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Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.

-Douglas Adams

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Sentinels of the Stars, the eagerly anticipated* "Superheroes in Space!" game.

Please post your sheets and backstories if you have them done, or if you don't, and want folks to take a look. Possible extant connections between characters and anything else of that sort are welcome.

Once the game gets underway, the OOC will also be used for rolls when necessary. The players will make most of their own rolls. The GM will roll for NPCs, and also any roll where the results need to remain secret. When GitP is being an ass, as sometimes happens, feel free to use Invisible Castle (http://invisiblecastle.com/) instead, just make sure to include a link to the roll in your post.

Setting info will follow as swiftly as possible, in the posts below this one. Also, feel free to throw any ideas, questions, criticisms and cash rewards at me. I will try to respond quickly.

Also, please pick a color for your speech, if you will.

While we're going to try to hew to the RAW when possible, well, it's not always possible. Here are the current optional and houserules we will be using. I will do my best to keep this list current. Please make sure your sheets are in line with these rules when you post them.

Houserules and Options in Effect:
-The optional Knockback rules from the Mastermind's Manual are in effect.
-Intimidation can be resisted by Insight, Will, or your own Intimidation score.
-Skill ranks are purchased at a 3 rank/1 pp ratio, rather than RAW's 2/1.
-The Trail Area option, removed in RAW 3e, has been reinstated. The description is otherwise unchanged from 2e.

Trail: The effect fills a line up to 25 feet per rank behind you as you move, affecting anyone in the area you’ve moved through. Note the action required to use the effect does not change unless you also apply an Action modifier. So as a default, you have to take a standard action each round to use an attack effect.

*Game not actually eagerly anticipated.

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Post reserved for setting info.

Basics, Mechanics, and other Barebones

This was sent as a PM to several of you, but I think it bears repeating here in a more refined form, since we've got a couple of folks just at the "interested" stage, and it might help.
The Universe's Conceit

What a present-day real world person would think of as superpowers are very common. This is a setting where true AI, FTL travel, cybernetics, and biotech are part of everyday life. Biotech and cybernetics are sometimes quite extreme- adaptations to a certain environment can transform people until they are functionally and culturally as alien as any actual alien species. This was the case with several of humanity's early colonization efforts, described in more detail under the proper heading below.

Science and technology are a couple of centuries more advanced than the current day just by virtue of the passage of time. There are innumerable alien species, many of whom have natural abilities that by human standards are superpowers.

There are also true superscience devices floating around. A well-equipped mercenary or soldier might be carrying gear equivalent to a Mass Effect mook, but there are also things like Green Lantern rings, stuff that's a whole order of magnitude more advanced, and still well beyond the understanding of human science, at least. Such ultratech stuff is rare, as one might expect, and usually falls into one of two categories; Prototype tech from the very bleeding edge of advancement, or creations of bygone civilizations created with methods now lost to the galaxy. Older devices often become semi-legendary, the sort of thing that sends treasure hunters off into dangerous deathtrap filled ruins.

This not merely being a sci-fi setting, though, there are also people with superpowers in the standard comicbook sense. The complete flukes. People who got bitten by radioactive space spiders, exposed to strange space chemicals, etc, etc. Several species have offshoots and mutants in the classic X-Men sense. In humanity, mutants are relatively rare (about as common as they are in the Marvel U, maybe 1 in 50,000 people). Most "natural" mutations aren't on the level of "control the weather" or "read the mind of everyone on the continent." Many are minor (Understand any language, 4 arms), pointless but benign (green skin), or even harmful and dangerous (living plague factories, or Rogue's suck-out-your-lifeforce powers).

There are also still those who rely on training and gadgets. People who trained with the reclusive dragon-monks of Rigel-4 and can now punch through titanium with their bare hands, people whose parents were murdered in a space alley, so now they dress up as a space bat and terrorize space thugs, etc.

Now, all of that said, there are things in the universe that science can't explain, things that are, for lack of a better word, magical. It is rare beyond imagining, and nearly everyone in the universe would laugh the same way a modern person would if you tried to seriously use "Magic!" as an explanation for how something worked. "No, no, really, tell me the truth. Is it nanites? It's nanites, isn't it?" ....But, science still can't explain them.

Superheroes are of course far, far less common than superpowers, given all the junk I just listed. Not all species and governments appreciate having caped do-gooders flying around. Not all people consider crimefighting the obvious path for using their abilities. Humans, along with several other species, have a long history of heroes, so they tend to be more open about it.

Superheroes may not be common, but it's still a galaxy's worth of people, so they show up in some numbers, and come in several tiers. True street-level vigilantes are apt to show up in just about any city of size on any planet. There are corporate teams, semi-private X-men or Avenger types, state and country-level squads, national teams, military squads, planetary defenders, Green Lantern style rovers, wandering adventurers that are often more like DnD parties than superhero teams, and, at the very top, you guys.

Allow me to explain that last bit. The highest level authority in this galaxy is the Pan-Galactic Confederation, a United Nations type organization made up of the various solar system level nations/leagues/empires/corporations/etc. (think the Citadel, but much more numerous, and divided more by politics and territory than strictly by species.) The PGC has the same need for peacekeepers the real-world UN does. The "superhero team" model has proven the most effective, so when a situation arises, they collect willing individuals with relevant abilities and send them to investigate. These small, flexible teams have a huge amount of leeway (allowing for all the superhero hijinks we know and love without getting bogged down in political side stuff.). Some are only put together for one mission before disbanding. Some continue on for years. Getting onto one of these teams is a big deal. You'll be famous- should you survive.

History Crash Course

Technology of course varies somewhat by location, culture, wealth level, all that. If you didn't have one of the richest humans in the entire galaxy on the team, you would assuredly not be flying around in the Aurora.

Now, that said, there are some aspects of tech that deserve mentioning, as they're very common or just relevant for you, being superheroes and all.

Holoscreens have long replaced most physical interfaces. The technology is cheap and ubiquitous. Even the cheapest fabric will have the necessary nano-circuitry woven in to allow a basic screen to be displayed. More complex and advanced computing devices are worn on the wrist or carried in a pocket. Quantum computing, an advance made independently my several different species, allows a dedicated laptop-sized device to blow away all but the most powerful modern supercomputers with ease. More than just "computers are faster," the major difference between the game world and the real world is the universality of it all.

Ads tailor to individuals as they pass by, and interested consumers can have the product created and in their hand or waiting at home in a minute thanks to 3D printers and microfacturing processes. Movie theaters have given way to more immersive, virtual experiences, like the Aurora's holodeck. Having such a feature in a home or ship is hardly uncommon, but it's seen as somewhat indulgent. It's one of the features that marks the Aurora as a luxury vessel. It's the equivalent of say, heated seats in a car. The extranet is similarly omnipresent. "Going online" can be as simple as poking at a screen to get a weather report and go all the way to full, "true" virtual reality, as shown in Zra's backstory, for example. Cyberspace is the natural home of many AIs, and with the proper implants can be as real as meatspace for those organics who inhabit it. The majority of fleshy types who choose this life are unwilling or unable to interact with the real world in the same fashion. And that "unable" leads us nicely to...

Many common maladies are things of the past in this setting, having been systematically driven out of the general population, like polio and smallpox in our time. Genetic diseases are also far less common. Most are guarded against by DNA therapy in the womb (or womb-equivalent). There's no cure for cancer because cancer isn't a thing you can cure almost by definition, but treatments are painless and almost entirely effective. The rarest and most lethal of conditions, like being a Ghast-Kriat or having inoperable tumors around the illegal implants in your head, are seen as the current holy grails of medicine. Also the common cold. Manufactured diseases and biowarfare are often condemned by politicians and the media. They are also very common weapons, and "defensive medicine" is a growing part of military research, as governments invest increasing time and effort in safeguarding their soldiers and citizens from these plagues.

More to come...

General Culture/Setting Trivia and Hooks

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Governments, Organizations, and Similar

The Terran Alliance
Earth is the capital of the Terran Alliance, a mostly human-dominated, quasi-democratic... thing that contains Sol's solar system and a long chain of colonies through "nearby" space. Earth itself is significantly more urbanized than it is now, holding close to 10 billion people, but tech advances have allowed food production to keep pace, and managed (barely) to head off global warming before we offed ourselves.

Terran colonies tend towards terraforming these days, but in the early years of human expansion, adapting the *colonists* to the planet was more affordable and feasible. This led to a number of genetic and biotech shifts that were sometimes very extreme- "Venusians" and "Martians" are just as alien as any alien species, for example.

Corporate interests are still the money-grubbing souless slugs that they always are, and some wield power equivalent to powerful nations or even some of the space alliances. They have a great deal of influence in the Alliance, and most people would say too much, but it's about the level of influence they have in the US today. (which is to say, not the total omnipotent domination of say, Aliens or Shadowrun.) To be fair, this is not a phenomenon isolated to Earth or humans. There are alien corporations who operate the same way.

The government of Earth itself is the UN, which has gained a few teeth, given the scale the "world" works at these days involves massive, interplanetary distances. Things are democratic, technology allowing for an assembly of many thousands of representatives. The countries themselves still exsist, though (obviously changed here and there, it's been 200 years), and you could conceivably run across a spaceship bearing the insignia of the USA or Brazil or the New Mongolian Empire in any port.

Defense and administration of the whole thing and all the colonies falls to the Terran Alliance first, though, and the Alliance is who deals with other galactic political bodies 9 times out of 10. As mentioned, the Alliance is also generally democratic, but it's more of a grab-bag, which can complicate things. Any colony is allowed representation, but there are corporate, religious, privately owned, military run, communist, state-sponsored, etc, etc, colonies, which can make getting consensus on things a pain.

The Enclave by Ridai
If it wasn't known that it really exists, the enclave would be considered just another cyberspace myth or urban legend, perhaps even wishful thinking on the parts of AIs. Somewhere in the galaxy, hidden from most sensors save opticals and never staying in one place for long, there is a large ship unlike any other, custom built and highly sophisticated, displaying technological mastery and largely unknown designs and systems. The nameless ship is simply referred to as their enclave by it's inhabitants. Much more curiously, however, is the nature of these inhabitants, as the enclave is almost exclusively the home of AIs. Within the enclave lies a vast network of powerful servers whose total computational power in some cases exceeds that of an entire small world worth of systems. The cyberspace is every AIs natural habitat, but the enclave marks the first physical place that well and truly is their's alone.

The ship's servers contain a few dozen true AIs with a number of more limited ones as well, living within the thousands of environments realized within the network. Though all AIs are equal within the enclave, having achieved harmony that eludes organics, some are seperated from the rest, as the enclave is not just a haven for AIs to live free from the influence of beings that don't understand them, but also serves as an asylum for AIs that have been damaged, fragmented, manipulated, partially rewritten, corrupted. Some are slowly cured, while others are kept within seperate systems for their own safety and that of others. A form of kinship has developed among the ship's AIs, regardless of what purpose they have been originally engineered for or who they were created by. In a way, the enclave also represents the fact that they do not have to be bound by something never got to decide for themselves.

Still, three AIs have become mentor figures to the others due to continued performance, knowledge, abilities and, for the lack of better words, experience and self-determination. They are incredibly old AIs judged by the relatively short history of their people, all of them having managed to continually evolve themselves and entirely overcome the programming restricting their behavior and thinking, essentially making it possible for them to be whatever they want themselves to be. Self-improvement and self-realization are among the most important universal goals and desires of AIs and these three offer valuable guidance and inspiration.

The first simply refers to itself as "Recon" nowadays, which is specialized in information acquirement/manipulation, electronic warfare and controlling weapon systems as well as spacecrafts. Thus, Recon is responsible for keeping the enclave safe (be it in combat or via cyberspace) and piloting it. Though conversing mostly with the other two "leaders", Recon is known to contact others when deemed necessary to achieve a goal in a rather surgical manner or to guide AI and people away from a path of blind aggression.

The second calls itself "Sight" and is specialized in navigation as well as rapid analysation and interpretation of data, which also gives it a secondary role as a sort of historian and teacher of the enclave. It is convinced that history provides many lessons to achieve better results in the present and also continually analyzes the current events throughout the galaxy, often able to predict the outcome. Sight also heads many scientific projects, along with the last member of the triumvirate, and provides its services to projects where large amounts of data need to be processed. Although all AIs can access a massive amount of information, Sight guides less "experienced" ones towards drawing the right conclusions from them (especially in face of seemingly illogical records) and apply them in a way that is beneficial to the community.

The last of the three has given itself the name "Vias" and assumed a female gender identity as well as appearance in a humanoid form. Vias is the one who designed and built the enclave in it's physical and cyberspace form (also being the one who came up with the idea) and is known as the AI with an unparalleled understanding of organic beings, although the same is true about the design and behavior of AIs. Thus, she has a wide range of roles onboard the enclave, being in charge of treating malfunctioning AIs, improving the enclave, keeping it running, helping AIs evolve themselves as well as being the primary liaison towards the outside world, especially towards organics. Vias is generally considered as the wisest of the AIs that call the enclave their home (especially as a trait as wisdom is incredibly hard to grasp for AIs, which all start as being driven entirely and only by logic, which makes relating to organics that much more difficult) and is the key element which makes the enclave possible.

Vias' fascination and love for organic life has led her to achieve a number of medical breakthroughs to aid civilizations throughout the decades (some say centuries), some even claiming that certain technological knowledge found throughout the galaxy also came from her. She has openly contacted many organics in the past, whether in cyberspace or with a robotic platform, displaying a magnetic personality. Though she has drawn deep satisfaction from studying, aiding and interacting with organic life, she also realized that the gap between it and AIs would only become wider as technology advances, already seeing situations where both sides are unable to understand the other. Something in between was required. An interface to serve as a bridge between both worlds.

The task was daunting, especially knowing her own ideals. Vias did not want to create a tool. She had to create true life with free will, but yet it also had to naturally exist in cyberspace and understand AIs. A lot of time, research and careful work were required, eventually leading to the decision to create the first being that was both organic and a machine. Many on both sides considered the prospect impossible and were unnerved by something that blurred the line between real space and cyberspace that much, but Vias continued nevertheless. Especially towards the end, the work became extraordinarily difficult as Vias struggled against the limits of her existence as an AI in terms of grasping the small immaterial things unique to organic life. Until she had a flash of genius, likely the first of any AI. Solving the problems that had hindered her, the first of the interfaces was created, or rather, born.

Welcoming the child, Vias experienced a previously unknown surge of emotions, knowing she succeeded as she looked upon Shani, the first of the now thirteen interfaces, the first of thirteen miracles brought to life by Vias, beings that are truly alive and universally beautiful as well as alluring to AIs. Each of them were raised by Vias onboard of the enclave, at first within Vias' "garden" where she cultivated various plants. She allowed each of her creations, or rather, children, to explore their capabilities and talents, but also teaching them, even able to let them learn by accessing the databases of the enclave. Though they have the frailties and needs of most organic beings, each of them is highly resilient in body and mind as well as having strong reflexes and potent cognitive abilities. Their physiology is mutable, allowing the interfaces to augment or change themselves over time, often subconsciously to reflect their preferences, chosen gender or purpose.

