every criminal is punished by the laws of the city-state, no matter what race or kingdom they belong to. All races are allowed in and treated with respect and peace, but the population is allowed to linch, torture and kill any illithid found within its boundaries, except for those illithids captured by the scouts – these go to the Dark Quarters or the prison, to be, respectively, tortured and crucified or impaled. Necromancy is fully permitted, but mindless undead can't be taken to the streets by their owners unless they are leaving or entering the city-state.

The official religion is the worship of Kunnelan, but members of the society and visitors are allowed to follow any other gods.

Almost all residents are capable warriors and/or experts, being great artificers and artisans. Magic is greatly encouraged among the population, and cantrips spells are a part of everyday life, being used in even the most banal daily moments.

The city is divided in three sections, A, B and C, from the higher ground to the lower.

In the section C, main section for visitors and merchants, places of note are: the Dark Quarters, a small place in the northernmost corner, where any sort of light is forbidden, and where Ghaunvyr personally impales or crucifies illithids; the prison, where any offenders are briefly kept to be judged; and the trade quarter, occupying most of the C section, where interracial and international trade is frequent and most taverns are located.

The section B is the housing ground, including the citizens' homes and a few high profile taverns where some of the more noble visiting merchants usually stay (though the most noble ones might stay in Oirna).

The section A is the highest and includes the Kunnelan square, closer to the natural walls in the enormous cave which harbors the city – this is where the Kunnelan church is found, along with the embassies, and, carved and shaped in the cave walls by Ghaunvyr over centuries, the Oirna (drow for "eternal") Stronghold, also commonly called the Vargash fortress.

Population: 141.122 (99% drow; 1% others)
Vierinil, Countess of Vargash


Of a stunning beauty, the countess Vierinil is a powerful cleric of Kunnelan. Her calmer personality has made Ghaunvyr become less harsh and act with more utilitarian purposes - change that was crucial to the growth and estabilization of their city-state. Vierinil met the Count long ago while Vargash was being rebuilt, when she reached for the place, driven by curiosity; she helped the Count rebuild the city-state and adventured with him for a long time. They fell in love with each other 400 years ago and since then she has been the Countess of Vargash.

Vierinil has chain-cast many Steal Life and Restoration spells as a means of torturing prisoners. This has also granted her a very long life, but nobody except for the count and Lord Naderin knows she did it.
Lord Naderin


When Vargash was a nameless illithid city, Lord Naderin was a captive drow freed by Ghaunvyr in the middle of the battle. As soon as Naderin was freed, he proved himself a very capable wizard, rising from his cage and mental domination to be of great help in taking the city. He was made a lord by Ghaunvyr, and, despite his more recluse and sinister personality, serves as Ghauvnyr's face when he is not present, constantly communicating with the Count through spells when any government decision is to be made.

Like Vierinil, he has many times chain-cast a Steal Life-Restoration combo on prisoners to increase his lifetime. He's recently reached middle age at 722 years old.
Elgluth, the Piercing Doom


Elgluth is an enchanted elven thinblade made with kaorti resin. It was found by Ghaunvyr when he explored the ruins of the dead wizard Bast's dungeon. Bast was a very powerful caster who, maddened by the search for power, started binding and enslaving extraplanar creatures in his dungeon to make them give him knowledge and strength. These experiments eventually backfired and his dungeon was taken by the demons he had summoned; a Balor, the strongest of the devils in the ruins, had Elgluth among his treasures.

The sword attunes to Ghauvnyr's necrotic powers and he's constantly storing Vampiric Touch spells in it; these have given this thinblade the fame that a mere touch of it can drain a person's whole life force.

This particular thinblade isn't suitable to wield with two hands; however, cracking waves of a crimson-colored energy constantly connect its wielder's offhand strength to the weapon as long as his offhand is free. This makes the weapon effectively work as if it was being held with both arms for the strength modifier, the power attack feat, and other combat circumstances*.

*As you can see, this effect is purely visual, since I still have to use "both" hands to attack. I just think it's ugly to hold a thinblade with 2 hands, where the hell is the graceful elvish piercing weapon thing? This makes it more badass, I think, without any practical changes, while still remaining very classy :smallbiggrin:
Elaugryn, Secrets of the Depths

I know, it's Geth's Grimoire

Elaugryn, Secrets of the Depths, is the name Ghauvnyr has given to his spellbook. Containing long lists of spells from virtually every discipline available, both divine and arcane, Ghauvnyr has made five copies of his grimoire. One copy he keeps with himself; four of them he has scattered throughout the Crystal Depths, in case he loses the one he's carrying. All five books are Blessed Books and have Instant Summons spells on them for quick recalling, aswell as Levitating enchantments (CArc, p. 141). The grimoires are completely filled with spells, having no free pages.

Spells contained are as follows:
Wizard spells
Hold Portal
Ghost Sound
Obscuring Mist
Detect Secret Doors
True Strike
Charm Person
Ray of Enfeeblement
Animate Rope
Enlarge Person
Feather Fall
Reduce Person
Benign Transposition
Targeting Ray
True Casting
Vigilant Slumber
Death's Call
Arcane Lock
Continual Flame
Alarm, Greater
Portal Alarm
Baleful Transposition
Create Magic Tattoo
Force Ladder
Attentive Alarm
Heart of Air
Phantom Steed
Arcane Sight
Illusory Script
Vampiric Touch
Keen Edge
Magic Weapon, Greater
Secret Page
Shrink Item
Eradicate Earth
Mage Armor, Greater
Mage Armor, Mass
Analyze Portal
Circle Dance
Deeper Darkvision
Demon Dirge
Devil Blight
Dimension Door
Dimensional Anchor
Detect Scrying
Invisibility, Greater
Mnemonic Enhancer
Orb of Force
Orb of Electricity
Assay Spell Resistance
Iron Bones
Ruin Delver’s Fortune
Spell Enhancer
Otiluke's Suppressing Field
Heart of Earth
Break Enchantment
Mage’s Private Sanctum
Wall of Stone
Prying Eyes
Dimension Door, Greater
Blink, Greater
Fly, Mass
Dimension Jumper
Heart of Fire
Analyze Dweomer
True Seeing
Undeath to Death
Mage’s Lucubration
Bull’s Strength, Mass
Cat’s Grace, Mass
Eagle’s Splendor, Mass
Fox’s Cunning, Mass
Stone to Flesh
Anticipate Teleportation, Greater
Resistance, Superior
Aura of Terror
Lingering Flames
Instant Summons
Mage’s Magnificent Mansion
Phase Door
Plane Shift
Teleport, Greater
Teleport Object
Arcane Sight, Greater
Control Undead
Reverse Gravity
Awaken Undead
Stone Shape, Greater
Energy Immunity
Dimensional Lock
Protection from Spells
Planar Binding, Greater
Discern Location
Moment of Prescience
Prying Eyes, Greater
Create Greater Undead
Temporal Stasis
Plane Shift, Greater
Invisibility, Superior
Bestow Curse, Greater
Mage’s Disjunction
Prismatic Sphere
Teleportation Circle
Astral Projection
Energy Drain
Soul Bind
Wail of the Banshee
Time Stop
Plague of Undead
Dimension Jumper, Greater
Deadly Sunstroke
Archivist's spells (spellcasting acquired from the Eternal Seeker epic destiny; non-cleric spells have their class in parenthesis)
Bless Water
Cure Light Wounds
Divine Favor
Entropic Shield
Inflict Light Wounds
Faerie Fire(d)
Rhino's Rush(pal)
Cure Moderate Wounds
Hold Person
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Make Whole
Remove Paralysis
Shield Other
Hold Animal(d)
Warp Wood(d)
Avoid Planar Effects
Divine Insight
Lion's Charge(r)
Animate Dead
Cure Serious Wounds
Deeper Darkness
Inflict Serious Wounds
Magic Vestment
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Disease
Magic Fang, Greater(d)
Seek Eternal Rest(pal)

Cure Critical Wounds
Death Ward
Divine Power
Inflict Critical Wounds
Righteous Might
Commune with Nature(d)
Divine Agility
Owl’s Insight(d)
Sirine's Grace(d)
Commune with Earth
Surge of Fortune
Glyph of Warding
Find the Path
Move Earth(d)
Stone Tell(d)
Restoration, Greater
Antimagic Field
Dimensional Lock
Spell Immunity, Greater
Unholy Aura
Energy Drain
Heal, Mass
True Resurrection
Visage of the Deity, Greater
True Revive Undead

The Oirna Stronghold


The Oirna Stronghold is the command center of the realm. The Count himself started carving it, centuries ago, by casting Stone Shape, Greater Stone Shape and Wall of Stone spells. A sumptuous and resilient underground palace, worthy of any king, it has been used for many negotiations and diplomatic meetings with other rulers, aswell as a home for Count Ghaunvyr, Countess Vierinil and Lord Naderin. The whole place is illuminated by Continual Flames, and the doors are made of iron, with amazing (DC: 40) quality locks, some of which have also been protected by Greater Arcane Lock. Guards are equipped with a breastplate, a large steel shield, a longsword, and a dagger, all masterwork except for the dagger. Drinkable water is provided by two everful basins.

Since all the workers (except for the laboratory assistant) are Ghaunvyr's followers who live in the city-state and fully dedicate themselves to their work, guests have the formal obligation to thank whenever they're served. No matter how noble the guest, if he doesn't follow this rule, he will have to apologize in front of the Count (or Lord Naderin, in case the Count is unavailable) and the mistreated worker. If the guest is rude enough, he might have instead to apologize in the throne room, kneeled before all the stronghold workers and whoever's in charge of the stronghold at the moment. Failure to attend to these punishments will result in being banned from Vargash for five to ten years and expelled in a humiliating manner, depending on how serious was the offense. Still, guests are treated like kings, if they stay polite.

Courtyard (Fancy)
An external part that covers the front of the stronghold. From here you can see the whole city-state.

The gates into the stronghold, they're constantly guarded by 2 or 4 warriors. It is strengthened by an iron portcullis.

Throne Room (Luxury)
The first and main room. When the Count or the Countess are attending visitors, this is where they stay. There are two other doors in this place, to the left is the door A (leading to section A) for guests, nobles and people of similar importante, and door B (...leading to section B), in the right corner through which only Ghaunvyr, Vierinil, lord Naderin and the valet Relon have permission to pass.

Section A
In this place, all rooms have the Chamber of Comfort enchantment, in order to make the underground environment more comfortable for surface-dwelling humanoids who happen to be visiting.

Dining Hall (Luxury)
First room in the section, with a long dining table where up to 16 people can sit. There are large masterwork paintings of surface landscapes on the walls, and an elaborated carving of a dragon on the 20 ft. high ceiling. There are four doors here; door one is the entrance/exit leading to the Throne Room; door two leads to the guestrooms and the bath; door three leads to the large kitchen of the stronghold; and door four leads to a kind of indoor courtyard that works as a small but very beautiful and comfortable square for the visitors.

Guestrooms (Bedrooms, Fancy [4ss, 4 purchases])
Each of these areas contains two smaller bedrooms with a connecting door. No expenses were spared in building or furnishing this space. Each room features a marbletopped bureau and a gorgeous wardrobe. The fourposter bed is made of the finest wood hung with the wispiest of linens, and the mattress and the blankets are stuffed with feathers. The sheets are silk.

A stuffed chair sits in one corner. In another, a finely polished and fully stocked writing desk waits to be used. The walls are adorned with fine art filled with pleasant nymphs and other fantastic or heavenly scenes.

Each bedroom has a valet, who can be called with any of the bells positioned around the rooms.

Bath Luxury (2ss)
The ultimate in bathing luxury, this room features a tub large enough for two or three people to bathe in, plus a large fireplace for heating both the room and the water necessary for a warm bath. Two chamber pots with padded and upholstered leather chairs are here. Servants empty these on a regular basis.

An intricately carved cabinet holds a variety of thick towels, and a handsome wardrobe full of fine dressing gowns stands nearby. A gilt-framed, three-fold, fulllength mirror takes up one corner, and another mirror sits above a gorgeous, polished grooming desk. The screen in this bathroom features intricately carved woods and the finest silks. Fine stuffed chairs are scattered about the place. The dressing table features three gilt-framed mirrors and the finest in grooming products, including aromatic perfumes, gilt-handled brushes, and so on. The walls are adorned with fine art of people bathing in a paradisiac river.

A servant keeps the luxury bath clean, and a valet assists the bathers.

Kitchen (Luxury, 2ss)
The cooks in this sumptuous kitchen are capable of serving up to 100 people with food of the best quality.

Indoor Courtyard (Luxury)
This well-appointed, large, circular courtyard is paved entirely with smoothly cut flagstones. A massive fountain forms the centerpiece, in which water pours endlessly from a masterfully carved statue dedicated to Kunnelan. There are a few colored fishes in the fountain. Statues of drow warriors are placed tastefully throughout the area, and cushioned wooden benches are scattered about the place.

Like everywhere in the section A, there are fresh air currents simulating a slow wind. Daylight spells are cast strategically to keep the plants alive; and to give surface-dwelling guests the feeling of surface days, the Daylights are swapped for torches after every 12 hours, and vice-versa.

Besides the exit to the dining hall, six doors lead out of this square - to the library, the trophy hall, the alchemical laboratory, the smithy, the magic laboratory and the shop.

The Library (Luxury, 16ss, 8 buyings)
Floor-to-ceiling glass-fronted cabinets with top-hinged doors keep the books here in pristine condition. The ladders slide along on wheels and rails for both safety and convenience. The marble floor has symbols inlaid that denote the section of the library in which you stand. The library includes two private study carrels and a number of smaller tables. A single large table allows a researcher more space to spread out texts or large maps.

A full-time librarian (Alhelor Talvyrae, Expert, Profession [librarian] +7, Knowledge [Arcana] +5) working near the entrance maintains a card catalog that indexes the entire library. This index cuts any research time here by 50%.

Eight master book lots fill this enormous library, encompassing Arcana, Architecture and Engineering, Geography, History, Nature, Nobility and royalty, Religion and The Planes. There are also eight sages (knowledge [any] +7) to help with knowledge checks; one for each of the subjects, respectively, they are: Ulviir, Orgoll, Umrae, Felyn, Rauv, Vornril, Zilvolin and Mas'Wira.

The Trophy Hall Fancy
More like a museum than a storage area, this polished wood-floored chamber holds its trophies in glass cases. Engravings detail each piece and its history. A guard stands watch over the valuables here at all times. The place is also guarded by a constantly renewed Dimensional Lock spell, and the lock is strengthened by an Improved Arcane Lock (Stronghold Builder's Guide, p. 51).

The Alchemical Laboratory Fancy
Here, the stronghold's chief Alchemist, Allenya (female drow, level 10 Adept, Craft [Alchemy] 13 ranks, Profession [Alchemist] 13 ranks), works, with the help of her assistant, Erelfryn (female drow, level 5 Expert, Craft [Alchemy] 8 ranks). Visitors are discouraged to enter the room, due to the somewhat dangerous nature of alchemy experiments and to avoid distracting Allenya's work.

The Smithy Fancy
This is where the only dwarf in the fortress, and the chief Armorsmith and Weaponsmith of the stronghold, named Bardin [male dwarf, level 12 Expert, Craft [Armosmithing] 15 ranks, Craft [Weaponsmithing] 15 ranks), works. He has an assistant, Quav (male drow, level 5 Expert, Craft [Armorsmithing] 8 ranks, Craft [Weaponsmithing] 8 ranks].

The Magic Laboratory Fancy
This place is usually locked, as it's meant to be used visitors and few of them are capable of casting spells. However, if it so happens that a visitor decides to use the magic laboratory, he must talk to the laboratory assistant, Kelvor (male drow, level 1 Wizard, Spellcraft +5), who holds the key. When not in the laboratory, Kelvor can be found in the library.

The Shop Luxury
A place for guests who want to buy luxury items, this marble-floored shop speaks of wealth. A large display window shows off special items, and inside, custom-built locked cases display wares. Customers can sip from fine wines offered to them while shopping, or rest in stuffed leather chairs when they tire. Only the finest merchandise is sold here, and the prices are as high as their stellar quality.

At all times, there are two clerks, Vlon and Nalnolu, (both: male drow, level 7 Expert, Profession [Salesman] 10 ranks), and two very capable guards (at least level 12 drow warriors). The clerks wait on customers hand and foot—customer satisfaction remains their only reason for getting up in the morning. This place also has a storage room at the back. Both the shop and the storage are protected by constantly renewed Dimensional Lock spells and by Improved Arcane Lock.

Storage Room Luxury
This marble-floored room includes well-built shelves and fine-quality cabinets. An overstuffed chair in the center allows you to sit in comfort while the clerk or other servants retrieve desired goods. The clerk here serves as a quartermaster and inventory manager. The area has about 3,000 cubic feet of usable storage space.

Section B

A hallway with only two rooms, one in front of the other, with Greater Arcane Lock spells on all doors.

The Count's Room (Bedroom Suite, Luxury, 2ss)
No expenses were spared in creating this space. The walk-in closet features rows of shelves for boots and shoes, plus handmade hangers for the finest in clothing. The walk-in garderobe allows Ghauvnyr and Vierinil to see to their privy needs in privacy and comfort.

In the main room, there are two marble-topped bureaus filled with clothes. The four-poster bed is made of the finest wood hung with the wispiest of linens, and the mattress and the blankets are stuffed with feathers. The sheets are silk. A pair of stuffed chairs sits in one corner. In another, a finely polished and fully stocked writing desk waits to be used. The walls are adorned with fine art, showing pictures of battles and portraits of the Count and the Countess.

A trustworthy valet, Relon, works in this suite.

Lord Danerin's Room (Bedroom Suite, Fancy, 1ss)

This master bedroom comes complete with a well-appointed walk-in closet filled with fine clothing and a tastefully adorned privy. The bed rests on a handsome frame and includes a mattress made of cotton batting. The sheets are of fine cotton, and the blankets are wool. Two finely carved bureaus are here, in which are kept stylish clothes. A bell rests on each bed stand so that the occupants can easily call for the servants. The bedroom suite also includes a pair of upholstered benches and a small writing desk.

Skill Tricks

Never Outnumbered
Conceal Spellcasting
False Theurgy
Clarity of Vision
Collector of Stories

Listen to This
Magical Appraisal
Point it Out
Spot the Weak Point
Swift Concentration
All of my epic spells

DC: 32
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: see text
Target: 10 creatures
Duration: 200 minutes
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop (costs reduced by Godking and Veneficus Optima): 44,000 gp; 1 day; 1760 xp. Seed: Contact (DC 20). Factor: +9 creatures as targets (+9 DC)

As the caster starts saying the words, unintelligible voices and phrases fill the room, louder each round until ending in a brief white light explosion followed by sudden silence.

This spell establishes contact between up to 10 familiar people despite range, and/or targets in the caster's sight range (either directly or through magical means).
DC: 27
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Personal or touch
Target: You or a creature or object of up to 2,000 lb.
Duration: 200 minutes
Saving Throw: None or Will negates (harmless, object)
Spell Resistance: No or Yes (harmless, object)
To Develop (costs reduced by Veneficus Optima): 143,000 gp; 2 days; 5720 xp. Seed: Conceal (DC 17). Factors: lasts regardless of action (+4 DC) and blocks divination spells (+6 DC)

The squares occupied by the target blur progressively as the words are spoken and the target disappears.

As Greater Invisibility, but can only be detected by divination spells, spell-like effects, and epic spells developed using the reveal seed if the enemy passes an opposed caster level check.
DC: 40
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Personal or touch
Target: Touched creature or object of 2,000 lb. or less; or
10-ft.-radius spherical emanation, centered on you
Duration: 24 hours
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop (costs reduced by Veneficus Optima): 260,000 gp; 4 days; 10,400 xp. Seed: Ward (DC 14). Factors: immunity to specific spells (+10 DC and +16 DC)

A very weak purple light, noticeable only to the sharpest of eyes, covers the creature's body, defending it against certain spells.

The subject becomes immune to the spells Antimagic Field and Mage's Disjunction for the duration of the spell.
DC: 57
Components: None
Casting Time: 1 swift action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Yes (harmless; see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
To Develop (costs reduced by Veneficus Optima): 156,500 gp; 2 days; 6,260 xp. Seed: Heal (DC 25). Factors: quickened (+28 DC), no somatic or verbal component (+4 DC)

A burst of negative energy fills the target's square up to the sky with a dark red light, very briefly covering and empowering the touched undead or greatly weakening touched living beings.

The target undead is completely cured of all diseases, blindness, deafness, hit point damage, and temporary ability damage. If cast on a living creature, it must pass a Fortitude saving throw or lose all but 1d4 hit points.
DC: 27
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: Touched animal, inanimate object or plant
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop (costs reduced by Godking and Veneficus Optima): 21,500 gp; 1 day; 860 xp. Seed: Life (DC 27).

The wizard utters a long phrase in a weird language, throughout a whole minute, not taking his eyes off the sword for even a second; at the end of the phrase, the sword starts moving and talking as if it was a human being.

This spell gives sentient life to an animal, object or plant. Ghaunvyr has used Quylvyr on a large number of creatures, especially bats, and these creatures sometimes provide him with valuable information learned by scouting.

Summary of list of class/race/template/epic destiny features, for quicker checking


Drow Paragon

Improved Spell-Like Abilities
At 1st level, a drow paragon gains one additional daily use of each of her innate spell-like abilities.
Improved Darkvision (Ex)
At 2nd level, a drow paragon's darkvision range increases by 30 feet.
Light Sensitivity (Ex)
A 2nd-level drow paragon's light blindness is lessened to light sensitivity. Instead of being blinded by bright light, she is merely dazzled in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
Ability Boost (Ex)
At 3rd level, a drow paragon's Dexterity score increases by 2 points.

