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2006-10-30, 07:35 PM
As a little experiment, I am opening this thread up for players in the Necromancer's Pact campaign. It should be used for "private" conversations that aren't occuring between the group members as a whole.

Feel free to read the conversations, but remember not to use any information IC that your character wouldn't have been privy to.

If multiple conversations are occuring simultaneously, please try to make it clear which conversation you are participating in (e.g. using a common heading).

2006-10-31, 04:36 PM
Elthan & Druid
Danceing Dragon Window

Elthan watches to make sure Yix has left the Lizards tail alone for good before stareing out the window with the druid. He lets silence prevail for a minute before speaking. "I would say you look troubled, Druid, but you're almost always like that.. What's in your dreams that bothers you?"

2006-11-01, 04:52 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Katrin's Room
The sun rises, and the panther transforms quickly back into human form. Katrin looks around the room, and notices that only Tiriel is there. "I didn't... hurt anyone, did I?"

2006-11-01, 08:14 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon

Tiriel blinks the sleep away from her eyes,
"No, but you did worry a lot of people. And I know I need to catch up on some sleep.

She takes the time to organize her thoughts thru the haze of sleep that muffles her brain,
"I don't know how much you want to talk about it, but I think we need to at leasr talk about what to do next time. That way we can plan out shifts or something.
Her voice is matter of fact, but she stiffles a yawn and then grins at her friend.

edit: ROFL [ hr] works now so my reason for the edit is moot.

2006-11-02, 04:39 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Tiriel's Room
"I don't know, I don't really... want to talk about it, unless there's some way I can get rid of this curse. I'm scared I'll hurt someone, even kill someone, without knowing it."

2006-11-02, 06:08 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon[hr]"I understand not wanting to talk about it, but if you're really worried about hurting someone, wouldn't you want to take steps to avoid that very thing from happening?" Tiriel says, "I don't know much about this lycanthrophy-thing. I mean, I know that it's supposed to be bad and hard to cure, but you're not a bad person and we all know that. And besides, someone in this group is bound to know more about it... "

Tiriel's voice trails off and she looks thoughtful for a moment,
"It not like you're the only one with secrets anyhow. That trigger-happy wizard has had a hard time too..."

She breaks off, realizing that it's really not her story to tell, and that she's being hypocritical when it comes to secrets.

2006-11-02, 06:56 PM
Elthan & Druid
Dancing Dragon Window

Elthan waits for the Druid to get settled back in by the window. He eyes the Yix on his shoulder, but decides to ignore his prescence for now. Hopefully he wouldn't interrupt with any sillyness. He directs his head in the direction of the newcomer as if asking about him.

"So, what has been on your mind?"

2006-11-03, 07:56 AM
Elthan & Druid
Dancing Dragon Window

{OOC: Sorry KOG, Evendur doesn't actually know my name. Only Trinark and Fizahn do and he's a few posts from telling you his name himself. So you may want to edit your post.}

"I will not speak of...". His eyes dart to the side to indicate the young blond stranger. The verdant magic-user doesn not even honor him with a him.

Glancing over the lizardman's shoulder, Elthan may take in the newcomer's feaures and recognise as a straggler from the hydra attack at the bridge.

The reptilian brow furrows. He pauses and sighs before taking in a deep breath.

He looks you(Elthan) in the eyes and states,
"I..need your help"

He holds your gaze and you read his expression.
He doesn't seem an impotent figure of pride wont to confess a need for help.
Instead he looks more as a friend would, worried what it cost you both, while possessing the surety that you would help.

He glances at Yix and releases him at this point if he hadn't already. A bemused twinkle in his eye. If Yix lingers, it is quite clear he will not continue.

2006-11-03, 07:57 AM
Katrin and Tiriel
Whichever room it is, I'm confused now. :smallconfused:
"I do want to prevent it from happening, it's just that..." Katrin closes her eyes and breathes deeply. "I recieved the bite during a very... painful... time of my life. I don't want to think about it any more than I have to." She opens her eyes again and looks at Tiriel. "But believe me, I want to stop myself from hurting people, I want to get rid of this curse, more than anything."

2006-11-03, 11:08 AM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon [hr]

ooc: my bad I'll change that - stupid cut and paste messsed it up. I think the three of us (Tiriel, Si'rene and Katrine) are all sharing a room.

Tiriel nods, "I understand. You don't have to tell me anything more, but let's try to work this out, together. I think there's a good chance that there's at least one in this group who might know somethings that can help. I just, well, you seemed like you needed help so maybe I pushed too far. But you're a friend and you seemed like you needed help..." Tiriel finishes somewhat lamely. She's not sure what more she can say.

She's my friend, and the friendship seems mutal. But I really which she had trusted me enough to have told me about this before it became an issue. Of course, who am I to talk. I really should tell her, and Si'rene too, but it's just not something I like bringing up. Some people tend to view it as a braging point, or a power thing, but it's not.
Soon. Soon I'll tell them - but not yet. I don't want Katrine to lose her focus here...

2006-11-03, 08:09 PM
Elthan & Druid
Dancing Dragon Window

It was an honor of a sort to hear the Lizard ask for help. He would never ask unless he truely trusted the individual. Elthan knew that the Lizard was open with few, and would listen to his consul, but this was a sort of proof that the Druid had bonded with him. Elthan nods and looks back with complete faith in the Druid, "Of course I'll help, Druid. What is it that needs to be done?"

2006-11-04, 01:16 PM
Dancing Dragon Window
Lizardkin Druid

As Trinark approaches them with a vaguely puzzled expression in his face and breakfast in his hand, he smiles and bows his head to the innkeeper courteously.

The druid continues,
"It has been ? moons when our hunting paths first joined. I ran with ones not of the people never before then. Warmblood and Coldblood walk different paths. "

He sighs.

"Strange times make strange packs. The Balance was disturbed. My people were roused. They beat the drums of war and cried out for death. Not the kill of the hunt we desired. They wished to fight back to protect the lands of the people. "

His brow furrows as anger mixed with sympathy is directed at Elthan now.

"Your coming. ssSethra's coming. Much changed. Many died. Fight . kill. defend. "
The momentary anger dissipates in a flash. It is clear that while aware of your role in Sethra's release had caused him anger at one time, he's accepted that you acted in ignorance and is more angry at the backlash of that singular event in multiple lives. He sympathises with you as well for the great trouble that you and the others had overcome so far adn the further cost that would lie ahead as you chase the fiend down and try to set things right.

He looks at the floor now as a tinge of shame enters his expression.


He looks up at you
"Humanss. Elvess. Dwa-rfss.Nooh-mes. All ssame to lizardkin", he says with no small measure of regret on his face.
"You know thiss. I told you before. So they.."

His eyes focus elsewhere as he searches for the words,
"pre-pare?", looking at you quizzically.

"for war. I tell them ssome unseen enemy but they not listen. Only ssee enemy not-hiding."

"Pinkskins", he echoes again. This time with the coherence that the lizardpeople had mistaken Sethra's incursions as antagonism by the humans in the town you had set out from.

A look of seriousness comes to him now.
"That is when I follow vision-quest. I came alone. No pack"

Something Linda had said to you in the underdark comes back. She and your clone had been teaching and learning from the lizardman and she had shared a little something when you had asked her how she was able to interact with the lizardman. In her studies with Ogden Homme, she had found out almost all of what little the civilized races knew about the lizardpeople. They were A reclusive people who dealt in warm marshes disdaining arcane magic and favoring a rugged living. They hardly left their immediate areas and ventured out and if they did so, it was always in packs.

The fact that the party that set out from Ogden's had only encountered lizardmen but never singularly until this particular one that had joined you only leaps out at you now!

OOC: sorry for the long post. ICwise, the SH party know that i need to kill Sethra to restore the imbalance in nature/u] he represented and the [u]threat to the region/home. After that the compound losses they had suffered had simply made him a common enemy and forged a bond for us, so we don't really know ssathiya's backstory. I doubt anyone other than Trinark knows about the situation 'back home' for ssathiya. Plus ss-man 'talked' to Elthan II and Linda in the underdark unofficially(away from the posts). Possibly bec. they translated and explained things to him and had questions for him which he answered cautiously. I don't think ssathiya knows you're not yr clone, KoG but that's fine. It's just gonna confuse him and he's fine assuming you're the one he knows. What r yr thoughts on this? :wink:

2006-11-04, 03:29 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon
"I do need help. I just... don't want to be shunned, like I was before. I don't want anyone to know who won't understand."

2006-11-04, 03:37 PM
Katrine & Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon[hr]

"Well, I have to say that it would take a lot to stick out in this group. Next to Trinark, the lizardman, and the tiny dragon - you're probaly one of the more normal ones."

2006-11-05, 12:18 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon
Katrin actually smiles at this. "So, who do you think might be able to help? Who would know about... lycanthropy... Who would know enough to know if it can be cured?"

2006-11-05, 12:38 PM
Katrine & Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon[hr]
"Well, that lady Kiah might. She seemes fairly knowledgeable - if you can get past her pushiness. Besides that," Tiriel shrugs, "I'm not sure. We're a big group now & I don't know everyone well enough. We might just have to ask."

2006-11-05, 06:47 PM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon
"I guess we'll just have to go ask Kiah, then." Katrin stands, turning towards the door.

2006-11-05, 07:23 PM
Katrine & Tirel
Room at the Dancing Dragon[hr]
"Guess so. I'll be down in a little bit, I'm going to take a nap."

ooc: might as well have her nap now.

2006-11-06, 09:13 AM
Katrin and Tiriel
Room at the Dancing Dragon
"Alright, I'll see you later." Katrin opens the door and walks out.

2006-11-10, 12:38 PM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn[hr]

Tiriel wakes up sometime in the early afternoon. She takes her time getting out of bed and belatedly realizes that she's hungry. She opens the door and just barely stops in time to avoid stepping on a man who seems to be asleep next to the door.

She recognizes him in an instant.
"What are you doing here!"
The words burst out of her mouth more loudly than she intended, waking him up.

[on you now DS]

2006-11-10, 10:00 PM
Katrin and Kiah
Outside the Dancing Dragon
Katrin motions Kiah to come around the corner of the inn, out of earshot of the rest of the group. "It's about my... curse. Do you know anything about lycanthropy? Can it be cured?" Her expression is sad and grim.

Lost Sage
2006-11-11, 01:57 PM
Katrin and Kiah
Outside the Dancing Dragon

Kiah's surprise quickly turns to concern and companion at Katrin's words the poor girl, she's having a lot of trouble accepting this - who wouldn't?

"Well..., to be honest, I don't know. I've never heard of it being cured."

Kiah watches Katrin closely to see how she it taking the news. How strong is she? What advice would be the best for her?

"... but there are many things I haven't heard about. But now that I think about it I expect it's called a curse for a reason. And if the curse was removed by the right person at the right time in the right place then it may work. But I don't know what that would be."

"I am truly sorry that I can not stay and help with this. What little I can give you is my opinion on it. I would say that you need to accept your situation and trust in yourself. You have lycanthropy, that's a fact. What you do with it is up to you. If you want to get it cured then don't let your embarrassment or your shyness get in your way. And don't hide from your friends. They are not friends if you have to hide it from them."

"If you must live with it then you need to accept that to. You and the cat will grow closer together over time. In a way you are lucky. It could have been a rat, or... " she shudders "... a wolf. There is a bear-human in my area. I have found that he is a good person, and a good bear."

Kiah looks a Katrin closely

"It seems that you are not aware of yourself in cat form. That is surprising. Maybe it's because you don't want to accept it."

"That is all I can give you. Except that, well, I don't know what gods you follow but if you wish you can take this symbol."

Kiah holds out a small figurine of a unicorn, done in silver.

"This is Ehlonna's symbol. It means many things to me. But what I would say here is that you have a right to be who you are, lycanthropy or not, and to survive and prosper. But never forget that no matter how different you are you are still connected to everyone else. And your wellbeing and theirs work together, like fingers on a hand."

2006-11-11, 04:11 PM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn

Evendur is startled from his "internal reverie" by Tiriel's yelp. Scrambling up he wipes embarased at the damp patch that has formed on his collar.

"I... I'm so sorry, Tirriel, I didn't mean to startle you, I... Oh gods, I've gone and done this all wrong again." He pauses as he composes himself, both physicaly and mentaly. His gaze sweeps over Tiriels long blond hair and face for a moment before he speaks again.

Sune, she is beautiful. If only I could convert her. No, damn it, not the time to be thinking of this now...

"Tiriel, I appologise as I have yet to introduce myself to you properly. I am Evendur Dunhelder, Paladin in the service of Sune, at your service." He bows slightly at the waste, taking her hand to kiss it in the time honoured tradition of Sunite followers. "May I speak to you for a moment. I believe we would find it to our mutual benefit. Also there is the matter of... how we met previously, which I believe you will want want, and deserve, some kind of explanation to. Will you allow me in?"

2006-11-12, 04:54 PM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn[hr]

Tiriel hesitates, surprisingly she seems a bit embarrassed.
"Yes, we should talk," she looks at Evendur, and then the stairs. The smell of fresh bread and whatever other wonders the inn keeper has made make her stomach groan in protest at the thought of waiting.
"Err... do you mind if we go downstairs? I could really use something to eat before we get too far along."

ooc: since this isn't happening in "real time" we won't be joining the others, yet. I figure that she and Evendur can grab some food and take one of the tables near the back of the common room.

2006-11-13, 07:31 AM
Katrin's expression remains set throughout Kiah's speech. She accepts the silver figurine with a smile that does not touch her eyes. "Thank you, Kiah. I will always remember your advice." Katrin returns to the inn.

2006-11-13, 12:09 PM
Evendur & Tiriel,
The Dancing Dragon Inn

Evendur looks slightly aprihensive at the thought of encountering the people who had regected him without a thought earlier that day, but squares his sholders and, smiling at Tiriel, realises that his stomache too calls for something edible.

"After you, my lady," he replies, bowing slightly as he motions for her to take the lead.

Downstairs Evendur is thankfull that the rest of the party has dispersed and not yet gathered for mid-day meal. Offering Tiriel a seat at a discreat table in a corner he holds the chair for her, seting it under as she sits. Catching the Innkeepers eye as he seats himself opposite Tiriel, Evendur reflects that things could be far worse.

If nothing else, I should be able to enjoy a relatively plesant lunch with a beautiful young lady.

By the time he is seated the innkeeper has arived at the table, notebook out, pencil at the ready.

"Go ahead, Tiriel, you order what you want, and then I'll... explain some things about myself to you. All I ask is that you hear me out, nothing more."

2006-11-13, 04:02 PM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn [hr]

Tiriel raises an eyebrow at Evendur's manners, but takes the seat she's offered. She quickly orders a meat pie and some cider from the inn keeper. She waits until after her table-mate has ordered before replying,
"I have to confess, between your... transformation and sudden disappearance, you've had me, and some of the others certainly, very confused and worried. We know nothing about you.

"The fact that you've rejoined us," and she can't help but grin, "this time, fully clothed, tells me that you've probably made some sort of decision." She holds up her hand, "But, before we get to that, I think you'd better start from the beginning."

2006-11-14, 12:21 AM
Dancing Dragon Window

Elthan takes his time absorbing the Lizards speach in complete silence. Flatly, he states "An invasion, then?" He pauses to think about the possibilities. It was distressing to think that people not aware, or even directly affected by Sethra were being thrown into harms way. The Lizards would assault the settlement, after which the villagers would bring in reinforcements and in a fit of anger and outrage wipe out the Lizardmen.

He looks up from his musings and locks eyes with the druid, looking betrayed but his voice lined with concern. "Why didn't you tell us sooner? We can't let that happen, they.. It would be a disaster..." He turns around as he trails off into more thoughts.

"This was happening when we left, wasn't it? Months ago..." He says without turning around, head hung. "Mybye Ogden.." His voice trails off again, and he pauses as he lifts his head back up to reality. "So you came alone? I think I understand, though mybye not as much as I'd like. No one supported your departure, no one supported mine." He voice began in sympathy and ended in sadness.

He shakes off the feeling after yet another pause and becomes curious. "What was it you wanted to ask, though?"


(OOC: For the clones, Elthan wants to pick up where his more outgoing half left off with the lizard. He knows it will probally confuse the lizard to explain, and that he'd probally be happier not knowing (though if asked, he will try his best to explain) Elthan II probally related some of the things he heard in the underdark to the original, though possibly not much.
At this point, Elthan is concerned with whats happened back 'home'. He's worried for the villagers and Ogden because they probally won't know whats happening, and for his friends 'pack', which stands under a very large risk in what they're doing. He's a little confused at when this happened or will happen because of the Lizards consistant present-tense.
Right now, he understands from the Lizards practical catch phrase that 'the pack' is a pretty important part of thier culture and such, and according to the particualr situation, stubborn mates on the wrong course, leaving without anyone is pretty heavy. Like Elthan said, an act of no support or possibly worse as he suspects. Elthan knows why the lizard left with them (he's practically preached it since they've come together), but knowing the conditions in which he left (and some of the consequences of those conditions) really puts some things back on his mind.

2006-11-14, 08:52 AM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn Common room

Having ordered a steak and cider Evendur settles across from the lovely warrior.

"As I mentioned before I am a paladin in the service of Sune, Godess of love, beauty and pasion. Some believe this is shallow, I know, but oft times the inner soul of a creature can be observed on the outside. Is not the Goblin, one of the fowlest creatures alive, not also one of the meanest? I know there are exceptions, and one trained for it is capable of destinguishing good people from evil, but it is remarkable how often goodness of spirit and goodness of thought and deed go hand in hand.

"Anyway, I remember the events leading up to... my change almost as though they happened yesterday. On my travels I have come across many situations of unkindness where beauty is left to perish or wallow in hurt and decay. One such time I came across a farmer and his daughter. The farmer was a large man, given to vicious tempers. I could tell this from my first meeting with him, and his threatening behaviour. Unfortunately I had mistimed my journey and the nearest cenre of habitation was almost half a day away. As it was almost dark, looked like rain and I had tired of sleeping in the undergrowth, I decided that it would be worth offering this man money in return for somewhere sheltered to sleep for the night. The greed of this man was nigh insatiable and he took roughly half of what I had on me in coins. Still, it meant that I would have shelter from the coming storm.

"As the transaction was finished I noticed a fearfull pair of eyes at one of the windows. When the farmer went to collect his catle in for the night I decided to investigate. I do not think that this man truly understood what I was or he wouldn't have let me stay the night at all. Maybe he did not think what he had done to this poor creature was wrong. What I discovered was a young girl, not more than sixteen or seventeen who's dark locks framed a face of exquisite beauty. She was malformed, however, her legs never having grown properly to support her weight. When I entered the room she recoiled instinctively, almost like a ferile animal, using her arms to propel herselfaway from me as far as she could. she whimpered, begging me not to hurt her. It was a while before I could calm her down enough to trust me. Then all her tales of woe came spilling out.

Evendur looks troubled by his memories.

"Abused by her father in ways unthinkable to any decent person, she had lived a wretched life, living within the confines of this very room for most of it. It was as though I was the first person she had ever talked to, which is fairly likely, as her father would normaly keep the door locked. Presumably my arival had interupted something and my money had made him forget about it.

"The tenants of my faith decree that I must perform a loving act each and every day. To take this child away from her terrable father and life would surely be an act of love. She did not love life, and if I could persuade her to do that it would be a great service to my Godess and to this poor creature that lay prostrate in the bed beside me. I decided to take her to a convent only a day out of my way where this girl may have been tended with love that she had not known in her short miserable life. When I informed her of this the girl became qute animated, and I saw hope shine through her desperate eyes.

Evendur frowns and shakes his head.

"That night I was visited in my dreams by an image of the sun shining bright in a midnight sky. The image forbade me to take the girl, claiming that it would be the death of the both of us. Having never recieved a visit from Sune before I dismissed it as a bad dream, and bad dream it seemed as the images of blood and murder that accompanied it haunted me for a long while after.

"Well before dawn I woke and gathered myself together. Going to the girl's room I found the door pulled shut as I had left it, the farmer must have forgoten completely. I woke her quietly, hand over her mouth and when she realised who I was I hoisted her up over my sholder. Carrying her was going to make the journey much slower, but as far as I could see it was going to be worth it with the improvement I would be making upon her life. The farmer would probably be thankfull for having one less mouth to feed during the winter as well.

"Out into the night I took her, carrying her through the soaked grass. No rain fell, and I praised Sune, though I know that she has little power over it and in retrospect had no inclination to help me in this endevour. Over an hour I stumbled away from the house into the woods that surrounded the farm. It would not be long before I could sumon my stead to make things easier for us, but then disaster struck. I stumbled and suddenly the world arround me shifted. I could see her lying upon the sodden turf, stunned. I tried to get up and help her, but my body refused to move. Gods, was I parralised? I tried to move my eyes and look around, but even they refused to respond to my will. Then she screamed.

"It was a heart rending sound, full of fear. She cried out for me, but I could not move to help her. All I could do was watch as figures rose out of the undergroath around her. There must have been thirty or more, shaggy wet fur clamped down around their ugly bodies by the rain of the night. In the terrable dawn I saw her slaughtered by more gnolls than I would have hoped to defend against, especialy burdened by the girl's. I saw her corpse riped to shreds..."

Evendur shudders, his eyes downcast and sorrowfull, tears welling up in his eyes as he forces himself to remember.

"It was the first time I ever had questioned my faith," he fumbles onwards, shivering as though cold, "but then looking back Sune had told me not to and I had gone against her wishes, or at least what she had seen coming for me. And what of me, what had become of me? My soul now resided within one of the creatures that had slane her. No, that is wrong, Karzak had not participated in that sport. Karzak was... unusual. He had no interest in torturing creatures unable to defend themselves. But I go off at a tangent. Sune transported my soul to share, or rather be carried by this creature that I hated so. In one way she saved me. I would never have been able to stand against so many. In another it was... a form of punishment. I would live as a gnoll, every time I saw my reflection it was not of who I once was, and soon I felt my mind slipping, becoming more like the Gnoll. That was untill Sune came to me again. Sune would talk to me from time to time. I don't know why she cared for me so much, as I see that she did now, maybe she sees something greater that I need to be around for. Who knows the reasons of the Gods.

"The point is that she kept me sane, all the way through my imprisonment, up to the point when Karzak... died. I do not like profiting from the death of a creature. I kill where nessesary to protect myself and that which is pure and beautiful, but not for pleasure, and I take no pleasure in killing or death. I think your Lizardkin friend in some way blames me for the death of Karzak, as I took his place in the world in a way. Others seem to have picked up on this dislike and have ostracised me for no apparent reason. Come to think of it they did seem rather protective of the little dragon.

"Anyway, that is my story of how I came to be what I was when you met me, or rather Karzak. Does that answer your question?"

Evendur leans back in his chair, eyes closed, his food hardly touched. He finaly opens his eyes and looks Tiriel in the eye. It is frightening, almost like the Gnoll looking at her, but the impresion passes quickly and it is just a tired man, hagered by experiences that few would want to bare witness to.

[Ooc: Sorry for the length. I know te details are, to a large extent unessesary, but Evendur is trying to persuade Tiriel to take him with them, and so he is explaining himself as much as possible, showing that he is kind and compasionate, not someone to be hated, he hopes]

2006-11-14, 02:55 PM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn Common room [hr]
Tiriel says nothing until Evendur completes his story. She is an attentive listener and misses nothing. It's obvious that sharing this story wasn't as easy as the man had hoped, yet it was something that needed to be to done. After Evendur finishes she takes a moment to work his story into the puzzle of recent events.

"Okay. So let me see if I have this right. In trying to help someone you got yourself into a situation where you would have been killed, but your goddess intervened and transfered your 'soul' into the body of a gnoll, the ones you blamed for your misfortune. Then when Karzak, the gnoll died, your soul and body were reunited and..." she makes a vague circular gesture, "here we are now. It's an, odd, story. But I'm inclined to believe it."

This story may make sense to the lizardman. He may even be able to except the man as being different from the gnoll that he knew...trouble is it's a bloody strange story. Still, it's no stranger than some of the other things that we've been through. And at least it makes some sense.

"I guess my only question is 'what now?' When you left us I figured that you had some where you needed to go, but now you're back. And you purposely sought us out and I can't help but feel that there's something more than guilt or debt behind your actions." Tiriel speaks calmly and without malice or suspicion.

2006-11-14, 06:31 PM
Evendur & Tirel
Dancing Dragon Inn Common Room

At Tiriels reply Evendur visably relaxes.

Finaly someone who will not judge on sight, who will listen and think before they say something.

"You are right. I do come with more purpose than explanations. Though I was not particularly cognecent of my surroundings during the time that Karzak was with you, I did pick up some things, and what I did not pick up Sune has since explained to me. I am of the inderstanding that you are trying to destroy a particularly vile necromancer who is, effectively, creating an army of foul undead creatures. This is not to Sune's liking. Undead are aberitions of nature and truly horible to her eyes. She wants something done about this necromancer and, seeing as he is clearly a powerfull person to be able to do what he is doing and her agents in this region are thin on the ground, she has asked of me to assist you with any means nessesary to destroy this menace. I shall do as my godess comands, though weather I join your group or shadow it is up to the general concensus."

Evendur looks hopefully, almost desperately at Tiriel.

"Please help me. I think you are my only chance."

2006-11-15, 02:11 AM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn Common room [hr]

Tiriel raises an eyebrow at Evendur's last statement.
What the hell did he do to think that I...wait. I don't think I really want to know. If it's important, someone will tell me.

"I imagine I missed something when I slept through your re-entrance. I don't know what you said or did to make everyone else upset or wary of you, but everyone's been a bit edgy of late."