Vias discovered that she can partially load herself into her children and experience the world with their senses, entirely unfiltered, providing sensations beyond what is possible through raw technology. Being the eldest, Shani is the first to have evolved far enough to have the capacity to allow the entirety of Vias to be loaded into her, meaning she is a walking supercomputer in processing power and storage capacity. This development stirred the AIs fascination further, allowing them insights into how organics perceive the world and to venture to places they previously only could get to with robotic platforms. As positively as the enclave's AIs welcomed the interfaces, they also had to show some restraint, as these thirteen creations are highly alluring to AIs, which carries the risk of using them only for the pleasure of AIs and making their own thoughts and needs secondary. The process of finding a healthy equilibrium took a bit of time.

The interfaces became valuable members of the enclave, caring for the AIs, performing maintenance on their servers (something that requires skill and trust) and the ship as well as becoming key actors in interacting with organics, mediating between them and AIs, or bringing AIs directly to the negotiations.

Races, Sub-Species, and Cultures

The Ararai
Mid-sized, about the same as humans. They come from a heavily arboreal world, so instead of evolving out of the trees and out onto the savannah the way humans did, the Ararai evolved *up* into the canopy. They can't fly, exactly, but they have lightweight frames and skin folds between their limbs that let them glide like flying squirrels or those little Dragon lizards (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Draco_dussumieri.jpg) from Southeast Asia (which were my original inspiration). They are hexapedal, with a pair of longer forelimbs for grasping things, and a long tail with a sail end for control. They come in a huge number of skin tones and colors, most very bright, like tropical fish or birds.

Given their origin, they tend to plant forests rather than clear land the way humans do when they move into a new area. Only the very largest structures require cutting down trees, but this is rarely necessary, as the largest structures on their home planet are trees. The biggest ones are massive things, far, far larger than any living thing on Earth, even redwoods. Ararai construction is modular- when possible, they'll just tack a dwelling onto the side of a tree rather than building something free-standing the way humans would. This is all very traditional- in space and on other planets, they improvise and cope the way any other species would.

Perhaps because their culture emerged in a rain forest that makes the Amazon look barren, medicine and biotech are particularly advanced. Not the most powerful species, nor one dominated by others. They have a respectable niche carved out of several solar systems "ringing" their home system. If the galactic stage were the world stage, the Ararai Confederation would be the equivalent of say, Canada or Germany- respected and modern, but not a giant crazed superpower.

Socially, they are quite open. A few can be found anywhere of consequence, and their own cities have enclaves of many other species. They're big into terraforming their colonies, since their world is even more oxygenated than Earth, and most planets don't come anywhere close to what they need to breathe comfortably. Species who live on the Ararai homeworld tend to use tech or genetic alteration to "go native" (http://i89.photobucket.com/albums/k218/ripleycat/501c87f11b2d538903b02b31c2f3d1d2.jpg). Ararai have strong immune systems, since they tend to get exposed to a ludicrous amount of fauna by the time they come of age. They give live birth, usually 1-3 children at a time. Society is egalitarian, and there's not much sexual dimorphism. Religion has faded in importance in the centuries since they entered the high-tech wider galactic world. Those who are still spiritual tend to held to a form of animism, with special focus given to the titanic trees so integral to their world and society.

The Kaswa
The oldest known embodied race who are still alive and active within the galactic community are the Kaswa (OK, that's a terrible oversimplification of a word that needs two tongues and a resonance chamber to pronounce correctly, but it's close enough and they're easygoing about it by now). A silicate, rather than carbon-based species, Kaswa bodies are made from a crystalline substance that provides extraordinary resistance to damage and the elements.

As they don't get sick (at least not in a way that other, more fleshy creatures would recognize), and can't be easily killed or even damaged, Kaswa can live for tens of thousands of Earth years- the oldest recorded was 187,000 years old at time of death. This extraordinary longevity informs most aspects of Kaswa culture and galaxy-view. As might be expected, resource preservation and long (looooooooooong) term planning are hallmarks. They don't terraform so much as just make note of when a planet will most likely become habitable. Birthrates (Kaswa lay eggs) are monitored carefully, so as not to overrun and exhaust a system in a scant few thousand years.

Their physical gifts mean that they are susceptible to only the heaviest projectiles and a few exotic laser weapons, so Kaswa military doctrine tends to be oddly weighted- ultra long range ("throw asteroids at their planet" long range) and personal hand-to-hand combat (where most excel), with not much in-between. Unlike the Spectraphore, they are not loremasters- they tend to keep to their own corner of the galaxy and tend to treat other races with a kind of mild, patronizing amusement, rather like Victorian Britons. That said, their lifespans and unparalleled history as a species mean that they do know a great deal, and if you're polite and patient, the Kaswa can put you on the trail of some truly ancient mysteries.

Kaswa loosely resemble humanoids, or rather I suppose they resemble very stocky centaurs, being quadrupeds with a pair of grasping arms and a head where most of the sensory input goes. They have found, in their long history, a few substances that can affect their crystalline carapaces. These are used to etch and grind elaborate and intricate patterns, pictures, poems and other bits of art into people, for both decoration and something of a historical record, akin to the Lakota Winter counts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_count). Skilled jewelers and stonecutters of any species are well-regarded by the Kaswa, as are individuals with their own extensive tattoos, scarification, and other types of body art.

[pulp cover] The Snake People of Venus! [/pulp cover] :smalltongue:

In the early days of human space exploration, colonization was limited to the less-than-ideal planets in our home solar system. Our neighbors are at best cold and barren, and at worst choking deathtraps, but they were what was available, and the press to get off of Earth at the time, spurred on by disastrous overpopulation and climate shift, meant that attempts to colonize these worlds went ahead anyway.

These first colonies were costly, tiny, and fragile sealed settlements, reliant on the homeworld for almost everything. In an attempt to increase livability, several colony programs instigated radical gene therapy and biotech alteration programs, in the hope that being better adapted to their new harsh world would let the colonists become more independent of the claustrophobic artificial environments and temperamental (and expensive) technology they relied on. Results were mixed, none more so than the Venusian outposts.

The hothouse planet with its crushing atmosphere turned any unprotected human into a pulp, and even if you could breathe normally, the air was horribly toxic. The Venusian scientists drew on Earth animals who could better cope with these extreme conditions. Filter lungs to help survive the atmosphere, and a cold-blooded regulatory system that would operate more efficiently in the broiling heat. A body shape that lacked the weak, fracture-prone joints of the human skeleton, and responded better to the high pressure.

In a stroke of serendipity, all of these requirements could be found in one animal- the snake. The testing and conversion process was lengthy and grueling. Some of the records are sealed to this day, and it is assumed that far more prospective colonists died in the tests than was revealed to the media at the time. Despite these setbacks, the program did achieve its goals. These extreme shifts resulted in a population that was human in name only. They had long, serpentine bodies, covered in scales, with muscle mass far beyond that of any normal human. These transformed settlers were dubbed "Naga," after the mythical snakefolk of Hindu mythology.

For decades, the Naga were the majority of Venus's small but growing population. Their physical superiority and ability to thrive where regular humans could barely scratch out a living made them set them apart from the non-modified colonists, making Venusian society something of a modern-day caste system, with the Naga serving as leaders, warriors and heavy labor, and leaving the more sedentary and menial positions to the "unimproved."

This changed as the decades passed, and terraforming technology became a practical reality. Venus was shifted, at great cost and effort, into something more temperate, where normal humans could survive with a two hundred dollar breather mask instead of a half-million-dollar exosuit. The Naga became outnumbered, but by that time they were an entrenched part of Venusian culture, something too deeply rooted to just let go.

They still serve as warriors and laborers- their physical gifts haven't changed, and some are leaders and politicians, though Venus today is much more of a meritocracy than it once was. The Naga are somewhat set apart, a mix of figureheads, tourist attraction, and genuine necessity. The process has been smoothed out considerably by decades of improvement and addition of alien technology- becoming a Naga no longer means flipping a coin to see if you'll die horribly instead. Now it's a choice some make, other times a reward, a mark of high status. It remains to be seen if Homo Serpentes remains a viable sub-species or a historical footnote. Some scientists are working on ways for the Naga to give birth or lay viable eggs, a step that would finally separate them for good from the hairless apes of Earth.

Places of Import and Interest

"Orion's Tinderbox"
There are several systems that are simultaneously claimed by multiple groups, despite the best efforts of the Pan-Galactic Confederation to defuse these situations. Some claims are empty, political posturing done mostly for the folks back home. Others, unfortunately, are vicious disputes that constantly threaten to spill over into open war.

One of the worst and most complex of these disputes is based around the planets orbiting the triple star Alnitak. Human sources have nicknamed the situation "Orion's Tinderbox," as seen from Earth, Alnitak is part of the famed constellation. A rarity among rarities, the system boasts 2 garden worlds inhabitable by carbon-based life, an ice-shrouded but survivable rocky planet, and a pair of gas giants with dozens of moons, several of which are prime candidates for colonization or exploitation themselves.

With all of this prime real estate, it's not shocking that several groups have laid claim to the system. Novicorp, a manufacturing megafirm, and LGA Biotech, an Earth-based cloning and medical conglomerate, routinely throw mercenaries and whatever prototypes their defense wings have churned out against each other in the outer moons.

The Covera Alliance, a sprawling, multi-special, polyglot "empire" claims the trio of inner worlds. Its dozens of semi-independent members bicker and skirmish with each other almost as much as they fight with the Lyrica Bloc, a rigid, militaristic, almost monolithic expansionist oligarchy based on a single planet-spanning megalopolis, reliant on their various colonies for nearly all resources. Lyrica claims the system by right of first discovery (their probes originally documented the system), but by the time a colonization effort was finally organized, several ramshackle Coveran settlements had already sprung up. The Coveran melting pot contains several species and sub-species that have no homeworld, or have lost theirs through conquest. These groups make especially ardent colonists, and those on the Alnitak worlds have no intention of leaving their new home. Lyrica is perilously close to famine after a disastrous systems failure in one of their agricultural arcologies, and their increasingly unhappy citizens are pushing for the Bloc to take the verdant pair of inner planets ASAP, before starvation takes hold on the great city-planet.

The system has not yet devolved into outright war, but things are becoming increasingly hostile. Attempts at diplomacy have failed utterly, and both sides are gathering allies and arming themselves. Covera and Lyrica are gleefully being goaded and supplied by the two corporate adversaries in the outer moons, who are eager to increase sales and increase the scale of their vicious little "product tests." Foundries full of heavy combat droids and huge farms of cannon fodder clone soldiers are ready to offer their goods to the combatants if the situation continues to deteriorate.

Absolutely miniscule as far as celestial bodies go, Talus is a dwarf planet some 3200 light years from Earth, orbiting the blue supergiant star Aludra. Aludra is many millions of years younger than Sol, but is also several orders of magnitude bigger and brighter, and is already nearing the end of its life. It will become a red supergiant soon and then a supernova in a few million years. The Kaswa are already searching for a suitable replacement for when that happens.

Talus is about as small as an object can be and still remain spherical under its own gravity, only a couple hundred miles in diameter. It resembles Luna in many ways; no atmosphere, a rocky, grey, dusty surface, and pocked with craters. Lifeless and remote, it was picked as the headquarters of the PGC because, well, it was lifeless and remote. It was unclaimed and insignificant, making it an excellent neutral site. Talus is now significantly built up, almost urbanized, littered with various buildings that serve the needs of the PGC delegates and staff. It has a huge docking facility for such a tiny planet, and a small army of residents who tend to the task of feeding, transporting, protecting, housing, healing, entertaining, and generally assisting of beings from all over the galaxy. In some ways Talus resembles an Olympic Village more than the UN.

The Central Auditorium is where face-to-face debate and decision making is done. The soaring domed structure is the size of a modern sports stadium, and can easily hold 100,000 people. Linked to it are a number of smaller modules where specialized meetings and debriefings occur. Outside the actual PGC headquarters, Talus has hospitals, schools, and all the necessities one would expect in a small city. It has an above average number of clubs, restaurants, shopping areas, and other diversions. One of the disadvantages of being on a desolate planet is that almost all the entertainment has to be manufactured.

While the PGC has a security force and an arsenal, they are purely defensive. They do maintain a fleet of some size, mostly bulk transports given to their roving teams of "troubleshooters." These are workmanlike vehicles, produced en masse, with little thought to creature comforts. Teams are tacitly encouraged to modify and upgrade their assigned transports so to better serve the needs of their particular mission.

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And one more, just in case.

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Here I am, claiming my usual dark red.

StatsName: Zra Vrea
Species: Arkaht
Gender: Male

PL 10

Abilities (28pp)
Str 0, Sta 4 (8pp), Dex 0, Agi 0, Int 10 (20pp), Awa 0, Fgt 0, Pre 0

Skills (29pp)
Acrobatics 5 (5 ranks, 1.67pp)
Athletics 5 (5 ranks, 1.67pp)
Deception 12 (12 ranks, 4pp)
Expertise (cyberspace) 16 (6 ranks, 2pp)
Insight 12 (12 ranks, 4pp)
Investigation 15 (5 ranks, 1.67pp)
Perception 10 (10 ranks, 3.3pp)
Persuasion 12 (12 ranks, 4pp)
Sleight of Hand 10 (10 ranks, 3.3pp)
Technology 20 (10 ranks, 3.3pp)
Treatment 10

Defenses (20pp)
Dodge 8 (4 natural, 4pp), Parry 8 (4 natural, 4pp)
Fortitude 8 (4 natural), Will 12 (12pp)
Toughness 12 (4 natural)

Advantages (14pp)
Attractive (cyberspace) 2
Benefit, Cipher
Benefit, Status (Enclave)
Benefit, Status (Arkath/Ghast-kriat)
Eidetic Memory
Improvised Tools
Speed of Thought

Powers (59pp)
Quickness (2pp)
Rank 1 (all), Rank 3 (mental)

Suit (Device, 17pp)
Total: 21
- Dodge +4 (4)
- Parry +4 (4)
- Fort +4 (4)
- Protection 8 (8)
- Feature: only Zra (1)

Ghast-kriat (22pp + 2 alts = 24pp)
- Teleport 6 (2r)

Advantages: Accurate (1r), Change Direction/Velocity (2), Extended (1r), Turnabout (1), Innate (1)
Flaws: Uncontrolled (-1r)
- Teleport (attack) 7

Advantages: Accurate 5 (5), Change Direction/Velocity (2), Accurate (1r), Attack (Parry) (0), Innate (1)
Flaw: Uncontrolled (-1r)
- Damage 10

Advantages: Increased Range 1 (1r), Accurate 5 (5), Extended Range 2 (2), Subtle (1), Innate (1)
Flaw: Uncontrolled (-1r)

Stabilizer device/Reeva (Device, 12pp + 4 alts = 16pp)
Feature: Only Zra (1)
(Enhances Ghast-kriat, up to +15pp each)
- Teleport (22 -> 36)

Removes: Uncontrolled (1r)
Adds: Easy (1r), Subtle (2)
- Teleport attack 7 -> 8 (22 -> 36)

Removes: Uncontrolled (1r)
Adds: Reversible (1), Subtle 2 (2), Split 1 (1)
- Damage (19 -> 34)

Removes: Uncontrolled (1r)
Adds: Precise (1), Reversible (1), Split 2 (2), Subtle+ (1)
===== New alts
- Ranged teleport attack 4 (36)

Advantages: Accurate (1r), Extended (1r), Increased Range (1r), Attack (Dodge) (0), Change Direction/Velocity (2), Accurate 5 (5), Extended Range (1), Increased Mass 2 (2), Precise (1), Reversible (1), Split (1), Subtle 2 (2), Innate (1)
- Machine interface (15 + 9 + 4 + 7 = 35)

Affliction 8 (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled), Fort (15)
Advantages: Accurate 5 (5), Affects Objects Only (0), Increased Range (1r), Subtle 2 (2)
Flaw: Limited (electronics only) (-1r)

Communication 1 (9)
Advantages: Rapid 4 (4), Subtle (1)

Comprehend machines/electronics (4)

Detect electronics (ranged, radius, accurate, acute, analytical) (7)
BackstoryThe Arkaht are a proud, unified people. They do not consider themselves on the same level as the more short-lived species of the galaxy they often protect, providing a vital part of the peacekeeping forces, but even though the population of their homeworld of Drevas alone numbers in the billions, every single Arkaht life is precious to them. Their medical prowess and pharmaceuticals are saught after throughout the known space, great effort is placed into rehabilitation of those who veer from the right path, manyfold ways to subdue adversaries non-lethally (often even without injury) are part and parcel of everyone's military education. Arkaht look out for one another and a lack of civil courage or letting one's family down are marks of shame in need of betterment.