Wizard (lvl 5) + ACF's

Summon familiar, Scribe Scroll

ACF: Elf Wizard (RotW)
Generalist Wizardry: A 1st-level elf wizard begins play with one extra 1st-level spell in her spellbook. At each newwizard level, she gains one extra spell of any spell level that she can cast. This represents the additional elven insight andexperience with arcane magic.

The elf wizard may also prepare one additional spell of her highest spell level each day. Unlike the specialist wizard ability, this spell may be of any school.

This substitution feature replaces the standard wizard’s ability to specialize in a school of magic.

ACF: Combat Wizard (UA)
Traded Scribe Scroll and bonus metamagic feats for fighter feats.

Special: If you take levels in a class that grants you a domain choice (such as cleric), you gain the full benefits of the domain in addition to the other domains available to you from that class.

Chosen domain: Fate (Power: Uncanny Dodge)

Incantatar lvl 10

Focused Study (Su)
Lost Enchantment school
Cooperative metamagic (Su)
Ability to apply metamagic to a friend's spell; ready action, Spellcraft test required (DC 18 + [3 × modified spell level]), can be done times/day.
Metamagic effect (Su)
Same as above, but applies the effect to an ongoing spell. Same tests, [INT] times/day, has its own pool.
Metamagic spell trigger (Su)
Same as above, but applies the effect to a spell trigger item. Same tests, [INT] times/day, has its own pool.
Seize Concentration (Su)
Steals a spell being held by concentration from a caster within 30 ft. Opposed CL check (divine casters get +2), if stolen spell functions as if cast by the Incantatar. Opponent caster gets +2 on saves if seized spell used on him. If Incantatar loses concentration, original caster can reassert control with a CL check (DC 15 + spell level).
Instant Metamagic (Su)
2/day apply metamagic to any spell without using higher level slots.
Snatch Spell (Su)
Can attempt (CL check, divines get +2) to steal a spell that has a duration and depends on the caster's control (like [I]Summon Monster), from a caster within 30 ft.
Improved Metamagic (Su)
-1 on all metamagics (minimum -1)


Mastery of Elements
Can change any element to any other when casting a spell.
Mastery of Shaping
Can freely shape burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, or spread area spells, picking squares that won't be affected.
Epic Hero

Epic Ability - Charisma (Ex)
+5 to Leadership score. Can use mass suggestion three times per day as an extraordinary ability, with caster level equal to character level, and a DC equal to 20 + Charisma modifier.
Epic Magic - Wizard (Su)
Wizard CL equal to character level for any purposes, including spells known and spells per day.
Epic Metamagic (Su)
-1 on all metamagics (minimum +1)
Carmendine "Sleeping Tiger" Monk

AC Bonus (Ex)
INT + 1
Flurry of Blows (Ex)
When unarmed, extra attack at max bonus with -2 on all others.
Unarmed Strike
Imp Unarmed Strike. Damage 1d8 (with Monk's Belt)
Bonus Feat
With the Sleeping Tiger ACF: Weapon Finesse (lvl 1), Improved Initiative (lvl 2)
Evasion (Ex)
Carmendine Monk
Swaps WIS for INT on AC bonus, Stunning Fist/Quivering Palm DC's
Can study thesis for 1 hour (only once per day) and be treated as 2 levels higher for a chosen feature among unarmed damage, AC bonus, or unarmored speed bonus for 24 hours.

Rebuke Undead, lvl 0-1 spells

Godking (link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461743&postcount=25))

Godking’s Subjects (Ex/Su)
All followers of a godking are treated as fanatical towards the godking and are immune to fear effects while possessing a line of sight with the godking.

A godking’s subjects are always able to find food and water and can always find shelter (or the materials needed to make one) regardless of what environment they find themselves in. Furthermore, a godking’s subjects are never at risk of dying from natural disasters such as famines, droughts, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, plagues, tornados, and so forth. If such a disaster is magical, supernatural, or man-made in nature, this protection does not hold. Likewise, this protection does not extend to natural conditions of dangerous environments (such as damage taken on the elemental plane of fire). This protection is supernatural in nature.
Absolute Authority 2/round (Su)
At any time, a godking can grant any other creature who can hear and understand the godking a single standard or move action that must immediately be used as the godking dictates (if at all possible). Alternately, a godking can immediately halt any such creature from taking a single offensive action that would risk harming the godking and/or one of his or her allies. Either way, a successful Will save (DC = Leadership score) negates this ability. This is a piercing mind-affecting, language-dependant compulsion ability.
Attract the Masses x3 (Ex)
Attracts 3 times the normal number of followers
Godking’s Blessing (2) (Su)
All of the godking’s servants gain one level in expert or warrior (their choice). This counts as a normal level in all ways (granting hp, skills, feats, and so forth) but doesn’t affect what the followers’ level counts as for the purpose of the godking’s leadership feat (a level 1 commoner empowered into a commoner 1/expert 1, for example, still counts as a level 1 follower). Levels gained in this way can’t be retrained.

Furthermore, a godking of at least 4th level can touch one of his or her followers as a standard action to grant even greater benefits, granting a +4 enhancement bonus to one ability score of the godking’s choice for 24 hours. Multiple touches to a single target erase the benefits of previous touches.
Attract Viceroy (1) (Ex)
1 more cohort (5 levels lower than the one before)
Bonus Feats
Epic Leadership, Legendary Commander
Veneficus Optima link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=13461979&postcount=48)

Multispell (2)
2 times/round, can cast non-epic standard action or less spell as free action
Efficient Researcher x2 (Ex)
-4,000 XP, -100,000 gp on developing epic spells
Practiced Metamagic (Ex)
Can use up to 8 levels of metamagic without raising non-epic spell's level
Master of the Arcane (Ex)
1 more epic spell/day
Bonus Feats (2)
Master of Abjuration (Hbrew; can check on the Veneficus page, Ignore Material Components)



Drow traits (Ex)
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution.
Darkvision out to 120 feet. This trait replaces the high elf’s low-light vision.
Spell resistance equal to 11 + class levels.
+2 racial bonus on Will saves against spells and spell-like abilities.
Spell-Like Abilities: Drow can use the following spell-like abilities once per day: dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire. Caster level equals the drow’s class levels.
Level adjustment +2.
Revised vampire traits (link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58213))

Armor Class
A Vampire gains a +1 natural armor bonus to AC for every three HD it has.
Special Attacks - see vampire lord below
Salient Special Attacks
Frightening Presence (Ex)
Whenever a Vampire with this ability attacks a creature or uses its drain blood ability, all creatures within 30 ft. of it must make a Will save, DC 10 + ˝ the Vampire’s HD + the Vampire’s CHA modifier, or be frightened for 5d6 rounds. Once a creature successfully saves against a Vampire’s frightful presence ability, then it is immune to it for 24 hours.
Special Qualities
Damage Reduction (Ex)
DR: 6/-
Fast Healing (Ex): see vampire lord
Resistances (Ex): see vampire lord
Turn Resistance (Ex): 10 (6 from lvls, 4 from vampire lord)

Salient Special Qualities

Unholy Toughness (Ex)
A Vampire with the unholy toughness salient quality gains an amount of bonus hp equal to its Charisma modifier for every HD it has.

Vampire lord traits (link (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mm/20021018a))

Hit dice: d12, then +1 hp per level
Speed: same as base creature, plus 50 ft. perfect fly (90 with monk+air heritage)
AC: natural armor as base vampire +6 (total atm: +15)
Special Attacks
A vampire lord retains all the special abilities of the base vampire, except as modified below, and also gains those noted below. The saving throw, where applicable, is 10 + 1/2 the vampire lord's class and nonclass HD + the vampire lord's Charisma modifier, unless noted otherwise.

Domination (Su): As base vampire, except that a vampire lord can do this either by gaze or voice. It does not require line of sight to the target, but the target must be able to hear the vampire lord's voice when it speaks at a normal volume level.

Energy Drain (Su): As base vampire, but a living creature hit by a vampire lord's slam attack takes 3 negative levels.

Blood Drain (Su): As base vampire, but a vampire lord's blood drain inflicts 1d4+2 points of Constitution drain each round the pin is maintained.
Special Qualities
The vampire lord retains all the special qualities of the base vampire, except as modified below, and gains those listed below.

Alternate Form (Su): A vampire lord can assume the form of any animal, as the druid ability wild shape used by a 12th-level druid. The vampire lord can use this power at will as a move-equivalent action. The vampire lord can change from one animal shape to another without having to revert to its humanoid form.

Children of the Night (Su): As base vampire, but the creatures summoned forth serve the vampire lord until released. Further, the vampire lord can sense through the senses of any such commanded creatures, and communicate empathically with them, to a range of 10 miles.

Control Weather (Sp): A vampire lord can cast either control weather or fog cloud as a 12th-level sorcerer at will.

Create Spawn (Su): As base vampire, but vampire lords create only vampire slaves, never vampire spawn. The new vampire is enslaved to the vampire lord until its master's death, and the willpower of the vampire lord is too strong to allow it to break free of its enslavement.

Fast Healing (Ex): As base vampire, but a vampire lord heals 8 hit points each round so long as it has at least 1 hit point. It has 24 hours to reach a place of rest (rather than 2 hours) if brought to zero hit points. A vampire lord can have many places of rest prepared, since the only requirement is some soil from its homeland (the place where the base vampire was born).

Telekinesis (Su): A vampire lord can use telekinesis (caster level 12th) at will.

Telepathy (Su): A vampire lord can communicate telepathically with any living creature within 100 feet that has a language, and with any vampire under its direct control to a range of 1 mile.

Turn Resistance (Ex): As base vampire +4 (total 10 atm).

Undead traits

Undead Traits: immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death, effects, necromantic effects, mind-influencing effects, and any effect requiring a Fortitude save unless it also works on objects. Not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Negative energy heals, not at risk of death from massive damage but destroyed at 0 hit points or less. Darkvision (60-foot range, greater due to Drow Paragon). Cannot be raised, and resurrection works only if willing.

Epic Destiny: Eternal Seeker (link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5691763&postcount=3))

Seeker’s Lore (Ex)
Max ranks in all skills, all treated as class skills
Seeker of Many Paths
Can choose any epic destiny feature from 21st level, or a class feature granted by any class up to lvl 20, chose archivist's spellcasting
Not My Destiny (Su)
1/day, immediate action, time turns back by one round, as the time regression psionic power (no xp)

Refluff: Tome of Ancient Lore

Just swapped everything "Boccob" by "Kunnelan", who is the patron of magic in this planet. Also, alignments for the book user are neutral, lawful neutral, lawful evil or lawful good.

2012-12-04, 11:45 AM
So there are some things that we need to get done before we start, like finishing up any meetings. If we're at the point of a meeting where the only things we would need to say is "meet here in x days".
The most obvious standout to me (that I'm not already talking to) is Aneurin, because we were in the middle of the conversation in the OoC thread. I reposted that bit in the IC thread.
If anyone would like to attempt knowledge checks or scrying or what have you with Norn, you can also do that.
Speaking of which, I'd like to know what spells and similar abilities (anti-scrying and otherwise) the characters have on them on a regular basis. If it's on the character sheet, that's fine.

2012-12-04, 12:12 PM
Oh right, I don't think I did that meeting thing with you...

As for always-on stuff that should be kept in mind, for my guy here's a list:

Freedom of Movement (VoP)
Mind Blank (VoP)
True Seeing (VoP)
Dragon Skin - immunity to nonmagical weapons
Dragon detection from Ruler of Dragonkind - automatic knowledge if any dragons are within 100 miles, knowledge of how many dragons of each type are within 10 miles, exact age and location of dragons within 1 mile.
Ruler of Dragonkind - Immunity to chromatic/metallic dragon breath effects
Energy Immunity (DFA Invocation) - Immunity to one element of choice, can reapply to change element
Greater Sustenance/Endure Elements - No need to eat, drink or breathe, immune to effects of hot or cold environment
Protection from Energy (cold) - Immunity to cold, lasts 5 hours or when 120 points of cold damage is taken, but is an at-will standard action SLA, so it'll always be up if possible
Appraising Touch - +10 Appraise, never misjudge value by more than 50%, appraising takes 2 mins
Chain of Eyes - Can transfer sensor onto living creatures touched, and then see what they see or go back to normal sight as a free action (Will negates and is possible at each transfer attempt)
Cloak of the Sea - When underwater, benefits from blur, freedom of movement and water breathing and immune to nonlethal damage
Death Throes - When killed, body explodes dealing 30d8 damage to all within 30ft (destroys body for raise dead purposes)
Dragonsight - Blindsense 150ft, Darkvision 300ft, see four times as well as a human in shadowy illumination and twice as well in normal light
Elemental Body x2 (Air/Water) - Immune to planar effects of air/water-dominant planes, -1 to airborne enemy attacks, +1 attack/damage if both combatants touch water, can exinguish nonmagical fires and attempt to dispel magical ones (CL 30)
Planar Tolerance - immune to natural effects of plane
Treasure Scent - Detect copper, silver, gold, platinum, and gems within 30 feet, only gives presence and direction until within 5ft, when they can be pinpointed
Hoard Gullet - Gain magical second stomach capable of storing 1,000 pounds or 100 cubic feet, can put items in by swallowing and expel all contents with a full-round action
Primal Hunter - +5 Climb, Jump and Swim
Primal Instinct - +5 initiative, one knowledge (chosen each day) and survival
Primal Senses - +5 listen and spot
Primal Speed - +5 Reflex, +10 speed
Primal spells (whole) - Improved uncanny dodge so long as all 4 are active, uncanny dodge if two are active
Adamantine Wings - If not flying, can make wing attacks (one as standard, both as full - not additional attacks) dealing 2d6+Str damage, crit range 19-20; can also launch feathers as attack dealing 10d6 damage (Reflex half, DR doesn't apply) in 60ft cone, ending spell
Energy Absorption - Can expend spell to absorb energy spell, gaining immunity to element for that attack and heal equal to half the spell's damage
Heart of Air - +10 Jump, +10 fly speed
Heart of Earth - +8 to checks to resist bull rush, overrun, or trip; +30 temp hp; can gain stoneskin for 30 rounds as swift action (spell ends after those 30 rounds)
Heart of Fire - +10ft base land speed, can gain fire shield (fire protection) for 30 rounds as swift action (spell ends after those 30 rounds)
Heart of Water - +5 escape artist, swim speed equal to land speed, water breathing
Unicorn Heart - 60ft land speed, +4 to Str/Dex/Con-based ability/skill checks, can expend to teleport self, everything carried and one person 360ft as a swift action
Adept Spirit - Can activate as swift action to gain +1 CL and +2 to Will, Concentration and Int-based abilities/skills for 1 minute
Guardian Spirit - Can activate as swift action to gain +2 insight to AC, Relfex and Dex-based abilities/skills for 1 minute
Valiant Spirit - Can activate as swift action to gain +2 morale to attack, damage, Fortitude and Str-based abilities/skills for 1 minute

I left out the innate (ie things that came from invocations and such, not from my SLAs) stuff that just boosted my stats (eg Draconic Knowledge), although the long-term spells that do so are noted (for reference, apart from Protection from Energy (cold), all spells can be cast twice a day in case of them being removed. Also for things more complex than just always-on Mind Blank, I did a little explanation of what it does.

Maugan Ra
2012-12-04, 01:56 PM
I'll need to check my documents when I get home, but so long as Arkhan is on one of the city-ships he's under the effects of a Screen spell. If he intends to leave for any length of time, he casts Mind Blank on himself.

2012-12-04, 03:49 PM
Name: Griever (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=367979)
Alignment: NE
Dread Necromancer 10||Wizard 10
Dread Necromancer 10||Planeshifter 10
Dread Necromancer 3||RoC's Dread Emperor 3
Dread Necromancer 7||RoC's Veneficus Optima 7
Species: Goblin Demi-lich
Gender: Female, insofar as a flying skull has a gender.
Link to Character Sheet:
In the beginning, the Godmachines created the world. With the world made, they created the races that now inhabit it. The wise dwarves, the clever elves, the cunning halflings and the ubiquitous humans. But they made mistakes, too - things that crawled from their vats unbidden; and among them were the creations that came to be known as the orcs and goblins. Failed creatures, twisted and stunted.

The Godmachine Venilastali was displeased by his creations, and attempted to erase them from existence; and action that was not appreciated by the newly born races, and so they escaped the creation vats, and fled. However, many never made it from the vats, and countless others fell to exhaustion, starvation and to the Godmachine's other creations on their journey. After many years of wandering, the exiles discovered the mountainous region that is now called Norsken. Their new home was a hard place; frigid, and possessed of few comforts - but the refugees, sheltered from the other races and hidden from Venilastali thrived.

In the years that followed, a number of goblins and orcs, fearing that Venilastali would pursue them and one day destroy them for good, took sacred oaths to protect the Norsken peoples from their creators for all of time. Dreaming of a perfect world, of a place where their peoples could live in peace without fear of the Godmachines, they became the H'kanlit - literally, the Guardians - of their kind. They changed their names to reflect the oaths they took and their goals.

There was Repentance, who became a devoted servant of Venilastali to prove the Norsken races worthy of life. Freedom chose to seek a new home for his people out amongst the stars and set off on a suicidal journey to the Shining Realms. Vengeance became a cleric of Vanatin, swearing to destroy Venilastali. Spirit would use druidic talents reshape Norsken from a rock-strewn wasteland into a paradise. Griever became the watcher of her people, preserving her people's dead against the day that the H'kanlit's dreams of a perfect world would be realised - it is said she shed a tear for each orc and goblin who fell on the journey, weeping for a thousand days and a thousand nights. Shadow cloaked himself in illusions and travelled amongst the enemies of the exiles, to sow discord and strife. Aegis became a fierce warlord, protecting Norsken through force of arms while his wife - and Spirit's sister - took the name Mercy, and travelled the road of the healer. Serenity chose diplomacy, and Fortitude power, while Memory took to impartiality, the last reserve of the H'kanlit - should they fail, then Memory would remember their people until the end of time.

Over the centuries, the H'kanlit were elevated to the status of gods amongst the goblins and orcs. Cults grew around their worship, but one by one the H'kanlit fell. First to die was Repentence, a mere five centuries after the founding, slain by Vengeance in a duel. Shadow turned traitor, and was killed by Griever and Spirit - although Spirit lost her life in the battle, leaving much of her work undone. Vengeance fell to the servants of the other Godmachines, and Memory was wounded in the battle; he disappeared shortly afterwards. Freedom set off towards the distant stars, never to be heard of again. Mercy grew bitter and corrupt, styling herself Queen of Norsken, before being overthrown by the remaining H'kanlit and the united tribes. After his wife's betrayal, Aegis grew weary of his duties, and vanished in to the world.

Eventually, after millennia, the last of the H'kanlit is the Griever. Through time immemorial, she stands as the last guardian of her people. With the others having failed or fallen, the duty of creating the Perfect World is her burden alone; and she is slowly carving out a new realm from the Digital Domain.

In the cities, there is barely a whisper of the H'kanlit now. They are a legend, laughed at with scorn; forgotten, and neglected. But amongst the hill tribes that still cling to the old ways, the legends still hold true. The ancient sagas of the H'kanlit - although changed - are still told. And Griever, wise beyond years, and old beyond measure watches over them all, knowing or not, and waits for the day the Great Journey to the Perfect World will begin.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

The Legend of Griever - extract from Tales of the Mountain Tribes, Kellan Hysop, 2gp 9sp at your nearest retailer. Translated from the original Norsken.

In the time of the Escape, there were many heroes amongst the orcs and goblins. Tragic figures that fought impossible odds for a chance at their races' survival – of Rovangur who slew a hundred humans as he held the Pass at Kurana alone, and Sessaina who led the escape from the vats but would not live to see freedom. But this is not their tale; we begin in the decades following the escape from the Vats, when the orc and goblin peoples wandered the world, looking for a home - the time of the Great Exile.

The exiles were constantly driven off by the humans, the elves and the dwarves; they feared these strange new creatures, with their fierce demeanours and uncouth language. Word had spread amongst them of Venilastali's displeasure with his creation, and the goblins and orcs could find no place to settle. But still, they bred and they survived, though they had no home of their own.

During the wandering years, three goblin children were born who would change the fate of the exiles forever. The first had power over the things of the world that was unsurpassed - as she grew, the exiles wanted for nothing; where she trod, the grass grew greener, the sun shone brighter, and the animals of the world flocked to her. The second was sister to the first, and was blessed with surpassing healing skills; her mere presence could ease the suffering of those around her - with her coming, the exiles feared sickness and injury no more.

The third child was marked with tragedy at the moment of her birth. Her mother, wounded mortally by an arrow during a raid by the dwarves, clung to life just long enough to pass it to her daughter. As the daughter grew, whispers surrounded her; she was touched by darkness. Near her, the dead did not rest easily. But in time, she came to be accepted; for she would walk amongst the dead and bring them release, just as she could rally the dead to protect the living.

It was not long before the three came to know one another; for they were each remarkable among their kind. They met at the Battle of Yilla, where the dwarves and the elves ambushed the exiles. As the land rose up against their attackers, the dead stood as guardians of the living in a desperate rearguard action. In the aftermath of the battle, they found one another on the field. The Second walked amongst the dying, bringing them comfort. The First guarded the Second, and the Third gave release to the dead.

