View Full Version : [Old-School D&D] The Nether Knight

Chainsaw Hobbit
2012-12-13, 01:23 AM
Another homebrew monster for Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, and other old-school class-and-level RPGs. Loosely inspired by the bloodletter deamons of Warhammer 40k.

Hit Dice: 5 (26 hp)
Armor Class: 4 [15]
Attacks: Vile Blade (2d8); see text
Saving Throw: 10
Special: Nether Leap
Move: 14
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Nether knights are vaguely humanoid creatures created to be a secret backup weapon long ago by a demon-worshiping warlock. They reside in a distant dimension known as the Nether, but can be summoned forth to fight on the side of anyone who possesses the now-dead warlock's spellbook. They will rebel against lawful masters, turning on them when they least expect it.

A nether knight resembles a naked, well-muscled red-skinned humanoid with bull-like horns and a hunch. They carry large, jagged swords that disintegrate when the nether knights are killed. Wounds inflicted by these blades burn like fire and take a long time to heal. Each time a creature is wounded by a nether knight's sword, their maximum hit points are reduced by 1 until they rest for the night.

Once per encounter, a nether knight can instantly disappear into the nether and return up to thirty feet away.