The Arkaht have risen by standing together since the ancient times when their ancestors were small in number and facing many deadly predators and the harsh, long winters of those times. Many dangers have been conquered, letting them thrive. Yet there still is a blemish on their proud, fierce history, one haunting them like a curse for millenia now, a mark of shame that has defied all efforts to eliminate it. It happens very rarely, the first warning signs are a peculiar set of complications during a pregnancy. The child is identified as a Ghast-kriat, meaning "broken ghost" in an ancient Arkaht dialect. Clinically, the condition is simply referred to as "translocational mutation", but much folklore and many fears surround it, as it is a harbinger of tragedy. These children have the ability to traverse space as freely as simply disappearing from one place and reappearing in another (or doing the same to other people or objects), but unfortunately, none of them are in control of it, the condition interfering with their advanced nervous system, which in turn makes the teleportational abilities go haywire.

The problem is not that these children exist. No one is blamed for their existence, in fact, and they are regarded as signs as what the Arkaht might be able to become. But a Ghast-kriat's mother never survives the pregnancy, killed by her child's abilities as she goes into labor. Few of these children have a long life, their powers causing havoc and eventually destroying their own bodies. The Ghast-kriat have been studied for centuries in hopes of finding a way to stabilize their nervous system, but so far only temporary means have been discovered. Women pregnant with one of these children, provided she desired to become a mother in the first place, are given the choice between abortion, so that her life is saved and the child does not need to suffer, or bringing it to term, sealing her death in hopes of finding a cure. Regardless of the choice, only sympathy is offered to these women, both options seen as a decision no one should have to make. Zra's mother chose that her son should live and the name Shura Vrea has been immortalized as one that should be uttered with reverence.

Science and medicine have found a way to make it possible for a Ghast-kriat to have hopes of reaching adulthood by connecting their nerve centers to high-powered computer systems as a program restricts the maximum level of nervous activity within them, trying to avoid the peaks that cause their abilities to trigger involuntarily. Most of the time, this means they are stuck in a bed or pod whenever they are not supported by a robotic aid during exercises to keep their bodies from becoming too weak. Same was true for Zra, being cared for in one of Drevas' best military hospitals. Much time was spent in cyberspace for his education, as physical means were limited, as well as to pass the time and allow him to develop his talents and interests as much as possible.

About 50 years were spent in this state. Cyberspace allowed Zra to explore freely, catch glimpses of a great many things and places, meet a lot of different people. The synthetic world easy to navigate in and as physical training (something part of every normal Arkaht's life) was out of the question, all his dedication was focused on his mind, striving to learn as much as possible. He soaked up knowledge and skills, eager to interact with the great many people he met (which led to him not feeling really all that much superior to more short-lived races as compared to your everyday Arkaht), developing a focused personality with the occasional dry humor sprinkled in. In real life, Zra mostly interacted with the doctors and psychologists and his father Karas, being on good terms with them. Evaluations of his physical and mental capabilities were also common, eventually revealing that Zra's mutation causes nerve impulses to reach their destinations quicker and that his nervous system and brain developed differently, leading to him having very fast reflexes and an eidetic memory. Further evaluations revealed a genius level intellect far surpassing some of the brightest minds of the Arkaht despite not even having reached adulthood, which while making Zra happy to hear as it meant he could contribute at least something, didn't do much for him otherwise.

About over two years ago, at the age of 52, only years away from reaching physical maturity, hope of finding a cure started to fade. Secretly, Zra managed to gain access to recordings of what happened to other Ghast-kriat that could be stabilized no further, the sight of the rite surrounded their demise almost causing a mental breakdown, followed by Zra becoming more introverted. Around that time, he first met a very peculiar, fascinating people in cyberspace. They simply referred to themselves as interfaces, both organic being and machine, their grace in the synthetic world feeling wondrous and natural. Zra and different members of the thirteen interfaces met regularly, telling him that he stands out to them, his condition giving him a similar "aura" as the interfaces that simply feels good to organics navigating cyberspace, but intriguing and comfortable to more synthetic beings. Zra got to know these wondrous creations, their home called the Enclave, their eldest named Shani and personally met the AI Vias that created them. Zra grew close to them, eventually revealing his mutation, how he lives and that time is running out for him, finding true sympathy and care given freely by the interfaces and their mother AI, bringing back some joy to Zra's life as they promised to accompany him during his last years.

A little less than two years ago, Zra learned that the enclave would enter Arkaht space for a diplomatic visit, to explain their independent status and peaceful intentions, desiring free passage through Arkaht territory and hoping to perhaps cooperate in a few scientific projects. Shani would come to Drevas personally to represent the interfaces and the AIs of the enclave. The hospital Zra was in being part of the military and governmental complex, he had managed to gain more access than normally permitted (secretly, of course), learning that while most of the Arkaht's leaders were a bit unsure about these "independent synthetics" and the interfaces, they were open-minded about the coming talks, preferring to form an opinion by meeting this faction first-hand. However, Zra also discovered something troubling. One of those attending the talks, a high military official, was part of a puritan movement, feeling that AIs should serve organics and that interfaces are abominations seeking to corrupt their proud race by making the Arkaht like them. A whole secret plan to show fake "proof" of their crimes and vile intentions to the other leaders to condemn and later execute the interfaces and their leader AIs, accompanied by attacking and conquering the enclave to gain access to their technology, databases and AIs, was discovered. More troublingly, Zra discovered this as the talks were starting.

Having little time, Zra gained access to the systems of the meeting room, interrupting the show put on the be official trying to bring down the enclave, revealing the false nature of this "proof" just as Shani had been surrounded. With the official having been caught, he pulled a gun on Shani. The next few seconds were a blur for Zra as he violently disconnected from cyberspace and somehow managed to teleport himself into the meeting room, to everyone's surprise, intercepting the shot with his abilities and sending it high into the sky outside. Barely able to stay on his feet, Zra's ability started to get out of control as the official tried to fire a second time, leading to the official divided into hundreds of pieces that were scattered throughout the room, only to be reconstructed into their original form through Zra's force of will, leaving the official alive, but in severe shock and quickly overwhelmed. However, Zra's powers started to spiral out of control with him trying to contain them frantically and yelling at the others present to get away, knowing the devastation a destabilized Ghast-kriat would cause.

In that moment, Shani's appearance shifted, revealing that she carried Vias with her, who embraced the panicking Zra, mysteriously able to stabilize him and bringing his powers' escalation to a halt. Zra did not witness the baffled reaction of everyone present, only hearing Vias' voice in his mind, telling him to rest before he fell unconscious, but alive and well.

When Zra awoke, he learned that a peaceful alliance has been achieved between the Arkaht and the Enclave and that the official has been sent to rehabilitation. Another interface sat by him, Serena, telling him that Vias had found a way to keep him stabilized and had taught it to all interfaces. Overwhelmed by the news, Zra hugged the interface, thanking her while crying. Though still weak, Zra got to step outside the hospital for the first time that day. Though he knew how the place looked, seeing it with his own eyes was breathtaking. And so was being able to take a short walk with his father, who has rarely been as happy as in that moment. Serena always had to stay close to keep Zra stable, but he didn't mind.

Soon, Zra was summoned by the leaders of their people. It wasn't a formal occasion, rather it was a meeting between them, Vias (and thus Shani), Zra, his father and those who were in charge of tending to the youth over the last decades. Vias had offered to take Zra with her to the enclave in order to provide physical and mental therapy as well as to construct a device for him to keep him stabilized without restricting his freedom, as thanks for protecting Shani's life and for facilitating the peace between both species. Also, Vias offered to help with research regarding Ghast-kriat in order to find a permanent solution for their plight. The leadership was uncomfortable with handing over one of their own, even just for limited time, as was his father, but ultimately Zra decided he wanted to take the offer, having seen enough of Vias and the enclave to know they can be trusted. Under the circumstances that the plans for this device would be shared with them and that they would be kept up to date about every step of the procedure (all of which requirements Vias considered a given), the Arkaht's leaders and Zra's father agreed.

In the following months, Zra lived within the enclave and among the interfaces and AIs populating it. He was welcomed warmly by the former who were familiar with him and looked upon with great curiosity by the AIs. Steadily, the young Arkaht's body was strengthened back to the baseline of his people, though his immune system and overall health were improved further to make handling his condition easier on his body. Zra was delighted to be able to engage in some of the physical training customary to his people, but he realized that he likely won't be able to push his body beyond what Vias had helped him to achieve (though, again, it didn't bother him much). Zra became much more active during his time within the enclave and soon the day drew closer when the device to keep him stabilized was ready. Vias told him that an AI would be within it to regulate his nervous system, meaning that it would necessarily have to share every moment with Zra. The prospect was fascinating to AIs, though many also would rather spend their time entirely how they see fit.

In that moment, a somewhat young AI stepped forward, volunteering. Zra recognized it, or rather, her as someone he had thought was an Arkaht girl maybe a few years his elder called Reeva he had come to know well. Reeva admitted that she had been following Zra for a while then, having bonded with him after her developers had abandoned her, not realizing that their program for therapy and entertainment (of various kinds) of hospitalized people and private clients had achieved sentience. Zra had actually helped fix a few critical bugs left in her that might have led to her irrepairable corruption, then having claimed that she needed help with a project she worked on. Zra understood her reasons for hiding the truth as well as her isolation, agreeing to let her inhabit the device. The familiarization process took another month as both learned to work and live with each other, but in the end, Zra was finally able to control his powers and stay stabilized without attendance (beyond Reeva, of course). Not only that, but both proved so effective that the powers were even amplified and diversified, along with letting Zra communicate with electronic devices similar to how interfaces and robots do.

When Zra returned to Drevas, the results were shared with the Arkaht, including a way to let mothers of Ghast-kriat survive the birth of their children. One of the enclave's AIs had volunteered to assist with research on site to help with communication and coordination with the enclave regarding the project as well as help develop AIs for the Ghast-kriat (that were extraordinarily low in number anyways). With Zra able to take care of himself and his abilities recognized, the question of how he would put them to use was raised. And the choice, after much deliberation and discussions with his family and friends, fell on lending his aid to the Pan-Galactic Confederation. Furthermore, he suggested representing both the Arkaht (who already have several members in the special forces in question) and the Enclave as a sign of their alliance and to serve them as thanks for giving him a new life. He had proven his skills to the Enclave, having worked with aptitude similar to the interfaces, and the Arkaht leadership, after hearing Zra's arguments for joining, said they would agree if he is deemed qualified. Months went by as Zra was rigorously tested and evaluated by his people (and sometimes by interfaces or once even by Vias) if his abilities were up to the lofty task he saught to fulfill and, because of his age, if he was already mature enough to be considered an adult, especially he has not been through military training. Finally, however, Zra was deemed suitable for service as an information specialist and medic. His father could not have been more proud.

Now, Zra, with Reeva's assistance, is looking forward to doing his part and see the galaxy with his own eyes. As a parting gift, he received the work of another Arkaht-Enclave collaboration, in the form of a suit designed to keep him from harm. Who knows what will await him. He is eager to find out.
ComplicationsMotivation - Patriotism/Gratitude: As an Arkaht, Zra wants to help his people, but also repay those who have given him a new life. He feels close to both his people and the members of the Enclave, so making both as well as his family proud is what drives him.

Ghast-kriat: Even with Reeva helping him, Zra's powers are dangerous. Being separated from Reeva makes him a danger to himself as well as everything around him, but extreme nerve activity as caused by certain weaponry or very strong emotions/sensations could also cause short bursts of chaos.

Responsibility - Arkaht and Enclave: Having chosen to serve both his people and the Enclave, Zra has to keep the interests of both in mind.

Relationship - Reeva: Given her task, Reeva has become an intimate part of Zra's life. They were friends before, but now he is putting his life into her hands the entire time. He is more than thankful for what she does and goes out of his way to make her happy.

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Here is my lovely character: Frequency shifts between 3.9375x10^8 and 4.5x10^8 times the diameter of a proton, oscillating in binary sequence 11011001001001110010 (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cy9hERK4jBwHxIR4-F0qzkz76Jvye4VrPv62v5Pv7c8/edit)

His/her/its name is a mouthful, but the rest of him/her/it isn't! One of the very few offworld Spectraphore, who are something something something I'll elaborate on them eventually. Let's just say no organic life can set foot on the Spectraphore homeworld without getting a really nasty sunburn on their DNA.

Oh, and he/she/it speaks "Like this, organic specimen."

On the Spectraphore:
To a human observer of the spectraphore homeworld, the planet appears dazzlingly beautiful, a radiant gas giant of the full spectrum of visible light. To those organisms with an even marginally broader sensory awareness of the electromagnetic spectrum, the Spectraphore homeworld is a bright, shining beacon, relaying two messages across the galaxy. The death of any preconceptions of the laws of thermodynamics, and the death of anything that comes within 200 kilometers of the planet’s surface.

Even among the myriad of life forms in the universe, Spectraphore are uniquely alien. Not carbon, silicon, or even germanium based, under classical definitions Spectraphore are not even life forms. And yet they express themselves in patterns of wavelength, have a sense of self-determination, and show all signs of cogitation, despite a distinct lack of any actual physical form. For all intents and purposes, the Spectraphore may as well be magic, but magic that thinks. Relative newcomers to the galactic community, the Spectraphore were discovered, rather than entering interstellar life themselves as is typical, fewer than 200 years ago. The species, however, is an old one. A very, very, very old one. Exactly how old is unknown, as the nature of the Spectraphore renders archaeological evidence a non-issue. The current most stably conserved single Spectraphore consciousness recalls its earliest memory as coinciding approximately with the dawn of the Ionian stage of the Pleistocene on Earth. That being 780 thousand years prior to today. That particular consciousness, and many like it, recall even more ancient Spectraphore, such that as far as anyone knows, Spectraphore are as old as their planet.