As they looked upon one another, they saw the marks of power equal to their own. In that moment, a friendship that lasted millenia was born. It was the Three that brought together those who took the oaths of the H'kanlit; they who talked the leader of the Exiles - the orc who had led them since the escape from the Vats - in to exploring the rocky highlands of Norsken, and eventually convinced to become Aegis.

It was on the day the exiles arrived in Norsken that the H'kanlit were born; for the first time in their races' history, there was a place the orcs and goblins could call home - but it was a hard place. Those who would become the H'kanlit looked upon Norsken and swore that they would find a better home for their people, that this was just a single stop in the journey. But the exiles were tired; hard though the place was, it was better than a life of constant persecution and flight - they would stay, they said.

The H'kanlit were born from this; the despair of a few that their people should be forced to live in such a terrible place. So they took oaths, swore to never rest until the former exiles had a home that they deserved; a place where they could be truly safe. But they could not agree on how to do this, and so they quarrelled for days until the orc who would become Serenity offered a solution - that they should separate, and each work towards their goals in their own way. The others agreed, and the pact was made.

The first child became Spirit - a druid of incredible power, sworn to turn the mountains of Norsken in to a fitting home for her people. The second was Mercy, who would attempt to learn the mysteries of creation and grant her people immortality. The third child chose to become Griever; watcher of the dead, who would bind the spirits of all who died and bring them back on the day the Perfect World was born.

While they agreed to work on their own, alliances and friendships still arose amongst the H'kanlit. Mercy became enamoured with Aegis, and eventually they were married. As Mercy - distracted by her love, and frustrated by her lack of progress - drifted apart from her sister and friend, Spirit and Griever grew closer than ever. They spent many years wandering the hills and mountains together. Spirit remained distant from the other H'kanlit, but Griever became close to Fortitude, a hobgoblin mage of some power, and listened to his theories about the creation of a new world in the Digital Realm.

As the years passed with no sign of their Perfect World, the H'kanlit met once more to discuss what to do next. It was clear that their dreams would not come to pass for many, many years; perhaps even centuries. They were beginning to grow old; Aegis in particular - one of first orcs - was growing more bent and wearied with each passing year. Though still strong of arm and mind, he did not have many years left to him. What transpired at that meeting is unknown; but after that, not one of the H'kanlit was seen to age. For some, the cause was clear; Griever and Fortitude gave up their mortal bodies to become liches; in others, such as Aegis and Mercy, no difference could be seen.

The H'kanlit would not gather again for almost one thousand years; and the cause of their meeting was terrible. The half-orc Shadow - born of violence after a brutal raid on an orc camp by the humans - had betrayed them all, and was working with the humans of Kamata. Towns and cities fell to the advancing human armies; Shadow, the greatest scout and infiltrator of the Norsken people, had whispered lies in to the ears of Aegis, sending the armies of Norsken to remote outposts where they could do little to halt the humans. Before he could be confronted, Shadow had fled to his human allies.

After hours of weary debate, the H'kanlit finally agreed to unite to defend their people. They took to the field - alone - against the greatest of Kamata's armies. As the others fought the humans, Griever and Spirit set out in search of their treacherous comrade. They found him seated in a tent at the back of the human lines.

He was seated at a table, with his sword laid out before him. In his eyes, nothing but weariness and grief. As Griever and Spirit entered his tent, he said in a heavy voice;

"I regret that it came to this. If Aegis had only listened to Serenity... The humans could protect us. Serenity told him, again and again, but he just wouldn't hear," Shadow hung his head.

"Traitor. You would make slaves of us all," Griever's eyes burned with hate. "All that we have done, you would undo? We swore to protect our people; to keep them free. To make a place for them to live,"

"That world will never come to be." Still, Shadow did not rise. "Wherever we go, whatever we do we will not be safe from Venilastali. But with the humans, his favoured creations... maybe. Maybe we have a chance,"

"You were a hero, once," Spirit hissed. "You helped bring us here through the exile, because of you many lived who would surely have perished. You renounce that now?"

"I do not. I am doing what I swore to do," For the first time there was fire in Shadow's voice. "I will protect our people and guide them to safety,"

"By betraying us to the humans? How will the slaughter of our people protect them?" Griever tightened her grip on her staff, as power built in her voice.

"I will not see them slaughtered; I have kept them away from the fighting! Why can't you see; I am doing what is best for us all! If you would only give in..." Shadow trailed off, staring at the goblins before him. He saw the resolution in their faces and snarled. "But you will not, and I cannot; or the deaths will have been for nothing. I must fight you, then, but know I died in my duty,"

Without further words, he snatched up his blade and the battle was joined.

To this day, nothing will grow on the ground where Shadow was slain. The magic unleashed has scarred the land forever. The fight took an hour; blade against magic, until at last Shadow fell dead at Griever's feet; but at her side lay Spirit, mortally wounded by Shadow's blade.

With the humans routed, the other H'kanlit found their way to the blasted patch of ground where the tent had stood before it was destroyed by the power unleashed in the fight. Mercy threw herself down beside the body of her sister, weeping uncontrollably. When she finally looked up, she fixed Griever with a stare that spoke of terrible hatred.

"It should have been you," she whispered, as Griever gathered up the body of Spirit.

"I know," Griever said quietly. "But she chose otherwise,"

"Leave her with me," Mercy pleaded, reaching out for her beloved sister.

For a long, long while Griever stared at her. She knew if she gave Spirit's body to Mercy, then Mercy would never return it; but she also knew that to preserve Spirit's soul she must have the body. In the end, her reply to Mercy was two words of a spell. Griever vanished, taking Spirit with her. It was the last time Mercy and Griever would meet until Mercy declared herself ruler of Norsken, two thousand years later.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Shadows are briefly outlined against the walls as something translates in to the hidden workshop in the heart of the mountain. The shadows are outlined again moments later in a blinding flash, and the silence is shattered by a terrible scream and the thump of a body hitting the ground.

Griever sighs. Or at least makes a sound equivalent to a sigh; it’s been almost four thousand years since she’s had the lungs for sighing.

The goblin skull slowly swivels on the spot to face the twitching archon in the patch of blackened and blasted floor. Her eye sockets flash crimson with irritation as she drifts over to the pathetic writhing thing.

“Oh, please. You’re not dead. You’re not even hurt. Yet. I presume you’re not here to kill me; or at least you haven’t been sent to kill by anyone worth considering. Did you really think you could just turn up in my lab like that? If I were truly that easy to find, I would be long since dead,”

“M-message... hurts... make it... stop...” The archon’s trumpet drops from it’s nerveless fingers. It’s skin is several shades too pale and it’s making little whining sounds.

“No. You’re his pet. Give me the message.”

“Job... kill... Norn...”

“Norn? Venilastali’s grammarist?”



“D-don’t know...”

“After everything, he thinks I’ll do his bidding?”

“P-payment... whatever... you want...”

“Anything? Anything at all?” The red glare is replaced by blue of astonishment. “Then I will take Novello’s notes on the creation of the Digital Realm. If there are none, then he can make some.”

“I don’t... know...”

“Those are my terms. Convey them to His Genocidosity. Return alone with his answer or I will teach you what pain really is. Now begone.” Griever speaks a few words, and the Trumpet Archon is banished from the room. It would be interesting to see whether Novello’s notes truly could be produced; they would certainly shave a few centuries from her research. If not, the counter offer should prove... informative.

Intended Party Role/s: Debuff and battle field control
Cohorts/Allies (if any): Some undead. Okay, lots and lots of undead.

All active effects should be on the sheet. I'm pretty sure I got them all.

2012-12-04, 06:59 PM
Nek'il has the following abilities up usualy always:

- Fredom of Movement
- Mindblank
- Spell Turning (15 levels refreshes at start of turn)
- True Seeing
- Endure Elements
- Greater Invis (Su) (Can only be pierced by epic spells, artifacts and Deities)
- Cannot be detected via Blindsight/sense or Tremorsense or scent
- Silence(Ex) (his 5ft square)
- Blindsight 60 feet

2012-12-05, 07:56 AM
Stuff that is on;

Cage of Flesh (Su): Whenever a divination spell or effect either includes the herald in its area, targets the herald, or would otherwise reveal information about the herald, the caster must make a Will save (DC 20 + Class Level + Cha modifier)(37 in my case). If successful, the caster simply gains no information. If the caster fails, he or she goes permanently insane as the insanity spell.
Twisted Mind (Ex): The mind of an ozodrin of 11th level or higher is a twisted cacophony of madness. This causes it to be harmful for others to mentally interact with. If a non-aberration creature attempts direct mental contact with an ozodrin (such as by telepathy, suggestion, or domination), before saves are made, the creature takes wisdom damage equal to 1/5 the ozodrin’s class level (rounded down, minimum 1)(4 for me) and the ozodrin gains an equivalent bonus on any will saves against the ability that triggered the effect. If this reduces the creatures’s wisdom below 5, the creature is affected as if by the insanity spell until their wisdom is again above 5 (or to full, if the creature‘s base wisdom is normally lower). The wisdom damage heals at a rate of 1 point per day. The ozodrin may suppress this ability as a standard action and resume it as a swift action.
See invisibility at unlimited range
Blindsense 200 feet
Tremorsense 100 feet
True seeing 50 feet
20% miss chance
Persistent Schism
Persistent Freedom of Movement
extraordinary mind blank
Spatial Perception(Ex): can see the destinations and/or origins of any teleportation effect within its line-of-sight. This is similar to looking through an open window. It may treat the other end of the effect as being within its line-of-sight and line-of-effect for the purposes of spells and abilities (although taking advantage of an instantaneous teleportation effect would require a held or immediate action).
Encroaching Image(Su): The Cosmic Horror’s Sinister Image ability improves. Any sentient creature that sees a part of the Cosmic Horror is treated as though it were a scrying effect directed at the Cosmic Horror (allowing the Cosmic Horror to move shifting features within 5ft. This also triggers Cage of Flesh)

2012-12-05, 09:17 AM
Just posting to note that my list of always-on stuff has expanded to take into account all the stuff that Draconic Magic gives me (looking at my character, it really does seem that Dragon Overlord is pretty much the core of my character's major big abilities - the DFAs breath weapon is just another of the arsenal alongside all the ancient dragon breaths, and Totemist...eh, it's nothing that big and amazing, just a crapton of passive bonuses and maybe one or two active ones, kinda regretting picking that now) as well as a few other things I somehow missed.

2012-12-05, 12:01 PM
Hi, sorry, yesterday was a busy day. :smallfrown:

These are the main effects always up, spells are either extended 1 hour/level or persisted (veneficus allows me to metamagic any non-epic arcane without lvl increases, up to 8). All daily spells are cast under the effect of the prayer beads (+4 CL), the stats with the daily buffs are in the "Condition and Effects" box in the sheet. The list of spells prepared will be on the sheet as soon as I move to the islands, maybe depending on the usefulness of the knowledge check.

Create Magic Tattoo (persisted), effect: +1 CL
Mindsight (feat) - kind of like tremorsense, but basically, if it has a mind, I know where it is. I'm not sure how to counter this
Mind Blank (third eye conceal)
Uncanny Dodge (Fate domain)
Evasion (Monk and boots, yay for redundancy)
+10 ft. speed (carmendine monk, studying for 1 hour)

Epic spells: Feldin (persisted with Metamagic Effect), Vrynfar
Divine Power (persisted with Metamagic Effect)
Lion's Charge (persisted with Metamagic Effect)
Divine Favor (persisted with Metamagic Effect)
Divine Agility (persisted with Metamagic Effect)
Divine Insight (extended, 62 hours)
Sirine's Grace (persisted with Metamagic Effect) (AC effect doubled by Master of Abj)
Wraithstrike (just persisted)
Greater Magic Weapon on Elgluth (extended, 62 hrs)
Keen Edge on Elgluth (just persisted)
Energy Immunity (Acid) (24 hrs)
Resistance, Superior (effect is doubled by Master of Abj.) (24 hrs)
Blink, Greater (just persisted)
Aura of Terror (just persisted)
Contingency: Righteous Might (condition: the starting of a fight)
Stance: Child of Shadow

The meeting place is gonna be the entrance to the fortress? I guess my conversation with Kunnelan is over (especially after such a measly reward request hahah), so I just have to get everything ready and move to the islands?

Also, the knowledge [whatever] (eternal seeker ftw!) check on Norn, with a Divine Insight: [roll0]

2012-12-05, 06:23 PM
The meeting place (which I probably should have mentioned before) is some 50 miles away from the entrance to the fortress, so that everyone can meet up, coordinate, attempt to do spellcasting, etc before actually attempting to invade the fortress. It's on just another island, where people don't live.

Knowledge Check Results: If other people want them, DC 50, I think? Norn's not a world figure, but he's not an unknown either. Knowledge checks are kind of trivially easy at these levels. If you can get those results without even trying, just open the spoiler.

History: Originally from a family of little consequence, Norn Simet was a scholarship student at the University of Merke, a famous college for Gramarists in one of the larger cities in Kessin. Expected to perform poorly, Norn stunned everyone by transforming lead into gold sometime during his sophomore year, a skill usually beyond the reach of undergraduates. At his time at the university, Norn met Nadia Kanris, a student in Arcanodynamics. Nadia and Norn hit it off instantly, and were married soon after their graduation. As Nadia’s family was much more influential and wealthy than Norn’s, Norn took his wife’s name in marriage. Norn and Nadia lived together on her father’s island for some years, studying Gramarie and magic until Norn was recruited by Venilastali. Norn has worked for Venilastali on and off for the past few hundred years, and it was always thought he was loyal to the Godmachine. After Nadia’s father fell into the volcano on his island, the pair inherited his wealth, island and home. Norn and Nadia did not have any children for the first few years of their marriage, but had a son ten or so years ago, Raeburn. While Norn and Nadia used to take regular trips to other countries and the digital domain before the birth of their son, they have been only been visiting nowadays to buy things such as raw cheap metal, livestock, and scrolls. Norn significantly expanded the family fortress, and keeps a staff of hundreds there with him, supposedly to “tend to his magical needs”. In addition to them and his family, he has two gramarists who stay with him- Evelis Malvin, a Biolurgist who was a college friend of the Kanrises, and Inatius Kaliste, a half-nymph wizard and dreammason hired for some project or another.
Norn is known for being very charismatic and tricky, but is also known for being extremely overly dramatic. He rarely, if ever, takes things very seriously, but oddly enough takes very non-serious things very seriously. For example, the parties at his fortress were once considered to be the social events of the year on the Kavalii Islands. He no longer holds such parties. He also has an odd reputation for having people disappear at his house, but before Venilastali disowned Norn as his follower, the Godmachine would vehemently deny any charges of his followers misdoings.

Arcana:In additional to being an excellent Alchemetrist, Norn is also excellent at spontaneous enchantment and illusion magic. His spells can affect those who are usually immune to them with some effort, and his illusions are almost undetectable, even to those with detection spells. He has also used these techniques to create a potent ward against such attacks from other spellcasters.
Norn has a contract with the Fiendish Republic of Infernus, and is considered a voting non-citizen of the nation. While during his time as the servant of Venilastali it was expected he was using his fiend-binding and summoning privileges for good, this may not have been true. Norn is also decent at vestige negotiation, using his illusions to cover up any physical signs given to him by vestiges.

Religion: Norn often did various Alchemetrical tasks for Venilastali, such as creating ascended metals for the godmachine and his followers to create Biollurgical creations from. He worked with some of the godmachine’s closest Biollurgist followers to create bizarre animals and structures, like walking power plants, suicide bombing sunmetal nukes and weightless intelligent flying fortresses.
While Norn was often detected as being good and lawful, his personal actions tended towards a more chaotic bent, and many of his creations for Venliastali were not as ethical as one would expect a supposedly Lawful Good force to commission, although that may be more a problem with Venilastali’s unsteady morality.

2012-12-06, 11:14 AM
Right, incarnum stuff.

Essentia: 46
Chakra Binds: 5

Totemist Soulmelds (max capacity 13, totem 15):
Dragon Mantle (5 essentia, bound to heart): +2 Fortitude, resist all elements 15, fast healing 5 (only when below half health)
Dragonfire Mask (2 essentia, no binds): +6 Spot
Heart of Fire (15 essentia, bound to totem): +16 attack/damage vs cold subtype creatures, +15d4 fire damage to natural weapons
Girallon Arms (0 essentia, bound to arms): +2 climb/grapple, rend
Rageclaws (10 essentia, no binds): Die at -40, no penalty when below 0hp
Sphinx Claws (0 essentia, bound to hands): +1 to Strength ability/skill checks, pounce [natural weapons only]
Totem Avatar (2 essentia, no binds): +30 hp, +2 NA
Urskan Greaves (12 essentia, bound to feet): +5 balance on ice, no penalty for moving through snow, resist cold 60, +12d4 damage on charge

Other soulmelds/feats/etc (max capacity 13):
Elder Spirit (0 essentia, no binds): +4 to Knowledge (History), Knowledge (arcana) and Use Magic Device
Cobalt Power (2 essentia [2 free]): +2 to rolls attempting to bull rush/trip/sunder, +2 to damage when power attacking
Midnight Mastery (1 essentia [1 free]): 1 free essentia to all incarnum feats
Epic Spellcasting (0 essentia): +essentia to Spellcraft check to cast epic spells

2012-12-06, 12:50 PM
Volthawk: Yes, we still have to do the meeting! If you want to RP it out we can do that, or if you have a reasonable request I can just accept it.
Also, I added a link to the IC thread on the first post. I don't know why I didn't do that before.

2012-12-07, 01:38 AM
Posted on the IC thread, when I wake up I'll put the prepared spells on the sheet. Also, two spells, Greater Blink and Feldin, are only cast right before I enter some dungeon, fortress, or anywhere that I expect to be hostile. I don't wanna walk everywhere "invisibly blinking".

I edited the effects list above to include the Divine Agility spell and the extra speed from "studying my notes" (the carmendine monk ability, it's +10 ft.), and since I forgot the boots of swiftness double movement speeds, I changed the speed on the sheet to include that.

edit: ok, memorized spells are in the sheet. There isn't much space there though, so I only put the prepared ones, but not which spells I've already cast and how many times. I don't think that's gonna be a problem, everything I cast is gonna be registered in the posts anyways :smalltongue:

2012-12-08, 02:47 PM
Ok, now that we have the spell thing over with, I have a new question! Although this one only pertains for people who have other people they are in charge of. In various "emergency" situations, how would these people react if you weren't there to guide them or currently available for long-distance communication?
Some of the more important things would include things like a hostage crisis, bomb (or similar weapons of conventional destruction) threat, actual explosions, WMD attack, weird packages or people, invasion, etc. This can include things they would do before, after, and during the attack. I don't intend to use all of these, but it would be good to know. You can lump things together if they would do the same thing every time.

2012-12-08, 03:04 PM
Ok, now that we have the spell thing over with, I have a new question! Although this one only pertains for people who have other people they are in charge of. In various "emergency" situations, how would these people react if you weren't there to guide them or currently available for long-distance communication?
Some of the more important things would include things like a hostage crisis, bomb (or similar weapons of conventional destruction) threat, actual explosions, WMD attack, weird packages or people, invasion, etc. This can include things they would do before, after, and during the attack. I don't intend to use all of these, but it would be good to know. You can lump things together if they would do the same thing every time.

Oh, they can consult me through spells, that's the main reason I made Telanth (though there are other spells available for this, in case they wanna talk to me). So, if anything they can just cast something. Yay for magic.

If it's not possible to communicate with me for whatever reason, I believe Vierinil would suffice, she's supposed to be an even more capable politician than my character.

edit: oh, and about my followers/cohorts power, I made them more for RP reasons than crunch. The only one I'd bring into a fight would be Vierinil, and I probably won't anyways, unless events force me to. But I think they can handle any non-epic threat to the city, everyone of them is kind of capable in fights and they're so many (even the 69,000 lvl 1s should have at least one warrior level + 2 exp or war).

Maugan Ra
2012-12-08, 03:14 PM
If, for whatever reason, my followers and cohorts cannot contact me for instructions, they'll generally fall back to a cautious defensive stance.

By and large, they have sufficient confidence in the defenses of the city-ships that any sort of threat against them is mostly ignored. If the city-ships come under external attack, they raise the shields and make use of their weapons to indiscriminately annihilate attackers. Hostile forces making it aboard is unlikely, but if it does happen, the assumption is that my followers grab weapons and attempt to slay them.

Hostage takers and delivered bomb threats are rarely dealt with seriously - a populace of educated, military-trained LE individuals is unlikely to adopt a strategy other than ruthless retaliation if so threatened.

If it becomes absolutely clear that whatever hypothetical problem is is beyond their capabilities, my followers have standing instructions to fall back to the city-ships, and the city-ships themselves are to potentially retreat - either via teleportation effects or translating into the digital realm.

2012-12-09, 01:49 PM
If any of Griever's sentient creations come under serious attack, they are to retreat and contact her and every other minion she has.

If the threat assessment is severe, then all her minions will join her in her fortress on the demiplane and put up a resistance - or use the fortress as a gathering point for an all-out assault. The fortress is under the full-time command of a mummified kobold Dungeon Master [PrC from Dungeonscape] and his "tribe" and, frankly, resembles a Tucker's Kobolds scenario.

The fortress contains every goblin Soul Gem Griever has collected, and will be held to the bitter end no matter what the cost. Even complete annihilation of the analogue realm is preferable - to Griever - to the loss of the Soul Gems.

