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2012-12-20, 03:04 PM
An idea I had for converting magic items & armor/weapon enhancements into steampunk devices...

Steam tech needs a power source. Vehicles like the steam giant and alchemical dragon has an engine within, but steam tech weapon, armor, and ability enhancements require an external power source. The power consumption of a device equals its upgrade bonus minus it's quality (i.e. +1 to +5 attack & damage bonus). There are five common sources of power. Each engine has a pool of power points that are refreshed each round and drained by the devices attached to it. Any power points (PP) not expended in a round are lost. Steam tech devices can have a back up power system, but can not draw from more than one source at a time. Steam tech functions identically to a magic item but is Extraordinary rather than Magical.

A power hose (hard 6, hp 6) attaches implement with power source. If the hose is severed you still have one full power pool left for your next turn but that's it. A hose can be hardened (x2) and allows multiple individuals to use the same power source. Cost: $10 per 10ft, Wt 3lbs. Per 10ft

Wheel Crank. The simplest form of power and a common back up system. If you have a free hand to turn a crank (or feet to pedal a wheel), you generate a power pool for a number of rounds equal to your CON score until you become 'fatigued'. The hand crank is usually spun by your off hand or an assistant. Pedal power uses a stationary bicycle. A drive train has more than one person supplying power through treadmills, rowing banks, bell ropes, or similar systems.
Hand Crank: $10, Wt 0.5 lbs, PP: STR modifier # (#/2 for off-hand)
Pedal Power: $50, Wt 10lbs, PP: STR modifier # times 1.5
Drive Train: $50 per person, Wt: 10lbs per person, PP: Total of all STR Modifiers for as long as the Constitution of each person lasts.

Clockwork Motor: Works for 10 minutes before it needs to be tightened. A hand crank (included) needs 1 minute to wind up ten minute of use. Clockwork motors are light weight and do not require fuel.
Benefit: +1 to Initiative when exclusively using a clockwork weapon or suit of armor.
Limitation: Only works with 'light' weapons and armor. Functions for 10min between one minute windings
Type A) $300, 2lbs., PP 2
Type B) $900, 5lbs., PP 6
Type C) $1800, 8lbs., PP 12

Steam Boiler: A steam boiler heats water to power the engine. It needs 1 pint of oil or 5 lbs of coal per PP # per hour. The steam boiler requires oxygen to function and produces sooty exhaust.
Benefit: Once per day (Ex): "obscuring mist" of soot at caster level equal to one half experience level (round up).
Limitation: Exhaust and noise of operation inflicts a -4 penalty to stealth checks. Immersion in water will extinguish the burners.
Type A) $500, 15lbs, PP 5
Type B) $1000, 30lbs, PP 10
Type C) $1500, 60lbs, PP 20

Gryo-Motor: Uses 'perpetual motion' flywheel as a power source. It doesn't need fuel and emits a low drone while operating. Once started it can't be shut off, but eventually burns out and self destructs.
Benefit: You gain the "stability" trait(i.e dwarf) when wearing a gyro-motor
Limitation: Can't run or double move without nearing tripping (immediate trip attack: 1d20 + PP # + armor check).
Lifespan: 1d4+2 days for backpack models
Cost: $300 per PP #, Wt: 2lbs per PP #, PP: 20 max

Alchemical Batteries: Can only be used once and doesn't have a power pool. Instead a fixed number of power points that can be spent. Batteries are absolutely silent, but cannot be recharged.
Benefit: As a standard action (Ex), you can use 'shocking grasp' by expending 1 power point per caster level. You CANNOT spend more power points on shocking grasp than one half your experience level.
Cost: $30 per power point, Wt 1/8 per power point, No Power Pool.

Alchemical Engine: Uses one flask of alchemist's fire as fuel for 1 hour per PP #. An alchemical engine can function in a vacuum and produces no exhaust other than excess heat.
Benefit: Once per day (Ex): "burning hands" at caster level equal to one half experience level (round up).
Limitation: On a roll of "1" (Attack roll for weapon & saving throw for armor) the engine backfires inflicting 1d6 + PP # force damage to the wearer (no save) and PP # splash damage (reflex dc 15 negates) to all adjacent.
Type A) $1000, 10lbs, PP 5
Type B) $2000, 20lbs, PP 10
Type C) $4000, 40lbs, PP 20