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2012-12-01, 08:14 AM
The Empire of the Horde

Goblin of the horde (work in Progress)

Common Hobgoblin of the horde (finished)

Hobgoblin general (finished)

Avatar of the horde (Work in progress)

2012-12-01, 05:12 PM
The attack bonus for both weapons on Goblin of the horde should be +10, not +11. Masterwork explicitly doesn't stack with enhanced weapons.

Your Hobgoblin stats have an attack bonus 15 points lower than it should be.


Might I ask if there's any fluff/worldbuilding coming for this? As is, one can imagine that these are the troops of a fairly typical goblinoid horde, but not much else.

2012-12-01, 10:00 PM
I am DMing a game and starting to make stuff for me to work with is all for quick and easy work. Thank you for the masterwork/Enchantment bonus was not sure of that.

And if you mean on my rolls, yes I know, I only put my bonus in their not including the attack. If you have any suggestions though I am more then willing to listen. I was thinking Goblins, hobgoblins, Bugbears, Wrogs, Wyzerns, Giants, Orcs, Orge's for the army. Using swarmfighting feat to give massize boosts and to save space against my players. Add in the bonus of +3 for them all being in the same square...Not bad for a feat gaining a +3 attack bonus. I am basing this of the heroes of might and magic 3 game saying most of my players have played it as well. That is why the Creatures are what they are.

Eventually will get into the human empire which will be alot of crusaders, Paladins, and Clerics. But all my players are undead and this is a kingmaker game I am playing. I have a pixie lich, A vampire lord, and a Unseelie shadow ghost. All are starting level 5 with a +8 LA for free. Yea I was crazy, but hey orgianl I was not DMing this game, I fell into it when the DM we had dropped on us.