2012-12-11, 04:49 PM
Today in news, I will be gone next week from Wednesday to about Friday. I have a guaranteed working computer this time unless terrifying things happen, however.

2012-12-12, 08:32 PM
Also, updated my alts. Since nobody else who was saying they'd update actually posted, it was a pretty straightforward decision.

2012-12-14, 01:44 PM
Oh dear, a triple post. Mostly to remind everyone of the Homebrew Freeze that came into effect when the game began. Gramarie has just had some significant changes made to it concerning specialization, but due to the homebrew freeze we will not be using them. Although the new discipline, Geoccultism may make some form of appearance.

Maugan Ra
2012-12-15, 06:49 PM
Unfortunately, I'm going to have to withdraw from this. Very sorry, but as noted in my signature, I just don't have a lot of time to spare, and I feel kinda bad anyway about trying to play this with a half-completed set of sheets for my cohorts and followers.

2012-12-15, 07:19 PM
Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that. I always rather did like Dr. Arkhan. (Especially since you're kind of the only Gramarist in the party, including the alts...)
On the topic, is anyone else going to drop soon/thinking about dropping? Are we just going slow because it's finals for a lot of people?

2012-12-15, 10:31 PM
Aw, I'm really sorry to hear that. I always rather did like Dr. Arkhan. (Especially since you're kind of the only Gramarist in the party, including the alts...)
On the topic, is anyone else going to drop soon/thinking about dropping? Are we just going slow because it's finals for a lot of people?

I know I took a long time to post the last time, but I'm not thinking about dropping at all. I got the free time (it's only 10 minutes a day, after all - but I'd spend more) and I really like the count :smalltongue:

But yea, we're going way too slow right now.

2012-12-15, 10:49 PM
Yeah, I did kind of mention in the OP that I y'know, had a one-post-per-day suggestion/requirement (suggesquirement), and that you could fulfill it with posts as short as a single sentence or two.
I wish I could do something myself to speed things up, but seeing as you're the only people on this island I'm not precisely sure what I could do. Will mention however that once we actually get to the parts where I'm active on, I will post pretty quickly.

Erik Vale
2012-12-16, 06:09 AM
Hey guys, I'm the one joining you.
I'll post up information soonish, maybe tomorrow morning (latest). Anyhow, I have threads to read.

2012-12-16, 07:23 AM
I'm around and will be posting more from now on... I hope.

Was waiting to see if anyone else would weigh in with a plan or a comment, then real life mugged me.

Sorry to see you going Maugan - and welcome aboard Erik.

2012-12-20, 12:24 AM
Ok, I am officially gone now, until Friday at the latest. I probably will return sometime tomorrow night.

Erik Vale
2012-12-20, 01:40 AM
Mmm. See you when you get back.

On another note, if no-one posts till tomorrow, it might be safe to assume we agree to reconvene after performing divinations/other scouting means...

I should probably build more of my civilisation...

2012-12-20, 08:50 PM
Am back. We didn't take the extra day and drove ten hours straight on through, hurray. I am now "home of the holidays", and will be so until the middle of January. I may be slow-posting for a few days either in this month or early January, as I have to stay with my dad for a few days and he doesn't have the internet or a computer, meaning I will have to go to the library or leech of off someone else's wifi. More on that event as it develops.

Erik Vale
2012-12-20, 09:19 PM
I'm going to start looking through various methods of divination I have access to.

2012-12-22, 07:00 PM
So if anyone else would like to do divination/information gathering/what have you, just PM me. I'll tell you what you can do.

Erik Vale
2012-12-22, 07:45 PM
I think it might be a good time for a ROLL CALL!
Lets make sure everybody hasn't dropped.

Also, I'll start PM'ing you commune questions today.

2012-12-22, 11:16 PM
I'm going to be away and busy over the next few days what with you know, christmas and all that...

2012-12-22, 11:23 PM
Yes, that's where I assumed everyone was. Preparing for holidays/finals/winter activities etc.

2012-12-23, 11:15 AM
I'm posting on other threads while people don't come back.

I don't have many divination methods, it's up to you guys :smallfrown:

2012-12-23, 12:58 PM
Been (slowly) trauling my Spells Known for divinations; I think I'll go down the simple route of Greater Scrying. Takes less time than reading the Spell Compendium.

So, yes, still here - just been working out what I can do.

2012-12-23, 04:46 PM
no scrying for me either. Nek'il will most likely wander about the islands causing havoc in the meantime.

Erik Vale
2012-12-23, 07:04 PM
Ok. Looks like it's up to my army and asking god. I'll try and be done soon.

2012-12-28, 01:57 PM
Ok~ Once you send me those questions, we can start up again.

Erik Vale
2012-12-29, 04:49 AM
You know that feeling you get after you get something improtent to do, forget, and then get reminded. A my desk is wishing you hadn't just given me that feeling. My apologies. In addition to the questions I'm sending, just assume I've had a group of very invisible, small but sentient birds watching the place.

2012-12-30, 10:26 AM
Do these birds send back messages to your continually, or do they have to return to do that?

Erik Vale
2012-12-30, 09:46 PM
Constant telepathic link, so they can stay where that are.
This link however filters up through others up to me, so I get a word description, not the actual images etc.

2012-12-30, 10:54 PM
Are they just regular birds with a telepathic link, invisibility and sentience, or do they have any combat ability?

Erik Vale
2012-12-31, 04:29 AM
Yes and no.

They are Infested Eagles with the Warbeast template, Evolution point expenditure is 3 Hive node, +2 AC. So sentient with the mind of a average human, armoured, medium size, I would guess they would be around CR 2-3 (Not that I know much about challenge rateing system). Orders are to flee and return if attacked, but to otherwise spiral around and observe. They are looking out for:
1. Major Features.
2. Guards.
3. Patrol routes.
4. Whether the guards are the sort to shoot down birds (paranoid) or ignore them.
5. Wether the castle has any areas leading indoors accessible by open air other than the outside walls/rooftops.
6. Any rooms with see through windows, which are to be described.

Nobody will be casting spells through the birds.

2012-12-31, 06:33 PM
Alright guys, we're starting back up again. If you're here, just tell me, and I'm about to make an IC post.

Erik Vale
2012-12-31, 11:17 PM
Well, here. What about you lot? :P

2013-01-01, 05:41 AM
I'm here. Nek'il is frightening/slaughtering the local wildlife while the surprise-hating people do their investigating.

2013-01-01, 07:24 AM
I'm here. Griever's just been cursing the fact that she has to 'rest' 8 hours a day, despite being clinically dead, in order to prepare spells.

2013-01-01, 06:23 PM
I'm here aswell, currently on a quick trip until the 6th, it's been hard to get a steady connection but it can be done.

2013-01-04, 01:15 AM
OK, well we should try starting up again. :p Which is why I called everyone here.

2013-01-06, 05:09 PM
Would the people currently here rather us wait patiently for everyone else, or attempt to shake things up in an attempt to get things going a bit faster (ie: have things actually happen?)
I feel as if we may be dying, and I'd really rather not that happen.
If nobody posts on this thread by tomorrow, I will do the "shake things up" option.

Erik Vale
2013-01-06, 09:13 PM
Shake things up.
However, things are back to normal now, so I can finally make an involved post as to what I have learned.

Also! Can I get a quick map of Norn's Volcano/Castle, surrounding area obviously.

2013-01-11, 11:10 AM
I swear that half of my posts in this thread are me telling you that I'll be out or something.
Yes, I will be out tomorrow, and I will probably not be able to post. The weather where I'm going looks good now, but where I live has very unstable weather, so I may not be back until Sunday or Monday, if the flight's delayed.

Erik Vale
2013-01-11, 05:12 PM
Eldritch Persistence: Invocations are drawn from the raw flow of magic and power, and are not fragile constructs like spells to be so easily torn apart. At fifth level, the Eldritch Paragon gains the ability to cast his invocations and maintain the benefit of her epic warlock feats even in antimagic and dead magic. To cast an invocation or use one of her epic warlock feat abilities in such an area, the Eldritch Paragon must make a successful caster level check against a DC equal to 11 + the caster level of the effect (for dead magic zones the DC is generally 25, though some may be stronger than others). The Eldritch Paragon further gains a +4 bonus to caster level checks for this purpose, as well as overcoming spell resistance and determining the DC to dispel their invocations. This bonus increases by +2 for every five levels after this.

If it's generated by an anti-magic spell, yes, if not, no, I the invocations will have no effect.

And Roll, if it's needed.

2013-01-12, 09:11 AM
Nope. Got nothing to beat Magic Immunity here.

Or anything I can use to get around it, like a weapon. Huh.

2013-01-14, 12:58 AM
Am back. Nope, it's wasn't an antimagic field. It was the creature's own immunity. But the bird is dead anyway!

2013-01-20, 07:00 AM
Sorry for not posting in the OOC thread, I only have the IC thread tab open and I just post there :smalltongue:

Now I'm in doubt though, should I wait for Re'ozul or something? Or can we just keep going?

2013-01-20, 07:29 AM
We could send a PM and give him 24 hours to respond? He can always retcon his involvement if we do move on before he comes back.

2013-01-20, 09:09 AM
The problem is that apparently he was important creating the distraction, but if you're able to do it safely while me and Erik infiltrate we should be fine. Or maybe a change of plans, the three charging, the three attempting to infiltrate. That would be discussed IC, ofc.

2013-01-20, 09:26 AM

That gives me a ludicrous number of phylacteries, plus contingencies. Anyway, if I'm doing something risky, I have Astral Projection! :smalltongue:

Griever can even provide an army, provided no-one has a strenuous objection to her turning a city or two into wights.

2013-01-20, 09:59 AM
Alright, safety is not a concern then. And the army thing, I think my character wouldn't directly oppose, but wouldn't support it either :smalltongue:

Erik Vale
2013-01-20, 03:26 PM
I Would directly impose. As I could possibly provide a standing self resurecting army.

Question: How large a 'Army' would a city state be able to organise short notice. With This, I also would like to point out that I can turn a large amount of the surrounding wildlife into surprisingly powerful cannon fodder.
Also, Would it be possible to access some adventuring groups [Say, small groups of high-low 10's. Leadership doesn't really work for such things.] for the other distraction teams?

2013-01-20, 03:31 PM
As the DM here, I'd really rather re-recruit for missing people rather than try to have three of you take on this alone.
I planned this to be difficult for six people, and I don't know how it will react to only three.
If I did try and find other people, it would be along the lines of "Hey, do you want to be in an epic gestalt game? Can you make a character in the next 48 hours?"
I mean, I was waiting for greenpotato and Volthawk to get back from le holidays, but if you guys think they're not coming back I'm going to try and rerecruit, or have someone send them a PM...
(I really don't like sending PMs, I always sound so naggy, but yeah...)
Also, you can try and spend lots and lots of time preparing for the mission. It may not be the best idea.

Erik Vale
2013-01-20, 03:33 PM
Send PM's. But this often happens with self directed [well, minimal direction] games. Oh, I have to mention the volcano IC.

I don't think it will go well with 'quick, create', especially given we moved so few pages...

2013-01-20, 03:37 PM
Alright, I sent some PMs. Out they go, into the wild internets.

2013-01-23, 12:15 AM
So... they didn't answer? Can we keep going with 4 or is it too difficult for 4 people aswell?

2013-01-23, 12:40 AM
I'll have to... adjust things. But yeah, keep going, though I may attempt to find people by other means. But by the time you guys get to the fortress I'll either have things adjusted or I'll have found people.

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 03:13 AM
Question: How large a 'Army' would a city state be able to organise short notice. With This, I also would like to point out that I can turn a large amount of the surrounding wildlife into surprisingly powerful cannon fodder.
Also, Would it be possible to access some adventuring groups [Say, small groups of high-low 10's. Leadership doesn't really work for such things.] for the other distraction teams?


2013-01-23, 12:35 PM
Uh, probably 1/3 of the population, maybe more if you give them incentives or force them. But it would probably take about a week, unless you have magical ways to speed it up.
You could access some low-level adventuring groups, they would probably ask for a portion of the treasure and resurrections when they die.
If you take too much time on this, things will start to happen.

2013-01-23, 01:56 PM
But it would probably take about a week, unless you have magical ways to speed it up.

Animate Dead counts, right?

You could access some low-level adventuring groups, they would probably ask for a portion of the treasure and resurrections when they die.

See above question :smalltongue:

But, seriously, are we all okay with Griever covering the big distraction, or do we want her inside doing sneaky stuff? Also, do we want to try for 'intact', or is 'direct hit from a comet' on the table (or at least inside the smoking crater)?

Might make IC decision-making slightly quicker.

2013-01-23, 03:13 PM
Animate dead probably takes half that time to find a lot of bodies, unless you raid a morgue or something, in which case it takes a lot shorter. Or you already have the bodies. Or you blow up a small cit- well, you have the idea.

2013-01-23, 04:17 PM
But, seriously, are we all okay with Griever covering the big distraction, or do we want her inside doing sneaky stuff? Also, do we want to try for 'intact', or is 'direct hit from a comet' on the table (or at least inside the smoking crater)?

Might make IC decision-making slightly quicker.

OOC decisions, then IC adaptations, I think that's usually the best option.

I'm fine with Griever making the big distraction, she actually sounds perfect for that. Hard to kill, likes explosions. :smalltongue:

2013-01-23, 04:47 PM
...I was serious about the comet-thing, y'know. It really is an option.

Okay, technically not a comet, just a thousand-foot radius chunk of solid matter that I can drop from orbit, or anywhere within the planet's gravity well if I can get there. At ground-zero, though, I doubt you'd be able make the distinction :smalltongue:

It also relies on some (probable) slight abuse of Planar Area Swap and the assumption that there's a 'plane' of solid matter in the Digital Realm equivalent to the Elemental Plane of Earth, so I probably wouldn't do it on quite that scale. Or at all if the DM says so.

It never specifies that I have to swap equivalent materials! It never even tries to prevent this!

2013-01-23, 04:57 PM
You could try that.

It could work.

And it would certainly... accelerate things....

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 05:07 PM
Uh, probably 1/3 of the population, maybe more if you give them incentives or force them. But it would probably take about a week, unless you have magical ways to speed it up.

They have free unlimited resurections which they can use until they choose to fall back, they will be given cash incentives, and all those who participate will be granted the oppertunity to become 'Captain Caste' [Assimilated template, huge boost in power for them, however they may still have lost a fair chunk of constitution, so I will have to be starting a health care plan]. Everyone normally has the ressurections, so it would be just whoever willing and we would churn out weapons for a few days while lesser Swarmlords capture and make infested out of the wildlife, becuase even a tiny bird can be lethal when infested if guided properly.

So, assume a biggish army willing to go through. I'll need some gate scrolls.

You could access some low-level adventuring groups, they would probably ask for a portion of the treasure and resurrections when they die.
If you take too much time on this, things will start to happen.

Only low level? [Or low level compared to us?]

They will be granted the ability to join the swarm but keep their mind completely separate [should they so choose] [huge power boost] which also grants the free resurrections and such, as well as immediate extraction as soon as they call for it. They would be armed for the duration from the cities armoury.
Depending on if they became swarm or not depends on how much of a reward they get from the city, and they may keep any loot. [I have only passing interest, and I could wrest it from them later]

2013-01-23, 05:13 PM
Ah! Well then, you could probably take about 80% of the population, the other 20% being children and the elderly (while I'm sure you can make the elderly into supersoldiers, someone needs to watch these kids).
And you can probably recruit these 10th level groups as well.

2013-01-23, 05:29 PM
You could try that.

It could work.

And it would certainly... accelerate things....

Yay! I'll get started working out the damage that thing's going to do! :smallbiggrin:

...and even if it doesn't work, it'll still be a truly spectacular failure as every single denizen of the Elemental Plane Of Earth Equivalent declares open-season on Demiliches!


"As has been said Anna offers you the safety of her home so we so desire. You would simply need to join hands with any one of us or to rest your hand on Bala-"
The Emmasary motions to the bird.

Hey, you, uh, etremity-ist, you! Quit picking on the limb-challenged! :smalltongue:

2013-01-23, 05:55 PM
Yay! I'll get started working out the damage that thing's going to do! :smallbiggrin:

...and even if it doesn't work, it'll still be a truly spectacular failure as every single denizen of the Elemental Plane Of Earth Equivalent declares open-season on Demiliches!

Please do it, I beg you.

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 06:00 PM
Ehh. I'll just go hide on a demiplane for a couple of century equivilents...

I should start actually stating up my home more than the one room I''ve got...
Getting to it, I promise no metagaming, just what a slightly paranoid/overconfident person that lives easily would have.
I think the only real defence will be lots of anti-magic fields which Anna kind of ignores.

2013-01-23, 06:02 PM
I just did the math - I get to crash the forum roller roll a lot of d6s!

Warning, the following contains large numbers and math.

Volume (3/4)pi r^3 = 3141592653.59ft

Approx weight of standard topsoil = 78 lbs per cubic foot.

78lbs*3141592653.59ft = 245044226980.004

245044226980.004/200 lbs = 1,225,221,134.9d6 damage +20d6 for distance.

I made a few assumptions, I'm afraid - like what the Earth-alike I call in to reality will actually weigh. I pulled these numbers from random internet places, so they may be nonsense.

If you have something specific in mind, then I can go cry quietly in the corner.

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 06:06 PM
Question, is it bigger or smaller than the anti-osmiom bomb?

Anyhow, this is why I don't play wizards...

Also, 80%, damn that's a lot. Now how many people could I expect in a city state?

2013-01-23, 06:12 PM
So it inflicts that in a 1000-foot radius, is there any other damage to other regions? If so... well, you can try it, as I've said before.
If you are going to try that though, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say we don't need to stat out the army bits. Fluff them out, but a giant asteroid hitting the fortress is probably going to be extraordinarily lethal.
Also, this is not going to work more than once.

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 06:24 PM
I wasn't planing on actually stating more than letting you know some basic abilities...
However just fluff will do.

2013-01-23, 06:27 PM
Uh, depends what you mean by 'other regions' - and how big the island the fortress is on, and the location of any local tectonic fault lines...


Well, at a guess we're talking earthquakes and, if it hits the sea, tsunamis at the very least. There'll be debris and a shockwave for, eh, let's call it another km. Either way, you really don't want to be living near this thing.

Unless we homebrew some rules to make it more dangerous if dropped from more than 200ft up - which is the cap put on falling object distance damage, in which case we're looking at a major extinction event taking out a hemisphere at least, and wiping the planet clean of all higher life forms - or, at least, life forms with a concept of 'higher life forms', as this is most assuredly not the same thing.

The more I think about this, the more I realise this might be the eensiest little bit of overkill...

@Erik - this isn't a wizard trick. This is a Planeshifter class feature :smallcool:

2013-01-23, 06:31 PM
Well, there's two options.
A. Overkill
B. Me spending my day off tomorrow to adapt the entire fortress for four people instead of six, instead of spending my time writing the things that come after this (as well as things for my three/four other games) ;)

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 06:36 PM
I'm sorry, I think we distract with the volcano, drop the big thing on it, and spend the rest of our lives hiding from the gods, [Well, two levels for me in which time I will become a god] who obviously won't like us wipping out a huge portion of the planet, and call it a day.

But then again, if he doesn't have enough contingencies to somehow survive this, then we may have broken the game. Call it overkill unless we persuade him against it and begin writing the "Gods Hate You All" scene.

In which case my tiny stronghold in progress is useless.

2013-01-23, 06:38 PM
I did say that it wasn't going to happen twice.
Oh, and the thing about a large number of earth elementals being pissed is also going to be true. You do need a place to hide from them all... And the druids, too....

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 06:47 PM
Underground 'lair' with enough anitmagic to be a dead zone that appears like a bunch of 'air pockets' underground, I'm fine barring an accident.
And then, theirs my locked plane...

2013-01-23, 06:58 PM
Ah, necromentals and high level mummies. This plan just keeps giving :smallamused:

Anyway, if you're cool with it Tallon, then I'm happy to run with Operation Splatter. I can even modify it so that not everyone dies!

How wide's this fortress, anyway? I can squish it with pin-point precision if required.

For the record, I didn't plan on this when building my character - and I won't try anything like it again. I was just running through ideas for a Magic Immunity-proof distraction that didn't involve the destruction and reanimation of several major population centers, and had plumped on using Major Creation to drop giant rocks on them, before wondering whether I could do the same thing bigger.

Turns out, I can!

2013-01-23, 07:04 PM
I won't help though, I'll just watch. Maybe I'll like... whisper... "do it, bro"... but that's about it. Don't want no treehuggers coming after me!

Erik Vale
2013-01-23, 07:14 PM
*Nods Sagely while rebuilding hive*

Erik Vale
2013-01-24, 05:25 AM
Ok, just put a post up and stronghold is built, roughly like I originally wanted, in that it is a little less.

And I made an IC post. That got swallowed by the giant, so I'll post again in the morning.

For Dm.

I meant it.

No Really.

Ok, rough notes on my stronghold, I can PM you further details if you would like.

