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2012-12-31, 12:23 AM
Lately, I've been working on my homebrew RPG system, STaRS (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=262434). It's a fairly abstract, rules-light thing, where players pretty much name their own skills and create their own special powers. The rules are coming together well, but the very open nature of character creation is still something of a cause for uncertainty. A friend of mine suggested that I create sample characters and special abilities/items of power to include as examples. Excellent, says I! But then wait, I says, I'm bad of thinking up ideas for things like this. But lo! There are entire internets filled with companions to help me brainstorm!

So that's what I come to ask: help brainstorming. I'd like some ideas for special skills, abilities, items, and so on for characters in three main settings: D&D-type fantasy, Star Wars type scifi, and modern earth. (If you have ideas for other setting types, by all means give them over; they still might strike a chord, and if I get enough inspiration about a setting...). Don't worry about rules or mechanics, just ideas. Both genre staples and more original ideas are welcome.

Many thanks.




2012-12-31, 05:49 AM
*inhales deeply*

Supernatural competence in any area of conventional fighting (hardiness, speed, strength, skill, willpower, resilience, tactics), fire breath, petrifying stare, shapeshifting/polymorphing, flaming/icy/electric etc. weapons, giant growth, supernaturally sharp weapons (stories of katanas or demascus swords that can cut through boulders), Summoning of demons and other entities, going berserk, flight (through wings, being able to jump very high, or riding on a winged mount), Resistance against the elements/extreme temperatures, causing/curing disease, clairvoyance/prophecy/oracle powers, curses/hexes/evil eye, Regeneration, The ability to wrestle/strangle/rip limb-from-limb (I know it doesn't seem like a superpower, but so many systems either can't handle this or handles it poorly), Hurling lightning bolts, breathing poisonous gases, Magically healing wounds, life drain, Possession/enchantment/mind control of others, unnaturally good luck, ability to spread supernatural fear, Invulnerability (as Achilles) or only being killable under very specific circumstances (as Achilles, the Hydra, Cu Chulainn), the ability to kill a ridiculous number of dudes with one stroke of a weapon

2012-12-31, 06:00 AM
Well, people could possibly gain powers based on what they are commonly exposed to. For example, a blogger might become a technopath of some sort, a compulsive gambler might get ridiculous luck, etc. Hacking is a common enough skill for characters in a modern earth setting.

More ideas for character concepts:
Musicians getting sonic blastwaves or at-will charm person.
Scientists gaining the ability to create gadgets, because SCIENCE.
Politicians might gain a doppelganger type of altering their form.
People who do a lot of physical work might develop super strength or limited shapeshifting.
Drug users could invoke feelings of ecstasy/panic in others.

I hope these help.

2013-01-01, 12:26 AM
Any Setting (refluff as needed):

Minion creation (constructs/undead, droids, robots etc.)
Precognition (always be alert to immediate danger up to having some degreee of knowledge of future events)
Healing (by magic, or herbs, or medical skill.)
Metabolism control(?) (examples: reduce needs for food and water, hold breath for much longer than you should be able to, exhibit extreme resistance to enviornmental hazzards.)
Snatch/block/reflect projectiles (bullets, arrows, energy basts, etc.)

2013-01-01, 05:01 AM
The power to break the fourth wall.

2013-01-01, 07:37 AM
The power to break the fourth wall.

Or patch it, perhaps.