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2006-10-28, 03:25 PM
I've been doing a comic for just about 3 years now, recently underwent some major evolution from grayscale into the realm of wonderful color. Hope you enjoy and any comments are of course welcome.

2006-11-05, 01:55 PM
A very nice comic but I do not believe it is assured that they would have suffered fatality in the collision. my graces *bows/
thank you

Also, why is the stick out of her hand when she's parleying with them?

The original way of getting them to the fantasy world was creative if a bit clichè, I must say I admire it though, I've been thinking lately of other ways/excuses to transfer characters, I have a few (very) inventive ones myself. I love how the car is like in the middle of the road *wink. luverly

Love the comic basically, reading through it now as you might've gathered.

I like the ye olde English and I didn't like the last comic with it's gory color and picture. I like black'n'white this time as always. I like the colors in the portal and the siblingship (like in CS Lewis, a hero! *hugz) and his concussion upon waking up after avoiding the mutilation by steel and rubber and plastic and glass and concrete applied by friction through high speed.

Had a look at earlier, I love (when I noticed) how intricately you set up for the collision. And I love the way you shattered the 'AGHHHHHH' after 'WHaK' when the brother is watching her fight from the car, it looked like bones had been split from the look of the word.

*reading on: hmmm, I really like your work
mmmkay, don't have time for more comments now but "Keep it up"! You're very creative.