Angelina's stronghold is pretty much all underground and hidden, excluding a hut which is rummered to be where she mainly is. [It is actually a ellaborate and rather lethal trap]. She primarily lives on her own only inviting guests when she needs to. Her 'real' home is all completely covered with rooms that make the natural caverns she lives in look like the empty air pockets they once were [Inscriptions of Vacancy], and she has set up gates to most of the other planes, as well as three of her own private planes with rather specific uses [well, one is 'public' to the hive, but thats another story], and the room with all the gates is effectively a dead magic zone [Sigils of Antimagic, which looks like it works against even epic, which would look to bar Anna's powers even, but that's a minor point]. There are only three ways to get into Anna's home, one is to be some sort of burrowing creature stumbling in through the solid rock walls which aren't reinforced, a portal very few people close to her know about that can't be used without being a member of the hive or having a lock of Anna's hair [which somehow is in every spell component pouch, as it is without value :P], or direct teleportation into what is to all appearances, a natural hole in the ground.

2013-01-25, 07:50 AM
For Erik Vale!
You don't have to PM me details right now, but have them ready in the future in case I ever need them.

Erik Vale
2013-01-25, 04:13 PM
For DM
Saved word document, so there not going anywhere.

And IC post is up. Sorry for the delay.

2013-01-29, 04:39 PM
* jeopardy music*
It's been a few days, just want to make sure everyone's still here.
There's really nothing I can do IC as the DM, I've looked the fortress defense stuff over and it looks fine... no random bird attacks here.

Erik Vale
2013-01-29, 08:30 PM
I'm here. And Abr's here. I'm just waiting for responses but I can do a post now.

And I can't believe I screwed up names. It's Anna, not Angelina, going to have to edit that, must have been thinking a little of another character.

2013-01-29, 08:37 PM
A-A names are always the worst. I have multiple characters with A-A names, and I often mix them up as well. But there are so many good A-A names...

Erik Vale
2013-01-29, 08:49 PM
I know. My favourite characters of all time are:
Anna, Angelina, Aleandrea/Aleandra [Spelling changes every now and again] and Kalandor.

2013-01-30, 11:35 AM
I'm here too (obviously), but I didn't want to post right after I had posted something. After I post I usually wait for everyone else to do it, then I type stuff again. But the other two disappeared :smallfrown:

2013-01-30, 01:28 PM
I'm here - just wanted to see if anyone was going to comment on Griever's suggestion, then got a little busier than anticipated. Sorry.

Sleep; how I miss thee.

2013-02-15, 07:01 PM
So, nobody's posted in about two weeks. I didn't quite realize it had been so long, but it has. Is this dead, guys? I would assume so, I guess.
Do people have an interest in revitalizing this or not? If so, then we can move on, and if not, I am going to attempt to start another campaign, one where I can prod people quite a bit more, and where it isn't so... crazy.

Erik Vale
2013-02-15, 08:24 PM
I was waiting on others responses to organise the spy infiltration and see how much work I had to do towards statting out a army. However it has been a while.

Given the nature of this game, I sadly must say these things can happen. If others don't respond, than yeah, it would be totally dead, however I don't think we are going to be able to revitalise it.

2013-02-16, 12:44 PM
Huh? I thought that the last post was from Griever saying she'd go along with whatever the others wanted.

Anyway. I'd love to keep going, but I will be very busy this week and can't guarantee any kind of reliable posting.

2013-02-16, 02:13 PM
Well, if there's interesting in continuing it, I honestly think I'm going to open up a quick re-recruitment. Post if you're still here, so I know how many people to get. You don't have to post if you've posted since my last post.

2013-02-17, 01:35 PM
I'm still interested as either Nek'il or something else.
I have to admit I was starting to get frustrated/intimidated with/by the level of overkill that were apparently within the realm of the group. The whole dropping mountains on Norn thing.

2013-02-17, 03:03 PM
I'm here, sorry. I just felt like I hit a stone. Didn't know what to post, and ended up doing that bad old thing: "I'll just wait for the other people to post". I'll be more proactive. But I strongly support the re-recruitment idea for 1 or 2 more players.

2013-02-17, 03:23 PM
I only mentioned that as a joke, wasn't expecting it to get any support. I wish to point out, once again, that that level of overkill is not my playstyle, it is not something I would ever attempt without running it by the other players and the DM first.

Anyway - we really just need to choose a plan and go with it, rather than the circular conversation we've been having. This is the second time we've agreed to go off and scout things out first.

2013-02-17, 03:33 PM
Well, it's good to know that you four are here, and it seems that people are interested over on the re-recruitment thread.

Going off and scouting again is, as I have suggested a few times, not the best idea. Not only because we've already done it, but for other reasons that are yet unrevealed. I don't want to spoil them, but at the same time having them happen just because the group spent too long waiting and planning seems kind of unfair to me.

2013-03-15, 10:37 PM
Hiatus Mode, Deactivate!
I'm about to post the player decision on the OOC thread, but it did involve me picking three people. I'm sending them here in a few minutes, and will have an IC post up soon as well.

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 12:30 AM
Ahh. *Cracks Fingers*

Lets get to it.

Ok, As for the Army Idea, how much stating do you want me to do? [Just fluff and general links so you can compare them to what Grammerest Norn has and you can play it by ear for the best story, or break out basic stat lines and example purchases which I will be running on the side of the main IC for fun and games... I suggest the former.]

2013-03-16, 06:54 AM
Hey guys! Here's my character stat-block etc. I need to read through the IC thread, but it sounds like several plans have been brainstormed already.

Prof. Wileck Valkenar (http://coyotecode.net/profiler/view.php?id=11983)
Alignment: TN
Classes: Gramarist 20 (Arcanodynamics)/Arcanitect 10//Truenamer 17/Siberys Prodigy 2/Human Paragon 3/Truenamer 7/Siberys Prodigy 1
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Intended Role: Truespeech gives me access to a lot of unique buffs, so I can pump your stats pretty much as required, and then inflict a series of very unpleasant conditions (like Death) once their HP is below about 200. I also have a Gramarie laser cannon in my arm.
Cohort: 17th level Heuristics Specialist. She lives at the university but can provide on-site consultation should we need her help.

Coyotecode has started to forget all information further down the page, so I'll post "Other Notes" here.
All non-magical items are made using True Creation, with the appropriate Craft check automatically passed.

Gramarist 20 (Arcanodynamics)/Arcanitect 10//Truenamer 17/Siberys Prodigy 2/Human Paragon 3/Truenamer 7/Siberys Prodigy 1

+5 Inherent bonus to all ability scores, done at beginning of each day for 5 days after reaching 30th level with Rewrite the World. By using the Phrase of Perfection I can definitely get my Truespeak check high enough to pass all 5 checks even with successive penalties. 1870.5 hours.

Common, Dosiman, Dwarven, Elven, Kes, Tamat, Draconic, Kamatan, Norsk, Celestial and Infernal spoken.

Energy Equations: Nolzur’s Identity, Mordenkainen's Transport Theorem, Tasha’s Finite Decay, Evard’s Numerical Analysis, Bigby’s Prime Analysis.

Wileck's Fortifying Shirt: +5 resistance bonus to saves, +5 luck bonus to saves, +5 insight bonus to saves. Continuous Death Ward.

Ring of Ultimate Defence: +5 enhancement bonus to natural armour, +5 deflection bonus to AC, + 5 luck bonus to AC, +5 Sacred bonus to AC, +5 Profane bonus to AC, +5 Insight bonus to AC

Wileck's Hat: a +6 enhancement bonus to Int, as Third Eye: Conceal. 4 mechanical manipulation arms (at-will Mage Hand), Masterwork Craftsman's Tools arms (Invention), toothbrush arm, quill arm.
Skills: Decipher Script, Know: Psionics, Spellcraft. +10 (insight, luck and competence) to UMD and Know: Architecture

Trench coat: Willeck’s coat contains a number of small demi-planes, containing the Gramarie he has set up to personally augment himself. Each of these is accessed by a portal tied to a drawstring pocket on the inner lining of the coat. These all open to several square feet, but cannot be completely closed, always staying open just enough to allow the energy conductors to protrude into normal space. A Heuristic circuit centred on Wileck connects the energy sources and their respective targets, with a control point also centred on him (craft time 2 hours).
Speed generator: 9 orthogonal engines (Concentration result 32) in parallel, created within a sub-space (Forgery 40) just large enough for it using True Creation. The opening is 2 inches square and presses directly against Wileck’s back, transferring the Push directly to him and giving a speed of 210ft. A small piece of copper wire extends from inside the sub-space into the real world, allowing a connection to a Heuristic circuit. It is powered by a 2ft cubic demi-plane with the Fire trait (Forgery 31). Inside this is an ice input transformer (UMD 104) treated with Alchemetry to raise the melting point 79 degrees (Diplomacy 86). There is also a wooden output transformer (UMD 104) touching it, with a small piece of copper wire extended from the opening into the real world. A red Kaleidomatic filter (Spot 19) covers the entrance in case the transformers are damaged and the temperature goes back up. This generates 58 ebb a round. Total craft time: 22 hours.
Warding unit: Another 2ft cubic Fire plane (Forgery 30) with ice and wood transformers (UMDs 104) and a red filter (Spot 13). This connects, in circuit order, firstly to a silver output (UMD 104) in a subspace which casts the spell “Effulgent Epuration” on Wileck duplicated through Rewrite the World. From there it goes to another identical silver output (UMD 104), but which instead casts Energy Immunity: Fire. At the start of each day, Wileck uses the control point to change the energy type cast on each turn until he has immunity to all energy types. Finally, it goes to a subspace (Forgery 48) containing 8 cubic feet of Orichalcum, charging it with 41 ebbs each round until it contains the full 800 it can hold. Total craft time: 11 hours.
Energy lance: Once again, there is a 2ft cubic fire plane (Forgery 33) containing ice input and wood output transformers (UMDs 104), covered with a red filter (Spot 10) and extruding copper wire. Inside Wileck’s right sleeve is a subspace (Forgery 36), exactly the right size to contain 7ft of an 8ft long silver pole, with a 4.282 inch diameter. The last foot wraps around his lower forearm which rests just under the heel of his hand and points in the same direction of his arm. This is a silver output (UMD 104) that releases magical energy as a weapon. When he made the pole using True Creation, he imbued it with Wood Essence, allowing it to store up to 29 ebbs of puissance. The connection between this and the energy source is left uncompleted, and is only made by Wileck using the control point when he needs to use the weapon (as otherwise it would discharge every round and standing with your arm in the arm all the time rapidly gets dull. A few pieces of furniture got ruined before Wileck discovered this). He makes sure to use the energy source to charge the weapon’s reserve whenever it is below maximum and he has no better use for his standard actions. Total craft time: 9 hours
Sonic Boom: Once again, there is a 2ft cubic fire plane (Forgery 86) containing ice input and wood output transformers (UMDs 114), covered with a red filter (Spot 86) and extruding copper wire. Inside Wileck’s right glove palm is a demi-plane (Forgery 86), containing a crystal output (UMD 114). The power source and weapon output are left unconnected as above. The crystal output is lined up to fire out the 2-inch diameter opening from the demi-plane. Total craft time: 9 hours.
Competence Unit: Another Fire Plane generator powers a series of silver transformers contained within demi-planes. These constantly cast Greater Arcane Sight, Greater Blindsight, Divine Insight and Living Undeath. Preparation time: 18 hours.

All armours are stored in a semi-space (100 preparations, 100 hours, 800 cubic feet) only Wileck knows the location of, warded against scrying with Rewrite the World. All armours are part of a Heuristical circuit managed by various iterations of the same EI – CoRI, the Control Redundancy Interface. This interface is NG and follows the armour’s wearers orders except where these would harm Adala, Wileck or their interests. They are all +1 Calling armours.
Mark II Armour Prototype – The Thunderbolt: Based on a mithral breastplate chassis, this armour has 10 fire-plane generators powering 76 orthogonal engines stored in another plane, generating 2280ft of movement a round. Another 2 fire planes power two copper outputs designed to fire lightning bolts, and a third powers a silver transformer which casts Expeditious Retreat and Jump on the armour’s wearer. Total craft time: 179 hours. (A wearer with base speed 30ft moves 2340ft with a move action in this armour). Two copies.
Mark III Armour Prototype – The Golem: Mithral full plate chassis with a spiked gauntlet. 2 fire plane generators power 7 silver transformers a demi-plane casting Giant Size, Righteous Might, Divine Favour, Divine Power , Greater Magic Weapon three times, Magic Vestment, Effulgent Epuration, Greater Heroism, Shield of Faith, Bite of the Werebear, and Greater Blink. This grants the wearer a size up to Colossal (with benefits and penalties listed under the spell – size is chosen by CoRI with each casting), DR 9/Evil, +7 enhancement to natural armour, BAB equal to character level, 30 temporary HP, +3 luck bonus to attacks and damage, +5 deflection bonus to AC, +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks, immunity to fear effects, immunity to 30 levels of targeted spells each round, +16 enhancement bonus to strength, +2 enhancement bonus to dexterity, +8 enhancement bonus to constitution, 2 claws and a bite attack, Multiattack, Power Attack and Blind-Fight feats, +5 enhancement bonus to AC, attacks and damage, 50% miss chance and the ability to strike ethereal enemies. An 8th silver transformer can cast Heal and Brilliant Energy Aura if CoRI directs power to it, allowing for real-time decisions on how to distribute the power feeds. Total Craft time: 24 hours. 10 copies.
Mark IV Armour Prototype – The Siege Engine: Adamantine full plate chassis. This suit has 10-block ballistics engine, in demi-planes, inside a cannon-shaped device with a 1ft wide opening. 2 fire-plane generators power this engine. It fires connected crystal/copper transformers at a speed of 2220ft, with a range increment of 111ft. Another generator powers a copper output mounted on top of the cannon, used to activate the copper input/crystal output at range. This lightning cannon fires a line of electricity up to 1120ft long, dealing 336 damage. The copper input converts a random (d6) amount of this energy into 1 ebb. For each ebb, the crystal output deals a 10ft larger cone and 6 extra sonic damage. 20 copper/crystal transformers are carried in demi-planes, and loading a new one takes a full-round action. This armour is the centre of a repellent magnetic flux (keeping ferrous metals and those carrying them at the edge of a 5ft radius bubble with a Bull Rush). Craft time: 82 hours. 5 copies.
Mark V Armour Prototype: The Elemental: Mithral full plate chassis. A fire plane generator powers 2 mercury outputs (held in demi-planes and made solid with ALCH 325) and 2 ice outputs
(as above). These deal 78 damage each, creating two 130ft cones of cold and two 260ft lines of fire respectively. Another generator powers 5 Lightning-leap engines held in a demi-plane, giving the armour’s wearing the ability to travel 240ft as a bolt of lightning each round. Craft time: 39.5 hours. 5 copies.
Mark VI Armour Prototype: The Mercenary: Mithral full plate chassis. A fire plane generator powers a 2 cubic foot ballistic engine inside a 40 cubic foot demi-plane within a wrist-mounted tube with a 2” diameter. This ballistics engine fires cones of Adamantium weighing 60 pounds (Adamantium is treated as pure iron for this calculation), which have a volume of 0.125 cubic feet. 300 of these are carried in the demi-plane at any one time, and slopes have been added so that when one is fired the next falls into position for firing. This allows iterative attacks. Each spike deals 4d6 damage (see Complete Warrior p159). These travel at 12000ft a round (making them touch attacks) with a range increment of 600ft. This setup is duplicated on each arm for those who use Two Weapon Fighting. The armour also includes a locked gauntlet holding a great sword. After powering the ballistics engines, the generator powers silver outputs casting Bite of the Werebear, Divine Power, Greater Magic Weapon, Magic Vestment, Brilliant Energy Blade (at CoRI’s discretion) and Moment of Prescience. A second generator powers 9 orthogonal engines in a demi-plane imparting a 210ft speed boost to the armour’s wearer (chiefly for charging, this armour uses Power Attack rather than iterative attacks). Total Craft Time: 54 hours. 10 copies.

Biollurgical experiments: Wileck has created a number of chassis to carry various other works of Gramarie and provide basic useful functions. While most of his work is left behind with the University, he has brought one of the “Experimental Mobile Weapon Platforms” with him on this expedition.
This is made from 800 cubic feet of Adamantium, made with True Creation and with its Hardness increased by 17 with ALCH 101 (Diplomacy 88). It is then made into a Large Animate Construction (Heal 46) which is omnivorous and resembles nothing so much as a robotic Elcor (http://masseffect.neoseeker.com/w/i/masseffect/thumb/5/5f/Elcor.jpg/250px-Elcor.jpg). It has the Wakeful Mind, Devil Eye, Hauling Back, Telepathic Station, Eye of Anti-magic and Mental Relay grafts (11 hours taken to meet all Heal checks). A Heuristic circuit made by Adala is centred on the chassis (although cannot include it as a component, Autohypnosis 24), monitored by an EI (Autohypnosis 32) called Joshua. It has a LN alignment, Int 16 and must follow any orders given by Adala or Wileck except where those orders would harm the other. This circuit controls the flow of energy from 8 Fire Plane generators to four gold output transformers mounted on the chassis’ back, which fire in the direction it is facing. There are also two mercury outputs mounted around the chassis’ “face”. Each of these is kept disabled except when needed, in which case the EI decides how to channel the puissance in the circuit based on combat situations and/or orders given by Wileck or Adala. The chassis’ telepathy can be tapped into by the EI, giving it telepathy and mindsight out to 200 feet. It carries a Field Provisions Box.
Total creation time: 897 hours.

Following the accession of Xania to the Chancellorship of Dosima, there was great concern that Vin would have to fight for its independence a second time. After several years it became clear that her policies were inwardly-focussed and she posed no threat, Wileck began to construct a special piece of Gramarie - a gift. He fashioned a fabulous tent, with an entrance as tall as a man, but only 5ft on each side. This tent could collapse down into a package that would fit under one arm. Then, he began to fashion a semi-space which was entered through the tent’s door. This “Portable Palace” is held in a bubble-shaped demi-plane with a radius of 50ft (volume 523598.7756 cubic feet). Inside is a building with 4 10ft-high floors, each 114ft by 114ft. Using True Creation for 20 hours with Spectroconstruction for tidying up Wileck can easily create and furnish such a palace more sumptuously than any other on the planet – floors of finest polished stone, columns set with precious stones, plates of silver with gold inlay, mother-of-pearl and cloth of gold everywhere. This tent was then sent to the Chancellor with a letter professing respect, academic partnership and asking that she accept his humble Yggdratechture so that she could travel in state, even though it could never compare to hers. The subtext of this message was a tacit acknowledgement of her skill and approval of her peaceful policies. Craft time: 978 hours.

Platinum, silver and lead transformers: Wileck carries platinum input and outpute transformers and lead input/output transformers (UMD 114 - this is his correct UMD result, any other UMDs with a different number actually use this) inside a sub-space pocket of his coat (Forgery 38). In addition, he carries a silver output transformer that casts Heal when powered (UMD 114). Craft time: 5 hours.

"Lab rats": 400 tiny animated biostructures in a special enclosure at the university, resembling decomposing rats. Craft time: 400 hours.

Ed: As a result of a couple of things I've noticed, firstly: all checks that aren't UMDed are done with Know: Engineering at a -10 penalty, giving results of 86 every time. Secondly, any references to "semi-spaces" means demiplanes, due to their increased resilience. I failed to use a consistent naming method in my original write-up, sorry.

Wileck never shows an inch of skin or hair - he wears a top hat, black face mask, goggles, a black trench coat, grey trousers, shirt and black boots. He is friendly and charismatic, but hyper-intelligent, a very fast talker and sometimes fails to think outside the box when he already knows a possible solution to a problem. He is also fanatically devoted to learning.

Quick backstory:
A child prodigy who was a doctor of Arcanodynamics by 19, he studied at the University of Aseia in Vin. Shortly after receiving his doctorate, he suffered an accident of unknown details at the South Pole, and has never let anyone see his body since. He has studied Gramarie and Truenaming his entire life, going to great lengths to acquire new knowledge and earning a reputation as thief and killer as well as scholar. He holds the Chair of Energy Research at Aseia university, and has a small staff including Doctor Adala Turch, a skilled Hueristicist. He has devoted time (and Autohypnosis checks) to memorising every enthalpy table, formula, heat coefficient and indeed piece of scientific information he could possibly need, allowing him to cite reference works ad verbatim.

Long backstory:
Wileck Valkenar was born in what is now northern Vin, back when it was still part of Dosima. His father owned a foundry and made a lot of money during the war for independence. Wileck himself was a child prodigy, and enrolled at the University of Aseia at 14. He applied to read Physical Chemistry, the university’s course which emphasised Arcanodynamics. However, less than two weeks into his first term, he applied to change to a joint major – Physical Chemistry and Linguistics. His tutor was baffled by his decision, and despaired of his bizarre choice. Unbeknown to his teachers, Wileck had found an ancient tome on Truenaming while exploring the library, and had become instantly fascinated by the concept. He hid his discovery, and the reason he spent so long studying language, for years. It was only after he graduated as a doctor of Physical Chemistry at 18 that he revealed it. His fascination had come with the fear all adolescents feel – that adults will surely take away what they have come to love. By this time, he was an expert Truenamer as well as a postgraduate student of numerous disciplines of Gramarie and a doctor. The discovery produced more amusement than anything else among his colleagues – this child genius never seemed to stop producing wonders. He was invited on a research expedition to the South Pole shortly afterwards, because his wide-ranging interests and skills had already led him to start preparing doctoral work in Alchemetry to couple with his publication on the relationship between radiation and conduction of heat energy. He gladly accepted, with no way of knowing how poorly things would go for him. No one knows exactly what happened there. The facts are that a young, not unattractive young man with green eyes and brown hair left with the team, and that two days after arriving in the vicinity of the South Pole, they found him, swathed entirely in bandages by the servants of Vanatin, and unconscious. Peasant rumour claims he was experimented on by the God-Machine, and had divine machinery implanted into his body, or that he had the spirit of a powerful servant of the god implanted into him, but that he rejected the new soul and the god scourged him as a result. The wise know to dismiss this as the ignorant speculation it is. The expedition was there with special permission, although why Vanatin had offered them the opportunity has aroused suspicion. It is generally assumed that the smart but impatient Wileck tried some form of study of the Pole, or to draw power from it, but although his knowledge of Alchemetry was great he knew very little of Geoccultism. Vanatin’s servants forbade anyone from removing Wileck’s bandages, and he has never let anyone see so much as an inch of his skin since the incident, but experts have suggested he may have suffered some kind of physical mutilation from an energy surge, or even that he underwent some form of metamorphic transformation which altered the substance of his body into planetary metal. Regardless, Wileck is now never seen without his coat, hat, gloves, books, leggings, vest, goggles and facemask.