She takes her time replying, using her silence to examine Evendur under a more critical eye.
"As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier. Especially when it comes down to a fight with an evil necromancer. I'll do what I can to include you, but unless you are down-and-outright told to leave, I wouldn't let it bug you. The other new people we picked up had a hard time at first too. In most cases it's probably not even personal."

2006-11-16, 08:22 AM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn Common Room


Evendur's face returns to it's norm, the picture of tranquility sheathed steel covering all previous emotion.

"I thank you for your consideration. If I may ask, what is the current plan. I was under the impresion that Sethra is south, yet I find you riding north."

Evendur raises a quizical eyebrow.

2006-11-16, 09:22 AM
Trinark, Ssathiya & Elthan
Dancing Dragon Inn Window

He looks up from his musings and locks eyes with the druid, looking betrayed but his voice lined with concern. "Why didn't you tell us sooner? We can't let that happen, they.. It would be a disaster..." He turns around as he trails off into more thoughts.
The lizardman wordlessly nods his head to the pronouncement

He shakes off the feeling after yet another pause and becomes curious. "What was it you wanted to ask, though?"

Trinark looks up at Elthan. He glances to the druid as if he was asking his leave before saying,
"I think I may be of some assistance"

"My dear lizard brother here while retaining his druidic power is under the impression he has fallen from his deity's favor"

He pauses before continuing
"Admittedly, my knowledge of his god is limited to what only he has told. So I do not know how it works for him but he has shared with me that the visions and dreams that his deity has guided him by have not come to him in some time. He believes he has defie..."

It is clear that Trinark while taking the lizardman's fears seriously has some misgivings on the interpretation as a whole and believes it to not be as dire as the lizardman believes it to be.

Ssathiya interrupts him.
"I must know. My tribe. The human dwellings. My magic cannot show me. Can... your..your.. ma..gic help?"

Worry is deeply etched into his brow and the emphasis on the word 'magic' when he refers to Elthan's arcane talents does not go unnoticed.

His tolerance while having grown to accept users such as Elthan among his midst, its general usefulness in situations and against enemies, had not improved much from the taboo subject it had always been to him. Elthan easily knows that it is the sole wedge in his relationship with the 'arcane'-averse lizardman. It was patently obvious that he was far more relaxed and trusting around the warriors in the group and that even among the camaraderie of the Sarloc's Heir group, the lizardman bonded far more strongly with Fizahn and Thokk than he ever had with Linda, himself or even his now dead clone.

Perhaps this might seal the divide?

Perhaps this might forge a trust?
If not in arcane magic then at least in the half-elf who had patiently waited for him to open up.

Elthan stands erect. With a look of absolute seriousness in his face, he reaches out to place a hand on the shoulder of his scaled companion.

"All you had to do was ask, my friend. We have come so far together. You've brought companions of your own to aid in our struggle against our common enemy. Your fight is my fight. Your burdens are mine as well. I, Elthan, Wizard and Packmate will help you, Druid."

"I, Ssathiya thank you. For...the sa..ke..of my people and me"
The lizardman's face is filled with gratitude and he looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He struggles through the words. A creature of simple words that never had to express such sentiment
__________________________________________________ _
OOC: I know i played all the parts here. feel free to change the ending KoG and yr words if they sound cheesy. Been having ENT tests and watching BLEACH on youtube so was very busy.

I wanted to find time to give you my name and the IC thread has moved 3 days so i figured you sort of "pondered/researched on it" for all 3days since our window gatehring

I also figured you WOULD help me and i figured it might sound nice as a 'pledge of help' from you and me pledging my name in trust to you.

Feel free to ask me about why i hide my name in another private convo :wink:

over & out

2006-11-16, 12:45 PM
Evendur & Tiriel
Dancing Dragon Inn Common Room [hr]

"Oh, yeah. You missed that whole discussion. While we'd all love to take on Sethra by our selfs, he isn't alone. So we're going to go warn a king in the north before heading back down south, hopefully with his army behind us."
Tiriel shrugs, the details aren't really that important to her, she just knows what needs to be done.
"So that's why we're heading north instead of charging south."

2006-11-20, 02:53 PM
Evendur & Tiriel,
Dancing Dragon Inn Common Room

Evendur smiles friendlily. "Sounds like a plan. I take it that there are too many undead for the group to handle at the moment then."

2006-11-20, 06:25 PM
Evendur & Tiriel,
Dancing Dragon Inn Common Room [hr]

Tiriel shrugs, "That's the impression I was given."

2006-11-21, 08:47 AM
Ssathiya's vision

It is night. The moon is only a thin crescent, casting little light on the ground below. It is spring.

Ssathiya is breathing heavily, but quietly, through his slit-like nostrils as he lies, half-submerged, under the roots of a mangrove tree. Smoke fills the air, stinging his mucous membranes. His nictitating membrane slides down over his eyes, protecting them but also distorting his view, as if he is underwater.

Dark figures roam the solid shore. Elves with dark skin and white hair. Twisted and mis-shapen demonic figures. Here and there they poke at motionless bodies lying splayed on the marshy ground.

There are shouts suddenly, and Ssathiya sees one of the People sprinting for the water. She zigs and zags, her serpentine tail whipping from side to side, balancing her as she holds her torso almost parallel to the ground to maximize her speed and minimize her profile.

Ssathiya clenches his claws. She knocks over two of the drow and is just about to dive into the water when she is struck by two small darts. Ssathiya is close enough to hear the faint splats as the darts penetrate her smooth hide.

She takes three more steps, then collapses, half-in and half-out of the water. The demon-spawn are upon her almost immediately, rending her belly open.

Ssathiya lifts his head, his mouth open, roaring a challenge, but no sound comes out. He blinks and he is back, kneeling before a large alder tree in the soft snow ...

2006-12-06, 05:52 PM
Temple of Shar

Slipping into the building, Elthan side-steps from the entrance and takes in the interior of the temple. Only once or twice did he ever have a reason to enter a temple, and even now not for a particularly religious reason. Magic always seemed to draw him into these places, in some manner or another. Either to learn, research, or get materials.

Today, his recent studies had brought him here. A new weave had opened up to him, and he was ready to obtain it's secrets; To gain the power of the Shadow Weave.

2006-12-09, 09:19 AM
The misadventures of a prodigal Druid

Cold...so cold

A green-lidded eye snaps open and the pupil in the amber iris comes into focus.

Where am I?

His vision swims and his head throbs.


He spits out a foul mixture of vomit and what he thinks is his blood. Reaching for his waterskin, he holds it up to his mouth. He shakes it when no liquid drips out. The water had frozen inside. Wrapping his trembling hands around him, he shivers violently. He only notices now that he’s lost all feeling in his tail.

Staggering upward, he spins unsteadily taking in the scene around him.

A pile of ashes where he had burnt his offerings. A circle drawn in the earth inscribed with mystic runes in Ogham. An alder tree and his carving on it.


The resurfacing memory of his vision hits him with a greater potency then the frostbite he was succumbing to.

There was no doubting what he had seen. His people were being slaughtered. By drow. Cloudhair’s people.

His face twists in fury as he stumbles in the vague direction of the camp.

How? Why?

It did not make sense to him. Lizardkin. Drow. Two different peoples who dwelt in two different habitats. And there had been other.. things. Warped things. Things the balance had not birthed. The drow attacked with twisted, corrupted things that never had been free of corruption to begin with. They were children of something else. Somethign outside the Balance.

His foot slips in the snow and his mind refocuses to the present. It did not matter if he did not return to them in time. He ponders if the vision he had seen was of events in the past, present or future. With a cold calculative mindset that he ha not experienced in a long time, he quickly concludes that if it were anything other than a vision of the future, his people were as good as dead and he was helpless to aid them.

Sethra. Sheyra. His people. The lizardman clutches his head. In an almost human way he shakes it as if that might stop the pain. He felt like he was being stretched apart. Different circumstances needing him simultaneously in different places.

A sudden wave of nausea swooning him. He falls and retches. He punches the ground with his hands and realises that he had lost feeling in both of them as well. He pushes himself up and stumbles forward again wincing as the pins and needles in his feet make him limp intermittently.

Feh...I went seeking for a nature spirit and this.. this.. is what I get

He reflects for the first time that Semuanya may not be answering his call because he may busy answering the calls of his children in far more urgent need of him.

Bursting through some snow-covered underbrush he grunts with pain

“I have not come so far, survived so long.. to.. die here.”, he snarls out to himself. He spits out the spittle hanging on the corner of his mouth.

“I WILL NOT FAIL” the hunter cries out.

Summoning the last reserves of his energy, the druid jogs through the wilderness.

It was sudden. The druid hit the earth with a dull thud.
What!? That root moved!

Peering upwards, a sense of doom engulfs him as he curses for having been distracted. The dark-barked tree shudders to life and its root snaps like a whip. It wraps around the druid’s ankle and drags him to a maw that opens at the root of its trunk.

Snarling and kicking ferally, the lizardman claws the dirt attempting to pull himself free. The combined after-effects of the vision and the strong cold had sapped his strength and the dark treant was in luck. It had snagged a quarry that was severely weakened.

Lifting him off the ground, the treat slams him to the ground with its tentacle-like root.

Ssathiya groans as the breath is knocked out of him. He brings his hands forward to begin casting a spell but even as it misfires the treant slaps him with another pseudopodial root.
He is swiftly dragged into the gaping maw under the trunk and he yells out, the fight not deserting his spirit like the strength that had escaped his body.

The leaf covered dirt covers his face stifling his yells. His vision goes dark and the only sensation is the cold air on his still exposed hand. But as his hand is about to sink into the black earth he feels a firm grip clasp it. Reflexively he clasps it back as the hand pulls him slowly but surely back out.

With a clarity borne out of the last moments of his life, he recognises that the strength of his saviour to be too great for one of so delicate a structure and that its strength was magically enhanced.

As his lungs felt ready to burst from the lack of air he is pulled back out and flung out into the night air. He gasps, loosening the cold outfit around his neck, he gulps in huge breaths of air as he kneels in the cold.

He turns as a bright light flares behind him followed by an inhuman roar. A figure tall and delicate clad in shimmering armor surrounded by a halo of moonlight runs gracefully at the monstrosity that was pulling its remaining roots out from the ground and starting to stand up.

The long white hair and the the shining sword he swung was enough to identify the lone hero. A sword that only one he loved as kin wielded. He KNEW the features that would be on that face before he would saw them. The dark, handsome face that reflected the light of his sword was as serene as the moon on a lake’s surface. There was no hate or anger but a mere pinching of the eyebrows and a cold determination in his shining eyes. He sang out the words of a spell as he dodged a root and seared it with his sword

Another roar pierced the still night. The last thought as the druid’s vision swam before clouding over was


2006-12-09, 10:34 PM
Temple of Shar

Slipping into the building, Elthan side-steps from the entrance and takes in the interior of the temple. Only once or twice did he ever have a reason to enter a temple, and even now not for a particularly religious reason. Magic always seemed to draw him into these places, in some manner or another. Either to learn, research, or get materials.

Today, his recent studies had brought him here. A new weave had opened up to him, and he was ready to obtain it's secrets; To gain the power of the Shadow Weave.

Elthan is greeted by a slim woman in a simple black dress. Her face is smooth and oval. It is hard to estimate her age, for her head has been shaved bald. Even her eyebrows have been shaved, giving her an ethereal air. She smiles, though her intense eyes, black as midnight, hold no warmth.

"Greetings, half-elf. What business have you in the Nightsinger's house?"

2006-12-13, 08:12 PM
Temple of Shar

Elthan slowly comes down his daydreams to take in the priestess. He is slightly dissettled by the lack of hair. Baldness didn't even look that good on Lumpy, and looked much worse on the woman. Attempting to brush off the feeling, he takes a moment to find the correct way to sum up his predicament. He had to be careful in the wording; There was no telling how touchy followers of Shar were of others accessing their weave.

Hello, I'm Elthan, and I've been leeching off your gods creation. Please don't kill me.

He shakes his head and begins somewhat nervously. "Greetings priestess. I'm, well.. I've done some research into the Shadow Weave, and so demonstrating a lack of common sense, I believe I've lost a bit more of it in the process of studying. I was hopeing I could make any amends necessary for intruding on Shars presence."

2006-12-13, 11:02 PM
Nodding, the adept suggests that Elthan spend some time alone in the sanctuary communing with Shar. Access to the inner sanctum will, naturally, require a generous gift to the temple ... 500 gp is the recommended donation.

2006-12-16, 12:40 PM
Temple of Shar

Elthans nervousness fades quickly now, but he continues to worry. It was good he hasn't been chewed out, but could he really afford that kind of money?

Five hundred? Come on, I could buy my own lab for that kind of gold! Hmm, that wouldn't be a bad idea, actually... Still, I suppose its the only way.

He ponders a moment longer at what to part with, and after rummaging through his bag, he hands two scrolls and twenty pieces of platinum over to the priestess.

(OOC: Two scrolls of Summon Swarm, each 150gp)

2006-12-17, 01:25 PM
The priestess accepts the gift without opening the scrolls. She leads Elthan through a long hallway that spirals counter-clockwise and slopes gently downward. Soon Elthan is unable to tell which direction he is facing or how deep he has gone.

They make their way into a small domed meditation chamber. The chamber has been prepared in advance. Elthan sits in the middle of the chamber, crosslegged, on a plain mat. He closes his eyes and begins to meditate.

After an indeterminate length of time, he hears a soft voice. "Elthan Moonshadow. I am here."

Opening his eyes, he finds that the candles that originally illuminated the room have burned out. He is enveloped in pitch blackness.

The soft, feminine voice continues. "What do you want?"

2006-12-20, 01:24 AM
Temple of Shar

Elthan easily slips into meditation, clearing a blank slate in his mind as if by routine. Though as simple as it might be to begin, his mind begins to wonder slightly, and doubt, brought on by the guilt of being here, in a temple of Shar, without informing anyone of his plans or barely even his thoughts.

Keeping secrets..

He'd been too quiet, and now that he cleared his mind it shouted back at him. The sooner this is all over.. He repeats the thought to himself, and falls back into a clear, if dissettled mind for the rest of his wait.

The same doubt from before strikes and the disembodied voice in the darkness addresses him. He repeats the thought once again to himself, and calms his mind before speaking back, slowly.

"Mistress of the Night, the study and usage of your weave has become injurious to my mind. I have come to reclaim my clarity of thought," The pause last slightly longer than expected as he struggles in his mind, "By any means you deem necessary, and,"

A lump forms in his throat, the manifestation of all the doubt. It won't end, not soon or ever, Unless.. This is the only way. Though long in coming, he swallows and finishes with some confidence, "And to continue my study into the Shadow Weave, by immersing myself fully in its secrets with your blessing."

2006-12-24, 01:45 AM
The darkness seems to smile. Unseen arms caress Elthan gently, enveloping him. He tumbles blindly into a black abyss, his mind expanding until it seems to fill a starless universe.

For an unknown amount of time, Elthan is aware of all that goes on in the darkness, a taste of the power he might ultimately attain through Shar. He revels in his enlarged perceptions, the near-omniscience. The power the dark goddess shares with him is intoxicating. Elthan smiles, laughs, roars, nearly screaming in ecstasy.

He feels more than sees a thousand thousand sparks of blackness in the darkness. Ants? No, he quickly realizes, each spark is a focus of undeath. After a few minutes (or hours or days perhaps) he finds that he can identify each spark - this one a zombie, that one a skeleton, here and there a wight or vampire.

Drawing back his focus, he zooms outward until he can see a myriad of "anthills", their tunnels and caverns mazelike beneath the surface of Faerun.

A particular busy "anthill" catches his attention. It almost seems as though the ground itself is shifting and writhing as an ever-growing army of undead radiates outward from Telflamm, sending its tendrils east towards Mulsantir.

Tracing the tendrils back in the opposite direction, deeper under Telflamm down into the City of the Dead, Elthan perceives a nexus of darkness within the darkness, almost as painful to look at in its intense darkness directly as the sun's naked brightness. An ancient evil cloaked in a child's body. Sethra. Elthan recognizes him/her/it. A demon consort orbits nearby as well, a manifest symbol of a pact made between the necromancer and the Baneson.

The girl and the demonette converse together. "They are traveling east and north to seek the aid of the Iron Lord."

"Involvement of the Rashemi may complicate matters."

"We need more time."

"Well, it's not as though they could possibly succeed in rousing the armies of the north. Could they?"


A sigh. "Well, I suppose that they have more than served their purpose. I had actually grown fond of them, you know. Their earnestness was somehow ... entertaining, I suppose."

One of the brighter (darker?) motes enters the chamber, a vampire. Elthan can "see" her in his mind's eye. She is tall and thin, with ivory skin and dark bangs. She wears an elegant suit of plate armor. An ornate rapier is sheathed at her side. An order is issued. She curtsies gracefully. "I hear, master, and I obey." She turns smartly on one heel and exits the chamber ...

Suddenly, the awareness is gone. Elthan is just Elthan again, confined to his mortal shell, spent, his awareness limited only to his own thoughts once again. Suddenly imprisoned within himself, he almost cries, wracked with a feeling of powerlessness and insignificance.

"Now you know what it is to know the shadow weave. This power and more can be yours, Elthan Moonshadow. I ask only a gesture of good faith. A token, really. A trifle. All I want from you is ..."

Elthan awakens in his bed, unsure how he got there. He stumbles downstairs to find Achkby, Si'rene, Katrin, and Yix conversing quietly by the fire.

PM sent.

2007-01-07, 10:57 AM
An Interlude
Ssathiya, Lizardman Druid & Trinark, Cleric of Eilistraee
As he watches his friends battle the howlers, coughing intermittently, a sense of guilt fills the lizardman.

This was not necessary. I dragged them into this

The stream of events with him in the center flashed through his mind.

So many dead.

So far from home.

Despite all his efforts his people were either dying or would soon be. Sheyra the human child whose care he had been entrusted with and for whom he had developed a fondness over that he never expected was in the clutches of a villain that was not paralleled by any other villain in the long lore of the people.

His recent effort to find out some answers had ended in disaster. He had ended up Leading his packmates straight into this current danger or so he believed.

What must I do?

"What must I do?", he asked out aloud without realising it.

"Let go" came the answer.


He turns to the source of his answer, to the calm face looking at him beside the cave mouth.

"You carry far too much Ssathiya. Some you have already let go. Others you cling onto. "

"What do you mean?"

“You carried ideas once. About yourself, your people and the people you’ve come to accept as your pack. The ones you discovered to be in error, you discarded.”

The druid digests this in his mind.

"I do not know much but this I believe from observing you. It isn't that lizardpeople are incapable of feeling emotion just that they have poor experience at it. I would say the same of my people when it comes to the urges that prompt them to perform good acts.”

“You feel personally responsible for this pack, Sheyra and your people. These responsibilities pull you in different directions and leave you confused. In your confusion, you become ...emotional. And you lack the years we warmbloods have in adapting to them"

The lizardman stands in stunned silence. Like an eye in the storm as the sounds of the battle surround them.

“Sethra is but a name. Forces such as him have threatened the Balance before and will do so long after you and I are dead. Your pack and Sheyra are not helpless without you. Your people are warriors. Even should you fall, ...*sigh*... look out there my friend. What do you see? A group of people who wouldn’t leave you to die and think nothing of fighting for you and what is important to you. Don’t you fight for the memory of the fallen? Haven’t you taken up their burdens? Won’t these people do the same for you? Let go Ssathiya! Let go of the burdens you place upon yourself. When these cares are lifted from your mind, and the silence fills you, what does your heart tell you?”

“The tree falls when the roots are cut. ..and...There isn’t much time.”

The lizardman’s eyes open wide. He knew. Just like that, he knew! Everything would come tumbling down once Sethra was defeated once and for all. The Balance would correct itself. He remembered his teacher’s patience.

He had made the hatchling stand on the pole on one foot, tail outstretched. It had been an exercise in physical balance but it was the words that had stayed with him
“To become one with the Balance, you must find it within you and hold onto it. When you have learnt to do that, you must let it go! And find it again! To call upon the magic we stand in the center of the Balance untouched as change moves around us but we are still a part of it all. We reach into the Green to draw our will upon it but the Green reaches into everything. Never take more than you can give!”

The memory fades.

“What did you do to me Cloudhair?”

“I did nothing. You did it yourself.”

The lizardman touched his own face. The chest cold still made his breath rasp and the cold in the air still leached the life from him. In an instant, nothing had changed yet everything had changed.

“When did you become so wise?”

“Dying changes many things” the drow answers with a fond smile at his reptilan comrade.

Looking at the now empty scene before them, they see the last of their comrades follow the demon Lumpy had chased into the forest.

“We should follow”, the druid suggests

“Let the stranger help you”


“Let go”, the cleric reminds again gently.

The druid forms a sour expression before nodding with a reflective look as he starts to trudge down, coughing from the cave.

The cleric stops to look at the moon before he follows. He sighs. He looks to the druid in front of him. Ssathiya wasn’t ready for some truths just yet. A look of regret passes over his face quickly.

He had died. Truly. And seen all the myriad possibilities the future held. He knew that all was not as rosy as the picture he had painted. If the demons’ plans borne fruition, all manner of death and suffering would inundate Faerun and the drow would damn themselves from ever knowing the salvation and freedom the surface offered.

It was why SHE had permitted his return. His interference at critical moments might nudge the party to the few eventualities that still held hope for the many. And avert them from the innumerous possible futures that favoured their enemies.

He draws his sword casting away the thoughts with the action.

As he sees his reflection and that of the moon on the blade he allows himself a smile.

An echo. A dream. That is all I am now...

He looks at the back of the druid striding on the ground below him.

Life is for those who still have time. And my time was over.
A graphic image of the cold blasting from the hydra appears to him.

He looks back to the moon remembering the first time he had emerged from darkness. Tears well up at that memory of happiness. Seeing the physical symbol of his goddess had been the greatest single moment of his life. A life that contained few such happy memories. Smiling widely,he speaks mentally without a shred of doubt


“You will understand someday my friend” , he says aloud in the druid’s direction. He runs to catch up and the two disappear into the night.

2007-02-05, 09:26 AM
Kor'rok - fell troll

The story the fell troll is telling during the combat is as follows:

"Once upon a time, a scorpion stood at the water's edge, unable to cross.

"The scorpion called out to the swan gracefully swimming in lazy circles across the river's surface. 'Lovely swan, would you please carry me across the water on your back?'

"The swan responded with disbelief, 'If I let you climb on my back, you will sting me and I will surely die!'

"The scorpion pointed out that scorpions can not swim, so if he did that, then he would surely drown. 'I promise not to sting you in return for your generous assistance in crossing this lake.'

"The swan recognized the truth in the scorpion's words. The scorpion would be signing his own death warrant if he stung the swan while being carried across the river. Thus reassured, the swan floated over to the water's edge and allowed the scorpion to climb on her back.

"Halfway across, at the deepest point of the river, the scorpion stung the swan between her shoulderblades, injecting a lethal dose of its venom.

"As pain and heaviness crept through the swan's body, she cried out in despair, "Why did you do that scorpion? I am dying, and when I sink you will drown and die as well!'

"'I could not help it,' replied the scorpion. 'It is my nature.'"

2007-02-05, 07:37 PM
^ well that's just darn depressing...

2007-02-06, 03:43 AM
-Private Introspection-

The newcomer's initial reactions are varied, and while he doesn't consciously assess and evaluate them, as his eyes scan the party he can't help but form opinions.

((OOC: I'll update this as time wears on and relationships change. Feel free to read, but remember, he's not sharing this crap, nor is he sharply aware of it. It's simply a "If you asked him and he answered truthfully" sort of thing.))

=Tiriel=: Tiriel is an angel? There hasn't been time to completely process this new information, but Khazrael is clearly put off by this fact. Not to mention she saved him twice now.

=Lumpy=: Lumpy is a man of action. He does what he feels like when he feels like doing it and that's something everyone admires.

=Evendur=: Alas, poor Evendur. He saved Khazrael's life and then bit the big one. Elthan WILL answer for this, just as soon as horrible things stop happening.

=Ssathiyaa=: Ssathiyaa is practical and spiritual--two things that Khazrael is not. He seems content with living life his own way regardless of what others do, and that is fairly admirable.

=Yix=: Yix is tiny, but subtlely helpful. Khazrael has no real idea of the intelligence of this creature, but he's been glad to have it around so far.

=Katrin=: An acid tongue and a propensity towards violence--two of his favorite traits. She's good looking, but seems a bit distant. Hopefully the situation will change in time.

=Adalmar=: Adalmar is quiet, but he can handle himself in a bad situation. Khazrael has repeatedly been forced to work with him recently, and has developed a grudging respect.

=Elthan=: Elthan owes the group a lot more than an explanation, and it's fairly clear that he is reluctantly serving some higher power. His behavior seems almost like that of the Drow elves...

=Thokk=: Thokk is gruff, rude, strong, and dependable. Just the kind of guy you want around when your ass is on the line.

=Lissa=: Lissa is an enigma. She's got the brain of a scoundrel and the heart of a priestess. Admittedly, his experience with gnomes is limited, but he instinctively understands that she doesn't fit the basic mold of her people.

=Callos=: Spellcasting is an art, not a science. Khazrael was immediately stunned by Callos's curt reply to his earnest offer for help. "It's a TROLL, moron. The situation is not going to get any more or less dangerous than it already is--that is, unless more trolls show up."

=Aeroz=: He seems agreeable, and not like one of these religious fanatics.

=Fizahn=: Why is he dressed like a pirate?

=Trinark=: Trinark is a drow. That immediately sends up red flags, but there's no time to argue with him, especially considering Elthan's recent actions.

2007-02-10, 08:33 PM
Lizardkin Druid
On the road to Kront..

