View Full Version : Bent loot card?

2006-10-30, 11:18 PM
I finally got to buy this game in Spain, and I found one card in the loot deck is bent. The deck is still in the plastic bag, and I noticed the bend, so it's quite the bend.

What should I do? I guess the first step is bringing the game back to the store?


2006-10-31, 08:55 AM
Yeah. Three of my character cards have large creases in them. So now I have to hide the cards from view when players select them.

But the game is still just as fun.

2006-10-31, 01:22 PM
If you have problems with game components, please let us know the following:

1) The exact componens that are missing or broken
2) Your address

We'll try to replace them for you.

You can contact us via the Contact link at apegames.com.

2006-10-31, 03:47 PM
Aha, thanks. The problem was one of the cards in the loot deck that had a bent. The store has replaced it to me. I wanted to try the store first because I'm from Spain. Now I'm gonna check with the official card list :)