Wileck left the university for several years after this incident, becoming famous across Vin and indeed the world as an inventor and creator of marvellous Gramarie. From flying airships to vast generators, he built marvellous wonders for anyone able to pay him – in gold or better still, books. His devotion to Truenaming continued unabated, and after a while the libraries which prestige and a doctorate from Aseia could get him into weren’t enough to meet his needs. He started breaking into personal collections, fighting vampire covens and hunting aged lore masters to find more Names. He did whatever he had to. His reputation as a thief and a killer eventually made it wise for him to withdraw somewhere safe – his old university. He resumed his studies, doctorates in Material Science, Biology, Extraplanar Architecture and Propulsion Systems making him one of the most highly-qualified people in the country. Eventually, as some of the scandal around his name died down, he was offered the Chair of Energy Research – a position he took gladly because it offered him a great deal of freedom and the opportunity to explore his deepest interests in Arcanodynamics. It also indulged his passion for invention and design. He built increasingly advanced systems of energy transference and conversion, always looking for a more efficient method, a way to avoid the energy loss predicted by Tessler’s Law of Attrition. He hired a research partner/assistant, the young Adala Turch. Although a Doctor of Mathematics and a specialist in systems and loops, Turch was eager to work under the famous Professor Valkenar, and her expertise in Heuristics greatly helped Wileck’s work in energy transference and flow control. She was far better at interfacing with people than Wileck, who although charismatic and convincing makes many faux pas because he forgets others aren’t as intelligent as he is. Better still, her presence and monitoring of the staff under Wileck means he still has time to vanish when he hears of a possible new source of knowledge on Truenames.

The figure stood at the base of the cliff, almost invisible in its enormous shadow on this moonless night. Only two orange, glowing circles in its face revealed it, showing how its coat’s collar flapped in hard wind, catching the driving rain. Somehow, the brim of the top hat on its head stayed perfectly steady, unaffected by the howling gale. It leans forward, touching the surface of the rock wall with its bare fingertips, then murmurs something, inaudible over the screeching wind, and presses itself through the cliff face.
Wileck emerged silently in the castle’s cellar. He knew what he was looking for. Within the castle’s well-protected library were the diary and the glossary of a lexeme who had lived when the last wave of new creatures were created by Venilastali. Wileck’s research had revealed, after much study, that this lexeme had been killed during an old war, and some noble had brought his books back to his castle as trophies, where they had sat and collected dust ever since. Wileck knew they were here. A glossary of Truenames does not sit quietly on a shelf. It is a repository of power, even when its owner is not powerful in themselves, and he could hear this one speaking softly into the stones of the castle. He spoke again, making a superfluous circular motion with his right hand, and the shadows coalesced around him, while the world around him became blurred and indistinct, a device to trick the eyes into not seeing. He began to move through the castle, sticking to dark corners, not seeing anyone. It was eerily quiet, even with his own soft murmuring to maintain his undetected state. Suddenly, he heard raised voices from behind a door. He flattened himself into a decorative archway as a door flew open. A maid stumbled through it, slapping at the arm of a man who was trying to pull her back. His fine clothes and neatly trimmed beard gave him away as the lord of the castle, but Wileck saw his hound’s eyes, cruel and hungry. The maid was spun around, and slammed into a wall. The bearded monster pressed his face against hers. Wileck’s eyes blazed through his goggles. He stepped out of the corner and spoke. “an’syhalahfhejhalg’hduahgueanuiialadh’euqiaiaulte aeiuy’naeutriksantraei, Lord Dunsmere.” The man froze, and toppled as the terrified maid pulled herself away.
“Go,” Wileck said, “and tell no one what you saw here.” She went. Wileck leant over the Lord. “I am Wileck Valkenar, my lord. For all that I have been accused of being a thief and a murderer, I do know wrong when I see it. And you. Are. Wrong.” Wileck pointed his right arm at the man’s face. A surge of pure white energy engulfed it, then stopped. Wileck began to move swiftly now. He ran through the corridors, still keeping himself wrapped in shadow, glad that the lord appeared to have dismissed all the guards to other parts of the castle to guarantee his privacy. The library door was locked. Wileck considered picking it, but he was in a hurry. He commanded the wall beside the door to open, and stepped through the newly-created archway. He moved through the shelves, following the glossary’s whispers, which filled the library to Wileck’s trained mind. Suddenly, he saw a light, far off down an aisle, but coming nearer. He ducked into the next aisle, pressing himself against the bookshelf. He could hear the glossary chattering to be rescued, just on the other side of him, where the guard was. “Screw it” he thought, and stood up. Before the guard could register the figure on the other side of the bookcase, finding his eyes unable to focus, Wileck had uttered a sentence, and the man was paralysed on the floor. Wileck stepped straight through the bookshelf, and grabbed the glossary. Panels slid open on his hat and four arms unfolded, searching the neighbouring shelves for the diary while Wileck quickly checked that what he was searching for was undamaged. The book was dusty, but the very power of the words contained within had preserved it from any damage through pests or aging, and none of the pages were missing. A moment later, a mechanical arm was dangling the diary in front of his face. He pocketed the glossary and opened the diary. He found 5 loose sheets inside the front cover. He recognised them as Parchment That Remembers. Just as he was placing the diary safely inside his coat, he heard a shout. Looking up, he saw a second guard, staring at the cloaked, masked figure stood over the stiff body of his colleague. The man started bellowing, and brought up a crossbow, one-handed. Wileck simply turned and ran. He heard the crossbow fire behind him, and felt the slight impact as it deflected off the wards his ring established around him. There was a series of loud thuds and the stray bolt knocked books off shelves. Wileck kept running. At the end of the aisle was a stained glass window, with a bench in front of it. He put one foot on the bench, and powered himself forward, shouting something as he leapt straight through the window, the glass sealing behind him without so much as a scratch. Wileck emerged into the rain, driven hard as it was by the shepherding wind, and dropped, falling from the high castle’s walls, down the cliff face, and coming to an abrupt stop just above the ground. High above him, in the library, the guard stood in dumb amazement, his crossbow wandering to the right as he stared at the unharmed window. The thunk of the accidentally-fired bolt gouging a whole in the mahogany floor made the man turn and run as though for his life.
Finally home, Wileck hung his coat over the hook on the back of his office door, his hat neatly climbed off his head onto the hat stand, and he peeled his full-face balaclava off, the goggles going with it. He dumped it on a chair. He carried the books over to his desk and sat down. He was about to start studying them in detail – he had read them already on the 3-day long journey, despite the fact that he had been moving 22 hours out of 24 and sticking to back roads in order to let the fuss about Lord Dunsmere die down – but he noticed a letter on his desk that Adala had left for him to see. It was a complaint letter, from some private landowner he’d designed a mobile irrigation machine for. It was the third this season.
“Don’t understand this, I’ve told him three times, it’s very simple. Third lever from the left operates front right leg, furthest on right operates right back leg, lever on ceiling operates both left legs. Button on left shoulder height opens first set of dispersion panels, button under seat opens second, pressing both together opens third. All other buttons currently do nothing and are there in case of adding additional features. Second lever from the right operates refilling mechanism. Does he need me to write it down or something?”
Wileck slowly became aware of a figure standing in the room with him. He glanced up. “Oh, sorry, did not mean to cause offence. Didn’t hear you come in.”
“Wileck Valkenar, this is a message from the God-Machines themselves. You have been summoned to the First Central Pole, there to receive further instructions.” The figure then simply vanished.
“Well,” Wileck muttered to himself, “I’d better get my hat.”

As is his level 17 cohort, Dr. Adala Turch (http://coyotecode.net/profiler/view.php?id=15002). She'll be staying at the University to run the research while Wileck's gone, though she'll be available for consultations.

Appearance and Personality:
Easygoing, conversational and the face of Wileck's research department, this short, dark-haired Half-Elf prefers to spend her time in the lab rather than joining in Wileck's field expeditions and dangerous adventures. She does, however, offer in-the-field consultation and has gained a considerable amount of experience helping patch up or improve technical systems, often under high stress. These days, she never leaves the University without putting on the armour she and Wileck designed. Offering the best protection possible and with numerous weaponry options plus an inbuilt EI, the manoeuvrability of this suit is nevertheless Adala's favourite part of it. Plus, she loves the red colour scheme with blue lights under the plates.

Adala Other Notes:
Speaks: Common, Elven, Dosiman, Kes, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Kamatan.

All non-magical items created by Wileck using True Creation. All spells duplicated with “Rewrite the World”.

Armour: Adala’s armour contains a number of semi-spaces and small demi-planes, containing the Gramarie set up to personally augment her. Over the armour are several portals to demi-planes, of different sizes. Centred on the Armour is a 15ft radius bubble Heuristic Circuit (Autohypnosis 41). There is a control point installed inside the breastplate of the armour (Autohypnosis 36). Finally, an EI has been added to this circuit (Autohypnosis 42, 5 attempts). This EI has an Intelligence of 20, a LG alignment, and is called Defence and Assault Facilitating Intelligence, or DAFI. It must conform with Adala’s requirements, cannot act to harm her or her friends and allies, must not activate the weaponry without sensory input, believes in helping the weak and furthering the discovery of knowledge. Total craft time: 33 hours.
Warding unit (made by Wileck): Another 2ft cubic Fire plane (Forgery 29) with ice and wood transformers (UMDs 104) and a red filter (Spot 6). This connects, in circuit order, firstly to a silver output (UMD 104) in a subspace which casts the spell “Effulgent Epuration” on Adala. From there it goes to another identical silver output (UMD 104), but which instead casts Energy Immunity: Fire. DAFI changes the energy immunity granted each round in the order: acid, sonic, cold, electric, fire. Next it goes to a silver output (UMD 104) casting Death Ward. Finally, it powers a copper output which operates coloured lights on the armour.
Total craft time: 10 hours.
Silver output weapons (one per arm, made by Wileck): Once again, there is a 2ft cubic fire plane (Forgery 41) containing ice input and wood output transformers (UMDs 104), covered with a red filter (Spot 13) and extruding copper wire. On each bracer is a demi-plane (Forgery 36), exactly the right size to contain 7ft of an 8ft long silver pole, with a 4.282 inch diameter. The last foot runs the length of Adala’s forearm. This is a silver output (UMD 104) that releases magical energy as a weapon. The connection between this and the energy source is left uncompleted, and is controlled day DAFI to fire only when aimed. The durability of these transformers is increased by Wileck’s Alchemetry (Diplomacy 70, 35 extra HP per inch). Total craft time: 10 hours per arm.
Crystal output cannons(one per arm, made by Wileck): there is a 2ft cubic fire plane (Forgery 41) containing ice input and wood output transformers (UMDs 104), covered with a red filter (Spot 13) and extruding copper wire. On each palm is a demi-plane (Forgery 36), containing a crystal output transformer (UMD 104). A tiny piece of this crystal extends through the 1-inch diameter planar entrance from which the sonic cones are fired. The durability of these transformers is increased by Wileck’s Alchemetry (Diplomacy 77, 38 extra HP per inch). Total craft time: 10 hours per arm.
Engines (made by Wileck: 2ft cubic Fire plane (Forgery 34) with ice and wood transformers (UMDs 104) and a red filter (Spot 7) powering 2 Ascending Engines (purchased) and 7 Orthogonal Engines (Concentration 31), giving 150ft lateral speed and 60ft. These are held within a sub-space inside the armour itself. Craft time: 17 hours.

2013-03-16, 06:59 AM
Yay, we're back!

Hello new people :smallsmile:

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 09:59 AM
Hiya. Seren (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=519181) will speak in DeepSkyBlue. Her cohort Ampsandra is 28th level but will be staying at Isren and my home base, along with my almost 2000 followers.

Serenity the Gray:
Kaleidomanticist 20/Shadowright 10//Racial LA 7/Harrowed 20/Epic Hero 3
Stat Block:
Serenity the Grey (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=519181)
Female NG Half-Fey Half-Celestial Aasimar Kaleidomanticist/Shadowright//Aasimar/Half-Celestial/Half-Fey/Harrowed/Epic Hero, Level 20/10//1/4/2/20/3, Init +6, HP 264/264, Speed 40 ft, fly 80 ft, swim 40 ft
AC 37, Touch 16, Flat-footed 31, Fort +13, Ref +11, Will +9, Base Attack Bonus +25/+20/+15/+10
Ignores DR and Hardness, intelligent- see allies +7 Starsilver Greatsword of Ruin +38/+33/+28/+23 (2d6+11, 19-20)
Glamered, Gaseous Form at will, speak any language Glamered +7 mithril chainmail (+12 Armor, +6 Dex, +9 Natural)
Abilities Str 19, Dex 22, Con 26, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 32
Condition None
Cohort level 28
1600:1st-level, 160:2, 80:3, 40:4, 20:5, 10:6, 5:7, 3:8, 2:9, 1:10th-level

Darkvision 60 ft
Low-Light Vision
Mindsight (Detect any non-mindless being w/in 100 ft, know the location but they still have concealment, detect type and INT score)
Blindsight 30 ft
Midnight (Colorblind)
Catropic (See through reflections & glare)
Ranging (Compute distances by sight)
Connected (See grammaric connections)
Thermal (Tell temperature and infravision w/in 60 ft)
Fluid (Tell composition of any fluid)
Primal (Pinpoint animate creatures w/in 120 ft)
Penetrating (Chance for disconnect w/ visual illusions)
Frequent (See through anything w/in 120 ft except lead)
Intimate (All viewed locations treated as "familiar")

Other Senses:
Two-World Eyes: Darkvision 60 ft (eve magical darkness), constant Detect Magic, autodetect (as if True Seeing) creatures w/ elemental subtype, Blindsight 60 ft with regard to beings with the elemental type, the outsider type, or the air, cold, earth, extraplanar, fire, or water subtypes
Deathsight: Tell how long a corpse has been dead + how it died, detect undead and how it undied, Speak with Dead once to corpses less than 20 days old.
Glimpse the Soul: see http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=188148
Read the Soul: Full-round to lock on to target, standard each round to maintain. Tell if being lies, if activates su or sp ability, if changes alignment, if becomes possessed.
Scent the Occult: Smell (and track) magic being or effect, smell type (divine/arcane) and source (inherent/learned/granted), also identify spells or magic items.
Sense the Unseen: See invisible and ethereal creatures normally, also detect presence of incorporeal or shadow-walking creatures w/in 40 ft.

Colour of Magic:
Unimpeachable Pigmentation Technique
Purple Perception
Ruby Ruination
Ultramarine Ultimatum

Bestial Armor (Nat. Armor bonus = to CON mod)
Aquatic Adaptation (Gills, no effect by water pressure, swim speed=base land speed, move+attack normally underwater)
Bestial Senses (Scent special quality)
Nightmare Mind (+2 vs.mind-affecting, see Harrowed)
Bestial Lunge (+10 ft to base land speed, +5 ft reach)
Otherworldly Senses (Blindsight 30 ft as long as one sense works)
Unholy Communion (Telepathy w/in 100 ft)
Unbreakable Soul (Immune to negative levels/energy drain, and any soul-affecting effect)
Profane Transcendence (Become native outsider, DR 20/lawful or good)
Unholy Resistance (Fire resist +20)

Shadowseal (One active at a time, this is an area effect that extends around you to a radius of 50ft. Inside of the area, all colour of that type disappears. Prismatic effects and kaleidomantic filters which are composed of that colour might collapse. You can make an immediate Hit Die check (against the caster level of a prismatic effect) or an opposed Spot check (against the Spot check of such a filter) to collapse the coloured effect. You can only try to collapse a given effect once per day, when it first enters your seal area.
Red (Fire and Cold immunity)
Yellow (Stoneskin v. stone/metal weapons)
Blue (Pressure & dehydration immunity)
Orange (No need to breathe)
Green (Poison immunity)
Indigo (Acid immunity)
Violet (+ & - energy immunity)
Black (Nondetection, sonic & searing/blinding light immunity)
White (Radiomantic immunity)

Epic Virtues:
Epic Charisma (+2 CHA, +5 Leadership, Mass Suggestion 3/day, CL 30, DC 20+CHA mod)
Epic Prowess (BAB=20/15/10/5, proficiency with all weapons)
Epic Dexterity (+2 DEX, +5 Init, Reflex save damage = 1/2 or none)

Smite Evil +20 damage, 1/day
Immune to fire
Immune to disease
Immune to enchantment
Immune to negative levels/energy drain
Immune to any soul-affecting effect
DR 10/Magic
Resist 10 v. Acid, Cold, Electricity, Resist 50 v. Fire
Natural weapons treated as magical
SR 35
+4 to Fort. v. Poison
Fly speed =2x fastest other speed
Seren has excellent senses due to her levels in Harrowed and Shadowright, which I suppose will help get through Norn's illusions.

Tallon, should we just pop in or what?

2013-03-16, 10:57 AM
Hello everyone! Here's Novus, I'll be posting in the IC thread in just a moment.

Name: Novus (The Traveler/Eccentric emissary)
Alignment: CG
Classes: Phrenic 2/Psion (Seer) 8/Crystal master 10/Omnimind 9/Epic Hero 1||Gramarist (Heuristicist) 20/Dreamason 10 (order is not exactly as written, just looks simpler this way)
Species: Phrenic Elan
Gender: Male
Link to Character Sheet: The Traveler (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=519035)
Background: A hefty load of info here: Background


Legend tells of a hero who lived centuries ago. Born in Kamata, he had incredible opportunities to advance his psychic abilities. As a child, he underwent the traditional mental disciplines of Kamata. However, at this time, Tashileta had decreed that certain children, chosen for their potential intellect, undergo additional psychic experiments. Most of the time these experiments had no effect, but with a select few, such as Novus, additional powers grew. He became even brighter, and displayed psionic abilities without training. His potential was quickly recognized, and he was trained as a Psion. His spectacular ability made it clear to all that he was worthy of becoming an Elan, and upon reaching adulthood he was awarded that honor.

After becoming an Elan, Novus began to study Gramarie as well as psionics, and began to chafe at the restrictions placed upon him. In time, he was able to convince his teachers that his abilities would have much greater potential if he was allowed to travel, gathering knowledge for across the continent. He was sent on his way with Some basic supplies, and a wagon.

This is the period of his life of which all of Kamata knows, for tales are told in every inn of his great adventures, and the aid he gave to each as he traveled through the land. Tales are told of the many experiments he performed, among them, the embedding of psionically charged gems into himself, the creation of dream and mind related Gramarie, psychic reformations, and intelligence increasing abilities. His Gramarie devices ranged from bio-structures to robots to vast nets of power gathering transformers. Perhaps the most famous component of his travels is his, well. . .improved wagon.

As he learned more Gramarie, he discovered that he could manage some interesting things. Rebuilding his wagon out of sturdier materials, he formed it into a complex heuristical device. Later, he decided it had been a mistake to give his cart an EI. While the cart was capable of some incredible things, it was a first attempt at an EI. While the cart did all that Novus had desired for it to do, it had developed quite the attitude. Snide, sarcastic, and rather outspoken, the cart caused Novus no end of grief. Novus always claimed that if it wasn't so useful, he'd have the cart sold, and the EI with it. The EI in response, always threatened to drive Novus off a cliff in his sleep. Of course, if you ask anyone, he and the EI were the best of friends.

He became the hero of the people, famous, beloved, and, quite powerful to boot. His journeys ended however, when he was recalled to the throne. Tashileta was desirous to add him to her repertoire of tools. For years he was at her beck and call, but after about a century, he simply vanished. Legends abound as to what occurred, but no one really knows what occurred. Some say, he stumbled upon a dreadful experiment of Tashileta's, and she slew him for the discovery, some that he had grown tired of her commands, and had attempted to use an experimental device to escape, instead becoming locked in some strange universe. Many hoped that he simply took a vacation, but as the years passed, and he did not return, all but the most devout accepted him as dead or lost, for their hero would never desert them. He faded from all but legend.

What actually occurred, is that he had become fed up with Tashileta, and decided that playing the hero really wasn't the best way to help people. After a very heartfelt plea to Tashileta, he was set free, to again travel the world, under the condition that he avoid attention, and not try to undermine Kamata, or any of Tashileta's plans. He also was required to report in to Tashileta every decade or so, but for a time those reports grew so exceedingly dull that Tashileta requested he stop sending them.

So he journeyed. As a tinkerer, he wandered across the continents, gathering more knowledge as he went. His power did not escape unnoticed however. While traveling through Vin around 260 years ago, he caught the attention of the high priest of Novelo, who saw the power he had accumulated. Offered a position in the church of Novelo, Novus accepted, and quickly rose through the ranks. As his powers reached epic proportions, Novelo himself called him forward, and Novus became the personal servant of Novelo. He's been as much for the last century and a half.

