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2012-12-31, 05:37 AM
Hey! I'm building my first exalted character at the moment, and I have a question regarding attributes.

I'm looking at a Demon-Blooded character, Specifically Ligier's apparently half-human son (5 points in inheritance and all that) and I came to something about attributes

I chose Physical as my primary attribute type, so I've got Strength 4, Dexterity 3, and stamina 2 naturally, but I bought God Body twice - it stacks with itself, filling out all my physical stats to 5 if I choose to develop it in that way.

My big issue here is I don't know what happens if I take it a third time (which I definitely want to). Does it allow me to break the 5 point attribute cap? Or would I simply gain the extra stacks of soak and the purchase be otherwise wasted?

As a caveat, I'd ask that people not derail the thread about how God-Blooded characters are weak. Part of this is a building exercise for me in order to understand the rules and building rules intensive characters like supplementals that draw from four different sources (like this one) help me understand where everything is. Sorry for being presumptuous, but I wanted to catch that before it started.

2012-12-31, 10:39 AM
Alright, first thing's first.

Under RAW, God-Body does not count towards your natural ratings in abilities (and in fact, IIRC has to be activated at the cost of a Willpower? It's been a while since I've read Scroll of Heroes.) So yeah, you could break 5. You could go up to Dexterity 20 with sufficient purchases.

This is not a very good idea*, mechanically speaking, inasmuch as god-body, like most of the mechanics in Scroll of Heroes, is extremely wonky balance-wise and becomes increasingly so with additional purchases. So it's sort of a matter of what your ST is going to let you get away with rather than a matter of what is mechanically feasible.

* - For game balance, that is. For power it's a very good idea.

2012-12-31, 03:07 PM
Yeah, God Body takes 6 motes and one willpower to activate, but has all the benefits of every purchase of it - So one purchase of God Body costs the same in motes and willpower as four.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not trying to break things here - I was only trying to get, like, 6 or 7. That may be quite a bit but it's not quite 20

2012-12-31, 08:59 PM
It's a stacking mutation, so it is limited to (Essence) iterations stacking, per errata.

That said, if all you're after is superior physical abilities, you obviously need to get a proper pair of gloves.

Duelist's Gloves

When the Raksha discovered the concept of the nbleman's duel, they adopted it with glee. Unfortunately, the more distractable among their number rarely went beyond the initial step, of slapping their offenders with a glove, before the Wyld drove them to do something entirely different, such as fishing bass in a volcano.

Since duels are not meant to be resolved by fishing competitions, or so Creation's etiquette manuals insist, it became necessary for the the Fair Folk to invent gloves that would perform the entirety of a duel from the moment of impact, rather than requiring patience and multiple scenes. The Gloves performed admirably (anyone saying otherwise would have to duel them), but were discovered to have interesting properties in Creation, where they were eventually lost.

Thus those favored by Chaos and ignored by Fate may find the Gloves, and benefit from their awesome powers - at very little cost to themselves, and barely more to the stability of Creation.

While the Gloves are a minor extrusion of the Wyld, tales indicate that a far more potent pair exist, the original for all those that have been cast into the confines of Creation. This supreme set of Gloves, for a barely higher cost, could grant its wearer enough strength to throw a tyrant lizard a mile away with the flick of a finger, and the speed to cross miles in a few heartbeats. Fortunately, those Gloves remain lost, and instructions to finding them are not commonly found in Western treasure maps.

1-dot Behemoth
Surpassing Excellence (x2): the Gloves are stronger, more agile, and tougher than they should be.
Large: they're also quite big
Assumption of the Person's Heart: once put on, they become a part of their wearer, conveying their superior attributes to the wearer so long as he lives. Of course, if the Gloves' demands for epic duels are not regularly satisfied, the life of their wearer may be cut quite short.

For the advanced form, use a high Essence creation level herioc Worker, with Overriding Construct of Fate and other fun things.