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Table of Contents

1. Map of the Known World
2. History
3. Northlanders
4. Southlanders
5. The Western Alliance
6. The Winter Clans
7. Dwarves, Orcs, and Goliaths
8. Optional Rules for a better playing Experience.

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1. Map of the Known World


*Edit: there are more lands to the East, but any thing past the West is Water.

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History Of Arcadia

Era of First Kings (0-200):

Tribes from current Northlands and Southlands unite under King Arcadius the Strong.
He names the entire known world Arcadia, under his name.
King Arcadius meets with Several dwarvish kings and comes to a small alliance.
Starts war with the Winter Clans to obtain rich Mithral mines
Winter Clans unite for a brief time to push back Arcadia and Dwarves
Winter Clans Win, keeping their lands. Wolf Clan Leader Bjornulv kills King Arcadius.
King Arcadius' brother Augustus steps in
King Augustus makes a standardized coin piece called Arca, Dun, and Fin. All coins are made out of cheap metals, such as tin, but are usually glossed with a specific mineral. Arca looks gold, Dun looks Silver, and Fin looks Copper. These coins become popular all over the continent except in the Winter Clans.
Peace Lasts for the rest of Augustus' and his son's reign.
Dwarf Kings go to war with one another
1st Dwarven Civil War takes place
Dwarf King Ara'an Kills each king through various battles
King Ara'an rules shakily until the next Dwarven Civil War
After 20 years of peace The Dwarven Clans step up against King Ara'an, launching another Civil War
2nd Dwarven Civil War takes place.
King Ara'an dies, ending the War
Clans set up their own kings and sign a peace treaty to never fight again
King Marcus of Arcadia wages war on the weakened dwarves
1st War of Arcadian Aggression takes place
King Marcus takes several gold mines from the Dwarves and forces them to Sign the Treaty of Munlas, giving Arcadia the mines they conquered.