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2012-12-05, 12:48 PM
So, this is an idea I've been working on for a few weeks, building off of the ideas presented in WoD mirrors. I love the fantasy peoples based on the three main splats in nWoD, and I also made two more. Well, seven more, but the other five will be detailed more later.

At any rate, here's what I have so far.

In the beginning, the World was flat, and all was well. The peoples of the World lived in harmony with the gods, and with each other, until that terrible day, when war broke out in the heavens. The gods slaughtered each other, and shattered the World. In the end, there were no gods left. But the peoples of the World clung to survival. The World was shattered, but not destroyed. The Shards drifted apart from each other, and for centuries, each Shard was like a world unto itself.

However, over time, a new civilization rose on the largest, central Shard. This new Empire was determined to reunite the various Shards into one grand nation once more, as it was in the days before the Cataclysm. This plan of re-conquest was made easier by the discovery of Cuprum. This “most miraculous metal” was all that remained of the old World’s slain gods. It had several strange properties that helped the nascent Empire to flourish and grow. Cuprum was able to channel and store large amounts of electricity, harnessed from lightning. This led to the creation of the tools that the Empire would use in its quest.

Cuprum was first used in weapons. Swords forged from the coppery metal would grow hot from the lightning arcing across the blade, and were capable of cutting through nearly anything. Eventually, the Imperials learned to harness Cuprum in a different way. Cuprum shells, loaded with electricity, were used in the creation of the Thunderbolt Repeater, guns which fire lightning, rather than bullets.

Building on the idea of the Cuprum shells used in Thunderbolt Repeaters, the Empire crafted larger Cuprum shells, and used that harnessed lightning to fuel machines. Soon afterwards, Airships, running on the stolen power of dead gods, ruled the skies above the Imperial Shard. These Airships were the key to the Unification efforts. They were the only possible method of travel between the Shards.

Thanks to its unique Air Navy, the Empire expanded beyond the borders of the Imperial Shard. The Empire-that-is is much smaller than the Empire-that-was, however. The Unification is still a work in progress, as many Shards have grown accustomed to their independence, and do not join the Empire willingly. To complicate matters further, the Empire now no longer has a monopoly on Cuprum technology, or Airships. Many smaller nations now have access to these wonders, and are building their own kingdoms and confederations amongst the Shards.

This is the modern era: a world of lightning guns and Airships, a world of growing Empires and dead gods. It’s a shattered world, a broken world, a world in need of rediscovery. A world in need of heroes.


Called “Conquerors” by the other peoples, the Imperials are all that remains of a legendary civilization called Atlantis. They were widespread throughout the old World, but when the Cataclysm came, only those on the continent of Atlantis itself, which later became known as the Imperial Shard, were left alive. Over time, these leftover Atlanteans forged a new society, and became the Imperials. They were the first to experiment with Cuprum technology, and have used it to conquer most of what remains of the World.

For all intents and purposes, Imperials are human. They come in the same sizes and shapes as humans, even the same skin colors. There are, however, a few subtle differences, mostly in things that cannot be seen. Imperial culture is something of a mix between Rome and Victorian Britain, with a few of the colonies on outlying Shards seeming more like the United States or Australia, during that same time period.

Imperial characters have the following in-game advantages
Excellence Imperials do not suffer a penalty for being untrained in a skill, and achieve Exceptional Success with four successes, rather than five.
Intense Passions When an Imperial augments a roll by spending a Willpower point, they receive four bonus dice, rather than three.
Subliminal Warning Imperial characters possess the Danger Sense merit.
Willful Add one free dot to either Resolve or Composure, and increase that trait’s maximum score by one.

Imperial Characters suffer the following in-game disadvantages
Imperial Mark Imperials are inherently memorable. People trying to remember an Imperial get a +1 bonus, and traveling incognito without a disguise is impossible.
Atlantean Doom When an Imperial fails a roll augmented with a Willpower point, it is treated as a Dramatic Failure.

Dhampirs are a people or paradox. They are both outcasts and overlords, both conqueror and savior, both alive and dead. Dhampirs originated from dead Atlanteans, during the Cataclysm that shattered the World. The blood of dying gods soaked into Atlantean corpses, bringing them back to a semblance of life. These half-dead reside in the outlying Shards, building their own nations, and resisting the Empire. Dhampirs are seen as the main rivals of the Imperials, and are often regarded as second-class citizens in the Empire itself.

Dhampirs, like Imperials, look essentially like humans. However, Dhampirs differ from humans in more ways than Imperials. Being half-dead, Dhampirs have a deathly pallor about them, with sunken eyes and desiccated skin. Dhampir culture has a sort of pseudo Franco-Russian feel to it, both Communistic and Democratic.

Dhampir characters have the following in-game advantages
Death Against Death Dhampirs receive a +2 bonus to resist the powers of an undead creature. In addition, Dhampirs are immune to becoming undead.
Death’s Shadow Dhampir characters have the Unseen Sense Merit, attuned to ghosts and the undead.
Half-Dead Flesh Dhampirs only take half the amount of damage from attacks that inflict Bashing damage.
Resistance of the Grave Add one free dot to Resolve, Stamina, or Composure, and increase that trait’s maximum score by one.

