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2006-10-28, 01:51 PM
Ok, I’m making a fully theoretical Larp setting but at the same time it could turn around and be a d20 campaign, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t larp you don’t have to read on, I’m sure you have some nice idea’s to share. Theoretical in the meaning I’m making it up for fun, and only if its going to get really cool I might know some groups interested in it. First of al, its going to be a tad cliché and its dark, gothic, fantasy noir if you like. Furthermore, it has modern influences, zippers and plastic are ok for once.

Things there should be:
* This is another world, its not this world with magic being real us just not knowing, it might be a dream, another dimension, or just a total other world that might have been.
* Magic: tough not the type of magic common to larp, casting magic takes time, drawing large symbols, and a lot of concentration. Now way a first event character is going to be able to pull that of in the middle of a fight. So, ritual magic its going to be, and perhaps other sorts that would take time, any suggestions?
* undead: no vampires, but a human body is the perfect shell for a magic automaton, so necromancy is very possible. This is the reason why body’s are always burned, and necromancers tend to have a hard time finding good body’s.
* strife: the part of the world where this takes place does not have a lot of high buildings, its climate is tempered and the terrain flat and forested, (this is to be honest, because almost al larp terrains around here look that way)
* steel to steel: swords axe club, shield and armour. It should still have a large place in the setting, even if its just because that’s what we all love about larp.
* all human, but there will be racial skills, skills you can only take at creation, acute senses and the like, traits that you either have or you don’t have, things you cant learn on the way.

Things there might be:
* technology: computers and cars. What is there and what’s not? Keeping in mind this is a larp it should be things that can be done low budget, and I like to keep it low on the psyreps (physical representation, things playing as other things because you cant get the reel thing, getting a broke laptop for larp wouldn’t cost a penny, getting a car would)
* guns: not the way we have them, why not? Because you cant get those for larp, then what could be done? Al I can think of is nerf, with a little paint its ok to use those, and they don’t shoot that far. I would need a good explanation for this one, why do we have zippers and laptops but no guns?
* creatures we don’t know, whatever this might be, something that can be done in larp.

Things there should not be:
* creatures from mythology which have a direct tie to religion, no angels and demons. As well, no vampires and lycanthropes those are to cliché.
* more things I cant get up with right now.

I’m going to ad things to this, but does anybody have any suggestions?

2006-10-28, 03:29 PM
So, my questions:
* what does this campaign need? And what should it not have?

* what skills should we have?
* what groups should we have, and what do they stereotypically look like?
* what does exist, and what doesn’t for sure?
* What sorts of magic should there be, there is no difference between arcane or divine, all is arcane. There is necromancy, but what else is their? Healing there is, but what more?