The druid instantly feels something when the stranger with the bow casts a spell.
This human is wise...to the ways of the Balance
He doesn't say anything to him however.
This only brings back memories of Graevic and Kia and other such individuals he'd met in the longest hunt of his life.
The strangest of all being the now missing Blue Hat.

He curls his lips in what would be a smile as he looks at Sunhair, sitting opposite him beside Fizahn. Thokk rode beside them to their backs. He was cleaing the newly acquired monocle with chuckles intermittently as he examined it.

Turning to stare into the distance his eyes come to rest on the Spear-wielding magic user. Remembering how he froze up in the last battle, he whispers softly,
"Your mate safe now. We find the other soon. Rest your heart", before bowing his head respectfully and sitting in silence.

2007-02-11, 01:02 AM
Achkby, Halfling Sorcerer

What? My mate?

Taken aback by the Druid's offhand comment, Achkby has no idea what to say. After he recovers from his moment's startlement, he manages to muddle his way through an empty response of, "Oh, er, right, thanks. Er, for, ah, you know, charging the... Troll-beast for her..."

My mate? Well, that's, I guess that's nice...

2007-02-11, 02:00 PM

Lissa's eyes snap open at the 'mate' comment; she was dozing in the back of the cart. Apparently gnomes have sharp ears in more ways than one. Mate? Um. Well, it would be nice... if we didn't argue so much... "Ah. Um, thanks for helping to rescue me, Raskoruran." She smiles at the lizardkin. "I made you a name, since you won't tell me the one your parents gave you."

2007-02-13, 08:30 PM
Elthan and Evandur
Common House

Elthan slowly approaches Evandur and draws him aside. "If you could come with me for a moment. I have a plan that I wish for you to participate in. I'll explain later."

2007-02-15, 05:12 AM

Evendur catches up with the elf(ish) man.

"Your plan no doubt is for me to use my divine powers in some way is it not? Would you like me to give you a run-down of what is possible for me to do?"

2007-02-15, 09:13 AM

"No, that won't be necessary. I only need you as a subject for the spell. Come."

Elthan begins to lead you around the common house and brings you to a small, windowless room. The only thing to provide illumination is a piece of chalk imbued with light lying on the floor in the far corner of the room. It provides only scant illumination for the center of the room where lies a simple circle presumably drawn from said chalk piece. "Please, sit in the circle." he says as he retrieves a spear from the unlit corner. "This is something I learned a while back from Linda, our circle mage, before.. Before we realized she was possessed by Sethra. I think it would fitting in her final honor if I were to use a bit of the knowledge she gave me." He says all of this with a bit of sadness.

He stops to wedge the spear-tip underneath the door. "Please, take a seat within the circle. It may not take long, but I do not want any interruptions."

2007-02-15, 03:25 PM
Inside the storeroom ...

Suddenly a high-pitched scream interrupts the two of you. The scream came from directly outside the door. You hear a thump through the door as someone collapses.

2007-02-16, 06:45 PM
Elthan and Evandur
The Storeroom

Elthan guides Evandur back into the storeroom and closes the door. He awaits for Evandur to take a seat in the circle. "It is essential that you do not resist any of my spells. Open yourself up to the magic."

It pauses for a moment before the first casting, unsure if he truly wanted to do this.

It must be done.

With Evandur at his mercy, he begins by robbing Evandur of his senses; His sight and his hearing. There is no chance for him to know what is going on. Elthan raises his spear, and prepares to strike. "I apologize," he whispers as the spear pierces into Evandurs neck.

Cast Blindness, Deafness
Evandur, willingly submitting and without senses, is coup de graced.
Coup de Grace; Damage (3d8-3=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=878314)
Evandur takes 8 damage, and must make a DC 18 Fortitude save or die.

Edit: I'm sorry, those should have been three separate rolls, each with a minus one. Minimum damage on a roll is 1, so the real damage would be 9, and the Fortitude save DC 19

2007-02-17, 06:20 PM

Evendur feels the draining energy as his sences begin to fail.

It's just the magic. He's just drawing power. There's nothing wrong. Sune will protect me...

Dispite his attempts at self reasurance his heart beats faster, something was not right, why couldn't he hear anything any more. He opens his eyes to see if Elthan is still there and is met only with darkness. His imunity to sucumb to the power of fear can not help him now. This is not fear from an external compulsion. This was pure paranoia, irational fear that in reality was all to rational. His breathing hastens as he tries to controll it...


Pain, unbelievable, uncontrollable pain floods through his body originating from his neck.

He feels, almost as though time were slowed, the crunching of bones against the metal spear head, the flesh parting beneath the sharp blade, the breath sucked from him.

He feels his conection with Sune gone, extinguished by the shadow which now surounds him.

He feels oblivion closing in upon him.

He feels...


[Fort save (1d20+10=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=879999). Crap.]

2007-02-17, 06:56 PM

Elthan takes out his spear from Evandur's neck and watches as the body cripples over to the ground, unaware of Evandur's fear. To him, nothing changes. There is no sudden feeling of relief or burden for taking his action. This, however, is instantly unsettling, to have taken a life and not feel for it. Had he not done it for a purpose, he would be up against the wall conflicting with himself to fill that sudden void of feedback. Instead, there was a purpose to this, and now he was determined to finish it.

He walks around Evandur's body and draws Evandur's sword from it's sheath. With a blank face he sets to chopping the head from the body, letting the blood fill the circle. He steps back and looks at the gruesome scene, a greater absence of feeling engulfing him. With some creative cantrips, the blood stop at the border of chalk, the chalk itself turning to purple, and the blood to pure black; A morbid holy symbol of Shar.

Sitting at the edge, he dismisses the dim light emmiting from the lone chalk in the corner, blacking out the room. In a flat voice, he closes his eyes and speaks to the empty room. "Shar, I give you my sacrafice; The head of Evandur, a champion of Sune."

2007-02-18, 06:30 PM
The storeroom ...

Darkness envelops Elthan. He hears her voice, soft and soothing. Well done Elthan Moonshadow! She laughs and laughs and laughs. Her laughter fades until there is nothing left but silence.

CRACK!!! The flimsy storeroom door splinters open, spoiling both the darkness and the silence.

2007-02-18, 07:12 PM

Starkly cast in the black and white his darkvision afforded him, the scene Lumpy bursts into catches him off guard. But enough was evident that he needn't waste much time in deliberation.

The paladin was dead. He wasn't much of a healer, but he knew well enough that heads were a vital component to one's being alive. On some level, he'd been right, but he wasn't sure just how. The ritualistic nature of the killing and the sorcerer's somewhat shady approach. Well, that didn't make sense for the work of a possessed person unless the vampires were aiming for some sort of frameup. And the marks on the floor looked disturbingly familiar. Too familiar.

But even then, circumstance or not, it didn't matter. Time was running down, and the half-elf sorcerer needed to be out of the picture whatever the case was. Prudence might dictate discretion in subduing him, but the situation DEMANDED haste. If the mage survived, good for him, they could sort things out properly. If not, Lumpy had never been one for regret.

Whipping his flail free or his belt, the burly orc crosses the ruined threshold without fanfare. Completing a smooth arc from the overhanded draw, he simply smashes the weapon towards Elthan in one brutal motion. Mages were fragile, and this one really needed to end in one blow.

Untrained knowledge(Religion) (1d20+1=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881225)
Untrained is only good for less than 10, but how hard can IDing a symbol of a greater god who is on poor terms with your own?

Elthan might be entitled to first action, since Lumpy presumably takes at least a few seconds to figure out what's going on, but he'll proceed all the same either way.

Initiative (1d20+1=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881228)
Attack, PA -4/+8 (1d20+9=23, 1d10+14=22) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881233)

2007-02-18, 07:37 PM

Elthan looks up from his sitting position, startled at the breaking of the door. It simply wasn't possible that Valentine's forces were upon them already. It had to be one of the others, they would find out what he had done, he knew it. The void of feeling is replaced with guilt, unfortunately not relieving his unsettled mind.

Before he can even fully stand up, he sees Lumpy charge in and his flail strike him from underneath on the chin. He is lifted slightly into the air, and blacks out before touching the grounds again.

I'd say you get a surprise round and use it to see what's going on. I lose initiative on a lower bonus, and get knocked out. Now at -2hp
Initiative (1d20=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881236)

Attempts to Stabalize self for subsequent rounds without healing
Stabalize (1d10=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881243), at -3
Stabalize (1d10=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881245), at -4
Stabalize (1d10=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881246), at -5
Stabalize (1d10=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881250), at -6
Stabalize (1d10=1) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=881251), at -6. Stabilized.

2007-02-19, 09:13 PM
Callos & Yix
Town Hall Place

He could hear the sound of the axes hitting against the door. It wasn't a good noise. It wouldn't take very long for them to break through the door with how many there were out there. It only stressed to him how badly he needed to speak to the miniature dragon. So the necromancer leaned close his voice grim and serious.

"Listen Yix...I don't hold out most hope for this battle..once Lady Valentine and the other vampires enter into the battle this is going to end very quickly. When your looking for a way out, keep in mind places only you could fit through...if the vampires enter the fray and we look like we're getting cornered...I want you to escape...Fly out of the building. I can protect most of us for six hours, keep us safe for a time..but unless the sun rises by the time the spell ends and the skeletons vanish with the vampires, we aren't going to stand a chance..Listen, this may be hard for you but warning the Iron Lord is more important then you staying around trying to protect us..I'm not going to lie Yix..there isn't much I think you can do and your the one most suited to this task....If it comes to that and your on your own...remember to travel during the day and make sure your hidden and hidden well by nightfall. Get. The. Message. To. The. Iron. Lord. Nothing else matters, understand? Stay with us as long as possible. If it comes to this...will I'll give you as much of a distraction as I can to cover your escape." A sort of grim resignation had come to Callos's face, and oddly enough a smile. As if the thought of pulling one over on the vampires, even if he died in the process, was one that was acceptable to him.

2007-02-24, 10:27 PM
Town Common, Second Story, Unconscious

Tossed vigorously onto the floor at the top of the staircase, Elthan is left undisturbed to bleed from his chin and mouth and onto the floor. As the blood is lost, it shunts for more from less imperative systems. Being the first time in a long while the body had ever had a chance to heal on its own without magical aid, the influx of blood comes through as a deal more than is actually needed to maintain pressure in that area. The wounds from Lumpy's zealous assault cease bleeding as clots form, and the blood begins to dam up in Elthans head. The resulting edema rouses him from his unconscious state, but not to full awareness, setting him instead into a sub-conscious state of dreaming.

A feminine figure points past him. Leowen? Shar? Commander Dielos? She points to a target, a person; Evandur. Spear in hand and without question, Elthan throws it at Evandur, taking his head clear off.

Elthan heads over to examine the corpse. He rolls the head over; It's his mothers. He falls back and onto his knees and weeps. He looks around, and sees that he is alone.

A figure approaches and stands before him. He looks up from his crying to identify him, but finds the figure has sliced off Elthans head. He attempts to roll his head over on the ground before dying and tries to make out the figure face. Evandur? Lumpy? Callos? Himself?

His father.

2007-02-25, 11:12 PM
In Elthan's dream ...

A young woman with fair skin and long, shining dark hair cradles Elthan's head in her lap. Stroking his forehead gently, she sings him a soft lullaby.

Sleep, Elthan Moonshadow, sleep ... Everything will be fine ...

2007-04-13, 10:53 AM

After being on the surface for so long, Trinark is grateful to be back underground again. Unfortunately, Trinark knows only too well how dangerous the Underdark can be.

He immediately recognizes the anomalous crying as being most likely illusory. Realizing that the "lure" is enticing the party members to enter the stream, he decides that there is a good chance that the illusion is being projected by an aboleth.

This certainly would explain the surprising absence of other living fish or other creatures in the area. The party appears to have accidentally found itself in the aboleth's hunting ground.

With a sinking feeling, Trinark realizes that if the party doesn't get out of there immediately, in all likelihood everyone will die.

2007-04-29, 09:10 PM
Khazrael, Callos, and Lumpy
Message Spell on the way to the Tower

Khazrael's soft, whispered voice drifts on the biting wind over an impossible distance. A moment before, he was heard chanting a short arcane verse, and now he puts his message spell into action, communicating silently with Callos and Lumpy.

"Why are we ignoring the murderer, now? I didn't really know Evendur, but he was a pretty tough guy. I don't want my head getting popped off while I sleep."

2007-05-01, 04:50 PM
((OOC: I think this is the first time I've ever posted on this thread.))


A flicker of surprise went across his features before he stilled his mind and took a deep calming breath. This...it was just a simple message spell, nothing for him to get all bent out of shape over.

"That's easy, we're not going to ignore him. We'll handle him in a very reasonable and logical manner based on the information we have. And what we can acquire in the next town. If I'm right, and I believe I am, then this incident will not repeat itself ever again. Despite our misgivings, we need Elthan around to help out and killing him for one murder that we have no answer for, after all he's done to help us, would be wrong."

2007-05-01, 07:01 PM

The only reply to Callos's statement is the sound of Khazrael spitting on the snow from several yards away. Something that apparently doesn't carry through a message spell.

2007-05-10, 08:44 PM
The Books

The three books are not in anyway remarkable. They are bland parchment bound by glue to a leather covering. The books are clearly in order, their titles indicating such.

Magic in the Shadows
---------Part 1--------
Identifying, Defining, and
Understanding the Nature
of the Shadow Weave

Upon opening the first book, the wordiness of the author is highly apparent. The first book draws out on the shadow weaves creation by the goddess Shar in counter to Selunes creation of Mystra. It explains its capabilities to function where ordinary magic does not (adding, however, that magical effects that suppress magic still maintain effect) and how it intensifies magical effects that deal with life, death and the mind, and that it becomes increasingly difficult for Weave users to counter of dispel.
It goes on to explain that the goddess Shar maintains full control over the weave, and can isolate any creature from she desires. The Shadow Weave, however, is dangerous to the mortal mind, and, without the blessing of its creator, is injurious to the mind. All spells cast in the Weave may be cast with use of the Shadow Weave, though those that manipulate matter and energy are weakened, and it will not support spells which produce light.
It finishes with the observation that those who become more familiar with the Shadow Weave become conversely more divorced from the Weave.

The book ends there as you ponder what you have read and whether you should pick up the next one.


Magic in the Shadows
---------Part 2-------
Accessing the Weave

The series of books remains as wordy and technical as the first. It describes that the knowledge of how to access the Shadow Weave is fiercely guarded by the followers of Shar, however, through research, is available to any who seek it. "A favorable connection to the faith and the goddess, however, is recommended, as retribution by either party is frequently described, in brief, 'Undesirable', by those who abuse it to their own gain with their 'permission'."

In following, it gives a detailed guide to channeling the power of the Shadow Weave, describing it as "...Similar in nature to connecting with the Weave, but with an evident feeling of darkness pervading it in manner as if visited by dead spirits. A chill along the spine, and an evident feeling of seclusion..." It further speculates that should there be other Weaves left undiscovered, they could be reached in the same manner as described above, however noting that none others have been found or known to have been created.

While it may be possible to access the Shadow Weave following its instruction, you speculate that it would require some practice and experimentation before it becomes second nature, as it would be when first learning magic.

In finality, it presents evidence to prior observations and mention of mental injury in contacting the Shadow Weave. Subjects, described as students, appear to have shown a decreased ability to evaluate, concentrate, and make sound decisions. A few showed excessive talkativeness, and one an inexplicable rash. The only way described to reverse the effect would be to negotiate with the clergy of Shar to receive atonement and uptake Shar as your patron deity in exchange, typically, for eliminating a follower of Selune'.

100% of students regained their senses after the procedure. Those who did not follow up on their new patronage swiftly lost their wisdom again.

Two books down, one to go, and it appears as though you haven't lost your mind to insanity (though the doledrom of the authors style would whittle slowly away at patience of less curious individuals)


Magic in the Shadows
-------Part 3--------
Advanced Techniques
in Manipulating Magical
Energies Deriving from
the Shadow Weave

The final installment begins with a generalization of the personalities involved in studying the shadow weave. The curious, who wish to broaden there knowledge, and take the risk for the benefits provided. The further inquisitive, wish to continue to expand upon the benefits of access an alternative weave by its continual study, diving in and receiving more than those who only stuck their foot in water. Finally, there are those who figuratively drown themselves in it, removing all connection with the former Weave to divulge at once all of the secrets of the Shadow Weave and attaining the highest benefits, though at presumably the highest cost.
The book then points out that each of these methods will be discussed in the said order, with the first being discuss in the previous volume. It instucts on how to make spells originating in the Shadow Weave harder for Weave users to detect, dispel or counter. It also provides study into two alterations of spell form to either increase duration or duplicate a spells effects twice (mentioning that the final two are not dependent on the Shadow Weave, though useful)
Next in line is the study of two students who hurled themselves into the Shadow Weave. Both students almost instantly progressed to master what the previous pages detailed, and began to manifest abilities directly from the Shadow Weave, effects similar to Shields, and the capability to produce doubles, at will. The enhancements of the Shadow Weave doubled in their progression as well.

The book ends abruptly at the end of the study, filing into a few pages of what is notably Elthans scrawl, who has clearly taken the liberty of using the blank pages as a notebook. Continually curious as you have been, you read them as well.

First attempt at contacting Shadow Weave has failed. Either the bustle of the Inn is too much to concentrate away from, or I need to go about this a different way.

Second attempt at connecting, after being ill and feeling a bit out of practice, it may be easier to contact. Remembering the minor training I gave myself at first to connect to the Weave, I believe at least a few of my prestidignation obtained a darker hue, or otherwise less energetic pace. I've developed a headache from this, and will now proceed to bed.

Third attempt at contact appears successful. After the wolf creatures, whether worg or were, I'm a bit hesitant to try anything on a forest creature. The local rabbits do not appear to have a clandestine tribe bent on revenge, and appear to have a greater reaction to my Enfeeblement than usual. Whether because I have personally grown in capabilities, because rabbits are generally lousy test subjects, or because I had contacted the Shadow Weave. The effect itself appeared darker in hue, and felt a bit chilling when performed.
The rabbits had regained thier strength within several minutes as expected before I had left, and went on thier way. Terrified, if okay. I felt some sort of disappointment from that, and I don't like the thought that I did.

2007-05-13, 10:34 PM
Whispers between Tiriel & Callos in the Shadow Weave Tower

"That's what I was afraid of." Tiriel looks over at Lissa, "I think you'd better give me a better idea of what you have planned before I ask Lissa anything, she's pretty angry with the world right now, not that I blame her."
After walking up a few steps Tiriel stops and asks Callos, "Can a mage cast spells with only one hand?"

2007-05-14, 08:35 AM
Callos & Tiriel

"It's...difficult to explain really. I know its not going to be pleasant for anyone there but I don't want to pass out from blood loss either so I need Lissa there and I asked you too...well..to reassure Lissa that I don't plan on harming her. I plan on handling the tempermental and somewhat divided sides of my psyche by turning my left arm into a necrotic focus that'll syphon away the 'blacker' side and energies." When asked about if a mage could cast with a broken hand, he paused for a moment and took a long look at Tiriel and took a step away before answering. "Yes, they can still only cast with a single hand. I've done it many a time. Why?"

2007-05-14, 10:50 PM
Whispers between Tiriel & Callos in the Shadow Weave Tower

Tiriel frowns, "Damn. I was hoping that'd stop him for a while until, or if, we decide to trust him. Otherwise we'd have to tie and gag him...
I don't really understand what you have planned, but it's worth a shot.
I'll talk to Lissa, if there's a chance of salvaging Elthan's soul, she'll want to help."

2007-05-24, 12:12 PM
Khazrael and Lissa on night watch

Khazrael leans on the doorway of the floor's entrance. He'd spent the earlier part of his watch looking at all the designs, but restrained himself from touching them, not wanting to set off a trap no one was ready for. He eyes the symbols from time to time, but after a while decides to speak up to the other lookout, Lissa.

"You said you were patient. Are you planning something?"

2007-05-25, 02:12 PM
Lissa, night watch

Lissa, too, has carefully avoided touching any of the symbols. Who knows what arcane traps they might hide? The face on the door earlier certainly looked innocent enough, until the ceiling started falling in. Lissa gives Khazrael a grim smile. The torchlight flickers eerily off of the brief flash of white teeth. When she speaks, it's in a low voice, not quite a whisper.

"Yes, actually, I am. Normally I work alone for this sort of thing, but this time I need a partner." She pauses. "Someone willing to provide an alibi, in case Callos gets... unreasonable. I don't fancy facing down an irate necromancer with less than half the party's support." Lissa shrugs. "I don't think he'd actually attack me, but then I didn't think he'd condone the worship of the Dark Sister either. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best."

"So, do you want to hear the plan, or would you rather not have any part of it? I completely understand if you don't want to get involved, and I won't be angry if that's your choice. But... you looked and sounded almost as mad at Elthan as I am." Lissa raises an eyebrow at Khazrael.

2007-05-25, 03:39 PM
Khazrael and Lissa on night watch

Khazrael rubs his beardless chin for a moment before speaking.

"Might as well let me hear it. If I think it's too much, I can always feign ignorance."

2007-05-25, 09:02 PM
Lissa and Khazrael, night watch

Before she replies, Lissa checks again to see if everyone else is asleep/in trance. Yep, sure looks like it.

"I intend to kill Elthan. I was going to do it tonight, but since the door out only opened up for him, that's probably not the smartest thing. So I'll do it on the first night outside the tower. And since we always post watch in pairs, well, I'd need my watch partner to back me up when I say we didn't see anything." She gives Khazrael a gallows grin. "Won't be the first time we've awakened to find somebody dead. I was going to do it all 'honorably', from the front and everything, but Callos and... and Achkby wouldn't let me." Lissa's voice cracks a bit on Achkby's name, and she wraps her arms around herself as if to ward off a chill. "They just don't understand. Once a mage has gone over to the Dark Sister, he's like a mad dog. You've got to kill him, even if it makes your heart bleed, before he kills the clan." She looks down, pain evident in her voice. "It doesn't matter how much you love that dog. Once he goes mad, he doesn't love you anymore. He doesn't love anything, and he'll kill you if you let him."

2007-05-26, 01:51 AM

"I don't...I don't put any stock in the machinations of the gods. He could be worshipping Lolth for all I care. But he killed a good man in cold blood, and his only justification is that he's curious about some new vein of magic. That's no different from killing him for his purse."

He chews on a stem--possibly from a bit of food earlier or a piece of twig he found outside--between sentences. His jagged, doglike teeth highlights a fierce countenance that contrasts with his pensive attitude.

He closes his eyes to think, and something chews at the edge of his vision. Something burns inside of him and tells him to cut the wizard's heart out himself.

Straining to get the words out, almost sobbing as he speaks them, he forces himself to speak the words he knows he should.

"I've got your back, but would Evendur have wanted this?"

He feels the scars on his back burning and doesn't understand why.

2007-05-26, 12:48 PM

Lissa sighs, absently toying with the crude silver medallion around her neck. Whoever made that thing definitely wasn't a professional silversmith. "Would Evendur want me to kill Elthan in his sleep? Probably not. Evendur always favored the heroic frontal charge. If he'd survived, he would probably have challenged Elthan to a one-on-one duel the moment Trinark and I healed him up."

She looks up at Khazrael. Lissa isn't terribly well-versed in the intricacies of human religion- humans have so many gods and goddesses!- but she does know about the major human deities. Which, fortunately, include both Shar and Sune. "I think that Evendur would have been pissed off on the personal, moral, and religious levels, though. Lady Firehair and the Dark Sister hate each other's guts. And Evendur was a paladin. Paladins don't associate with evil, they smite it." Obviously, Lissa has given this some thought.

"I'm not a terribly powerful priestess, Khazrael, so I can't duel with Elthan in magic. And, well, you've seen me in combat. I'm an archer. An archer who specializes in stealth." She jabs a thumb at the crossbow on her back. "All he would need to do is put up a protection from arrows spell and my primary weapon would be useless. The rapier's there as a last resort; I am not a physically strong person." Lissa shrugs again. "So that leaves the stealth attack. Evendur, wherever he is, is just going to have to understand that not all of us are equipped for honorable duels."

2007-05-26, 11:06 PM

He nods, and lets his resistance to the idea scatter.

"I know all about working with what you've got. If you think you can pull it off, I've got your back."

2007-06-11, 10:43 AM
In the Medusa tower ...

Elthan blinks, looking around the pitch black chamber. He notes the medusa glyph in the center on the room.

A dagger lies on the floor among ribbons of flesh. The floor is black, shiny and slick from a surprising amount of blood.

Staggering from the platform, the half-elf calls out for his friend, "CALLOS? CALLOS, ARE YOU HERE? ..."

Stairs lead downward from the platform chamber. The trail of blood leads toward the stairs, then peters out.

2007-06-11, 10:52 AM

He paused at the entrance of the door, peering out into the scenery beyond with unbelieving eyes. Just were was this place and why had he been transported here? A certain clarity of thought had come to him after the procedure and it helped to organize and systemtically assimliate the information his senses were feeding him but there was still the fact that he didn't hold much of the information. Callos wasn't well versed in the use of Shadow Weave...

That was when he heard the voice of a fellow. Or perhaps it was merely another twisted trap that had been constrewed by the crafter of this edifice. In any case he had no choice but to respond.

"Speak and be known! Prove your idenity or I will make you rue the day that you thought of approaching me!"

2007-06-11, 02:30 PM

Elthan pauses inside the tower, immobilized in careful thought of the threat. It sounded like Callos, but was he really that pretentious?

"Callos, is that you? It's Elthan, of our pack." The mage progresses slowly, uncertain if there is some treachery, or if he had simply not noticed the difference in Callos's manner while formal before. A hint of worry carries in his voice as he presses on.