Dhampir characters suffer the following in-game disadvantages
Unnatural Flesh All Dhampir characters bear some form of unnatural deformity, which marks them as one of the half-dead.
Unnatural Vices When presented with an opportunity to indulge in their vice, a Dhampir must gain three successes on an extended Morality roll to resist the temptation.

A strong, hardy, and bestial people, the Wargaz are found throughout the Shards. Though deceptively intelligent, the Wargaz tend to have little ambition of their own, and don’t establish their own nations. They live in countries ruled by Dhampirs, and in the Empire, often in a military or labor capacity. However, the Wargaz value intelligence and memory, and they can sometimes find work as professors or scholars, as well as engineers, when they aren’t being discriminated against for their brutish appearance.

Wargaz are humanoid, but obviously not human. Each stands over seven feet tall, has pointed ears, large, sharp teeth, and are much hairier than the other races. Their nails are black and claw-like, and their eyes shine at night, like a wolf’s. Wargaz culture has a mixture of Native American and Old Norse influences.

Wargaz characters have the following in-game advantages
Enhanced Senses Wargaz characters gain a +2 bonus to perception rolls based on hearing or smell.
Giant All Wargaz are +1 Size, and thus, +1 Health.
Power of the Wolf Add one free dot to Intelligence, Strength, or Presence, and increase that trait’s maximum score by one.
Will of the Pack A Wargaz character can spend a point of Willpower to augment any role made by an ally, adding an additional +2 dice.

Wargaz characters suffer the following in-game disadvantages
Killing Rage When someone purposefully injures a Wagaz, the Wargaz character must gain three successes on an extended Morality roll to stop themselves from killing their attacker.
Predator’s Scent Animals react to a Wargaz as they would to any other dangerous predator, either by fleeing, showing extreme submissiveness, or attacking.

Leprechauns (Based on Changelings)
Leprechauns fully integrate themselves into every society. They often see themselves as indispensable to the running of a nation, because in their eyes, no one knows economics or politics like a Leprechaun. The Empire’s banks are nearly all controlled by Leprechauns, which the Leprechauns like to think they earned, due to their loyal service to their Imperial leaders.

Leprechauns are short, the taller amongst them standing at a solid 5 feet. They tend to have washed out colors, making them seem less substantial. As a result, Leprechauns tend to be pale, with lightly colored hair. They often wear brightly colored clothes to compensate. They tend to have pointed ears, and fair faces. Leprechaun culture is vaguely Celtic in nature.

Leprechaun characters have the following in-game advantages.
Cunning Add one free dot to Wits, Presence or Manipulation, and increase that trait's maximum score by one.
Fey Features Leprechauns tend to be attractive. They possess the two-dot version of the Striking Looks merit.
Luck Leprechauns benefit from the 9-again rule on roles involving three skills chosen by the player. These skills don't have to be the same in which the character has their specialties.
Pot of Gold Due to their connections in the Empire’s banking system, most Leprechauns are obscenely wealthy. Leprechaun characters receive two free dots of the Resources merit.

Leprechaun characters suffer the following in-game disadvantages
Short All Leprechauns are -1 size, and thus, -1 health.
Paranoid Due to their often manipulative and deceptive nature, Leprechauns distrust all other people. They all possess the Suspicion derangement.

Ironmen (Based on Prometheans)
Ironmen are products of the shattered World. Clockwork robots, given life and sentience by a Cuprum heart, they were created by the Imperials, to aid in the Unification. They were used as soldiers and slaves, before the true extent of their intelligence was known. When it became clear that the Ironmen had hopes, dreams, and emotions, just like any other race, they were freed by the Empire, and granted equal rights as citizens.

Ironmen are built in the mold of Imperials: human sized and shaped. They are quite obviously mechanical, and cannot hide their nature. Despite their name, not all Ironmen are made from iron. They range from iron to bronze, steel to brass. They have no hair, and can appear to be either male or female, though they cannot reproduce naturally, they have to be built. Being artificial, Ironmen have no culture of their own, and co-opt the culture of the Empire which created them.

Ironmen characters have the following in-game advantages
Armored Skin Ironmen gain a +2 armor bonus from their metal skin, which can stack with other armor.
Artificial Nature Ironmen do not need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe. They are also immune to all diseases, drugs, and toxins.
Industrious Add one free dot to Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina, and increase that trait’s maximum score by one.
Heart of Cuprum Ironmen can channel the lightning in their hearts through their arms, and make an attack identical to a shot from Thunderbolt Repeater, by spending a point of Willpower.

Ironmen characters suffer the following in-game disadvantages
Clockwork Motion Ironmen tend to make a lot of noise, causing them to receive a -2 penalty to all Stealth rolls.
Inorganic Physique Ironmen do not heal like organic beings. Instead, they need to be repaired. Ironmen characters do not recover from damage until repairs can be made.

If there's any interest in this so far, I'll post more of my information about the Supernatural, the various kinds of Airships, the countries in the Shattered World, as well as the bizarre alternate reality that constantly invades called The Grey World, populated by races based on White Wolf products not found in the nWoD.