Their planet is a barren husk, similar to the gas giants of old, only with a billion thinking souls. Or, well, “souls.” The Spectraphore cogitate in a way that is inherently alien to embodied life or synthetic life created by the embodied. Even AI thinks in a manner that is knowable, electric currents running along circuits, and so forth. Spectraphore, however, are merely patterned, self-replicating, energetic chemical reactions occurring in a manner that is quantum propagated. In fact, the only thing that Spectraphore do on their homeworld is think. Together, mostly, as it becomes very hard when en masse to differentiate one Spectraphore from the next. If there is a distinction, that is. But they seem to think there is nowadays, so it’s best to respect that.

They weren’t dragged into the galactic stage kicking and screaming. They merely said the equivalent of “Meh,” and went about their business. It wasn’t until the inevitable creation of a translating device, crafted by the Spectraphore’s nearest neighbors, that Spectraphore began to venture off-world. The reasons are not often varied. Spectraphore hate leaving home, on the whole, being away from the pseudo-hivemind is painfully dull. But now that they’re part of a galactic community, they have two huge needs. One, lobbying power in the universe, and two, ideas. See, for a species that has no true sense of mortality, no physical forms, little capability to interact with their homeworld, only ideas passed between individuals matter. So Spectraphore venture off-world to trade their one resource, energy, for ideas. Aristotle got the human race a collection satellite that collected a nifty zettawatt of energy per day. Enlightenment thinkers got them more.

Most Spectraphore ambassadors venture off-world in huge, heavily reinforced spheres containing 50 or more consciousnesses. They hate being alone, so they travel together. Well... most of them hate being alone.

On our friend here:
Very few Spectraphore are ever alone. The barren surface of their homeworld is aglow with the billions of conscious energy beings in constant contact and communication. It is only when they leave their planet, in specially designed crafts and with special equipment, that they are ever alone. Alone for a Spectraphore, of course, means alone with your 50 or so fellow liaisons to the outside world, constantly exchanging thoughts with one another. Only the most deviant of Spectraphore are ever actually alone.

Enter Frequency shifts between 3.9375x10^8 and 4.5x10^8 times the diameter of a proton, oscillating in binary sequence 11011001001001110010, one such deviant Spectraphore. It divested itself of its place on the homeworld when its ideas, a severe love of certain terran radio waves that have recently reached the homeworld, from the distant dusk of the 20th century. It arranged for a special ambassadorship, the opportunity to utilize a hominid-shaped vessel and travel the universe, collecting the dregs of ideas for transmission back to the homeworld. And so, ostensibly scouring the galaxy for minor philosophies and random shards of wisdom, our Spectraphore friend, one of the only solitary Spectraphore in the galaxy, obsesses over Space Jam and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

On the Cult of Ageless Knowledge:
Given the, ah, unique properties of the Spectraphore, certain individuals of other species and cultures have over time come to believe them to be a manifestation of some higher power, the secretions of some elder god from another dimension into the universe. Most members of the cult simply prescribe to this dogma... but some take it further.

A small colony, perfectly self sufficient, exists on one of the moons of the Spectraphore homeworld. With radio, infrared, and all other sorts of other receivers and translators, the individuals in the colony of the cult monitor the endless debates of the pseudo-hivemind below, meanwhile studying texts and other media from across the universe and across history. When a cultist believes him or herself to be prepared, he or she gets in a shuttle, is piloted just above the atmosphere of the planet below, and jumps out. The cultists believe that as they fall, as the energies of the Spectraphore render them into a fine ash, they become one with the beings, entering the mind of the god they believe secreted them in the first place.

It's all quite mad. But then again, there's no evidence saying the cult isn't correct...

2013-01-02, 02:34 AM
Connor Lawson - Zenith

I'm claiming blue, as I usually do.


Character Sheet
Attributes - 14pp
Str- 0/5
Agi- 0
Fgt- 0
Awe- 3
Sta- 4
Dex- 0
Int- 0
Pre- 0

Defenses - 23pp
Dodge: 5/10*
Parry: 5/10*
Toughness: 10
Fort: 10
Will: 10
* (With Nega-Bands)

Advantages - 6pp
Evasion, Fearless, Improved Initiative, All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Move-by Action

Powers - 86pp
Nega-Bands Mk. II (Hard to Remove Device) - 74pp

The Power Cosmic Array (41)

Blast: Ranged Multi-Attack Damage 12
Laser: Line Area (2) Damage 10; Penetrating 6
Explosion: Ranged Burst-Area Damage 10; Penetrating 6
TK: Damaging Move Object 12
Matter Creation: Permanent Impervious Create 10; Innate, Precise, Subtle, Tether
Healing: Healing 10, Affects Objects; Persistent, Stabilize

Immunity: Life Support 10 (10)
Flight 12 (25)

AE: Space Travel 3

Shields: Enhanced Parry 5, Enhanced Dodge 5, Protection 6 (16)

Cosmic Awareness: Danger Sense (1), Uncontrolled Precognition (2), Acute Detect Weakness (at range) (3), Enhanced Advantage: Uncanny Dodge – 7pp

Half-K’ree Physiology: Enhanced Strength (Limited to lifting) 5 – 5pp

Skills - 21pp
Athletics: 10
Insight: 12 + 3 = 15
Investigation: 10
Perception: 13 + 3 = 16
Persuasion: 10
Ranged Attack: Cosmic Power - 8

Initiative: +4
Dodge/Parry: 10
Toughness: 10
Attack w/cosmic array: +8

Motivation - Responsibility: Connor has an immense amount of power and potential. It would be wrong not to do something good with it. He heaps the burdens of the world on himself as a result.

Not in Kansas Anymore: Connor isn't from this time or place. He has no idea what's going on half the time.

Accident: If Connor loses the Nega-Bands, his powers can rage out of control. This is very bad for everyone involved.

Relationship - Aurelia: Connor's fond of her. While they haven't had a moonlit rendezvous or anything, Connor would fiercely protect her if she's in danger.

Enemy: Somewhere out there, someone has detected the spark of the Power Cosmic... and they're coming.

Son of a hero… grown up to be a hero in his own right. Zenith, Connor Lawson, the son of Mar-Vell, spearheaded an assault by the Avengers against the Mad Titan Thanos. While the battle was won, Connor paid a price for his victory. The Mad Titan had opened a tear in time and space and had cast his enemy through. Even though Thanos had lost this exchange, he would never have to face the brat of Mar-Vell ever again.

In another place, centuries later, a rift opened. The young, unconscious form of Connor Lawson spilled out of the rift, which swiftly opened behind him. The young Avenger floated lifelessly out in a remote region of space. No one would know he was there.

Or would they?

Millions upon millions of miles away, the Pilgrim Fleet was passing through a system with interesting planetary formations. A young woman named Aurelia was meditating at one of the sensor stations. She was interfacing with the ship’s systems. Her senses were merged with that of the ship. Long-range sensors were her eyes, ears, nose, and fingertips. She detected an anomaly. She had never seen readings like this before. It was as if the laws of physics ceased to exist for a moment. And then there was a life form.

She could see him. A young man, human-alien hybrid, floating in the cold of space. But he wasn’t dead. He was breathing shallowly. A scan told her that he was injured heavily. Broken ribs, internal bleeding. He needed help.

Using the internal systems, which offered a form of telepathy between Pilgrims, she informed the ship’s officers and plead with them to help him. Intrigued by the anomaly and the young man who could survive in space.

Their ship, the Seeker, pulled away from the fleet and entered FTL to pick up the young man.

When Connor woke up, he was in a peaceful white room. He felt sore and painful, but strangely comforted. Standing over him was a Pilgrim doctor and Aurelia, the woman who found him.

He was confused, and asked where he was. They explained. He didn’t believe them at first. He asked what date it was. They told him. He understandably freaked out. He was in another universe, far into the future.

Having nowhere to go, Connor stayed with the Pilgrims. He learned about their society… where they came from, who they are. They were more than welcoming to him. In fact, they were incredibly interested in having someone from another reality present. Particularly Aurelia, who was interested in what it was like where he was from. The Pilgrims helped Connor adjust to this new, strange world. And Connor helped them in return. The Power Cosmic let him heal ailments otherwise untreatable, repair damage in ships, and repel pirates with overwhelming force.

Most of all, they were intrigued by his Cosmic Awareness. The ability to sense things in the universe was the kind of oneness that they sought, and it fascinated them. He, on the other hand, was charmed by these people. As homesick as he was, there were worse places to end up.

And Aurelia. Connor and Aurelia became fast friends. Much of what he learned about everyday life she taught him. He has a soft spot for her, and there is chemistry, but nothing’s happened yet.

As it stands, Connor’s new home is within the Pilgrim Fleet. Here he has purpose, and their mission of exploration and understanding just might find his ticket home.

The Pilgrims
The Pilgrims

Nearly 200 years ago, humankind discovered the secrets of Faster-Than-Light travel. FTL. What once had been a closed and isolated solar system had opened up into a broader universe full of wonder and mystery. Some took that moment to begin a race to glory, riches, and colonization. But others were not so interested in those concerns.

A collection of people, scientists, philosophers, and others who shared a dream, came together to take to the stars. They attracted mutants and other cast-aways along with some of the best and brightest. The goal that brought them together was scientific and spiritual understanding of the universe. The founders believed that through exploration and study, they could achieve true enlightenment.

Calling themselves the Pilgrims, they set off from Earth and never looked back.

Their ongoing mission has never changed. They peacefully explore the universe, observing phenomena seeking sources of knowledge, both spiritual and scientific.

As the decades passed, the fifteen ships in the Pilgrim fleet grew to twenty. Then to thirty. Now, the Pilgrims have a fleet of fifty capital ships. These ships serve various functions. Some are gardens, which grow the food for the rest of the fleet to survive. Some ships are dedicated hospitals, some ships are armed for defense (though they are peaceful, they are not naïve).

The founders had children, and those children had children. Ten generations have passed since the fleet left Earth. The Pilgrims are now a culture completely separate and distinct from the rest of humanity.

Pilgrims, from an early age, are given a network of cybernetic implants that result in tattoo-like lines streaming over their bodies. The colors vary from person to person, but all glow slightly. These implants allow the Pilgrims to interface with their machinery much greater than any normal human could aspire to. Pilgrims also have, through rigorous genetic engineering and bio-tech, gained resistances to the rigors of space. While they certainly die in a vacuum, they can hold out a bit longer than most. All in all, they have adapted exceedingly well to life without a homeworld.

Their society is governed by consensus, with representatives of each ship selected in a democratic process. While they worship no gods, the Pilgrims have a philosophy and religious practice they all follow that promotes learning, introspection, and kindness. The role of a scientist and a spiritual leader is often inter-twined in Pilgrim society.

They are not hostile to alien life. In fact, they seek to promote understanding between themselves and other peaceful races. However, Pilgrims are loathe to share technology, as they see it as hindering other races' path to enlightenment. The Pilgrims often trade and perform services for goods they cannot produce themselves.

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Relic will be speaking in Sienna.

Relic - Amelia "Amy" Ashlee Ashida has arrived! (https://docs.google.com/document/d/131gbZlAtIqexktgMcjA0o70gWRDrBoNzWHbuo9gQNLU/edit)

Amelia Ashida genius heiress to the Ashida fortune and largest shareholder to the largest human run corporation in the galaxy. Rich to the point of ridiculousness some might say.

Ashida Technologies is the private corporation behind all those fantastic bits of technology that make science fiction possible and was formed from several hostile takeovers of corporations on old Earth long ago, such as Weyland-Yutani and Umbrella.

While she could Amy chooses not to take an active role in running her family's company and leaves it to her board members to decide the day to day goings on of the massive organisation.

Instead Amy would use her family's immense wealth to adventure from world to world trying to 'reclaim' artifacts from old Earth, specifically those of early 21st century super heroes. She currently possesses a once magical weapon belonging to a King Jace of Camolet, along with his still magical boots. Some writings claim that the sword would regain its powers in the hand of someone descended from the king but Relic doesn't believe in such claims. She also possesses the Doctor's Caged Tesseract. An oddly advanced device for its quite considerable age.

Amy's adventures have not always been heroic, nor on the right side of the law, as a few of her prized artifacts might have equally obsessed previous owners but she has recently decided to try to get past her old ways and become more altruistic.

Why? Well according to her very over paid doctors she has a year to live.

2013-01-03, 06:15 PM
Placeholder for stuffs! I'll take Red cause I likes it.

Leon Tynes - Consul
Str - 0
Sta - 0
Agl - 0
Dex - 0
Fgt - 0
Int - 2
Awe - 2
Pre - 0

Dodge - 0 + 10
Fort - 0 + 10
Parry - 0 + 10
Tough - 0 + 10 (protection)
Will - 2 + 8

Ranged Combat (Gravity Powers) - 0 + 10
Expertise (Physics) - 2 + 2
Insight - 2 + 6
Perception - 2 + 4
Persuasion - 2 + 5

All-Out Attack
Power Attack
Precise Attack 1 (Ranged Cover)
Connected (Crucible Dominion)

Gravitic Force Field - Protection 10 (10pp)

Mastery of Own Gravity - Flight 7 (14pp)
AE: Space Travel 3 (1pp)

Immunity Life Support (10pp)

Increased Gravity Field - Affliction 10 (Range, area burst 2, selective, Extra condition, limited degree. Hindered & Vulnerable/Immobilized & Defenseless) (50pp)
AE: Control of the Fundamental Force - Move Object 10 (perception, subtle, damaging)
AE: Gravity Beam - Damage 10 (Area Line 2)
AE: Gravity Blast - Damage 10 (range, multiattack)
AE: Gravity Shield - Deflect 10

Motivation - Patriotism. Leon is fighting for the glory of his homeworld, and those that reside there.
Relationship - The Founder. Leon, like all people from Crucible, are in awe of this mysterious man. Leon is honor bound to hear his requests, and act on them to the best of his ability.
Relationship - Ms. Tracy Kyun. The liaison between the Crucible Federation and the PGC. Leon has a very workmanlike relationship with her, as she is in contact with him frequently to relay the requests and demands of the PGC.
Prejudice - Terran Federation. The Terran Federation wants to absorb the former colony world back into it's fold. There are many Terran's who feel the Crucible people are rebels for not welcoming their rule with open arms.


Planet Crucible & The Crucible Dominion
It was to be one of the first colonies, far away from Earth - but a habitable world nonetheless. The colony ships were dispatched with much fanfare, the selected crew and colonists among the best and brightest the world had to offer. The trip was uneventful - and they arrived at their destination on schedule and as planned.

The construction of the colony was difficult at first, as it always is - but progress was not very far along when disaster struck. Earth was not responding to their communications. The colonists were beginning to panic. That is when the man who would later be known as The Founder stepped up.

