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2013-01-07, 07:00 AM
I am attempting to make a homebrew race that, while humanoid and average in almost all respects, has almost titanium strength legs capable of kicking limbs off there enemies, jumping extremely high, or even ripping enemies in half with titan-esq style force. There upper body strength would only be average for a elf or human, but there legs and possibly there spine would be nearly indestructible, tireless, and capable of super human bursts of speed, jumping heights and martial arts.

The issue I am having however is how to properly reflect this. Some ideas I had;

1: Base Land Speed 40-50 Feet and/or Run as bonus feats.

2: The Sudden Leap Maneuver from tome of battle as an at-will extraordinary ability (jump as a swift action with a large bonus), or just a innate bonus to acrobatics/jumps, possibly in the +8 range, though the increase in base land speed would also accomplish this. Perhaps a special that makes all there jumps act as if they were running jumps, without having to move any distance before hand?

3: The big iffy - Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat, but only for legs, and increased damage, as in 1d8 unarmed kicks instead of 1d4 or the like. Or maybe there legs just do that much damage without the feat? I am not sure how to handle this, I don't wish to make there legs act like a natural attack because I would like there kicks to synergize with the monk class for unarmed bonus damage, etc, but at the same time how would improved unarmed strike influence there unarmed attacks via kicks?

4: Damage Reduction 1/- normally, but 5/- vs. called shots to the legs or against traps or attacks that specifically target there feet, legs, ankles, etc (such as caltrops, razor trip wires, floors of nails, etc), and/or possibly a +5 bonus on combat maneuver defense to resist being tripped or overrun. Also a +4 bonus on fortitude saves to resist fatigue and exhaustion from running, forced marchs, and x2 carrying weight capacity due to there spine/leg strength.

Overall goal would be that this race would be about as powerful as the orc race or slightly stronger, but would be a human sub-race and identical to normal humans - just without the bonus feat and bonus skill points. It would be a much more war oriented race from a very dangerous region where dire animals are the norm. So a +1 CR or +2 CR would be the primary challenge rating i am aiming for. These version of humans would be able to fight 5, 6, or even 10 normal humans of the same level and class with ease in a contest of physical might, and would likely be rivals of orcs, ogres, centaurs, or other creatures that value might-makes-right societies.

The inspiration of this humanoid race comes from the anime Magi, the small group of humans called the "Fanalis", known to be the most powerful warriors in the world due to the hospitality of there homeland over the eons. One of the main characters is one, and she is capable of breaking solid iron shackles just from jumping into the air and slamming her ankles/shackles into a solid metal surface without damaging her own legs and feet - and even able to jump over entire buildings, crush pavement from a stomp, and break the face of a sabercat clean in half with a flying kick. Keep in mind, I have no intention of making this race balanced with a normal human, they are obviously not meant to be, but I don't want them to be horrendously overpowered that they could solo dragons or giants in fist fights you know?


The overall stat block I have in mind so far is;

~~~ Fanalis Racial Traits

Abilities: +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence. Fanalis are incredibly strong, swift, and tough, but consider most formal education a waste of time when one could be working, hunting, or partying. Fanalis are not dumb, and many study the art of war and tactics, but there culture has a lower regard for scholarly pursuits and technology beyond that which helps them survive. Most of them are also slaves when not encountered in there native lands, and given no option of any form of education at all.

Size: Medium.

Type: Humanoid (Human)

Base Speed: 50 ft. Due to there increased base movement speed, they gain a +8 bonus to acrobatic checks made to jump.

Bonus Feat: Fanalis receive Run as a bonus feat at first level.

Iron Body: Fanalis gain Damage Reduction 1/-. This increases to 5/- against any form of damage that would be dealt directly to or threw the feet, ankles, legs, or spine, such as from caltrops, falling damage, spiked floors, razor trip wire traps, being crushed, or called shots from enemies. Fanalis ignore up to 30 feet of falling before taking any damage, they also gain a +5 racial bonus on constitution checks and fortitude saves made to resist fatigue and exhaustion, and there carry weight capacity is doubled.

Blooded: Fanalis receive Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat at first level. However, there unarmed damage is improved to d8 instead of d4, and gain one and a half of there strength bonus for all unarmed damage. When using there legs or feet to attack, such as threw a kick or stomp, they gain double there strength bonus to determine damage dealt.

Unstoppable: Fanalis gain a +4 bonus on combat maneuver checks when performing grapple, bull rush, and trip attacks and to there combat maneuver defense against being grappled, bull rushed, and tripped.

Skilled: Fanalis gain a +4 racial bonus to Climb checks and to Acrobatic checks. These skills are always class skills for a Fanalis. A Fanalis may perform a running jump without moving before the check.

Scent: Fanalis gain the scent special quality out to a base range of 60 feet, and gain a +4 racial bonus to survival checks made to track by scent.

Incredible Resilience: Fanalis advance all hit dice gained from class levels by one die step, to a maximum of d12. When a Fanalis takes a level in a class that already possesses d12 hit dice, he instead gains +2 hit points each level instead. Fanalis may always reroll hit dice rolls if the result is equal to or lower then 4.

None of this is set in stone, this is just my general thoughts so far. Any advice/suggestions are welcomed.

2013-01-07, 08:33 AM
It seems a bit overpowered. Yes, I realize you were trying to make them more powerful than humans, but that's synonymous with overpowered. Also, their not there. There is the opposite of here, their is the possessive form of they

2013-01-07, 08:43 AM
Would you say this is overpowered in a +2 to +3 CR range? If so, that was my goal.