"There's a lot of blood by the platforms Callos. What happened? Were you injured in transportation?" He stops again, considering his words this time. There was a weapon and blood, but no body. He was certain there was only one person below, wasn't he? So who could have injured him, if perhaps not what?

"You are Callos, aren't you? Is there anybody else down there?"

2007-06-11, 03:16 PM
Callos (Medusa Tower)

There was a pause from below as he thought about what he had been told. It certainly sounded like Elthan...well it could be. There was a greater chance at the very least. But it was sort of odd that Elthan was speaking in two different langauges at the same time.

"Well...no. I wasn't injured in the transportation and from what I've seen I am the only living sizable creature that is in this tower. Unless something snuck in when I examined the surrounding terrain. Are you Elthan? Answer me this then...what god does the half-angel Lissa worship?"

2007-06-11, 10:43 PM
Medusa Tower

From above, a hearty laugh emanates through the tower.

"Angel! Half-Angel?! Surely, you must have her confused for someone else. Lissa is three-quarters demon and one-quarter cynical, of which has been compressed into the the body of a gnome made of acid. Whatever gnomish god she worships, I do not wish to recall, but it must be one of bitterness. Such ill-feeling is simply not natural. And to think, she seemed so sweet in the underdark." Elthan stops just before the final case to ground level.

"You didn't answer one of my questions yet. There was fresh blood at the top, torn flesh, why? What happened?"

2007-06-13, 08:06 AM

A wide grin spread out across his face when he heard the answer and the sound of slow foot steps could be heard coming up the stairs until he came into view. Callos looked much the same that he had before though his hair was dissheveled and his face was paler then usual. But there was a certain brightness to his eyes that hadn't been there before. His shadowstuff cloak had been wrapped tightly around his right arm from below the shoulder and the necromancer looked pleased to see the other.

"Well at least it proves we're referring to the same gnome at least. Nice to see you Elthan. I suppose I'm right in thinking that you've solved the mystery of these little towers, or at least how to move about in them." The cheerful and surprisingly happy voice didn't change at all with the next words out of his mouth, though one would have hoped to have heard sarcasm. "Don't worry about the blood, I simply decided to consilidate the parts of my charming personality that you've all come to know and love in a more physical state. So how do we leave this hell-blasted jungle? I really don't want to be here."

2007-06-16, 12:53 AM

Elthan breaths a short sigh of relief as he finishes traversing the stairs. "If you are not worried then I see no reason to myself. It's good to know nothing bad has happened to you.

"As for the tower, I'm not certain I have figured it out, though it certainly appears to have worked. Ever since Edgard pounded my head inwards, everything has been so confusing, these towers included." Elthan rubs his chin lightly; Callos' dark adjusted eyes can make out the horizontal displacement. Slowly, Elthan looks up and gives a smile. "To be fair to circumstances, I'm not sure flails are the only things at fault for knocking my head about recently." With a slight gesture, he proceeds to lead Callos back to the top of the tower.

Once at the top, however, he hesitates while entering. "I've been thinking. Suppose I am the only one who can work these, and that the majority of the group is still together, what is the most likely course of action they will take? I doubt they will wait for me to come charging to their rescue for all that has happened recently. It stands they might believe I'd take the opportunity to run from their grasp, thus leaving them stranded on their tower.

"My guess here is, considering the time we have already spent, they have already taken the most immediate course of action in hope of it being the most expedient; They have proceeded without us. Which way, they may not know, but they will try in order to warn the Iron Lord, correct? In which case, us being ourselves, would never be able to catch up with them, or have enough supplies on hand to last so long." Elthans slow pace into the room takes him in a circle around the platforms. He examines each one with a look of curiosity and dislike. His voice rings with the former.

"Suppose they do wait for me? Perhaps, they think, 'Oh, he is no such coward! We have traveled with him so long and know him to be true!'" Elthan waves his arms in dramatism, hoping to capture a sarcastic portrayal of him as the central hero of the play. "Then they say 'We shall wait for him to come, and he shall help us find the shortest route to our destination!', and thus they shall wait.

"Now, under either condition, taking slightly more time in finding them will not harm our ability to find them any further. As sleepy as I was at the time, I noticed that not all of the party, you and I included, were on similar platforms. If I recall, Aeroz and Trinark should be in situations likewise to our own. Might I then suggest that we begin by trying to find them first?"

Elthan pacing around the platforms cease, and he leans in to examine the one he had stopped at. He gives a close eye to it and the ones beside before inquiring one more time, "What platforms were they on again?"

2007-06-16, 09:43 AM
Callos, Medusa Tower

"You shouldn't take their actions to closely to heart Elthan, they simply choose based on how their hearts tell them and they can't be blamed for that. ...And you did kill Evendur afterall. I was under the impression that they liked him." Callos said to placate the angry half-elf as he stepped closer towards the platforms though he made sure that no part of him really touched them at this time. Swaying back and forth some, he walked in a complete circle around the platforms looking for the proper ones before stopping by Elthan once more. "Hmm...they all went on the dragon platform. I remember that much. Trinark and Aeroz were on the manticore and I can't recall which one Fizahn was on. Elthan...do you think one of these platforms might lead closer to the Iron Lord? If thats a possbilty then I do truly think that we should aim for getting there first and then wait for the others. A much better idea then trying to trek after them.

2007-06-16, 11:49 AM

Elthan does not say anything instantly in reply. He quietly continues to walk around the platforms until stopping in front of the Manticore. I suppose I should not be bitter towards them. They are only concerned with the groups well being. Still, it does seem wrong they would want to kill me, or that troll, or to some degree even Sethra. They know there is something that must be dealt with, perhaps, but to think that continued murder solves them? It doesn't seem to stop Sethra to kill him.

Cautiously, Elthan climbs on top of the Manticore platform and extends his hand to help Callos up as well. "Come on, let's get out of here. We'll grab Aeroz and Trinark, then see if there is a route to take us to the Iron Lord within these towers."

2007-06-16, 05:37 PM

"Hold on now, I want to know how you work this thing before we go anywhere. In case something goes wrong or you get hurt, I need to know in case I can use this thing. Only then am I gonna jump up on that or any of the other platforms."

He says determindedly, crossing his arms over his chest while waiting for some sort of explanation. It was only after he gets it that he takes the offered hand with his unwrapped one and hauled himself up unto the platform with Elthan.

2007-06-16, 07:08 PM
Medusa tower

Elthan just shrugs and looks at Callos until finally the necromancer's shoulders sag and he climbs up onto the "manticore" platform next to the half-elf, clutching his cloak-wrapped arm.

The walls dissolve, revealing the rising sun on the horizon. Dense jungle stretches in all directions for as far as the eye can see until it is all blotted out by darkness. The vertigo returns, then fades ...

Manticore tower

Aeroz and Trinark trudge back up the stairs back to the platform chamber. As the sun rises, a thin gray light filters up the open stairway, past the rotting doors, and allows both elves to continue to examine the various platforms. They step gingerly between the platforms examining the different sigils carefully.

A faint humming fills their sensitive ears, and they both turn to each other as if to say, "What did you just do?"

There is a brief flash of darkness, and then Callos and Elthan appear, standing on the "manticore" platform. Callos looks drawn and paler than usual. He is clutching his arm, which is wrapped in his shadowstuff cloak. Elthan wears his usual detached expression, though a raised eyebrow suggests that the half-elf is pleased to see the four of you reunited ...

2007-06-16, 07:18 PM

A relieved expression washes over Aeroz's face as he sees Callos and Elthan appear through the platform. Upon realization that this could very well be a trick of the tower, he unsheathes one of the daggers strapped to his wrist and tucks it loosely in his sleeve.
"Welcome to the middle of nowhere friends! Do either of you know exactly what just happened, other us being transported elsewhere? And what happened to your arm?"

2007-06-16, 07:29 PM

"Hmph. The towers can teleport between the other towers apparently. As Elthan just showed me, which means we have an advantage of sorts. Knowing how our friends are impatient and have probably already left the dragon tower, except Fizahn because I don't know were he went, Elthan and I are going to check where the other towers go to see if one of them is actually closer to the Iron Lord before making the trek. Care to join us?"

At the question about his arm though, Callos merely glanced down and held it out just the tiniest bit. "A successful experiment, nothing more my fine elf. Granted I do believe I'm bleeding still but I'm sure Trinark can fix that with the cloak still wrapped around it. Wouldn't want you two having nightmares." For once, in a long time at least, Callos sounded downright pleasent.

2007-06-16, 09:27 PM

"Why is it when you say 'experiment' I get this uneasy feeling?" Stopping himself, and realizing that when Callos refers to things giving one nightmares it is best not to ask he notes that only Callos would say something like that.

"Well, if you know how to get us out of here, then please, by all means get us out of here."

2007-06-16, 10:00 PM
Trinark shakes his head disapprovingly at Callos, though the drow says nothing.

When Aeroz suggests getting out of here, Trinark concurs. "This tower appears to be situated on a tiny atoll in the middle of an ocean. Certainly any other tower is likely to be closer to our destination than this one ..."

2007-06-16, 10:22 PM

"With your recent brushes with arcane experimentation of a most possibly darker side I can hardly begrudge you a sense of ill omen. However I can only reassure you that such feelings are unfounded and met with good nature. I've never felt better and absolutely nobody got hurt...er...no one else got hurt." Came again with the cheerfullness as Callos gave a somewhat indifferent shrug to the skeptism and disapproving look he received. How else could he react?

But he did give a slight stare when he heard that they couldn't possibly be farther away then a little island in the middle of the ocean. "I just came from the jungle. The jungle! I don't even know where there is a jungle! Believe me, we can most definitly get farther away then this."

2007-06-17, 10:30 AM

"Indeed. I first came upon a desert, which strikes me as the antithesis of our intended frostscape.

"There's no reason to stay around any of those desolate places. We'll work around the platforms clockwise until we find someplace suitable to continue on from." Elthan climbs up to the next platform and helps pull the others up before the floor fully dissolves.

In order of destination;
hippogriff (1)
chimera (2)
basilisk (3)
falling angel?
gynosphinx (4)
harpy (5)
serpent (6)
minotaur (7)

2007-06-18, 02:40 PM
When Callos mentions Fizahn, Trinark reminds him that the loyal gnome was lost in the Underdark, along with Thokk and Yix ...

The "hippogriff" tower stands on an isolated mountain peak. Stretching around in all directions are lesser peaks. There is no telling where this mountain range stands as the bases of the mountains are obscured under a blanket of clouds.

Disaster strikes when the four of you teleport into the "chimera" tower. The chamber is flooded and the four of you find yourselves floating in chilly, pitch black water. Death is only a matter of minutes away for each of you ...

2007-06-18, 09:55 PM
Callos the Aqua-man

Callos didn't like swimming. He didn't know how to. One could almost say he had a deep overriding fear of being underwater. The human could distinctly remember his father tossing him off a dock and saying

"Swim or die youngin'. If you make it then dinner's at sundown!"

Needless to say suddenly appearing Mystara knows how far below the surface was a terrifying and motivating expeirence. Desperately flailing around in the water, tugging the heavy pack on his back with him as he flailed-paddled towards the basilisk platform. Small bubbles escaped past his closed lips as he struggled to lower himself in the water so his feet were touching the platform while wide panicked eyes desperately pleaded for his compatriots to hurry up!

OOC: Swim check. I didn't think I was going to make this roll. I really didn't, not with a -7 penalty...but whadda know?

1d20-7=13 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1110094)

2007-06-19, 12:10 AM
Chimera Tower

Elthan had never swam before, mostly because of a lack of opportunity. Trapped inside of a submerged tower with no training at all, he begins to panic and flounder about underwater as he tries to push himself towards the next platform. After the brief failure of propulsion, Elthan calms down as much as one can when drowning. Grasping the concept of aquatic maneuvering, he pulls himself against the water and joins Callos at the platform, grasping onto it's edge from the center hoping for it to activate.

Elthan can hold his breath for a minute and twelve seconds, but cannot take succeed on a swim check by taking ten.

Checks for move action in calm water.
Swim (1d20-1=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1110453)
Swim (1d20-1=14) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1110456)

2007-06-19, 06:07 PM

There was very little swimming to be done in the heat of the desert. Aeroz had been in larger pools before, but they were shallow enough to stand in, and one could see the bottom. Aeroz streamlines himself and lets himself sink, maneuvering with his hands and feeling around with his feet to find the nearest platform to stand on.

If Aeroz does not feel a platform under him, he will move as far as he will search for another one. I am assuming pitch black means that we cannot see our hands in front of us. Aeroz can hold his breath for 20 (Constitution x2) rounds

2007-06-20, 01:04 PM
Callos and Aeroz feel hands grab them and pull them downward towards a platform. Dim light filters down from fathoms above when the walls dissolve, then everything goes dark again.

The four of you collapse into a sodden lump as you arrive at the next tower. Again, the chamber is lightless. Only Elthan and Trinark can see the serpent symbol carved into the center of the floor.

2007-06-21, 05:17 PM

It was a great relief to be out of the freezing water, shivering as he wringed the water out of his wet garments. But that didn't mean that this place was any safer. If anything it was even more terrifying. It brought up the horrible memories of the Underdark and the terrors that had occurred there.

"Somebody...please tell me I'm wrong...but are we back in the Underdark?...And if so...when are we leaving?"

2007-06-21, 11:28 PM

Elthan scrambles up to the wall from the point he was teleported to. He stiffens his back and takes a few deep, noisy breaths as he recovers from the previous towers 'surprise'.

As he recovers, he stands up and addresses Callos' concern."That's certainly one possibility for where we are now, and we'll most likely leave as soon as we find that to be the case."

He passes the Serpent symbol on the way to the door and stops momentarily, as if some thought was on the edge of his mind but did not want to make itself known. There existed a feeling of familiarity and uncertainty that made Elthan feel uneasy. Eager still to continue on, he shrugs of the feeling of uneasiness and turns to the others.

"Shall we?"

2007-06-22, 12:22 AM

After taking in large gasps of air, Aeroz quickly composes himself.

"Yes. Please, let's leave this place. Hopefully somewhere with better lighting than the last two places"

2007-06-22, 08:45 AM
You work your way down to the base of the "serpent" tower, finding sunlight outlining the oak entrance door.

Cracking open the front door, you see windswept hills. The temperature is chilly, but more temperate than the land by Lake Ashane. The hills do seem vaguely familiar somehow ...

2007-06-22, 06:40 PM

Callos followed on the way down to the ground floor of the tower and looked around with the rest of them before turning to look at Elthan and Aeroz. "I don't suppose that either of you know where this is. I have this feeling that...I don't really know. Like we've been here before, but if we have then that means we've gone backwards instead of forwards."

2007-06-24, 11:08 PM

Considering all the places he had traveled to, and how far he had gone, Elthan had gotten quite used to seeing new places. Returning to a place he had already been was bizarre. His only recollection of returning anywhere was short to say unpleasant, and he had nothing to make of this place but a feeling of deja vu.

"I'm not sure I'm too eager about staying to find out if we have gone backwards, Callos. However, this is the first place the towers have taken me that I don't feel as if it might stretch for miles on end without civilization.", he says with a hint of nervousness. His eyes dart back and forward in reaction to his thoughts, but he presses on the one he was already speaking of. "This being a first, might it be helpful to search a slight bit and find out where we have arrived?"

2007-06-24, 11:45 PM

Aeroz heaves a heavy sigh as he sees the new location. He draws his rapier and takes a few steps forward.

"So if we are going to find 'civilization', which direction should we head?"

2007-06-25, 09:41 AM
Outside the Serpent

It is a beautiful day. Cool and clear.

Although hills stretch for miles, the terrain seems to slope gradually to the southeast. In that direction, glints of sunlight reveal a body of water - a large lake or sea perhaps.

It is Aeroz who finds the area most familiar. Elthan, too, is reminded of his "origin" in the Vilhon Reach. Callos, still cradling his arm, appreciates the temperate climate but has not traveled to this region before as best he can tell.

Aeroz's rapier speaks up, "We are close to home, my lord."

Aeroz's arm moves involuntarily towards the south, like a compass needle. "The City is there," the rapier states.

2007-06-27, 10:54 AM

It was awfully nice to be out of the cold, the wet, the incrediably humid, and the dark into the nice sunny region. Of course then the inanimate piece of metal had to start talking.

"Did...did your intelligent rapier just start talking to us?...And what city?"

(Gah, a short post before I'm off to school.)

2007-06-27, 04:35 PM

"Yes...yes it just did...and it is saying that we go that way..." Aeroz stammers as he looks in shock at what his sword is doing.

2007-06-27, 06:47 PM

Raises his brow as the sword speaks up. There was not very much strange in a talking magical device, least of all on a carried object such as a weapon. Perhaps the only troubling thought was that it did not speak up until just now.

Elthan shrugs his shoulders, and stops just short of heading out alone. "Well, I say we go. Intelligent weaponry or not, those are the only directions I've heard all day."

2007-06-27, 07:10 PM

"Alright...we'll follow the magical stabbing implement's directions for now...but once we get to this 'city' we get proper directions....and perhaps a knowledgable wizard to teleport us to our destination." Callos grudingly said. Who could blame him though since he was talking about deferring to a metal stick. Sure it was giving them directions, but surely he was smarter then a talking stick!

Grudgingly, he started to walk in the rapier's pointed direction, clutching his arm in one hand and focusing his eyes on a single point in the horizon.

2007-06-27, 08:24 PM
The rapier has little else to say apparently.

Wrapping himself tightly to shield himself from the sun, Trinark joins the rest of you as you trudge downhill towards the coast.

By late afternoon, you can see the city in the distance. It is a busy port, even at this time of the year. The antique architecture, the walled city within the city, and the polished green stone make the city easily recognizable to Aeroz - Hlondeth, the Emerald City.

Elthan realizes that he is not far from his "birthplace". Oden Homm and the Wetwoods must be only a few days travel back to the west.

2007-06-28, 05:12 PM

"Well, this isn't the best place for me to be today, tomorrow, or sometime in the next century or so..." Aeroz says as he dons his cloak to cover his face.

"Well, maybe we can find Prozen. He might be able to help."

2007-06-29, 01:15 PM

"What do you mean this isn't the best place to be? Where are we? I'm guessing this isn't Rashemi so....why is it bad to be here?...And who's Prozen?" Callos wasn't used to being confused as much as he was at this moment over soemthing mundane. It was always something extraordinary that caught his eye or something of that nature. But then again to some an emerald city could qualify as just that, but it was more the fact that Aeroz was worried that confused Callos.

They had faced down evil beings, undead, and giants and now he was getting worried becase of a city? Maybe they really shouldn't be here...

2007-06-29, 05:01 PM
Elthan II

Elthan stood still while gazing at the city. Yes, he was close to Oden Homm, where he was... created. Was I? he thinks, for the first time in a while. It seems so odd to think it. I've... I've had a lot of Elthans thoughts, and I think for a while I even convinced myself I was him. That dream back then... It wasn't even mine, just memories of events I was never apart of.

Quietly, Elthan pulls his own red hood up and follow Aeroz. To think, I was even planning to go find his father after all of this was over. How could I be so silly? "Oh, I'm your sons clone." If nothing else, I need to focus more on the task at hand.

2007-06-29, 09:44 PM
FYI - this part of the game is on hold until Dr. Bob's return on Monday. He left me no instructions about the fate of ye 3 travelers :| sorry.
But fell free to continue talking, just no real travel I'm afraid.

PS - read the OOC thread if you have no clue what I mean.

2007-07-03, 10:10 PM
Aeroz explains that Prozen is his benefactor of sorts, having hired him, Wottworte, Sedryn, and Lithandrill to chase down a trio of assassins. Callos gets the sense that there may be more to the story than Aeroz is letting on ...

Aeroz shrugs. "I'm the only one left, and I haven't quite been successful on my mission ... I am not sure how warmly Prozen will welcome me if I return empty-handed."

Aeroz's rapier coughs, as if it has something to say, but it holds back. Aeroz holds up the shining blade. "This weapon was a gift from Prozen ... or perhaps a curse ..."


Elthan is lost in his thoughts. Wait a minute. Am I the clone or the original? Oden Homm was perhaps the clone's "father" but certainly was not Elthan's, at least not the original Elthan. Elthan tries to remember his true father and origins, but fails miserably. Is this because he is the clone or is this some sort of side-effect from being cloned in the first place? And if Oden Homm was his father, would that now make Shar his mother?

Elthan shakes his head. It is too confusing to sort out right now.

2007-07-04, 06:02 AM

Aeroz pauses for a second to remember all of the events that transpired before his return. It was almost full circle, but this little quest he had been put on was far from an end. Regardless, he needed answers, and Prozen could very well provide them.

"...Wait a second? Did you just cough? Swords don't cough. Do you have something to say? What in the hells do I call you anyways?"

2007-07-05, 12:29 AM

Elthan shook his head again. There was little he could do to figuring the whole mess out (which as either clone or original, he had caused), and little use to doing so. Better to let the whole matter drop and simply continue onwards as himself. There was no point to try and fit into preconceived notions about himself.

Still, the thought of visiting Oden Homm was slightly enlightening. Surely, he would appreciate a visit without strings attached. Whether he was father or friend did not matter.

With a slightly lighter step, Elthan points out to Aeroz. " 'Prozen' gave it to you, did he not? If it is yours, you are certainly free to name it as you wish. There's quite a tradition of naming swords around Faurun. For instance; In Calimshan, swords are given plain titles, such as 'The water-giver' and such, while closer to the Dragon Coast, names are made add-hoc from the first use of the weapon by it's current wielder, if not handed down." It would seem in a style only Elthan could master, he had traversed from a simple point to babbling trivia.

2007-07-06, 10:52 PM

"So..then thats where we are." Callos remarked eyes alight with...was that glee? Sure it had taken a little bit to find out that this city was called Hlondeth during Aeroz's story but once he did...he was practically full of glee. So this was were the Sethra disease had begun, and perhaps it was here that Callos discover the..cure.

"Aeroz...are there any libraries here? Histories of accomplished mages and on those with snake-like affiliations? What about this Order or Cult of the Serpent, would they have any information on the body-stealer? What about you sword, do you know anything?"

2007-07-08, 12:04 PM
As Callos questions Aeroz, the four of you walk gently downhill towards the city.

There is no one working the hillsides or vineyards, which strikes you as odd. Smoke rises from the city's chimneys, and there are soldiers visible on the ramparts of the outer walls. There is also no livestock roaming outside the walls. Hlondeth appears to be a city under seige, yet there is no threatening army to be seen ...

2007-07-08, 03:42 PM
Tiriel and Khazrael in the snow
Below are the PM's that Koji and I have sent back and forth. What and how much Daimian overhears, I don't know.

Tiriel stops after the two of them are about 10-15 feet away from the shelter. She's silent for a while, not sure where to start. Finally she manages to spit out an awkward question, "What was this about feathers, blood, and abyssal?"

Khazrael scoops up a handful of snow and starts eating it, suddenly very thirsty. Between long periods of chewing on the stuff, he speaks.

"I guess it's fairly simple. I'm a demon, same as you might see tearing through the Great Dale. I think I was supposed to be a part of that army, but I escaped. I have wings, too, sometimes..."

Tiriel absorbs Khaz's last statement. "Oh. I guess that's why you gave me that weird look when I caught you back then...* Wait, sometimes? How does that work?"
ooc: *referring to the Vamp attack. I can't remember the town's name.

Khazrael wheels around and reaches a limber arm over his own shoulder to lay a finger on the large V-shaped scar that traces its way from shoulderblade to shoulderblade.

"They didn't last long, and I haven't been able to call them since. A gift from Pazuzu, I'm told."

He turns back to face her.

"Where'd you get yours?"

"Oh. Sorry." Tiriel shrugs in answer to Khazrael's question, "They grew in when I was little. They're always there though, I can't hide them except with illusion.

Anyhow, I think you were too hard on yourself in there. I know I haven't known you for long, but really, what you do with your life is more important than who your parents were.

Well that's what I think anyway."

Khazrael shakes his head. "That's pretty easy for you to say. We might be different from everyone else, but that doesn't make us alike. How many times did someone make a spot decision to kill you just because of what you are? How'd your parents treat you? How'd it feel when your sword bit into that troll?"

He steadies himself against a bit of stone.

"I'm sorry, I know you mean well, it's just hard to take anything at face value--I shouldn't assume things have been any easier for you."

Tiriel looks into the distance before answering Khazrael.
"You're no stranger to flash judgments obviously, but what I deal with is different, but just as...difficult. People leap to conclusion that I think I'm better than them or that I'm going to judge them or, or something.

"You'd be surprised by how many people resent me. I almost wish they'd always use force instead of words. Fights are easy to deal with." She finishes quietly.

2007-07-08, 09:34 PM
Tiriel and Khazrael in the snow

With a sigh, he continues, "Maybe what we are does make us better than those who would judge. Not by virtue of birthright, but by the fact that we've both gotten this far despite what they've done."

He still feels unsettled by her presence, as always, but now that he understands it a bit better, he turns his discomfort aside.

"You shouldn't have to hide them, your wings, I mean. We can't escape who we are."

2007-07-09, 04:26 AM

"I know how to name a sword. Being the creative little elf I was, I named my first one something that roughly translates to 'Pokey Stabbington' in common. But since this one talks, it may have a name that it prefers to be called by. Its the least I can do in return for swinging at things."

Upon entering the proximity of the smoldering Hlondeth, Aeroz takes on a look of concern. "That..." Aeroz stutters "...that is not good...not good at all"

2007-07-09, 12:56 PM
Tiriel and Khazrael in the snow

"I don't hide them because I have too, I just do it because it's easier. And well, honestly, lately I've been in situations where it's best to not draw too much attention. I break the illusion when I have too, but otherwise it's not that much of a bother."
She smiles then, remembering something. "What do you think of that flying man?" she asks alluding to Tanner, "Seems like there's something kind of wierd there."