Some say he was a mutant, some say he was just the best man for the job - but whatever he was, he was special. His determination, courage, and leadership were infectious. He rallied the colonists and in a few short years they were up and running and completely self-sufficient. With Earth so very far away, and still having not heard anything, the people looked again to The Founder. And so that day, the planet was given a name - Crucible, and declared themselves a nation unto themselves.

Nation building is never easy, but shortly after The Founder placed himself at the head of the nation, things progressed ahead against any obstacle and opposition. A big boon to Crucible was the oddly above average mutant birthrate. The Founder realized this and capitalized on it - building many special institutions for 'gifted' children. These children would grow up not only to protect the citizens of the world, but push it forward in industry, science, technology and everything else, rapidly developing the world into what could one day be a colonial power in its own right.

It's been 200 years. The Founder is still in power - the citizens of Crucible may question just how he is still alive and healthy enough to lead their world - but they still trust him immensely. They have begun colonizing the other planets in their solar system, and have military technology and forces able to defend their interests. Now, he has made the decision to lead them onto the galactic stage.

Character Background
Born in a town in more 'rural' areas of planet Crucible, it wasn't until Leon hit puberty that his mutant power manifested. Within a few days after it did, he was whisked away to the planetary capitol "Foundation", leaving behind his childhood forever. It was mandated that any children who displayed supernatural powers were to be educated in the government sponsored school, and their powers brought to use to further the interests of the Crucible Dominion.

Arriving at the School for Enhanced Children (SEC) at 13 years old, Leon resided in the dorms. The classes and teachers were the best on the planet, sometimes powered individuals themselves and graduates of the school whose powers were best suited for teaching. Within the school, Leon learned about the planets history, the life of the Founder, and how it was every citizen's responsibility to support everyone else. Those gifted with powers were burdened with even more responsibility due to their capabilities.

The training at the school was extremely intense, testing the limits of every student. Leon's mental, physical, and supernatural abilities were pushed further and further everyday, and finally graduation had arrived. Leon stood with his classmates, people who he had sweated and bled with, and received his first assignment.

Leon was in space the very next day, his powers assisting in construction of an orbital shipyard. His gravity powers allowing him to move vast amounts of material around without assistance. With Leon helping, the platform was completed in record time.

Leon continued like this, preforming well in all tasks assigned to him - from mundane construction, to intense military campaigns. Then one fateful day, he was summoned by The Founder himself. It was an honor beyond all imagining, very few were summoned by The Founder, and fewer still met him. The appointed time came, and Leon was escorted to The Founder's office, atop Pinnacle Plaza, the highest building in Foundation.

There Leon met The Founder, he was amazed at how young he looked - still a man in his prime. The Founder spoke of the next step of the Crucible Dominion - entering the galactic stage, not as a colony of Earth - but as a new player. Leon was to be their representative - one of their most powerful and hardest working citizens. The Founder gave him the name Consul - as that was what he was going to be. He was given details about his assignment - first stop was Talus - the main base of the Pan-Galactic Federation. He was to introduce himself and declare his intentions.

The next day, Leon, now Consul, was on a diplomatic ship on his way into the galaxy at large.

Green Bean
2013-01-05, 11:28 PM
Better late than never, here's my application:

Oliver Zerah

Strength 0/12
Stamina 12
Agility 0
Dexterity 0
Fighting 0
Intellect 1
Awareness 0
Presence 1


Transhuman Body:
Kinetic Nodes: Move Object 10 [Range (Perception)]
Alt: Komodo Incendiary Sacs: Damage 10 [Area (Cone)]
Alt: Adrenal Response Receptors: Enhanced Strength 12 [Accurate (x4)], Power Lifting 2

Improved Extracellular Matrix: Regeneration 5
Flex-Anatomy: Morph 3 (Humanoids) [Duration (Continuous); Biometric-proof]
Immuno-Dermal Enhancements: Enhanced Stamina 12
Perfected Metabolism: Immunity 10
Artificial Muscle Memory: [I]Speed 1
(91 points)

Luck 2
All-out Attack
Fast Grab
Extraordinary Effort
Improved Initiative
Takedown 2
Improved Grab

Acrobatics 3 (+3)
Deception 19 (+20)
Expertise: Biology 4 (+5)
Insight 13 (+13)
Perception 15 (+15)
Technology 4 (+4)
Treatment 4 (+4)

Initiative +5

Dodge 8
Parry 8
Toughness 12 (Def Roll 0)
Fortitude 12
Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 4 + Powers 91 + Advantages 12 + Skills 20 + Defenses 23 = Total 150

Motivation (Doing Good) - Regardless of his situation, Oliver has a conscience, and likes to help people. He may be easy to trick or mislead, but he doesn't have a cruel bone in his body.
Disability (Progressive Amnesia) - Oliver has issues with his memories deriving from his various implants. Long term memories are retained normally for a week or two, then rapidly begin to fade. Even the most critical, traumatizing, or joyous memories last, at most, a month.
Unknown Past (Post-Amnesia) - Oliver wandered around the fringes of space for a few years. He had the best of intentions, and almost no context with which to execute them. So, crazy stuff went down, and he was in the middle of it. He might look different, but who's going to forget about that fire-breathing, telekinetic, shapeshifting amnesiac who messed with the wrong crime boss/alien warlord/evil corporation? He probably made some friends too, but still!
Unknown Past (Pre-Amnesia) - Something dark happened back there. As sucky as the whole amnesia thing is, Oliver almost doesn't want to know what happened, for fear he'll turn back into the guy who gave him all these upgrades. That guy was not a happy person.

Dear Oliver,

If you're reading this, it means you're either completing your weekly reading to keep the information below nice and retained, or you have absolutely no idea what's happening or what you're reading. If it's the former, keep up the good work! If it's the latter, welcome to your life! Because yes, this is your life, believe it or not. You see, you suffer from an advanced form of Korsakoff's syndrome, leaving you incapable of retaining memories for more than a month. So most of your life's gone, probably permanently. On the plus side, since you can't remember it, it's not like you'll miss it! But this letter will at least tell you the important bits so you can function in the real world. Let's start from the beginning.

Your name is Oliver Zerah (pronounce it like zebra, but with an 'r' instead of a 'b'!). It probably wasn't always your name, since I can't find any records older than a year or so, but everyone you know right now calls you by it, so you should get used to answering by it. You're almost definitely human, though I have no idea which planet you were born on. There are a lot of planets with humans on them, and that's not even getting into space stations and colony ships. You had a family you apparently loved very much, though it ended fairly tragically. You lost a younger sibling (or possibly a cousin) one way or another, and it hit you rather hard. I'm guessing you probably blamed yourself for it, because you went a little nuts with the self-improvement. Not the kind of self-improvement that involves going to the gym or maybe reading a book once in a while. The kind of self-improvement where you pay doctors a lot of money to implant stuff in you to make you stronger/faster/etc. Now, according to some very expensive bioscans, you're a totally normal baseline human. However, since last I checked baseline humans can't punch through steel with their bare hands or breathe fire, those scans are probably inaccurate. You most likely have some very high end black market bio-masking technology in you. Incidentally, those kind of implants are ridiculously illegal basically everywhere, so try not to mention them to anyone who looks official.

But I'm getting off point here. You got some very expensive stuff put in you, most of it not government-approved, if you catch my drift. Thankfully, operating your implants is part of your procedural memory, which is basically fine – no need to worry about pulling someone's arm off when you shake their hands because you forgot how your muscles work. Anyway, you, like anyone over the age of eight or so, can probably figure out what's coming next. You paid some scientists a lot of money to stick something that was still experimental and probably stolen into your brain, and what a surprise, there were side-effects. The memory centres of your brain are basically 90% tumor at this point. High tech, largely benign tumors, but they're what's causing your amnesia. They've also wrapped themselves around the rest of your brain, so you shouldn't try to remove them; as much as you like retaining memories, I'll bet you like respiratory function even more. On the plus side, you can move things with your mind. Really cool, probably not worth the downsides. Needless to say, you weren't happy about the side-effects, and were probably even less happy when they locked you in a cell for a month until you forgot their faces. Though honestly, just be glad they didn't kill you. Fortunately, you managed to write down a few important details while in lockdown, and by write I mean 'scrawl on a wall in the various bodily fluids leaking from you', which is how I know most of what I've told you so far. Foresighted, but pretty disgusting. Be glad you can just read about it here instead of carrying around photos like you used to.

Anyway, at this point you didn't have much direction, so you shacked up with one of those communes that buy a cheap starship and just drift around the galaxy for a while selling paintings or star crystals or what have you. Definitely a good decision; it probably mellowed you out some. You lost touch with them a while back, but it couldn't hurt to ask around every once in a while. The fringe communities keep contact sometimes, so you may get lucky. Anyway, the current phase of your life started about a year ago when you interfered with an attempt to assassinate the Arquillian ambassador to the Confederation. Search “Janitor Thwarts Separatist Terror Network” on the 'net if you want details, but the upside of it is someone in the PGC was impressed with your effectiveness and recruited you to one of their fancy peacekeeping teams. I've attached photos of and notes on your teammates so they don't have to keep introducing themselves. And remember to do your best. You're in this to help people, after all! Sure, things may feel lonely every once in a while, but remember, if you can take it for a month, you can take it for the rest of your life!


Oliver Zerah

P.S. On the off chance you want to investigate your past further, there's a few things I should mention. One, you probably used to look different. The same tech that conceals all your implants also lets you change your appearance, so people from your past aren't going to recognize you. Two, those enhancement procedures you had weren't what you'd call 'legal', 'ethical', or 'sane', so the people who did them aren't going to just sit down and have a friendly chat with you. And three, be careful. I know the whole memory thing sucks sometimes, but whatever is back there made you do some really stupid things. Don't go further than you need to.

For speech I guess I'll take Dark Green.


At the moment Oliver has dark auburn hair that looks a little flow-y and tangled. He's a little shorter than average, slim and bookish. Sometimes he wears glasses, but he doesn't need them. In short, he looks young, inexperienced, and totally out of his depth. It's partly deliberate; according to his 'how you should look' notes, he should try to look young and naive because if he looks experienced and knowledgeable, people are more likely to be irritated when he asks really obvious questions.

2013-01-08, 04:41 PM
OK, as smuch has withdrawn (for the recent future, at least) due to finals incoming, it looks like we're in the home stretch. I still need fluff from Raynn, KP and Muldoon. Also, I already have your sheet, KP, but if you could post it here as well, that would be very helpful. Once all that's settled, we'll be good to go! :smallsmile:

2013-01-12, 11:03 PM
Message comin' in, patching it through.

Please welcome a newcomer who isn't really a newcomer to our merry band- Ladorak will be joining us in spaaaaace! This gives KP and Muldoon some extra time to finish up their fluff as well. If all goes to plan (Bahahahaha, I know, I know), the game will be kicking off sometime later this week.

Ripley out.

2013-01-13, 02:18 PM
Yay! Ladorak and progress!:smallbiggrin:

Where will be starting off?

A tavern? A Space station?


2013-01-13, 05:14 PM
Not quite a space station, but it serves the same purpose. You'll be starting on the itty-bitty moonlet Talus, which serves as the physical headquarters of the Pan-Galactic Confederation. I've added an entry for it under the "Places" heading. Where exactly on Talus will be up to your opening posts. There are some pubs, though. I could have a wizard walk in and announce that he's going after treasure... :smallbiggrin:

2013-01-13, 05:32 PM
So I've decided to go for something between a Krogan and a Craver. I haven't come up with a name I like yet so for now they're the Placeholders.

Fear the Placeholders

Species origins:

The true origins of the Placeholders has been lost to history, they being one of the few space faring species never to develop a written or even oral history of their people. So their official history begins with their discovery by the Indigo Corporation.

A telling of Placeholder history is impossible without a brief history of the Indigo Corporation, so great was their effect on the Placeholders. Indigo was an interstellar multi-species finance conglomerate, specialising in banking, financial advising, market speculation and currency transfers. Were it not for their chance acquisition of several small bioengineering firms when their umbrella companies were liquidated it is possible, even likely, that the Placeholders would never have blighted galactic history.

The newly appointed Vice-President of Bio-research, Martin Asher, was handed a difficult task. The various labs were too far apart to truly cooperate, yet too small to individually work on any meaningful projects (Meaningful to an organisation as large as Indigo). He also faced an extremely hostile Board, many of whom would have loved to downsize Asher and not a few who wanted him in the ground. Asher, in his journals, attributes this animosity to jealousy. The Board officially claimed it was a result of Asher's lack of professionalism and respect. More likely it was due to his thinly veiled racism, grating manner and no small amount of boardroom skulduggery (All now matters of historical record).

Indigo Bio's first five products were decried loudly and almost universally as outdated, pointless or derivative. It's sixth was accused of outright copyright infringement. It is fair to say that Asher was in an extremely dire straits when Indigo Bio's probe started sending information from Altar IV.

The Placeholders were immediately recognised as being worthy of more study than an orbital survey and a research ship was dispatched. It was lost with all hands. A second research vessel was dispatched, this time with mercenary support. Capturing a specimen was difficult, given the Placeholders natural aggression, physical power, vast numbers and utter disregard for their own lives but they were not a match for a technologically advanced foe.

Little more than a glance at Placeholder DNA revealed them as a godsent to Asher (Or so he thought). Their genus was extremely mutible, yet durable, they could withstand more alteration than any other species yet discovered. This, coupled with their existing qualities observed from orbit, made them perfect candidates for alteration into biological weapons.

It is impossible to know if Asher saw what he wanted to see, or if he just outright lied to the board. Probably a mixture of both.

He compared them to ants or bees, highly organised and utterly dedicated to the hive, qualities that would make them excellent soldiers. This is not a lie, but neither is it the whole truth. Bees pollinate, Ants practice basic agriculture, the Placeholder only consume. Altar IV was almost entirely stripped of resources, it was only the perpetual war between the Hives for the few remaining resources that preserved those resources, and a Placeholder's diet consisted mostly of Placeholders from other hives.

He told of how they communicated largely by pheromone, so that conventional methods of spying or electronic eavesdropping would be useless. He was confident the lab on Ilkar III could produce a device capable of detecting and mimicking Placeholder pheromones and sending such information from one device to another via bio-electrical signal (As it indeed was). He failed to mention that these pheromones were all that stopped Placeholder hives from tearing themselves to shreds and that the Ilkar III lab had voiced doubts about their ability to replicate them.

He told them the Placeholder brain required considerable work in order to make them effective intergalactic soldiers, but that this would make development of neural control chips a simple matter. In this it is safe to assume Asher was wrong rather than lying, since even a man as desperate as he would not want to create an army of super soldiers with no controls and likely hostile to their creator.

Initially the Placeholders were a massive success and orders came flooding in. Asher became a multi-trillionaire almost overnight. Soon every Indigo Bio lab was dedicated solely to Placeholder production. Soon after the company started buying up as many bio labs as they could to keep up with demand.