Summary: He's been around a long time, and been linked to some very powerful beings, namely Tashileta and Novelo.

Arm of Novelo:
Novus acts as Novelo's arm. He travels about the world, doing tasks for Novelo across the globe. For the most part, Novelo leaves Novus to his own studies and efforts, sometimes requesting a specific action. Through his travel, he often makes friends, and in recent years, has joined up with some similarly extraordinary people. With them he created several great wonders of Gramarie. (See section on The City)

In his service to Novelo he has been granted the ability to access certain portions of the digital domain, such as the library of Kunnelan. He does not have a scanner, but can create an effect that transports him there.

Novus's vehicle:

From that original wagon, he reforged the EI into something akin to a podracer. Consists of various engines stored in a demiplane, which are rotated about pending on Novus's needs. Each engine has a wall of force effect surrounding it, and underneath that force effect, a 1 inch thick layer of Obdurium, artificially hardened, and strengthened. In addition, transformers my be rotated through that can channel 75 ebbs each round. The racer is linked to Novus's cohort EI, which has a large, complex circuit area, consisting of a checkerboard pattern, in a cube with sides 1055 feet in length. Seats two.

The City:
Over the last century, Novus joined forces with two others to create an incredible city comprising of several heurisitic circuits, and a vast yggdratectural network. We haven't finished this yet.

Super short summaries of abilities:
The Architect (Su)
Every Knowledge (architecture and engineering) and Autohypnosis checks treated as a natural 20s.
All of your principles are now extraordinary in nature, and for all intents and purposes any machine or structure you build out of them is considered non-magical in every way.

Spectroconstruction (Su):
Build stuff. 7200 man hours in half an hour of effort, 9/day

Principles. Here's what I know.
ALCH 101, ALCH 202, ALCH 325, ARCD 101, ARCD 204, ARCD 350, ELDK 101, ELDK 219, ELDK 355, HEUR 101, HEUR 245, HEUR 266, HEUR 302, HEUR 328, IMCH 101, IMCH 267, YGGD 101, YGGD 212, YGGD 371, BIOY 101, BIOY 228, BIOY 340
And access to the rest of the non-specialist principles, and the two eldrikinetics specialist principles from my cohort.

The Most Exotic
Circuits can now have my intelligence, Don't have to save if a part is removed or destroyed.

Always can edit my own circuits. No check required.

Rabbit Hole
Circuits spread across portals, and can freely communicate/transfer puissance across such extra-dimensional portals.

Variable of Volume
Circuit field can be formed into any shape. The shape must be continuous, and at no point can be less than 6 inches by 6 inches thick.

Moore's law
200 decisions/round

Stream of Consciousness (Ps)
Regain a number of power points equal to the number of damage dice dealt with the eldritch blast

Dreamcatcher (Ps)
Drain PP, give nightmares, drain ability scores of those within circuit. EI can burn this power for XP.

Can use dream catchers to fuel psionics. 1 ebb is lost for each conversion.

Epic Manifestation (The feat)

Mental Prowess (Su)
1500 foot mindsight/telepathy. Yup.

Flowing Augmentation (Su)
Spend PP of ally within 100 feet, gain 8 temporary power points that can only be used to augment that power.

Mind over Matter (Su)
Can negate damage by paying 1/3 of damage total in PP

Collective Consciousness (Su)
Twice/encounter, expend psionic focus to affect all creatures in range.

Epic Hero:
Epic psionics
Can cast level 1 or 2 powers free, if unaugmented. Does not lose psionic focus when using metapsionic feats.

Crystal master:
+3 untyped bonus to Intelligence

Immune to aging effects, and bad bits of aging.

+6 insight to saving throws and AC

Fly, psionic, double duration, 12/day

Touchsight 60'

The Mind Undying (Su)
PP can act as HP pool, and prevent from dying for 10PP/round

Epic spell:
Information Transfer
DC: 67
Display: Mental
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal or touch
Target: You or a creature or object of up to 2,000 lb.
Duration: 200 minutes/Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None or fortitude if undead. Or will if you're an object.
Spell Resistance: Yes (except for the conceal portion on a creature/character, where it is No)
To Develop: Seeds: Conceal (DC 17), lasts regardless of action (+4 DC), blocks divination spells (+6 DC) and in discipline (-5 DC). Heal (DC 25). One action casting time (+20 DC)
In his years of traveling, Novus has managed to learn a thing or two about the digital realm. With the manifestation of this power, Novus begins odd processes which he refers to as uploading and downloading.
Download: Information stored in the digital realm is drawn forth to restore the target. This functions as the heal seed.

Upload: A more continuous process, the target's information is sent to the digital realm, as well as their visual appearance. For the duration of the upload process, the target is concealed as if by the conceal seed (fully augmented).
1 9th level wizard
Equipped with a power source (Neumann cyclers), an orthogonal/ascending engine, a circuit, and an EI

150 battle bots—Very simple, made to move, and blast. Each has an extradimensional portal to an energy gathering area. Level 1 fighters technically.
Equipped with a power source (Neumann cyclers), an orthogonal engine, a circuit, and an EI, also with various -out circuits. Distribution:
Sonic (20)
Light (20)
Electricity (20)
Magic (20)
Cold (20)
Fire (20)
Lead (30)

Each is capable of generating and channeling 75 ebbs/round.
Use of hours:
420 to building of a fortified fortress 2,000,000 man hours(by Kellus' table)14400 man hours per hour of spectroconstruction, this means 138.89 hours for 30% cost, or 416.67 hours for free(talonRook's ruling).

10 or so hours for teammates

400 hours dedicated to building podracer (with a great deal of minion assistance)

3000 or so hours- this is Novus helping to build all heuristics of his minions so that they all get his lovely special abilities. It also consists of him locking all of the devices he doesn't want fiddled with by amateurs. AKA: everyone else.

3000 hours creating different EIs. Unless otherwise stated, all are equipped with the mental dream net, and as high of intelligence as Novus can provide. All have an orthogonal engine, as well as a portal to a power gathering area. A list of what I created is below. This use of hours occurs FIRST.

400 hours programming principles/ building basic needs of first few bots

another 400 hours spent building homes with spectroconstruction.

This is a bit of a flavor thing, but—50 hours getting the power array(s) into geosynchronous orbit.

10 hours manifesting powers into silver out transformers

320 epic power study

750 hours making money from gramarie(1000/hr) This is flexible.

Bots currently functional:
Note: For simplicity of numbers, I'm spending about twice as many hours making these, and just saying they all have 8760 hours. Easier math, and I erred to my own disadvantage. I have about twice as many bots as the list indicates, but this is what I used to calculate what I can make.

EI cohort: 26th level.
10 5th level Miracle workers. Healers, with a silver out engine.
120 crafters (machines made explicitly for making other machines.)

-15 engine makers
1 Planejumping
1 Ethereal
1 beeform
1 lightning
1 badgerdrawn
2 orthogonal
2 ascending
1 submerging
5 Ballistic

-10 demiplane makers

-25 circuit makers

-10 alchemetry tweakers
4 Orichalcum (2 covering costs, two making)
2 Density
1 Phase change
1 studiness
1 hardness
1 durability

-10 illusion crafters
1 multisense
4 ablative
2 adaptive
3 baisic

-23 transformer crafters
4 Silver
3 Crystal
4 Gold
2 Copper
2 Tin
4 Ice
3 Mercury
1 Wood

10 money makers (Eldrikinetics engines, EIs, and KALD filters)

6 BIO maker
3 bio structure
2 upgrader
1 upgrader 2

1 GEO maker (makes cities and places climates in inhospitable areas to make them hospitable)

10 KALD makers
2 violet
2 black
1 green
1 blue
1 orange
1 red
1 yellow
1 white
Intended Party Role/s: Knowing everything (seer), piercing certain immunities, blasting, can be party face, utility from Heuristics. No melee, no tanking.
Cohorts/Allies (if any): One very nifty EI. And a barrage of smaller ones. PT.

2013-03-16, 12:13 PM
You guys know where the other four people are. Getting there may be an issue.

For the army, just fluff and general links will be fine.

2013-03-16, 12:40 PM
You guys know where the other four people are. Getting there may be an issue.

For the army, just fluff and general links will be fine.

Getting there, an issue? For Novus? Doubtful, he can penetrate quite a bit with his abilities, and that includes effects that protect against scrying. He knows exactly where they are, he can teleport nearby, and travel through the ethereal plane to get there. Or the material plane for that matter. Solid earth, and water aren't issues either, and if there is a magical barrier, he can just blast at it until it breaks. Also, he's fully capable of bringing Serenity along for the ride. Anything short of epic powers, or very powerful non-epic, will stop, or even significantly slow Novus if he wants to be somewhere. There are more reasons than one for me calling him 'The Traveler'. :smallbiggrin:

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 12:49 PM
Ampsandra portalled Seren into the meeting area. We are now capable of traveling between there and the fortress.

2013-03-16, 01:18 PM
A quick note: Normally Novus isn't quite so forceful, but I figured a little shove won't hurt to get things moving. After all, last time you filled three pages with planning.:smallwink:

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 01:33 PM
I'm thinking that I'm going to need to skip the part about Anna freaking out by the sudden appearance of people in her inner sanctum... [Or I might deal with it by disappearing in character. It's a little late to do anything else without making others have to post edit.]

Whilst I don't have the document I made up of my stronghold on me that room in particular shouldn't be able to just be teleported into [I'll give reasons when I grab the doc.], also, if you had read past [For Noves] There is no way for a chariout to fit in the study [unless it is incorporial and passing through people.].

Post sometime today when I figure out how to react... What I get for going to sleep...
Perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier, that way they would have entered through established portals.

Edit: Thought of a potentially easy way, Tallon, can you edit into your post from just before the newcomers appearance that the godmachines told us to expect new arrivals. That way it shakes Anna, but less so than random strangers who Angelina would quickly be trying to either flee or obliterate. [Or changing or for and]

Extra Edit: Actually, that would give reason for Anna to actually stay and continue without having to deal with character freakout due to impenetrable invisibility being available.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 01:48 PM
Well, then, the mystical power of the Godmachines allowed Ampsandra to direct a teleportation effect straight there. Don't overthink it, we arrive in the study.

2013-03-16, 01:50 PM
Yeah, sorry, must have missed that bit about you being indoors again. :smallredface: I'll post edit after I figure out exactly how bad I blundered.

This is what I get for being excitable.

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 01:52 PM
I'm trying to not in allowing a simple edit. However I don't want to completely skip over it, as this is supposed to be from where she runs a small city state and is, to her mind, unfindable by magic [without just guess and check through teleportation of all the caves on the planet], and that room in particular is supposed to have something to stop teleportation.

In any case, it has promted me to find the document....
I'm wishing I did end up being made to pass it along, becuase I might end up having to rebuild it from memory given the way my quick search is going. [Please god, stop mocking me.]

As it's looking, it would be a moment to freak out with Angelina, who would imidiately turn invisible and summon someone else ready for combat from survive from a DM edit.

Becuase I know posting is slow for Tallon, if desired I am happy to assume such an edit is in place to continue the story.

2013-03-16, 02:00 PM
Alright, edited in. They communicated it through that cube-thing Griever has.

2013-03-16, 02:02 PM
Got it. I can basically drive through the rock in the ethereal plane, and hop out. I edited my post, so while I can't guarantee Anna won't freak out, It does function in the given parameters. IF it doesn't, let it function here for simplicity. Also, there is a portal attached to the chariot, so Serenity can have traveled through that one. 2/3 entrances now make sense.

EDIT: tallonRook beat me, so now I think just about everything works. Anything else that needs tweaking Erik?

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 02:06 PM
Until I find the document, nothing else. I think the room had [frong stronghold builders] the wall matrial that prevented astral transport [as well as a door only she can actually go through] and maybe something to do with anti-magic. But I think that hand wavyness will have to do for now.

Post inbound.

2013-03-16, 02:17 PM
Well, I'm pretty sure I equipped my podracer with the engine that allows it to travel through solid stone, so I could use that as well. Or travel to the adjacent chamber and use a miniature lightning leap engine. I could also just charge my miracle engine and say knock it off, I want in. :smallbiggrin:

Silly impatient us. Certainly a fun mess we made of things. :smalltongue: Oh well, we got it to work for now.

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 02:23 PM
It's rock and then another rock that stops etheral travel [and maybe teleportation, cant remember. Haven't found it yet]
Just say you got there, noticed the sort of rock you bounce off when etheral and use your teleport.

Anyhow, post away. Angelina is currently rethinking how worth it working with the god machines are, and will be planning on moving.

Oh, links as to the military later today.

2013-03-16, 03:54 PM
Sorry Erik, I totally didn't think your Inner Sanctum might be warded against lazy teleportation :smallwink:

Really should have used some of that Gramarie preparation time to make simple copies of Adala's armour. Mobile fire platforms would be great. Tallon, were you ok with me using up the rest of my time even though we've finished recruitment? I did have some ideas along these lines, but wanted to check first.

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 05:40 PM
Ok, two things for clarification:

1, would it be feasible for me to have finished assembling approximately 50% of the city's work/fighting force? [I can infest/assimilate reaaaaly quickly with a genisis plane, so that part's no worry.]

2 [this is for the players], Who is actually in what team?

I'm assisting outside, providing distraction forces, however my swarmlings, cohort and familiar will be in the main force.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 05:49 PM
I could reasonably be in either team. With the distraction team I can deal sonic damage to the structure, whereas with the stealth team I can go nondetectable, so I'll be with the team that needs more members, I suppose.

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 05:54 PM
Distraction team is a army with a few other groups. Perhaps stealth for if we need a wall made into rubble in a hurry.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 05:57 PM
Anyone with a crystal-out can damage walls. Although, Norn being the alchemetrist he is, the walls may not be vulnerable to sonic.

2013-03-16, 05:57 PM
Infiltration's my strong suit - Hide in Plain Sight when not in daylight, extraordinary darkness and the ability to give a Truespeak bonus of around +30 to Hide and Move Silently checks. Truespeech will also give goods buffs in combat and I've got a very powerful weapon in emergencies.

Anyone who knows ALCH 101, ARCD 101/204/305, HEUR 328 (that's EI creation), KALD 101 or YGGD 353 and doesn't have anything better to be doing can also contribute to the creation of weapons in one way or another.

Erik, you're providing our infantry, right? How many of the best (those with the best ranged attacks, first and foremost) will have their own armour better than (/require armour other than) full plate? Because if I can work my devices into their equipment then our frontal assault assets will be best placed, last longest and we won't end up with any of your men stomping around in armour that's not as good as their own gear stats-wise. Ed: I can make armour of any type in any material if this will surpass your troops' gear, although Wileck will get bored after maybe a minute of doing so we're not talking more than 280 cubic feet of equipment if the DM rules True Creation can make more than one item, or around 10 items otherwise.

Ed: I can Truespeak holes into walls. Walls are not a problem for the stealth team.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 06:15 PM
One note: My firebombs require a bit of cold damage to set them off, while the water versions require sunlight. Will this be a problem?

2013-03-16, 06:20 PM
One note: My firebombs require a bit of cold damage to set them off, while the water versions require sunlight. Will this be a problem?

I can give you sunlight-makers if needed. Same for cold, actually (though mercury is a more annoying material to work in).

Ed: Although a cubic foot of gold technically weighs about 1120 pounds, so it's always a pain getting your transformers outside of semi-spaces. I wonder if Kellus did the density calculations on his transformers before setting their minimum volume?

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 06:22 PM
I can do cold quite easily for myself, the problem may be the distraction team. As for sunlight, there is a ready supply if we attack during daylight hours, but, again, this depends on the layout.

2013-03-16, 06:26 PM
I can do cold quite easily for myself, the problem may be the distraction team. As for sunlight, there is a ready supply if we attack during daylight hours, but, again, this depends on the layout.

How much cold are we talking? Cold damage, or drop in ambient temperature? In fact, would you mind explaining the mechanism by which they work?

Erik Vale
2013-03-16, 06:39 PM
Infiltration's my strong suit - Hide in Plain Sight when not in daylight, extraordinary darkness and the ability to give a Truespeak bonus of around +30 to Hide and Move Silently checks. Truespeech will also give goods buffs in combat and I've got a very powerful weapon in emergencies.
Erik, you're providing our infantry, right? How many of the best (those with the best ranged attacks, first and foremost) will have their own armour better than (/require armour other than) full plate? Because if I can work my devices into their equipment then our frontal assault assets will be best placed, last longest and we won't end up with any of your men stomping around in armour that's not as good as their own gear stats-wise. Ed: I can make armour of any type in any material if this will surpass your troops' gear, although Wileck will get bored after maybe a minute of doing so we're not talking more than 280 cubic feet of equipment if the DM rules True Creation can make more than one item, or around 10 items otherwise.

Ed: I can Truespeak holes into walls. Walls are not a problem for the stealth team.

Ok, Your infiltration then.
As for creatures, there probably outfitted in masterwork or low bonus whatevers, I haven't thought about it that much.
Imagine if a city state had the possibility of fielding almost it's entirety as a army, each member of which having some basic mallitia training, many having more than, all having super human [but not extremely superhuman, I'm talking about just over human peak or at in multiple areas] capabilities. That it pretty much what they are [Google swarmlord and look at infested, then immagine that applied to average joes.]

However, everyone has several buffs that work in antimagic fields. These include flight, damage resistance, high resistance to enchantments/get's them removed on my turn every turn, are tougher than normal HP wise, have mental buffs, the ability to generate a anti-life shell, Ressurections = to their constitution/2 [loose 2 con each time...], The ability to instantly kill people under 100HP, and sicken those over, Never Surprised/Flat Footed, Bonus AC, The ability to dispell all level 8 or lower enchantments, the ability to dispel one level 7 or below spell [per day] by 'touching' it.

Also, permenent greater invisibility where they can communicate telepathically [part of being in the swarm and dark forsight].

2013-03-16, 06:39 PM
Griever could do either, she has substantial racial/size modifiers to both Hide and Move Silently - she's also really, really good at mopping up mooks thanks to her Demilich Fear Aura and an at-will Weird SLA, as well as some other stuff.

So, long story short, she can do armies and distractions as well as sneaking and assassination.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 06:42 PM
How much cold are we talking? Cold damage, or drop in ambient temperature? In fact, would you mind explaining the mechanism by which they work?

When they take cold damage equal to the spot check result to construct the filter, they collapse and...
Ruby Ruination: Whenever you construct a red filter, heat that's blocked from passage is absorbed into the filter, like an ice arcanodynamic transformer. However, you cannot remove ebbs from it with a circuit or connect it to an output; instead, if the filter ever collapses it releases a fireball centered on itself, with a radius of 5ft. per ebb of heat absorbed, and dealing 1d6 fire damage per ebb. This fireball offers a Reflex save for half damage against the same DC as your mysteries. A red filter like this can store up to 1,000 ebbs of heat before it tops off; any excess heat is nullified like normal.
I intentionally lower my spot check result, so it only takes three cold damage to set it off.

2013-03-16, 06:52 PM
Right, so the best bet is probably to have a cold output that'll allow a single guy to unleash a massive cone of cold, then have bombs chucked into that. What we get is - bombs thrown, cone of cold fired. Cone deals cold damage, bombs deal fire damage, cone then sticks around as a cloud of cold which moves towards heat sources nearby. Keep throwing bombs in, it'll sit there for several minutes, totally clear out the area (I hope).

I think mook-mopping can safely be handled by the ground forces armed with my weaponry - a few guys in Adamantine fullplate firing cones of sonic or cold, beams of magic and sunlight (all as extraordinary abilities) should turn a distraction into a downright deadly frontal assault.

Ed: Also, I think I understand the key for that map. Quite colourblind, but it's not complex.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 06:57 PM
Yes, torrents of water should prove quite confusing.

Ultramarine Ultimatum: Whenever you construct an indigo filter, protons and electrons accumulated by the filter can be recombined into their natural state. Whenever an acid is neutralized, the filter gains a number of 'proton points' equal to the damage per round the acid dealt, multiplied by the cubic feet of it neutralized. Whenever a base is neutralized, the filter gains a number of 'electron points' equal to the damage per round the base dealt, multiplied by the cubic feet of it neutralized. When the filter collapses, it spontaneously generates a volume of liquid water equal to 100 cubic feet of water for every pair of proton and electron points it's holding.

2013-03-16, 06:58 PM
Oh dear, the map is back. It's uglier than I remember.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-16, 08:41 PM
If one casts a teleportation spell, and one's friend is "familiar" with the destination, can one use one' friend's knowledge of the destination? Treat it as familiar, that is?

2013-03-17, 12:00 AM
tallonRook: I'm casting hypercognition on the fortress. Just in case. If nothing else, it will simply give us the most ideal view of the outside of the fortress.

I'll be on the infiltration team.

Teleportation is a breeze. I've got greater psionic teleport, so all I need is to see the place, and if it's not protected I can teleport there.

Erik Vale
2013-03-17, 12:13 AM
Yea, but I fear it is protected.

And if it is, I might have to just send a army of birds just ahead of everythiing else given flying enchanments.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-17, 10:13 AM
Ehee. I get to be on both teams, since Ampsandra will be on Distraction. :smallbiggrin:

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-17, 11:10 AM
Rolling for cohort HP, since I never actually got around to it.