2007-07-09, 06:03 PM
Tiriel and Khazrael in the snow

Khazrael fusses with his hair, quite disheveled since the explosion, before responding.

"He flies like a Drow. I bet if I turned my eyes on, I'd be blinded by the magic stuck to him. I actually thought you were a priest like him, way back when."

He clarifies, "Some people give me a feeling. Places too, I think it's my demon blood. You know I've never been able to willingly enter a church?"

2007-07-10, 11:47 AM
Tiriel and Khazrael in the snow

Tiriel snorts in disdain, "There's no way I would be a priest or whatever. I don't like how stuborn some of them are. I don't really mind churches, they're just buildings that people use."
Visabily a bit puzzled Tiriel asks, "But don't demons have churches too?"

2007-07-10, 11:55 AM

Curious eyes peered over the city, searching for some kind of hideous army of some kind to be filling the place up to the brim but sees nothing of that sort of sense. A memory tickled in the back of his head and his eyes widened in alarm.

"Oh by Mystara's starry cloak...we need to get to that city or back to that tower! Immiedetely! This is just like when Valentine was using the Kris to call up those skeletons at night!"

2007-07-10, 08:56 PM
Tiriel and Khazrael in the snow

Khazrael cracks a grin at Tiriel's question.

"Some mortals, like the Drow, worship the dark powers, but the demons themselves usually don't bother. When your master doesn't hide in the clouds, there's no need for theatrics. You just try to keep out of his way and hope to please him. Er...either way, areas desecrated in reverence to them aren't a problem for me."

2007-07-11, 11:29 AM

The countryside is eerily still and quiet.

Warily, the four of you continue to approach the walled city. The green marble towers of the inner city are visible over the ramparts. Serpentine motifs appear to be carved into almost every surface.

Up above, manning the walls, are scores of soldiers, heavily armed and armored. Interspersed among the regulars are soldiers with more elaborate green and gold armor - the Emerald Guard.

A challenge is issued when you are a hundred yards from the closed main gate. The sergeant who calls out sounds tense.

"Who are you? What brings you to the gates of Hlondeth?"

2007-07-11, 06:38 PM

Elthan continues with the group in silence, paying more attention to the details on the walls than who might be manning them. To the side, he remarks, "This reminds me that I should probably scrounge up some money for a new pet.", but otherwise nothing else until arriving at the gate. He steps forward for the group.

"Old Magicians and Northern Armies are why we're here. Rashemen should be under siege within the ten-day, but we hoped to avoid conflict by heading here. It would seem Conflict is no stranger to all of Faurun these days.

"I am Elthan Moonshadow, the others are my friends. We would like to enter the city. What has transpired recently that the gates are so heavily guarded?"

2007-07-13, 10:10 AM
The soldiers murmur amongst themselves after Elthan speaks. Brows are furrowed as they try to make sense of Elthan's words. Most have never heard of "Rashemen", and even those with a vague sense of Rashemen's location (at the farthest reaches of the East, all the way on the other side of the Sea) can't reconcile that with Elthan's claim that he's just arrived from there.

"Who are your companions?" calls out the sergeant, pointing his gauntleted hand towards Trinark, cloaked, Callos, his arm still wrapped in shadowstuff, and Aeroz ...

2007-07-13, 06:53 PM

Elthan, though almost ready to reply, first turned to Trinark. "I'm sorry to ask, Trinark, but I've forgotten which deity it was that you worshiped."

"Elistraee.", the dark-elf replied, forgiving Elthan for his lapse and praying his companion would have better memory in this regard.

"Thank you. I'll try not to forget again." he said bowing his head, then looking back up to the guards on the wall. "These friends are those among me; Callos DeTerran, Aeroz, our elven guide, and Trinark, follower of Elistraee. Again though, what has been happening here of late? You are prepared for an assault against your city, but there is no sign of an aggressor."

2007-07-13, 10:38 PM

No you simpleton, I'm the very Baneson himself! Fear the awesome fury of my might! Was the first, and quickly bitten off, sarcastic reply that formed on his acidic tongue in response to the guard's inquiry. He was only doing his job after all. The other responses that sprang quickly to mind were almost as bad.

Soon enough though he approached Trinark and threw his shadowstuff covered arm over the drow's shoulders and giving a hearty laugh. "You'll have to excuse my friend good guardsman, I miscast a spell last eve and...well...he's been taking a lot of misguided anger since then. He's been a bit shy since then while he waits for the dweomer to fade."

2007-07-14, 12:24 AM

A strange thing seems to occur with Elthan, as from his typical face of unconcern and melancholy takes the form of acid befitting a gnome priestess not long departed from.

"Don't lie Callos. He either comes in as he is, or we're all going to Oden Homms' instead. I'll not suffer this silliness of having to disguise him at every settlement we cross!", he snaps. For a moment, he stops and feels his heart beating, and his neck pulsing. Trinark has already put up with enough of this and there was no reason to put him though more suffering. It just made him angry that he had to go through with it.

Though he is used to feeling such a way, he is slightly surprised at having acted on it. Calming down, he explains, "I know that up north we were in quite a rush to reach the Iron Lord, and there was interest in avoiding explanation for the sake of speed and avoidance of harassment, but now that we are in a less pressing situation, I see little need to indignify and hide the man for a bunch of idiots with sticks up on a wall."

2007-07-14, 04:45 AM

Upon hearing Elthan speak his name, Aeroz begins to panic.

Gods, what now. I'm not the most welcome person here and that stupid half human had to go and blurt out my name...Damn it, I'd kill him right now if we didn't need him

Aeroz interrupts Elthan during his speech and pulls him aside taking him out of listening range from the guards.

"You dolt! I'm wanted dead here and you go and blurt my name out to a guard? Are you daft? What in the hells is wrong with you! The last person I was associated with who got caught here got the gallows!" Aeroz scolds in a harsh whisper.

2007-07-15, 12:12 AM

Elthan is taken aback by Aerozs' sudden burst, having only just recovered from his own. Whispering back, he says, "All you said was that it wasn't a good idea to be here. Next time, you should point out any less than fair standing with local enforcement beforehand."

2007-07-15, 07:58 PM
The mention of Aeroz's name does not immediately trigger any hostile reaction from the soldiers manning the outer walls.

But the guards can see Elthan, Aeroz and Callos whispering to each other, as though they are having some sort of disagreement. The sergeant isn't too pleased about the mention of Eilistraee either.

Irritated, the sergeant demands that Trinark lower his hood. Trinark complies, wincing at the daylight that falls on his face.

The appearance of the drow causes quite a commotion on the ramparts. Crossbows are raised and voices are raised in consternation.

"What is this? How dare you bring this abomination before our gates!" the sergeant shouts.

2007-07-16, 06:57 PM

"Abomination? What on earth are you talking about? Trinark doesn't have horns, tails, barbs, spines, growths, extra limbs, excrete slime, devour souls, tempt the innocent, defile temples or people, walk the night and drink blood, or other things of that ilk. Actually I think if you brought out some of your wounded or diseased he'd probably go about healing them."

He snorted dersively at the men with pointy sticks a top the wall. Just because they were higher up, they thought they could go around and boss people on the ground about. Small focus makes a small mind and this men had quite a narrow view. Maybe it wasn't like it for them though, there was a war against the world with drow and demons on the evil side of it so perhaps the caution was well founded.

"However if you've heard of Eilistraee then you know that the benelovent goddess is a patron of those dark elves who have forsaken their spider-kissing cousins and who have embraced the light of virtue. Especially since she would not welcome one of evil ilk into her fold, so you trully have no bias for holding us up at the gate."

2007-07-18, 11:47 AM
Callos' words do nothing to assuage the soldiers hostility.

Just when it looks like your small group is about to be annihilated by crossbow fire, there is a small commotion up at the top of the gates.

A vaguely familiar (to Aeroz) old man appears, escorted by several members of the Emerald Guard. He whispers to the sergeant, who straightens up and salutes. He barks an order to soldiers standing behind him.

After a short delay, the gates groan open and a set of six mounted members of the Emerald Guard gallop outside and surround the four of you.

"If you please," one of the knights speaks gently, "Inspector Prozen welcomes you to Hlondeth and asks you to please follow us."

2007-07-21, 08:43 PM

Though relieved that he had not become and elven pincushion, something seemed just a bit out of place, not the least of which was why he had not become a pincushion. There was something about the name. Of course it was the one Aeroz had spoken of, but 'Inspector' spelled trouble. Didn't Aeroz just mention he was wanted?

Still, surrounded by Knights was not the best moment to contemplate the situation, and he certainty wasn't getting answers staying still.

"Of course, Sir Knight," Elthan says, bowing his head. He turns his head back to the others. "Let's go then. No reason to deny getting what we want, is there?"

2007-07-21, 09:29 PM

"Indeed" Aeroz remarks, "It would be nice to meet up with my old...acquaintance...Prozen once more. I'm sure he will be equally as pleased to see me..."

2007-07-21, 10:14 PM
The four of you are escorted inside the walls, through a city that is quite clearly under siege.

The streets are filled with livestock and makeshift shelters. Soldiers are everywhere. The civilians and children look tired and unwashed.

The Emerald Guard pushes through the crowd, keeping the four of you in the center of a ring of horses. It is not clear whether they are protecting you or preventing you from escaping.

Gradually the buildings become increasingly more ornate and the avenues become wider and better maintained. You are escorted through a second set of gates and politely handed off to a set of Emerald Guard footsoldiers who in turn lead you toward an official looking building.

The four of you find yourselves alone in a windowless room. Aeroz has been here before ...

2007-07-22, 09:30 PM

He was uneasy as he was ushered through the city with the other into a stark unremarkable room. Why him? What had he done wrong?....Or was this guilt by association rather then his own deeds? Oddly enough that had the ring of truth to it which meant that he might be associating with known felons....were they known though if they hadn't told him about it? Secret felons then...how best to establish his own personal innocence then...

With a loud scrape he pulled himself over to one of the corners and sat down on the floor with his eyes zeroed in on his companions. Aside from Trinark. Trinark was utterly blameless....at least he better be.

"...You know I'll sing like a canary if any of you have actually done something wrong in this city.."

2007-07-23, 01:04 AM

"Oh, I've done a lot of things wrong, just not here." Aeroz says as he walks around the room.

"Its like I've come full circle. Sedryn, Wottworte, Lithandrill and I were detained in this room. 'Inspector Prozen' was the one who 'bailed' us out of this place. He's also the one who gave me the talking rapier. Isn't that right Sword?"

2007-07-25, 10:53 PM

Elthan shuffles around the room, taking in what little scenery it had to offer. The blandness of his surroundings reminded him of the meditation rooms that were available to Elthan before he left his home, and that he himself should try to visit one and commune with Shar again. If he was to make any good out of what he had done, he would have to.

Slowly, he settles back into the realization that they were infact being held, as 'friendly' as they may be so. A thought dawns upon him as he returns from his haunting of the room. "You know, Aeroz, now might be the best time to inform us of any of those other criminal misdeeds you have performed elsewhere, so perhaps we might stay well away."

2007-07-29, 01:21 PM
Looking around the room, you see four green marble walls. Four glowing stones set into the ceiling provide the only light in the room. There is no furniture. The only door is made of reinforced oak. A small window set in the door is shuttered from the outside.

Aeroz shrugs and provides no other information. Your weapons have been confiscated, including Aeroz's talking rapier.

After what seems an interminable wait, the door finally opens and a pale, gaunt man wearing a green cloak and carrying a small wooden stool steps into the room. He places the stool down in the center of the room and sits upon it. The door is locked behind him.

"Well, Master Aeroz, here we are again. This time, however, your companions have changed, have they not?"

Looking down at a piece of paper he addresses each of you by name.

"Elthan Moonshadow, initiate of Shar.

"Trinark of House Tel'von, favored of Eilistraee.

"And Callos ... to what god do you pray?"

The old man looks intently at Callos awaiting his answer.

2007-07-29, 08:36 PM

"How did you even find out what my name is? I'm neither famous nor have I been to this region before. And isn't it a bit rude to just ask who someone worships? After it might be a touchy subject or a private one, who are you to ask these kinds of questions?" Callos says back just as intently. Sure he was being a bit more standoffish then normal but that might help him get some answers from the other. But it wouldn't hurt to tell him either. "And for your information I don't really pray to anyone, though if it was it would be Mystara, the mother of all magic."

2007-08-01, 06:43 PM

Elthan bats an eye at the one on the stool, sympathizing with Callos' assessment. It was certainly a bit of information he was not privy to having known by more people than necessary. Yes, he had chosen that path, but it still felt a bit unclean to be mentioned in the same sentence as her, let alone any god. Religion was the last thing he thought he should be associated with.

He places a friendly hand on Callos' shoulder. "Now there, don't be so harsh to the man. He's only confirming and standardizing a bit of information. I did shout our names out earlier, as well as Trinarks gods of worship."

I do agree with you friend. I'm rather curious how they found out a bit of this information. Though, a bit of tact would be better placed in the situation...

2007-08-02, 08:35 PM

"Prozen...it is fantastic to see you again. Really, I do mean it. However, I have to ask: What in the hells is with the interrogation? And please tell me we're not going to get executed. I beg of you."

2007-08-05, 07:41 PM
Prozen throws back his head and laughs. "An interrogation? My goodness, no!"

The amused expression disappears from Prozen's face almost immediately. "On the other hand, the warrant for your arrest is still in effect. And I suppose that your friends could theoretically be charged as accomplices."

For a moment, Prozen's expression is vaguely menacing. A second later, however, a smile returns and his voice takes on a casual, lighthearted conversational tone.

"I am truly sorry about what happened to Wottworte and Lithandrill. There was nothing I could do at the time.

"And I hear that Sedryn met an untimely end, though the Emerald Guard can not take any credit or responsibility for that I suppose."

"You must clarify for me, however, exactly how you caught up with the assassins, and explain why in the Queen's name you did not eliminate them and retrieve the kris as you had promised to do ..."

2007-08-09, 08:11 PM
Callos DeTerran

"Accomplices? To what? I've not done nothing then travel with a man I've assumed was innocent up til this point. More importantly why's this kris so important and why do you want it returned here?" Callos replies a bit indigninatly. After all, there were probably dozens of crimes that he could actually be charged with and this guy was doing them for...ones he didn't even know of which was apparently the crime of traveling with Aeroz. When did traveling with Aeroz become a crime?

2007-08-10, 03:43 PM
Prozen feigns a look of surprise. "What? Master Aeroz neglected to mention that he is wanted throughout the Vilhon Reach for murder?"

"The charge is false, obviously, but it served a useful purpose. We needed someone to track down the three women sent by that Rashemi witch to steal the kris. Of the four that we set on the trail, only Aeroz has survived. He has indeed proven useful however ...

"Elberon, the sword carried by Aeroz, has filled me in on the details of your journey since you surfaced in Telflamm, and has overheard enough to give me some sense of what occurred during your trek through the Underdark.

"How ironic that the Witches of Rashemen, in attempting to keep the kris from the Serpent Queen, have inadvertently delivered the kris directly back into the hands of its original owner!

"Even as we speak, that owner is using the power of the kris to raise an army of undead that will undoubtedly annihilate the East, Rashemen and all - a kind of poetic justice is it not? ..."

Prozen pauses here, as if savoring the idea of Rashemen overrun by an army of undead. Then he shrugs.

"However, as you can see, at this time we find ourselves beseiged by the Army of Darkness. Within these walls we are safe, but outside the walls at night, the drow and demons hold sway. It is only a matter of time before the Emerald City falls, as Myth Drannor has already fallen. With the kris safely with the Queen, the Vilhon Reach would have been secure, but by stealing the kris from us, the Rashemi have signed a death warrant upon our people.

"We need to recover that which is rightfully ours. The kris must be recovered and returned to the Serpent Queen, and time is of the essence.

"We therefore find ourselves in a strange position. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then in this case, indeed we find ourselves on the same side as the Witches of Rashemen. Neither they nor we wish for the Army of Darkness or the Undead Army of the East to prevail.

"Strange as it may seem, we need you to help us to help the Rashemi defeat the undead army and to recover the kris."

2007-08-11, 05:51 PM

Elthan hides a grin; This man was very clever. Use an intelligent weapon to spy for you? Ingenious. This man was more than what a simple word like 'Inspector' let on to.

I wonder if he gives lectures? If so, I must attend once all buisness is finished.

He holds his arms crossed against his chest, holding his head up as he contemplates the situation. "I do not believe any of us will object to helping you retrieve your Queens kris, but our worries are primarily with its current holder, Sethra. Relieving him of the item will most likely not lessen the desire for his goals of domination. If we are to retrieve the kris, we must insure he cannot take it again, or by other means pursue his goals, which as far as I have been able to ponder means the enactment of his death; A task we have seen to be quite formidable.

"I have the among the greatest experience dealing with him. I won't bore you with why just of now, but he cannot be killed by normal means. His soul always stays around and possesses another host. Between Callos, I, and the arcane knowledge of this city, I'm sure we can find a way to put an end to his hostage taking. If you provide us with everything we need to send him to Kelemvor, I can assure the recovery of the kris."

2007-08-13, 10:22 AM
Prozen smiles and produces a small wooden box from inside the folds of his robe.

He hands it to you. When you open it, you find nine rings, arranged 3 x 3. The rings are of different styles and metals. Some have inset gems, others are plain.

"The three of you should each choose one ring, and take the others to your friends. Those that wear one of these rings will be protected from any body snatching.

"Each of the rings also has a power that will be useful in battling the necromancer.

"Our wizards will send you to the heart of the Witches' den. Your friends, if they survive their trek, will certainly be heading there as well. Rendezvous with them there.

"You will act as emissaries of the Serpent Queen, signaling her wish for alliance with the Iron Lord. If you fail to convince him, no doubt your lives will be forfeit, so I trust that you will make a persuasive case on Her Majesty's behalf."

Prozen turns toward the door. Before he reaches it, it is unlocked and a half dozen members of the Emerald Guard enter.

2007-08-15, 05:42 PM

"Three of us? Theres four. We're not leaving someone behind..Hey! Get back here! At least tell us what each bloody ring does before you send us into the frying pan!"

Callos was upset. Of course he had good reason to be upset too. He had just been signed on for yet another mission and one he wasn't particularly fond of since he had no claim in Hlondeth or with this Serpent Queen who sounded like a rather unsavory individual just from title alone. Still glaring after Prozen, the necromancer turned back to the rings and looked over them studiously for some sort of hint to their use. Or more importantly for one that felt...right to him. Thats the one that he would pick for himself and he'd wait carefully for the others to pick their own before closing the case and stuffing it into one of his pockets. Aeroz was....was Aeroz and Elthan...couldn't be trusted at the moment. Once that was done he looked to the guards with a level glare. "Lets get this over with."

2007-08-16, 10:12 PM

"Why do I get the feeling I've done this before..." Aeroz mutters as he rests his hands on the hilts of his daggers strapped to his wrist.

"And why do I get the feeling I'm the one who's gonna be left behind"

2007-08-17, 03:51 PM
Prozen stands by the door. "Time is of the essence. You have to go now."

The four of you are shuttled back outside. You are surprised to find that the sun has set. It is dark, and the waning moon offers little illumination.

After a dizzying series of turns, you are whisked into another ornate building.

You are herded down several long hallways and up several sets of stairs before you find yourselves in a large circular amphitheater.

Callos, Elthan, and Aeroz are led to the center of the room. Trinark stands beside Prozen, his hood is down revealing his drow features for all to see.

"We will take good care of Master Trinark of House Tel'von," Prozen assures you. "He will be free to go once the kris is retrieved and returned to the Serpent Queen. Should you fail to return, then he will share the same fate as the rest of the free peoples of the Vilhon Reach ..."

Prozen steps forward, extending a scroll to Aeroz. He exchanges the scroll for the gold signet rings Aeroz has been carrying since his journey across the Sea of Fallen Stars. "Give the scroll to the Iron Lord. Retrieve the kris. You may be our last and best hope. Farewell."

Shadows stir. Thirty robed figures step forward along the upper levels of the amphitheater. They raise their hands in unison and begin chanting ...

2007-08-17, 05:00 PM

Elthan picks out a ring at random, not caring to make any distinction between them as he slips one of them on his finger. He sighs; There wasn't anything he could do to take Trinark with them. All he could do was ensure they returned swiftly.

"We'll be back for you soon Trinark." he says, standing still as the mages come up. He was sure he heard of this before; Circle Magic, Linda had called it. It was quite a distance, so it did make sense that such a measure would need to be taken to transport them to their destination. Then again, maybe it was just a chant; Eldrich words combined for a single, specific effect. While the casters call upon their power, he closes his eyes and muses over the thought, at a loss for how they would present their case to the Iron Lord.

2007-08-21, 08:37 PM

It apparently looked like Prozen was one of those close-lipped and quiet people who aimed for the whole mysterious persona. The kind who reeked of trouble to Callos and he eyed the Inspector more then a little bit suspiciously as he was herded out of the room. Now he was standing in the middle of a whole bunch of mages who were all casting a spell towards him, so what divine being had he angered recently?

Still, as much as he wanted to tell the lot of them to hurry it up and get it over with, he knew better then to disrupt the delicate concentration either if they were doing what they said they were. So instead he reached in subtly to the box and grabbed the most ornate looking ring that he remembered seeign and slipping unto his finger with a small whispered prayer of Mystara.

2007-08-24, 03:48 PM
As the mages chant, the air seems to thicken around the three of you. Trinark raises a hand in farewell, then everything turns black.

You tumble through space, with no sense of location or time. After seconds or maybe days you decide that you are no longer moving. Slowly you reorient yourself, realizing that you are lying face down on a cold stone floor. After a few more minutes in complete darkness, it occurs to you to open your eyes.

A number of fur-clad heavily armed and armored warriors look down at the three of you with curiosity.

2007-09-10, 08:40 PM
Tiriel & Callos @ Immilmar


Maybe I acted hastily..


His thoughts were interrupted by having his own hand come soaring back through the air at him to smack into his face. And rather hard at that too, though he was lucky enough to catch the appendage when it started to fall down. Light scratches showed from where he had been hit and a distinctly disgruntled look came to his worn features as he delicately placed the wrist to the bone and turned it from side to side. Soon it was moving around seemingly of it's own violation and he smiled with relief. It wasn't broken, good. Carefully wrapping the towel around the skeletal limb once more he turned his attention back to Tiriel.

"There's plenty wrong with me so you'll have to be more specific angel-kisser. In this particular case I got sick and tired of catching you staring at my arm and wondering what had happened instead of simply giving me privacy, which is all I really want right now. If theres thoughts in that head of yours besides violence then you'll know I gave you plenty of warning about what I was going to do back when we got sent elsewhere and yet you were still curious! Or maybe it was blatantly misunderstanding what I said last night and making me seem like a racist like the half-elf! Oh, wait, I have it! I just don't like you! Get this straight Shiney, I'll work with you, I'll pull your glowing behind out of the fire if need be, I may even put myself in harms way to make sure you make it since your a decent person, but that in no way means I have to or will like you or ever will. Was that simple enough or should I draw a picture for you?"

Sure it was childish. Sure he really had no real reason to toss a skeletal hand at her but he had been ornery and she had made herself a viable target too. Then again did she have to throw it back at him that hard too? It had really smarted!

OOC: Yeah sarcasm!...Yes I know I ignored Grynde but Callos is sorta busy at the moment and'll get to him later...and I know further beatings are probably on the way and accept that. :smallwink:

2007-09-10, 08:52 PM
Tiriel & Callos @ Immilmar

Two opposing sides of Tiriel's brain were at war. One part wanted to beat the **** out of Callos (the gods know he deserves it!), and the other, quieter part, feels sorry for Callos because he's obviously either nuts or very close to it.
In the end a compromise is found.

Tiriel quickly closes the distance between them and grabs Callos by his "good" arm and hauls him back to his room. Damian and Fizahn get out of her way, no doubt the expression on her face telling them that intervening would not be a good idea. She unceremoniously pushes Callos into the room before her. Before she closes the door she turns an emotionless face to Fizhan and Damian. "Excuse us." [hr]
Tiriel turns and faces Callos. Surprisingly her face is calm and her voice, even. "Get dressed." She says before turning and facing away from the necromancer.

[ooc: okay, that was awkward. But beating the crap out of him while he's still in towels would be worse.]

2007-09-11, 01:35 AM
Adalmar & Tanner @ Immilmar

Tanner listens to Adalmar with piercing eyes. He replies, "That may be true, but you, Adalmar, are not like them. Why then do you travel with them? What is the truth behind your path?"

The ranger looks at the stone floor and stays silent for a while. When he looks up, some sadness has entered his eyes. "You ask much." A pause. "Very well. I believe you heard what I said to the Rashemen when we first met them ?

My route started in Lethyr. It was my home, and it got destroyed. I had to give answer ; my first concern was for the safety of other Dalesmen... and on the way to Kront I met the group. More accurately, they... they rescued me.

And the goal that they revealed to me at the time matched my second objective : warn Rashemen of the threat and (in my case) obtain help for the Great Dale. So we travelled together... to find Kront emptied of its inhabitants. There we faced skeletons, and vampires... but you already heard that part.

Being with them has been... troubling at times" - and it's a euphemism for him to call the turmoil that followed Evandur's murder 'trouble' - "but the mutual help was invaluable too." He leaves it unsaid that he would have died without them, several times over. "I hope you now understand my path to Immilmar."

All the while, his speech was a bit slurred (jhuild-ish) but always coherent.


Adalmar : o Bat, will you be my companion ?