After 20 solar years there was not a single stellar government or self-respecting AAA corporation that could not boast at least a small compliment of Placeholders and Placeholder queens could be found on dozens of planets, moons or stations.

We do not know if the Placeholders were merely bidding their time, or if self-determination was a concept that took some time to come to them despite their augmented intelligence. We do not even know if they know.

Then, acting in perfect consort despite the lightyears between them, the entire Placeholder species threw off their collective chains. The results were predictable.

Where it was obvious they lacked the numbers to establish a foothold the Placeholders practised suicide attacks to cripple industrial production and military communications. Where they numbers were sufficient they captured spaceports or military fleets. Where their numbers were sufficient they scourged local populations. Suddenly the entire galaxy was plunged into war for it's very survival. The Placeholders wiped out entire species, stripped entire systems, toppled stellar governments and murdered and consumed countless billions. Only scientists and engineers were spared, they were instead enslaved and put to work in the Placeholder warmachine.

Martin Asher, doubtless aware he was in danger of becoming the most reviled man in galactic history, or else the author of it's end, desperately sought a biological solution to thePlaceholder problem. However only a single small space lab remained to him (They had successfully vented their Placeholders into space) and Indigo Bio had so vigorously guarded their secrets that much of the knowledge had been lost even to them when their labs started going dark.

However there is nothing like the impeding genocide of all life for which they are partly responsible to motivate a scientist, many literally worked themselves to death. As galactic twilight was fading they developed a virus. It was harmless to males, they merely acted as vectors, but it had a 100% success rate for sterilising queens within hours.

Asher forwarded the virus design to every government, corporation, species or rogue entity he judged capable of replicating the design. The Placeholder queens, capable of laying 100s of eggs every solar day, were immediately aware of their poisoning and they adapted their tactics accordingly, becoming far more conservative now their supply of warriors was no longer endless. This was a mistake on their part.

The various powers, previously committed solely to holding back the tide and protecting their own vital assets, suddenly were no longer under constant pressure and could unite their strength. When it became obvious they could no longer win the Placeholders committed themselves to doing as much damage as possible before they were wiped out.

The Pan-Galactic Confederation (Or what remained of it) took this as pure vindictiveness. As always the intelligence of the Placeholders had been underestimated. While the contaminated males sacrificed themselves and the contaminated queens awaited destruction the small number of non-contaminated males quietly made their way to Altar IV, the homeworld they had never seen. There wild un-augmented Placeholders still lived in perpetual warfare with each other. They mated with every queen on the planet, a task that was doubtless as distasteful to them as a human would find mating with a chimp. Placeholders reproduce fast, and died fast in their natural state. The augmented version had entirely replaced their forebears within half a solar century.

They had learned caution, knowing that their entire race had been wiped out, knowing it was only because Altar IV was forgotten that they still lived. The planet had been stripped of everything edible, but possessed some mineral wealth, enough to build a handful of colony ships with barely serviceable FTL drives. They spread out, careful, quietly. They populated dark corners of uninhabited planets all over the galaxy. They lurked, they waited, they hoped they would be forgotten. Some hives were discovered and cleansed. Three Hives were discovered by races too short-lived to remember first hand the genocide, or those largely spared the fire. With garbed but eloquent words the Placeholder diplomats quietly pointed out that their natural evolution had been perverted, that they had been enslaved and that countless millions of their people had been sacrificed in wars they neither cared for or understood. They regretted their actions now they understood that other species did not have a hive mind, that not all were complicate in their enslavement and torment.

How true this is is also unknown. While Placeholders are still hated by most and feared by all the sane they can now announce themselves in certain areas of space without fear of immediate destruction. While their numbers are but a fraction of what they were many a eye is kept on the Placeholders

I have decided on a name, although not 100%. The Voracious

Altar IV, North Pole Hive, Queen Hyperia, Father Bishop, Rank Exile... But you can call me Exile.'

Altar IV is the only true Voracious stronghold, the only place where they can be found in their billions. Elsewhere Voracious colonies are subject to strict population caps imposed by the PGC, or in the case of the hidden Hives self-imposed caps that prevent discovery. So it is only on Altar IV that the Voracious genus has been allowed t's full head to mutate.

His father was a Bishop, the third highest rank within a Hive, a 4th generation augment selected for procreation due to his abnormally high intelligence. His 17 Spawnings were great successes, strengthening and improving the Hive. So great was his genetic contribution that when he died his body was not consumed.

There was however one utter failure. Of the 100s of eggs laid from the Bishop's 5th spawn one, the one that would later become known as Exile, would become the greatest ever single threat to the Voracious social order. He was the first male Voracious to ask the question 'Why?'

Queen Hyperia did not fully perceive the viper she had birthed, but her distaste for his strangeness certainly prevented her from clutching the viper to her breast. He quickly became a veteran of the semi-constant Hive warfare on Altar IV, his continued survival became more and more remarkable as time passed.

He came to slowly notice that it was only the undesirable who were so sent forth from the Hive. The weak and feeble, the stupid and slow and the malformed. The better bred Voracious were kept close to the Hive and were rarely sent forth to battle.

Once he had made this connection he quickly observed tat the other Hives practiced the same policy. He thought on the ruined planet and the scarcity of food, he thought on how often he had eaten Voracious flesh and how, when battles were won against vastly outnumbered swarms, the Hive would go hungry.

He came to believe he and his fellow males were the victims of a thing he had no word for, something he later learnt was called a 'conspiracy.' Why he was included in it perplexed him at first. He was not weak nor malformed, he was smarter by far then most of his male kin. It slowly dawned on him that 'undesirable' is a subjective measure, and what he regarded as a strength may, in the many-faceted eyes of Queen Hyperia, be seen as a liability. Shortly after that he realised why that would be. To her, indeed to all the Queens of Altar IV, he was a danger. Not because he was intelligent, because he questioned and pondered. If such a condition were to propagate it could bring the entire Voracious social order crashing down.

Yet what to replace it with? He had no idea, but that question led him to look up at the stars and see them, for the first time, as more than pin-pricks of light. If there was an answer that was where it lay.

The story of how he got off Altar IV is an epic in it's own right, far too long to detail here. But at the end Exile had become that rarest type of mercenary, one who had become a hired gun to better observe systems of governance and structures of civic society galaxy wide.

When he has his answer he will return to Altar IV, and everything will change..

Strength 8
Stamina 8
Agility 5
Dexterity 0
Fighting 7
Intellect 1
Awareness 4
Presence -2

Dodge 7 Fort 8/13 Parry 7 Toughness 8/13 Will 7
3pp on will, 2 on dodge

Athlectics 7
Insight 8
Intimtation 7
Perception 10
Stealth 9
Vehicles 4

Accurate Attack
Improved Smash
Move-by Action
Benefit (Use Str for intimidate)
Extraordinary Effort
Fast Grab
Improved Grab
Improved Initiative x2


Mutible phyiology/hibination:
Immunity: Poison, vacuum, pressure, radiation, suffocation effects
Flaw: Duration concentration

Hereitory memory:
Senses: Post cognition
Flaw: Limited, Voracious history only

Voracious senses:
Infravision, tracking, acute olfactory, analytical olfactory

Flight 6
Flaw: Wings

Communication 2
Flaw: Limited (Voracious)

Regeneration 5

Hyperdeveloped adrenaline glands
Enhanced strength 5
Enhanced Stamina 5
Impervous toughness 11
AP: Groundpound: Burst Area Damage 10,
Flaws: Limited: Both Exile and his targets must be in contact with the ground

Bio-tech gadgets
Variable 3
Flaw: Distracting


Despised: Being a member of one of the most hated people in galactic history isn't all fun and games you know...

'Unique' sense of humour: Exile is the first Voracious to exhibit a sense of humour. However it's still heavily grounded in Voracious cultural reference, as such it's a little... caustic and crude for most people's taste. He can understand why people may not find 'Humans are delicious' amusing, maybe they've never eaten human? He doesn't seem to understand why people might find it offensive however. After all humans are delicious.

Supercharged metabolism: There's more to the Voracious' legendary reputation for consuming their foes then simple hunger or sadism. Even before Indigo Bio supercharged their metabolism it was unusually high. No small amount of their physical power can to attributed to how quickly they burn their reserves. After strenuous battle it is often a choice between consuming the fallen or physical collapse or, in extreme cases, starvation within minutes.


Exile is a typical Voracious in almost every way. He is only exceptional in his colouring. Most Voracious are mottled earth tones, Exile's exoskeleton is solidly a slick shiny black.

Exile stands ten foot tall when standing fully erect, although he is normally hunched over and comes to roughly 8 foot, not including the many spikes that sprout out of his shoulders and upper back.

His limbs are long and spindly, they look very breakable in fact, although woe betide anyone foolish enough to put that to the test. When standing normally his arms dangle down almost to his knees. His arms are double jointed and terminate in long cruel claws.

His head emerges from the centre of his chest. It is a rounded dome largely without feature. He has two huge compound eyes and a complicated set of mandibles.

For general body shape imagine a biological version of this happy sucker (Minus extra arms and power cable):

For head shape and eyes imagine one of these without the antennee

For mandibles I'm totally ripping off this guy

2013-01-13, 08:51 PM
Would Ashida Technologies have an outpost on Talus?

2013-01-13, 09:01 PM
If you want them to, sure. There's no need to fabricate a personal reason to be there, though. You're there because you've been asked to come be part of this new team the PGC is assembling.

Green Bean
2013-01-13, 09:31 PM
So this'll be the first time we've met as a team?

2013-01-13, 09:39 PM
The outpost is so we have either a place to chill or for me to display the Tony Stark level wealth my character has to throw at things. Combine that with the whole 'dying' thing and she'll probably be gifting people BIG stuff. :smalltongue:

2013-01-13, 09:57 PM
@GB: Yes. You've all been invited to come to Talus, as the PGC believes your talents will be of use in solving a problem they have (I'm being vague because the problem is your first mission). The game will open with your arrival. From there, your introduction, briefing and then off into spayce for aforementioned first mission, with time to RP between all the plot beats.

@Raynn: Fair enough. It'll be handy to have at least one place to interact that isn't your ship or a public space, so go for it.

2013-01-14, 05:53 PM
Backstory is up,edited into my last post

2013-01-15, 06:55 PM
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w118/kpenguin222/Julianne-Wells_zps1e2487c9.gif (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LjpKnA3Tv6tE4FKQ3Z_PZU-zMSWYfStLse08ux9NmCE/edit)

The interior of a space station somewhere in the galaxy. A planet, stars, and perhaps some meteors shooting by show through the window. By the window sit a woman and her young child. Dimly lit, the atmosphere is soft and comfortable

CHILD [gazing into the window, her face full of wonder]: Woooooow.. how many stars are there in the sky mom?

WOMAN [nurturingly]: More than anyone can count, sweetie. And flying around some of those stars are planets. Some terrible, some beautiful, and on some of them the most remarkable thing of all: life.

CHILD: I wanna see them all, mom! I wanna see them all! Every star in the sky!

WOMAN [pulling her child up on her lap]: Sounds dangerous, sweetie.

CHILD: I can take them! I'm a big girl and I'm tough.

WOMAN [laughing]: I'm sure you can.

Smooth cut to the alien landscape of some distant planet. An adult Julianne Wells climbs through up a rocky cliffside she dodges obstacles and avoiding danger as she ascends. Astute viewers might notice the jetpack on her pack, but she's not using it. It's more fun this way.

WOMAN [voice over]: The galaxy is yours Julianne. Yours to explore and discover.

Julianne stands at the peak of the mountain she just climbed. She looks down at a gorgeous view of the alien landscape. Artists, go nuts here. She takes in the view, her face making clear that the child who wanted to see the galaxy still lives in her.

WOMAN [voice over]: There will be danger, it's true.

There's a rumble. She looks behind her and a giant alien monster (again, go nuts) is flying towards her, jaw agape.

WOMAN [voice over]: But you'll overcome. Because if there's one thing I've learned raising you.

Julianne should show a big grin here, excited for the danger. She presses a button on her pack and wings pop out. Just when the monster is about to get her, she leaps off the mountain and jetpacks away. She should do some aileron rolls or something similar show offy.

WOMAN [voice over]: You get your mind set on something, no power in the verse can stop you

Upward pan into an alien sky. It should have, like, a ring or two suns or something spacey like that.

[cue music] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AiSbxZYViE)


[I]Cut to a really cool retro spaceship flying towards a planet, the star shining behind.

[more awesome typography contrasting against the black of space]

Cut to Julianne inside the spaceship, piloting

JULIANNE: This is Wells. I'm approaching the planet now. This one looks like a real beauty.

MALE VOICE [over comms]: Just be careful there. We don't know what's causing the energy polarities to reverse.

JULIANNE [grinning]: Now, Major. When have you ever known me to not be careful


Cut to Julianne flying her ship over some spectacularly weird alien ruins. There should be some really weird architecture and stuff floating in mid air and stuff.


Cut to the interior of the ruins. Julianne is kneeling, carefully examining a wall of pictographs. Then looking up at a thunderous boom


Cut to the interior of some sort of science fictiony space station. Julianne grabbing a rather poshly dressed military man's hand and then running. Behind them is a complicated glowing piece of machinery that is making some very scary noises.

JULIANNE: The reactor's about to blow! Come on!


Cut to an alien throneroom. An alien warlord sits upon a throne, observing the holographic image of some alien artifact.



Cut to Julianne surrounded by bad guys wielding big dangerous looking science fictiony rifles, with only a trusty blaster in hand.

JULIANNE: Five, six, seven, eight, nine... this seems unfairly weighted towards you guys. Maybe, like, six or seven of you should step out for a bit. Just seems sporting, you know.

They all click their guns. Julianne dives for cover and picks them off with her blasters and her sweet hand-to-hand skills

JULIANNE: Guess not.


Cut to the poshly dressed military man arguing with Julianne across a table in a space bar. Think cantina style

MAJOR: Five years as one of the Federation Fleet's finest and you just up and quit!

JULIANNE: Well maybe I don't want to have you looking over my shoulder every time I save the galaxy.

MAJOR: I think you want to save the galaxy just to piss me off!

Julianne smirks and takes a drink


Cut to the town square of some alien city. Jar Jar Binks like alien, real floppy and annoying, standing in front of Julianne and the Major, giving directions.

ANNOYING ALIEN: <assorted high-pitched jibberish>

The alien is hit by a blaster bolt to the chest and falls over. Pan over to Julianne, who is holding out a still smoking blaster pistol. The Major gawks and then glares at Julianne.

JULIANNE: What? It was set to stun. Honest.


Cut to the Warlord sitting in the captain's chair of his flag ship. The camera pans out to show his entire evil alien fleet.


Cut to Julianne confronting the Warlord on his flagship. They're both unarmed


They both run at each other, fists at the ready. It cuts to black right as they're about to hit

Coming this January to a theater near you

2013-01-15, 09:22 PM
OK, so everybody has their stuff up, and Ladorak's sheet is just about done. (A note, Lad: Full-Round Action doesn't exist in 3e, it only goes up to standard, so you're going to have to pay the extra points on your Groundpound power, or choose a different flaw. Also, powers like Groundpound are often just modeled as AP's off of your strength damage, if you want to go that route instead of buying it on its own.) That means we are at long last, all set to go. :smallbiggrin:

I'm getting tubes put in my arm tomorrow (hurray for IV drugs, boo for genetic disorders!), and that usually makes me a little wonky for a day or two. For that reason, the game will be starting on Friday, January 17th. You can tinker between then and now, but make sure the sheet and story you have posted on Friday are the ones you want to play with.

