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Work in progress for my campaign world, thought I'd share and get some feedback...
http://st.gdefon.ru/wallpapers_preview/405070_(www.GdeFon.ru).jpg (http://www.gdefon.com/fantasy/405070-Art_in-the-sky_flying.html)

In the beginning

a great calamity befell reality, the border between the plains were ripped asunder
the gods died
spell casters died, apprentices just survived
the land itself was ripped apart
the boundaries between the planes collapsed
reality boiled and was remade

The Maelstrom

the land was ripped in to islands, no one piece if land floated next to its old neighbour
parts of Eberron floated next to Toril, Athas or even Baator
these islands drained of water, unless very lucky
cities died with no water and no trade
seas emptied falling down to the darkness below
people went mad perpetual daylight, twilight or darkness
the Planes of existence ceased to exist, there appears only to be the Maelstrom


Many floating islands in the 'sky'
These islands range from tiny, a mile across to vast thousand miles wide islands
Some are inhabited
some have ruins on them
the islands float around on air currents
these air currents might be fairly consistent
islands have been roped together (this changes the courses of both)
islands drift from a few meters to hundreds of kilometers apart
some island have weather, others don't and rely on water falling from above them to ever have water
some areas of the 'sky' are very hot, others very cold
some islands have water, lakes and seas
some islands have vegetation
some islands are from other plains of existence
the higher the island floats the hotter and brighter it is
the lower the island floats the colder and darker it is


gigantic gas filled pod plants float in some areas
they have large pods that can be used as a housing
some are inhabited (winged halfling types?)


winged races types


some of the larger islands have empires
some of the empires are expansionist


some have magic items, old wizard libraries


the gods have died, and no one has filled their space, or have they?
priests and worshippers still get spells but some of the higher level contact other plane spells don't work

simple rules premise

e6 dnd
divine worshippers can be of any alignment and any god
teleport spells are very dangerous, as places move
summoning spells act like calling spells, as they actually pull a creature from another part of the Maelstrom (so they stay! but uncontrolled)
all outsiders now are considered 'Native' as the Maelstrom is now their home plane

Your Island

You leader of your village is a 6th level character (Players decide what)
Your village has but 100 1st level NPCs (NPC classes only)
Your village is made up of 70% one race 30% another
The characters are an exceptional people from your Island
Your island has one "Special" feature

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