Adalmar enquires among the Rashemen where he can find some caves. He is very open about his goal, which is to bond a Dire Bat as companion.

2007-09-11, 01:48 AM

Khazrael walks the streets in fine new clothing--a short black jacket decorated with large silver buttons and a delicate chain hangs open, and no shirt is worn beneath. His old, tattered pants have been replaced with new tailored wool dyed a deep black, and his kohl has been freshly applied. His trusty boots are polished to a like-new shine, and his belt hangs, like always, loosely from one hip.

He searches for a summoner. His dream has opened his mind to new possiblities, and though the warnings were grim, he feels confident that he is skilled enough to take the risk.

I will be the stronger of the two. My blood will be my tool, not the other way around.

((OOC: Moved here and taken out of the IC thread. I know we're dealing with Grynde, but I figured I'd put it here to speed things along once his dragon situation is settled.))

2007-09-11, 09:30 AM
Adalmar & Tanner @ Immilmar

Tanner Gondsman

Tanner listens intently to Adalmar, soaking in the meaning both said and unsaid by the ranger. He replies, "So, you will remain with them out of loyalty, I take it. However, do you think the same could be said of your companions? Would they stand by you in the Dale? Or would they use your loyalty against you for their own ends?"

2007-09-11, 02:28 PM

"You better let go of me Shiney!" Callos growled out as she grabbed hold of him and dragged him back into his room and tell Fizahn and Damian to leave in not so many words. What on earth did this clearly unstable woman have in mind now? He thought about it for the moment...but nothing really came to him.

Every other time he had managed to enrage Tiriel she had threatened or tried to beat him so if this time was the same...

"I am not going to get dressed merely so you have the comfort at night that you didn't beat a shivering man wrapped in towels. If you can't man up enough to do beat me like this then your not woman enough to do it in the first place." He said flatly though mini alarm bells rang in his head. He had meant for that to be more...placating but it had turned out a little insulting...okay more then a little. He did give her an apologetic shrug though....not that she'd notice in her current state of mind even if she had been looking at him.

2007-09-11, 09:39 PM

"Shut up Callos. And get dressed. You've already made a big enough fool of yourself parading around the hallway.
"Fine you don't like me. You haven't given me any reason to like you either. In fact, you seem bent on giving me more reasons to not like you. And it's working. But what you're also doing is acting like a child. So while I may not be woman enough to beat you half-naked, I am going to tell you stop acting like a prick and start acting like a man.
"I've tried to give you some respect. I expect at least a little of that in return until this is over with. After that, do whatever you want, but until Sethra's good-&-gone stop dragging other people into your personal problems!"

Tiriel's exhausted by the time she finishes. She's still angry, in fact very angry at Callos but something he said earlier made her hold back. Something about how he thinks she's a decent person or something. And, looking back on it, he had done things to help her... then again, she'd kept him from falling out of a tree so maybe that was just so he'd be "even." Take that and add what she knows of his past and she's starting to get an understanding that what Callos is upset about isn't really her, but something she reminds him of...

Tiriel's train of though is derailed by the re-entrance of Fizahn into Callos' room. She's about to correct him about a certain misunderstanding before he moves on (gnomes talk too fast).

"WHAT?!?" Forgetting for a moment that a) she was still mad at him, and b) He wasn't dressed, Tiriel turns and faces Callos. When she sees that he hasn't moved and is still in the towels, she scowls at him. "What are you doing! Hurry up, this could get ugly. Fizahn, wait here, I'll be back."
Tiriel leaves and dashes down the hall and retrieves her sword from her room. She considers getting her armor but doubts that it'd make that big of a difference. In fact the sword won't do much either but having it makes her feel better.

2007-09-11, 10:04 PM
Fizahn In Callos's Room:

Fizahn looks back at Callos. "Wow. I never did think that throwing your hand at her would be a turn on. Way to go." He turns and sees Tiriel pause on her way out. Maybe I said that a little early and a bit too loud. "Anyway, I don't think I completely explained what's going on. You should come with me to the dining room. That's where it happened; I'll fill you in on the way." Fizahn begins walking towards the dining room, but pauses when he remembers Callos is still in his robe. He closes the door gently. "Actually, why don't you get dressed first? I will be here with the door cracked open ever so slightly, and shouting what happened really loudly, so everyone within earshot hears. It began- never mind,"" Fizahn mumbles grasping his head. "Just get dressed quickly."

2007-09-13, 04:28 AM
Adalmar & Tanner @ Immilmar

Tanner listens intently to Adalmar, soaking in the meaning both said and unsaid by the ranger. He replies, "So, you will remain with them out of loyalty, I take it. However, do you think the same could be said of your companions? Would they stand by you in the Dale? Or would they use your loyalty against you for their own ends?"

Adalmar shakes his heads. "Loyalty is not it. Not that I am not loyal... Ah, it's hard to explain - I'm not sure I really know myself. There's duty, but where mine lies is hardly clear. There's... a desire for revenge." Clearly, he has trouble admitting that part. "And a sense of destiny... but I am not sure you would get that." He searches Tanner's face for a hint of understanding. An angel among us...

He seems puzzled at the thought of his companions using him. "I believe they would stand by my side. The ones that matter anyway." He shrugs. "Or you could say the ones that matter are the ones who would stay." He seems delighted by his own clever 'play on words', simple as it is - the alcohol is still very much potent.

He grows serious again. "Listen, you better keep quiet about all that. I said much... and didn't ask for anything in return... except this."

2007-09-13, 09:47 AM
Adalmar & Tanner @ Immilmar

Adalmar shakes his heads. "Loyalty is not it. Not that I am not loyal... Ah, it's hard to explain - I'm not sure I really know myself. There's duty, but where mine lies is hardly clear. There's... a desire for revenge." Clearly, he has trouble admitting that part. "And a sense of destiny... but I am not sure you would get that." He searches Tanner's face for a hint of understanding. An angel among us...

Tanner Gondsman

Tanner listens to the Dalesman intently and his stern face relaxes at the sound of destiny. He thinks to himself, Destiny...yes, I suppose one could call it that. We must all face trials, and what we are is due to the tempering of these experiences.

He seems puzzled at the thought of his companions using him. "I believe they would stand by my side. The ones that matter anyway." He shrugs. "Or you could say the ones that matter are the ones who would stay." He seems delighted by his own clever 'play on words', simple as it is - the alcohol is still very much potent.

He grows serious again. "Listen, you better keep quiet about all that. I said much... and didn't ask for anything in return... except this."

Tanner smiles at Adalmar and says, "Friend, your words have been an inspiration to me, and I appreciate your candor. I am not sure if what I do would matter, but I think that as long as my actions matter to me and to my friends, then they are right." Tanner rests his hand on Adalmar's shoulder and says, "I'll have you know, that I shall be by your side until the end of this."

With a final smile and a slight squeeze, Tanner makes his leave and is off to the best night's rest he has had.

2007-09-14, 01:13 PM
Adalmar : o Bat, will you be my companion ?

Adalmar enquires among the Rashemen where he can find some caves. He is very open about his goal, which is to bond a Dire Bat as companion.

This occurs after the events regarding the wyrm ring ...

Adalmar rides south and east, as directed by the Rashemi, toward the coast, where he has been assured large caves filled with bats can be found. Though the bats are either hibernating or sleeping, Adalmar hopes he can find a companion to replace Kir.

The memory of his loyal hawk causes him to raise his face to the sky. A small black dot circling high above catches his attention. The bird circles lazily in a way that seems uncannily familiar to Adalmar's trained eye.

Could it be ...?

2007-09-14, 06:48 PM

Not daring to hope yet, he stands up in his stirrups and whistles, several times. The sound may not carry all the way, but he has got to try.

I was actually looking forward to bonding a bat, but I suppose Adalmar will be happier if it's Kir...

2007-09-14, 09:10 PM
The bird drops like a stone, skimming across the surface of the icy Lake before pulling up into a controlled stall and landing gently on Adalmar's extended hand. Somehow Kir has managed to fly across Lake Ashane and has found his master.

2007-09-16, 02:24 AM

A large grin spreads on the bearded face of the Dalesman. He takes a bunch of (dead) small insects from a pouch in the saddlebagds and feeds them to the hawk. It's not as good a meal as he'd like to offer to his companion - it was meant for the bats - but it'll have to do for now. Petting Kir's head lightly, he turns his horse around and begins to ride back to Immilmar, narrating to Kir what happened since their separation. He's aware the bird cannot understand the actual meaning of the words, but it seems natural to him anyway.

2007-09-19, 09:45 PM
Elthan Gets a New Pet

Walking the streets, Elthan seems a bit lighter in spirits now that he had talked to someone about the aftermath of the murder, though it was awfully hard to tell through his still stolid features. Carrying around a few purchased scrolls in one hand, he places his hand on his jaws and wiggles it with a wince. It had mostly healed, but still seemed up in the air on whether it would move back into place, or stick out on the side. Right now, it wavered somewhat inbetween the two, holding out to the side by a few centimeters; noticeable if one looked and only if. Perhaps it would settle in one or the other in time?

Elthan tries not to think about the loose bone, instead eyeing the sign on what would seem to be a shop for captured and trained animals. It had been a while since he had last seen his familiar, and it did not seem it would return at any time; the death of him (or his clone, whichever it had been) seemed to have detached any link it had with him.

He took his wallet and poured a bit of the contents onto his palm, eager to purchase a pet of some kind and the materials for which to bind it to him. Totaling up the coins, he sighs, realizing he hadn't enough gold to purchase the proper binding material. He looks at the shop again and debates simply buying a pet, and perhaps binding it later. If he received one smart enough, it might be simple enough to handle without losing track.

Deciding that he might as well see what there was even if he did not purchase anything, he enters the store. Dark and musty, most of the creatures within the cages are both common place and asleep. Rats of various sizes but all the same shade of black swamp one wall, while other 'aisles' hold other animals such as dogs, cats, and some type of weasel native to the area. No collection complete without a magical creature, one such cage holds a frail looking but large cat with wings folded over onto it's back. Elthan merely scoffs at it.

"A cats with wings? Now they can be twice as bothersome!"

Making his way around with an increasing sense nothing interesting was present, he takes a look at the only alert creature (shop owner included) other than himself; A raven with a long, curved beak. Quite alone in the store otherwise, he speaks to it.

"I bet you're quite bored here awake by yourself."

"If that lazy bum let me fly, I bet I wouldn't be."

Elthan bats an eyebrow as the raven seems to form speech, though none of which he understands. He steps away from the bird for a moment to rouse the shopkeep from his slumber. "Excuse me, sir. What language does that raven speak?"

Startled, the shopkeep looks around in all directions in alertness, but leans in on his arm sleepily as he eyes the half-elf. "What? That thing? Gnomish, though I've gathered he understands more than he lets on. Bitter temperament, that one. Not outright hostile, but I wouldn't recommend ever letting one o' the midgets catch wind of what he's said at times. You want him or not?" he says, cutting directly to buisness.

An animal that could not speak to him, much further to the point, would be speaking to others whom had only short tempers, was more than useless to him. He turns around there and prepares to leave, but takes one more look at the raven, his thoughts sinking into the dull gray plates before him that ask to get away from this stagnant place; Plenty of others around, but completely alone. Feeling just a bit sympathetic, Elthan turns around and drops his wallet onto the shopkeeps' counter.

"How much?"

2007-09-28, 02:59 PM

(for future note: timewise, this happens before the Iron Lord's summons)

Damian glances around at the others - Anika, Callos, Retay - listening in, and then turns back to Elthan. "I can understand if you don't want to say it around our apparent audience. But I need to know why you did what you did. But possibly more importantly, you need me to know what you're capable of. I work with people much better than working alone. If you'd prefer, we can continue this more privately later."

2007-10-09, 03:30 AM
Grynde [To Callos, onboard the ships carrying us to the vampire's settlement.]

He takes off the ring and glances at it as Callos explains how to pronounce the word on the inside. Without activating it, he replaces it to the third finger on his left hand.
So. You want to know a bit more about me. He looks thoughtfully sideways for a while, then speaks again.
I lived somewhere in the south; I'm not sure where. I never knew anything about geography. His face takes on a hardened expression and he seems angry all of a sudden.
My family were all like me. Half-Elves, we're called, or Half-Humans he mutters angrily, spitting out the last two words. Second-class citizens, where I lived. Village, or town, or something, not worth a damn to any monarch or nobleman. And more like third-class, were my family: the freaks. Nobody wanted the half-breed scum living in their little settlement. He punchs the side of the boat with his right hand, a little awkwardly, as if he's unused to using that arm, and doesn't flinch at the solid thwack that must've hurt a fair bit.
To cut a long story short, I never got on with anyone in that place. I had some siblings... Never got on with them. Spent most of my time around the local tavern, but the barman wouldn't have that. Nicked some of his grog more times than I've got fingers. Anyway he takes a deep breath before continuing there were a couple of guys in that village who really did not like me. Fists flew more than once. Nobody gave a damn, hell, why should they? I was just that weird little freak who didn't fit in. There were a couple of other half-elves in that place. Decent enough folk. One killed herself after a time. Couldn't take how the bloody human bastards there treated her. Rightly so, they were a horrible bunch of people. Particularly the group I mentioned. Anyway, they gave me a hell of a time there. Rocks through the windows was the best of it. Poisoning our food and killing our horses was some of the worse stuff. But I got my own back. At this point, he grins wickedly, and his eyes shine with glee.
One of them was leaving his house. I'd stolen an axe from someone's yard. He had his back turned, so I threw a rock. He chuckles, and then says: I'd rather not hit someone from behind, y'know. A bit underhanded. Necessary, sometimes...Anyway, he turned around, notably pissed, and I punched him with this hand. He raises the reddening appendage, with some near-bloody marks from the wood imbedded upon it.
I got him good, that one. Left him bleeding in an alley next to his window. And I don't regret it. To this day, I wish I'd got the rest of them... He sighs. Two days later, they got back at me. Or tried to. Four of them, y'know. I held my own, I'm pretty damn proud of that, but they had knives and they were older, and stronger, than I was. I still had the axe. Wounded a couple, but one got me round the thigh. Bled like a slaughtered pig. All the commotion attracted this priest guy, local healery cleric fellow. Came up behind me, shrieking like a demon, if holy men can do that, and...Well, he surprised me. I hit him in the head. Not with the axe, but I got him about here he touches his temple and he went down like a rock in water. Bleeding a fair bit, too. The other guys were pretty damn shocked that I done that in one hit. Lucky...Anyway, I hightailed it outta there before they could come to their senses. Lived off the land, heading steadily north for a while. Tried to find some elves, thought they'd accept me, maybe. Met a lot of nasty characters, though...Highwaymen and muggers. Picked up these two indicating his twin swords across his back from some bastard not worthy to wield them. Yes he says, looking Callos in the eyes. I'm a murderer. I'm not particularly proud of it. But it was better than living oppressed. I had a reason, and I stick by my damn principles. I'll tell you this, necromancer. He leans closer to Callos, and murmers in a deadly voice If you cross me, then I will get my own back. I don't forget as easily as some others. Khazrael, Fizahn, and Elthan, I owe them each back. And someday, I'll get my revenge. I won't kill them. Won't try to, anyway. But they will not enjoy it. Oh, I'll work with them for now. I don't have much intention of having a reckoning in the middle of this whole thing. I want this Sethra bloke dead. And they'll come in useful in removing him. Hell, I could even grow to like them. Maybe not Elthan. There's someone who definitely reminds me of "home".
He leans back, thinking hard about something.
That's my story. My past, as far as it matters. I don't think I can impress upon you how horrible that was. Not at all pleasant...
He stares intently at his ring. Regret...Why should I regret it? They brought it upon themselves....Bastards....Ixen...Ixen...Ixen...

2007-10-27, 11:18 AM

His face was set as he had Grynde follow him to a secluded part of the boat. Waiting until the half-elf had followed him, out of sight and hearing of the others before he spoke to him. There wasn't an understanding look on his face or a curious one like there had been before, he had seen the maniacal grin that had been on the half-elf's face.

"Grynde...I'm being very patient with you, more so then I have with most other people that I've met. Mostly because I can empathize with what you've been through, I've had a hard life too and it was worse then yours at times, but your beginning to try my temper sorely. I can understand you being upset about being robbed, I would too but you need to look at this logically. What have you lost by losing that ring? Nothing. Something that could potentially kill you if you weren't careful with it, and for that you should be thankful." Calm, rationale, it'd do for most people in any case. And it was the truth too, what had the warrior really lost with the ring? Perhaps now there'd be some more use to it, but right now it'd only end up causing more trouble if Grynde killed somebody over it. "I'll find out who took the ring from you, people do talk to me after all, and at the very least I'll see about a proper replacement for the ring. But you will let me handle this, am I clear Grynde? I can find out easier then you, and more importantly I won't make a foolish mistake. Which is exactly what your heading towards if you keep up this sort of 'eye for an eye' attitude. Do you want to kill somebody who doesn't deserve it again?"

The necromancer was...well in a jarbled state of thoughts. He wanted to help Grynde out but he knew that Grynde needed to want to change, something he was trying to encourage by playing of a situation he might feel guilty about. Manipulation wasn't something he normally encouraged but...the half-elf was like a child with a tantrum who needed a right proper guide to keep from doing something horrible. And that was the only reason Callos was trying a different approach from the intimidation tactics the others seemed prone to using with him...respect for respect and such...


((Matticus, only read this part if Callos wouldn't be able to see that Grynde was actually considering what Callos said. Or that Grynde was gonna ignore him. Cause believe me, Callos doesn't want to go here with Grynde either, but if it looks like the only way...))

......But Callos knew such things didn't always work. The warrior might not respond to reason and guilt and thats what made what he did next so hard to do. Reaching over with his good hand and undoing the cloak wrapping he let his skeletal arm open to sight, while checking to see if anyone was watching. With nary a bit of hesitance, he closed the short distance between the two of them, and closed his skeletal hand around Grynde's throat ((Not actually a strong grip or anything, mostly to get Grynde's attention)). Finger bones closed tightly with sharp points close to breaking the skin as the necromancer leaned close so his mouth was by Grynde's ear.

"Listen boy, I'm putting a damn large amount of faith in you just letting you come along so don't mess around with all this. If I wake up...or find out you did something drastic and killed somebody you thought stole a stupid magic ring, you had better pray that I never find you. We've had a murderer among our own once...and the only reason Elthan is still with us is because I stood by him...and because he had already done so many things to help this quest. You haven't." His voice was deathly quiet and serious, he didn't want there to be any mistake about his intentions whatsoever and more importantly he needed Grynde to know there'd be consequences for his actions. So he began to whisper to the half-elf, not wanting the other to hear even if they were already watching or trying to listen in. "So if I find out you killed one of us, directly or through inaction, I'll put you out of your misery. And I'll know too...I'll pry the information out of your skull like a squirrel cracks open a nut...and you can guess what'd happen next...did you know I used to dissect bodies as part of my necromancy studies? Dead ones mostly but you learn all kinds of fascinating things about the human body doing it. Sever the right tendon or muscle...you can cripple somebody so easily and without killing them either...Inject magically created electricity into nerve endings and you get decidedly curious results...You'll pay for the crime Grynde...and I'll ensure that your payment will last at least two days...and when it's over, if your still sane, you'll beg me to finish you off. Maybe...maybe then I'll let you off the hook for what you did...or maybe not...you'd make a particularly good quality zombie Grynde and I AM perfectly capable of making that happen. Remember that."

He held the half-elf's eyes as he slowly pulled his head back. Callos hadn't felt so...wrong since when he had sent the lightening bolt at the disguised werewolf, but now at least he realized the repulsive behavior he was engaging in. Before it had simply been dark joy....so at least that experiment had gone off without a hitch. Finally he relented his grip and released the half-elf to pick back up the cloak and wrap his arm once more. When his eyes went to Grynde, there was...remorsefulness in his eyes as he sighed and shoke his head. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to this sort of thing Grynde, but you really left me no choice and I'm sorry it did come to this. But I will follow through on what I said, don't forget that. It was best we got this out of the way before going into the city."

2007-11-04, 02:58 PM
Over Lake Ashane

It takes Tiriel a few minutes to catch up to Tanner. She takes those moments to consider what she might say to the priest. Since she hadn't been paying attention to the conversation that he'd had with Callos and Grynde so she wasn't sure why he'd left. Obviously something had triggered his leave - the question was did he have the "ixen" ring or was that an unrelated matter?

The priest puzzled her in many ways. He seemed like a good person but his low tolerance of, well, almost everything, was off putting. Sure they where an unorganized rag-tag group but they'd made it this far without him hadn't they?
And that was really the heart of the matter. It wasn't Tanner's attitude so much as his intolerance (to use the term loosely) of others that irked her.

Tiriel over took Tanner from above, choosing to drop in front of him rather than call out. She wore a frown on her face and had her arms crossed over her chest, obviously internally wrestling with something. Finally she looks Tanner in the eyes* and speaks.
"I don't understand why you're leaving. You've angered and disappointed a lot of people with your choice. I know that we're less organized and ... disciplined than you're used to but surely that can't be the only reason?!"

[*using spell-like ability of detect evil, might as well get it over with right?]

2007-11-04, 11:19 PM
Over Lake Ashane

"I don't understand why you're leaving. You've angered and disappointed a lot of people with your choice. I know that we're less organized and ... disciplined than you're used to but surely that can't be the only reason?!"

[*using spell-like ability of detect evil, might as well get it over with right?]

Tanner Gondsman

It only takes a short time to catch up to Tanner, for Tiriel notices that Tanner has doubled back and was headed for the other witchboats that are part of the Rashemi Assault Force. Tanner slows and hovers when Tiriel drops in front of him. Neither evil, nor any attempt of subterfuge is detected by Tiriel, but she knows that Tanner has some form of cloaking his wings with illusion similar to what she does, so perhaps that hides something from her gaze.

Tanner's voice seems tired when he responds, but the sarcasm is clear, "I have angered and disappointed? A pity. I would assume that your friends have grown accustomed to that with their behavior."

He nods and continues, "Yes, I suppose discipline would cover the lack of any semblence of decency that I have been shown by most of the group. I am tired of all the pomp and alpha-dog posing that continues when the fate of the very world may rest upon the actions of your companions. I have eaten my share of drek from them and am full. No longer shall I dine at that table, for the service and fare is not to my liking." Tanner laughs and says, "The bitter irony is the dessert. While all I have done is help try and steer this group to better goals, a murderer, burglar, devilspawn, swindler, and necromancer hold sway of the lot who - get this - wishes to take a psychotic racist into their fold. And my motives to wanting to remain with them is questioned? I would think they would be questioned more if I were to stay, don't you?"

Tanner looks Tiriel squarely in his eyes and says, "You are heaven-born, yet you hide your heritage. Is it because you are ashamed to be so? Or is it that you are ashamed to be so with the company you keep?"

2007-11-04, 11:51 PM
Witchboats, somewhere around the last two posts, in response to Callos.


He faces the necromancer, managing to calm himself and listen to the reason in words. He looks over his shoulder furtively, before turning back to the necromancer.
That bloody ring could've kept me alive when this lot turn on me. Now I've got nothing, and I'll have to live by my wits. Which, as I'm sure you've noticed, aren't in plentiful supply.
Scowling fiercely, he looks towards the fleeting figures of Tanner and Tiriel, and mutters Friggin' coward human, running from a fight. Bloody typical.

2007-11-05, 03:19 PM
Over Lake Ashane

Tiriel's countenance darkens with Tanner's words.
"You shouldn't be so quick to throw around names. You call Grynde a racist but you're the one who seems hell-bent on putting everyone into categories. Maybe you should make the effort of learning who people are before the what.
"So my friends, including the "devil spawn," are less than perfect but at least they're honest with themselves. None of them have done what you have - you've managed to raise yourself above everyone thinking you're free to judge but not be judged in turn.
"That's crap. Holy man you may be but you're no better than those you despise with that attitude. Sure, you've been helpful but that help has been laced full of requirements. You can't change people over night priest, I'd have thought you'd have known that by now.
"And no. I don't hide for either of those reasons. I suppose for you wouldn't understand since you can just turn it on and off at will. You wouldn't have seen the bad that goes with the good."
Tiriel finishes her triad in a calmer tone than she'd started. She almost seems sad that Tanner had provoked her into taking the conversation down this road. She'd rather have avoided the insults and finger pointing.

ooc: I don't think an illusion spell can hide "evil," otherwise there'd be no use for those heavy lead plates! :smallamused:

2007-11-05, 04:05 PM
Over Lake Ashane

Tanner Gondsman

"You are mad, and your anger has made your words hot and full of emotion." Tanner smiles and his voice becomes softer, "Now you know exactly how I feel, Tiriel. Even though I can change into the form of one with celestial wings, I cannot change the spirit which drives those wings. I haven't hidden who I am, and I have been condemned for it - so yes, I do understand, for there is bad that comes with being good."

"You see we all judge one another, that is our nature - no matter our heritage. I have done none of what you said, but I merely put names behind your friends as you have done to me with 'holy man'. It seems I have been put in a pigeon hole and will be that to this group. No matter what I have said or have done, the prejudices that have come with your and your companion's pre-conceived notions of some sanctimonious individual have crept to the surface and cast my words or actions in that pale golden light. I wonder, though, just as I am a holy man...are not the labels given by me correct?"

He sighs again, "I am confused...you said that my help has come with requirements? What pray tell might those have been? To be treated civilly? In addition, do you hold your friends to the same standards as you have me? Have you had this same tirade with them telling them to find out who I am and not what I am? Better yet - have you done the same and heed your own advice?"