2013-03-17, 02:24 PM
Proud Tortoise: If your friend spends time explaining to you the place they're familiar with, I think you could treat it as familiar.
On Hypercognition: I don't know how much you can get from that ugly map. One of the main things that you could get (that I've already told Erik Vale) is that the long extension is a sky-port of sorts. There's a roof there that will open, presumably for things to fly out of. The long bit could also be used as a runway.
There's probably some sort of defense to the north, much as the forest and beach defend the south.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-17, 03:19 PM
Oh, good. Because I treat any place I see as Familiar, even if viewed through scrying, so we should have no trouble transporting there.

2013-03-17, 05:50 PM
Dr Turch won't join in the combat, but she's got a lot of suit-mounted speed and firepower so she could watch the exit from that hanger. Oh, and in a pinch she can fire her weaponry at nearly a mile.

Tallon, did I get an answer on using up the rest of my Gramarie time?

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-17, 06:01 PM
Ampsandra probably won't get too involved, staying near the beachhead so she can periodically renew her inspiration.

2013-03-17, 06:38 PM
Shoot! Ah, yes, you can still use that time.

Erik Vale
2013-03-17, 09:58 PM
Whilst I'm here, sorry for not providing the links yesterday, fluff and links tonight [I promise].

Erik Vale
2013-03-18, 06:47 AM
Ok, some fluff and crunch.


[Anna's city, who's name I can't remember] Is a largish city state due to the many benifits it can offer in terms of physical capability and support. It is by no means the greatest [see those who almost hit tippyverse], however with the enhanced use of magics, psionics and animal labour, life is good. It however keeps a constant standing of guards, who are more a military given the cities nature leading to low crime rates.
This military has high numbers of animal trainers of various types, a large perportion also have the 'Hiver gene' leading extreme coordination amoungst groups, they are also all highly trained in the magical effects that constantly support them.
Also, all that do recieve the 'Blessing of the Hive' have basic martial training, however they tend to be more savage when forced into combat.

Though much more have volunteered, approximately half of the working population will be fighting, all decked out in masterwork armours [at least], with most bearing some minor enchantment on their armour or weapon, which is often either some sort of chain and two handed weapon, or a sword and shield. Also, hunters have recently depopulated the area surrounding the city state of predators for transformation, particularly those known to be threatening in single combat [Any above 3HD are pretty much gobbled up for use.], however some have been left for breeding.
Also, all available adventurers have been hired, 'gifted', enchanted, and received some training.

Minor Crunch notes.

Every humanoid/other sentient [Note, the city state is as racially diverse as possible.] profesional unit will have someone with at least a dip in swarmlord (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=253053). And half the standing military will be present. There will also be a large quantity of characters with some skill in handle animal or a dip in druid/ranger/other animal handler.

Also, most combatents will have [all of the soldiers will have as well as large skilled non-proffesionals ] will have the Assimilated template. Everyone will have the Infested template if they don't [aside from adventurers who instead chose a rat with full hivemind, 3 int and the ability to understand common, and a telepathic link with one member, they will be fewer but probably make up some of the infiltration teams.]

The attack will be launched by first sending everyone to another plane, then gating to the island en-mass. Most units may have some animal support linked through the hive mind, however the first wave will be all the hive mind linked but untrained animals, just sent in a rush with the order to kill.

As said, all will have at bare minimum masterwork equipment.

Now, All have the following buffs.
-Fly Speed equal to land with Good Manueverability.
-Bonuses to all saves, all mind-effecting removed at Anna's innitiative every turn.
- Greater Arcane Sight, Can instantly kill anyone below 100 HP [Death effect, I will check but it's no save last I remember] or sicken with DC 38.
- Foresight [As the spell]. Also cast as to spread around some telepathy in addition to swarmlord commands.
-Ressurections that cost 2 Con/Use, automatic, no need to reset, power boost after death.
-Additional HP and bonuses when below 0 HP. [Can go until -58, also don't fall unconcious/become disabled]
-Can Dispell 1 Spell.

Some will also have Greater Invisibility, this cannot be penetrated by any

I think that's it.

Plan of Attack Notes.

Send people through gates on beach and into forrest. Animals first for a minute perhaps. Animals and people at same time in forrest to start fire.

Invisible/flying adventurers approach sides of island and try to infiltrate. Some are to help the battle, some adventurers will also be starting with the others to cleave through to try and get into the castle.

Main team attacks from bottom with other guys.

Anna lends magical support, being able to turn hordes into statues of stone incased in ice, create undead from killed, Send powerful creatures to sleep, Set up bombs people will activate [will save vs overpowered explosive runes] and dispel magic. Also has epic healing on command and the ability to teleport people back to the city as needed.

She will join in personally if needed, either to be there physically or to improve moral, however she will seek to avoid joining in.

She however has no qualms about eventually withdrawing and using her other epic magic to turn the entire world, large nations, or even himself against him. However that would be using mind control and would result in a backlash against her.

I think I'm done.

2013-03-18, 05:47 PM
The game is fun, the story is good, and I really liked Ghaunvyr, but I still can't get interested. It's not campaign-specific, I'm leaving another game too. Since you have a sub and he probably wants to play more than I do, I'll leave and let him get the spot. He's probably going to be way more active than me aswell, so it's better for everyone.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-18, 08:18 PM
Well? Is everyone getting ready? (Also, check out my ultra-firebombs! Total annihilation!)

2013-03-18, 08:24 PM
The game is fun, the story is good, and I really liked Ghaunvyr, but I still can't get interested. It's not campaign-specific, I'm leaving another game too. Since you have a sub and he probably wants to play more than I do, I'll leave and let him get the spot. He's probably going to be way more active than me aswell, so it's better for everyone.

That's a pity, I rather liked what I saw of Ghaunvyr myself.

Yup, I'm getting ready. Just calculating what shenanigans I can pull off. Kind of irked that we have to let another two in game days pass, but I suppose it can't be helped.

EDIT:Use of hours:
Six ioun stones of imachinary illusion (Ablative effects for all of the sensory inputs, affects only the possessor of the ioun stone, items worn, and held.) DC=75(made by my bots) Used grey ioun stones.

2 sets of 120 ballistic engines in parallel, capable of launching trees at mach 1. Attached are 16 orthogonal engines(120 feet/round). Powered by an EI, and a portal to the arctic, where there are 48 ice-ins. (Made by bots)

10 stonefish engines in parallel, overclocked. Capable of moving me through stone at 330 feet/round, or podracer through stone at 180ft/round(made by EI, funded by bots, alchemetry used to make it less dense, and harder)

8 portals 10x15 (made by bots) fixed to coins which will be dropped over the island upon invasion.

6 devices with an wood input, a lightning leap engine and with a gold, lead, and crystal output. Equipped with an EI.

3 EIs equipped with silver engines charged with the following powers: Affinity field, vigor, inertial armor, energy adaptation specified, levitate psionic, share pain, body purification, precognition offensive. Contained in a demiplane attached to an amulet. Capable of generating 50 ebbs/round. Created by bots, EI and myself.

2 each of preparations of biostructure, converting all of the options into oxygen. Just biostructure made of couple of trees.

I think that's all I'm going to make. I can still make some KALD filters, and certain transformers, but I think I've made enough.

2013-03-19, 08:07 AM
Aw, sorry to see you go, Abrahadabra. But I know that feeling (from other games), I understand.
Would everyone just like to have a two-day time skip to the predicted day of the invasion?

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-19, 08:24 AM
EDIT:Use of hours:
Six ioun stones of imachinary illusion (Ablative effects for all of the sensory inputs, affects only the possessor of the ioun stone, items worn, and held.) DC=75(made by my bots) Used grey ioun stones.

2 sets of 120 ballistic engines in parallel, capable of launching trees at mach 1. Attached are 16 orthogonal engines(120 feet/round). Powered by an EI, and a portal to the arctic, where there are 48 ice-ins. (Made by bots)

10 stonefish engines in parallel, overclocked. Capable of moving me through stone at 330 feet/round, or podracer through stone at 180ft/round(made by EI, funded by bots, alchemetry used to make it less dense, and harder)

8 portals 10x15 (made by bots) fixed to coins which will be dropped over the island upon invasion.

6 devices with an wood input, a lightning leap engine and with a gold, lead, and crystal output. Equipped with an EI.

3 EIs equipped with silver engines charged with the following powers: Affinity field, vigor, inertial armor, energy adaptation specified, levitate psionic, share pain, body purification, precognition offensive. Contained in a demiplane attached to an amulet. Capable of generating 50 ebbs/round. Created by bots, EI and myself.

2 each of preparations of biostructure, converting all of the options into oxygen. Just biostructure made of couple of trees.

I think that's all I'm going to make. I can still make some KALD filters, and certain transformers, but I think I've made enough.

How do you have access to all these specialist principles?

2013-03-19, 09:43 AM
First off-I have myself and an Eldrikineticist EI. Thus the only principle in that list I don't have access to is the arcanodynamics principle which makes lead transformers. I have money making robots. I think I can pull off purchasing three lead transformers. They'll channel more like 50 ebbs/round(assuming I make sure the creator is fully buffed), rather than my 75 ebbs/round, but I don't even have to be super tricky to pull it off.

And the portals I suppose, but I kind of assumed I'd be able to connive a couple of preparations out of Ampsandra in the past, since we did speak of such enough times. If you decide to beat that down though, I can just make demiplanes with planejumping engines. Thanks for checking to make sure everything I do is okay. I've certainly made enough mistakes already. :smalltongue:

Yes, two day time skip would be perfect.

2013-03-19, 11:29 AM
Could I use a Craft: Invention check to create a device that makes removing armour really quick, like a move action to flip a lever and it just falls off? I can't find a way to do this quickly and I'd like one.

2013-03-19, 11:47 AM
Sorry to see you go, Abra.

Also, I'm fine with a time skip.

2013-03-19, 12:31 PM
Time skip's good for me. I've updated my other notes with some of Wileck's other creations during his hours.

I'll post IC soon, but here's a breakdown of how I'll use 2 days.

46 hours after sleep (Ring of Sustenance).

4 suits of Adamantine Full Plate with fire plane generators charging crystal outputs in the shape of fists over the left glove (craft time 11 hours). 580ft cone dealing 348 sonic damage.

2 suits as above, but with mercury outputs (craft time 12 hours). 580ft cone dealing 348 cold damage, lingering as a sphere with the same volume as the cone for 58 rounds, dealing 348 cold damage to anyone within.

2 suits as above, but with gold outputs (craft time 11 hours).

Erik Vale
2013-03-19, 02:00 PM
Yeah, Timeskips good.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-19, 05:37 PM
Timeskip fine with me.

Erik Vale
2013-03-19, 08:32 PM
Hmmm. We didn't say, I'm fine with it being my place before we teleport to the assult, and the 'clear but windy, a little hot' being a scrying, or possibly a discription from Anna made into telepathic communication from a insect she infested and put on the island.

I'll leave it indefinate in my response until decided.

2013-03-20, 06:59 AM
Bwahahaha, and another 17 makes 4 in this round. I think the RNG is trying to tell us something.

2013-03-21, 04:37 PM
Since Nek'il has distant shot, could he throw some daggers at the birds?

2013-03-21, 04:38 PM
Yes, he could.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-21, 04:39 PM
Make sure they don't notice us, though.

2013-03-21, 05:02 PM
He can make himself invisible as a free action, and said invisibility can only be pierced or dispelled by epic spell, artifacts or deities.

Erik Vale
2013-03-21, 05:24 PM
So how goes the animal assualt? Any resistance at all other than the [easily avoided] lava as they aproach the castle?

2013-03-21, 05:32 PM
OKay, I have to ask:

Nek'il hitched a ride with Ampsandra, where is he currently?

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-24, 07:55 PM
Think we should destroy the water intake pipe?

Erik Vale
2013-03-24, 09:20 PM
I can't see the map.

2013-03-25, 01:05 PM
Think we should destroy the water intake pipe?

Why tell them we're underwater? Unless we can pinpoint a tactical advantage to it, I won't advocate pointless destruction.

TallonRook, just a casual reminder I have Greater Arcane Sight, which I'm hoping will tip me off about at least some magical wards/traps/alarms before we walk into them?

2013-03-25, 05:51 PM
Here's another version of the map, for everyone whose computer hates google docs. Warning: It's big.

Of where things are, the birds are only a few squares away from the secondary fortress, everyone in the forest is in the middle of it, and the water intake pipe is in the half-way point between the water and the beach.
Everyone who's swimming has reached the point where they can start going underground.

Proud Tortoise
2013-03-25, 06:30 PM
Well, let's be off then. A reminder that I have a variety of senses which are explained on my sheet.

2013-03-29, 06:13 AM
Well this is ethically disturbing...
Wait, another thought. About to edit IC post.

2013-03-29, 10:56 AM
Hmm. I'm starting to get a little suspicious of the Godmachines. Novus is starting to think there is much more going on than he originally thought. However, he is still going to manifest correspond, and contact Novelo.

2013-03-29, 01:49 PM
Hmm. I'm starting to get a little suspicious of the Godmachines. Novus is starting to think there is much more going on than he originally thought. However, he is still going to manifest correspond, and contact Novelo.

I've got contact on the child sorted, if you want to save yourself the effort/resources.

And there is a reason Wileck carries a platinum input transformer everywhere he goes.

Proud Tortoise
2013-04-06, 09:04 AM
When you say epic illusions... I have things like Mindsight, Blindsight, primal shadowsight plus penetrating shadowsight which gives me a chance for disconnect with visual illusions, see through magical darkness, oh yes, and my blindsight can be based on any sense including smell or taste... Does that count as seeing though epic illusions?

Oh, and I can also see grammaric connections, so do tell.

2013-04-07, 12:48 PM
tallonRook, is there a mental presence in that room? An EI? Can our lovely sensory specialist know what those spell tranformers do? How bright is the mental presence if there is one? Just a reminder--1500' range on me being able to pinpoint a non-mindless creature as a continuously active supernatural ability.

2013-04-07, 03:23 PM
Hey guys - I figure you've probably already guessed given how long it's been since I posted, but I'm going have to drop out of this game. I'm really sorry - and I'm sorry I didn't let you know sooner.

The game just picked up past my ability to post (it had a huge jump forwards while I was asleep one day) and while waiting for a chance to step back in, life just got way too busy and I've had to keep pushing that post further and further back and I'm just going to have to keep doing that for a little while; bookkeeping on such a high level caster is just beyond me right now.

I'll be sticking around as a reader, because, well, this game is really cool. But I just don't think I can commit to regular and reliable quality posting right now, and don't want to cause problems because of it.

Again, I'm really sorry.


Oh, and have a great game! :smallwink:

Erik Vale
2013-04-07, 03:58 PM
Sorry to see you go.

2013-04-07, 04:11 PM
Ah, that's too bad. It does remind me though--at the end of the month I'm leaving for a study abroad. I'll be gone for about 6 weeks. Thought I'd give you a heads up.

2013-04-07, 05:29 PM
Sorry to hear that you're gone for good, Aneurin. I'll miss Griever- I had things planned for her in the future. And thank you for warning me about your future absence, Isenvrill.
Also, with the gramarie mistake, it just goes to show i shouldn't try and do things from memory... Also, wow Epic illusions are anemic. They didn't try and protect them from one of the most common buff spells?

Proud Tortoise
2013-04-07, 08:01 PM

Aww. I liked Griever...

...I can't believe that True Seeing actually works against Epic Spells. I looked it up, and it does, and... wow... What was WoTC doing when they decided that?

Also, a correction to post with the ice-in transformers, I meant wood out, I apologize. The power runs in a circuit upwards to the next floor.

There are some 50 minds in the field before them, all of quite average intelligence, some a bit lower. The main caster, however, is of genius level intelligence, perhaps higher.

The caster casts Mage's Disjunction in a fourty-foot burst (as usual) near the door. Will for objects: 1d20+38 DC

Sorry for the delayed response, I've been working on re-recruitments for another game I run. Speaking of which...
Wait! Do I or do I not see through the fog? If I do don't I get to roll initiative and possibly act first?

Erik Vale
2013-04-07, 08:44 PM
Agreed with as for initiative.

Also, you didn't roll the DC's, Ill roll saves soon.
Q: Is it one save per item, or one for all item?

2013-04-07, 09:57 PM
Ah, yes, you can roll initiative first, but as it is that was a prepared action on his part.
I would roll initiative for everyone, but it reminds me that I can't precisely find Erik Vale's sheet. Erik Vale, where is your sheet? Can you link it to me?

Also, I have explained saves before, the DC is rolled in this system instead of the saves. If we want to do it as normal we can do it as normal, but that's the system we started it as.

2013-04-07, 09:58 PM
Oh no wait, was that comment because I failed to roll the save succesfully? I really hate this dice roller, I can never use it correctly.


It would be the same DC for every item.

Erik Vale
2013-04-07, 10:11 PM
I'll link and send you swarmling stuff tonight. Reminds me to find the stuff on my lair... Well, I'll have lots of free time after wednesday.

Erik Vale
2013-04-08, 01:13 AM
Ok, double checking as I roll, it's one save per item?
If not, use the top save. DC 50's...
And all my swarmlings excluding the cohort/familiar all have will saves below +30. Heres to natural 20's. :eek:
And all their spells are off... *Swearword*
Question, would the items that are absorbed from fusion also dispelled? [Rolling just in case].

Swarmling 1

Armour [roll0]
Ring of Mind Shielding [roll1]
Mantle of Great Stealth [roll2]
Portable Foxhole [roll3]
Third Eye Conceal [roll4]
Collar if Healing [roll5]

Swarmling 2

Armour [roll6]
Ring of Mind Shielding [roll7]
Mantle of Great Stealth [roll8]
Portable Foxhole [roll9]
Third Eye Conceal [roll10]
Collar if Healing [roll11]


Armour [roll12]
Guantlet [roll13]
Ring of Mind Shielding [roll14]
Ring of Freedom of Movement [roll15]
Third Eye Conceal [roll16]
Mantle of Great Stealth [roll17]
Belt of Battle [roll18]
Cloak of Epic Resistance +6 [roll19]
Ring of Mind Shielding [roll20]
Ring of Freedom of Movement [roll21]
Third Eye Conceal [roll22]
Collar of Healling [roll23]
Boots of Swiftness [roll24]
Crystal Mask of Detection [roll25]
Skin of the Defender [roll26]
Armour [roll27]
Mantle of Great Stealth [roll28]
Amulate of Natural Armour +5 [roll29]
Belt of Battle [roll30]
Portable Foxhole [roll31]

:smallfrown: Only one item made it....
I'm going to have to think about this a while. I'll send the sheets as well as thoughts after I do some work and have some time to think.

2013-04-08, 05:45 AM
I should have asked if we had a gentleman's agreement on the use of Disjunction earlier, I suppose. If I'd thought we were using it I would have already placed countermeasures against it. Thankfully, I wasn't in that room when it happened.

2013-04-08, 09:03 AM
Do remember that my devices cannot be destroyed by Disjunction. Still, they are pretty limited compared to what you had. I rather loathe that spell.

Erik Vale
2013-04-10, 01:51 AM
I promise a post and info tonight. [I Can't believe I forgot, many apologies.]

2013-04-10, 10:24 AM
Do you really mean that peons can see through non-magic invisibility, silencing, muting to mindsight, equilibrioception, thermoreception, tremorsense, touch taste and smell, as well as epic invisibility, with no reason to suspect someone is there? I'm rather impressed. I didn't think that was possible without epic magic. Or an obscure spell I don't know about.

This right here is what I made those ioun stones for.

2013-04-10, 11:28 AM
The amount that I manage to f**k up is quite impressive. Sorry.

Erik Vale
2013-04-11, 06:30 AM
Ok, Swarmlings.

Poison Spit: [Contact, strikes touch ac]. Swarmling with highest Initiative.
[roll0], DC 27 fort, [roll1] Strength Damage.
[roll2], DC 27 fort, [roll3] Strength Damage.
[roll4], DC 27 fort, [roll5] Strength Damage.
[roll6], DC 27 fort, [roll7] Strength Damage.

Poison Spit: [Contact, strikes touch ac]. Swarmling with lowest Initiative.
[roll8], DC 27 fort, [roll9] Strength Damage.
[roll10], DC 27 fort, [roll11] Strength Damage.
[roll12], DC 27 fort, [roll13] Strength Damage.
[roll14], DC 27 fort, [roll15] Strength Damage.

2013-04-12, 05:09 PM
Sorry about the posting delay, studying for a rather terrifying test (a week before finals week :smallsigh:). I'll get an IC post up after I take the test.

2013-04-18, 09:48 AM
Knowledge religion:[roll0]
It just HAS to be one of my weaker knowledges doesn't it?
Oh well. I'll just have Odiousus try to remember as well.:smallbiggrin:

No more questions for them from Novus.

2013-05-02, 09:13 PM
Hey guys-
Sorry for ploofing. When the forum was down and went back up I completely forgot that I needed to update this, and I've been busy with finals and such lately. I am done with school for this year so that fixes that problem, I will be posting tonight, even though I am currently on the world's worst computer, and if people are still here I intend to post more often to make up for it.

Proud Tortoise
2013-05-03, 08:38 AM
That was an incredibly inconvenient attack. Oh, that reminds me! I need to sig something! *Goes off to the user CP*

2013-05-28, 07:57 AM
So, is anyone else still alive, or is this thing dead?
Are people waiting on me to post? I could, but more people in the vicinity would be good. I'd hate to blow myself up.

2013-05-31, 09:53 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's dead (Also, sorry for not seeing this message sooner- I haven't checked giantitp as often since this died).
If other people want it to try and resurrect it, go ahead, but in this case I'm content to let it stay dead.