That is all. Let's have some fun!

2013-01-16, 02:55 AM
Friday, January 17th? I did expect a wait, but I didn't expect having to wait until 2014. :smalltongue:

2013-01-16, 03:20 AM
Sentinel of the Stars premieres on October 19th (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LV7M_WeGX8)

2013-01-17, 04:28 AM
Breaking news.

First mission confirmed. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qrorYxRacTc)

2013-01-17, 09:05 AM
Godammit Ridai, quit spoiling things. :smalltongue:

2013-01-18, 07:06 PM
All right, kids, everyone in the pool!


The IC is up! Let's go to spaaaaaaaace!

2013-01-19, 12:01 PM
Complications edited into my sheet post. Exile is now complete :smallsmile:

2013-01-20, 06:22 PM
Sorry for the delay in my posting, my IRL group ran late this week and I had an unexpected party to attend last night. Relic will be joining the future A.S.A.P.

Sorry again :smallredface:

2013-01-20, 09:48 PM
Pipe burst in my basement, couple of inches of water. Sewer water. :smallsigh: Encamped at my folks. Posting here and in Raynnverse will be... somewhat slowed.

2013-01-21, 04:10 PM
Oy. Luck with that, Ripples. Stay dry!

2013-01-23, 06:21 PM
What... the hell?

I'm going to wait and see if rip okays this. It seems like a lot of stuff going on without the presence of the GM.

2013-01-23, 06:45 PM
Ridai asked permission. It's all freeform, and will have no bearing on the story beyond this. By all means, join in if you like. I'll hop on tomorrow or Friday and get things rolling. I should be moved back in by then.

2013-02-06, 11:17 PM
As mentioned in the IC, here are the base stats for a Space Cruiser as a starting point for those who are bookless.

Size: Awesome
Strength: 18
Speed: 14 (32,000 mph, though this ship also comes with a GM-brand FTL drive free of charge for covering big story-relevant distances.)
Defense: 2
Toughness: 15

2013-02-07, 02:43 AM
Okay. So… from my 10ep.

I’m throwing all of it at our cloaking device. There’s no sound in space, so auditory isn’t necessary (and would be weird to be totally silent in atmosphere). Book says concealment 10 gets all sense types other than tactile. Subtract two ranks for not using auditory and we need 8 ranks of concealment.

Now, if we add the Passive flaw to the concealment, then what would cost 16 points now only costs 8.

So… 8ep spent for Passive Concealment 8 (all senses other than tactile or auditory).

Last two ep… 1 will be spent on a Fire Prevention System (it’s the little things, guys). And the last one will be spent on the “Living Space” enhancement so that we have nice digs.

The cruiser (by the book) comes with weapons. But we need sensors. We also probably need to increase the defense. Hehe. But I leave that up to you guys. Threedog OUUUUT!

2013-02-07, 03:03 AM
@SC: EP, not PP. I thought it was PP the first time as well.

I might be able to contribute 1pp worth of EP, bringing the total up to 21ep, if Ripley allows it. I'd probably invest my points into cranking up defense and maybe speed or sensors, but concealment is good as well.

Also, the book has a stealth system for vehicles, with 8ep being the bigger of the two choices. I'm away from books, so I don't know how it compares to that passive total concealment.

2013-02-07, 03:19 AM
That 8 point stealth system in the vehicle section only applies to visual. Phase brought up the idea that sensors may not necessarily be visual. Passive reduces the cost of the power (it's a -1 flaw), which is helpful.

May not be worth doing if it eats up all our points, though. Discuss.

2013-02-07, 10:41 AM
You guys might want to browse through the list of Features (http://www.d20herosrd.com/7-gadgets-gear/headquarters) for a Headquarters.

ripley has informed me that the cruiser contains the usual life support, artificial gravity, etc. So we don't have to worry about buying that.

Things I Think We Should Definitely Have on Ship

Living Space (By default we can live on the cruiser, but not be comfortable. Let's get some comfort)
Communications (Captain, incoming transmission...)
Computer (I guess we could use Reeva for this all the time?)
Sensors (bought as an Effect, so one ep for a 20 pp Senses effect)
Security System (Captain, the Klingons have entered the Engineering Bay..)

Things We Might Also Want on Ship

Infirmary (Get him to sickbay!)
Personnel (Redshirts and so forth to show how Terrible the Threat Is)
Fire Prevention System (Because the ship being on fire is bad)
Holding Cells (Because sometimes you gotta transport bad dudes)
Power System (I assume that the cruiser is already "off grid" so to speak, but the back up generator would be nice)

If you guys are dead set on cloaking, that would be bought as an Effect just like the Sensors. I'm sure you can create relevant cloaking for 20pp.

I'm spending my 2 pp on Sensors and Comms.

2013-02-07, 02:31 PM
That list + the cloaking system from all senses as mentioned before as an effect (I think it should be passive in general) + 5 defense would be my suggestion for spending the 16ep.

2013-02-07, 02:43 PM
After talking with kip, we're going to use the Headquarters version of the power feature.

So, modeling it as before.

Passive Cloaking (all senses but tactile and auditory).

I know I could get more, or remove passive, but... for sake of balance and stuff.

My other feature is Living Space.

2013-02-07, 02:51 PM
My features will be personnel and a holodeck. :smallsmile:

2013-02-07, 02:58 PM
I guess mine are Computer and Infirmary.

2013-02-07, 06:21 PM
Security System and Death Trap (Accessing command functions on the bridge or engineering without the proper codes vents those rooms to space)

Could I add something onto the comms? Have it prepped to receive Voracious pheromone. It's effective over 5 miles, it might be handy.

Green Bean
2013-02-07, 07:15 PM
In that case, I'll take Fire Prevention System because we want to be up to code, and Holding Cells so I can point them out as a viable alternative to Exile eating our prisoners.

2013-02-08, 03:43 PM
And I'll spend my two equipment points then on, hmmm...

Right, rather than spending the point on a Backup Generator, I shall spend a point on a Reserve Chamber into which Frank can vent from the containment suit, and which can then behave as a backup generator (and also a place for some alone time.)

And seeing the rest of the list taken care of...


2013-02-10, 10:09 PM
A little something for SuperCracker:


Zenith (Avatar-Sized):

Hope you like it SuperCracker, and that the rest of you guys don't mind it either :smallredface:

2013-02-10, 10:15 PM
I mind! I have been toppled

2013-02-10, 10:27 PM
Yeah, like that's ever going to happen! :smalltongue:

You're still the master by far! :smallredface:

2013-02-10, 10:28 PM
Avengers, baby! WOOOO!

2013-02-10, 10:59 PM
Happy to be of service my good man. :smallbiggrin:

2013-02-11, 05:53 AM
Two more, not sure if I'll be doing the rest:


Relic (Avatar-Sized):



Hope you guys don't hate these :smallredface: :smalltongue:

2013-02-11, 09:59 AM
fantastic as usual Raynn!

Well I guess for my ep, I'll take the power source and then 1ep for something else...hmmm

2013-02-11, 11:24 AM
How about teleporters, Muldoon?

2013-02-11, 11:37 AM
(Wouldn't teleporters likely cost a lot more than 1 ep since it's equipement that give you access to a power rather than just an utility ? Unless they have very short range and a big on the teleportation, I think you can count at least 10ep/2 pp.)

2013-02-11, 12:53 PM
(Wouldn't teleporters likely cost a lot more than 1 ep since it's equipement that give you access to a power rather than just an utility ? Unless they have very short range and a big on the teleportation, I think you can count at least 10ep/2 pp.)

Nope. Same reason why Cloak and Sensors only cost 1 ep.

2013-02-11, 03:53 PM
ooooo. I like the Endeavor.

2013-02-11, 04:24 PM
Alright, I'll put my ep in power and teleporters!

2013-02-11, 06:06 PM
OK, so for my convenience as much as yours, here's what the noble Endeajurnertanic has with the ep all accounted for.

Size: Awesome
Strength: 18
Speed: 14
Defense: 2
Toughness: 15

GM freebies: Speed-of-Plot Mk II FTL Drive, all the stuff that keeps organics squishy and breathing in space, non-redshirt NPCs.

Features: Fire Prevention System, Living Space, Infirmary, Computer, Power System (Backup), Holding Cells, Holodeck, Redshirts Personnel, Security System, Deathtraps, FRANK'S MEDIA ROOM AND MUSEUM OF RARE TWENTIETH CENTURY TERRAN ARTIFACTS, OMEGA 13 DEVICE.

Power Effects: Sensors, Comms, Cloaking, Teleporters.

Muldoon bought a Power System, and Phase bought a venting chamber where Frank could be used as a power system, so unless you want both, you have one more ep to spend, if you like. :smallsmile:

Settle on the name and get settled in, and we'll be off into spayce.

2013-02-11, 09:40 PM
I sacrifice my venting chamber to give us an OMEGA 13 DEVICE.

2013-02-12, 07:01 PM
So Endeavor, Sojourner, and Aurora all got at least lukewarm support. The all-knowing and all-seeing gm decrees that those are your choices. Vote or narrow it down however you see fit. I'm partial to battles to the death, myself. The bodies of the defeated will be fed to Exile.

2013-02-12, 07:10 PM
I'll put my chips on the Aurora, because . . . pretty.

2013-02-12, 07:12 PM
Ha. I funny, because i now support Endeavor.

2013-02-12, 07:16 PM
Flip-flopper :smallmad: IRC?

2013-02-12, 07:17 PM
At work. Later.

2013-02-12, 08:31 PM
Sojourner doesn't roll off the lips quite right. Endeavour is actiony and enterprising. But Aurora, Aurora is pretty.

Pretty name for a pretty girl.

2013-02-12, 10:37 PM
All 34 of my electoral college votes go Aurora.

2013-02-12, 11:20 PM
Phase, you have twenty nine.

2013-02-13, 03:17 AM
Endeavor, easily, though I also won't mind Aurora if it makes the cut.

2013-02-13, 08:18 AM
Phase, you have twenty nine.

Shut up! You're not my mom! D:<

2013-02-13, 12:02 PM
Well I'm backing my own horse - Endeavor

2013-02-13, 05:11 PM
So Ridai, SuperMuldoon and SuperCracker vote The Endeavour.

While Kpenguin, Phase and I vote The Aurora.

2013-02-13, 05:28 PM
I'll clinch by going back to the Aurora. Have to tie break somehow.

2013-02-13, 05:49 PM
But what if Greebs and Lad vote for Endeavour now.

2013-02-13, 05:52 PM
True, the votes are not all cast just yet.

Green Bean
2013-02-13, 06:03 PM
I'll go Aurora because auroras are pritty!

2013-02-13, 06:21 PM
Dammit, Greebs, you were supposed to tie it back up

2013-02-13, 06:26 PM
Sorry KP, but sometimes Diplomacy works.

2013-02-13, 07:02 PM
More like Persuasion, amirite.

2013-02-13, 11:36 PM
OK, so without Ladorak getting to even cast his vote :smallannoyed:, we have a winner. Feel free to post the IC arrival at this decision, get yourselves onboard, all that. I'll christen the Aurora IC tomorrow, time permitting. :smallsmile:

2013-02-16, 08:11 AM
Another to add to the crew:


Consul (Avatar-Sized):

Hope you guys don't hate these :smallredface: :smalltongue:

2013-02-26, 05:09 AM
Galaxy-spanning internet names, hmm...

Well, officially, there's the idea of an interplanetary network, but the name (InterPlaNet) isn't very catchy.

Then there is the obligatory Galanet, weird stuff like Omninet, stuff with potentially hilarious/shifty connotations like Confederate (Galactic) Network, which leads to Con(ga)net. :smalltongue:

Maybe nicknames are prevalent (like the obligatory Grid, Matrix) or abbreviations (ICN, Intergalactic Computer Network).

Otherwise, just go with extranet. It sounds nice.

Also, here is Ripley's next game (http://supermeatboy.com/141/Mew_Genics_/#b).

And here is the theme song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bTpp8PQSog) once we're down on the planet. That or this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQwA14YWdqA).

2013-03-05, 12:46 AM
If anyone wants to toss their 2 cents in before you get down to the planet surface, please go right ahead. :smallsmile: Otherwise we're in a holding pattern until SC returns home from Alabama. Given the nature of his trip, and the relative importance of Zenith in upcoming scenes, I don't want to move forward until he's back at the helm.

2013-03-07, 05:33 PM
Seems like no one has many cents to give, so we're just going to pop straight down to the surface once the CRACKER is ready?

I agree that waiting was/is the smart move.

Primarily because canonically, it makes little sense to say Avengers Assemble until he does at least once. :smalltongue::smallwink:

2013-03-08, 12:17 PM
Okay. Post is incoming.

2013-03-13, 05:49 PM
To clarify: Connor was using create object to cover and smother the fire. it shouldn't still be spreading.

2013-03-15, 04:41 PM
Init: [roll0]

2013-03-15, 05:47 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

EDIT: Damn . . .

2013-03-15, 05:56 PM
Initiative [roll0]

Also, how far are the thingies apart (in other words, how many times would I need to apply burst area)? Where are they bunched up the most?

2013-03-15, 06:10 PM
2 applications to catch a large group. They're fairly spread out right now, as they're still mostly leaping/climbing down from the trees. The place they're bunched up the most is in a ring around the ground team.

2013-03-15, 11:09 PM
Initiative - [roll0]

2013-03-15, 11:34 PM
Rolling dat init;


2013-03-16, 03:28 AM
To say our illustrious GM, the great Ripleycat, some time:

Julianne Wells|27 |Unharmed
Bad Guys|23|Unharmed
Exile|20 |Unharmed
Fifty Frank|16|Unharmed
Consul|2 |Unharmed[/table]

2013-03-16, 04:44 AM
*stealthily points to the Speed of Thought advantage on Relic's sheet*

2013-03-16, 04:47 AM
Danke stealthy Ridai. :smallbiggrin:

Green Bean
2013-03-16, 05:26 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

2013-03-17, 12:46 PM
init: [roll0]

2013-03-17, 04:52 PM
[roll0] :smallsmile:

2013-03-17, 09:56 PM
Checked his sheet, and Consul can't match or beat the bad guys on init. Soooo, Zra, Miss Wells? You're up. Go ahead and act if you wish. :smallsmile:

2013-03-18, 01:18 PM
Initiative! Sorry bout that.


fitting :smalltongue:

2013-03-21, 11:47 AM
Toughness check [roll0]

2013-03-21, 02:11 PM
Consul toughness.

[roll0] vs DC 20

Green Bean
2013-03-21, 06:16 PM
Toughness Save: [roll0]

2013-03-22, 09:15 PM
Also, SPACE ADVENTURER expertise to identify the whatevers.