Tanner smiles a small smile and his eyes are soft. It is evident he is not trying to win an arguement, nor is he trying to keep score, but he does say, "Unlike Callos, Grynde or Khazrael for that matter, I do not lash out with words that are meant to be hurtful, for it is not in my nature. In fact, I am sure that others share Khazrael's sentiment thinking my leaving the boats make me a coward, but being brave has many levels...which I think you know. So, instead of continuing to be further haranged, I have chosen to keep my own unwanted counsel and keep my oath to the Ironlord as best I can, since he is the one man who has asked me for it."

2007-11-05, 05:41 PM

Tiriel takes a deep breath and tries to keep calm. "Yes, I'm mad. Try to understand that from my point of view it looks like you abandoned people you had agreed to help. I don't think it was cowardice that made you flee, but pride. Everything you do and say is right isn't it? Have you ever thought that not everyone sees things in the same light? That maybe you distance yourself from others by taking such a rigid stance?

"Many of us have traveled a long way and lost friends to get to this point. In order to get this far we've had to put aside our differences to work together. So yes, I've worked with, what did you call them, a murderer, a burglar, a devilspawn, a swindler, and a necromancer. I'll even work with the idiot-racist half-elf if he ends up being more help than hindrance!

"But as far as understanding you... I've tried and failed. I don't understand how you think and it looks like the feeling is mutual. I understand why you're frustrated but not why you're leaving. I suppose the only thing I can do is to apologize if I've insulted you. I can't apologize for the others, and not all of them owe you theirs, but I can say that you haven't given many of them enough of a chance.

"Lastly, you didn't just commit to the Iron Lord back there, but to all of us. He was the binding force behind our oaths but if we don't work together that oath is useless.

2007-11-05, 06:18 PM
Above the lake

Tanner Gondsman

Tanner listens to Tiriel intently. When she is finished he asks, "So, like you, I should be the 'bigger person' and put aside my convictions to achieve the greater good? I am not sure I can and still be able to stare into the mirror and not be disappointed with the man therein."

Tanner stares off in the distance for quite some time. The wind blows across the lake and the moonlight makes his tanned face look pale. He looks down at the Rashemi assault force and says aloud to no one, "Like a tale told by bards, the Rashemi have no choice in their fate. They gladly go and face the day be boon or bane awaiting them. They fight for a cause they believe in - of clan and kin and homeland - for honor and goodness they face death with nary a flinch." Tanner then looks back towards the boats the companions are upon, "What, then, do the others fight for?"

Tanner then looks down and holds the wheel cog holy symbol from around his neck in his hand. He studies it intently. He lets it fall back upon his breast and then says, "My commitment to that group is meaningless."

2007-11-05, 06:44 PM
Over Lake Ashane

Tiriel takes a good hard look at Tanner. "I feel sorry for you. You've isolated yourself Tanner and it's no one's fault but your own. Instead of telling me why the Rashemi fight why didn't you ask me why I'm here? Why am I taking the time to talk to you? Do you even care?" Tiriel shakes her head sadly, "No. I don't think you do and I don't think anything I said or can say will change your mind. So this is it. I give up. Good luck with whatever you plan to do, it seems our paths do indeed split here."

If Tanner has nothing more to say then Tiriel will take her leave. She doesn't think he took the ring, since he doesn't seem to be the spiteful type, and hopes that it will have been found by the time she returns to the others.

2007-11-05, 09:22 PM
Witchboats, somewhere around the last two posts, in response to Callos.


He faces the necromancer, managing to calm himself and listen to the reason in words. He looks over his shoulder furtively, before turning back to the necromancer.
That bloody ring could've kept me alive when this lot turn on me. Now I've got nothing, and I'll have to live by my wits. Which, as I'm sure you've noticed, aren't in plentiful supply.
Scowling fiercely, he looks towards the fleeting figures of Tanner and Tiriel, and mutters Friggin' coward human, running from a fight. Bloody typical.


An unfettered smile came to his face as Grynde calmed himself and began to scowl. "Perhaps...but it would have also had everyone else watching your movements much more closely too...Grynde, I know this probably isn't a surprise but no one really trusts you. I think I can...but I won't just yet, your temper gets a hold of you to easily. If you could just..restrain that, you wouldn't need to worry about them."

With that same easy smile he gestured for Grynde to sit and took the initiative to sit down there himself. "Trust me. All of us have been through a lot to get to this point, you too, and it's very stressful. So when somebody with an upfront 'This is me, take it or leave' attitude, and not an entirely good attitude at that, makes their presence known it steps on a lot of sore nerves. Listen to me here Grynde...talk with people...get to know them and let them get to know you, it may be hard but you won't need to be so cautious around everybody. Try Fizahn first. No insults or snarky comments and you'll have to ignore his too, but he can help ease things along."

The necromancer moved to stand back up again, stretching and eying the retreating Tanner with one eye and glancing back at his own boat with the other. "It's a shame..I think he really could have helped out here, not that he's a coward. You shouldn't think of him as such either, he'd probably have saved your life at least twice in the battle ahead and with no risk to himself. A little stubborn but his heart was in the right place. Won't be able to trust him if he comes back of course, but the potential was there. Hey Grynde...do you really think all humans are the same and all elves are...or is that just what you want to believe so it's easier to hate us?"

He had never really spoken to a racist before, never had been much to be racist about in his homeland and when he had traveled around he had been rather introverted. Grynde was a curio to him at times...a rude and physically intimidating curio but a curio all the same. "Actually, and no offense intended, but I don't see how you can idealize elves either. From what you told me before both races treated you poorly, you just spent more time around humans. And I've met some unpleasant elves before, even more so then yourself...so why do you look down so much more on humans and not the other side of your heritage?"

2007-11-06, 02:54 AM

He laughs and half-turns to view the necromancer, every word he spoke in some way humerous to him, although not in a malicious way.
Fizahn? First thing he said to me was so sarcastic you could drown in it, and it was not a nice thing to say to a guy who's really pissed off, and bleeding too. Tanner's running from a fight. Full stop.
And as for elves, did you once see me sucking up to that Faluil bloke? No. Because he was a suckup and pathetically lame. I don't like elves in particular. Damn sight better than most of the humans I've met. Except you, oddly enough. You're insanely patient, or you can see a use for me*, or something. There's no use for me, though, as they rest of them pointed out. Probably too late to build bridges and stuff with that lot. But I suppose it's a good idea to try...

(*Or your player is nice and is trying to help me not get my character killed? )

2007-11-07, 10:26 PM

"Heh, if anything you'll learn that Fizahn is always like that. It's one of those personality quirks you'll just have to get along with. And I think your wrong there, I don't think Tanner's running from the fight so much as he's running from all of us. Don't know if you noticed Grynde, but we set off alarm bells in the minds of the particularly well-meaning devout or orderly types. I'm sure he's off to find his own place somewhere removed from us is all."

Callos trailed off then, just looking across the lake before turning to look at Grynde incredulously. "...Did you ever think I'm just trying to help you out? Or is that a foreign thing for you? As for not having a use I do believe your dead wrong there. I'm sure that in the proper situation you could probably drop me with a single hit, which makes you very useful when we encounter other spellcasters since I'm considered hardy for my type. Believe me my friend, it is neither too late to build bridges and you do indeed have a use. Trust me, I have a knack for these kind of things."

2007-12-12, 12:12 AM
Callos and Tryntha. Weird...tunnel system...thing..

The skeletal armed man knew certain things when he saw them. One of them was undead, which were plain enough to see. Another was disgust and revulsion about undead which was also fairly common and something he could see squirming in the priestess which was why he really wanted to talk to her.

"Somethings bothering you...do you want to tell me what it is or should we pretend that it's not really there? Is this about the minotaur? Listen...I don't particularly enjoy the fact that this zombie was created, but that doesn't change the fact that I have at my disposal a way for this creature to aid a truly good cause before pausing on to a well deserved rest. I don't plan on letting it's spirit languish in a rotting body, but I'd be playing a fool to deny that it is a strong and hardy creature that has already had something horrible happen to it. Something I can't reverse, but promise to end once my charm's energy has run out...Am I right or did I completely miss the point?"

2007-12-12, 01:01 AM
Tryntha and Callos. Weird...tunnel system...thing..

For a moment, she was surprised at how well he could read her, even through her ivory mask...but then she realised that she was almost shuffling her feet and her shoulders sagged as if burdened by a great weight. Feeling ashamed of her weakness, she immediately straightened her shoulders and managed as calm a voice as she could muster,

"It is...many things. We have followed a demon through these tunnels. We have fought a strange....metallic demon that did not bleed. And now...we follow the animated corpse of a beast-man whose shambling brings him no closer to rest. I....I can almost understand what you do and why. It is....like my people when they hunt. Every piece of the kill is used in some way, no resource wasted. It is....just difficult to think of the shackled spirit of anything...even one such as that as a resource to be used up before disposed of."

She takes many deep breaths the heave out as sighs during her speech, her words are chosen with extreme care.

"I take heart that you take no joy in these actions. But then..."

She stops and shakes her head, her auburn locks swaying to and fro framing her face,

"No, those are questions for another time.

Her voice raises slightly for the others to hear,

This thing we do may be difficult for me at times. I am among many strangers...but they are strangers entrusted by my Lord, my Huhrong and I will not fail them.

Striding forward through the lines, she also examines the zombie passing along any information to Callos.

2007-12-12, 01:21 AM
Tryntha and Callos. Weird...tunnel system...thing..

A grateful smile briefly strayed across his face at the...forthcoming response that he received from his rather blunt questioning, the necromancer feeling a bit better about not destroying the minotaur right after the present need had been filled. At least one of all of them was worried acts like this were a slippery slope...well Tanner probably would have too but he had left.

"It's a bit overwhelming, I know. And I'm not afraid to admit that some of it troubles me as well. Like Zeodoras. I may be condemning him for just being a demon, but I find it very difficult to trust him especially since I don't think Khaz has actually performed the binding ritual that would make them master and familiar. As for the retriever...well that was a first for me."

With that more curious tone that didn't quite seem cheerful but wasn't the usual sour tone he sported, Callos continued. "Tryntha, you must understand, I do not use up or in some way drain the minotaur's spirit with what I do. Nor do I believe that happens merely from converting it to an undead state, but your right in a sense. I do think of it's safety and well being less then say...yours or Elthan, because....well...it's destruction has only one result. Freedom. Not death like you or I, but an eternal rest that has eluded it for some time by the looks of it. It may seem callous but if I sacrifice the zombie to save one of us, I actually do it a favor."

Something she said bothered him...what was it?

"But then what? By all means, ask now when nothing...hostile lurks nearby, otherwise whatever is bothering you could serve to distract you in a moment of peril. And we can't have that, can we? Ask now when theres time to answer, your focus and ability mean far more at this time then my privacy."

2007-12-12, 01:42 AM
Tryntha and Callos. Weird...tunnel system...thing..

"I did not necessarily mean resource, like a stream that could run dry...or a supply of meat that would not last through winter...but more as a stone in a game of Dahnlonk."

Callos remembers a strange game of colored stones on a checkered board played by the warriors in the lodge in the days before their entourage left.

Taking a bit of a liberty there, just made up a term for a Rasheman game not unlike Checkers mixed with Chess.

"Every fiber of my being cries out that this creature's spirit be laid to rest. The othlor and wychlaran teach that the spirit is our true self, and our mortal bodies on this plane but resting places on a grander journey. No living thing, no matter how wicked or twisted should be put through such an ordeal."

She sighs again, shoulders bouncing in a silent chuckle by her movements,

"And here I am speaking those things I wished to save for another time. For I would have asked you why....why if you do not enjoy the magics you wield....why do you study them so? Why would you do this thing to your arm? For I fear...when I bring my power to bear against this Valentine and her minions...that you too will be effected. And if that is so, I will not dismay...for I will know that when this happens I will be harnessing the pure power of the good spirits that defend my homelands. And any harm that befalls you...you will have brought on yourself."

Raising her gaze to meet his, her blue eyes sparkle behind her mask and she rests a tender hand on his shoulder (the one that does not end in a skeletal hand)

"I feel as if you are a test for me Callos. A test set forth by the othlor, and only their wisdom knows the proper path I should tread...for you give me great pause."

2007-12-12, 02:02 AM
Callos and Tryntha, Sewer?

"Hm...curious. I mean no disrespect when I say this, but just because your elders say something is as such, doesn't necessarily mean it is as such. As a scholar of the arcane I've seen multiple origins for the exact same thing and choosing which one to believe in is as much personal choice as anything."

Callos paused and remained silent as Tryntha rested a hand on his shoulder, bristling for a moment at the word test but gave a sigh and a shake of the head.

"Another new one, I don't think anyone has ever referred to me as a test before, unless it was used as 'a test of patience', so your exact intent behind that eludes me. But the answer your question is surprisingly simple...and probably insufficient. When I was younger, I was a moron."

His smile became mirthless as he continued, eyes dark in the depths of the tunnel and torchlight (assuming there are torches).

"All I wanted then was to become more powerful as mage, part of a promise that Djital and I made to each other before separating for a time. He chose a martial career and started a mercenary company and I threw myself into arcane studies so I could help him when needed. During the course of those studies I found what I thought was the easy solution. Necromancy, the magic of manipulating life itself...it came easily to me and with all I heard about what I could do I decided to focus on it. The problem was it came too easily for me and I made idiotic and vile decisions because of it, it wasn't until I lost the most dear thing in my life at the time I released what I was doing and came to my own choice. I am a necromancer, I'll never dispute that, but it doesn't mean I never need to act like the others. An entire school of Mystara's domain has become sullied by the acts of greedy and selfish mortals, myself included. The least I can do is try to prove that some necromancy can be used for good benefits. As for me..I wouldn't worry. The negative energy that keeps my arm moving isn't pure negative energy like in normal undead, it's intermixed with other things. It could possibly pain me but it shouldn't have any other adverse effects then that."

2007-12-12, 09:56 AM
Callos and Tryntha, on the heels of a Zombie

Her posture becomes more and more rigid as the necromancer speaks, eventually her back is nearly arched backwards and her hand retreats from his shoulder as if it were burning over a fire,

"Though I most certainly do not agree with your beliefs or the way you live...I have tried to be both understanding and tolerant. I would have expected the same from you at the very least. The othlor's word is sacrement among my people. Their guidance has kept our land safe for generations. It is at their and the Iron Lord's behest that my countrymen are currently laying down their lives above our heads such that we might have an opportunity to bring this evil down."

Her words are fairly curt, and with a slight inclination of her head she spins on her heel and treads back to the rear of the group, still often peering into the darkness for danger behind them.

2008-04-06, 09:59 AM

For a moment, Elthan is elsewhere - a small storeroom, a closet almost.

A paladin lies at his feet. Dark blood spreading outward slowly in a perfect circle - a new moon.

A voice, soft and dulcet, is in his ears. "Arrogant bitch, isn't she?" The invisible voice continues, "Can you see it? Don't you know where you are?"

A faint memory is triggered in Elthan's mind - other chambers, round and windowless, like this one.

In his mind's eye, Elthan sees the chamber as it was in ages past. A round room with six round platforms and a sigil in the center.

The platforms and the central sigil are now covered by sarcophagi (and, in one case, the debris from a shattered sarcophagus), but for a moment Elthan sees the symbols underneath ...

Stag's head

And in the center, under Valentine's sarcophagus ...


The vision ends. Elthan opens his eyes and sees the crypt as it is now. Tiriel crumpled before Valentine. The life being squeezed out of his companions. Khazrael is already unconscious. The others will join him soon ...

2008-04-10, 09:00 PM
Stag's head

Khazrael recognizes the chamber. The others do not.

In the center of the floor is the "stag's head" glyph. Surrounding the central glyph are a dozen small platforms, each individually marked:

falling angel

2008-04-11, 03:22 AM

In his mirror, Khazrael frowns at the sorry state of his hair (which, to everyone else, looks pretty much the same), and fusses with it while he speaks.

"Here we are for the night," he says, "They're in the Medusa tower. At sunset tomorrow we'll follow them there, unless someone else can figure out how to get there."

He slides the mirror into his pocket and looks up to a crowd of confused faces.

"Oh, we're in Rashemen still," he says, "On kinda the southeast side of the lake. We walked from here and then bumped into Tryntha and company after a whole lot of bad stuff went down."

After stepping down off the platform, he walks over to test the doors. "These should be unlocked. They lead down and out, nothing special unless someone's moved in. I couldn't figure out how the platforms work, but I think there might be a way to activate them before sunset. I don't really have a head for magic, it just sorta comes to me, you know?"

2008-04-11, 03:22 AM

When the room settles, Damian quickly stows the wand away and draws a second dagger. His eyes whirling around, he turns to Khazrael. "Not that I don't appreciate my life being saved, but where are we, why are we here, where is everyone else, and what can we do to stop Valentine?"

2008-04-11, 09:10 AM

Tryntha looks around, her magical vision piercing their surroundings, looking for threats. When she's confident that nothing is hiding in the darkened corners of the room she begins examining each of the members of the party who are with her.


Not sure how accurate DrB's char data thread is, so if you guys could let me know how hurt you are, that would be cool

"I thought we had more time? I didnt want to be separated from them for an entire day. By that time, Tiriel's life energy could be gone from the wound the vampire dealt her. We need to find a way to get to where they are. Where does that Medusa portal go?"

She is looking at Khazreal as she barrages him with questions.

2008-04-11, 04:24 PM

A shrug and a shake of the head are all he can really offer Tryntha. "They go all over. I don't know who built these things, but right before we shifted the first time, I could see more of them. I know there's one on the other side of the lake and one in the ruined city with all the demons we just came from, but that's about it."

He looks up at Zeodoras. "Do you know anything about these towers? Were the vampires aware of them?" he asks.

2008-04-12, 12:28 PM

Damian grins when Khazrael mentions his lack of knowledge of magic. "I might be able to handle that. Making magic work comes easy to me. Do we want to leave right away, or should we take some time first?"

He also shrugs off Tryntha's attention. "Don't worry about me, these are just scratches. Save your energy for others more injured."

If my math is right, Damian's down 5 HP. He lost 17 due to the tentacles, but gained 3x4 from Razul.

2008-04-12, 01:51 PM
The doors in this building are unlocked, as Khazrael predicted. Each is made of thick oak beams bound in dark iron.

Stairs lead down to the ground floor. There is some debris here, nothing particularly interesting, just some old ragged hides and a few bones.

You open the front door cautiously. The massive wooden door swings open into the tower without a sound. The sun has set, but the sky is still gray. You have no trouble making out a thick pine forest surrounding the building, which turns out to be a black stone tower, smaller than the ruined tower is Shandaular.

Zeodoras appears to be as surprised as anyone else. He believes that the sarcophagi had been placed in that chamber due to its central location within the tower and its lack of windows. He suspects that Valentine was unaware of the platforms' true function.

2008-04-12, 02:54 PM

Khazrael gives a slow nod, seemingly approving of at least the familiarity of the situation. He scoops up a handful of snow from outside and drops it into his waterskin. "If you think you can figure it out, Damian, we should try to get to the others as fast as we can," says Khazrael, slowly walking back upstairs. "We need to stand together on the medusa platform and activate it as soon as we can. They might be in trouble."

He pauses for a moment, then adds, "You know, until a few months ago, I didn't even believe in vampires. I'm not satisfied that they're dead, they turned into smoke or something and hung around for a while, maybe they're hiding somewhere, recovering their strength. We should get back to the ruins as soon as we know the others are okay."

2008-04-12, 04:08 PM

The grey elf, no longer on fire, surveys the trees quietly. "Indeed, we would be best find a way back. It would be a waste to be stuck here for a day while Valentine is elsewhere... I must have my vengeance.

I wonder where the other platforms might lead?" he adds. "If we could reliably use and trace them all, they would be a valuable asset."

2008-04-13, 10:54 PM

"Well, we already know where several of them lead, in any case. But if everyone agrees with Khazrael, and we need to get to the Medusa tower, everyone get into the chamber, and I'll see what I can do."

When everyone arrives in the chamber (assuming everyone agrees), Damian looks around the chamber, his eyes flashing blue for a moment as he calls up his own arcane sense.

Wandering around, his fingers brush over the platforms, starting with the medusa platform, as he mumbles various arcane words of power.

Remembering that Elthan was the one who activated the towers in the first place, he tries to recall exactly the sense of arcane flow that he felt when Elthan did it, and mimic that as best he can.

Detect Magic, last one. Obviously not really necessary, but from Damian's point of view it is. He's going to look for any hint of excess magic which might be a trigger or activation mechanism, using Use Magic Device's "activate blindly" feature (DC 25)

He's also going to try to emulate whatever Elthan did to activate the towers, using the "emulate class feature" ability (DC 20).

(Note: I'll roll once, but Damian will keep trying until something happens. Use Magic Device allows you to retry unless you roll a 1.)

[roll0] (activate blindly, DC 25)
[roll1] (emulate class feature, DC 20)

2008-04-15, 08:37 AM
Damian tries his best to emulate Elthan's connection to the shadow weave. He is unsuccessful at first, but after several disappointing attempts, he manages to trigger the Medusa platform.

The walls vanish revealing a moonlit pine forest. The four of you cluster onto the Medusa platform and rematerialize in a different chamber - one with a dark, dried bloodstain in the center of the floor. An open trapdoor above lets in a bright sunbeam. The air is warm and humid. Tropical birds or insects screech outside.

The chamber is empty. Stairs lead downward.

OOC: Please continue to use this thread for now ...

2008-04-15, 08:40 AM

Satisfied that no one is in immediate danger of dying, the priestess follows the group outside and then back to the platform. Standing on the platform, she grips her holy symbol and prays for Damian's success.

While doing so, she tries to remember if she had learned anything about this place or these towers in her Rashemi history lessons.


2008-04-15, 12:44 PM

A brief look of shock crosses Damian's face when the tower activates, but it quickly vanishes with a brief shake of his head. "That is how they work, then."

Looking around at the empty chamber, he quickly draws a dagger and the paltry wand he had been using as his only weapon once he spots the blood in the center of the room. "So where are they? And whose blood is that..."

2008-04-15, 03:31 PM

Why is it daytime here?

"Valentine couldn't have gone into that sunlight. Let's get downstairs and see if there's any sign of her."

Khazrael waves the others along and heads down the stairs, knife and mirror still ready.

2008-04-16, 12:28 PM

Nodding to the tiefling, Tryntha moves down the stairwell with her shield leading the way.

"Stay close, my spell of protection is still in effect and will shield anyone within ten feet of me. The blood is dried, so let's hope it is not from anyone we know."

2008-04-16, 09:49 PM
As you move cautiously down the stairs, you hear the footsteps of many boots climbing upward towards you ...

OOC: OK to move back to the main thread ...

2008-05-08, 11:33 AM
Tryntha and Callos

Her eyes are sunken with dark circles underneath them, their youthful shine dulled for the moment. Her hair is matted with grime and sweat as she pleads with him.

"Why wont they listen to reason? These things must be destroyed! If we are made to suffer taking that one along with us, at least we must take the others to the sunlight. Though I dont wish it to come to this...I will help incapacitate them if necessary"

2008-05-08, 05:53 PM
Callos & Tryntha

Callos observed her silently for a long moment and his heartless facade cracked a bit at the lost shine of the hathran's eyes. When he spoke it was with a sigh and a shake of his head, sounding unbelievably weary.

"They each have their own reasons for not destroying them Tryntha and as much as I hate to admit it, if they did just do away with them as they should then each would lose something of themselves along the way. Except for Retay, I don't know why he supports the continued existence of that monster...but don't do anything..We are all tired and worn, attacking each other now merely dooms any efforts we might take in the near future to have your countrymen."

Raising a hand up he patted the woman on the shoulder but shook his head.

2008-06-11, 05:13 AM
Retay & Grynde

The tall warrior steps up to Grynde, looks down at him for a moment, and then offers, "Thanks for defending the vampires. You're a good fighter, it was good to have you on board.

"I'd like to give you something in return for their lives - well, one of their lives," he adds, slightly bitterly. "I'd like to give you a skill."

2008-06-11, 11:32 PM
Grynde & Retay

The half-elf sits after the argument cools down, his story untold, quietly nursing a receeding hangover, until the barbarian begins talking to him. Having zoned out from the running conversation entirely, he misses the first few sentences, but manages to catch the last bit.
"Skills? Like what?"

2008-06-12, 05:17 AM
Retay & Grynde

The Nar pauses, wondering how to explain the phenomenon. "My people call it rage. It's... It's a sort of way to turn anger into strength. Raw strength. Remember that ice-worm thing in the mountains? I cleaved its skull open in a rage." He doesn't brag, he merely states.

2008-06-12, 11:55 PM
Grynde & Retay

"No kidding? I thought you were just really strong. So that's what you're doing when you go all angry and don't say anything?"
He considers this for a moment. This could be some sort of plan to harm me. He's a human, after all. Best be cautious.
"...So, you can teach me to fight like you?"

2008-06-13, 02:23 AM
Retay & Grynde

"Yes, that's what I'm doing when I... go all angry and don't say anything. I go into-- into a sort of 'zone', right, where everything is a foe, and I have to kill the foes - no matter what. Pain becomes irrelevant. It lets me fight on even when I should be dead.

"And yes, I can teach you the rage. You just have to accept your anger - nourish it - and focus it all outward: make everything a monster. And you have to pour all of your anger and hatred into every blow. Don't hold back at all - give it everything you have and then some more. It's exhausting," he adds, "but noone can match the power."

Deciding there is no more that can be taught with words, the towering berserker tosses his axe aside, activates the iron ring, and, with the short growl of "stab me," begins to teach the little half-elf the Secrets of Barbarism.

