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2013-01-07, 02:29 AM
So, I'm fairly interested in REIGN. The setting is interesting, the ORE engine is as well, at least in my opinion. A while ago, back when The First Year of our Reign came out, I was intrigued by the framework they provided for making new schools of magic, and went about making my own, despite being rather half-cocked. I still don't have any culture on either Heluso or Milonda to tie it to, for example.

So far, I've worked out; the function of the school, that being to remove weakness the one you love, its domain, that being between-life-and-death-ness, its method, that being embalming, including the use of the Expert: Embalmer skill, its corresponding stat, that being Coordination, a couple of spells, including the Attunement spell, as well as the Flawless and Imperfect Attunement advantages.

Currently, I'm looking mainly for two things, one probably easier than the other. The first, is just a general balance sense the spells and attunements. The second, is how and where this school could fit, or if I'll have to pull a lot from whole cloth. Oh, and also if anyone could suggest a name that was appropriate, that would be wonderful.

Anyway, here's what I've got so far. Spoilered, because it's sort of messy.
Intensity: 10
Casting Time: 12 Hours
Duration: Forever*
Attunement: No

This spell must be cast as multiple action with Coordination+Expert:Embalmer. Requires appropriate embalming eqipment, a variety of preservative chemicals, and complete peace and quiet for the entirety of the casting. Intense exhaustion causes 1 Shock to each of the caster's limbs, as well as the head and torso. The magic is subtle, and confined wholy in physical substances, and so is impossible to detect via Eerie. This spell attunes its target, which is one person who the caster is deeply bonded to, and is embalmed whilst alive by the caster, to [SCHOOL] magic permanently, disallowing them from learning the spells of any other school. Perhaps most importantly, this spell removes the targets heart without causing it to cease beating. The heart itself becomes unbreakable and intensely magical, being able to be detected by Eerie, possibly even drowing out smaller magics in its vicinity. In addition, if the heart is placed back within the target, this and all other [SCHOOL] spells effecting the target immediately cease, and more importantly, the target dies, immediately. Note, also, that this spell cannot be ended in any way but by replacing the heart within the target's chest, not even by such powerful magics as Tomb of Enchantment.

Properly embalmed, you are rendered into something that might appropriately be called a bag of bones. Your body is weakened and dry, and you take -1 to your Body stat, and your personality dessicates to match your appearance, granting you the Gruesome problem, without the opportunity to give you bonus XP. You do have the face of a dead man, and an unnatural colorless light glows from within you, giving you +2d to the Intimidate skill, and you have skin like leather, granting you Armor 1. The greatest advantage, though, is that you cannot be killed through ordinary means. Your limbs continue to function perfectly even if filled Killing damage, and you do not die when your Head or Torso are filled with Killing damage. Even if a limb is separated from you, it continues to act under your control. You can't die of age, poison, or much else, either. You can only really be killed by replacing your heart within your chest. Sepparated limbs may be reattached with a successful Knowledge+Healing roll. Some uses for disembodied limbs might include plucking out an eye and placing it somewhere you want to keep watch over, or lopping off an arm and holding it in the other to increase your reach. Even if your body is completely destroyed, as long as your heart is safe and sound elsewhere, your consciousness migrates to it, dormant and awaiting a new body.


While you're just as weak and ugly as you would be if you were flawlessly attuned, and take the same disadvantages, your ugliness is more pitiful than intimidating, and only just barely that, and your skin is more like parchment than leather, leaving you without those advantages that flawless attunement grants. You are still exceptionally hard to kill, but not so close to immortal. You can still be killed by filling your head with Killing damage, or by completely dismembering you, and you cannot use disembodied limbs, as normal.

Intensity: 6
Casting Time: 10 Hours
Duration: Forever*
Attunement: No

This spell must be cast as a multiple action with Coordination+Exper:Embalmer. It requires an alive but comatose body, the proper embalming tools, a variety of preserving chemicals, complete peace and quiet for the entirety of the casting, and must be performed in the immediated presence of an attuned heart. The magic is subtle, and confined wholy in physical substances, and thus cannot be detected via Eerie. This spell, by removing the brain, heart, and any other organs depending on what [SCHOOL] spells the attuned had active when their body was destroyed, allows the newly dead corpse to be inhabited by the consciousness of the attuned, which has migrated to their heart after their body was somehow destroyed. Once inhabited, it has all of the attuned's former stats, excluding anything that got destroyed along with their body, but including any [SCHOOL] spells they were affected by.

Understand, this school would be extremely rare, since every spell except the two listed above requires the target to be attuned, and the one and only attunement spell is Intensity 10. I understand that sort of breaks the taboo of having the Intensity 10 spells be mythical and stat-less, but I don't feel the feeling of the school remains the same if I take out the biggest part of the attunement, and having what amounts to a lich's-phylactery spell as anything short of Intensity 10 seems wrong.

Thank you for your consideration.