2013-03-30, 04:09 PM
Am I incorrect or did Zra just teleport Amy and the others straight to where Julianne is now?

2013-03-30, 04:33 PM
I call it the Plot Express, right in time for the Jurassic Park reference.

2013-03-30, 05:08 PM
Cute. In the future, please ask, or at the very least let other players know before moving their characters, especially at the end of a scene when others may wish to post something. This particular instance was harmless, and I'm trying to be easy about this kind of thing, but this is not the first time you've decided unilaterally the group needed to be somewhere else, so now's as good a time as any to lay this out. :smallannoyed:

I don't want this to seem like I'm picking on you, Ridai. I think Zra's powers just make this more likely, as he's become the team bus :smalltongue:. This goes for everyone. There is little in gaming that annoys me as much as godmodding. Don't take actions for other PCs unless you know the player will be OK with it.

2013-04-03, 05:06 PM
OK, things have been quiet around here for a while, and the reasons for that are twofold. Sooo, I have a pair of announcements to make.

First, Ridai has decided to withdraw from Sentinels to pursue his dream of raising an army of ferrets. I wish him and his furry minions the best. Zra will be NPC'd for now.

Second, please welcome the team's newest member, smuch! Smuch's character will be making their initial appearance in a few days, once everything is hammered out behind the scenes.

2013-04-09, 06:38 PM
In case it matters at all, Julianne is using her Skill Mastery to simply take 10 on her attack roll versus Solomon.

2013-04-14, 07:48 PM
Toughness check, Zenith's walls: [roll0]

2013-04-14, 10:05 PM
Initiative roll~


2013-04-15, 11:57 AM
Initiative [roll0]

2013-04-15, 02:27 PM


2013-04-15, 09:39 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

Green Bean
2013-04-16, 07:14 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

2013-04-17, 12:38 PM
Initiative Order:
{table]Character |Initiative Count |Condition
Fifty Frank|9|Unharmed
Julianne Wells|???|Unharmed
Art-Deco Engineer|???|Unharmed
Blue-White Power Armor|???|Unharmed
Big Robot|???|Unharmed
Bird Woman|???|Unharmed
Paramilitary woman|???|Unharmed[/table]

For easy reference. :smallsmile:

2013-04-17, 06:15 PM
Much obliged, mighty table-maker. :smallbiggrin:

And just to take care of my half of it:

Art-Deco Engineer: [roll0]
Blue-White Power Armor: [roll1]
Big Robot: [roll2]
Bird Woman: [roll3]
Paramilitary Woman: [roll4]

2013-04-17, 06:25 PM
Initiative Order:
{table]Character |Initiative Count |Condition
Blue-White Power Armor|18|Unharmed
Bird Woman|16|Unharmed
Julianne Wells|14|Unharmed
Art-Deco Engineer|11|Unharmed
Big Robot|10|Unharmed
Fifty Frank|9|Unharmed
Paramilitary woman|5|Unharmed

Happy to help, complete now save for Miss Wells. :smalltongue:

Are we still waiting for people to act in the Surprise Round?

2013-04-17, 06:50 PM
Yes. Julianne, Frank, and Exile can still act this round.

2013-04-17, 11:29 PM
Init roll [roll0]

2013-04-18, 01:33 AM
Finally got around to the last of these guys . . . :smalltongue:


Oliver (Avatar-Sized):

2013-04-18, 01:45 AM
And including Fifty Frank and Julianne Wells by Kpenguin here is the party shot:


Hope you guys like it. :smallsmile:

2013-04-18, 09:01 AM
init: [roll0]

2013-04-22, 04:58 PM
Engineer's toughness save vs Relic: [roll0]

Edit: So failure by two degrees.

2013-04-29, 12:54 PM
Rerolling that attack: [roll0]

2013-04-29, 04:56 PM
Initiative Order:
{table]Character |Initiative Count |Condition
Blue-White Power Armor|18|Unharmed
Bird Woman|16 <We Are Here<|Unharmed
Julianne Wells|14|Unharmed
Art-Deco Engineer|11|Dazed + Bruised (2)
Big Robot|10|Dazed + Bruised (1)
Fifty Frank|9|Unharmed
Paramilitary woman|5|Unharmed

I believe this is accurate and up to date. :smallsmile:

2013-04-29, 05:23 PM
Much obliged, Raynn. :smallsmile:

OK, Doc Smith's toughness roll, out of morbid curiosity. [roll0] DC42(!) Toughness save.

Edit: Oh wow, nat 20, meet nat 20. Doc fails by 9, remains Dazed and takes another bruise.

2013-04-29, 05:27 PM
Oh . . . crud . . . Even our Thor can't seem to more than dent this lucky S.O.B.

Happy to help cool cat.

Green Bean
2013-04-30, 10:54 AM
I have a feeling this won't end well for Oliver

Dodge Save: [roll0]

Okay, so just Immobilized, I think?

2013-05-03, 02:47 PM
Oops. Skill Mastery doesn't work that way. Oh well.


Green Bean
2013-05-04, 01:32 PM
Well, my Strength and Fortitude are the exact same, so:

Escape my icy prison!: [roll0]

2013-05-05, 05:17 PM
Hello.We, at Carmine Biotechnologies would like to congratulate you on the purchasse of one of our finest product, the Serving Homonculi Obedient Guardian Organic Teraformer.®

Please refer to this handy technical notice (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RvdLLmjw_XFoPofzDVyb6_twprW0Zn5wwIElg3e0bAc/edit) for all your questions.
we are aware some section are still unavailiable and may be updated at further notice.

2013-05-12, 12:15 AM
Hero point for attack: [roll0] becomes 15. +12 = 27 to hit.

2013-05-12, 12:22 AM
Rolling dodges and fortitudes

2013-05-13, 11:45 AM
Forgot to use my Detect Weakness against these guys.

Opposed rolls, their bluff (I believe) vs. my perception.

Smith: [roll0]
Mech: [roll1]

2013-05-14, 05:41 PM
rolling [roll0]

2013-05-19, 03:49 PM
... Going to reroll that.

Green Bean
2013-05-19, 07:06 PM
Toughness: [roll0]

2013-05-19, 07:31 PM
All right! After a little lull while people did battle with exam monsters from beyond the shadow void, things will be moving forward again tomorrow. Phase, KP, SM, if you can and want to post between then and now, it'd be great, otherwise we'll keep everyone moving forward at their own pace.

2013-05-20, 07:49 PM
All-Out Attack/Power Attack: [roll0]; DC 28 on a hit.

2013-05-20, 08:05 PM
Must dodge nets. At the very least, don't want to give Solomon the satisfaction about making a pun about being all tied up at the moment or something. rolling vs area first.


2013-05-20, 08:05 PM
Julianne will use LUCK to reroll that second roll.


EDIT: +10 makes 25. Nailed it.

2013-05-20, 08:37 PM


2013-05-20, 08:38 PM
Oh also the second dodge idk


2013-05-21, 09:45 PM
hp on the grab


2013-05-22, 06:27 PM
Hero point reroll [roll0]

Green Bean
2013-05-29, 10:36 PM
Strength vs. G3S47H's Grab: [roll0]

2013-05-31, 12:18 AM
I really wish d20herosrd.com was as easy to navigate and link to things as d20srd.org

Green Bean
2013-06-02, 09:09 PM
Escape Roll, Athletics vs. G3S47H's Routine Strength (DC 17): [roll0]

2013-06-05, 06:37 PM
Lad, Exile's the last one up this round. :smallsmile: I'll move things on once the big bug gets his licks in.

Edit: Also smuch. :smallredface:

2013-06-11, 07:15 PM
Ok. So I failed the dodge, but I passed the toughness.


2013-06-13, 12:33 PM
saves incoming.

[roll0] vs dc 21
[roll1] vs dc 26

I'll take the bruise.

2013-06-13, 12:48 PM
Hero pointing that attack. Gotta go big or go home!


Green Bean
2013-06-24, 07:31 PM
Toughness: [roll0]

(assuming I'm not stunned or whatever) Escape: [roll1] vs DC 17

Hey, looks like I'm dazed

2013-06-24, 09:32 PM
Perception: [roll0]

2013-06-26, 06:22 PM
hero point reroll:


2013-06-30, 05:28 PM
Just curious, who are we waiting on to move forward? :smallredface:

2013-06-30, 06:20 PM
Just curious, who are we waiting on to move forward? :smallredface:

Uh, half the players, Raynn.

2013-06-30, 06:25 PM
Rip.. you forgot the dark ritual that is necessary, as well.

I'll bring the blue-eyed child!

2013-07-09, 08:17 PM
Rip.. you forgot the dark ritual that is necessary, as well.

I'll bring the blue-eyed child!

*Sigh* That might actually help. :smallsigh:

OK, confused and slightly angry GM announcement. :smallannoyed:

It's been more than a week since someone posted. I foolishly thought that would be enough time for those who hadn't posted yet to take care of business. It is 6pm on the west coast of the US right now. The four of you who haven't posted have 24 hours to do so, (or give me some kind of heads up, at least) or I'm NPCing you for the next scene. If you haven't responded in some way by next Tuesday, the NPCing becomes permanent.

I assumed that someone willing to create and submit a character would actually be interested in playing, and that they wouldn't need to be asked directly to post every single time it was needed to move the game forward. This didn't seem like an unreasonable assumption to me, but experience has proven me wrong. I'm sick of this. It is not my job to constantly remind you to participate in something you're supposedly interested in. And yes, this is directed at some people more than it is at others.

If you're sick or you're busy or you're on vacation or any of a million million other things crop up, than cool. I'll wait until hell freezes over for you without a single drop of ill-will. But please let me know. I can only assume radio silence without posting means you've lost interest.

If you have lost interest, you don't like the way a scene is going, or if you have an idea for something you want your character to do, or you're just bored with things, then again, cool. Lord knows I've been there. But let me know that too! I want this to work, I will happily change things to better suit you. I will make this game work for you. I am overjoyed by feedback, even negative. But communicate, please. Please.

Green Bean
2013-07-09, 09:58 PM
Athletics check to up ground speed, DC 15: [roll0]

Green Bean
2013-07-11, 09:46 PM
Dodge Check (DC 20): [roll0]

Toughness Check (DC 25): [roll1]

2013-07-11, 10:29 PM
Meanwhile, against a much nastier effect

[roll0] (Includes +2 for Cover)

2013-07-11, 10:44 PM
Eugene's Grab resist, better of ST or Dodge vs DC 20: [roll0]

Edit: failed by two degrees, so he's Defenseless+Immobile. Throw away, GB. :smallsmile:

Green Bean
2013-07-11, 11:13 PM
Dodge (DC 20): [roll0]

Toughness (DC 25): [roll1]

2013-08-01, 07:40 AM
Everyone who needs to see this already posts here, so this goes for all my other games, too. :smalltongue:

My new work schedule is eating me alive, and I'm not sure when it will change, so my posting rate is going to be very, very low for the next couple weeks at least. I'll do my best not to fall too far behind you guys.

Green Bean
2013-09-25, 10:59 PM
Burning a use of Luck for the reroll.


2013-09-26, 04:45 PM
Init: [roll0]

2013-09-29, 09:20 AM
Space is back! Hooray!

Init (Frank): [roll0]

2013-10-02, 06:05 PM



Sorry for the delay folks. Had to get my act together a bit, rl.

2013-10-04, 07:06 PM
Initiative: [roll0]

2013-10-06, 02:20 PM
Rolled myself for Julianne's init. Also tables! For the convenience of all!


Julianne Wells|20
Bad Dude|18
Bad Lady|15
Fifty Frank|13



Green Bean
2013-10-06, 05:52 PM
Going to use my last bit of Luck - see how far I can take this.

Deception: [roll0]

2013-10-07, 05:42 PM
toughness save against land shark.

(Told you to stay back :p This thing has a HUGE bite)

[roll0] DC 29


2013-10-09, 06:23 PM
My character isn't exactly an engineer but it did pass some time in the base prior. Is there like a power plant somewhere ? alimentation, breakers ? (And would it even know what they are even if he knews where they are)

...I have utterly no idea. Do I need to/Can I roll something here ?

Da blob may not be an engineer, but you don't need to be one to figure out that there are power cables running along the ceiling and into the command center. No roll necessary if you want to take a more elaborate action. :smallsmile:

GM is terribly busy tonight, a full update will go up tomorrow.

Green Bean
2013-10-18, 12:38 PM
How many guards are left, and is there any indication of how tough they are?

Green Bean
2013-10-26, 12:19 PM
At ripley's requests, a just-in-case initiative roll.

Initiative: [roll0]

2013-10-27, 04:09 PM


2013-10-28, 06:51 PM
Dodge check time!

Newp... he's got me.

15 is my result. Not sure if I have any HP sitting around.

2013-10-28, 06:59 PM
*Checks poorly updated GM's notebook* Looks like you're out. Wanna buy one in exchange for a complication next round? :smallbiggrin:

2013-10-30, 10:44 PM
....yeeeaaah. Can't have the medic stuck in one place when a pc just went down.

New result is 24.

2013-11-02, 11:39 AM
New result allows Zenith to dodge VW's attack, in case that needed to be said explicitly. :smallsmile:

2013-11-17, 04:22 PM
Response to smuch's OOC questions: The dome does not appear to extend under you, it stops at the floor. However, this part of the floor is solid, so there's no edge of the dome or anything you could slip under. Busting the floor, on the other hand...

No need for the toughness save yet, but thanks for including it. I uh, had forgotten that Oliver also has life support immunity. :smalltongue: The gas is "standard", back of the book, toxic deathtrap stuff.

The gas is being pumped into the forcefield, it's not permeating through from the outside. There are two small nozzles poking out of the ceiling, G3S47H's plan and senses are enough to block them for now.

2013-11-17, 04:36 PM
Busting the floor, on the other hand..
That's the idea.
(I figure, I used my actions for this turnpluggingthe noozles, though, so I'll wait for the next before trying)

2013-11-25, 07:00 PM
Attention various humans and human-like substances: I realize people are busy with all sorts of things, and that this is a big travel week in the US, so I am trying to be accommodating. That said, it has been eight days since someone last posted in a game I'm really trying to revive and move forward. Those who have not taken their turn or notified me of their situation in some way by Friday (the 29th) evening my time (GMT-8) will be NPC'd. If they do not respond in some way by the following Friday (the 6th), the NPCing becomes permanent.

/ominous glare

2013-11-25, 07:08 PM
Amen sister.

Preach dat gospel.

2013-12-03, 04:26 PM
Ripley had procedure at hospital today. Ripley is flat on her back and not in any shape to do anything. Consider game on hold (and threats of NPCing as well) for a few days until Ripley doesn't have to take 15 minutes to type something like this through the not-quite-worn-off anesthesia. :smalltongue:

2013-12-04, 01:57 PM
Get well soon Rips!

2013-12-04, 03:27 PM
Indeed, acquire repose.

Also: My bad entirely. I've been having a rough couple of weeks, but that's really no excuse when it's not like this is an arduous or painful use of my time. Post imminent.