2008-06-25, 04:34 PM

Sometime during the groups time off, Fizahn is approached by a courier who promptly identifies the gnome and makes his delivery before dashing off. Fizahn is left back to what he was doing with a plain parchment scroll sealed by an Arcane Mark bearing resemblance to a quarter-moon beside and above a stylized 'E'. Breaking the seal is as simple as breaking one of wax, and inside is written,


I'm not sure if we've done anyway with that fancy chess set we had, but I've managed to borrow one of the Iron Lords for a short time. I've set up a room for us to play a game, and drawn a map to it. If you wish to play, please come by today after noon."

Beneath the note is a rough sketch of the main hall and a few branching corridors, leading to one of the many guest rooms of the castle.

2008-06-26, 12:45 AM

Fizahn is surprised to see a courier with a letter for him. The gnome looks the letter over and laughs when he sees the stylized 'E.' What is he, some sort of bigshot noble now? Why waste money on a courier and letter when he could just ask me in person. Or is it meant to be intimidating? The gnome chuckles to himself as he heads back up to his room. After digging the chess set out of his new pack, he sets off for the room where he's to play Elthan. Outside the door, the gnome stops for a second. He makes sure his dagger is in plain sight and mutters the activation word for his ring before stepping in the door. "Hello Elthan. I'm ready to play and I do still have the set from the boat. Do you think you can beat a gnomish grandmaster? Although I'm not actually a grandmaster, but I am gnomish."

2008-06-26, 12:23 PM

Elthan opens the door and greets Fizahn with a grin. "Grandmaster is it? Well, let me tell you I'm no Grandmaster, but I had quite a reputation south of the Sword Coast for playing a good game. Or, at least I think I did.." The half-elf pauses over this, ushering the gnome inside. "I'm glad to see you brought the board, I think I like it better then the one I found. I'll play Black, if that's alright."

The opening moves are made, and the sorcerer settles into his seat. "Interesting choice; I haven't played many games opening with the Queens Pawn." He waits a moment and lets Fizahn make his move before continuing "We've been a part of this from the beginning, haven't we? All the way from The Dragon Coast to the edge of Faerun. I remember Philodus, Ephiliastokles and his hunting dogs, Taern, Linda, Graevic and Thokk. We did so much together, it's hard to believe they're gone now, and you and I are the only two remaining. From the beginning, we've been companions through this. We both battled Odens Dragon, witnessed Sethras wakening, defeated a Demon of far greater power then we possessed, traveled through the Underdark, dealt with Formain, Drow, Driders, Liches, Oozes, Illithids, Wights and Werewolves, and traveled thousands of miles together, yet I can't help but feel we've never really gotten to know each other. Maybe it's simply how hectic our travels have been, but I feel that now that we have some breathing room perhaps we could get to know each other a bit better?"

The game can be found here for all interested

2008-06-26, 02:23 PM

Fizahn looks at Elthan as he moves his pawn. "You're right. We are the only ones left, unless Thokk comes back from the dead again. And that stubborn dwarf will do it too! That's one of the reasons I drew from the deck. I heard rumors about it giving people the ability to wish people back from the dead. I was either going to wish back Thokk or Sherya. I hadn't decided, and I guess I don't need to." The gnome sighs as he removes Elthan's pawn from the board. "Thokk and the druid were the only ones I got to know well. They're both gone. And then the other you was fried by Sethra. Ha. If I got to know you better, you'd probably suffer the same fate. That's what happens to all my really good companions at any rate. Although some of the people I grew up with might still be alive and adventuring. Not a good fit for them, actually. Despite all his skill, Erikkin's a complete bonehead. I wonder how many people he's killed through his actions." Fizahn pauses for a second as he realizes Elthan has no idea who he's talking about. Oh well, I didn't stop to explain who anyone was in my story about Sethra. "I'm going to be blunt, Elthan. There's a reason not many people are trying to get close to you. You're power hungry. That's not really a bad thing, I mean take me, I'm wealth hungry. It hurt my soul when they cut me out of the treasure just because of my luck with the deck. I was risking life and limb when I drew from that thing! You know that. Anyway, the problem with you is that you sacrifice others in your lust for power, and at the most inopportune moments! That's the part they don't like. It makes you seem like Sethra. But I'm sure they'll forgive you once we defeat him. Anyway, how do you plan to handle the wraith? I don't think I can actually help, at least not directly."

2008-06-26, 04:45 PM

Elthan is unphased as his pawn is taken, now moving his knight out from the danger of the bishop and gaining control of the center. "As far as I'm concerned about my ghost, I've done as much preparation as I can hope for considering I cannot gain direct help." He reaches down and pulls up a thin, plain leather-bound book. "I've copied one of Callos' spells from memory, and for the past three days, I've been printing out Explosive Runes onto this book. There are now thirty-five in this small book, making it the most dangerous piece of literature around. I doubt it will read itself to death, but if it were in its proximity when I just so happen to fail to disarm it from a range, I do believe there is no force on Toril that will save it." Elthan opens up the book and adds one final rune, using up the last spell available to him for the day. As an afterthought, he adds, "Oh yes, I wouldn't recommend reading from it. Ever."

The sorcerer takes a long look at the board, aimlessly making moves in his head while he continues to think aloud. "I remember the druid. In fact, I think he also trusted you with his name, did he not?" He stops and ponders morbidly for a moment, "So many in our company have died we should start selling funeral plots to the others, don't you think? It's not the fault that you knew Ssathiya or Thokk that they are dead, but rather the dangerous things they were dragged into. I think at least that much is clear. They sacrificed themselves, Thokk multiple times, so that we might live. Evandur too would have made that sacrifice for the group, or as our friend would have said, for the pack. I admit I was stupid; I let that lust take over then and risked my sanity, but thanks to him, I now have a new understanding of the Weave. I've only let myself do such a thing once, and to everyone, that seems more than enough... "

Elthan breathes in, catching his breath from his own windedness. " 'One who fights monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster,' as they say. Look at our concerns; Wealth and Power. Don't you think, after a whole year of seeking this one foul man, we just might be transforming into such? I seek to end Sethra because I am not like him, but here, as you said, I seem like him. If we were truly the same, I would quickly lose hope. It's what makes us different from him, from the monsters we battle, that lets us continue on. What then is it that separates us from them Fizahn?" The question seems to be as much for his benefit as for the conversations. I haven't figured it out fully yet, my mind is still blurred. Perhaps he has an answer.

2008-06-26, 05:15 PM
Fizahn & Elthan Chess Game:

Fizahn continues with his opening as he ponders Elthan's question. "Well, the obvious answer for many monsters is our cognitive abilities. However, that doesn't exactly set us apart from Sethra. Sethra's cognitive powers equal those of all of our group. I know what sets me apart from him, but I'm not so sure about you. I'm a lot prettier than he is. But, joking aside, which is hard for me to do, so I hope you understand how much it takes for me to say this, I suppose it would be our self-restraint. Our guilt. Our conscience. I'm not actually a philosopher. It's the moral boundaries we draw for ourselves. I'm not a monster because I don't kill unless I have to. If something's threatening my life, or working for someone threatening my life, or a soulless undead abomination, I will kill it, but I won't kill someone just because I want his woman, or she's the child of the woman I loved and another man. I doubt any of that helps. As I said, I'm not a philosopher. You should probably give that book to Callos. He likes blowing himself up."

2008-06-26, 06:16 PM
Elthan and Fizahn
Chess at Immilmar

The half-elf grins and retorts, "Prettier? Sethra inhabits the body of a young girl Fizahn, I'm sure he's feeling very pretty right now." He plays the game for a bit, watching both sides willingly sacrificing pieces until a handful of pawns remain on his side, with Fizahn in the advantage with a rook and a bishop. "It seems neither of us make great philosophers, but good enough. Tell me though, what are you planning to do after we confront Sethra?"

2008-06-26, 09:41 PM
Fizahn and Elthan Chess:

The gnome smiles back at Elthan's retort. "That is true, but he cheated. He's just using Sherya's beauty. It still counts as Sherya's, thereby nullifying his beauty and making me the prettier one." Fizahn continues playing the chess game. The insufferable gnome is cocky the entire game as soon as he goes up a piece. Fizahn is caught slightly off-guard as Elthan asks about future plans. "Well, I've never been one for long term planning. It's too unpredictable with factors I can't control. Thokk and I had some plans... Anyway, if I'm rich enough to retire, I will, though I doubt it. Maybe I'll associate myself with a thief's guild somewhere. I suppose you'll continue your studies?" Fizahn looks back at the board. "You've stopped moving pieces, Elthan. Does this mean you resign before my superior onslaught? And I so wanted to get three queens... Ah well, it was a good game. Perhaps another time."

2008-06-26, 09:55 PM
Elthan and Fizahn
Chess at Immilmar

Elthan nods his head slowly, "Yes, I resign. Not much I can do with only a king, is there? I suppose yes, I'll continue studying, though honestly, I want to continue adventuring as it were. I've gotten so caught up in it, I can't imagine stopping now. Maybe I should pick up an apprentice of some sort? That's in the future, I suppose. We should play again sometime."

2008-06-27, 05:33 AM
Adalmar - A new beginning

Like most of the group, Adalmar leaves the fortress the day after they arrived. He has avoided jhuild the night before, instead taking the time to put together all the bits of information and of wisdom that he's collected throughout the trip. Some pieces of the puzzle still don't fit, but he sees the way ahead more clearly and that is no small victory.

He finds a shrine to Mielikki, but it is in disrepair. He then decides to leave the city to go to Ashenwood - he feels nudged in that direction. Borrowing a horse from the Iron Lord's stables, he rides hard to the forest.

The first motion he spots is a hawk circling over the forest. Adalmar narrows his eyes, and observes it in silence for a time. He can soon confirm that it is of the same species as Kir. The hawk alights on a branch 50 meters away from the ranger and looks in his direction fixedly. Then it soars again and disappears farther in the forest.

Adalmar leaves the horse to feed and steps into the forest. He enjoys its quiet peace, and soon his steps lead him down not-quite-forgotten paths. He came here years ago - and a Ranger rarely forgets a trail.

He stops when he reaches a dense grove of trees. This is the most sacred place in the forest, he was told. He goes in confidently. This is the demeasne of his Goddess, untouched by the flame of the demons or the rot of undeath, and it is also his home. Almost his home - the scents are subtly different from Lethyr's.

He walks and walks, Kir on his shoulder, among all sorts of trees. He spots a fox in the distance, then a deer and robins in the tree watching him pass by.

At some point he realizes he cannot quite recognize the place. And he seems to have gone a distance bigger than the size of the grove. Undaunted, he walks on.

It begins with a whisper, like a breeze rustling the leaves. There is the sound of a distant river, the flapping of wings, a screech, a twig breaking under his boot. The symphony seems to resolve into a voice in his head.

The voice neither commands nor asks, it is simply there. It is a strange dialogue - about berries, the feeding of the young, the curve of a plant, a branch shooting upward so fast !/taking decades to reach the sun.
About what could come to pass, but shall not. About him, as a human and as an arrow. As a living being and as a shadow.

The next thing he remembers, Adalmar is waking up seated against a trunk, his eyes blinking slowly at the sunlight shining through the canopy. He feels different but in ways that he cannot explain.
Blessed Mielikki spoke to me... or did she ? Why would she come to me ?
The Necromancer. The huhrong said some gods were meddling. She wasn't mentioned though.
Perhaps it was this forest.
Or maybe I dreamt - an echo of Lethyr that traveled like a shooting star.

He calls Kir to him with a whistle, raising his hand for the hawk to land on. "Little buddy, I have a task for you. It's going to be hard but... we'll be apart. I'm counting on you."
Kir may not understand but he remains perfectly still - his eyes looking into Adalmar's eyes.

The ranger sighs then intones a prayer. First he unbinds Kir - a tremor shakes his small body and he lets out a cry - then the human lays a spell on the hawk. He ties a small capsule to his leg. "I need you to bring this to the Ranger's Circle in Lethyr." He pauses, then adds for his own benefit : "I can't be the only survivor. Someone will be there. They will receive word that there is hope, that I and others are doing everything we can. That the demons won't return, even if the undead are still a threat. Let the reconstruction begin !
They will hear of that vampire, too. And then they will take care of you - until my return."

He walks to the center of the clearing then his arm shots upward, and Kir soars like an arrow towards the sky, with one long-lasting cry as a goodbye to his master and friend.

Seating himself in a patch of grass under shade mixed with sunlight, Adalmar devours a meal ravenously - he has no idea how long it's been since he entered the forest. It is not over yet, he has a long ritual to perform.

Somewhere along his dream, he must have been warned because he knows precisely what will happen...

And it does happen. His call has been carried far by the forest, and to answer it a majestuous creature comes. It is a dire bat - one Adalmar knows was the companion of the druid who used to live here. After Kir's fierce focus, it feels strange to "dance" with the bat's ponderous flight. The link is forged through the offer of food, and the first contact, then a bolder contact. All the while he steps forth, then back, forth, then back. Crooning, smiling, singing, laughing - the experience is exhilarating.

The proud beast is free to refuse, but somehow he knows it won't. The bonding goes on for many more hours until they both go to sleep, the bat hanging upside down above the shape of the ranger curled in his sleep. Perhaps it feels protective of him already.

There is much to be done the day after. Adalmar visits the rangers of Ashenwood, asking about the care of the bat, telling of his vision to his admirative colleagues... When he leaves the forest, moved by a sudden inspiration he sends his horse galloping by itself towards Immilmar. He takes a longer but much more satisfying path: he comes a-flying on the back of his new companion. He misses Kir but knows that he made the right choice.

From then on he re-enters the turbulent bustle of the city. He has new armor to acquire and some magical items to help him in the hardships to come. He feels a new man - there is much he still has to discover about the Goddess' gift.

He used the Animal Messenger spell on Kir.

Also, I didn't proofread the text so just ignore the typos and mistakes !

2008-06-28, 05:19 PM
Tiriel - Illimar (sp?)

Tiriel heads back to her room where she dumps the contents of her bag of holding on to the bed and floor only replacing the box holding the kris back into the bag. After a few moments of sorting she steps back and then adds her elven chain and sword to the collection. She stands there, staring at mess she'd made. She finds herself biting her lip as she looks at the armor that up until a few days ago had been Valentine's.

That whole fight had been frustrating. She'd barely managed to land a hit even after Callos had enchantment her, for better or worse, and the armor was one reason why. Tiriel's own had been badly tarnished after she'd tackled the acidic demon, and was nowhere near as good as the platemail before her. She knows all this but still doesn't like the idea of wearing the vampire's armor...

2008-06-28, 05:54 PM
Callos & Tiriel

And there she was...Callos remained silent as he stood in the doorway, watching as she stared at the armor and waiting until the moment seemed right to noisily clear his throat. The large silver mirror was carefully and painstakingly strapped to the inside of his backpack though hints of light caught it every now and then to send off a bright glare for a moment.

"I need to borrow the kris for a moment." He said gravely though there was more then a hint of excitement in his eyes as he stepped into the small room and gazed around absently for a long moment. "I'm going to try and find Sethra but I need the kris...otherwise theres a good chance he'll resist the intrusion and my effort will be for nothing. I'll return it the moment I'm done and your free to watch."

It was a...reasonable offer or at least he thought so as he took a cross-legged seat on the ground and pulled out the ornate mirror from his backpack and laid it flat on the ground in front of him. Reaching up a hand for the implement in question Callos would wait silently until Tiriel either denied his request or handed him the blade before laying it flat in the center of his chosen scrying tool. Once he had...well he closed his eyes and began to chant softly, painstakingly going over the phrases that were burned into his mind. Finally at the end he could feel the arcane energy burning at his finger tips and reached down to spin the kris on the mirror's surface, the dagger picking up more and more speed until one couldn't see it clearly and dark gray smoke began to fill the bright silver surface below.

"Show me the one who steals the form.
Envelop he who brings naught but death.
Treat his image as he treats his puppets.
Have it brought before my gaze.
Render him who has Sheyra in this mirror.
And hold his shape so I may know where to find him."

He chants softly before his eyes open, looking like naught but the empty eye-sockets of an animated skeleton as he leans down and blows a chilly breath across the mirror's surface that leaves it frosted.


He says once more as the smoke froze in place...if it worked then the smoke should clear and show him whom he sought but if not...well perhaps he'd still be able to glean some useful piece of information from this desperate attempt.

Oops, forgot this part. Sethra gets a Will save at DC 17. I don't know which conditional modifiers that Callos meets for pluses and minuses but I'm hoping Callos at least counts as Firsthand knowledge (no change to DC) and the kris counts as a possession of his meaning a -4 to it. Up to you Dr. B...Or you can just use this for plot fulfillment.

2008-06-28, 06:02 PM

Tiriel startles at the sudden noise and turns to see Callos standing with a ridiculously bulging backpack. She listens to his request, nods and retrieves the kris. She hesitates before handing it to him. "Be careful, I guess." Then she steps back to watch Callos, and the kris.

2008-06-28, 09:35 PM

Keen-eared as ever, the ranger has located Tiriel by the sound of her voice. He steps into the room. He exchanges a few quiet words with Tiriel - asking about armor then about what Callos is doing. He grimaces briefly when he understands what is happening, but otherwise simply observes the proceedings.

2008-06-29, 11:03 AM
Tiriel, Callos and Adalmar huddle over the mirror as the mist clears ...

A demon sits at a small table. Her face is beautiful, with large blue eyes. Two small horns protrude from her forehead. Bat-like wings sprout from between her shoulder blades. She is unclothed, except for cascades of raven-black hair that fall to her waist. She has flawless white skin and a voluptuous body. A reptilian tail curls around one of her shapely legs.

She is carrying on a conversation in abyssal with an empty chair across from her. "We should be arriving soon. The wards appear to be holding, however."

A disembodied voice floats from the empty chair, "When the time is right, the wards will fall."

The demon twirls a lock of hair around her fingers, "And Valentine? You have had no contact?"

The raspy voice replies. "No ... But I have no doubt she has succeeded in her mission. She is nothing if not reliable."

The demon rolls her eyes, then stretches lazily. She rises, then opens a small window allowing you a glimpse of the open sea outside. Sunlight streams into the room, illuminating the far wall.

A young woman lies on a narrow cot. She has chestnut hair, tied back in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon. Sleeping, she looks like a little girl, perhaps 12 years old.

Tiriel whispers, "Sheyra ..."

The demon at the window transforms into Sheyra's twin. She pouts toward the empty chair, "I'm bored. Let's play ..."

The vision fades and the mirror shatters with a pop!

2008-06-29, 11:30 AM

Adalmar gets up swiftly then offers his hand for Tiriel to get up. Looking at her, he says in a serious - almost solemn - tone : "Tiriel, I failed you last time... with the demons." A brief, awkward pause at the shared remembrance.

"Next time, I won't." He flashes a quick, confident smile at the taller warrior.

He looks to Callos to make the first comments on their vision. He has some thoughts of his own but none he trusts to utter right away.

2008-06-29, 04:35 PM
[this took place between leaving the group but after returning to her room, sorry for posting out of order]

Once leaving the group to their discussion of what to do with the rings, Tiriel starts toward her room then changes her mind and heads toward the town to find a blacksmith. [hr]
After a long internal debate Tiriel trades in her longsword, a wonderful blade that she'll miss but one that can no longer keep up with the foes she expects to be fighting. In exchange, Tiriel finds the largest sword she can easily wield, a greatsword, which she has treated with alchemical silver. Tiriel also purchases a small, clear crystal which glows faintly. According to the seller the crystal will enable any weapon to be more effective against fiends, which Tiriel thinks is a great idea. With some of her shopping taken care of, Tiriel returns to her room... [caught up to current events]
After the mirror shatters Tiriel asks Callos "Do you think they're still in Treflemm? That borders the ocean I think."

Turning to Adalmar Tiriel smilies, "Don't worry about it, I wasn't much use against those things either." Tiriel looks from Adalmar to the mess of armor and other equipment on the floor. "I don't think I'll be taking some this stuff with me, do you thing you can use any of it?"
[Tiriel offers the tarnished suit of elven chain and a MW buckler (+1 ac) that she can no longer use with the great sword.]

2008-06-29, 09:20 PM

When that vision first began, showing the nude demoness that the necromancer could only assume was one of lust incarnate, a succubus that specialized in seducing people and then stealing away their souls. He didn't waste time as they began to speak, digging into his pack for a piece of parchment and painstakingly sounding out and scribing down the words spoken in the abyssal tongue of demons. There could be no mistake in this and a memory can play many tricks on a human mind, best to have a written accord of what was happening in case he needed to reference later. From the sounds of it Sethra wasn't aware that Valentine had been killed yet and assumed that she had succeeded in the destruction of the Rashemi armies if his scrying was to be any indication. Not a moment of interest was paid to the demoness except for the words he spoke, the empty sockets peering down stoically at the visage as it shifted to view the young human girl, Sheyra.

Without even his knowing his hands began to tighten into fists as the window opened to reveal the sea out side. Rage was beginning to seethe in his mind and it showed clearly as his teeth bared in a soundless growl as the succubus shifted her form into that of Sheyra's twin and said those last words that shattered the mirror and had the image fade.


His fine quill snapped like a twig in his hands as they clenched entirely into fists and every muscle in his body strained. He should be doing something! What on earth was he doing just sitting here, wasting away what time there was when he was still alive and free!? Gradually his eyes faded back into view in his sockets, filled with an animal-like rage and red with fury as he rose to his feet. Callos strode back and forth like a caged beast, teeth still bared as he wracked his mind over the options available to him. How best to get to that body stealing abomination and to wring the life from him. Finally he couldn't think anymore and he spun, slamming his human hand into the wall as hard as he could and letting out hoarse inarticulate howl.

"I'm going to kill him! By Mystara's holy blood I'm not going to rest until I've ripped that monster's spirit into a million shreds!" He became less coherent at that point, stalking back and forth again as he growled out every swearword and insult that he knew in the common tongue. Callos had never been this angry or this openly angry before, switching to draconic when he ran out of curse words in his natural tongue and then again to Undercommon when he ran out of options in the dragon's noble tongue. Finally he seemed to have exhausted his extensive list of swearwords and spun to face Tiriel and Adlamar. "Come on! We have no more time to waste here, we have no more time to spend on idle things. He doesn't know that Valentine has failed to crash the Rashemi yet so we need to strike before he learns that fact! Finish your preparations as soon as you can! Tiriel, tell the others what happened here."

And with that he stuffed his translations, sloppy and a bit hard to read, into her hands and stormed out her room cursing once more...

Knowledge Religon on the demoness? I suspect it's a succubus but I can glean if it is and what role they usually played in religion then it'll be enough for Callos. [roll0]

2008-06-29, 09:35 PM
Callos immediately recognizes the demon as a succubus, presumably Sethra's consort. He assumes that she is the same demon who posed as Sheyra's twin sister in Telflamm.

2008-06-29, 11:24 PM

She'd known Callos long enough to not be surprised by his mood swings but the violence of this one still managed to surprise her. She dumbly looks down at the paper he'd handed her and starts to read, moving it so Adalmar can read too.

After a second read-through Tiriel feels a little more confident about understanding the meaning behind the scene she just witnessed. Turning to Adalmar she says "I guess we'd better fill everyone else in. I doubt Callos is going to be up for the job." Tiriel carefully gathers the kris and returns it to it's box and then into her bag of holding. As she's about to leave she glances down at the floor one more time and grimaces. That's just like him, leaving a bunch of broken glass all over the place... Tiriel sighs and starts downstairs hoping that she'll run into someone with a broom.

2008-07-29, 08:57 PM
In the palace of the Serpent Queen ...

Elthan leads the way towards the southern gate. After several twists and turns, he halts, totally lost.

The three of you find yourselves in a small enclosed courtyard. The sky is clear above, revealing a starry sky.

In the distance, low booming can be heard. A faint smell of brimstone can be detected in the air.

A lone guard stands watch.

2008-07-29, 09:35 PM

Elthan looks up at the sky and bemoans his sense of direction to no one inparticular. "I should have brought someone who knew their way around. You'd think after several years of wandering around one might develop a sense of north and south, but I think I've proven that just isn't so..."

Taking a deep, collected breath, the sorcerer shakes his head and sighs. Striding up to the lone guard, he waves a hand to catch his attention."Hello there, could you assist us? We're trying to get to the South Gate to recover a friend of ours. Which way would that be?"

2008-07-30, 02:31 AM

"Nonesense, getting lost is just another word for exploring," he says.

The brimstone smell evades his notice at first, as he's used to Zeodoras smelling faintly of the stuff, but it nags at his subconscious until he finally becomes aware of it. He wrinkles his nose and looks around, taking stock of the area as if for the first time.

2008-07-30, 09:26 PM
The guard points to an archway. Passing through, the three of you find yourselves in a larger empty plaza, leading towards the outer walls of the palace.

The city of Hlondeth presumably lies beyond the palace walls, and you assume that the faint bursts of light visible over the walls signify a not-so-distant battle between the defenders of Hlondeth and the forces of the Baneson.

A large gate, practically a castle to itself, looms straight ahead, presumably the South Gate ...

2008-07-30, 10:17 PM

Elthan thanks the wordless guard for his assistance and takes a moment to marvel at the size of the palace gate. I suppose if a city is to stand for hundreds of years, it should not take its defense lightly, should it?, he says to himself. It seems to be harder to keep his thoughts to himself as of late, but it didn't concern him much. "The Baneson, the Drow, Sethra... The Army of Darkness. All seem to converge onto this city in an attempt to take. I wonder what makes this city so attractive to them? Perhaps that might answer some questions for us, don't you think?"

The half-elfs brow furrowed as the distance across the courtyard seemed to get farther and farther for him. In his mind, it sprawled out to a plaza of infinite length. The only thing to do to pass the time across this abyss would be to talk to his choice of companions. "Khzarael, you mentioned once you used to... live, with the Drow. I don't feel like prying into what occurred while you were there, but how did you escape?"